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L RESULT SED T ION I I I Circulation Bonks Open to All 1 st L Circulation Books Open to All JI RESULTS EDS iON I
c = = H = = = =
t 212 MilES AWAY
V Aeronauts Descend Safely in South
New Berlin N Y After a
Nightof Adventure in an
Electrical Storm
I Dr Julian P Thomas and Charlw hevec who sailed from the foot of
East One Hundred and Thirtyeight street yuntcrday afternoon In the big
balloon Nirvana landed saMy at Sl oflork this jiiornlns at South New
Berlin X Y nier a voynqo in tiir iir laaiing fourteen hours
South Xow Berlin Is 212 inllrs from New York via the New York On
tario and Western Halrd hut the bnllon travelled aiout 350 miles and
accomplished the Isn zuu rrllfs in about twove hnr
Lr Thomas wo unottio to commun
caio new of hJs iuf Arrival until 2
oclock thU nft rnoon when he called up
his wte on the lonsdmtnnro telephone
f Mrs Thomas hi 1 been almost pros
trated since early In the day A feelinj
thllt omcthlne hvl h poen tl to her
husband voisessiM her nnd she wni
unable to shako It off until jie heard
Ills volro renwiurlir her
From what Ur Thomas sad of hs
trip it was thrlllinK In tt ixtremi
All nluht Ions tho aeronaut us they
were blown to the norhwJTd wero In
the midst of a brilliant electrical storm
Jlr Thomas said the experience was
4 one he will never forget There was an
element of danser about It that addid
to the Interejt but Mr Levee nwureli
him that they were 18 safe In the olr
as In trying to get to the ground and
they remained up until observation
showed them a ata landing rlae
Rose Two Miles In Air
At times the billoon attained an alti
tude ot two flueS tong untances were
covcred at an nltitudo of SIW feet
r larns the night tc at rvnnvs rf t
over the mountain range of northern
New Jersey and riotithvrn New York
Kolnp over tho Catskllls at their ET < WI
I ist altitude
Dr Thomas and Mr Iovco aseon led
from the foot of Kast One llundfea anl
TMrtyclBlth ftreet at 630 oclock yes
terday evening Two hours later they
lialled podestrlatia on the streets of
Llttlo Falls X J four mile out of
IPatcrson and asked that news of their
whereabout lw telephoned to New York
Then they threw out ballast for nn nil
nlght rldu and started northward In tnu
As oon as Dr Thomas and Mr Levee
landed and neuurod their balloon they
ret about RPttlnc word of their safety
to New York and arranging for tbo re
turn trip They wIll reach Voehavken
tonlpht at 7 oclock on the West Shorn
Dr Thomas Is the only amateur who
has ever niado an nllnltflit trip In a
balloon In the East
Mrs Tribmas when he heard from
him this afternoon announced that she
would KO with him on the next tour
of the character
Now Poutt lIen Is a hnmlet on r
branch of the Now York Ontario and
AVostcrn Hndroad twelve mllco north
apt of Sidney nt Uio Junction of the
road mentioned and the Delnvaro and
f HudKon line from BInghamton to Al
bany H Is In a rouph country at the
northwestern edge of the atik Ills and
In the heart of a summer rtcort icgton
l rflal ti tin livening Wirll
1 REP W1NO MliMi June IS Wllliim
Dates 1 poor Llnin usher of thin place
iwrklii In Ito AllHls > lppl Itlvor on tho
VVIscoiifn nlde t opiNinlla this plnce
found 1 lint Is bollovt to IKS tho lirfiett
tioarl III lie orlcl Quo mtltli itnitti itt j
