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If < Y J Ct tIIt VS Y ft 4 i J 11I w > jr
I Tr
I iJ
ti M and Hoccii troTfA Dreinthan
r er a rra rm sot 8 < vmoar toner
r to It rtrrf ONK IHTN
cnn pnirk oui Mere drove a
I ns fir to rvi wI1 rAPAn cflt out 01
1 1e4k fly to Schlel NO nUNS
Seventh Inning
T1 hanty d ve a lonp one to Rres
Tit si Corenriui sel Cl ell
r sled advunclnit Corcoran to eron1
F nci forred CMtieil nt necond Sonlel
ji ic i > e and Gilbert threw out is UJter
co nts
Continued from First Pose
bat a hort fly to Kceler Irtioll
talked Dorohuo grounded to Chase
Fourth Inning
aporte popped to Davis William
ot Iiavli to Doiohuc Delshanty out
XJonh ir to Altrock NO JlfNS
Jnhf out Lnporto to Chnse Sull
inn walked Tanneilll struck OJt Al
trod finned NO IllNS
Fifth Inning
Huffman beat out n hunt Klelnnw
ra rltlipit Tann hlI to JVinnluiP ciTk
tn fanned Imxis augHt etra
inef NO RUNS I
Hiin singled Jones sacrificed Klnl
flaw to Case Davit filed to Barman
and Hahn went to third Isbell Oed
to Conroy Nu RLNS
Sixth Inning
Cnroy fouled to Sullivan Chne
ilktd Lipurie singled seidlni CYa e
i hid Williams sho a boumlcr to I
Ie z 1 s orrd Cnnne Jjj ortc trlcl
n ri h third but wa rtiiftit l > als
i ianneMlI Wlllims IIOUN sonl I
0 the pUy on Ijfxmo DelnJianty
RoundeJ to Oonohue OXK HUN
I Donohue fouled toCha Ht ONeill I
ojt C ioy to Chase Sullivan rtoiihion
to 1 rt Tannohlll slnII scoring Sulli
I iii AtrcuK out Kletnon to t e
f og Hi N
I Continued from First Page
I j Dh c wnit knocked cnsolev for ter
t Rlinr > HK Wus not hurt ctnernlje
Th 1 mg event went to Eiiiih J ime I
the < ont choii > he bflattnc Hld
innr y > tol ilmnce by a netk Klf
teen thousand people aw the racea run
It wa acnounoctl this afternoon that
Itchard Dwycr would do tha starting
tit h comlns Brlphtftn meeting Mars
lnnI per 1 wll take a vacation during that
jer Edith Jamea by a Neck I
Lad > Valentino rushed to the front
and made tho running to the stietch
foil wd by Lawponliin nnd Benevolent
In tie stretch Reldmorr went to the
front and fought It out with Benevolent
to the Ins ttfly yards where l iith
James coming with a rush pot up In
time to win b > a neck from Heidmore
who beat benevolent the same distance
Four of the Chasers Fell
Tieic were only five staneds In the
StcilnMasc but four of them tel ana
Paul Jon galloped home nlono Balzac
fill at tne second jump The remaining
starters made another circuit nnd then
Kwinel fell at the name Jump Corning
by me cljhoue 1allaheen stumbloa
nnd fell and so did The Claimant The
jitifr iimnd the fence Into tne man
tfAcK and the fence Into the paddock
vherc ne was caught and remounted
ala 1en was also caught and re
mounted Cnlthlns eocord and The
dammit third
Superman Finished Third
hl neld In the Great American broke
and ran on almost even terms for the
Ilrst ntty yards Then Water Pearl
lnt to te front and made the
lio nne run
ning followed by W H Daniel Iup r
man and Ballot They ran this way to
the stretch where Ballot come through
nnd took seond place He could never
rcoxtj Water Peari who wor easily by
a length and a half from lalot Who
beat Superman a nose
New Record for Track
Vhlmslcal was a frnl favorite In
the Broadway Stakes but was handled
a badly t > s ll Is poJilble tor a race
horse to b8 handled und she wns beaten
by Ormondale who receive n perfect
ride Ortnondilo went to the front nt
he start with Flip Flap and Whimsical
rat plumb Into a pocket Notter
1 Ikel ler then
pulled hr up and went to the outride
nuiliiiK a wide turn Into
I Ilrn the utretcin
Ormondale went on steadily and won
clexerlv oy a length and n half from
hlmfcicol who boat Flip 0 Flap eight
lergtiiH The time
InstK tmo esablshed a aew
track record
Bohemia Care Fast
Halifax went to the front oon after
iin made all the arer
t al tho mnlng and
0 n n drlxe by a lonph from Bobr
mli lio L olr slow and clo3J 1 big
Cr Prince Hambun was third a
iiik sway
TiHldliiKliMi Won n Hi Ilen eil
Sir TiMldingtrm made a runaway rare
of tie sixth K lnK e < > the front at the
nan nid irraklnK 1 runatvay mow of H
wiijiiu In I Rillop hy eight irngtlm
frojn < oonunimitnitt who wu e < ind
4Lth wiy Bay Twit wni llrinl iinin
1fgti ivny
IllMr ii > Winner
i In lie nr IrldUn wnt to the Tiint
n1 mal all 1 e running on I Wfii
eiKily bv two lenstln from Ilusicl T
who beat Garters half a lengtlu
cause the owners ot 1 business block
across the way painted their building I
fronts a deep yellow and thereby nave I
all the diamonds and other precious
stones In his cases a on color L
