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Airs Feodor Atachnow
Usually Has Her Own
Way with the Nine
J i f Footer
SHe Is Silent of Course
fr When He Puts His
II Foot Down
Vtis Him Think that Ics Having
I His Own Way She Runs
t th Cah Uox
1 Of course when lie puts his font
down I never try to move him Wo
clanced timorously nt the foot In ques
tion and then at the speaker nnd nerved
that It Would be a pretty hard Job for
anybody to try to movo Tcodor Mach
now the Russian clant when he put hla
loot down
Woe had plenty of reports nbout
this ninefoot twoInch slant from llus
sla who has been engaged by O car
lUmmeratotn for his Inrnijso Hoof
Garden but a very Important Olson
ago in the Matfanow menico ftos been
almont QjcriookoJ
Tor the benefit of ladles who fancy
themselves married to perfect brutes
of husbands And who enjoy writing
i their woes to heart and home experts
and for tho sake of nreumcntatlvo un
married ladles who tire always present I
Tilth lone loud philosophical sayings on
how to manace a husband wo have
niched a few choice recipes from the
queen of husband managers I
Little Wife of a Giant
Mrs Machnow wife of the enormous
giant Is only 6 feet 4 Inchrw high Sho
1 a vivacious pleasant little woman
very unassuming but when It comes to
pood advlc on the husband question
sh can give fancy lady theorists polnt
rsDurinR part of the Interview tho nine
footer stood towering abovo us Then I
lie folded himself up nnd sat down on
a bed We say n bed for when the mod I
ern Goliath reposes It takes threo Hotel
Baranac beds to accommodate him
Wo managed to divert Moehnows at
tention from the entire conversation as
there were n few i > olnti this fivefoot
wife might not have wl he l her spouse
to hear All of which proves that the
feminine wiles are the same whether
theyre bred In tn > Siberian village of
Kostoki or whether they lire nurtured In
the city of New Vork
Mrs Machnow Is wedded to the blg
relt man on earth Yet in spite of tho
fact she doesnt act haughty
We ure very happy In our home
life said the jrinnts wife
Who rules the roo t we a ked
which translated Into tIlan l > v Mor
ris Guest sounded like a goodsized riot
In Hester street
The nn wer rarre h1k via Mr Guest
from reoder 110 was dtllnc up and
taking notl e wlUi a venseSnre
Ue does was duly noted down
Rules for Ruling Giants
Here arc n f hints on how to > rnk
home happy even though ihero are nne
feet two Inches of husband to rlenw
J always nree with my hunlwnd at
least he thinks I do That Is the best
vay to manage a man Wlnn lie tie
comes oMurnte and I can rto nothing
with him a few tenri will answer the
purpose of a book full of arguments
My husband Is the hardest man to
move from an opinion in the world
When ho makes up his mind to a thing
he sticks to It no matter now unrea
sonable That Is when I have to re
sort to tears He Is really the kindest
h nrte i rran lmagln W and In spite
of the fact that ho Is so WR he U all
gentle ai a child
Morris Guest and Ohcnr nolllnccr who
have bat experience with the irlant
looked a llttlo dubious at this Mate
mentHe Is anything but docile mill Mr
Guest with agents or vcn polce but
III wife can do anything ahe pleases
with him If rte Ju t uses tact
Are you ever afraid your husband
misfit raise his hand against you when
ho ect peevish we asked the giants
wife Mis Mnchnow laughol hoarlllv
Why I never was afraid i him
vfn hough I didnt want to marry
him nt first
Toe story of the giant wooing Isnt
ns romantic as one of tlioso love at
first sight Mnrle nsht be
Mrs Mnrhnow was In low with the
Russian vfllope priest but her father
who was thrifty saw tho possibility
of money In the big giant He foreed
his daughter to marry Maehnow one
night after there had been much drInk
Isc of vodka
Xow I love him very much said
Mrs Maehnow naively I soon got
used to him
Simple and Unlearned
In spite of tho fact that Marhnow
ought to be a high thlnltnr Jiving as
hfl does In tho rarlned hetehta to which
