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f InehM to spare and going a mile a minute he went through He was
cheered for his driving but It looked like his finish for the fraction of a
Hoeond V
Law oil In one of tho Frayerailller cars waa a lucky fellow when h
fQUM to negotiate tit turn at Thonmston on the second lap < and wpnt oC
t a Bleb AI his machine turned over ha and bla machinist flew through
ti 1ha air They wero up on their feet In an instnrtt got the onlookers td help
r them right the ear and wore on their way with les s than ten pilnutes delay
The mishap lolfl ncalnst Dieicar however as It showed dirt In lt < arburet
tpra later >
rre n < trt Dlntfey who waa acting lit machinist for turtle In the Tope Tolfdo
rnr tritt with a peculiar accident At Bulls Head two men stood Hn the
load to hand him n gasoline can In trying to take the oil on without
slackening speed Dint Icy nMwalculited tind the win hold met to him struck
him In the facp Tendering him unconscious for over a minute He con
f f tinued In the car Later the car bleW out a tire with a report lite a canuon
r kt Jellico on the sixth lap
t Keelera Oldsmobile behaved badlyftom the tArl account of Its car
jjurctTon It did not reach the Manhattct turn until 714 S oclock nlthougb
It was first away at G oclock ICeelrrRot out to make repairs at Mnnhasset
t nud while tho crowd were about the machine tho gnsolfno flared up The
crowdwyttofcd expecting al > zp3o + i n but Keelcr and hie mechanic put
r f I
oat fie blaze
Dcldfn In h FrayerMlllcr while rnnKLnc the second round cune to a I
toV on the turn at Bull Mead It was found that three stopcocks bAIl
trokoa Tracy wns thuniJirrlp alont fn his locomobile not far behind
and a number of epertatoK niRhil forward and pushed the dlsAblod ma
r chine to one iM of the road forfeat Tracy would crash Into 1L pnly
a few seconds after this had own done the locomobile flew by
Dr W K Whet ot Xa US JJsIsir strost Uro55rljj announced at
I Dnlln Head crowing follswlnp the rae that hll would protest the plating
6t thtclop 4so1 keert wJ L1U Jw4 t f
car fully half a mile during the contest The PopeToledo broke down he
declared and was hauled to a powercontrol stntlonwhere It was repaired
J1f r 1cJF lP fT ItI r
< T > wj fck v jay t
Car Company whose entry finished slitk Thi declaration was made iy
Dr Butler however before he was Informed of th action of the committee
t ta declaring the race
f The premature announcement that the contest had been ended caused
k dozens narrow escape nt the top of the bill on the Lower tanballl turn
r 1 4k6 at noon nearly ked several of the racing mncblnrs and drove the
J 1 deputy sheriffs endeavoring to protect the llvmof spectators Into a frenzy
Si The race Is ever went up In a about at IMS A M and passed quick
tar through the throngs Of automobile occupant lining the road Iramcdl
IWUely toy began to turn their machine Into the course
Prt Harding In the green Uaynlfl machine No H whirling over the hill in
JUlt cloud of dust found a big touring car ahead of him Ho averred to ono
jj Mt barely In time to save hlrmwKand the iockleu spectators The touring
deer bptd two men and two women Three feot was nil that aoparated the
e franl th ilpath carried by the racer
nY Jrrt thrte minutes later Lytle In his FopeTc < xohad the samo
frtperlcnce except that be had two cars Instead of one to dodge Both
eoFoatatatd trorpenr I
a Not leas than two dozen machines were flocking Into the course by I
e blr time Deputy Sheriff Edward SmIth with his men by threat of 1
fjirrat and explanations that other racing machines were coming sue
1 wceMnrt In driving most of thorn back to the tilde of the road again
it At 1219 P SI a big touring ear going fast pitewd Deputy Smith It
refuted to stop at his signal and he threw the Inc at the occupants One
er af them caught It and toSfJ d It gayly overboacd
r A few seconds later the Cbrlstln macbhfe Walter Christie driving
whirled past
The number of the car which ho had been unable to stop Smith rays
If 15270 N Y
At 6 oclock this morning a long line of racing cars gnypafoted