r Dimes the leading Jeweller here
I I threatens to brIng suit apalnst the
owners ot the Martin Hlotk He claims
that ho has not been able to sell 1 dla
niond for full preq since the Martin i
prlq n tMtt
I Block was redecorated
< Bpflal t Th Ev n rit WirM 1 I
BOSToN June 1 A mn irretel
hero thougM to h n fig crook fines 1
tho name of John Glover
r Th pollec say seventeen pawn tick I
I eta on New York store were found cn
him and thai he adnrtm
Uat oauilne two
Acmtl 0
party checks on the Bno o dway Olns Com I
I j
1 Hume Aciilu After servlip a I
Illlmnin ItrMMinc ClitltT i
i The steam yacht Orients arrived
port today from Colon ia Hiviuia I
j lifter an abs i f of twelve 1Ia1
t Clntrt Aronrlmn waier
I Se wa bwlH b > JLewIs bon tor I
i Mr Ladew a welkno n yanhtsman j
I For ten months ae in been under I
t charter by tJe Republic of unde I
I revenue cutter In tle harbor ot Colon
I end vtalnlty Tiie Orient win Co nn i
i the Morse dry dock for a ovtrbaullnc I 1
i I
New Haven Boys Led
Up to Ninth When
Jerseyites Scored
Yale o o j o o 00 o o z
Princeton 0 0010000 3
Vnle Princeton
Xirlen as Held at
Httakunp rf Iftllon cf
lrloa c
Klmey Jb HiIan If I
Smith cf Vaughn b I
Camp 2b Side vo I
Jtckton lb Mrl AU rf I
Church If Hird Ib
T Jon c L Doyle C
Parsons p U Dyle p
tp1it n Th Evening tVlt I
PRINCETON N J June 9 Prince
ton will meet Yale this afternoon for
tHe second championship ba oili pime
Princeton won the Ilrst game 3 to
Tales vltory over Dartmout nn WN I
nesday thus reverslrfi I prexous de
feat Is an Indicatkm of the rapid im
provement no characteristic of Yale and
fie game tnd y will do iMl < > be t
close hardfi > viKit contest I
Yelps determination to win Is fur her
Indicated by th large crowd of rooters
tat came to Xlcer on the Ells
The peYdonncl ot the Vae team was
changed to adartie by inng Jaen
son ntflr t in Pace of T Jones who
replaced Chapln behind tie bo Ta
only change In tie Tigers team wts
behind Ihe bat wflcro l ou Dojle ro
placed Coney wo had his riRV
thumb broken in the Vedrfsdny jriure
Preceding the frame hu dredJ o
prods attlrei in all mannr of fan
I tastic costume uru1ed me town CO
track suryoundinc the diamond ant
star lei the Fame with a flood of
Princeton enthusiasm
First Inning I
Vauhn and Bard disposed or OBrlei
ilakamp flied to 1bl Ian iCcnncy
fanned NO IirVS
ell was hit on the hed bj a bill
Dillon sacrificed Hartan out Konney
to Jickion Vaughii tiled to Camp NO
Second Inning
Smith singled to left field Camp foul
flle to Doyle Jackson filed to VauKhn
Madden In place of Church hit to
centre Jonin force Mudden out on n
sroiindtr to Vnugn NO ULNS
Sides truck out McLean grounded
to Jackwin HarU Illed out to Smith
Thlrc Inning
Parsons struck out OBrien walked
Uulskamp hit to centre advancing
OHrten to third KInney hit to Vaughn
who threw out 10 Bard allowing
OBrien to More and Ilulnknmn lo ad
vance to third Smit hit to Harlan
and Hulfkamp scored Smith was
caught stealing It Doyl eto Vaughn
It Doyle out on I grounder toCitnp
to Jackson D Doyle out grounder
to Jackson Held led out to Smrtb
Fourth Inning I
Camp grounded to Reed who by I I
star onehand catch threw out to w
Jaekson hit tor three a543 to pnire
Jifkson was causht at philo on Mad
leit grounder lo Vaughn Jones tiled
to Harlan NO HfNP
mon walked and Princeton cheered
Marian nbo walked Vaughn Imntel
safely fllllni the bases Sid > n hit to
Jnckwin who threw wild to the plate
allowing Dillon to core Meleon tout
Illed out to Jackson Hard hit to Jack
son who throw Harlan out nt home I
Doyle out on I grounder to Jackson
FIth Inning
ITynlecr replaced D Divle In to I
box I4aon out on n grounder Hey
nljrT tn Hard OHHen walked and
Mole second Mulsknmp walked Kin
ney out Slrtri to Hard Smith tiled to
Slde NO llfNS
lleynlger out irson to Jnckfon
Itlil hit to f IHllnn flied oat to
ODilen Held stole < 1 Harlan
uiu Cal to Jak on Nil IttSTi
4 Sixth Innfng
jnp out on Reids star f > ne itril
inp uiJ threw to H11 Jwkr I
fiuiip I Mad ten flied out to Side No
Vaughn fanned Sides tllcvt out to I
i Smith Mcleon fanned Xo HlNS
Seventlt ln ln < r I
Yile hROj1 slncinn Uiif j hhltl oU
hI l > illon IHirSiiix
> 1101 PuraI llkl O ijniii
lllrj oui to DIKoti NO SUNfS
Irlneoton sang Old Nasmu Hard
out fatnp to Jdokron L Doyle hit to
ctiire HeyniKer out O Urten to Jack
s In It I > iyle advanced Held hit Vy
pitched ball Dillon oul Camp to Juck
Eighth Inning
Huyskamp Ued and Klnney tiled out
to In Smith struck out < NO
Harland walked Vaughn sacrlnced
I Pamrxia to Jackson Sides out Kinney