told for J7f lO a few yoar ago IlatOHg
find Is round ilK a mnrblo without a
Haw with u lust rt cli > nii iiiuallod in
email pcurls
Giune jiostponcd on ncoounl of rain
Game postponed on account of wet
Tried to Melt Fulminating
I Caps Off Wire Found
in Street
Four small loys were slKhtly Injured
and eight or t i other hurt In HI ex
plosion of fulminating caps laic this
i aLfIlh tL TrIu ar1 r
I streets The following were arrjt In
j the arms of the relOI to tho Mulbf rry
I Street station tier a in > lc 111011
I gave them IIrllt nld
I GBU1ICK HALHKKT aged plcht of
No 19 Wt t lioimton Ktreet I
I NICOLA CUANIU aged elcvn of
No HT Sullivan street
I THOMAS GKLUSTI aged ten of No
SI Carmine btrcet
ALIONSO CAIKLO aced ten of No
1102 Sulllvnn nireot I
Tiee four wero twrlhly 1 < o irrod nloul
the henil and face fapuo had on ive
blwn Out
Oolni homo from oohoil a KTA O of
tlftocn boys found In CVntro strteifl
bli liPtworh of iops OT wire stlidtiid
thick with fulmlriHllnB CaPs nucli as
are mJ fV blaming operntloni Not I
krowing tt lint the caps were but hav
lag n pretty BOO > 1 Men of CIte value of I
iuppor wlo tlitt youiutufj trlisl tIit I
to pull the onpji IIMMV Iaillng In tlrni
ihev wint ui a hfindy spot siHrtwl < i
hnPre anti unolt < > < h to melt the
wire off
A 8 tuy ilunir the c tIis Into the lilaze I
Uiirw WIH an x > loiloii that rocko1 the
wiillM of I
IWIce llPiuliiuurtera two
blocks way In thf lniniMlirti net I
Ihrhollol wIndow
ware smashoj liy the
on of the rruBh
Kvcry boy In tho crowd was thrown
tin Some with tholr fdces Keollnx
ftajrKered to their feet and run elf
Kirmuulng Hut thu four others lay I
still nnd motlonle4n wheru Uiey had
iMMll IllllUf
T ic o niir are takon IT the pUiUuii
by pollcitiitMi CaHs were 1111 lo
CKiuveneur lloplt for nmhtianr o I
Mcnnwlilli Ito victims wero wtrutrluxl
In H limk nioin of tin station and
attended hy Surgeon Nammack of
Owing In rain thin rimo scheduled to
day at t Ito lulu ttioundM betueen UK
GIUIIH ami 1l t tnt urg wa < i poitponid
I I tlst on ii hit go morning gtime post
poned wit Brounls
Tho Kumo Hflitilulcd lie t atttt Pin
clnuntt and Ilronklyn ut ahlll I tilt
jirl was 111m postponed
At lloHton int niuun camp
fill Jiso OUUUOOOl 0 1
llokton 0 1 0 u 0 0 0 0 1 2
Hnttorlef Ioulbach and Kilns IVf
for anti ONeill
Game pontponcd on account of rain
i Griffith Declares Team
Will Take All of
the Series
Slim Crowd Turns Out to See
Happy Jack Work
on Diamond
ew York Detroit
hreler rf Jones ct
Conro tat Llndsa lb
Chase lb Crawford rt
i la Porte 3b McIntyre It
i William b Coughlin 30
I Dolehanl IC Iow 2b
1Ionll1l1n ct OLary
I Ieulre c arne Co
ChCOfbro p itulInp
Scla to The Kvnln Wont
TUOIT Mich Juno 3SCloildy
j weither which marked the arrival of
i the New Yorks here last week does
i not scvm io be wllllnz to quit them
A hard rain last nlchtliad Its cffesi
un the bale lines
Maunder Griffith was anxious to bit
this one In fact the whole series
w > > td help him a lot and he floured
I wJlh tho teim roiis KO < > 1 as It Is
I now this Is as rmKi uf a jiosslblilty
I hero as it was In New York
Rrct Inning
lOxler In at a bunt but was UK
S IIIar to OL ary CIKITOJ moo to
Jones Chase tiled to Jne NO HLN >
Juiad uuMtHi laiidwiy Hacritlcii
hahn to Uilliuniu anti Imams booloj