his 9 feet 2 Inches entitle him ho Isnt
much given to the higher life Intel
lectually The great fellow U as Him
pie as an unlearned peasant but he Is
ihrcwd nevertheless In some things
One of his strongest enotlrms Ijeal
ousy of his wife A mere man reporter
who lentured to il < mirrv pleasantry
to Mrs MnrVnmv came near cuicfni n
ncene of extreme d miitl if > ii
Mrs M chnow Is n h Klit little norna
nr 1
r o dol Jrach wl li111l <
lnc1HIs so Vcolo I
I Sho was o teacher In her llttlo village
I at the limo of her marriage and to
I day after tho shirt malting fhe tot
her blK huiibnnd tho tnslc of trying to
I WTlto his own name
I It wan neresary tlrst of nil to Rive
I tho giant liquid refreshment whereupon
nn order of eight Imttles of lonon pop
was nilmlnlstereil to the glnnt throat
He thinks he niln < the runst snJd
I Mrs Machnow In a side whUjxr and
I Its Just ns well to humor him It a
way with men you know I rilwnvs try
tn pleaa him and 1 nnd thnt If I rfvo
him what ho likes to cnt and plenty of
It he Is very amiable Wo are cnn
stantly nrguliis for ho takes Issue wlh
nearly every question When It Is of
no Importance I give In hut wlen It
rrmko any great dlfreyn J mamg I
to get around him some way nr other I
The nine foot glnnt l alisnutely de
pendent upon hH little 1fp She mak <
nil his sllrt und iti1enlthes for of
course thew cntinot l > e pirrhase < l
Mnrhtinn nis quite put out today to
think he couldnt havo a clean chlrt
till hla wlfo made one
Of courno I have to cw > k for a dozen
people nt lK > me wild Mrs Machnow
hut Im usrjd to tt He certainly has
an enormous nppetlte
Just then the nine font trrekly asked
hl wife for > me rlnnee for > 3a pop
n r i n IT
She Keeps the Pocketbcok
I kep the po < ki > t1v > ik she nd J
o TO PtN I MfN
Rather Hazy Though
on Coal Transactions
with the Railroad
Irr GTO June t9Pr04l idint
norwlnd nscnUed nw a nellll lit
Jie Interwut Commerco Commmsion
Inquiry todiy and stated that at llrat
the Ualliinore 1 Otl handleil all the
lonnage of MH coiivuiy bt iller < he
Pentmylvunla Itallrrt got nc builn
being nble t1 gj III 10 Sluh Amloy N
J without tar fer In nnxwcr ti
tJJ8t1ons c said tl N company was the
largtut uhlpper r biunninoim coal ovc
the Pennsyhinn jinM
Witness referred lo the connection ot
Robert CYissatt son of President fiu
satt of the Pennsylvania with the Key
stone Coal nnj Coke Company and said
ho had gone to some of tho Pennsyl
vania olllolala and told them thut tne
Pennsylvania fompuv vas jlnlrcrltl
cised In cnnnprjuente Hn would not
admit however tliut he a1 lnllaII1HII
that the Kejwone < Viminv VK 1ollIg
given any pciil rdr t IM r tne
ntrnlndWhlto Company
Itevertlng to his Trillions with tie
Pennsylvania Cornjim Mr fierwln
ilc licd mat at n IJmu Wd h > fiii
lhllnaje nil tho affairs and I think It
is a gujd nhi > me I gucoo it Isnt much
harder to manage a ninefoot man than
a sixfooter 1vo rin girls marrliil
to men not half a big ns Tcodor who
rn > imxl h y their liuubniuta some
thinG terrible My himl ind is very
domeotU and ho Is wrippe up In our
two children Slnrla Is three and Nlko
Inl Is two years old My l oy Is vcrj Wg
fv M ce
Mrtehnow who was trying on a gold
trimmed uniform In the adjoining room
sloopesl to pnss through the door nnd
then unfurled his great height before he
uttered sometilng while his face was
WTMLhed In Htnllea
When It wan all over we learned that
he wanted us to know he WTIS very fond
of Us wife and he didnt like to have
her out if his sight Mrs Molmow
smiled Indulgently nt her husband and
murmurid i ometMng whlih was tram
lated intfi I am only happy when 1
am noar you
We said farnnnll to the giant nnd his
diplomatic wife mentally suirlng In our
minds tho observation that MM Mn < h
rww might not have had the training
of four n aons In New York society
but thnt nbe had picked up a thine or
two over there In inn Russian wllSs
It may be po ilble that omo progrei
sveprewi agent will got hold of thU
