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4e + b u ax 7 T 1
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rHE gmJ US l 1 J t JI R mIY f V n A
CTUCIIHnJJlI Sundnj orrnitnnnl mini wnrmer > AVnATIMJIl Hnlni Munilnr occnilonitl tnliii irnrmcr
I BESOITS EDITION J r Circulation Books Open to All h l Circulation Books Open to All f RES U LTS DITIONJ 1
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at is
rS ti h <
Ousted on Revelation that
Ame Gorky Is Not
His Wife
After Maxim Gorky hti3 boon oji ted
from rho Hle hails lalrv following
i to dtaooxery tint the woman who
I p > scd us Miw Gorky va > not his
J wife ne and the wonnn found quarters
I tus afternoon at the Lafayettcllrc
l voort on lower Fifth avenue This old
t house a popular resort for vlsltlne for
g tirnM a wn willing to roc else as Kucuts
the nUn Inn novcIUtrevolutlonlst and
I Ulle ATKlreeva tho St PeterrtnirK
octets who lives nth him out Of wci
loc lt
I The coure loft the Delleclalrc at t
ocloilc and honrdtns an cicvatetl twin
at Klrhtyflr street rode to tic Kijhth i
street ntrn Then ticy al1 l ACTon I
I + to the Iai > eiteUrov < > ort where they I
fur tUlr tile
I a rjlte 1 walling use
prclinlnnrif hating alreadj been or
r nerd by flepron
VIi cojplf wit Gorkys secretary
und hill pled son wpe littered a
1 refuge at the home qf CJrkja friend
gad tjHinsor GtylurJ Wllihlrc the ro
cUIInt livr it No 03 West Ninety
I Uilid str < t
Tnertu > ou a new complication nrose
Goky r LI1 to go to ilr Vll hlrc >
I f liitiie sa > ln < he nouM not further cm
banana liU frknd
i Then U K Miller editor of the Jew
Ish paper Truth offered the Gorky
4 party tho uro of a furnlsiiej cottage at
t Two Hiindr itii Htrtct and ItalnbrUse
mennc fvnig Ile lotniiKiI Gardens
I H thn Bronx Gorky preferred to tie
downtown Mimcwien and seat out
ru mrs to look for a hotel that would
unlir Its doors to him
It seemed pr biible for awlilio that
i G iUh mid tio u < rress would wind up
< > nii whero In tIt Itusslnn colony on
tlc lower Hast Side
While waiting to hour from his mea
ewiRirs Gorky prepared n statement
which probably surforpd In translation
us hors Is how It read in the llnUhud
Gorkyc Statement
I think lily ilsvrioit > le act axlnst
me could not have corn from lh
Anvrioaii rpopK My respect for them
loci not allow tni to scup CCt that They I
I itc BO much courtesy In their treat
nKrt of women I think that this drt
Is eon spired by the filoiiOn of tli < nus
sliii Govirnmont Mv wife It my wife
R the wife of Mlm Gorky Shi nn l I
we bMh coiiHldor It the lon to go
Into tine uxylanitlon about thin Ever
onf iniv oar about uj what ho pli > isp
For 111 renmlnit to oTionk the gossip
or others Tio boat poili of nil lands
will be with us
An nom as Milton Ilnble proprietor
of the hotel learned tlo true rslntnna
of tho pair ho announced that they
must lon tho liouso at area
Some of Mr llobeon guests neat the
8 U > ry of the Gorky scandal In Tho
Uorld before hI hlmsolf Haw It and
nlth ono accord they moved upon hH
olllco to protust agnlnnt the continued
I prfenco of Gorky and tho woman
1 under tho samo root which sheltered
their WVM and children Whllo Mr
Itobleo was trying to roach Mr Wll
L nhlro over Uio Iclophiino Jcwoph Mon
1 11 itclloln conic to the Ildleclalra to take
i tt tint Russian + nut nutomoblllni rhe
party Included Gorky himself the net
rca Mllo Andrelvn nnothcr woman
Gorlcya adopted son and a little Uus