Crnwrurvlst prourdtr Jantw lulvtiicln
Mclniyio wRlkI Coughlln ltWPoit lo
j COlin VI slnicmi to oentru aiul
llorfman thrtw wild to tilr Jon
I Crawford and Wolntyru t < itrg nnl
i iou tiutinft f fiint VIA it f Ui J
jTimrt nrvs
Second Inning
MuUIn made a tine top of Iipartes
ilmv 11I1 llireu him out at rtrl U Hl
11 lila MIH hit on Hit liutiil Iy a pliohu < i
Ulll IIIOloalll > I III1 to CoilKhll
llnrrnaii nilkfii Mcliulru IHoU to Mc
intvri Xl lit XS
lIrnr > nmle l t ii loft Mullln 11111 10
liU Joins tu > l to LvMinniy LiltIat
frrounilO 10 Japrti Nu ItlNW
Third Inning
Hiiin rroundod to OltMry Ilndoay
slut MUirii gt Kliivr Cro teed lo
Jonin NO ItfNS
Cltaoiti jiriuml to VJlllnmi Mc
IIIDTO liinnid So dlii Cougnlln NO
Fourth Inning
Chase ulniflpd to left Liporte Rrotind
cd to Cotuhlm Utlllains iluulilod tn
nihi inaio tiiklni third Di > liianty
irouiuliil to Mullln Chi a < orlnB V11
llaniH tnkinx third Huffman tiled to
Crawford ONE IllN
lowp riioundid to Chase Del made
a pretty catch of Oipiryg fly Hoff
man muffed VnrnorV Ions tly and the
runner took second Mullln tIled to
Iluhn NO HlNS
Fifth Inning t I
MKJuIro looped a slow Ily over sec
ond Klrlnuw ninnliiK fur il tG ii ire I
1 It hit walked Mullln fumlileil > tl
ors bunt and the binet wen full Con
roy RroundMl to Lindsay fonlni
Klelnow at I hIP plite Chase hit to
OlNlrr lonliiB Cnnroy to 1iwe llahn
scoring Oil nu itli inilol dcmiii IIIal
Warner nnl IMVV nilr Kfi > er at thi
llato ONK UTN
Hark front the tomb Prom tilt
MuiiRlo city conion a last faint echo
of UlHhop Iotters suliwiy tavern and
sanotltlcd booze that Wit 5 Tho rule lo
illicit I no 111 of tho dead will bs rude
ly violated tonight when n ln > ttla of
beer alt ii I hthititeihlCt ott from tlie lito
lamented tavern will I put on trial
at thin Cit hen go V Jl C A Auditorium
It Is to bo colled The Trial of Al
I and robbery and hIlt rdor 1111
tie tho charge i
JvidKO 1ViM A Smith of HID Appollatt
Court will prosldo Toiinynon IItt I t it
t KniillKh I lltpera tIe lovturr wnoso
iaculnr mfihnds hivu
ttattliflr boon mikuK
Iitgi tilt II P will proSDCuto nml un
yer Hob Cairtxvoll will plead that the
iKctiscd bo spirod fnuu the xvoutioncr
aro Nation and her hatchet
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders
HIGHLANDERS 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2
DETROIT 300 0 5 1 0 0 9
Continued from Third Column
Jones singled Lindsayfanned Crawford and Mcintyre
singled Coughlins double scored two Clarkson replaced
Hahn Two scored ahead of Lowe oh his home run OLeary
and Warner flied out Five runs
Sixth InningLaporte flied ouL Williams singled but Dele
hanty forced him Hoffman flied out No runs
Mullin flied out Jones ya ked iLndsay fied out Craw
ford singled Mclntyre also singled scoring Jones Counhlin
grounded to Williams One run
Seventh InningCoughlin threw out Klcinow Clarkson out
to Lowe OLeary retired Keeler No runs
Lowe flied to Conroy OLeary singled Warner out to
Williams So Was Mullin No runs
Eighth InningConroy singled but Chase forced him
Chase and Laporte doubled out No runs
At Cleveland flAL Philadelphia 3 Cleveland 2
At St Louis A LEnd sixth Washington 2St Louis
At Chicago ALEnd tenth Boston 3 Chicago 3
Sixtii Dod Anderssn 41 AVoodlaflrls S5place Butinsk
