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Jfw 7 c
I 0 h
I p w t
11 f a IS HIS OffENDER
i Mrs W Howard Mears
Appears Before Church
Inquiry Board
v ii Noted Men Hear Ttcstimony
About Ministers Encounter
with Negro Woman
Mr W Howard Mears wife of the
former aaalatant rtctor of SI Matthew
S Prottnt Bplsoopt Church AIth
atuwlln M tor her huibuid totlay before
for tha church Inquiry board lnvc tl
catlne hit conduct on the nlcht of
March U when hi waa arrested after
a meeting with a nuro woman In
l Btventh avenue The younr wife ttood
up alvinchly for Mr Meafa and mild
that iht wa aware of hli torlnloRtral
atndle an < 1 kflew beforeinnd of his
trip 1th nlfhl ho van frulrd The
hearing waa nrlil at the lit Houie Mo
41 Lefi lie Mreet
I am Intereeted tn my hunbanda
WOk and believe jvihe that lit
onler to preach sermon hi ahould han
oM furl nut heariay evldnce uald
Mf L MLat who Ie pr tty and not mvte
1 than twentyrue ira of age Hh < l wan
tt i liluemrfniiK ml ttitll II
to matrh when the appeared before the
i board
Jixilajor Beth Low It acting a chief
InqblaUor of the Inquiry board miJ the
other lM jnombwr It 1ranrt Iynde
Htt on with the Itev Dr llunUncdvt
rector of Grace Church the Ite v Dr
William T Manning rrctor of St AI
nes > and the Ite Oeorifi F Nelson
aa the clerical member Th tcUmony
u taken by i trno Tarher The rec
vntnendntlona of the board will KT > to
Ulahop Greer who will hate the final
Ay aa lo the fate of the young rootor
The hjearin WTL In private
A aeniutlon as rauced br the testi
mony of Detcllve John Bcbmaeke of
Inspector i1U5eJ taft who followed
11 r Mean to tle R enth avnnux re
sort It waa not favorable to him
Detective Joseph Herein Schmarke
t purtrfer detailed how ha had followed
Jlr Meau after reelne him accented by
the woman He teatllled that the re
port iat reoortM aa a ratheritif pltca
for tmete of the ver > louretl claa and
thit It was not CAfe for a ptraon to be
i Mr Meara also appcarpd befoce Ihe
b < > ritl > uttr waa hi TvSf who made I
the tlar plea In hta behalf Pocloloilcal
I work and itudy naa the defenie of the
youna vecfor He aleS he had made
many other earclie for material for
aermona In tarlou other aectloti of the
llov Dr Arthur U Judge rector of
dt Mttha Mid that It waa not
uentlal lo permonn on thu tlurai In
Ida pariah lo wormnt Am li an4 In
vrttltrauon by his aetaan reitor Two
other church WIfleIeI were hen and
the jneetlnr adjourned at noon It I a
tiou likely that another aettlon will be I
> eld The affair U up to Coadjutor
Illjhrip Oreer who It wa mid will
Terser hln llIIon nI week Trxj
I Indlniri Of the Mal were kept eecret I
Singer and Manager in Disa
greement Which Courts
4 4 May Settle
Mlt Heiile A bolt of the Metropolitan
Opera Company and llrlnrlcli Conrled
Jve come to a partlni of the wet
and lod < y It vai announced that the
jttnffT and manager nlll likely till
tjtelr different In ourt
Mlf Abolt ai I > hake font on a
I tour lIhhlfr rvmivavr ell VAl okrC
It to mike her flrjt aiperanee In Inilun
V tOnIght In Marn ll Li ndtv paid
1 1Ita1ahtmnt tMve New York and
that her plarn 111I probably ba taken
3y > Mba > iart ilatlfleld Uy rfuin
In ro on the lour sir Conrled lara
hiss Abotl bl a braketi Ut contrait
with him which has ihrce year lonier
lr Conllcd > a > > that he engaged
> I1t Aliott fit 4 Years ago at a weekly
i i4r > She akl to to relit td from
tier wntracl JObO WHII ago aaylni
thai the waateU to no to Uurop In
cautf of Iht III hall of her later
I Mho la abroad ilr Conrltd contented
to this arrancrrotnl on condition that j
shi did not Im Trill any other macs
I iei MThp I Jearqtd that sJia was not I
1 olnc abroad laId Jfr Uonrltd At >
