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t I 1 Jr V 0 t w
Miss Hyer Says She Did Not Suspect
Mrs Brouwer Was Being Poisoned
1 Until Too Late but She Recalled
I Suspicious Circumstances
cSfdaJ to Th Evfnlnr Worli
r LAKEWOOD N J June 9A good deal haa bMn said about tho
titter and vengeful attitude that the relatives of tho lato Mrs Corrl
Brouwer have displayed toward her husband Dr Frank Brouwcx now
under Indictment for wlfemurdor In Toms River their residence town
Tho enthusiastic supporters of the suspected murderer havo fipreat
reports that the grave criminal charge brought against their dashing and
popular young doctor was nothing more than the baneful result of the
unmitigated hatred that Sirs Srouwers family have always nourished for
the man that won the heart and hand of their beautiful holrers
The Interview given by JII n Ellzalxai flyer sols irfMcr or the late Ors
Broun cr especially for publication In Tho Evening World largely dlsprovca
this yliw
ailss ITT told tlw complete story
cif her sisters romance and untimely
eath without the slightest hint of
ncrlmony Her account was xnrlouMy
sympathetic plen ntly reminiscent ana
lccnly rCKrclful but never once touched
with that unrelentlns bltterncM that
the flyers nro supposed to entertain
toward Dr Brouwer
On the contrary as Mlsn Hyor re
peated over and over most emphatical
ly Xo ono could be sorrier than we
lroto too frank Urouwer In such a
fr plltht
Vet we cannot help bellove whit
nil tho evidence wo can Rather vehem
cntly proclaims that our sister met
n cruel and unnatural death through
the very man who had sworn to loc
c honor and rotect her till death
Blindly Unsuspecting
And I blame myself day and night
that through her last strange Illness
L nnd violent death I was so blindly un
suspecting that I let a lllaln pene
trate on the kinswoman rwarMt and
denrcit to me what I truly believe f
be the most diabolical crlme Jellb > rate
j murder the moat nngellc ot women
i And AS 1 look back now In tho ter
ribly clear light that events subsequent
to her death have thrown I reproach
myself hourly that I did not detect rut
l 1f iij In the singular bchaxlur of Dr
lironwer during mj sister lllm g
Fsom Ihe first dny thu Currle was
taken IIInot nt all Mrlously os1l
Miemrd to others ho expressed the
opinion that she would not Iie Hut
1 was so unuttecubly dull that I could
not foinui this unnatural latallsm
with II conversation I ned with my
sister onlj three days or o before she
w a taken 111 In whlci she told me
ot her husbands unfaithfulness tn lur
nnd openly avowed her Intention of di
vorcing him I can now readily unJfr
ttind that Ihls resolution oC ltr rh
l > t > rtcj to Biouwor through a iiitshbor
li no Milei who was her iMiitltKinte
rjij also his a seems Ilrll1luoJ him
lo enrt her life tlltn nnd there and r
LIre 10 himself their home In nhlcn I
abe had sunk part of her Inheritance
< iid the rist of her fortune The
l nowleditc I now have of Drounersl
SitmnilU K rails at the tmo If ull i
cifjit motive j
Tills wis the conmunl atlon my sis
tor made to me She had drlxen over
rom Tom llvfr to infct me and I j
iirnll With nlm lit tineinnx xtliln j
iow Etandlijr In the doorwav pUllngun
tfr sloMs and looking ijnrtbh pretty I
f > he told me that hc had be < > i < hldli a
I real unRpplness In her heart for I
months and ontlu
Miss McClennahana Visit
T > o you Know1 she oalj that the
jounit girl Mils McCennalian whom
rjnii Iae met at the house 1m5 been
Omlrin 10 the dot tor for treatment