FifthWorkmaid 31 Booia 11 place Grace Kimball
SixthCutler 25 nria Srniih cut place Saadin
Fifth King Pepper 51 Pcboundsr 35 place Merry Ceorg
Sixth Exclamation 11 Chamblee 11 pi Dance Music
Troops Flushed to Cronstadt Where Terror
I feigns and Riots Spread in Two Provinces
Massacre Halts at Bialystok
Cables from Ritaalu today wcr all ominous further spread of the anti I
Jewish rioting being told while lawless doings wore reported from various
lilalystok where tho butchery had liecn in progress for three days has
been surrounded by troops ami the flghtlcs halted for tho present It Is
estimated that tit Inast 200 pcrscnn were slain although ono correspondent
has wired that he counted the corpses of 290 Jews
Mutiny Is Imminent It Cronsutlt anti troops have been despatched to
thct city which Is In Btch a state of terror that all tho residents who can
are leaving IU
Tho Lower Hoiso of rarlluinent is ready In break with the Czar and
jOin forces with Ito revolutionists
HIALYSTOK Juno SoonQllict
prevails todny trousout this devils
hated town Hrlns W it H heard nt
Hunt nn the outskirts of Ulnlvitok near
the cemetery but po further
have occurred rho total ncuros of lie
but sevontv
casualties are not available
bodies were buried toilny This Is cli
mated to Fe less than unit the toial of i
the killed I
Jewish s estimates ray that not
thin Iwo hundred were killed The i
iKivber Of wounded lit enormous Stir i
geofli have arrived here from Wnnmv
overworked stuffs of the
to 1I110lHI tin
hospitals In a rIng for tho Injurod I
A fciiture ot the exJi8os was the
beatlnlltv ii i4 brutality with xvhlcll tlio
victims of tho missnrrfi were treated
Some of thn corpses were mere mn3f
of pulpiil tlosh tlio wounded In home I
cases havIng ncarvoly n bound hone In I
their Ix rlcs j
Th members of Ihn commission of the i
lower hoiivo of nrllamcnt vio are here 1
M Imiulre Into tlio miaerc are trrcelrd I
as saviors by tile jiopuLitiin wlii Hock j
out of theIr houses with pUiouc Joy
nnd relief As the commUnloncr IIIH
rough tho lit reel ii the people call down
DicsslnRS on theIr heads alit lOin them i
acounts of their nurferuicn I
Tlio commandant of the troops hisl
furnished the commlBglancm with an
csort und hits promised them every i
facility In conduotlnK their InvcHtUt
tlanThe I
The Minister of the Interior baa noiit
a circular to the Governors and City
Prefects calling attention to the cx
I ccKpd at IllalynnU nnd instructing
thorn to take cffitive steps lo prevrt
Airririan dl < lrlnllg Its a ei as n
licks on the JIWB aril tu promptly nip
In the liuil all llsoidws Any mKlwi
of tiiei In tniitlnn It Is added will he
I severely punished
Jewish Quarter a Wreck
r The corresnondent of the A oolat l I
I rest who nrnvid here yoHtprday but
who wan not allowed M I picitra pit un
I til tin present fount th Mory of the
rIot written In lari ITII In Ill I
I aspect of the Ftrcois wliivn were one
I coiitlniinun picture uf erfin HIM plilin
I PilO WllhlmNS ullll llOOIrt n I Jl a 41
liDiifii were wide opvu iciviii 11 vli > w
ut nrir nrocki lntirloi or wre
boarded up with rude uuiklm nluittiTH
1vcr3wmcrt rould he M en weeplnir
women InmtinK 11 triiK of killed ur
wiMiiiilii rein tivis Tin prnIpal itoii I
ere illhor tlt utiti ted wrorks or lucre