t Jaclu > i J IAn walked Bard
fanrn1 NO UlNS
Ninth Inning
Camp filed out to Re < L Jac3caoii
fonnnl ndden fanned NO lU NS I
NlXh It Dnyle walked Heynlger
fanned Hdd hit to let Dillon sa < rli
tlreil Ilnrlan lilt lo light bringing ml
Dovle and Held and wInning lh ham I
pinnship Prlnretonlar by hunr < MB
warm1 rn Hie field In wUl dollghl i
Attendance rJ
YOU Downs When Captured bv 1
Police Sad He Had Recently I
Been in an Asylum i
A trnlce man running through East I
One Hundred and Nineteenth street
pursued by a eowd of small children to
diy attracted Policeman Hnu e of the 1
Eat One Hundred and Twentysixth
Street Stall m Hauler Joined the chafe
and Captured the man after he had
plIt Lexinpton avenue sx > ing sE t
Th polf man ran the mkM man
in neriy tnk nitly where the man
lill thin he w na WHIIati J Dow of I
Nf TL Ktst One Hundrtl and NUe
teenn strtt 1hnusd eent to the 5 > mng
man mother for clothes and called tn i
lunbvilance tfimj the Harlom Hosprtiil
rule Wiling Dnn who said he had
been In an asylum dell that the
children postered him until he rortt
fheddlns hit clothes Dr BerBner took
him to the hospital and sent him on
< hm
I tp Bollcvue
S E J7r ir rG11
jEbbets Says Game with
i Cubs Will Be Held
I Peaie Commissioner Hlnifhams o
der that there hal be no Sunday
i Iall game In whlh mole rhangri
hands by suMorfufre for aJmlfilon In
this city President Ebbct of the I
Brooklyn Uaaebdl Club announced tilt
afternoon that his Ham wauM pin > I
1 implonshlp jam wih the CM > iXO
rno m Washingiar Irk rnnrriw
afiernoon The announcement as
made after Mr ETH Irenldent
Murphy of the OhKano Cub and former
nlo ane
mer Police Commissioner Hernard J
York tIM a long consultation wItn
Deputy Police Commlsilonir Olveeltf
Mr York appeared as cOunsel for
Ilp <
the two magnates He found Mr I
OKocffe dl pocd to be rlgi1 in ncr
irts tl > e orders frm JIulberry street
Mr Voik suggested that one of the
triniAerciind a piar be arrested at
lie opennit of the game fur the pur
pone of gctlns n decision in a test cst
uid that the game be ailoutjtu >
fd ComTl8sliicr O Kecffc wojll i ot I
inar of I
There mil be no game of Smi
imSLbill I tis bnuiign hut mney
Is eharsv1 for mlmistlon for IT
granrmej f > r shndc or here a colli
lion Is then up No sibtrfuge w in be
The Kame wi1 take piers tfnf rrrw
nnJ I will KO nine Innings nnnminoej
Mr Kbbets cftrr the oonfcrehr and Mr
York nol c aMenl
Commissioner OKerffc salt that there
have been 100 game advert si to take
11116 tomurron In the Donviglu of
Kings and Queen I nIH hive IttiP
ren at eue i game and all will IK
stopped If Inv aiterrpt Ii made to col
Icct an admissIon hoe
fContlnied from First Page
burtrularJze second but was caught in
Beriens throw to fyiwis Tinker Rot
hH 1 > e on lydia His attempt to s 1
seMn 1 wa a dead one Bergen making
hie usuiti riorfe 1 throw NO KINS
Bergen eent a pop flv to short rlsht
which Kvirs captured after n sprint
Alp nrmn lifted a foul fly which
Chame ntnotliertd Lewis also raised I
foul tly t Kllng NO HUNS
Third Inning
Evers smashed a hat sroundcr to
Lcwla who retired him Kline wns
tooted by Strlckletts cUe < tIon of bend
era uuehlbch also took three swlny
RI tho kid twlrlefs offerlnis 8wlnJ
I triklett o lilted for four bills and
talked to flrh ea ey also received a
gift from Hlielbnch Strlcklett wan
I drcd too fir r second and was I
on Kllnss throw to Tinker Batrh WCS
e31 1 ou ii strikes Lutnloy drove a
fait sounJer to Tinker whr > retired
hi 0 by a throw to Chance NO RUNS
Fourth Jnnlng
SjfRle slammed tlio boll to the fence
In centre for tm > e bases Shckurd
banged a srasscutter to eLwls who
threw him out at tirct Slajrle belie
tvkl at third Smlte banned lo rtit > e
for a but scoring Starfc Chance tot
lowwl with a drive to rip it Kcxnl lor
two bases advancing Phulle tn llrd
SlelnfeldO hot Itounder cot away
froti Alpslimn Shultn s v rliK end
Chance rmiiclR third Tinker bomdel
to Strlcklett who threw Kirn out
Kvers hit In frt of tFs plate nrd
UlNtb H rcen low < ihe tul lo Jordan TWO
Jordjin sent I ins flv tn the ffrce In
c ntr Alilh Siigl eiptureJ Milonny
hunted and on nu1Il > rvh K heh throw
11 rhinc he wa nafe anti made a
Iry steil of second Bersett WIU its
fff tH SinfeM nnd fhance
Mabn Ktlm tn third Alperman
vni I ilv i > 1 k ii 1 NO 11S1
Fifth Inning I
KlliiC lld ive it biner I Lews m
eJ I itr n r > i lelJbi 1 > sV
Hf r nas gathc I iy n I
SUlRl a Ipo t it Ul nr In Ilol V
Irwins iv wi esy for Ptelnf lit
Strlckleti hit iafelv to the inttrll
