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i i Atif EDITION I r11TA
I r TS W r 7
iv iESULTS Circttlfon Books Open to All tufVnu H > ir i SKrjrfiy + r v r j Circulation Books Opentp All RESULTS EDITION
t > > < c y < < i it
I 1J
s A lr Lang g hed and Cried with
Joy and Excitement ks She Kissed
j 51 l Her Parents and Brothers >
ri t L i and Sisters i
1 f
r Ii w
jtJ i Special to The Evening World
t WASHINQ ON Feb 17The mafrtaee ol Miss Alice Roosevelt Qld st
< 1 apghter = ol the President to Congressman Nicholas jiongrro that Ohio
f tookPI a 1n the East Room at the White House today Less than a thou i
t wid ° gueets wltnepscd this marriage In which the Interest of the nation has
been cientred for weeks
t KJaBt befow the ceremony began Mrs Wayne MacVeagh wliteTot the for
> ser Attorn yGeneral in the Cleveland Administration overcome ono
fainted Mrs MacVoagh ° was picked tip by CdBrcstwell tie Pre donta
I r the aide and carried Into an ndiolnlng room A physician 9 recent was
jiH1Jed and she wag soon restored to conaclousnsss v
When the ceremony was over and after 4ho bride had bean kissed by
hf1 r Aland she turned and threw herself halo Mr Roosevelts anna burst
if jng Into teen 1 > r
It Vim tears were but momentary and t hobruahed them away her face
i lkainin and turned aacl klaaeii iher father the neit Idssed > nhd hTiggoa
t + ach et tier brothers and slaters alternately laughing and crying ja her Joy
t t
Th r sd UngbreakMwt wW de 1dIU alt Infofmal aSfatrwlth few the
1 dkIeb tibftt 8e4errily = go With s cW thlnBs >
> I ontthe krndVa egkwIthMsljalrAta kys m
t soli e 11oWmbJ or rfBJ There war so drinking o t Atom
a waa JIIgI1e and ofeampagpe uaaoh The 5arjtyiaUje private
I 4 i hIEgrlnum iereds4nty butoW Urne ora8 i rallthe other Buee a
1 who lad ramalne after abeoeremonywe Into the private diningroom
io p ak to the cO lplai This eE9a isrdlr fair seeing drat the two young
me had already stayed upon the marriage platform an hair recelvlgn
t enbgratutaton 1 I
r I One of the young t sons of the President creaGd a ineinentary Hyer
fjiloaby running through the state dfnlngroom with a devilled egg half
1 e 4n iushtfndv shutting Jna luaty voice Oh look at the funny egg
h Ifound
v Tie couPltr left the mite House by the eotriheaat entran eat 420
ltIJt In John R McLeans automobIIo bound for Friendship X
ti toiepresealsWtt the costliest she greatest jn aumbw that overcame
v to airy American bride The dower 4ee0r8tlbHa were probably the most
JII1he that have over been seen at weddlugfIn this country Nearly
eigm potentate oTtaport nce wik represented by girts anfli la the
f herea te ot file miaiitera 7 x T
f r The ffieiobwa of tile offlelal family of the President ot the United States
i k a M tw afede with their wives In Its personnel and ka appointment thls was
kzoa moat b1itll function that has taken place la Washington or In any
w OR tfcte continent But the wedding ItpeU waa as elrnplo as It was
IWe tot It to be fader theee olrcumBtancee c
itJr The itrt ritual 61 the Bpleeopal Chutroit wa used by the Slc t Kev
> Ifcary W Stt rlee Bishop of the Dkwaae of e IHstrtct of0e4ni b < 4m
il fad the eoilple Tie Were no brldeeaQs T waa 118diIt
c The Marine Bead totk ned la aa aloaved > ehli a Jaagla of potted
EnlJIrme a programme which tie bride hetaeif bad aeleote4
u f Iter rite oere daj i the ebu bee began receiving rife giiMtiiwhere t6ey
i a iu t > > J in
I il it CoatlHued on Third l
ri bNN A MCALL < pYIN i
ofiif t
I S > I LAXxwooi HI x11M1ast
