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THe Evening wortauarxy Magazine eLtriday September 7 iQOG
I mJt otIn
e i aj i fci ni
imbtlrt K the Tree Put lbhlnr Company No U to a Park How New fork
tf Entered at Ihe PoHOfflc at New York a Be ondCUa Malt Matter
According to the Bellevue stalls
tics L average man an get drunk
a thousand time before alcolwl kills
t + I hl I hint By steady drinking he can
ah < 3ib during his alcoholic carec
L iWrtytwo barrels of proof ipirilsi
ti i I r the shape of twp thousand gallon
I b of whiskey At eighty drinks to
tr t9trl the gallon this would be 60000
9i drinks weighing ten tons enough
W alcohol to run a motor car around
LI i J 1 I the world
u I Some men It takes more whiskey
to kill and one Bellevue patient has rcachedthe ale of fifty although
since he was seventeen he got drunk on the average of more than 150
days out of every year These Interesting facts have been compiled by
Julian Wlllard Helium for the American Magazine taking the records of
Dr Dana and other Bellem physicians BeHevue Hospital Is the best
I observation station in the United States for this purpose since out of the
1 30000 patients which it receives annually the chronic drunkards are a
quarter i
These statltlcs contradict the popular Impression that alcoholism
results almost entirely front excess in drinking higlyproof liquor whis
key gin brandy and rum More chronic alcoholics are produced by some
times drinking distilled liquors and sometimes fermented liquors Malt
liquors alone produce as many cases of tremens as whiskey The reason
fit for the popular misapprehension is that whiskey will bring on the tremens
tl i fi li llll It III l I
more quickly than beer but the results of beer while slower in effect are
i more severe and more surely fatal
X Half a dozen attacks of delirium tremens are all that the average
1 drunkard can stand These take from fifteen to nineteen years of steady
ti drinking and bring death at the average age of fortythree Women
Jdnmkardi are kss nuzn roes 1h men onlyJul as many belt alalaali
Ism kills them more quickly
It Is another popular error that delirium tremens usually brings
< visions of snakes Snakes are less commonly seen than other animals
Horses elephants and birds are more frequent apparitions than snakes
t A chronic drunkard will drink himself to death if there is any alcohol
Iccessible If he cannot get alcolwl he may develop the drug habit
Not the day laboring class furnishes the most habitual drunkards
but the men wino work indoors especially those who are poorly nour
ished Instead of drunkenness caus i J
log poverty poverty causes drunk
cnness through the bad air of the loop
tenementhouses the confining work
and the bad diet of the very poor ly
Epilepsy and similar nervous dis
eases are akin to chronic alcohol
ism They all result from a defec
live nervous organization from in t I I 7 f
herited mental instability and from c
the causes arising from these ten jjjJJ
dencies i t
The only reliable cure for alco
t I holism is wholly to abstain from any kind of alcoholic drink until tb
t age of twentyfive Unless there is a strong inherited weakness no mr
I f who has not drunk akohol before I1t is twentyfive will become a chroni
drunkard Htjctuy begin to drink after that age but the immediate
penalties of excess will then be so severe that intoxication will not be
frequently repeats 1IRl thtti hoot rblr v hiirl startrttxc ns va t I
l never be reached mnem1IT11
ftff I
1r Brooklyn Rapid Transit reported yesterday for the fiscal year which
1 ended June 30 an increase of 23 per cent bits net earnings
Under some circumstances this
might have indicated
a manage
ment and a service greatly improved Thai it does not indicate these
things the years passengers have had cause to realize The same old B
It T rolling stock is being run in the same old way with the same reck
t less disregard for the comfort and the lives and limbs of the public