capv flIJ t iiteIiin1 nIt1 is I
itt ini for Stinellt to snuCar NO
Sixth Inning
fiiNII rtI tiolVd i < < j ir wlI cites
Siult tiid ti liiiii It io i 11
popfoul i to lli > rgi ekir WPH
iuuKbt n r > pliiB Iy Strickl tt s nulk
throw to Jordaj Chnme inang t I < lini
ly at thrwi and UIH Cubs took thti field
SO ncxs an
Lunile lonmil a nourer in Slieckiir
Jf > rdan drove to ccitre for n Img Mn
lone buTej iftly nn < 1 on SilnfeMtii
lain throw Jordan tprlnted to third
Chance returned the bal to Tinker
who fell over Jordan and Maloney tot
to rtrond Bergen walked fllllnif ihe
hare Alpermnn fanned out weakly
Ifees ron J I low oe to Kvers hu
ll Wm nl NO RINS
Seventh Inning
5tfln tIlt tOT off a single Tinker
rllI BvfTf w n itub nn his Ixiin I
r I wln to Jnrlan Stflnfeldt tlldru
inrrt KIliiR pisi el i i imp > r tr Lew Is
who nlppul hn at flit NO IHNS
StHIslf rainfj a fit to len etre
whkh Snekarri < nrel liv A run
tiiete rip lf nri for Tinker ti
thancf Bifh i > nt l u liner for a
bane Iumlev wnlker Jordan foul
My wot mil 1 hv Kling NO RIVS
Eighth Inning
Renlilbach was Striokletts Tflhvlc
llm 0 tike Slage x > i deidheadil
Oil bli Snekard n sife tilt to ihe
Intlld iroino ed Staid to seroml
Hhiltd hit to Alfrman who locoed t <
Iwi nallnv Sierkard a second
ftKfC reaclunK third on the play
Chine ewan retired by Lewis and Jor
da nN RUNS
Maloney swung At three and wOnt
wav back and sat down Bergen fell
t flv to Single Alnerman oDd one
up tQ er NO RUNS
Ninth Inning
9enf dt pushed oflil out to the low
rene vhl tJatilI captured It Tinker
teat a lnlrounotr to JC Inlleld
I > fs nRed froinoting Tinker to
tlilM 1lnr finne nit Reulbich t
in Panes who threw to Heriten rhe
line reiurnel ihc Wll to lft who
toicned out Tinker iO HINS
Lewis rurk out like nn amnteur
Strl klel went out Ever n Jrl n
< aey out Tinker to Jordan NO
1 e
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Wonders
3z rfu I I n r T
June 9 Third Day at Gravcscnd Track Fast
I 11T liltr HFU no fta4 sflIr5 hreytjoit M nll sit a ix f h
ii HI i W n dIving TlnI 0 1 S inner ch f b Mh
j Iin i n lift J i Howrl
ido tf Surlr vti 8t t c Kt Inrke vO n Itlcl Il u
I > > t E1llh Jl m I 11 o 4 7 I < 1 2 l I a 1 I o
110 iIi n t f S I 4j N > nt 20 40 I al
S12i Ihc i it 2l 1 i 1 S 11 11 7 > S S S 1 It
lliiratlM I 7 i 7 4 t srry < M T 12 7
3IW I I i < > III i l jl In Cinutr t 4 < l ii Il t
f M Kl I 7l 0 0 s j llrnnoy 1 l i H IS o
l I SOI I U V U 7 Natltr loll 110 I > 31 I
< Kiie liei te 4 I J1 s M Oar > 12 U 3 S
I nrininn 1tl 1 S flil < 911 illllfr IS 12 12 J 82
tt < mtrln 1 A I II I > In In Itaan SO 11 Sj In A
l I I art I ° it Tn 1
t lith U i ei is lj it Uillni ic ran hu belt rare rharlilin elouM tamK 11
ht I
0 O
11 J i n 1 I i 1 r roA Yrk i or h i ItanIip fr
j J n1 4 at t I Fuil r iltirt I Vn all 1n J
I 11 W firi r 1 s > kl t > 1 the Tiitlc Inlrrrlt OnlT Hltrlicixit 1lnlt
I tta tier > Wt M 1 j t1 I Fin Joekui Op > n Hlnh Cto < righ
t IOUI Jr i I7 5 2 2 1 1 uVy 1 I J flj lJ
3 vi f I Ii i 1 I t S IlMrrck 0 s 73
2 rh Ilalmant Ii 3 I I at 3 Ctusna 2 I S 7J 13
I 1 Iiiilzi 10 1 V en flin I T31310 2s
IJ K nrl I 1 I R Fll Snn < 10 10 2
I I drn unled aii finIht4
I t i JO DTI I in ri tian upiei in the tolln ltit < h < vek entry
o I r sr 1 Iju1 J nr < I Ihrno1aT < 1
Hill 1HIM > ntt TH < i A 1111 fir inn rjrjM > rO adiadeueijjui
5 IMS t it n F > Wir ull IHKI ti inner ch i b > WaUrCrm
10 I V 11 nirS P c
liuli x SUicn 1Vt St l FI JXV On High ClC Pi 5S
I TI Wattr Puil li S I lP IH 3 Itflej 7 i S 1 1310 12
i i tillI 1 111 2 I 1 3 > Mcol 1 US US t2
J ulnntn 12j 1 i i > 2 > 8 HNVI1 S 1 lt5 t > 3 12
i SH jni 1 Lift 4 4 4H v < > Miller II 1A 12 It I
IM Olf Iia f5 0 II 0 4 > 5 U Wllliamj 4 s I 7i 1
31 W II 1 i in 1 2j u 0 hO < 1 r a t
ji t a i T r t Sti r uiir b in the lf t t tug 7 cne ntry
r 1 i JII frl ice > Mi
J1 Il l ii KH if knhl I fltnh gut a i UOUAI
HIM KoridU IIVK lh Hrwl 8 ioaicts thteyaroi 11 n j iLldf jnt mIle
IM 011 a uttth Ciart pf > > r V MI t llj Time 1 4J 15 Winner b c by
I1jo n pl ner nnat SItbip
I I irtr w II SI L1 s I Fth Jiev Open Hifh Cfc i ri Sh
i > n iii 7 T iso 5 I is i i4 MiTCf 7TT 3 4 iVi Ir
7i tniiir It i I a < 2 2 Soti r 4 > i 7i
7 1 FI Fltt im I 2 < 4 2 1 au IlAlrl S2 185 3 8J
0 11 hf 133 I 4 4 v Knupp an M 51O 3
01 111 i C n c U0n
Or II a i I r v hI hl Ii tr hI IiIt p L
illT PUTII MT H rii > 1rI1 ift J 1 1rl1Id > < nbull six furn n
V Or tri na ii 1 ma > t mrwr el e by Uo1dElRln1
ns Vt I t jy In = Jnck v Oi n HlriVoa rish
1 Unllfnx I 3 I1 l l I ShiV 3 72 3 01 S3
2i L 7 7 l It l N > Ur in 2i 15 > i 3