giant f wife and bare her produce a
f rlllllS ° n 1It 5V to lnanago hus
It In safo to ray sho has the system
anvn pat
al > to get sufficient rurs from It for
the transportaton of hIs coal
Iteferriiig to ftirtiir unitions Mr
JJ wlml Knld that no oillrer > emplovee
of tb < nnrvlvann Rallroul ever liad
av Interunt In th IrwlndVhlte Com
pn y ix rpt Mr Siithrl e < nrnl mi
r rlnt niit of the New York division
wv uwtis Iftv uliirn nf mo VIUnorc
i nal < oniviny a Millulwftirv comjxvpnv
whlh In sild In fnct Is hut a r f1 es
trite > onniany
This tiiuinent was followed liy the
explpnat i > i that in l SS Mr Ciinsait
rt In lnns > Ivanla Isi 1V when
the IleiwindWOiUe Company was or
I irnnlz l A J iii < HaU nnd Gardner Ca
I n itt Ill li nllier took RtOk In the con
any but the witness Mild thev sold out
i t him In fl
Mr IkrwinJ was then questinne1 re
i BirdiiiK tlie rebates Ms company 1 8
alleged to hae reoelvfj from the
PciiiMyvanla KnllrudAl nnl inl tod tht
no < ftk il or fxiluy of the IVniiHxI
vnrii llreetly or IndlrnrUy or by any
ilovKe wiatover roceJt any hare in
Te tlfylne as to the total weight of
oal dumpod on the Harsilmus pier Mr
Ilcrwlnd said hLt comiany no doul >
hi1 a lecori aonKivhore of every < ir
rait of cirtl 0 dtimpftl but thnt hs
fi nv i u ri d tn tIt th i >
matt weights of the Penn ylvanla
rv i
I He nas nt nw re of any sxstem In
1 vosue > y his company slioivinK tin I
illffeoiu < between the amount of ma
1 reerivoil nnd that noil He tonfess
hi limJilIty to tll nt the end of fie
i vi ir whether hi Dtnpany ha I b en
itviid for as tnufh or moll coal than
iiv hat paid freight on but ho he
I llfved that Hi our weights wee correct
The lieadlejs botJv of 1 man wearing
a blue veater marked Seajnan evl
jdently 1 sailor on some ymUt or Ftcam
ahip wim r > ui > at foriyfourth street
and th North River till nt rnoon by
th pull e of the West Fortyseventh
1 HI i Ion
le ttf the sweater the body wa
nili In lilio troi trl nnd coat evl
deniv I uniforn The nvin w is r feet
0 Hii liex tal nnd wdlIj nbnut ISO
< 1 Ti tilv hnd b > n In the water
ribo it Ihlt Jys A miperfl lal eamn
itnn ilu > priiv r n iri Khone l notli
ja = ml it lit ff fl P1Y
The Great Engine
jjf Expernlent
+ + I +
+ +
+ Io +
+ + + + +
tTtt + + TIATS going to happen when two 80ton + o + +
+ + +
ft + locomotives going 60 miles an hour meet on the + + + t t
iT + H + + 0
t i f J + same track j Next Sundays World tells of this + + f J
4 t + L + + remarkable experiment and where it is going to be tried + H + t + it
Hf + + 1
+ 1
+ + + I o +
i + +
t 1 tD
Prof Dorel Organist
Tells Court He Cant
Afford It
Magistrate OReilly Angrily
Roaststhe Prisoner Calling1
Him a Scoundrel
Hather than pay his neM mother
the small ium of j a week for her
support Irof IudwlK Dorel t
In St I > atrlcki Uoman Catholic
Church Irk society man and
told M clstrate OKellly In
club man to11 1strte OHel
tho niven Street 1ollca Court WII1
lamsburg < oday that ho preferred to
spond nix months In tho 1cnUentUrj
And thnt Is just what Prof Iudnlg
Ivret will have to do unless lIen
boforo the block
hangei his mind blak
wagon comes for the prisoners at the
Ewen street Jail and consents to fur
nish nl Kill for six months for tho
support of his mother
It last Saturday that Prof Iud
I was 3t S3tlrdn tH1t
wlg Dorel was taken beloro Maglstrato
OKrllly onn summons obtained by
Ms mother Mrs Margaret Uorel n
woman of reilnemont wtio In pas
years has eon all the best things of
the world Magistrate Oltellly gaxo
Irof Uorel until todav to think tho
matter over nnd come to nn nKrvomcnt
with his mother bjt when tho organist
appeal in court today he was stllll
Mother Old and Weak
When the Dorel case came up for
trial r Dorel who Is seventysix
years old wia so feebla and weak
Unit aho had to bo uslstpJ to the wit
ness chair Slo presented a pathetic
tight as the tears streamed down her
withered cheeks
Your honor I Is lireaklng my
heart to ore her nnd appear aialnt
my OHTI ton but tit am 1 to 107