f What the report does show on one count is the possible net profit
r to be mad on manslaughter
i It is calculated on the basis of the years killings that Brooklyn
Kapld Transit cars take Ont human life
one every thirty hours This repre
sent a boom in fatalities to match that shown in net earnings It is not
t diffkult to trace possible connections between the two kinds of increase
For one thing the operating expenses of the system have been re
duced in the fiscal year from 6002 per cent of the gross earnings the
JL fisyfor l9 ° l5 to 5652 per cent Prom the cheapandeasy fashion
j in whfch thesystem has been run for years as regards equipment the
Inference is tand the increase in fatalities justifies it
again that reo
ductions have been nude which interfere not only with Uu efficiency but
< with the safety of the service
Another point rests upon the Item of damage ults brought for kill
figs and malmings on roads of the B it T group
It was possible formerly for these suits to be brought to trial with
reasonable promptitude The company was then moved to stir for set
tlements out of court And it had costly inducemwUMo keep up a cer
lain measure of precaution against overspeedinr ianda int taking
chances with cars >
By changes In the calendar rules of the courts Brooklyn these
I Unions have been overthrown ammerckr litigation business
and con
tract suits take precedence now over damage cases These last may be
Staved off for years the plaintiffs perhaps Ored out There is no longer
the jessing necessity for B R T
agents to get to work on proposals 5
settlement over victims of the company cars or trains
If i > estimated that the new state of affairs means a savin of S75n
pop per year hi the legal department of the system Atrf tliis into
goes Into
act It is ttt
earnings < margin on death
Yesterdays report sent II R T stock upward In Wan street There
M tot real centre of the company Interest The public runs but
wcoad to the stockjobbers In the schemes of the management POOr
a des rrt1lM a r µ Arrw 10 rrh M
c J
I Waiting I
By J Campbell Cory
Coryri b L
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THE MEN in THE NEWSStraight Talks to ThemBy Nixola GreeleySmitL
For tits Gallant Commandor Who Lots Ono
Oil Go In a Howling Gale of Simplification
AST my tarry tbpMlrht ADJIIHAI VA7C I Tou
BI are quoted In a morning newspaper tie aaylnir that
you dont ete wht all thin Sat over itttpUfioil npell
hc e stout that It will IM Junt ai warm probably wuh
fr era with two
lMity a crrat mAnrof u > hope It trill W a rood deal
v mrr for the elmpUfled pnlln
I > JI I dont believe you kail J 1 Just till same If you
1 vi certainly could not have realized tbe tar reiabmt
pIhCe of the utterance
Suivir my timber Admiral dont You know that n
a rrnt afford to be apatnetle on Oil question tbat If
> i trip Ml TocabuJarr of salt < nUIKI tift will be
Ill in and awkward ai a pMked cMekMi
v Tt r l < Mk at that parthnibilr I wotdd mt n the curtair
icii > t the tlnal n without which w couldnt tell a
re Kinjifw blr bit D from the tinkers Vnrloty And
a Uif would better have bb pay Or hls ration eut In
hall shah ine Iras hit hi rpbTe coSnpahlotu
1111 we had IMI atmple life by ruldCfttl4l pr erlt > t0n Xow from the acme
auiriMt Mir < l NM the BMpl S PUing teetty soon our retlrfon will be iltn >
ptlflcd by Hiecutlv order and then both In wll be aboUh d
or eourM UM UIoIII of thew unneeaty dcarnlloii It to i ilkooKxaitfO 1 at
all Ue Hut wa thrv over n na1 bird or a naval battle that rot atone
without them My rvcollretlon of naval hlitttry U that moet neeti h ve Con
pro such with a recommendation from thoil Admiral to live the tncay not tbb
d uWo troit but Iher OouMe Itll IdcililcaJ double 1 the lmplU Uon of
HIMC4 you conteinldate with 10 much Indlfreremre v
If Ilurcoyne and CornwallU luHlcotttu It with Jut on r In our revolu
tionary umu It JarkMn had lsii > IUIftd the pnine of It for Paki > m > am ftt