monsters lay silently along the Jerlho turnpike ort the Vanderbilt Cup
course They were arranged jn two lines the even numbers on the left
side of the road the odd on the righT T
1 Are you ready queried the starter
Dusty mechanicstepped back from No 1 The OkJsmobile driver
I Keeler in cap and goggles gripped his steering wheel with a grim glance
t up the road that stretched straight ahead past the fluttering grand stand
and long lines of shae trees and AtechinlstMillerfumWed with thestart
j lug crank and leaped bark into his place No 1 shuddered heaved on its
1 rubber tires and rattled out a GnttHnggun salute from its cxhaitsti
H One minute shouted the starter
The cjqwtied grand stand leaned forward breathlessly The flagmen
a waved their red flag and iiruihed back the eager Sightseers stn urged
I forward at the roadside
ri I Pirty serondslt twenty onesyen Slnmnve serondsl =
fourthreeItwoonet i
fw j GO I
t The car leaped ahead like q great gray ha A flea dn jump ninety
4 J times its ovn length A modern racing carcan beat shall Almost be
r fore the startled spectators could turn their lads to follow Its flight No l
had slipped away into the level distance leaving only an odor riT burned
gasoline and a dull brown cloud of oily dust in its wake
No 2 the PopcToledo grim and gray
grsYdiS a lowlylnjr torpedoboat
i In war trim was already on the mark
One minute shouted the official
LYU commander ot thus second mklrt craft gripped hU steering
j i
Well Well I Is That So
iJ You laid you wanted to make a
Q change but couldnt find mother place r
4 Ye
Wellnow listen
j y 22303 advertised opjxjri unities
I t have been offered through The World
r during the last five week days
Oh bother the others The Sunday World is the paper
L e h
JOo r
Sketched on the 8pot To Day by Robert Edgrcn The Jttvcniug Worlds Sporting Expert
t tEi
f c
I d 11 A
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I s rgyl 4
JJI 11 j
11 l
v 1 I
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r x + laarrr nnrh s TJ J
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Jf A j
wheel as his predecessor now half a mile away had don half a mlnuta
before Plnrlry macMnlat was taking a lust swift Blanco Into the mon
sters Intestines of brass and vcef The seconds to thou terse and ex
prrtant lghtse rs were long enough To Iytle and Dlnglcy they must
have boon like the last long minutes of a man standing on the scaffold
But the minute pamol Vive four three two one 00 snapped the
For an Instant Lytles blackcap and Ulnnlcys curly locks hovered above
the torlton TIle gray Pot < TOledqS batteries roared The roar died down to
a pnrrlnr sound and was lOll In the distance No 2 was gone 1I tyj < a ghost
tfo leas ready panting trembling with engernoa on the stBrWgfcark
Jin to they sped
No 2 was a Matbeson with Monglnl
Then came the first Thomas A second Thomas n third a first Prayer
Miller the ChrUUc KramerMiller Locomobile Ilaynca the only green car
driven by Harding tho famous English hill climber and a lost Prayer
An car after Jrar shot away down the road enthusiasm grew In the
banked up maises of the grand stand
Ladfs who had never seen a sunrise before but who had cllbed to
their seats In the dim and dusky dawn jumped up and down with excite +
ment Feminine shrieks of encouragement followed thi drivers on their
way until the last gray phantom had vanished In the distance
It Will n great zccnc
The first Vandrrbllt cup race brought out a bare 100000 spectators
Even that taxed the capacity of the poor overworked Long Island Rail
road to the limit Today there were 300000 to mnkcjough guess Borne
elate days ago Thousands came last night t Mlneola as at every other
crowded country place the hotelswere pocked An auto pump could not
have forced In another guest This particular partof long Island gets
rich once a year and live on Its capital the rett Thin Is the time
In one hostelry that I vlsltcjrooran were higher than seat In heaven
One Kuetswho had been enjoying a mall ball bedroom at 3 par with
board tearfully told me thnt he had been turned out with the alternative
of a garret cot or a loft plank In the back yard Ills room had been rcntcd