said tlio nged woman ns she looked
lelplessly nt the Court To think that
ny ntho boy whom I have nursed
to manhood could rofuso mo the
neagre sum of 5 1 wvek Why
Hvrc she broke down oomplet Uy and
her so1 > s could be heard throughout
ho courtroom Even Magistrate i
Oltellly a deeply affected and hli
olco shook with emotion as ho ordered
1rr Ludivlg Dorel to step forwnrd
With not 1 trace of emotion on hb
pallid face Dorel Immaculately clothed
ant currying n goldheaded stick n
lobonalr air about him stopped up to I
ho deskCant
Cant Afford It He Say
Why cunt you support your moth
er thundereO Magistrate OHellly
I ciinl nfTonl It Your Honor wns
Ihe quiet rtply of tho man
I dont Ivlievo you said the Court
Ho Is telling an untruth Judge
jroko In the mother lie can well of
ford It Why 101 Honor my lon hn
I retinue of colored servants at hli
home nnd hiM wife haa heuutiful clothes
anll dSamonds while I have hnrdly
enough clothe to covw my hnk He
Iv s In luxury whllo I surfer I am
not asking him for much Just two dol
lar iv week
It Is to much observed Dorel
coldly 1 look of disgust encircling hIs
Judge my pon getfl n salary of JlCO
a year from St Patricks Cnurrti an1
hl IP this he h1 n large income fron
hIl IniritiK 111 music lessons
Mairt trnte Oncllly could hold ht
peace no linger nnd he gave Prof
UidwiB Dorel n tnngucla hln that be i
will not f > on forget
Scored by the Court
And vou call oUII n man orlei
tho Court Why rOil ar > a scoundrel
1 am golnc to see that you Iay vour
tieah and bloo l th
mnthernur < rvn blnolth
ntafly fum of 12 a week And If yj 1
dont want to do It yol can go to jai
for Ilx montlw Ttmt It the only alter
iatle Coll man of > < > ur kind
I can t pay the wninan inytlUng
wan nil Uorol would ay
Take the tellow back to jai ordure
thf Court
IViiel lives at No 23i Greene avenue
Hrookl n and luely hh motier hni
hon lting with hnr daughter Mrs An
lie Itt I fentral uvonuo and roe
strxot Inmhr
Managers and Players Who
Were Put Under Arrest
Discharged by Court
Daseball may be played In llrooklyn
on Sunday according to a decision
handed down today by Magistrate
Naujncr In the Myrtle Avenue Court
Hrooklyn He dismissed tho baseball
players and managers who were ar
rested In Washington Park Sunday for
alleged violation of Section Z > of the
PenalCode prohibiting games or shows
to which admission Is charged on thu
Sabhnt1 jnd disturbing the pence
President Kabets nrrd Manager Patrick
Donovan of the Hrooklyn Club and
Manager Edward Hanlon of tho Cin
cinnati Club and tho pitchers of thn
enms were the defendants In tho cases
Hsmlsiod hy Magixtrato Xuumer
The Magistrate said thorn
1he eall therl wns no
evidence to show that the Sunday law
ad been violated or that the peace had
bi en disturbed
The People he said have not
shown that the money placed In tho
> Xfs hud Leiti demanded of thor or
ttm an admMhm fee I looks verv
muh to inn as If It wan a voluntary
iMntrlbuttii I must be shown thai
jn ailriiHMon Is chancM or that the
peK > la cli ur hcd
I Wall Htatitl nOr the IIAI had been
< l ml r tliit iinutlier game would be
II c1 next Sundiy Mil It i g not bo
stop VtHl I that any error will bo tnado to
PolH Inspector Adam A Crwx In
rh HKO or tlie iKirough salil thit hn
hndnt lioliliil what oiiil bedone If
tin tlabs pn > uifaln next Sunday
llrooklyn fain are very Julillnil over
Hi delftlfin ninl the r tirral tiellif In
tint it Inmirrs Hipd iv lull The trroMs
ri mul Sunilay li the nrf oni > of
I ill pinatirn liv riler of Deputy Po
1 fomms iner Arthur J OKcefe
I 1 nf nut l > een mndn kiuinn hoiv
rruili tnivmv wan droppd Im the eon
trlbutlon box but tlm amount lj bollcvcj
to have been about OCO I boleel
I Bigelows Mother Father and Son Faced Hail
of Bullets Trying toWing Eight
Batting Burglars 7
WASHINGTON N J Jtire 13A pis
tol duel In which elglit burglars Post
manter Harr it Illgelow his wlfo and
con fljrareJ occurreil at Hampton
Junction near here uly today Sorao