v tlnin tail for a MM r and a hnf ami
hits been locked with him In hIs Office
i > c i SuiiK us tno linits a a time
HIM1 would Jim do about H71 she I
1 Forbid her the hiu e I said
1 did Saul m > po > f iistcr but the 1
< li > rlor saM that eomr hl Hhoi Id I nm
uierly hcliios anl illssraccd And io I
Jou kw nlat I ni Going to do
H lilvorre him abs81 itely It Is the last
ttrawAnd I
And now I know where his money
noesWe Knrt known nf nmuwrrn nnnn i
cat difficulties and Carr loj me she
S liad aiwitys kiMnn hint hr hUIJlId
inud no ne iiint to hir for tim fv i
jutndlturc of at lcist halt ot his fees j
Thir Oiriio Id me that Mho Had i
ilreuly cuiKiilted Itinver Vnrnl Lat
t ow Hroimpis Oimfpl ant that he had
odtlsed hr to to nlicnd
And by to ni that attorney coid
throw more llKht on tlilt case Han am
Thousands Want ThemI
Thousand < > f hir are bfitii thrust
Ito lhousiii1s ni Vet n mc out
thousands ol Jolijirs wlh which to
iniJe tIWUllhl i > f piiieits on thou
iinds ol rum lo jifil in thousands of
drrfiU plans roiilj lhur Grdtir
Icv York
L aeet r J < i
body nssoclated with IIat least In my
opinion If only he would only open hLs
Ups and spec
Before Carrie went home she talked
more about her
husband showing ne
how doarly she cherished him oven to
the last Ho has sun ffood traits or
character eho eald of him
I Now If Carrie had kept her own
counsel I think her life and happiness
mlpht have been spared But It Is my
firm opinion that this confidante neIgh
I bar of hers to whom she told me she
tad spoken of her divorce plans bt
trayed Carries con dencea to her hus
Mrs Brouwer Taken III
And then the week followlnjr my
poor girl fell 111
I I look my little nephews Eraii and
Allan In charge Immediately and their
I father kopl mo Informed of Carries
cordition by telephone
It seems peculiarly significant to me
that from the very first day ho had no
hop of her recovery It was dle din
0 rom the beginning I thought him
probably a little remorseful and trusted
that with jrood nursing my sator would
pull throuch
Hut he continued to report each day
that iho waj falllnR going nil to
plifes Ac whm the other donors
who vlette4 her owuiM not very anx
iii C about her cnudklon
Then camo the sunplcioua clrcum
snnce of the departure of the two
nnrries It now sterna 10 mo that these
two youne women dlvlnnd that potno
thlnc wan Wrong nnd fmrrd to remnln
A new ntirso Mln lloillck was tn
I Tor a week we had dtwourajtJns re
ports Thtn Carrie xvan raid to be on
he menil 1 wag tilluiwod to s < > p her
i for two mlniitts with strict Injunc
I tions from her hiixtmnd not to excite
i hrr u talking
utild to God that I had suipcctul
ln awful truth anti toned my jlbt r
then ntid < h < rt I w ix not allnwi d 10
ii e alone v lth Can The nurse stayed
i lt > s < iv the ItHi between her nnd toe
fcomthinR in Oirrie manner makes
I mt > think nor that she WAs wnlllnif for
th nviM < o ft aw1 uii ten mo some
thing And apparently when she saw
I iu miriif w m not pim nhe iavo me
i i iruiMel blot She sjld
Vnsnt It too had I WAil JUt ready I
to go away to Cimd ihen I wall
lala i III
I Vow we hive a cousin In Cnmden
a lawyer who Is an expert In dHono
And 1 belief she wlshesl to Imnh
I wmeUilns more thin chunco In the pn
ventlnn of her plaint
I ilM not see Carrie apaln Vo con
Inind to Imar that Rhn was iinn
Tien rogue the Sunday nlghs hn
Hntnrr warned in nran that fc
ou1 not live although no have Ino
l irned she was remliiR pvacefuUs
> I ii dlisl next morning In 1errt
aitony nrOlWlr had beefl alone with
h rall r111I1