uliui with a squiro cut beard A re
porter for tho nvenlne World mot them
In tho corridor and through Iho second
I woman who acted as Interpreter ho
I twice put this oursiloii to Gorky
Ja tho igdy with you your real wife1
I Gorky la Silent
Gorky only reply was a shrug of the
shoulder and a lifting of the hands with
giontltvued on Second Page
I i
j li t Iitth 11
j Williams Scores the Winning Run in
I Great Struggle at Opening of Base
ball Season in Manhattan
Ryiton T OfTOft 1000000 01
J JIjnlamlen 01000000000 1
New YorklJolton
Djuffhcrty If Sclbach If
Keler rf Cclllns Sb
ibcrfold rs Stuhl ct
Ixiportc 3b Parent 63
VlTllams Ib Freeman rt
Conroy cf Glmshnw lb
Chase lb Ferris Ib
I Klelnou a Graham c
Chesbio p Young p
Umpires Mrstra Sheridan and Evans
April 1Iln the b3 Ue o the Gollathi
of the note tn box Chen and Cy
YOUDR it was n tlu > perj o affair thriuh
the twelve Innings fought by the Bos
ton Atmloans anti tho Iii hlnnde s
on the totter llell on AVashtnpton
IlclBhU this aTernXJCi Tully J50CO
pcrnorn tiirnwl out to tno opening battle
ind they fuKy enjoyed perhaps the
rarest treat given tho 1ISCbn11 en
tluihlun In many a day
The far nsreed In the tvtlfth that
the pitcher who won would bf the
champion of the Ipagne Cherbro MMUM
pr Ijrjlv have won his game In the
plelitii Inning had not the new ump tc
Hvnnv given a ilclilnn at secoTil
whleh seemed to the grind stand to be
far out of the way
Jchnny Ward the veteran shortstop
the tth r of hascLall In the Far Hast
wan them to toss the drat bail With
him was the old contingent of never
lodibli fans First there was Frank
Fnrrwll nil then 11111 Devon and
Jim Dalan They oach nail box par
lies out on the lawn This voir boxeo
have been nut out In trot of the grand
tnil overlooking tho diamond
Today they were decorated with flags
and flowers Whllo the weather was
threatening ibn woman folks vcro out
early with their finery although many
took to precaution of providing with
furs Tno south grand stand was 1lttl1
liofnrn 3 oclock The west fraud stand
flllixl rapidly and McCanns berth
which name was given to the wont
bleachers since Danny McCann said hIs
homo on lino bluff there was crowded
with tho real baseball enthusiasts
Like PennantWinners
lu the lr3In rooms the IHThlnndora
laohrd like n loam of pennant wInners
Jimmy Williams who Is ono of the
lllghlnnders last lutsmen and the beat
second baseman In tho business who
la known as n great team worker
said to the livening World man 1
think we have the strongest team wn
have over had Todays gamo will tell
n whole lo <
Conroy In centicfleld Is considered
nn Inspiration for Griff Ills outfield
wnrh exels bin infield work and his
halting this canon promises much for
tho Highlanders
Tho effort of the Subway to run ox
pSjJ trtlr to tho American League
Park met only a nartlal nuccejs and
was threatened wIt a calamity today
Orders were given to run the express
trains through to tfte unfinished station
lit Ono Hundred and Sixtyeighth street
The company hall been testing the cio
vaors for sovenl Cajs and thought
they worn In perfect cordlllou but
when tho firm car was started with
Continued oil Seventh Page
Sunday Wants Work Wqnders
cii ri
jGlnnts 1 0 0 0 O 0 0 n 0 0 11
Ihla 1 000 000000 01
NewYorlf Philadelphia
lintnnidn c Thomas ct
Browne rf Otca on i II
Donlin cf Sentelle 3b
I McClann lb Mucee If
Mono if TKus rf
Dihlon liS Jirnnsfleld Ib
P vln Sb Doolln ss
Gilbert ° b Doom c