lei lam hope that had trgglsd toW
itiS f ot John A McCaU
iZiiii rte coach pb
ti > taodiM ea the Aor er
irork ° Ll 4 JrIt ilaaoetoe4A
E hauruc > lr pAflant oOuld tire only a
c t w e tN
ajrv rawuraa dint Md waportad
tbrxwgh the hours of rt r it
1 < gsa and that hew t rapWly aJaJt
Thjs bulletin iaau 4 by OT Uad
f tAap ° afcoii 4that the and was
il tit nay nwmaot Jr Ita i
1rI w
H Aft l u can of vo er nweh hwptft
t T C fba i Wife t of ins 61151 B B aad kit
1 aouib Mpe eaomvr at tfca Maw
1 Ut EaUard Leo Rdwa aaJ
° bHcad the p6yloUin U tbars
any of a ssUy m asplkd
there was otta and isi
tlw wuiwbara ofthe family who wari t
t MMtweetf b saet rot
rotUI pt1
Ttttr WM only Qpe die UM syw oWl
Bier of tka 3OaIla abeeat tS t0l
e d oUfad that the red wan
11III17 OU 9IJi t tCiO race
wit of k g r Of ua
oWDlOWII d flue or t aM raeurCuoe 1
It r dennkeI datermlaed taatatda Y
that Mr McCall mia auifaring row w
roals ot the nvtr
W leanly aid
to Aldlltd At 11 O
y btN ofto the my
wera tkaatlljp sunHnoaad to the
raoar d <
Tm1n P ai as
by been iZ = V
The Aev Haver war with Mr
MIL e 1 t forooe aMMJt
fiIaUIfM eset IIdW Re
de Ta r p tor o fP1u
tetrett r Ota
ealsw f
y h
flIrOSI i
JnEPAIA Gnaoa y
1 1
The Bush CUpLong Distance
Eyenfr Was Feature of
Excellent Card v
Peb 7Good fields aZIII good horses
roar the swcen i race offered bare
thiatem 9J1
Hie fcUBkCup of two miles and a
quarter Waa the feature event The
track was In good shape aide helped tha
racing along i
VLEUIT fAcnQce Ujtlc and twenty yards
BUrtM w ehtsa ndlocacra BettfaR str
Jwiil Jones 20 S
I = Sit HeW v Cr3 1
UrOc re etc t Tooerea 1p I
nh1 0S Petr > e Y 1D r 0
dory b 06 t am e
Fiitr a n hat lire a b
IHJUI1baN t w ItI 2IJ
I h lQIelr e3 s
i Grove Centre ponds the rtinnJJa hfl
towad by KUbnitlon and 8henan dll1Q
to the ulretotj Tlicro a general 63o
HP foHpwed and In tile drove JWa
ftyu Vt hows fey half a ladr ill
O abraUon who boat Grove Cent B
head TIm JM + it
secoND BACB BrflW six curio l
start eM wet tOtM jockell r J
JMUftl U6 I onttbsera raria
adr Herlltta101 Hayes 1 4
Tile OU1l0 1111 bs r
OaT Add 96 ewILI 1 i 1 2
Atw6M 14 cflaci s 6
N2rapd Qho lot Anderam ± 211 1
PUo 1fl LlI anw 14
8e Ienn eon 30
WrnJ r I
IPk made tho running tot skpt h
tI101ie4 DyMufiliiB ana The Cure 1ft
the stretoh Huflfew treat to the tRnt
MIdWM by a length dram lady
rtttta who teat Ta Oura a laogtb 1
THIRD RACK S linc thr wllw
IIIt Uoa etr
UIfIp > Mi A
I 11 Jonss R b
l W jI
iJ 1 7
1iJ f Ji M
WOI1 by Oo ret t eMItter as r
attd Ian rtaetf ennt
wirrb taarrinffl 11IIh C4toIft
tJm eenr Otittoi puree a lap
talu b t
Pt IUlC1 Off l tt600 tier Pp
aw D wk Dpargatat geglev
truer lteC stcsOseath 1l araet
was todajr appolntad ateraUrr to DM
I > OCK Cowajlwlonw at a salary of IN
As Water r re ro1vtd f4OStt
tr ttkee t piaal aaade t wit bp the
iI ir of < Ro iart Baker woo re
imr qweesu
god C i J
Y i
f > t fj l
Y t
T y milk r
The two little fl8htarewUl moot in Pfilladlphla tonight anda great
itUeVla expected > v <
> f
N EJR1DE Qfc 1 1
C Q N G W 0 R I > T V
i I
WASHINGTON N1Feb 171t is understood that Mr andMrs
Wclrolas Longvvorth have gone to r4iend ifp the country resi
lenca of John R McLfean on the TenallytdWn road which Is
locatetf about six miles from > Washington As they entered
the automobile they Were showered with rice by Ethel and the
other children Mrs iongworth was handed intoJhe car by
Major McCawley Mr Lojigwprih entered on the other side
assisted by his best man The President Mrs Roosevelt Mrs