It M tcrrlbln Hint siri r ij l
could rent on the min Hat what cn
we belkve
Diverse Meant Ruin
It Is obicnis that Uio divoroe ecanji
ni nttnr was jlao ttt uvuld hue
ruined lirouwer m > illy And the 1 ¼
i > f lit r tltiatu iL2 su riort wou d ho
Lml niptid LIlli
I Aoreovii ile atnchment rr th
Kil pftUrir I ore Carrie a < U it
ant her ln lill itnn as PONOT iTo
itrj itelv ii r wuiild tend u ei iw
tlit be wfi frntonn < an affection far
nnthcr wui i i J
It > a rrilo liuslnes II it I ean
e n Iiw It tame Rnot If pefll o Ike
1 a m id Florence Vinc < > it th ilnmi
our mil Ic nclR ib > rs ad rt tt n >
WM I tell wiuit tho kn nv I tbnk I
I tft i I xie better
ii li trjo that Carrie aOl liar hus
lii 1 Wi Va not ixT1cth i ti t te
T1 were not from the ver x i
My trothers anil I wore not p encd
with Carrici Icnln1 ti l11wr
iH two months nfr she Ire r n i
I ikehur Hut nil was so ilititi ned
tn nvjjr Im ti t we aii > t > l hc
liolr r fni Iv
l1e tiv r tpr mnrllH wte
cilia of ti gn4t ii nl ntv N t
ttic rII w l 1 it dcl t
wth her tr i i mI ta marr r
WE r ° o r ae iutescenre n
It WitS In t
Their early m1n11 llfl even w
tormi Carre snd Ih t > i
Westbound Smith Street Car
Jumped Track Near the
New York Tower
A Uiousuinl or more ntird > i in 1
Hi iKhnlt < w trmlsMl Wearily over I i
< Hionkyn UrldRA tndty onln i >
c M ai1cnt niiKli rteralle a i ir 1nl
UI Ii i wiftwajd tnt UI e for lilrtlh
tOIiitC It was Just it th Ic1 nf IIM
rm hour when car No J In iiirf
n f X Hum noardmnn h 11 Thtbtit tno
Now > rn lower A wliwl ump < M tc
tivk and prtvlpltnted the fhlclc into
the ifrlUtndrido steel crllle feicrdy
siiaIng up tho poenurs Tdo roe
la hurled lnRtvi across tlin
f < i t > n slopping all xxajtm wattle
f m cit f the passenKtrle were frhakcn
I up bit none was Injured
Ajr m blcs and otncr vebtclea or va
told mo of numerous little niirre
And Carrie was constantly telling me
of little JeAlnuslus But I put nu stork
In them at th time thlnkitic that 1e
wii foolishly oxerfond of him and e < >
inintriruitlxe of hlr attantlOTs to otVr
I Hrouwer used to pot desoemwy
angry at his wife and talk of dl
vorclns her Again and a aln hp
would com to me nnd say Im going
ocr to ace my liwyor to Inmltutn
divorce prcipe < lfngi And I would I
hoot and laupn know I UK ho woull
get over It Why when thett flrt
baby was only live weeks old he niM
thnl to me
Hut ifi thought notbln ofn Yon
HP we ill Jit ier our Mrrlnn to i
p ll 4 j
i ua 11It < rti tlo i r 1 cl o It as ii tir
1 t co ikii 1110 1 wt v i m r i
I ml o thu tIlk sa > i I It
w t4 wIt Iiln illtl < His i n II
l ear was briusn to the WHIP I in IHlb
I iiRrrn tlrlntr of waltine wvlkcl Wh > i
finally ott lid arrive some of the pa1 > r
gcrs UfKlfcted the Colli pall > a TKein
nnd at the ind of tnenfle ttunma cu
the blockade was raised
l The nr was Injured but c > nth m J on
Its journey under 1tJ1 own power
the doctor lie was willv quite dear
10 us aithtUti wo always thojpit
him ortctii nil 1 oerbirlrff
Mrs Drcuwer Popular
V e were luj f in Likihu fen
witare the 1t Jrli 1 utc idolr1
Currlf She 101 iiK h t jcnool tlllr I
Ixfure HU uir > 1 nJ hire pj i
lantf made life nrr
I hen ill y mm 1 to Toms HHvr i
thinffK riani il Tic < lUtrtr was th
popiUr one ti And In il their
aiirrl and trollies he was the ov
mpl1thzrl with
Hut all tr tic > It Curl vor
shlppeJ that man the nay women
Urofre Hint dar I spoke of she
l si f1l T J I
VIttr 4
I c HIS NEIG1r < R5
st it I 1M ASl 4ii SI4tTZIFP
I onu Ilrmip iiirr Aliriind in
fltIit Illi Tiiur riiuuuimciif