moiindi of n hCH IIIIIOUK wliHh the hurt
nriulurx laft week rich but now reduced
to poverty tire wandering iiliout wnak
ly Ilideivorlnc to nifert itt tht1 extent
of their misfortunes I
iicfure practically every houne Ift I
intnrt 1iinif an Ikon wth n lnirnln I
litnp aril the street dn > M were markiM J
with great eroM e ma lo wlti iuilk or 1I
Continued on Second RZe I
Gravesend Ring Gets a
Rude Shock When Book
maker Takes Tumble
Hyperbole at 15 to 1 Vins
and Favorites Get Stuck
in the Mud
FIRST RACEShot Gun 1110 5
I Bohemia 8 to 5 2 Rosebcn 3
12 to 1 1 James Reddlck 4 to 0
for place 2 Angler 3
THIRD RACEFar West 5 to 1
1 Cederstromc 1 to 2 for place 2
Bulls Eye 3
FOURTH RACEHyperbolc 15
to 1 1 Golden Wcot 9 to 10 for
place 2 Adoration 3
01 1 Glen Echo 4 to 5 for place
2 Lawsonlan 3
SIXTH RACE Allowmilee 10 to
1 1 Malacca 2 to 1 for place J
Alpenmarchzn 3
l > Muddy Koins hust ninny of rite fi
vorltes at Gravemiid this afternoon
Shot Jim wni n flllfht choice In the
> litf cut Lcciuist mild jniiin a
rat rlmnijo In his performances Jl <
won easily but Jimcn IleddliKk and
Ostrich the rholi Itt the vond nice
wr teal ii h > Y Jonnlo Molabo a K to
1 rhume who tnvr piins able to run
X > P hit lit doop Kiilllff1
lllll oyo wan the ilirilcR 111 th third
bt lit never Oil 1 1 untruk himself nail
Far West a < tol rhancr revelling In
the going romp > nlonK in fnuit from
lnrt lo Hnlii and won nO5 ° y from
Coder rom
Adoruilon on firm looked n rcrtnln
wlmior in thi stunt i < taKen but 111 >
could mil run In Die mn < nml tvuts
biulb 1in I cut Hyperbole a Kitu1 shot
wi 1u1 hag citushly t > y two anil a half
ContlnupdonSooml IMKO
June IS The rwes hen today lunuUeu
40 follows
PIllS HATR Jik Milan 1W 11111
11111111310 I won kbir PI iM Mm
ph > i to I plni > 0 lid Sllvir Stain
Ill litaii t I show thlrl Tim
IIS 15 3iiufieri nirnui Mmipy Muss
ind iKintu ul u ran
SKCONP HAiKKirl lInger Olt to II
1 Iol IlnrtUtt < I I for plncij J
titt a Tlmii14 45
idlihin flmn > I tui Vnlwortli Tar
1 tIcs hlr HUll larlIIM I tisI
Nnl Healm and leti I Heilliu lso
ran YiHIM1 11 A < I Ilnnd II7 illdile
hrnnli I ui I L Tnilxir IM Hell
S to i fur p I t Hiauni 3 to > rhiiw
TUn iul1 Il irlis L Stuno
liluv IUiilir Itailimuiii und Nlill
ItnlMo IMI run
KulKTU HACK Mil Ullli it
j Kiirnerl 3 tu 1 I Tlilntli I i i lift
I li < 1 > to 1 Im pI 2 Artbiir < iiin
ruler 1u ii Mlntv 4 to ftn > w 3
Time IV > 1V Iiuiun Itch CiMpblie
XiviMlili pnnrnw Uisll Si
iniikct x1 rut
I LATONIA J tile IVTin raciii here
today reunited us rI < ifv
KIUST IIMM Thrvlf urthn if n
mile Ida l > iln ii li 2 and even 1
liKIiinmilile ni to 1 for iln i > 2 Si
Nuel 3 Till 111 I i
Sin > Nl > It tK li ir an I
ftrlilu B Mitli Miik ill li nn1
to Ul I Spider W ii I role pliu >
Vvemlow 3 Tlm iCI IV
TIMIID HAil Inl ml e lt M
Jiwel 1 to I aid lo II I Ilellunl i >
I to for lare > Ilniul 3 Tirnil4i
lOl1tHI H lit I
mill tol J iii DiiiiRiim n I o i and j
I to S 1 Pouit d I en f Or place I Co
tontown 3 Tlt1leI IMJi
Philadelphia Police Find Little Fred
die Muth Who Was Stolen From
School and Gain Possession of
Him After Firing Several Shots
Kidnapper Was FormeBroker but Is Now
in Desperate Financial Circumstances
Threatened to Kill Little
Prisoner and Himself
PIIIIADErPIIIA June I Phlladnlplilas second Charlie HOSE mystery