New OrltafM U Dewey and 8chlf y tad MUftttOn you yournelr bad been nun
Ixired with the C rnfeene do you think the United Hut would be thll world
power It In todayT
What do you think the Board oT TJntdnaatlon avoid do trltti those tine wrrl
rreklnc of tar and tapawltn tbnt bMprtnWf our wet ttorleiT flow do ym TK
tokkl ktMl manrncalnnwutr I InMvini all the IJ In Ultuokalanl wouM be
nadMtuikie to exureaii your teelrng > itere thA wlllnr rttform wave to alh p ovrr
your own desk
rta leave the 1iI whirn they belong Admiral Xot that w would ever
went to UM them tat tny bloomlnc blnnaker nol Hut In Unruagr its well
u In war or famine ti wall to have a rerv
n you dont need the fltlta TILgSJ1 Put them Away lnPavy JnnM s
At lie oouMnt TvivV too manY And In th nReit be IUtI lOw fight law may
need gt m jourieU
yule Daze de By Walter Wellman
uln lore Wil r
InltNAW oreen apples
t p
WlnnlWhat yer coin teN be when
yet crow up I
OootgtAEr prrffMor of Hn lleh In
tome college and toh 3peU1tf 1 gut
dot IInl method down nile
I Orrh spelling In that letter you
wrote me waa awful
Frt drAwl Thai was a U Boone
I n e tooll term ol a raln that
FtankJWol loIn I Rues not wot
I Oo tr school and have ter learn ter
wren all over Saint Not me I
Responsiveness the Key to Mans Hart < L t By Helen oidficld I
OME yean ago a raoenilno offered a price for the brat t eat upon what men
SOME bra in women The Uoc6Bful Auay dtcUred the ge wt dolderaluui
l to be thorough ponilvheM Nor did It apparently ocrur either III the
writer or the editor of the magazine that tails quality ot perfect toonalv < nM
which by the wy Ii one of the rareit on earth lucludea everything whtoii can i
be rJlNW1 much 1sa otkrxl fur In man or woman To Ixi In oortipUle nini vlhy I
wMil AU a man alwi ind plrntloni lo hate h1a tulrur nnuclthte taU wthwj
and rrapond U all bla need denuand a > v6rtiuUlty cab InrUrfle M lo amount to
enlUA inch > wonmn muU pity many parU mint rhino alrki In pastor and
> tioh l > sad mutt alwny be rdt and willlnt to dance tracotully to wJ atnver
tun her lorb xhd muster my pip Al OO ve all lurr tined humor And chwrfulntu
Intuit be ot th t1YTA Whleh Dover f lletli All men IIkll to Vo omiainl The mOil
popular people men fir women are those who are htertalnlne and who have I
the net of maklnc 1111101 people td ntltled with Ultmedv std with the world
in ircneral
MMt mn lkt to take women as a relaxation and deUcht lintm A an Inttlleo I
tuAl terolis TTiwefM u > A rul they ate hy of women Of Inlll ajia openly
prffct uu > e wtio bake no prtn lon to nor brUn than Jut enough to keep
ibm > cT out of th Ara for lttot glut than m wise Indeed who never burn
I JlrJ9r t1 41 p > t jIw
their f nKW OUt the Iii en who prof not to care tor clever womwi unarm
dourly adore them not reallilnc that the txrfbctlon of art U to conceal art and
ilvit no mall amount of InlisUeot goAi to tlie folly which Mwthci and rvt them
o thorouebly way Helen OMn d In the OMcaco Tnbuna
There U no other human IMlntf of whom no much ID required as of the Amori
cAn wM and mother nowndaya Hh j surest uh l r tAna oiMklnc and mule ALA
niiurf be able to oriMtrffce nnd to nxcule Cho mutt mona and make she mix look
Wdl to the way < j her hotlMtwId And ku p fairly abrea ot all the qUUlln
and newe of the day Btofl mint liut > and hr huilundji rtwourcei yet liMp her
ell and her children well drt M < l and be always > mlllns And cheerful fatty for
any vmetKeney which may occur lltr ehlldrrn court btt watMied and tonJtul writ
UMrftinHlli ogre her houe must be wllitlo and bear the tamp or Individuality
Jibe must know how to vntertaln without Unduly Inorwuln the lioiuolioid KI
petu4 and must pay the ducks whkih MIll owe to nootety and to her nolghhar1
In hurt Ahb must play skilfully upon a harp 6t a Ihotuand alringa and muiaa
UI the time hrnwrp the difficult lnitrumttt in peffMt tuna To do all Ui and
do It WIn cull tor fully lu much Intrfltftt M doer the tuctnifull conduct of a