twenty shots were flred on both Ides
but so far ns known none took effect
I Is certain thnt Ui lllgelow family
escaped tlie bulltts of tie robbers
Tho burglarx broke Into the postof
fice dJiortly before 3 oclock this morn
Ing blew open the safe and scrd
about JSOO In cash and atamps
As they wcro about to leave tho
buUdtntf Mrs Ulgolow who had ben
awakened by the noise q the explosion
oponed a window looktrtl out and w s
nlmo t blinded by n flashlight thrown
on her by one of tho gntig who was
standing near the door of tho ntore j
Khe did not lose her nerve though for
shouting to her husKind and 0 she
grabbed her own revolver and all three
They See Danny Maher
Win and a Long Shot
Takes Classic Event
TT V f
LuNDON Juno 3 Although robbul
of Its picturesque state procession on
account of tho nbsenco of Queen Alex
Hiulru wtio in Btlll In mourning 10
1rlnce of Wales who U In N muiy
and the nuke of Contuiught who nuo
Is In iruiurnlng Itoyal Acot Hnglana n
great sochil nue meeting presented
lu usuil brilliant scno at tne open
ing of the meeting today
The royal Inclunure where King re
ward unll his guems usumblod was
with Its gathering of welldrissod men
wih Is alhrilli
and womuii a camlxnil of color tho
tand8 being crowdoj with the eliu of
the social world
The King who Is staying nt Windsor
for t WWK drove v ltd Jib cueatji In
carriages dmnn by fojr grain ridden i
by postllllonH through the groat park
to Ascot There was a great gather
Ing of Americuis and AngloAmericana
at the meeting
Th Americans who were Invited to
he royal incJosurc were Conffrtsjmian
Nioholiui Lontrttorth und Irs Iy itrf I
woith AmUusador Huld Mrs Iteiil
and Miss not Secretary John Illdc rfy
Carter of tlic Amerkn4i Kmbngsy Mm
Carter and JIlns Carter Mftjor Jon
H Uvacom the American Military At
tache Sucond Secretary Craig W
Wad worth Third Secretary Grant
hmlth l lancey Jay Aiubajuailor I
Hrids prtvato Mcrctary Mr Ogden
Mills the MIKS H Mills J White and
Miss Muriel Shito the lon ant daugh
ter of tho American Ambaw iilor nt
Home Mrs Chnrlra 1 Marvhil Mrs I
Cornvllus Vandrbilt IMIss Glntivs Vin
tirnulu al r111 ls8 <
dtrbllt Doiothy WWtniy Mr nnif Mrs II
Anthony 1 Drrxel and Mr oml Irl
John Tl Droxel
Mr and Mrs Loncworh Mr and Mrs
Held oc i Mr JIM Mrs Carter rfle from I
tie Dorchester Home lyjndon to A ot I
In the Ainvii > rtdors two automobiles
The 1infrwortht were thus clven nn
otler opportunity of enjoiinR a ride
over one of Kncliind prettest rosdii
The racing wns Interesting as In most
roses the rofuls were regarded as very
open and the were several flose fln
i hrs Patinv Maher the American
Joekcy won two good events piloting
Jord Koneberys Traqunlr t 1ctory In
the Coventry S akes and V naplnels
Mv Pet II In the Tortynlnth Ascot
Ulennlal 5tak i
In the rare for tho Ascot stakes the
bin raoe O the do Mr Slngei Pr
della was frAt Outbreak second and
Faltp tre third Twentytwo horses I
Konl Derbys Gourd the favorite at I
8 ti 4 ntmlnst wns nonhere The het
tlng on Pradella before 4he race was 100
to S against
There was heavy pressure on July In
the early cotton market today under
whlfh that option broke 13 points
against a los of nbout 5 points In tho
late months hTo longs were afrnld of
tintnotice day which will bo along In
about ten day nnd wcro frco sellers I
In Now Orleans July after starting 1
1 IIt oft at 109J ralhed to 1100 11
late mojitha the to were down 4 to I
Tin opening prices were July 1013
to 10M August 1041 to 1045 Heptcm
ber 104J to 1011 October 1BXS to 10 W
November 10SS to 1010 liecembcr 1UU
to 10 IS Jnmiray 104H to 1049 Kobru
nry 10so bid March 10K to 10W
The closing prices wero June 1050
to 1033 July 1031 to 1033 August 1032
to 10 M September 1010 to 103 Orto
bcr 1033 tml 1031 November 1033 to
1033 IJKvniher 1033 10 1040 January
101 to 1015 February 1041 to 10 4C
March 10 M to 10 63
Wheat opened steady 15 the market
oday but corn wns weikcr on rains Ir
Nebraska nnd other sections where
Now Yorks owning prices were