Captain Cowles and the other members of the family stood on
tdesteps of thi White Hgjse I and waved them iut ofsight
ril S i LC
d nrjf +
I e
< O
lif < I II
a Fiftfi7tlQIloWma 31r Logst shin out place Monaco Maid
i Fifth Minnig Adams 45 Jack Dolan 45 place Auditor
< > Sf 5 J v IT
3 f
r ANNAFOU3iWd Fe617 Midshipmen H Nfchols and
CHarleS Hibbard both of the fourth class at the Navaf Acad
emy have tendered their resignations which have been ac
cepted totake effect from tdda i kit t j
< i t e
Litt Louise Soldner Strapped Jn GoCart In
h it nt1y Killed and Her Sister Hurled
+ twenty Feet Away
Tin min was shining Brightly fh tha
Bronx today Mrs Jfisrry Sol < e r of I
No fM Cbrtlaadt a anus put tier two
Infant children la a Koort and btertsd
for the Thirdvavanua aheppkrg d tfWt
to lay la her Sunday dinner 8w
itrapped el btmonth3old Louise te kI
e p her from falling out and tidied
the earold Anna in front o tlJhM
h Intersection of Third avsuuo UIt
One 1I uddr1 MQd1lort1 atrat
> a the uleat corner In the Brotti The
elevate toed roara Wove and the ed
w V 1eI1tl19d trolleys anal b iK vyy
lava iothiiravpMrpQAedhrtwtf puh
ortatlon anti when all Mama < sW r aba
6Mrled across
JM4niy there seared around the eor
ttft ao immeaaa pair of praattnft fcoraaa
atUnjiMJd to brewery wa on ol
ram aetta Coaapany ra a irritant
SSSJ01 the roth i shfld
driver vainly andaavorafi to t
t a erigd qTY oa la n dMI Mitti
i wsa court TrtI Mitti4
K goart to t m
ewling Ntfi fusi
Rothe ieat ti j
rawa ca under td g M out the
ha4 P pNw4
tr 1aa dreM IiI
o then feW
k Anothtr w
wrecked gojt sad tM
tlL pea
t PJ by a buamb O r =
ftC him tit r7
1him si the police arrived sod bur +
> hIm to the taltai obuee
11e euldnar declined to let Anna be
taken to a tioeipital and was sent home
tit tho ambulance with tb3 Injured child
Dtctillres Raid West Twentythird
Street House and Find a Cart
i load of Plunder i
ilora tlutnIOO worth of etlk walstti
MM out glees were found la a feoute on
etiwentythird street fcy Detective
lfetleat a Dusgaa and Klasier ot the i
CMrai Offlaa Oa the charge of being I
tat with th e t heft Jdcenh
of No 4 Weet Tw a ythlril >
= f ksear pf No fG Jtaat
Leventh air lt tied Laola Heaafck
lgto eald lia lied no OKMM ware p c4
cederrret Whea 6three men were
brought > < ofa MiKlrtrata 1WMr In the
c j
awes wedrn hell lash tot tl
Taos to await dm refit of an lnestl <
tithe vow being ntede at r the d tw I
TIM hlrt valets warp stolen tlO Nle
ftwtory of CKnabanr Wadl r at No
ltt m t AtReigeatb atraat t < m Jan SI 1
2i I
h1 V
1 t
Handicap Was Well Filled but
lacked t SsGO Racing
i Spprt Furnished
CrtPJUtK New Orleans Feb IT
The track offered aa Us feature today
the Amerfcstn Turf Association Handi =
cap of three mllto The horzoa mtcrcil
In this event did not class with coma
of the races not down as features
The Boron events were fell filled and
good apart wall furnished d
FXJtST IIACS JTour furious
Btiirtani weights e1ld Jockjyt ate 1L
fmrxultian Uft Truxlerl 1o 4
IJtnu UrummeU 113 NiKroan 19
Koootor Kerry 1J8 Aprin D 4 1
Joe Davis 116 lurrow U
Chaarter WirJ 1 10 Moffioi N 00
IA Thorpe ua ben s t 11 I
Vendldo US RomuitUI 12
King ofHtllbroolc US I head 60
IrAustin 4
Caper 110 I Aiwttn 1hS
broomz4 fWMotntyr j 20 8
Tom MrrtTm lio CfounS 4O 1
c1t h us Nlool B3 1
Imposition nde all the running and
avow easily by two lengths from Beau
Brumtrrell who beat ICnocHw Kerry a
head for the place
ESCOMD RACBS4 j t r6xo 41
a tartem weli1I1iM J ockey rj > j
Zr N 104cfU amltW > the
uc OUC9I ta t