TayJor p Knne p
Implrc ODay
ADRMIflA April HA badly thrown
ball iy Caher Pooln In the eleventh
Inning of todnvs naritibln contest
sruck Kid Kluas > n on the foot
bjjndlnR Into left field
and a great
game via oat to the Phllle + Arthur
liiil nred for oond nnd sitlng the
r1 amity tj end the struggle sprinted
nil the way to t 4 pjlato two fctt nhead
of Mapess throw from I rhc score
was J to 1
It wnll n nltrVis bnttle > twoen Knn
and Tivlor from start to fnh the Ut
ter finally winning bv the great trim
work behind hIm During the last few
InrilngH the wllloit cX iuiient pnv Ile4
m tile litintl mil It wr a pore and
dlpcoixolute crcnil that Hit fiihl m olid
tine QitJws ohan ny nkiix ilriiio
11 > iilstrotmrirr Inol fn jviug tn Srmif >
II eclrnd Lkctn tnxe lntl 1011 vit
ubsre1 the lame
First Inning I
Brcsnshan started something In the
first minute by driving f long single
Intu centre Hrovnc lud Jown a bunt
and beat It Uonlln then
rapped a
long two boggcr down tine left hill inn
llrtsnnaun laced home In safety but
Urownu won eiti tit at the platu Mc I
Gaunt lifttx a cloud tickler to Thomas
In cent And Alerte wound It up with
n ciimvlor to Sffntlle OXK IHN
Thoinnk humped a nlw one to Devlin
but Arthur iniulo a wide throw to first
pulling MeGann off the bag and the
Quaker wn < safe Uloncon tainted a
fly to Mrliann hut KciittMlo hit lo
Gilbert who fumblod but recovered In
time Thwmas went to third on the
day OIllxTt pullid MrGnnn off tho
ling with flint r u lo tlirnw anti Mn
ges was safe w a TlKmas scored
Mng t1 stole secrl but was thrown
out at the pint iy Merles whdi he
tried to score on Tltuss flngle ONU
Second Inning
piileii in Oonlln nut wis thrown oii
HI lira Glcnion mlo u ih nimcn il
stop Devlins s7llng liner and bj j
TIt throw eH Arthur at first cilllx
out 1 liir7 ll v to rills Nl RtNR I
llranlleld ant four wide ones nnd
nlkol Doolln dent up a peg with a
protly snerlllpp to povlln I > ooln lifted
n long llv lo Dinllu ninth Knnu Kent t
low one Jumping to McGann NO
Third Inning
Taylor tri1 the bunt mellind of
renoJilng Itrxl and fUlcd Hrisnihai
wits hit on the had by II pltchtxl ball
but titter a minutes rest hn nmy
wont to firm llrowno struck on and
Dcxilln was thrown out bv piolln who
mode n great atop NO RINS
Thomas nopped n nhoit llv to Devlin
and Olc iin ont I Hkornpot t
llrowno T vlnr inido quteltri a C of
Sontello NO HWS
Fourth Inning
Jlrrann4 beat Wawa mea lv lttl
boinilr lo Knne MertM walkol hut
nn lei could not htln hm nrd 111ft l im
lo thin edit nln wilr 1 Cllbfrt
fouled to SentMlo NO Ito > °
M1urn cent n hoi nne to prier but
Conthlll on Seventh Pngel
BT LOUIS April HThC gamo
scheduled to bo clayed lure between
St Louts nnd Iltteburg was post
poned on account ol rain
w c au 1lpJatr rr > + yt
CHICAGO GOO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
i CINCWrYATI 00000010 1
COLUMBIA 1 D 0 0 3 0 1
BROWN 0120
TUFTS 0003
At Annapolis rlavy 9 Syracuse 0
M Carlisle Pa Dickinson 7 U sinus 3
Bob Fitzslrrmons and Jack OBrien were matched this after
noon to fight twenty rounds at the Tuexod Club on May 30
Each posted a forfeit of 51000
i 4
Fifth Dromio 101 Light Note 11 place Gladiator
Fifth Clifton Forge 85 Goldzonc 12 Billy Handsel
Sixth Lsdy Jocelyn Drexel Lord Bright
April J4 Track Past
It Q FinuT RACK VM ndM ulllni tht ve < ir Mi an I upward aeo rurlon
IIfl nrhl
I 01 4iuniliia tour 1I rt1irn 1un < ft > ll > Tlun ldJS Vmrr rh c t > v