Vhoit July J912 Septombor oais
Uecumoer b S S
ChiclJoH oJellnl lrcl re hal
23 tu S2 jS
8IIlber Jil
to sa I IIY f 11 to N 38 I cmr
SI CornSIllnbn l0 3 IS
I 5 Ial
UIr 2 10 1 IS r 31 to m GS
nh1 i to W 1
lrk1 10811 prkpH ero
Wl tJuly yil oflnd Stpte ber
IrtlS offend Ue etnlun j s hlt corn
July rSl1 offired September rS3
bid IV wnbcr u75S
Chicago H UisliiK prices were Wheat
July K3l nffttrcil Sujitemlior 1231
nrprl e pmher I 6S hid In
S01S bid CornJuly l Vs offereil
phlr 5 31 t b17S 1cllber
Among the pixxengent who arrhni
Iwr today I board tir Sl
lyron from Itiazll Here Sir JIt
artf < loeniip of llurliniln ami
Mily Cnn ivlui will vlill relatives In
ntton iugn Keener Into Inllcil
tales Coii ultieneral Ht Rio Janeiro
I vuacU Ilrnzll wau t pMscnsvr on tho al
hurried to window only to 0 the
burglars making off
Mother father luid don blared ftway
nt tho Kane nnil the safe breakers who
lire halted pulled jilsKa and returned the
Throe volloys wore exchanged the
bullets tam the revolvwrs of the rob
bers nittUns nruund Uio windows a
which Uio nigelows lot nnd becom
ing embedded In tie side of t o housv
Tie burglari who hfld retreated nii
they Jlrod Btid nly turned and disappeared
appeared In tho darkness
le nol o of the nhoolmg nroufed a
number of n 8hlOI who began n
hunt for tho burglars but the latter
had mode good their escape
An Investigation of tho store nhowod I
that the burglars had secured nil the
money and Mampa them was In tho
the A general gang nlarm has been sent out for
Pool Withdrew Support
and Down Went Price
in Sensational Way
During the first hour of trading on
I tho Stol llxchnnge today a sensa
I tional breik occurred In Interborough
Metropolltan stock which would make
li nppeir that the pool which had been
supporting this stock at about 5 had 1
I withdrawn Its support
Trading In this stock was very nctlv
i yesterday 0000 share being bought a t
V I closed at G yesterUy but I
I opened today at n 31 Heavy slnl
forced It down diirlns the first hour ot
trading to j It
There were all kinds of rumors to ex
plain the withdraws of the pool sjp
poit One was that thoje who support
I 1 the stock Monday fVrund that ther
r ncrs morn shares for Mlf than had been
counted on
Brokers who supported Interborough
Motropolltsn yesterday at 5 wee Hell
Ing I today
U Is < Ud that n dectolon to withdraw
the s piort of the pool had been reach
cd at a mecUni last evening
Over JOOOW shares of the stock are con
trolled I Is said bv n pool syndicate
xmslstlnf of A Helmont Co Kuhn
Ioel > V Cp Morton Trust Comany ani
oilier Huston banking Interests in this city and
To lav o hUhwtt low t olvslrc prlc
nni net chantr i of rrolu frni je tcrla >
final quotaiprj are < u f iown
V t
Uluh Jiw C
AIlls 111 > hi
AlI Chslm i Si ciu
Ama Ir mi jui 11
Amer c 8 r 13 i w j i + 11
Amir Colon oil 3ii J XH I
Am 1 1 j f J I
Jmer Iu Ct p at oJl c I
Ainer Loco 1 7m 711 +
Ajwr S A n ino Hs > is + i
Am r Kurnr IJI IJ 11 I
Am W < o l i
Am AVo 1 en It I I JI I +
An nm4i IIlnK I I
A1 T A H F 11 I I
A T A OhIo H fpr Hr Ir 11
41 11
JS 1 +
g IILOhj In 1 l i 1
L Ohio H
I m4 + I
hie at W IH U I
ChIt 01 W I = >
C I tl 1 111 1 1 I
Cle Ln 1 r 1 13 IJ + 1
hle I = r = t I
C C k 11 UI t1 +
Co 1u1 I Irn +
01 HDlb t11 1 3 +
en GRI 11 + t 2
llI 1
ra Jr Co p 10 I p
1 lu I 1 1 + =
100 lo 0 41 31 3 +
Ul IN Cor i + t
rrl n i 3 + I
Kn =
1 OH 1 + 1
fitn Floe HI 11
11 + S
1 Nor I 1
1r Jl +
nter Met 4i I 4 131 Illi
111 Cent ITT 11 +
Intr 111 Sli I i IS It I
OII Cnl r r r
Mslcn Vul I I Hfh 11 r 11 1 + 0
310 K h T I
ni 1lIlo II 1 11 + 1
lot 714 7 +
r 1 18 M
orll mr II I I +
Y nlrl 13 1311 U1 + Hi
Y C 81 L
otl l fc I 11 I ai
IVnniylVBnla 131
11 +
Ipoplra llnl IC III lr I
ITcMci Steel 4J H 4 I + I
ll > Pttel Hprlng Sit rllj
ItinilhiK I 1 < JI + 1
UP stfii at = I
Hep St ei pf tJ 11 I
Hock lsl rd ilH I I
Kook Island nf Li U <
IVI l + J Ifir I
hUth lly IT I
Trnn C t IK I I SE I
uuIO T 4 a 11 L
Tul 1 St A AV i7 7
T lt I V W pf 47 H FT