I tbl am llno aha nli d mo far twenty i
1 nbieriptlon iierformamva in NeW ntk I
I ill 1309 full tilts Uu demanded thAt I
aha be permuted to sIng nt leait forty
flnxt tiexi looon i wuuld not < G4t I
ellt la thli and yesterday her lawyer
rryd my voun < l with aperk In en 5 i I
lion to annul the cuniraal i
On adrlr of counsel Hiss Aboil r I
fui4 to tell her tide of the trouble
Latest Phase in the War of the Harriman and Fish
I Families Mrs Harriman Seeks Society Leadership
I < <
New Fifth Avenue House I
the First Step in Her
Report that Trouble StarteJ
Over Affront of Mrs Har
riman byMrs Fi h
B It Hnrrtirmn Jjurtnt limn I
If Jrtuut I llh tWIt the nrcna vt
railroad manaermenr Mrs r If Tin
riman Inn taken the preliminary ttep
In a cAmrfUin that la bellarrd to have
for lit object tbe elimination of Mm
fltuyvtaant Fiah from the leaderahtp
ot Now York oclty Work wilt be
started In a ehort Um upon a hOOOOM
rrajudon for the Uarrlroa family at
the northeojt corrxr of nftyKKond
street and Tltth arvmi
3fT Harriman has just completed
the purcfMM of the atte which fronla
fifty feet on the avenue And 130 feet
on the street Tart of the old lAnk
ham hotel stood on the pcor rrtj It
10 In the i nrt of the faihlonnbk rri
ldfnc dnrlct of Fifth avenue and I
so bounded Ivylha residences of ml > l
lonalrco And Bt Talrlcka Oth x1ml
that It trill be sate from the Intiudon
of butln M for many ynt to tome
Vanderbllta for Neighbor
DIl yonallr opposite the Harriman alt
olte a tjuth rMt eorner of titYenl j
fFUtll n I U ftllIruwn
atone Vanderbllt mansion which covers
he Fifth avenue block down to rifti
ftnit atr < r t and la occupied by W Ii
SloAn and Hency C Frlck On the
i northwest corner b the realden of j
William K Vnnderbllt and adjoInIng Ir
on the north is th new home of W K
Vanderbilt Jr On the ltMioiCOrnK
I In the new JlMOfOO homo ol Morton r
1lant I
At the prsnt limn the Harrtmnit
llv d the northeast corner of rill
fifth atret and Fifth nventve In a com >
fr rt JU but by no mean pretentlou <
brick mansion The view rdm tnt >
front entnuic Jn Flftynfth street h I
marred by the tall fit Ufft and
Gotham hotels Tlie march of ulltuel
down from the Plait will noon TCchJ
Ftftrflfth Hreet
Mrs Ilarnmin ha jilivaya TfiJ en
tree Into the Inner elrtl of the Four
Hundred but > he has never figured us
a mylal leader She naa two oharm
Inic dau htera who have reached thi
age when their poaltlon eMits them
to a lIre of octal activity In the pat
two or three yeara Mr Hurrlman barn
become quite prominent In a pe that
threaten the aorta Iraderihtp qf Mr
Kith and the younger Vtnderhllu
Fitted for Society Leadership
n > rtirht of birth breeding and
wraith Mr Harriman I well qualified
to qun It In society When ah mar
ried Mr Harriman the had the money
ot the family Her huaband care
little for socIety and has been M en
KroMed up to this time In the caret
devo vine upon a man rapidly arcnni
multtlnc an lcnmen fortune that he
bee had little time for recreation
In the rupld life of NewportIn the
aummer < u > on the Ilorriman hive
never played a prominent part The
MtnHoru estate at Arden N T a
hrfrt dlalancA oat on the Rrle from
thru city baa ben the summer homed
rtf tht family for many years The de
termInation of Mr harrIman to bUIld
a palace In town for the entertainment
of gussets on a lancer ecal than thnt
to which he luau bn accustomed will
nrvoatltat a Newport re4d nc alao
The activity of the Harriman In ao
rtal matter give some rolor to the
Tumor tha4 haa been tn circulation for
a y rtr or mere that It was a social
warfare between Mr VIIi and Mr
Harriman that led to the downfall of
HtuyvMtnt Flab It toa bearvr raUl