to a visiting Nol Yorker price UiO for ono night privilege of looking
out of the window In the morning thrown In
I Thouton alcIUn site 1 or stayed up all night One shrewd Long
Island Yankee had chain to et for JE Tor Thf night and hemademoney
Men tilled their heels up on balcony rolls and slept fitfully Automobiles In
droTM stopped along the roads and their occupants dozed on the leathern
cushions so It was sleepyeyed crowd that stirred Itself at 4 oclock and
Mattered along the course It did the scattering under difficulties for
already the racing road was closed nnd vigilant watchmen warned off all
trespassers i
There WIIB Ioslilmber al nUJn niafchlne liora ot the vnrloifi maker
during that last ttfplve bndrA Skilled mechanic tested every screw and
bolt land fragile part for Uio last time Much depended upon tali last
Accident cost money and every car had to stnrt It rest hundreds
of thousands of dollars this raM Take tbe Thomas can for Instance
There was nn expert of something llku one hundred thousand hey claim
connected with signing building rebuilding and perfecting their racing
cars Then thcre w IIre shipping and travelling Thirty mechanics all well
pelid woo sent t < > the eoursomlth the car Their keep cost J3 n1ay each A
harp was ranted for a month for 1000 and m cost coop tn turn It Into a
rooAlao shop fit to impair or even build a racing car
Other makers appi fully as murh The PopoT > lcdo Company had
the most elaborately uuipped plant on the course Costing like this acci
dents were hard cximncncw The Appersort cars uvUt d Into a tangle
nf wrap Iron and wire nk an object yifon
Yesterday tbe drivers wer all told to be curefitl especially on the hard
lunu In the roan Iytl told me that ho would jjo lIke merry Valhalla over
the smooth stretch CLOSKiTO A HUKDHKD MHBS AN HOUR ho
tuld hut would not uiKo tense on the rotten bits of road of which t lure
were ir > any or on the turns lie wanxs to Qualify and keep Wf marhlnu < u
order for tho great event Oct C
Thermal dlvtr vfcre old that two Yhinias cars muit be in the first
five to ankh that was all KrajrrMlller sent out Lee Prayer to wlrfam
Heidin and Liwwell to Qualllr The first five counted and position made
no difference The Haynej car which vas tILe anlr one to go through all
I tho trial rpins wlnoiit en ncrMent wa expected to qualify toj and ao with
all the other M x t ni hf drivnp raJcnlafO tipdn making altout IfLvelRht
miles an hour
Tlie curious spectacle tins presented of a race which no one apparently
vented to win but In which every contestant would be ooalentod with a
I plate Non of the lrlvcjs wanted a ailce of Mussel tuck The Muxwol
I car WM running Ilk a streak YMterday It started for a turn eight minutes
I behind the > lames Wilily aun the unsaUonal driver had the whutl Ho
f vmatcd to pose the llk > nay which was said to Iw out for the course record
I to beat thirty minutes u < Ujtt IJcyond Tjail Norwich Owen saw the green
ICIer ahead on the roil If was iiMirly up Then suddenly there woo a
I wrench and a jar Tlir itbrful etmln had weakened the framework of his
I car HI that sonibthttg gave WY and the cylinders dropped That oar was a
hopI6U witfck The Hayu niriUhed In 4 minutes Owens time would
have tie n nap 27
Later a Maxwell tourlfei car WM i ripjted tn a vein nttwnpt to make it
replace the racer It ran iijito one of the Ipniimcrablcsurid tanks n broke
ajijjcle Tho ourao jowls wa full of q 6ji obsvtryeii8ps if yaj j Jtten
LlyaYil + C I
r ti4
0 I
Start ht lAp 2d lop 3d LaP 4th Lap fi1b lqp Gib up 7th LP 8th Lip 9th up 10th lAp
Tracy G11 353 10855 13929 0917 H16 31345 Ul12 UUl 45338 1iZ745
La IJIOb605 3334 100 13803 OJ55 2U 314038 34956 042139 60822 Ul3
Hardln 612 3614 118 UO48 2844 30440 34607 4103 0068 64C37
Lyre GOl aU3 104042 11829 21115 4A61 40816 6lU2 55831
Christie 608 3305 1182115331 24730 33665 4lUS 61339
Lawwell 610 6017 12141 21135 214 1UU UUI
course to race over so tho old drivers said although some thought it better
than the James Gordon Bennett cup cottne
Borne oil had been sprinkled over ItJ enough to make a skImpy trail