lIUnCINloru OwnerJ Iuhllo
I ta 6 I = 10 i hhnft J Kin jit < s 6y a It ht I I I qn
49IIalma W 1 m ti lr IVi Mlllrr I II nil a
I = O Nonsense 4 8 SVj 2M Schaller M 7J 45 II
ITil lirunj 112 I S 3 4 a Dleelnt tS t I 5 i J 14
IroKnmm S7 3 1 mi 4 MeDanlH n So M 10 5 l
lllljf Ctll lilt Z 4 IJL411 Tti bark V01 II JV a
Threw this out fur carnal Ulirvinr torn hint up and put him MUI or the flee at
thr stnrt Iilonx nv trod nt the tansy wun lifcailc hi ua > lnt rita NonKixu
ran MJ rice
TI tXOvi tiirjJ ii liro W n fup tuTTomr M lr I iil < i rijf iinli
1IA oll caner Slirt io l Von ilrlvlri Tin o3uaa Wlnirr bK B ly
Irnt rtes Mntin Onert Oirth
lndtx ttrttr < = = J vi I at tt 14 jjli YiJnI l tlea i lal
> OnihAn lj I 11 Vtf t ViiS i 1 IIII ° t I 15 1 I
NII wnKiiinF Ito S L I ll < iuinii I T i a2 ra
s Mn niitr ate < till 10 rA a1 I1 S1 Ulijilrs 2ii tn i1 1 i I
TuJ Fein TJPIP Ill > 1 V il n 44 llurn I 7 L I
US Irtilnndon Ill 7 t > s s 1j J Johnaun l a K I
luy stele III I u 7 7 IU TrcuNl 10 in s R s
b I Alc sr 107 it 7 u ti 7 atrlxnlel 10 In Js a
vi VorKmnlJ 107 i m Ip al H W Iii l1 U 211 n U a
It J f Itt I 11 1
I i i Itihlnna
W WI nl all lei 4 1v 4 I u V ltihlin > ti V 11 ii I
EI i hlln Ili Wpelrarn Olhin Yo Ii I Ihl zJ1
juiiln JS iiny M < unl li > tIe Hnln
Ort h + n l il much hl get IIWK Iasl nta nniinl iV n M on the antwr ami rii r
away 1 Nat whip iMMKlv vitMltltii ran his but rare Maul t y ll i i rt u Inc rwi
Virkninlii Inrt a wo IIqI SI
gr = =
iTl Tltmi nACKTli lffnnlf irri > riJv llardlrap > 1 v < i nlUl a ul > nr >
tl r i 1iIi
1 0 nllIt J rl d
I Ui > Colin l > lt ooiirw Hurt cod Won inlly Tlmr 1i I A Wlimr i i u
bj Kjjth tsp = AUnt OeocrT Illirhiink Jr
Index Hluiirr 72 tltr Bt V s 4 Mn jinkcj t ni n Mi 1 iiti 11 r
Oil Ihlrr ill 1 Tij i Mlllir I i 7 i 0 I 1 1
I IWnble Idill 121 d P rUH Ji liirnn v J 7M
tihit riow lid I liD h ai w Srni 1 i 7 Ju i 4
in nuke if Krnilil Ill a2 lllif ri s r 11 I it
IKI > Tlrkli IM J ll II ll al MrDnnll I n 5
4ninlcr Jtv1 t J l I 1 J J lairn Ye 4 0 n In I
Ianr nioita a luny nTiiii oihi Hiitlilo 11111 mn a K > > 1 kann rm tan + > > if
Iii ndnl ijnM In last few inilr
Tjrii Vi > lHTII HB Th Aurlnii llunun Hirtplfoha tier iril nM IIInl
I UU jvm midst ulxiui two inllr uml n hull siwt aa 1 V m m ii tin 10
Vinniif lir s hv W il iiii riy t MI IhI t > Olin r rIheork Ir
lndrx ginrlT tr Ht j I ISilln Jurki O nII a i JIL
RnirrU ITJ i l l p II T J iGr1 a t t 4
lUiln v rick 112 1 2V a Vu Mr 1 TW 4 A I 1 7 bI II
Into ll > irl H2 I a i > It tats Mr l > vin > iux n In d I
4 < i intr lnttn v IM a 4 I 4 4 Mr Pnlth II 12 I I
iJsrr tMn JiftrO Ml th iiv J i n virrliV 0 ininr Inn t
I TI IllTII llACIJ lliiiillrnt fVi ti tlTil nWpTili m tI t mr M ir nlitt tl mi l A I
I iiuic N iiin foal i Won dpi lag Tints II Vinn r Ihanlini t > n Lv
MiilJIor Dliuonililri Onrir J lllich < uil Jr ThUlnlnlo ili h li c lent a i 1 lh
Tjlnl lift Inn Qwrir J W Pall
LlilT yt + aon = wr + M uj C tin Jra ki > ni > rn llinn i IK ci t
7n I Aant MM lnl i i 7 urii Gjr C II n in 1
ThlHlnlJil Nil t I p It yi ° Hilrrli 2 I K7 S >
HllllllF t ink l a B 31 1 l lwl N iii III 2 I I
S My rn o > ljii I 10 Ire ta i uu rr irtij n IIMI MI li n
jot Lank 4 A I Ilir 1 V nil i 1
an CluMMl JM > ll Full Illliliu 1 e I 19 t I 1
Thlellels l r was the IK tit Lot lot of Knuiml bs nii ntnlu on tir Hn W td I I
hny eon but far this Othir not am account
Sc HINVll llACi SW a Mod al7iii IhI n u n < u at t i uiu rru i i vi rode I I