ITU Ilimhurc I 4 4 > 1 I Vxn 1 S h 3 2
Hiilnm 121 1 L 1 4I J Martin W K SJ 4 a
S4 r IIT 10 C 0 t ONrll K 12 1O 4 2
nNinnl < UMjtr 121 o 45 Ot i JHIIrr 72 72 3 its 35
t MunUrln ItI s 0 II 7 Itiell > n IS H > 4 j
U nliifiT 12 < > in lit in I it v dartiiT 0 S 7 2 7 s
i Ovjmiv 10 2 24 2 8 1 Wl ort 10 s 3 t
SIi Uvle < w 7 4 I M Ii 10 n Hum WIll ftTl Za lon
LXI i > r of r riutvi > nnii u n wn > no if i v > 21 10
I hrw tgPiIleIe te1larI I
wrairho IIIIl > Amelia lUmhurs Belie CVrr imc Diamond Klufh
HAllfix TJ ttiI Bahemli an lo tier ttit form Oam quit Olorlflrr off very
t j
I int SIXTH H VE P i ni il i 1iiln nwlten two y arold > flv furlnniv run
iUU 111 Won < ull > Time l oj z 3 Viuicr eh c b > tdlnooOeuIAUOII
C Her x Innlnot
L luIxtu1rs wat iC W = vnjteitee Op nHlgh Y1 gn
i Sir ividlnrton w i I ItttI JI I J 1IlfVnyS j 4 S3 44
tl Cniimuttpatv 10 2 2b Ji s 2 rrwai ton 10 Q II
ssTirw is 1 r 3ilt P J JWaiiit s s 10 js 2
iiI tCriihl 1 1 > anhr I S2 3 J S f i1 lIlran 30 WI ZO d 4
ail W1 I I I iti jl Hrrnn 1 r I s 1 J
OttxJJillle Its S 7 i 7 7 tl > MIDr 4 4 S2 112
rllnrtnn po v ip n 0 74 Omer 7 i < H 2 ts
3Ii lkiWio I 7 si to Ii han M VJ M Si 10
i Toatint Maitres t 12 fl > 0 u McIMnlrt fo M f J IS S
Tin tOM II 10 III lf In I ihfrrr III ao 2i > < > 4
sphinx PI n lI2 II II Myers 10 o 20 S J
< ir IheiMlM OS Il 12 11 12 12 Brufiilt IS 4 12 12
> il Mit i > in 0 lb 11 I1 li I 1 Jnhninn lii i 111 lot 40 aj
hIelIIr 11 11 J4 J4 1111 viitr n 41 so irt a
Verwiuht TlMll r rnich1 lLausile Iararm
Fir TiMjlntnn nuh th > tut Knight ef anhoe cl n d a bit taj Oarcantha bad
4ii SEVENTH rACr PelllriK lfO aJ led maLlen i two yean e1dStartoot
ID WIn miUiw n iniwr b f by Silver foxlIeln OC
Ot nrI O tteon
lnl < x iiirtre WII U 111I JoXf > Op n Hlirh Clo Pi Sit
7 el r Thfy o nrT hvm ul i 1 1 I 14 HrI1 4 a 4 T
I77 htusail r I LtiItti 3 1 tt aa
t z i
ila 5UV I i 4 2 2 = I i IUM v 78 72 2 4 Il
v ij > r7ii ii I tj 5i j11 Mii r 1 s 1 2 3K
1 t ieU Inl n 1 S i v Mrlntvn 11 SO 2i 8 4
71 KI M s I 4i 4 r qat J Jhn xi 12 11 11 n s
171 5itil lot n ll ll O T Crlrnmlrs n m Pl 10 j
till It8tIn Bn M i i 11 1 f 1In f 0 l o 10
7M lilVv 5rnrtB M 7 7 7 s I oler In n 32 71
IlMlnn on 10 10 10 jO 11 J llenneui I > 1O 31 1O 1
J2S Kin tstn Oli < rt II II < l2I m c JICI 11 i
Feriiiltng Mn Kfnl < i Od 1 IrfH ll rit Ir Ilafhn uai
IIy 2 IluLn r l > trrn JnrT nlll in lh > fnul fnrlinr
I m
Frvrli tt Tin n enlny Wor I >
rio annul rtfla of the Mnhait
Hry Ymlu Club was 1 irtcd this after
noon In a light rceie tom the n > uth
nfl wit the Sound like a mlllp > lId
Ti stoning line w la front a llrL
vce nvirl of ixi ciltitji LIJTII rio
itiii hate of the eiy morslriE WHS
ihlllr eaten up ty lilt hl sun Jiid
vl n he Florence took up he position
it i stnrtTK In vis 1 i iIy IJal
ii iui 1 ni Te rioitnce with tlC
ur ritt e Ci Ir l A HI1 thirlei i
V lte u id W Jl Will iru ibuird POI I
11 11 01 ot I tot d tt rund
vol j ojii1 Oil the jluf it ih ond i
0 I I IV I
r uainlnx plgllll wii > i In up at I
I mil live tnnutes later the pro i
juiury At 11 ho Heglni owned
ity I O Stewart went over the line In I
Ilii nlLl1 rare Will II M UMwrR
1 > 1 Iolio till net Kt tiMi 1111 i
Uiiirv ininafu luter The 1 ul wit i
uf u rC tt it i rllor utiti hllrt
j HUT 1ortiI sOl Lillto Jtb IIP
lilT hi Irni J of i K taturSO fiv nortl
act i > iltt Il Itrsiutgl P i itt I
si tinl leg Iiy fcouth 3a miles ti
ttks Ioiii tn JloinjwtcaJ Uiy Mltl
he third ifi went nortliwst to tile
startlnit title Tha roursa mud i tw
ulled < nl VWI mal llIlI a total ills
tunie of nautical sables Tlie ml >
mints ever a tenmile course Tile New
York thirtyfooters wen over prftly
weU bunched V Uutler DtncnnH
Uohlndn crossing flret at 12M and
Cllfford Mnlloo Bandar last a U2M
Tho others went In the following or
der 5W ln rights Cira Mia J W
Alki Afra I U Adees Adelaide
nul II Wtllel d ililiav Tne > ulit s ei
Mfilnakeru to starboud as they wn
or tile Ire Jw rneOIitS end
handicap Cn1O5 ft > l > wel
Attorne7Gen Julius M Mav
will on June rJri a he rlllg on the
eharir1 of having l1ftle nle < lella
promisos preferred apalnst Horouph
President Bird S Colur of Brooklyn
Nuoa of tills clime to President Coler
toay In letter from the Attorney
Mr Color Is rtquested to file his nn
wer to 11 charges before the heirlns
I am very rjlJiI he taid today
that tho Invcitlcatlon will begin oon
I am as anxious ns an > baJ else that
this thing shall be gon into In order
that I may have a rhnnre to clear
myself of the aistird allesauons
WASHINGTON June 5 The bill pro