Led vtafLbtl1eiWt 20 f
atlvtar t tiittsarman 20 1
I SUhiath too CWUhard 20 1
Ij > u j d WTW Molntyre f a
Jfcriln Sod OrtHith 13 4
Uda Vivian wade the early runnjry
followed Tjy llohserson and EolocUc At
the end oj o mho Ile eraon went to the
front and showed the way to the stretct
roUowed b > Bcsleotk attd Lid Vivian
In the run honie HeUrerson + held his
lead and won < eastly by three lengths
from ScJdoLIc who beat RMala aConarth
T1 RD SACJEOn retie and a quarter
Iltutnr farad opiceys IliillltnJr sIr PI
gallaal f isSccrinSiin1 20 emu
L5 rtor 1IW BpvU 6 2
rat14 UII I aI4 T L I 2
mu 3oW7Iz 1i rttoMllle r aSS 2
M lp199 11 10 R
etio 111111I 1I11ra > ut > ell 6 S
UM S rtim o
wee by FarnUaus Clay La4e 7
eewmd and Charawlnd third
TOORTH RA < > > > < Attl1 ft to 2 1
BenvoHo 1 to B 2 Uresal a
11uI eying reoes at
8uDlmJ L ttr rink cdhedu1ed 1Ix
Milee attapnoon have ileac plapoced until
eelgtttdue to the rout atta Whiok
Ia dtbe ice < n seta
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Wonders
i t
i i v
Houses Flooded arid Tenants Flee jay
Roofs fof Safetjr Many Childrei
I Nearly i Drowned All Water J
from High Bridge shutOff t
> 1 l z
Two afoot water mains t were shattered by a blast hi nave
avenue at One Hundred and Twentyninth street this afternoon f
the se on for many blocks was inundated < with a muddy d 1hs
thousands of dollars of damage and imperilled Jives of many i m l
who were caught in the stream and whirled toward open sewers b f
Holt a dozen children wero rescued just In time by the police and tlie
patrol The entire water supply froja the Hlghbridge reservoir waa Btti1 f
oft pending fnvesUgstlon and the 6 ctJo > s of the city supplied byi
broken main will be without water tonight L y
RnvrUIl 1111
r <
Lester Carrs Pocket
Picked as He Makes De
posit for Employes
tIt ta ° n coM thing that titeenYearoId
Lester CaTj 9 ftau WwVHr f m j
a bold thief would Dot now fea under
arrest and the avoy Shirt Company at
No SO Broadway Pub boys employer
would be out J2S5 ed
The manager of the eilrt company
lent young Carr to the National Butch
era and Drovers Bank at Broadway
and TMrd street to deposit a 17009
check and the casa vMoh wtism
bills As the messenger Aparoadbcd tWa
bank ha noticed two men followlns hfea
Tearing that ho might lose the bit
cfoecSc da deposited It with the receiving
teller aa coon as he iantaroa the bunk
Then he etjped bade from tba wto
dow and began to count the roll of
bills Aa ha was doing this ha lacked
Up and saw that the twp men who
tad tollowed him oa Ito street wara
striding near the lellara wladow
When the boy Went up to deposit the
money the teller Was busy And fcq
was forced to wait hU turn teara
being two or three teen Inline Sud
denly be felt soma ono brush up
lagaInat Wm uloWy tatting his hand
I In the side pocket at J1a coat ho die
covered his money Bone
me two wen who bad stood near the
Window were going up Broadway at a
rapid rate Carr went after then
They aw him coming and commenced
to run as fast as their legs would carry
Screaming Stop thief Stop thief
the bOy dun attar them Plain clothes
Officer Ponderbast ot the Mercer street
Btatton and Patsolmau Xbomau Ander
son of tha trafflo squad heard the boys
uhout and saw the two men runntns
olmay They joined In the chuso At
roadway just a few doors above
Fourth street the tuasecngsn caught i
up with the men Ho grabbed one ot
theta 1UIl although ha fought his cap
tor aavaaply > tha youngster hung on
to bite Vrith the tenacity ot a man of