Twin fty I To ill J
tn rac n < i I list Ins
I S e 1 I pf IIH lUi II + r
U 6 1 I Co in IV1 ns
f 8 It I C Ilr TSH T2U 1
1 t I ft I 1 < 1 M
Ir llillhr I I 41 4
t S fI 3
1 I 111 lo llf ID IIII1 + I
vir rir chini JM 411 411
W t > M i ItIT I IIT
Ih 1 I I
wt 10 TH I I
> Ine
IlnOI 1
Ciimplroller Mer hs i ilcd n lcln
if the eln fiininiltlee nhlili in to
nnMlir tie imilHiHed lieLitiriy stret
< I limp I will tie held tom > rrow
II thr < iniptiiilti r K nl P
Mr Mvtz wunfi I lu > to h
Bo 1 nf tnl1O uljoiliia lr le snn
ncr nn Jlly r
The Comptroller will be tinny nex
week lit Htulo cnmp with his lecltnent
he Fourteenth o Brooklyn or which
lie U Quartermaster
Princess Gets Audience
with Hated Russian and
Tries To Shoot Him
ST rCTEIlSIltniG June 13Tho
most daring nnd sensational attempt
ever made uym tho life of Gen 1r pr
Commandant of tho Palace ii nttrlb
tileil to a woman Nihilist who Kuined
admission to the Palace today by a
aubtorfugo and tried to shoot him Al
though tho report of the attempted a
saslnatlon ia denied by tho police It
come from unquestionably reliable
The womin Is beautiful and nccom
pllshed Sho was chosen by a circle of
revolutionists to be tho Instrument to
remove Gen Trcporf from the path that
leads to the Czar Gen Trcpoff ns Com
mandant of tho Palace Is entrusted with
the task of guarding tho Emperor and
Is In full command of the Palace police
and SecretService forces
Numerous attempts havo been made
upon hIs life because I hr revolution
who would put the Kmperor out of tbe
way realize that to Gen Tropoffs vlgl
lanoo and Ingenuity may be attributed
the failure of al their plans to take < h
life or the Czar Bombs havo been
thrown a him he hal been shot at
poison has been cent to him Infernal
machines luvo been place In his a
but thus far ho has seemed to bear a
charmed life
Tho female NIhlllt who took the < ask
of killing him tjday postd as tho Prin
cess Marlshkln By means of toted
letters and documents ahe fought to a
rungo an interview with the Czar In
order to carry on her negotiations it
wns necessary that she should ace Gen
She wall for him In his office sur
rounded by clerks nnd guards As Gen
Trcpoff entered the woman arose drew
t revolver and aimed It at him
In her haste she botrayed her object
to a hard who was standing close by
her side This man sprang at her nnd
forced the hand holding tho revolver
Into thu air In another moment she was
disarmed Shu III ooen unable to nre
a shut
Hud she been lew precipitate her at
tempt mtgit Jiavu been succvssful Gen
TrctHiff believing that he wan nbout to
tinvt the Princess Martxikln was with
out suspicion and would havo itp
proachni her unu pwlngly
Tie womin no urfiil to prison nn < l
an attempt wn made to keep the mat
ter imet In now whenr the at
tempted nf iMnatkm Is t io tak of S
Petersbiri deriiiila nrc made by order
of Gn Trepoff mnle
Railroad Issue Holds Attention
in Brisk Market to the
Stocks cloned strong today after a
mston marked by almott continuous
gains Pennsylvania whlh was the
trading feature htld Its plno In the
active trading to the end
Trading at the pnlnl was excited
and artho n1 a smart rebound Many
of the speculative favorites showed wide
P mjrv Ivanla wns especially nffectc1
b > tlc conclusion of the negotiations
lor a loan In Iarls The Irsl sale was
of ICO shares at JJO 3 followed by SO
baron nt 130 12 dml then followed by
liX j share all the way from 131 to
153 compared with 12 12 last night
Northern InclMc rose I points Ana
conda lI Great Northern preferred 2
Heading 1 31 nnU Union Iacinc St
Paul Illinois Cuntral Holtlmora f
Ohio Consolidated Gas Amalfranmted
Copper Smelting Iocomolvt Colorado
Tranilt 1 to
luel and Urooklyn rrmlt from
1 1
The were mntty gains of I largo
fraction Intcrboiough Metropolitan
lock wlch has occn pesgetl at W for
several days past broke violently
throupn that support with 1 decline of
3 It points on tho enormous oilarlns
The rout of tho short Interest furnish
ed I good market for profittaking and