Mblllns cnrporilton from making
money contrlhuionn In conne lon wl h
p lltlenl campaigns was today passed
bi th4 Senate
i ZJ
ti Fi l
Charged with having r > asse 1 a worth
ItKt cheek for JSJO on a Syracuse hotel
Iteer Mli Lane M Fogua a
pretty blonde was arrested In Grand
Central Station today by Detective
Sergeants 11 iward nnd Jlannely She
look her predicament coolly and after
ur pedigree was recorded at Head
iviarters was locked up In the Mul
berry struct station to aUt arraJgn
incut tumorroA
Mlaj Kogut Is
also wanted on a chnrge
° f i > PIlg R Jail bon < l ot JlWO The
ro plnSh nt te
on wurtllesi check I M
Iaul JCitiuuse who has a saloon and
Ioel In S > taujtr Ire had her urrestcJ
six month ago nail of Jl VO wn rur
niiihed by JOlh Duifee a ontrluio
nct lit pf > eni J shortly titterwatd und
lu Kinral alirm wv Kent OIS
Die sw York police lenriied that she
iiial riluiVHK at Amltyville L I and
In this Any ills Overe thill slie hid
bCln staying in New York Sht was i
t PLllg from II short umnfiown mti
u Ilii die was iuttr l fI n t htit li war
jiant 1 djy The > 11 n s0 I <
mmiUinia iioin ly hu lIam of Luu
CAMDEN N J June STnrnty
years nftor It was mailed a postal card
was rectrhed yesterday by John F
Larnod a lawyer of this city Jt was
hosted on June 1S46 nnd was prop
erly addressed to No 310 Market
streel where Mr Lamed
1 ihen hart an
nfllcu The card read
Uenr Sir Owing to an unexpected
call to Ihuelhurst I will ho unable to
tee you today an per mine of y < ter
diy I will tall tomorrow Yoiis I
The writer ft the card has been dead
ten > cars Mr L rned ea > s he think
that the lard remained at the bottom
innllhox which has lust b 6n
scraped out
ST JOSKIH Mi June 9The
body of a man found in the canal nt
Henton Harbor has been Identified as
Henry V Kiihlman n wealthy Cut
ctifivwm who had a summer homo at
GJM Ixird near this city
He has been mlsslns for severil days
and the coroners Jar found thnt iC
hud tiirtvn himself Into the nnat
while despondent over innesa
ST Pirrnnsniitci June ilThe NO
votcherkasnk Regiment which Is lo
cated at Okhta near St 1eteriiburK In
practically In a state of open mutiny
It via under orders to proceed to I ho
Baltic province but the man rcfuioJ
< z
ExSenator nes Leaving
White House Says Ne
braskan Might Win
James K Jones of Arkansas twice
Chairman of the Democratic National
Committee nnd ono of the closest
friends of William Jennlnts Bryan
allied on President Roosevelt today
Afterward he declared for 13rynns
nomination by the Democracy for the
I believe Jtryan is the logical candi
date of the Democratic party nnd my
judgment la he will to the nominee
nnd will mako the race undrr tho
Democrntlo standard for the third
time If lie mnkes the rare I think lie
will be clef
111m Inclined to doubt whether
Hrjan wonts the nomination Two
raps for the Presidency ought to be
enough to natltfr any man but If the
convention should nominate him I do
not think he would refuse to run I
believe he would stand for any other
candidate who e > USCS the same prin
ciples he es > oune5
Continued from First Page
person to reach her side after she was
stricken down says she groaned
He hit me Oh he hit me How
could he do 117
Capt Sam Price and his detective
nro searching for Richard or Dick
Klnnan the husband of the murdered
woman who deserted her cltrht yeirj
ago All trac of him was lost untl
nbout a month ago when It Is reported
he appeared In the neighborhood of the
Stanton mansion and sent threatening
messages to his wife There Is an
other Ine of Investigation Which Is be
ing followed In secret
Ruined on Black Friday
Prior to Black Friday Mrs Stanton
was a wealthy woman a friend of
Commodore Vanderbilt ad a figure In
society She saved tho old Stanton
housa and some money out of the wreck
of her fortune but of late she and her
daughter were In dire straits What
money they got hold of was claimed
by creditors before It was warm la their
About twenty years ago Arirle Sirs i
Stantonj daughter married lUiiard
Klnnan whose family lived diagonally
opposite the Stanton mansion Klnnan
was not a good provider Ha was a
eewlngmaclilno agent street prcacner
and wanderer Eight ars ago ho
dropped out of sight
Mrs ICnnan took up the profession of I
triined nurse and was connected with
HaTinemann Hospital for several years
Three years ago there was a fire In the
old house and Wllllim Clinch an
aged and wealthy contractor of No II
Terrace place was called In to make
Clinch Moved In
Clinch > liked the old bout and took
up his residence there much against