was happily I01c1 this afternoon whru little Ireddio Mutl who was klil
Nappod limt TiiiHday waa found in a noiico In North Philadelphia mid the
man who rtole him John Joseph Kean a wellknown Pbllailciphlrn In
reduced rlrcuniKtincfE wa raptured at the point of a pistol AB speedily aa
possible Uio hitlo fclov wns restored U his father and = rrloforazf
motJior Kean kidnapped the boy In the hope of securing money for his
1 =
i Strauss Who Had Belas
cos Daughters as
Guests Rearrested
I8uu T Strauiw of tho linn of M
Straus Hon uf Newark and a
wniliiiy IIMII AIS rwrrrjlt ft J I I
toilay on a cmtK of iiavltiR auwil
the diatli of Marry Iiauson a
eliHtiltfur who wiu latnll Injured In
n rolllMk > tttdiy liitwpii automo
biles dilvili 1 > V Mr S t ri tint and 1itir
A KJKRsirty JHftucimn 4 emi pyir
Strains was tiiKii lito < ni t < ily by
CoiiKtiblr llnllck at the dlrtxlt u 01
nd before
Coroner MiDoimld ad arrwlniiod
fore Jldsi Horlen who held Mm with
out hall An attempt hi b lnl made to
or Atlantic
Its u Cuintv Jii15 rust en >
IlIltiUIII iirrit 11
The accident pcoumd at Sixth and
Grand avenues 111 the automobile with
Mr Strains were the Misses Itena and
AiiKimtJi llelaiico daughters of U
lli > lnni > the draualUt Wiiin tln > yell ii t
women aw that a collision wan Immi
nent they jumped from the car and
were cut and bruised but they are said
I tivdiy to be Improving
Tiu oar In which Mr KogRarty and
iHiirjnn were driving was criinlied
allln a telegraph pole by the other I
oi alit Isiutsiut was pitched out Ills
kull wan frurlurel and he dle later
n tho ul tin tftuutt h Memorial I I nispi hal at I
Ilrinch Mr FiRgarty and Mr
Striu were taken before Judgo lion
don who reo4 i d them In KXM ball
Ir Ktriti wits leiirrestoil owlnc to
the iiiitli of I hue chauffpur Mr 1os
Baity liven In New York
WINOSoll tint June HTlto rices
Mir t iihii > ivsiiltnl MM rot lovs
IIHST HIIIIUIO f tio for tlirw
vi > iruln 111 upward yillini si fui
loiuii Anuli Htnry bS iSivulnj II tu
ixii ani i 10 W M hy u IU > K Muim
hit I C Sb ii Ii mug I t to I 2 to 1 amid evn
S iPii nil I Ur t llu iMuiiiitaliH
7 li 2 T to ind 7 lo 10 tllrd Tdui
lJi MH ila tit limn WlBtfiil llltlo
lIes inl tahanlila IK i run
nKCCiNU HACK > JM fr iw i
yiiroldi four anJ ouehnlf furlon ri
lluivlai Hill I Pulpy iviu an I 2 to u
wimt bv u loriRtli VotlnK If2 Young
ii to I i to i mill iivin Hwiind Oxatu1
mi AuiiUhiiii in to i y to i nnd i to
thin TIIIHiiriii Toni lr3 nut
IdHliu also run
TlllltU UATKliirxi JIW > > in > < > y > ir
iidn inl ip nun mil Ii < lion
Mot 1 HI IMml 11 I iiiil 1 to J
won Iy Iwo iigtts li L ii
I IIh 11 I to > nll1 I In 1 pvn < l I
cipt Ih lilt 1 u linni iii ii i 1111 r
1 to I und I 111 third IIuiu I IT 3t I
Comic ill ri II i tilt I
fOlimi HAI Four and unchalfl
furloncii Malta I 5 to 2 and ovtn i I
lk lno Ii to 10 for place Z JrQCli
Kmprcsa 3 TlmoOl 15
Tho rapture of the lnnppr nml
I rcUtr lit thulKiy was tho ru < of
I mrefiil ditfollvi work Kean In onlur
I o keel mo Mntli fnmll > trrlllil h <
I been writing nitis to the bwavid fmh
IT nnd fompellliiK the boy to nrle In
i losjrea to give hid Oemands the stamp
lul cornvtiiens One of thf e note xvis
I mailed In Contril avenue Wist lhli
iilpllhlu on Saturday
How He Was Traced
Kenu hid ljeen 1IIP rctcd of the kid