Marie Irrsalot the coinJlime soiled
I for Lun te lodi > nn the nu ner Mtine
tftaUo iIisa Dressier goes Abroad to
nil a contract In J iiiop iin variety
I J uun uidT tho muiacomcnt of
ijeiri I dark
An inK Ute o 14or pansencers on tho
I Mliini D feu wa4 Cant 1aJmcr Eddy
llcrcc U B A
never hinted that ha was unfaithful I
10 her Hut she had told me before
iiat smc ivos worried about his de
VOUjfl at t hI 1rooIJ fever camp
wrc the ti tlif1 nur e from IxinP I
Hrani ontx I1 the Lsoase nnd I
Wt taken b vt 1oNor bak to the I
hjsrltfil at lmiir Hranc I
Mir > n > 4 ii tn me of tho Mc I
InTinlian n < T ilr as tU > first time
> it 01 vt A r prlil mil told I
tile an If uru le ia < l told no onA I
kt m I mffvi havo been freed I
frini t nt man nml happy with her
IK i Ml 11 ft ll > > H I
Hut 5i ji it instead And thos i
Ivey riiillrtn mite where yen I can11
tin look ittf theft i i
ThA KaIne5 of It Is terrible 11
Accused Man Challenges Authorities
to Establish Motive for Killing
Young Girl Who Supplanted
Her Own Sister
Special to The Evening WorM
WATERBUTIT Conn Juno iTho final rcMilt of the autopsy Into tho
I death of young Ida Maud Stauffer whoso husband 7ncharlah Is In prison
at Now Haven suspected of having poisoned her will bo made known by
Coroner Mix todav
Tho man held In 3000 ball to await the final verdict appeared to bo
in a normal mood when visited by a reporter for The Evening World and
ho declared that notwithstanding ho could get the necessary security for
his release ho would prefer to remain behind prison bars until the ques
tion of his guilt or Innocence will have been finally determined
Coroner Mix Is firm In his brllet
thnt Stauffer id not murder his wife
the young woman who estranged him
from her sister his first wife but the
people of Nausatuck where the family
lived have been wrought up by tho
dIscovery In their former homo or
various medical concoctions whose eX
Istcsice the authorities are puszllnff
Fatherinlaw Denounces
William II Mayer father of tho dead
girl is vehement In his denunciations
of the prisoner dcolarlnc ho ruined
tho life of his cldcrcaurntcr And then
treated the second brutally Btauffcr
frt m behind the bars of his narrow
cell repents that he loved his wlfo and
their flfteenmonthsold child and that
he would have done nothing In the
world to harm either
Ho II bitter atralnit tho eMor Mayer
however and although In one breath
he extols tie virtues of Mrs Staurtor
No I In a etcond declares It io Fho
who caused him to turn his love to
her sister
fatauirers home Is on Pond H1U in
the sildst of many pretty houses and
estate Chief Schmidt has soorcheil j
the premises from coil to end nod
nlthou li he Intimates he found varl 1
ous artlJlm whlrh nay IA of value
as evidence lie declInes to discuss
ttcse for puWlcatlon I
Arsenic Long In House
It Is said the presume of arsenic was
disclosed It was bought from Wal I
jsona l > tiannac ot Vnion 1111 on
Icb 4 Jfel but thd jtollce do not place
fTt Importanco on this tind ns the j
theta betntpn HB ptUdissa und Ute
death or the younu nomin they ur
pjo coud not add hi JurRlm a link
iBiUtut btauffcr
CorresKjittetiie between tie man nnJ
friend eras uuirtheJ from n cloiet
In ihs lou e flits teulod to how
that the prmons 1 > tin tW r WoS
rIOt of high rdei an1 tlun 1 a tiorax
wore anything but Hood N ir a pllo
of Iff r WI fond a mlf llf boiti
of whHkL hf1rtorore referred to It i
too ha < ben sPlit to Nimv Hixfii for
Ixntnlii It and tot w ti SI It i itt n2 I if
slid to loitnln u f mcg 0 HMimint tie