thewlll of his children who live at No
I I Terrace place Klngsbrldge Mrs
Clnnan gradually dropped her nursing
work and remained at home caring for
her mother who Is eighty years old And
feeble mentally end physically
It WU generally understood about the
neighborhood that the orderly Cllnphy
and Mrj Klnnan acre to be married
as soon as Mrs Klnnan could get a
divorce Sho began proceedings some
time ago but hail been urvible to get
any rrace of her husband until he ap
peared nnd began to bOther her
Three weeks ago Cllnohy died sudden
y 4n the Stanton mansion afcr a nirt
llnese His daughter and two Inn from
KingHbrldge called and took the hail
a my with them It I said there tIC a
tnine at the house although Clmiiiy
daughter had been at one time an
iitinit friend of Mrs Klnnin
Billingtons Assailant Waives Ex
amination When Arraigned in
C nlre Street COtrt
John Bohlman tho teacher of lan
guages who wan arrested on a entree
of attacking lawyer Heno H Billing
ton In his olllce a few day ago waived
examinatIon when arraigned In the
Centre Street Court today end wits
held In IWi bonds for tho action ot
tile ovnnd Jury
HillinKton was In court with his hcaa
botndaued and anxious to tell of toe
assault which ho said was without
warrant and apparently the act of an
Insane man
Hut Uohlmnn sail that DIlllnRton had
Interturod with the rmooth course of
his affections for n youni laity Miss
Annie Norton and that ne had gone
io his olllro in remonstrate with mm
lie Mid that he did not attack Billing
ton with c I ncr botio or n chair as bail
been alleged Wit that Dllllngton be
came so excited he tell to tho floor and
hurt himself
Need Food I
Supply it
Theres n Reason
I Boy Found Explosive in Backyard and Called
j friends to See the TestFour
I Children Hurt
Four children were badly burned and
the Muibcrry Bend district waj thrown
Into wIM excitement today when n
boy touched n match to a can of black
Tony Prlnccllo nine years old found
the powder In a can In tho yard burls
of the tenement In which he lived at
No ir Matt street It looked like
powder but Tony wasnt sure so he i
tried It Hcfore applying the match ho i
called a consultation with his sister
Annie twelve yeans oM Giovanni Fa
brlcclo twelve years old of the houeo
next door and Maria Dolo BIX yena
old llvjnj over tho Prlncello family >
UJttle Maria was not a party totha
conference but they couldnt keep her
out and fo she figures In tho Uit of
Proved It Wa Iouder
Gloinnl Insisted that tho em did not
contain powder but Tiyiy knew it was
and mid It had been left them by the
tnreicas or frightened manufacturer of
niACk Hand bombs To rjrove It waa
powder he struck a match and dropped
t Into the cnn
By the explosion which followed the
four children were Scattered shout the
yard Giovanni with his clotnlrg afire
ran out of the yard Into Mott trot I
down to Hester and through lltKcr
In the penon of John Browtiell who
was held without ball In the Leo Avenue
Court WKIIarnaburir today the pollss
of the Bfdford avenue station bclleva
tIe > have a dangerous burglar from the
West Brownell who U twentyseven
years old and refuses to give hU ad
dress wns caught trying to esrat
from the cigar store of Walter New
man at No 237 Bedford avenue ely
Mr Newman on returning to his shop
after having closed It for the night
saw two men inside He called up Po
i Headquarters and Detective Ka
gui and Patrolman Fltzgibbona were
tent Over When they arrmd Newman
was hldinK In a nearby doorway and
the two men were tilting on the pedi
vital of his Indian sign Ai the pollee I
approached the pair dodged back Into1
the store and out of the rear door I
Fagan grabbed Brownell as he was
trying to climb the back Jenc 1ne
otntr man got away iinl ran up Soutn
ThirJ street with Fltiglhbons chasing
him The policeman fired three Umes
and the burglar dodged Into No 101
South Third street dropptaga big s Mai
Jimmy on the steps The first noor
flat Is occupied by a Mrs Reid and
sue was awakened by the noise ot tno
man ni 1w daihed through the nrst
lloor hall ad out of the roar door He
When Brownell was searched at the
stationhouse nothing was found on htm
cxc pt some small cinnse itr New
man aftfr looking over hs snop at
elded that nrme of fits sloe had been
touched find found that his cosn register
was also safe
A decision of Importance tn members
of tho Police Department and In partlc
iilur to the traffic squad was handed
down today In IV Appcllato Division
of the Supreme Court
The Case war that of William J ned