this selling wiped out I considerable
portion of thn opening rbe Anicondi
reacted 112 Pennsylvania 211 Northern
iMcIOc 112 and St Paul
ern Pacic 0111 1311 Heading
Grcit Northern prcfcrrl Ixjcomotlvo
mil CotiKulldat < > il Gas 1 Interbornuich
Jlotropolltan went dovn to 4614 and the
preferred nls lost 1 Ilinewil juir
hnses on a Inrse fealo rallied Ihe mTr
ct subMtnntlilly nit I new break In
InterlKirnuKa Metropolitan later unsot
11 nrlrcs
HAt nKin prices made another advance
with consplpiroiis strength In IledHng
St Paul nnd tho metal Mocks UninH
enclunl in Lead 331 Anaconda 4
leading nnd Delauaro ami Hudson 3
Smeltlnc St1 St Paul 211 Haltlmore
nnd Ohio 2 Amalgamated Copper 131
alt the Tniled HUitex KtfOl srnrks 1
Norfolk Western WHS carried up nn
extreme 21S In tho extetmlon of the
novemont In tho Pennsylvania group
Tinre wns general tilling to tako
profits on the days rise and reactions
prolls renelons
an to a point and upward In n number
of the market leaders Peoples Gas
rlt 1 11 and Corn Products preferred
Ilul American far preferred 1
The leallring W1M well absorbed and
iHovtrics followed Locomotive rose 2
The tnlil Halm of ctoiio J w r
I ijTiym hliuei ml of buiiils SlTvnivw
Who Gels Your Money
Did you over stop to think who
ovcntuilly gels the inonuy you
ponil Tho Sutulay World ha
iluiin < oiiit unusual figuring It
ims tnlipn Mr Jones rcprosont
iiiK tin1 avcniR citizen and litis
tntrcd his ixpPiMltures for alI
nay Pirt ot Irrj dollar lie
> pi nils Rftt Irto tlit pultPts of
thrie men NI M Sundays New
Yorlt AVorld tolln who these men
nrc Von should not miss this
article Get next Sundays World
Wadsworth Explains CourJB
Review and Civil Servica t
WASHINGTON June 19 Congress
man Wudsworth of New York chair
man of thn Committee on Agriculture
Immediately on the convening of tho
llouso today reported the AKrtcultural
Aiiiroprlatton bill with tho compromlsa
amendment relating to meat Inspca
mo bill was icferreJ to thn Commit
tee of the Vliolo j louse and later
Joue I
Tho ARrlrulturM Appropriation W1
nan then sent to conference There at
some disagreement over the selection
of tho minority members of tho co
feronce and tho Speaker statod that hev
would annoumo tho conferees later
Mrs Wadsworth In explaining the
ohnngcs ntJde In tho 8ubslltut for tho
original meat Inspeitioii amendment
said lliat the changes wcro mostly In
verbkise nnd then Ink hem up sen
mum Ho railed attention to the elim
ination of the curt tevlew clause and
thc date of InspertKm
H facetiously rilled attention ta
small changes In the verbiage lmuV <
vorlttitly saying they Interted In ona
or two cases but amid laughter chang
Inc the statement 10 we Inserted I
When tho bill was returned to Urt
Beijute Sennto Proctor chairman ai
the Commute on Agriculture askexl
Pint the meat Inspection amendment bOo
printed and thju Itt bill le on tO 1
tn > J
On June the 2Oth j
500 dozen finely tucked Mullt
Waists Long or short t
sleeves Made in work
room on the premises
Sheer white Mull Waists
with square neck Effect
ively trimmed with lace
6 5 I
A complete stock of Shirt ii
waists for tailormade
dress horseback riding L
travelling etc and fine i
Lingerie Blouses for even
ing or dcuiitoilctte
Twentythird Street f
Muslin Underwear
Sale of Ladies fine Nainsook
and Cambric Undcrcloth
ing designed for summer
wear Tastefully trimmed
with lace and embroidtries
Gowns with low necks and
elbow or short sleeves
ebow I
Gowns 950 125 and 150
Skirts 150 225 275 f
Drawers 75c 950 t 125
Chemises 95c 125 t 150 1
Dressing Sacques
50c > 75C I 95c I
French Gowns and Petti
coats Hand embroidered
or trimmed with lace at
about onehalf former
Twentythird Street fl
1 Ladies Coats
Threequarter length Pon
gee Coats
Colorstan grey and black
1450 and 1800
Remaining stock of blaqk
broadcloth I Eton Coats
Lined with black or white
950 and 1250
formerly 14 oo to 190
Twentythird Street r

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