IrfIAI blulnui and tills man of affiUn eJ the twentieth century IJA much need
tit a supArlar woman It Iti
Nth IftlIW II Wt 1
Ary M y yywweNMe
tv T 11 1 I f Or
re f Albert Paison Tcrhunc
Yo 1 11rL LIAIl TJJJ S7JJVT urn tl10 ncfinr ot
tIle Sen
A Y9lrNn manscarcely more than a boytill dftt itflklnrfy handsome
stood llttvnlnir to A Dish outlined to Urn by henry if of rmtK to ntbesr
v ri court he hid hen flIt u ho ellf r by has rtvrrelin the Btntwror Cbitrte
nrmnny Henry1 pn wn of n owiwhat alarmlnn nature for It III
nlvld the mar1n nf nil the Pmtntante in Franc and the Netherlands 11
the 0 unR Iran JJnrnJr a yrthnUnder wv o no elfin rf the horror he rlt ana
poke no word fo put the wily I < Y not > king on ha muni list this bit of die
eretlofl he received thereafter the nkknemn of William the SIInt althouxti
his nature I11U ttpr5n tnntt end tu removed from taciturnity
tt11IIrp the KHrnl Prince of Orane and Count of Niceu wwe born In
me Netherlands In lot Ae a youth he attnrded the favor of Charles V who
taught Mm war and ntntwrt On Charleni aMleatlon the retiring monarch
lOtI Philip II became Klnt of Iftnln and of the Netherlands rte was coldblooded
bllolPd and stupid th exact opposite of hl Brest rather Te Om blares
nuking ur the Netherlands had even In OharlM time r Mntd morel authority
and It hud required all the old Emperor tact and itateeraft to keep them paci
fied jl Now under the new kbK they ajraln irrew natty To make tlllnJr wove
IhlJip ordered a branch of the cruel Inqutoltlon established In Holland TUi
raltll n storm of entry protects and PsJIlP eat the n
William bloody Duke of Alya with an army Into the Netherlands to
enforce order
Strange Plan for
r WnraceO by the oppr Von of hU countrymen WllUara
Weakening Spain the Mlent raited ta army to oploee AV 10 aull
Ankh burJbers wr not Yet ready for so radical an act
and William hAd to dteband Na force for lack of support
In no way dlnoaoniced he lilt on a new plan for hr aaing the haled Spaniard
j I3y advice of Admiral Collrny of Frmnce he lnued letters of marque nuttior
orliinc Dutch prlvairera to prey on Hpaln dupe and SCACOSIL These privateer
I banded together under the nickname of the UeICSu of the sa They did
Incalculable damage to Spanlah commerce and ror rears made Uiolr name a
terror to all their country fore
In 157 the Dutch araln revolteil nxalnst Pi > anl h tyranny end made William
theiritadtholdrr or Governor Yet warned by his former failure lie MW
thaiAbe people were not yet ready for at > oute freedom eo be simply ruled In
the name of Klnlt Nalllp Spain Increased Its OppttOM and nr followed
Wlliim two brotflcrs were lain In battle and at one critical Juncture hear t
dared the dike broken down that kept out the sea from the lowlylnr Nether
lpif JU14 l L jylUfl mlrhM Rare It I1 fallln Into the enemy hand t
11lIipn Ut 5tantidyrieh btu r tlisiti3rarf l ttatraate saa tti z
At last the time for rrrdotn wa rip ThroutJi WlltUm effort a num
Il > er of the Sefcerland province combined drnx up and l ned a Dtolaratloo ot
TM I 0 + 1Lda aad
ling a tree and milled country where ell realtlo ta sects riauia W rm W YCfIOO
I hlp God In their own way Taws the United Netherlands was founded
renoancMl Wlum tiie prime
In 1U1 alle lance to SpaJn wa frmalr
I rTS Tih t has tllft lito to thU
mover and contral tlgure In rho routton hat devoted
one treat purpoee Vet 11M It w u aocmp hod be would not make hlmstlf
Ln i rTTeimMd with Jronrnll1l It under
king at Ute newly created nation but COIIleAeeJ
Me kit prevenuou title of Count
lhllls ieelne that Wllilam waj the backbone of the entire revolutionary
movement hit on a mot 6namct Tl tlo plan tot wtecklne the union of the
pravlnoe Instead of ndlnc Annie at once to attack the revolutlonUt or to
SpanUh tyro he merely issued a pros
ravote their country In true mediaeval pn I
lamauon offering a hulre turn of money for the murder of Mlltam