mond whose post was at Park How
Duane and Chambers streets On July
5 1V6 lie was run down by a wagon
owned by r W Ilcarn t Brother of
Fulton Market Through Ills counsel
Thomas C McDonald of No toO Broad
way ho Instituted un aolon for PXi
The case was rlej before Justice Mc
LsuKbllti In tho City Court who ruled
for the defendant holding thnt as tin
otlleer was employed to reBUlate wagon
trIUne he would not have betn run down
weie II lid fur his OIl con ibutui I
Kinleini <
Tie Iao WH finally sent to lIe Ap
pellVe UrUoi All of tl > B JudnnB I
ro il d that tlie iijncj policeman was I
entitled t i damage
street the name belns fanned brighter
i th faster he rii A wonan storpe 1
lira throw obi irawl atoj him jnl
smottiered the names but th boy Hi I
bcei badly burned lie wa carried biolc
to Ill home and by that mt D W 11 I
i lams had come tEam St inr I Hns
pltil with an ambulance
I The explosion set fire In Annie Prln f
I cello hair and It WAS sinjfd to her
I Tilp Her hands were also bidl
I burned
Tony Prlavaio mho dencjiruted
the troth of hit theory of the contents
of the can was burned noout the hand
and face Ills face will carry powder I
marks to remInd hm through Vfe of
his experience I
Hurled Thrcugl Vlndcv I
Little Maria Delia was 10 lltt that I
I lIne pllon iurlel her tiroas C
window lino the room of the hoaie la I
the rear of her
own home She w A d
oderbuNlp aal her hand were cut 4
with elass
Dr Williams saM he did not beliefs
any ° r the Jh 1ren had inhaled tna
JliCpes bit he Saul thev Would ill ba
laid up log enouCi to teach them
em not
to moiikej wit r puniowder
The point wnlch gives the police most
concern Is hon the can of powder hap
pened to be there and who left It For
several years the police of the Mul
berry Street station and of the Riles
N > tli Tect statliian have ruvfixieA
that ninny mack Hand bombshJVl
neeii in xmfactured in the Iclnlt
vicinity of
Molt street and Mulberry Bend JThA
etcposlon Ii lending to an lnve tlratlon I
wMh mav reveal the Identity of a
> Mnh maker
The boys of Public School No T7 he < l J
I a series of r6i1ekaUnJ raxres on the J
by rink In Mndlson Square Garden thl i
As this was Schoolboys Day the
rink was crowded with youthful enthu
ffoit8 and In the races they mado ex
ceptionally fine Umo for youngsters
The final heats resulted u follow
PlMl 50 lb bQa14 mllUy s lfl
won Henry 6oln aoacd n Jaiuuoc c
third Tlne 104
Final OSlb bora mile IilJor Gold t
I Tilth woo Arthur ParVw nterul E4 Kt 1
I abegx thlnt TlmpJ05 53 tt
j Two Lost When Boat Was Upset
I For Fun and Third Walked t
I Oil Ferry Craft I
t fSpeetal to Th Z1nI WorI4 J
men were drowsxd In tha Hudson before
I for dawn today On man walked ott I
the ferryboat Roselnd ar1 was drawn
I under the rnddlewhoale and two men f
were drowned by the ot 4ln4r ot
rowboat Nona or the bodl a haa bees I
roooore and tho nuns of the dead j
have not botn obtained by the roer
A Ianr part came over from Nyacic
last night to attend local Lair 03
the reuirn hccno ono of the party
nolked lytcrboard All hope of rescu
ing him was abandoned when be wt
drawn under the big paddlewheel
Atout half an hour later a rowboat i
put Ut from the ix > lnt dock to carry
five mon out to the Government dredge I
nhlsh la working at this place When I
half wit > out two ° J the men thought 4
It would Iw a Joke to upset the boat
They did so and two cf their oompan
Ions were drowned Two of tht party t
sntun ashore and ono held on to the i
upturned boat until rescued 1
The river was searched today for thei i
i j
CAPETOWN June 9It Is reported
on irood authority that a German force
rporitlnK In the Earns Mountains
German Pilnvejit Africa was recently I
iturprteil > > reiwjs and that two Ger
ma ufllcers and twelve men were
Account Kentuckians HomeComing Week
Tickets sold June loth nth and i2th good to return
leaving Louisville until June 23rd with privilege of exten
sion to July ijth on depositof ticket and payment of
fifty cents
Passenger Traffic Manager General Passenger Agent 3
SUNDAY JUNE 10 19053 P M
Who Ar There lloro for Return of Many
By Pastor Charles T Russell
LAUNniXY MAN WANTED to run wohln
mtchln Apply tJnivrsity Club a V Mth
DOATJOINETIB Flr t elaM boat lolntrt
Apply at Marino Conitructlon Co il rli
ncr Harbor 8 I
PLUMBER nonunion WIittdI iwiv
tot rnoA mani fitter prtrr l A dr5
T 70 nichmona ft nrooliliTl
iuuYffriifJtr v
sis room Ail1 hicOrd JPply
Club a W Mth it
Sunday World Wants Work
Mond x MornIng
L y u

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