about as broad as toe spread of an autos front wheel Eight miles of the
road had not been oiled at all This pnrt was full ot dust and chuck
h61e that made the racers Jump aa It they had run over a nest ot Jap I
mines Here and there a bink had been cut away or a dangerous post
removed but the unbacked turns wero fierce The course was alow
Not safe for a seventymile Weed said tho experts At Krugs
Corner a lot of sand had been dumped to bank the turn It extended for
200 feet and was about twenty feet wide But It was soft nnd loose It
was worse than nothing No attempt at all had been made to build up
the angles In remoter parts of the course Even ono place near Manhassel
HH1 the worst of all was overlooked and right around the turn lay a
grandstand The Long Island farmers did more to protect their chickens
than the prom9tcrs did to Inaurff sUfety to human life Word was sent
around that all chickens must be stabled and kept off the road YcsUr
cjaj afternoon a fine Hock of turkeys gave up their lives under the wheels
of two or three touring IfiarwrnrlirTrhurry dAnda Mlneolii turkey
I le tough enougn to hnvo as many lives as a cat
J Turning from turkeys to more serious things a bit of sentiment was
developed by the race Robertson driver of the wrrckrd Appcrson chr
and Warren his mechanic have been In the hospital Robertson had a
broken collarbone and wsi Generally smashed op AVnrrcn arras were
both broken above the wrists Yet these two dauntless athjctcs could not
be kept away If they could not ride In the race at leael they would sea I
their rivals go so they were taken from tho hospital and propped up on
pillows In front of the deserted Appenlon quarters they looked on This
lsthovplrlt of the auto driver Accidents nnd broken bones cannot damp
It Death Itself has no terrors
The order In which the cars went put the brat turn In the road at
Jericho four miles from tho start was Tho PopeToledo first at 604 12j
Maftieon second at 605 and the Olds iobilo third at COC The two
Thomas the first driven by CallloU at 50712 and the second by Le
Blon at COOfollowed A KraycrMIIIcr at 611 the Christy C1211 nnd i
a Fraycr Mlllor at 614 driven by Lowwcll wore next In ordcr wkh Tracy t
In tho Locomobile following at 615 The IlayncAvras tenth drlvei by
Harding at C16 nud lrelc1 I nit In the third KrnyerUlller was lnventJa
at 618
anAVBSBxn N y sept st Tile 1
entries tor MomLty racer tUfI ti
follow y
PUIHT IUOB TWOrrsre4s tIn a
swelf rurJ I
vil Tlnnn 8tntor CUT las 1B
era Lwd BIJah 112
UI 8 rD 1 t
lilT F14Slf Ht J I
on ixn ftntin
fQI Alll l a UK I
MS MaMea 112
Ml Oro 8 DTlt Ill
III TroblHMkT un
sir VI rup u v vn
irtt n < xfn nl L 112
HS Arlm UI
tut VIU OJ
< O < Jjimrt Cra < rr > i tl 183
BNCOVD RoA rourw act up
ilMJ two and a halt mile
ale Null BtaDflbr lift
5115 Cuisdtnt ISO
IIIalHta 140
Ilaun 1IJT
tw a Ill
OSD I U llr ltill
tm Aifiii > IM
ftmvr LICit Ml
Tiimi 11Aaytll qn k i < irop eta
terss ta
ctId Ipr
ii 11 IH
Iffl Oanloh lO
tIS Vitt niU kinr 100
cvi k ot > 0
a T visa Ima l
PIT 1 1 raUe 111
llttUlu lay
1M7 na1 Ins Bur Ioi
Oi rinwH r lrkh uf
Nil fII lit
VO ItU lien 1 lift
Ortltn IH
Wr llrtlUr HM
Ml Tfrtfin IW
ass ernp ot r HUnd M
flfOURTH 7w < 7 rT > DWellw i fet
t9r yu Iaar > > w + tlr ve4a dv1t4 Ih
w 6JJl t f
Lila ArVIJrH tii
I 1ulln D2
II w v 8
I I ohlle r 0 < JOI
H1 r rrrrKJ
> 1 000 1 I
n J fIIIof ItnMltk 1 fT
bISi 77pNat 11
IIU HA Fftotvv vvviw
lupu Wffr
III Tru vvi af i W
I Mf Ylybark 1101
IfiW M MF If11
HtMX OlIn 1111
I Vt oUjr Cfanktt Its
HU iiiitu lljr1 180
nrrtl Jcr1or mint all sees tan
ttu > p ae0 mien and a lf tenlh
MS lv lrnU 111
fMnr > Shot 113
I5 + t 011 fit I < < iuiit 101
Lar airy 118
Y > ia iHM 111
jt Nnnc i U
PI Dltrnatd 14411 110
SIXTH lI oh44n plan sad r4
nni two yraij oU ifHtac Or oN a c
f An
Anpit AIMarer 10
pit AIlua +
e 1 ir
741 wlne = ri UT
0111 IIJ U >
UI 10 rr P7
use 1ti IaM1 n irl
i Taunt > UrrUn j Htnna il
Ull llaultn W
tee 1IWU T hA
nllc IRC 00IJ1 S
1 nl Im
Jetif town 1W
Aiercnlle allowanrci
Ilrnrrc wader Of the New York
atantl2ltunr Col JI A Durnnl of
DI 1Irllnd Emil L Boas mancer
di Ole UmburA AJTrIan SleGlm Ir
IJne AirjTiSl 16dar 1nm JUrnbur