ut n Its contents hite never 11n
Most puzzling to the olll lals thoufrb
If the lack of iiith Si hJTO say i
bC Duple got along fnlrlx well to
itherand they CIIUh IM ie v
FOR N 11 D
C Hoor c
It KNOW Mona
I plausible reason why Stauffer should
have wanted to rid himself of his wIre
Says They Lived Happily
M ho htiiiaelf rciiuirkcd today I
Vti1 rhouM 1 have
I 1J a doIt lIch a
t thtr t iv e were hoiint nn wife mt I
IIttllnnonth8o11 i5i > y an f I I VVllt I
iur hMn with III own JlaJu1 an1 I ws
I hOllle evact night I wonl say on I
word I1ftalIst mi IlrSt trite limit I
SfI f Jlt I Otta
dl1 tin < a tints I5 of her nIUi inttDior I
loan ba wa 100tI to IIIC I
nfn thoiieh
I01 and
rh wtr 11
ttuae lvul
CtluM < OtiS Just the Binr
1iy tmtoy nune is Tuynili
named at < r
my grnndnlOthrr 11ho was n ox
riilk say I look like on Indian tint J
CriOnti am 1101 Mhnnlt for I am tt good Nil
SInutr than denounced his fatherIn
law JI J caM the larent auno WIth his
wIfe and him from fcinoy City und
notwithJtiindlnp ho Ihol with them hit
often thrwitraed the life of the hirrtanj
Police Chief Aids Prisoner
R ie ff neler po along well together
commucA bacnuso he al
jxayo had It In for me Jly wire died
from eoiie polsonlne she lOt In burn
liR sumac brushes Her hands nnd
body broko out afterward but I never
pao her any inedlctno myself She took
whatever was prescribed for her
The autborltl at Yaterbuiy hoe
plttil where tho young noman tiled
decline to discuss tha cnso further than
that they thought It necessitated nr
InlIlallon after Mrs Stauffers
Ililflf of Police Schmidt n fornu
frl < rnl of the prisoner Is treating him
with every consideration In fact IIP
is faring much better than other oo
i ntt nf rI1 The Chlf brlnss
I tlo man his meals from a nelfrhborln
restaurant at stated Intorv talks
klmllv with the prisoner anil tim goes
out In his olllrlal ivideavors to colic
Famous Actress Carried Aboard the
Steamer and Placed in
Favorite Suite
Just before the American 1ner Phila
delphia sailed for Southampton today
SIin Ada Hehan tlo actress nil car
rnil up the gangplank on an ltialld
eiimiir by eeial porters So w83
IIKOII at once 10 her stateroom
Ins tvmLi te third time Miss Hchan
Iall m bookd to saIl On the two
ITI iiis ocriulons she hal been too III
u leave ncr rooms When Lady Ilar
rliintun of London who had Invited
her to vtit her In Ix ndoi heard of
tiJr atreess severe lllncsj she came to
ii4 country arriving last Tuesday
Lady Uarrlncton ImiiedUtcly prepared
Miss Itenun for the ocean trip and to
laj took her to the steamer and will
IIMJ her to her home In London
Miss KIVUI uouped on tho IliUad
JIitL WhO is know ItS tho Ada Italian
vIe Nu 12 Sue had ocouiiloU the
htnie rooms nuarly eory time cho tins
iibeed tIme o < aii ctn shun tilt
JlUlnlelphla was known as the CIty of
Ins In tliovj days she would never
hill on any ssel but the City of 1aris
nnd wion the name was changed to
I tie Ilil ndelplila sho till citing to t ie
Null and Insisted on having the came
Anothir passonRor on the Ihllndcl
phla wan W H Vet of the tndln
Hml Club Philadelphia who will com
pete In the diamond ttills nt Henley
He Is n wrlthy amateur and Ic ac
companled by n professional trainer
Asks Democratic Leader in Con
gress to Protect His Rights on
Deveridge Bill
ieCiai to The Uicnlnc World
Sinclair who la vlaitlmc here today
ont tho following telegram to Con
irroMinan John Sharp Uilllams the
ijimocratlr leader In the Jlotire
I re < iue t YOt to urge the Demo
ciatl inPTitiom of the Committee on
rkull1r of tho HOMC to rrolcct mo