> anl t 1hm bli couir 5tI itadUit TJui1 I < l Wit n r h L I i
iy JllJvj C ltvyti tt ionry it Lyn in i
FniltiT StiVtor to ft L s T Ion In key t1 x nllvn il Il Vi I
M tiI hurhiM I rt1 I Ii ni i V fiuin a II HA 41 a 1
M1 SHAiilo Ilii I i 11 2 i lUtn n > > a set
SX AnlhrJlrk UA 4 2W V > > 1 l > llkElM S M to 4 I
SI Wltrr fount HI 7 S 7 II I llonnllrlll 4 A J > a 4
U1 J WailJfll u Is i il 31 41 It 5V Ihrtnlnn f i t t
NS John K Ahrarn 102 s ilHV 51 nI p stein M 1 r > In A I
72 The Yelled l < iii > INI 3 71 N s 7 IMwtri A 10 S il SS
111 Nn > cm > Obll ll s1 1 ftl ill 7 t W K 111 y > li SO I n
hand IJurhni hint a tli at ttmii bui ttixil IB Ii e last turbine s r had in he I
whlppi1 out SttKukut running sery itroncat the COM Water Ceuix would hive Uvn
imrtl In aoothtr lump
1 li J h c
Youngster Climbs Into
Saddle and it Is All Off
V with the Field
Spfclal The Kvenlnn World
ton D C April IThl wan th
closing Iny of n very auccesetul meet
Ins nt HennhiKS While the lld hnc
not been large nor classy In any d <
irrcv the sport has been enjoyable t
pitroiiK The lltrlmont Stahltrsends
tile lAt of winners with ovr J70W to
flecredit Tills was due to Lord or
tho Sale CurrkUlum ukrnlto und
Many or the stables here will so til
Ilaltltnuru and n fen to Aqueduct Jut
for a miff breeze It would have been JII
ideal day tor raclnz Two uteplecniutu
were on the card which uttriictod many I
members of the hunt clubs and their I
modules The track wad In Its best 1
I Miller Gets Another I
Miller tojjed laK > ra the winner In
the optntns race by auporlor skill Pa
lore had llttlu chance on figures but
was nil there when It como to running
Cnronal tho favorite wan hut off at
the atari und UlSKln look him up And
out of the race Jllllor tlncannri uluns
In fiont with Jalorn ii nd Rot him home
very tired but x I urti uiuid of Nrt
sense with Carun third f gil icngta
iiwuy I
Miller IVlni AKiiln j
Orrian Ijid Miller tip won HIP Jeiwo
Ilrnwn Cup utter n h llIut > at rare lIe
broke lust run nil round tie MKil on I
he extreme iiliU and closing like a
Imililug under lit whip caught Wsl I
Inn1 the pac 1 uialiT and won by a
length Maniii iin > at u to 1 alj
CAOtv from far btk anti was third I
Pater Wins Eaclly
Paler won the acrnd lulf of the lien 1
nlntfn Htnllfai In a uil i IK hla
hU fluid hinted lo 1 flixse nt nil
Iimtt Kiinlal irUM tll hi > d hIm hut
A Wild a fuliU pffiTt and In noon dl I I
Hotiluc Ivtiin and Tin tutu Biivr ur >
Bivfnt it tii cad bi1 it was miuU
a tatlt for the blare homrs neL her
one having a chance I
Garrett aJumpcr I
Garret hw l to tw Nil of the jost
Jump8 In tine lminoi by winning In I
a common Kiillip from Uunsovorr
It was miTfly a trnlltiK rare thrmsh
Flnltled Nose and Nes I
T handicap steeplechase ndvd In
thu nton I excUliiK Mulsh of the iiid < ln
It was prasliMllv 1 tnohorkp rne nil i
the way Tlilxtllali nnd Ihant itn inn
nine nwav rrT1 th others ThhilcI
dull made nil the running ti lhc Ian I
jump hut one whore JI bin lured sino I
KiHt Iuut fiur lerittlii lint fo thin h 1
wiiild hti Win nail A S It wis tn1 I
twoloitel i uiariir of a mil front
L < > re and at the Mid they cyill not I
U Fnpiritel hv ti ju 1 ci
A Driving Finish I
Tie him run1 tlav4 dnuit tin i In
tan Unnil Id liiHh mill rf t Ilak t in
I Pinter ivini lit by u Irtrili Tin ih <
Wert iv i n ott
lie1 lrluv lenilt I s fHwlI
FiHI UVl Ki < a 11 onhalf
f ilium ft IIb lltiiuiuj iI io i and
1 I 9 1 MilM1 r I lu 1ptrul l1