the epamer fomtrtlc1l4 1
w 1
OfficeHolders Will Be
Up a Stump if He
Quits Race
BpftUl I The Errnlqr World
AUnTCY t CY ffept 7bThe83X1
tofa Convention II to be doralnatej by
George Wajhlnrton Aldrldfr woo waa
Hupcrlntfljulent of Public Work during
the PWOCCO canal improvement icantlal
and JYnet Ilrndrlcki who wag Huper
Intpniont ofJniurnnce during the In
auranc aoac4AL
CMn rrnaman illVe DrUeoll lien
drkk > t man U to be permanent Cnalr
nun OLlhe conviction and Senator
Armstrnr who prernU AMrldK
dlrtrtct la to h e temporary Chnlnnao
In cane LlrutQov llruc In made the
Gubernatorial candidate If lllvetni
run llruc will be temporary Chair
man Hemlrfcks went to Saratoga thl
morning Aldrtdr Woodruff Barn
OUrlrn Kllburn and other members
of the JoyrnOT kltchru cabinet
went there this afternoon
The omen bolder erwd which Is behind
lilnd the Governor la In n state or
hind uiKticnciu They rlr before
them a loiitc train of dimoultle If
HiCYlna sends word that Mn
llilgln and he believe that the Qov I
crnoia health li such 111 to mAke It
impoMlble for hlfn to Dun two more I
yraro of cx outlya life
JlratlloU lock would ro up one
unrtrnl per cent It JIlKlni ahouM
Eel nut of the race
Followed br TnrlUI nrTnllon
The effects of sunstroke upon the
digestive system nro often very se
vere ns well us upon the nerves I
An Ind lady had a striking uperl i i
cncib i <
tour rear ago I was stinstruck I
and HIT stomach so congested It was I
terribly pilnful even to swallow lilt I
ulrtiv and as nothing would stay on
my stomach I begun to fear Etarva
tlorj 1 finally became perfectly I
helplp fund was given up by OUM
physician I
44 nnlChbor fold me how ranch
good Qripo Nuts had done her hiul
band who suffered with dygpnnala
nnd her son with typhoid fever no
I organ to use this wonderful food
nnd slowly began to recover until i
now 14101 strong and well again I
can eat naythlns I want anC think
mope Nuts one tf the xreatos bless
lng that was over given to suffering
When I began to use Qrap Nuts
i only weighed 118 pounds Now I
weigh 148 and the putfour years
ban been a blessing almost beyond
belief and If I had not personal ex
perience rould hardly believe what
t know Is true My nerves are
steady memory cJtar dad I owe iy
fine conation IGI1IofC Nuts Naae
clven by PoMtHH Co Bttl CfMk
MTberea a16000 t jj l L y
T < W
I > oo I et
to l
HAVANA Sept 2 Threo mm of th
In urr nl command of Om Quu JUIT
been hot hear Santiago da lu vtIA
tar attacking women
Shoo Ct r
Coward Arch Prop Shoe
This shoe Is the onlv practical remedy
for Flat foot or Weak Instep a
farm of foot trouble that n becoming
quite comnv It is frequently mis
taken for rheumatism on account of tbe
shooting mina It car es in the foot
nnd leg Flat FoOL results from a
jfrndunl breaking 11omrOftbtu b Rod
f ntep and ii generally caused bjr pro
t long walking standing
i Men Whit arc on their feet agrcnt
dtal will find the Coward Arch Prop
Sloe very different from the ordinary
I footwear
1 Lt rate the foot restores the natural
elasticity to the muscle sad makes
j walking n comfort We specially
recommend this shoe for Men and
Women vho need an Arch Supporting
26S274 Greenwich St N Yo
V au IU11111J1 ITJlZT
Internally a btU to a Icwpoonful at n4
ways heady Relief In a hilt tumbler of 1
ntcr repealed aa often aa the dlachariM
cuiiUnu and a fiaanel uurated silo UUllt
Ilillef planed orrr the auraiicb and bowel
will afford iuci Uat relief and xm enact
a eun
Rntjwaya Ilradr Jlellcf
Ukeo In water will la a few lolnulw con
ramp Snaim Sour Stomach Nausea
VomlMrj Heartburn NervouanrO SIp
Irtaaeta Sick llrtaaohe Utultnc and all
li term pale t
9 o if
There la nota remedial agent In the
world that will cur fever and ajru fwd all
otfctr niaUrlova tllloaa and other fexr
a 4fd br llAnWAYH JII3 in quickly at
II VlnVAY A CO R3 Kim St N T
Gears tto tH V kr 99U at Nailt v
City Cork inland
FUMTJI 4oid r imr > i 7 p u rear
meat Palvarr UtnUxrt df Nltdaro Tr4es
No via ImprorCNl Order of ItMnMU tn fool
iMmtxri f ten seventh A4 inb J O ivrU
OoumlllM Tammtay Hall rt > ctfully In
C La AlP b

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