R pplngr but nil efforts to locate him Ind
filkd until the letter nus tririvl s
lit nnll box In Vttt Phi ulflphb On
iTt clue tie wic 101911 In a Inuu
ilistlrute of fulilturc nud tuippnite I l > y
the nnxliborn to tp iinoccupUd Arrange
morts lucre niud for a ruM and tho
tltfctlvcs were ordoi J to shot to kill
If there should be a light
Arcomnanled by one of his men
Chief of Detective Donaehy wont to
o 4ij North Sixty secoruil street In
W < st IhllidclDMfu > itti Uicra found
K > an
Keun attumnttd to escape and wan
h1 Ml by I tn < 1 ttCi
The hutlili mlMed bJt lean aur
rindirid and was takon lo Police Head
iuiiiirs Tjie kl Inapper who u forty
t nit y rir old Is dtnribtnl as a former
yliHUlirukiT who hod recently been a
iiul t > titu iKint
Threatened to Kill Doy
I lie has a rife und three cluldiiii and
It Is lHlleved thit dwprutu JlnanclMl
emborriiBnent drove him to crime
In iommunliMtlonn to tint father of
t ite chilI hi ileinJiiileil ouuO for Its re
tiiinunii III II iitter iriiuu un lrlduy
iluclureti lie wmiM kill the culld ana
hImself It th niviivy uua nut form
ixtiin turnm wore acceded to In a
IVrtonul Inserted In all of Satur
day n Jeiiirs In a mibsoiuent letter
KIM u proDiimii new terms and theso
were llkWiHi ucicyteil unit another
IVrsoiial was insnrteU In jvaturdayj
IUM roil jvi s
Mianwhllo mlslradliiK stories havo
b < en given to thu inlblc by the pollco
In uruor to serve their purmse
The boy who Is only eeven years old
was umarmed but bore evldinco of
IIIITln from huiiKur and expomirp
v lien I be it 0ti itper and his vktlm
WITI oroiiiiit bofore PiipiTlntimliiit of
1oilrc Tiylor till little ono still had
In his hand I he book he carried w hen
he win unllciM fioaj rhi > ol by a dinoy
Hutu purport tog to be rom his mother
Tin hoiift In which he and hIs ab
ductor wcio founl Is an miorunied
Iwotllnir on the our klrt of tho ilty
The inplOro of Koun was really ef
fected by lictivtlva Ulnlr who hid
been dotallod on tin 1110 HIU HSHIKHOI
lo watch rln > North Sllysivonl oirout
liiiime whltIo was known to be one of
Knuna haunts Tin oapture was prl
nmrllv duo to rhe pulilliatlon In all of
todnyx IleWuipa petit that Die Ihlko nl
abanlniiil llielr Hortr n fxt lie kid
nuiiil boy and Ills ibdlKlor
Caught < can Off HIa Guird
Tin threw KIMn oft his Ktturd < inl
lie viiiiuiil uuti UK nouw liliilr
p1111 i l n nun and mi < Veeled In frt i
ini a titiskiui fii > m him Vinu tnu
boy wi < 1jn I in tile house In WJH
iiv ilrl i nut linni luen wia n1
Mln I t Tmilu lie silil he hid
li tt Upt inntinily III IH loll hiit
II vn lvin liniJ a < l1 milk < n it and
ww mutt mi < ireiti KIIII ki t vHi
Htiiut witili Irum tie vlndons nf the
I jiotiHi ui4 wini11 inv tile 111
iri jiliel In wi II irv Mio i oy to
the riot yv
Kcan nud I I i Imy ttire lirouglifv to tho
rit > II ill n i MI in it JUyfH pi
xuV utni Thn f 1 illml IliarlM
Mllll Hi io > i M Mi elepiullti
and I I t i pl IV I i r invirHii
will 11 In I In CU e wis vry
tfl t1tt > Ih I iid mirr
oor airl inii vn i w i nil
night fliiilly iMnulrlnu M A 1 you
I i l i
After mikuiK a stti tit I Kan was
locked up ii lid tin buy 1 > 1 i ikin io Iii
linmn of hlk pai i tits a Ni 1 Viz onin
bia Bvonuu In the inrthcrn IlIon of
the city

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