II r i an i i Tlmr 11 > I
Sis ml Ua1 TivM4 niitl i rn half fur
I > Itin J lc oj to I ami i1 to li I
ors Hilehil il t tr ubi el MonJj
Ill Iill Iliril intI h i
rnilt ua i Ml anl uipnly
Kd IIiV It lo I anil T to ii I
II iMttoTV l > i 10 II J Dillliill lllp 3
TI < Vilj
IMfinII UACIIDio ant n lxtpenti
loDurt Ash Ill I I to 10 and 1 to
3 > I NiMiu d to I for plnv > i Nw
I J Tlr11Lftl
I vSIVMIK Anr 14Vlp races
i r inCiv r 0giei 1111 falliAH 1
I PIHST IIAII Five and n malt fii
lairs Irostlire iS ti > I mil cvcni i
Mil lor CaTictir < C t1 1 for plivi 2
red tins S TJneUI Jl
JICliNl n i on1 and onehaf
fnaugvlhl llntintlit + I lo I md T n
t 1 I Trd ItMiii Unit for part
Winner OrlBWIil 1 Tmc WS
TllinU ItCK Poiirid if
VOlIlTH UACiO hnlf milel lily
Turner tlO to 1 and I tj 1 1 lly lIu
ele Ili to 10 for place 2 Seleno II 3
Ilma lJ
Warship Scene of a Terrible Accident
ToDay While Engaged in Target
Practice Off Cdebra
Report Received by Navy Department
Confirms the News but Gives Ho
Details of the Disaster
WASHINGTON April fSlhe Navy Department
has received word of a serious accident on board the 1
t battleship Kearsarge today
1 While she was engaged in target practice nea
I Culebra an explosion occurred in one of the forward
j A number of men are reported to have b = cn
i Killed
I Lieut John M Hudgins and five men were killed and one officer nnl
I a number of men slightly injured The accident occurred yesterday ar
the conclusion of target practice
of the most forinldrfbc of our latterUiy tnttte
The Koarsargc Is ono
launched In March ISOs Ih was equipped to
1 chips At the time she tuna
II tarry the blggcbi guns nllcru
Uccause of ftp destruction of ble
I Malm1 u short time before the 1U3a
I mU hii1 BlMtrnUp the Kentucky were
launched the in ire IKHIOII WIIB uronjil
wine ntiov tOk Ie actor at Newport
I rxcltfnent w s at fovir tiiit war
wm about 11 In iKvlnrcd and t ir com
i Ilellmi uf tttu bth ships superior at
ilrs jllotit ns II
i that Hmo fi uq
lII11ttr ol Intent to ewely mlrII
rA ill riion 0r
1 IIII Illi gx J
the ttmphUoa fIt t he Kitircnnje Ia
dt ih
IIM Id to tit
oflrrK t n
> l t rte irlion Tliire
V hrIl i 0 +
wr < j I i
ilroflv IIL > M th
In Ie lP finct
Score Was a Tie Until the I
Ninth When Visitors
Slipped in a Run
N Y April II Tli I nnttyrt huni + ii
Ihr thirl d fiit ill an < 1 uI div
miM ttit AIMK I l y tiot li Club
tiv 1 sunK of 1 110 Huti JiRififi i > l
1Id > TUMI nit I rffis bd II w rn
id ilrsiMv IIy litli UMi
Th1 MIII liu wen 0it fH tlf limn
stem sax mid In u nliHIi liuili
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First Inning
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Second Inning i
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grounder by lettI5 and Crasher Rates I
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ers out curtex
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inner collided and as tho ball dropped
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Third Inning
l Lin nnan wins nn iany jnitrl fvf
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gins liner unit throw Jill out at Unit
lMither blunder won taken carp oC
h > Strain and JVniwy Maloriiy raised
ia iiiiiily N the Inllcld which Will
fcniothdriil by Ilrldewull NO HUNS J
Fourth Inning n t
Dolan landed on Uio boll and drovu
It to right contra for two bUGs Urau l
Continued on Seventh Para
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