In my rulit to a iKarlnj upon the
eriiIg bill
R ward
A rowan of Two llundrotl snd
Filly Dotlara will bo paid for tlio
wr = it and conviction of any
Junk dealer or alhcr person
oullty unilar Situ provisions of
Suction SSU of lie PonD Coda
of tho State of Mow Yorli of
criminally receiving any prop
arty balonotna to thin Company
15 Day St Now York
Mal 1OOO oa lcrPresident
Marblehead Will Protect
Americans and Trail
Yankee Steamer
Stated cruller Marblchcad has sailed
north nine raiimi AVhile the Navy
Department olllrtals refuse to say hero
the cruiser Is going they adoilt It has
starts north and It Is generally be
lieved that the JIarblchead win stop at
Guatemalan ports to protect American
Interests and invesllgata the actlxlty
of the American steamer Empire which
li reported to bo assisting the revolu
tionists at San Jose Guatemala
CopyrIght l9c4 vw lrrli U J
Counraumy Worihj
Special Cable 1itch ta Tie Evrnlnf
> rlol
LONDON Jtlly 0A tvlroJcss Uci
patch receIved ut IMyroouth today aj
1I01lCS that tile sienmshlp St Louis
with Nicholas Ix > n worth and his bride
aboard vxlll not reaoli that port urtll
I loniht
I J clock ton
Onln to the lateness of the hour I
I It Is moat probutilp the njrwoths
will not lain inn nntlnue QIItht TS I
itl l > I Jjiipjii tiero tAe St
I loui 0 nl dmR tomorrow
I It w IM ihv inu > ition if the Congress
inn id Mr iimvorth tv leave tho
I shp at Phmoi h 111 KO by rail to Lot
Ion whore they witr to have boon me t
by AniUi sudcr htclaw Hold and lira
I IJeld
In ronsequcneo honever of the be
lite arrival of Ih St IouN It wUl be
more coirvenlont IT ppiceod direct to the
other pore nrachlnir Southampton at
ncn the IxmTr wU fet to Water
loo rtTlon lMnton nbou I ocok tomorrow
morrow aterro
Coward I
Shoe T
i Y
Perfect Comfort
for Painful Joints i
Men and Women troubled with bun
ions or enlarged onu will find great t
comfort from iirmg the
Coward Bunion Shoe
Made on special lasts that gin cast i
nut protection to the enlarged joints
The sauR fit over the ret of the foot
prevents binding and chafing
SOLD > oviieRB rusn
268274 Greenwich St N Y
HUll TTArnti IITarJT t
Mall Orr FIlled Std IorC t loiru
Constipation 11
InwarJ iin Full of th Bkx > 4 In tue
lMiJ cldltv cf the Ht imcto Xnuse i
liwrUnirn Uluut of iotit Funr ot
VlBht In the MO nach Pour Ururtatlinj
I nUnc nr Flutir us tfnh fleet CMHInr
or huff > rnunr tiyiittirfl win In a tylntf
miun HI nnrn nf liKm DUiincjj in rls
rIturi JItn rn W r
n iiitih ic I ot Vt4s twtt tiiC igttt
rr itI I Ltt3lfl 111 thc tai 1tIclna
rt ItrIuon Yiias Cr Ih tikin at
Es 1ln In 1M FM ihAt Ilmh sal
miiiItn nllh d Cleat 1iztA1n 11 era
11h A fw di or
Rdwy 1 I
wilt fCC the attm ot all the abatt earned
TROUS 11511151A
11 IRe iset tw i omen I was tufferJnj I
fr > in iirnou driieiuia nint CIIIUmlO F
After latins I uu nine a etnmilon of r
hiainn in flue almoh led 11ke cnnUlnK
win un1 4iRZi h tho hal and hn I
ouM b < OUIO rvII I triuI rxcrxhlne
tlwi wa < reIfltinCt to me I wnn almoit
in jeiIr At IIUII II trlnll oruialai me In t
tr ltidoa5 IItIL hteh 1 iii l AnI r
50 try glad 10 II that they nol ant reiled 1
Cblll tflhttiel cut1 me En after I
taking theta nl n few dan n feniIArlt
the bwota was aetalllhe1 nnlS In
IyPprptii 1 Iyml1lom diatPeare4 I fell
tOte n O PJTiu
< rnixIrn Allentown >
U ps
lIe mire to Sl mVAVS rifIS mid
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Lydia E I
Vegetable Compound
The most successful Remedy for
Womans Ills In the world
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