great strength Ha could not itjaccss
two men ao the other fellow gut ttwsy
Offlcara Penrargast and Ana rJlOD soon
Carne up and arrested The prisoner
When the man was brought to the
Mercer street station Carr was asked
K IM oould ideo lfy the truw y <
Yes sir replied the boy There
Were ten 110 bills fifteen bills and
nNr W blU Than the prisoner was
aarydtatrendthe monor was found on
him R
himHa gave his name aa Albert LSfJI
forty years old rtn auoUoneer of No
UG stanton street The poMo y uI
man has a eriaatoiU record and ttot hat
ptoturo Ul la the Rogues df aah
was arrested only a snort the w lor
a rot > b ry teat occurred the Bronx A
1i ndat alarm has been seat out for
the other awn
A ahantr occupied by a < =
and his family at the foot ot i y
avenue near tine Hundred ems
ty lxth atroet was almost
away by the flood lagtd two
were half drowaed bcfora thalt toil °
resound them and carried teia ttd t
The shod that eroaah lln tha watefK g
plpayshoofc ho n nefcratwrttaod llsa ti a
of IIaltens empBgyed kg Anton t
of No sat Boat One Hundred aebiW
street warn digging an eau rJ
blest T of ye A
were blown Into the air BJidf ra ai4i
ing In a ccjnpbct mans broko
the pavwnea and enapped oC
aaalec main
Harlem May Bo Dry XT
The destruction ot tha masuaotriv
water mains at tlifo point mayat raga
aU too water supply above 3
Park TO chock the flood t of
water supply that flows down
Hlghteridga bad to ba cut oft Me
r o otvolr station at One Boi aioQ
TMrtyBaventJi Btoeet anal Cos a
Conrer avenue at tha ls r it
break Inclines obarply toi
slda avenue sad tbeaca i
btorofn side Pa1k ocarow the 5
trader pi tae Hundred end X l
flair oteratt The water tamer
pressuno epoutwl up into Ahe 11sit5
3szked aoatrmt tda curb arlt tkee u2
defended with o rush to a
It poured dDrra the cMfT Y
from Convent avenue just bek ell ell
Bemhabaar Sctowara lhgeljiy
roahing Jh tnrouato the ioara
br weryq sweeping man OH tbs
coded tie cellars and dsdup 1 iv
plant oomrfetely
AHongsIda the brewery to ft tree
below Co went venue la the 1
frame dwefllne that oonssa WlxemeuuiA
vogel a nlslit rwatobmon aod Wal
fly Ifdvwaa asleep > at the th aaad
tenyoar + old hot Willie and Slary lA a
years old ware playing ill coat
house Tha water swept down
the ewmmped IWotl
ewampad then oad
offing them dawn the hilltop
hattan atreat ° 1
when their mother
oat said rescued them As aba
toward her homo itba water spirbiw
bet knee and was wearing peorP
whan her hnstoand raftched tt
hdalM bar
fey through the wta lr
flaacty e
Rescued from Roof
The water rose to unh a
the llttlo house that the toast wae ° i
palled to carry bis family up to
roof whore thor wara rescued tyta
men Fltsgeruld and Wbolaat w1o
arrived In a jlro patrol
Tfcero was an octual flotidl
among the dwellers In a row of
tmni dlately below the shattered j
toou a to M Convent avenue
rstly la the path of the water a V
cushod out ot the great hole it
KOUMd in the pavement Oka
poured into areaways swept 4e iMe
oollara and rose to a height oC
four feet otl the flrst floor de
lurattura and threatening to i
torte who Ad noi oacapo tor tha j
Tba wfjar swept down upon UM
cjltii cucE tore that Hm mambsra
the p trol who engaged in the
Ott iork were alarmed for the
glle bulldtotr aadi aomioandml th
to Itee to the roofs and along ft
Sood to the houses above the levaj n a
1 Prisoner IB Care
Sweeping down through tbs
whore the brew ry elands Mm
t t r
t4 z 1 TOt
i iii n r en rt b W Il

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