Kr n in the country WlUlam had treed there wore many teoundreli ready
sad eager to win the reward Attempt after attempt wui made to kill him and
for the test tbree y PUI or hl life the Uberator waj In
The Netherlands continuous denser of death Undauvted by this new peril
n sad tAe t iAC1t Insianciaa TL invOITHt TVCUwo eiatasnta
Free the
I calmly on hU wai WmllaK tC th r with doer boaS the
LIberator united provlnro smekIR to draw new a atn Into the
Reward federation bulhbn up in the Cane moneyloving mini ot
the thrifty Dutch oarenw a avenger lenutneat of pa >
irtoiXim nod lndt nd < tn < <
Out tiwuew ihreatefled men live long the end came all too soon for the
welfare of tbe United tMhe lands On July to ISM a sum named HAlt ur
Uerard actuated oy det mrr the btoodmoney iiromleeo by Ihiup cn md
Muiiam hone ant hoi mm dead
IMIlip had con < lur d in 10 ir M ne had nn nHrMlf of en Invinclti a f >
Put the lnlf ndnV thai illlam the 4111 had won for Ild tnd ere e remained
d The eaajnpta In diallle tId petno lam etnt
to this day munhip tinf MY
and iati < < that hf art i < > the wholo world rved ev a Kuidn star to many
anot a > rely terplrsel ruler In those fliirk cormp flay
illlain 1M Hfnf 5 cliwacter and erase hor a Hrlkla
M fnr tsaentnn e to
thoaro n IJor WhlnliIn Ihf hl oIt unlr etlt1Id Dui Ili thw
former afT cUowto nickname or tits Kather of Ihll j I tdi
RJtb 1111 pp1
H In II Mlpltl or
JIlrap s sad
a Whol world Of i
t dvke for vrrlfOB
l take to Ullfll I
sr tat I
It Is clvtl Itr
t itag O A Von
stela WhO
ts moved ul IntO i
m tilt uses Olumn
whae the
1W firth In fam a
r < JTql x hoping aant kork
InK ytlUnt tllnW 1
4ni what wd
who tr11 rnr year to
the but thine to do with only 11IUt
ei II result until he cai tt up N tie
the rirfit opportunity
tn pIIIr
Non nllunaleln
We mot 1
mast 01
where they Klv you fc Root
aria Wes
titans and bAa for It dim
asked Yon what was new
lie safdi
71te hWNt and mot IntlreU
thlcUI to mete that t pu tMO g I a
tIII of meo
Oral today alter two years
S < ° ° °
ary work that Involve
I A Nevical Rhythmical
By Htuh lr udo
HCftl ant lou of wen w
T know OC
Who dont like thing M ff t
They want tbem to be different
They are On the WouMito < At
Tnre U Drawn who would be
slupl + 3
And Hlpntlftnil whdd U 11 k < rvc
And other a e mIght men nrl
VJK vrauld lw moet anyiii if
TI1M JlOBli Who Mrmid t
K he knew Juat whet tn ar
And u41 amt QUip and 1uotlrt
Would only twtvw the way
Th re srAI wZiod M > < rely
II sum poor flevlli Rot tffl r3anrx
And Jerome who would 110 IlLlIAt
allrulatln dance
Of en
a r
glut Piorrtr1 bu aorowi the psi 5
II He 55411 the other awe
i He wouldnt have thln hrur
Our Morrle a wilUliod j
I A Strange Relic I
tint down III the AnlotH fr1i1c1r
D naiad inlto in N olnerUWllrr lark I
land there has been tuu n < Ih
bOdY of it J OIWI woman It lay slither
4r venteea teat df In the inter
borne slit that has ottn umalatlnr
lne the daYl before the noman came
The haIr li wondsrfulj prtMrvnd and
remalni In the plait Into which It tuna
n > ork < J fluid ilia body won found
Are large bluA and er en fui bUd
t I find bite t have mov xl up mare
tile money move that New York think µ
in rftIlllcfI not dollar
i The wwner a man jfti It Into hit
h4 that he mult think bit In Non
Yok the cooner he will anlv
at the
nln thane
H > nu vrnt to borrow ewfafe in
New Turk make It a hundred
and you will Ret It M quick U yoU
will in dealer It you put the iwun rauo
of thinkinje in the lob
By the ime token you must tWnk
and Man tor the million reward It
you want to aur ct law attention ot
the men who nlMI 1M ftOn r
r eKI dont cut any Ice A heir
Epitaph of a Live One I
r By HoopnOr Biackman
r ta 4 I
r I
r vvw
n < rr n
b 1i
+ 11 iI
a 1
i1ki I
iY 1
a r
T a 1I
we j
el CgUuiiltv
Nl I n
tlhwt bta tYtktrtt
Wo speak of the ellly eeaaon
As it It stood alone
I > ut klllltieii dear childrin hatft
AH itajoon for lu Own y
wchloagd Tfibttrifyy
erluMifttl i

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