ently reported that In payment for an
affront offered br Mr Flan Mr liar
rlman tntUled the aid of br hiwband
In a warfare pn the Tlth social and
butlne itandrnr the drat result of
which we the depoMUon of Mr Fish
front the presidency ot the llllnol Ceo
tral Hallitay
Government Digfns Cnisade
Against the Overcrowding
of Qrs
oxJO April < Tlie Wbewl Qor
trnmant iiea alarled a MlJIJ I I araJrwt
the overcrowding of rtllrpad lAra The
lubjeei wa forcefully broutlit to the
Oovrnni noUc during a recent
ftilnn of the Iou j of Com moot by
complaints of thoie silo ullUje me un
dfrpround and uMrhon railroAd to
reach their realdencea In dlttant truli
A bill will Introduced at the ra
aa mbllnr of parliament jtlxlnr the
I n r nf Trftde and It Itallway Cpm
inlanlonert porbr to Qfdnr the comparer
Ito run more frequent or longer tralnt
land to lmpo a pentiUM In order to co
vent overcrowding The PPM Id tut J 1
I I the Hoard of Trade Mr IJoydrOwJrKr
iteolarrj that fh atraphan lryf nyl
aance and danjtr mud oNO
I ATLANTA April tMn William II
i Inman haa authorlid a denial of the
re 02t of her nrac mtflt 10 Jam H
> lIkO o U To > < Truat Irs Ip
man will I 5S arl In May with her
rnoihpr n4 On to apeD the summer la
i t
I R r U 3 31 help Wanltd and StI
I utti tlon Wanted Ads were
I t J JD I printed In Th World yesjerday
1 1
fl wORIER1j 793 MORE than In 4 ALL THti
OTHER N tW VoiJcMorning
11 Newspa ccWWp
SS JFiiutflTTTTTfl
I 4 > i5atai
r brT1I i
C t I
I c
1 4u i
I a
I 4 c
e 4 C
i C
7 7 y
TVf3 4
0 i
1 ± 4
Or How Mrs HuBs Foundi
Lpve Note Written by
the Heroine
My Own Dear Hubbyi
Mir A 1Wbtr Alf you
sri4vcst u441AoIIIJ rAou
thInlcIntr me a I nrDInkIzug
of youT I utarOrt to wire you a
New Year meataire but shop
were all eloped Yv dear Flu hqw
I wish von were hrto to throw njy
arm around vour neck ndUlI yoj
how I ove you
nib note was in the handwriting of
adre McOlfenen a > llnr clU who
vlilted my husband two or three time
a week >
I had endured the Abu of my hus
band and Ma flirtation ylIIJ other
women for eighteen > ear when I dli
covered this love note In his detk on
Jan 19 tr Ined Mr Jlertha K lUlU
In the Ulat befor JustIce OCJnrmnn of
the fliiprrme Court of her action for
a epnratlon from Dr Tliomji J Hllllt
of No t CharlU street
I had seen her tit on his Jap waited
patiently In my room while ho and the
young girl were logked In the birk
parlor In th darknr for houri and
been abused beaten and threjttnl
when I renionilralnl threatening to tell
her mother
lie It jienrty sixty rear old and the I
hardly out of her tren Then I found
Ihtttriqte In her liandnrltiajK
Had Been Snooping Around
Vlien he fame In I ald Writ Hex
youre her dear hubby are you
Ho youve been nflortlna In my ru
pr haa you1 h taW He mndd
the note declaring that I should not
take It to the the of Mads Mr
Cllnnet Then lIe prabbed up the ran
Ingknlf nd prctJinir It a sins my
heart swore furlouily and nld lie
would kill me and llk Nora Ileldy
pur maid swear I hail committed tul
MIT irrtlli stood up nflli that tajf
Dante can innknife ten inches long
ari < llurii4etl Hie Mrtier Oi in llrllj
wlflftlly beaten and gwrd candlllan I
laVv iuP Dm lUll lo him Th Opolor
eald at flrat Hint the byte was from a
iill nt but afterward uOd
Jonl you know Jlavrnt I ell
ulaned to YOU acaln and acaln Ual
Mir MrOulnnoi Is noting a 1 my mmi
eml Jplnti me ou m > book Vlikh t I
airfwrltlnuT Tlilt note la unlyn lIen
It tlie P4t > a loin letttr from the Uer
4111 ir to kJtf atrtAtbiurl I
Mr 4tlll NUV up Iha note but 4ie
h jj i Kei th precaution to nitkJ a
vui of I
Ii Iliilta rt > alnd tbr note oitien
In Ie fulr Imiut uf hIS miimi 10 flue A
A pal of ti nook Was iliruttn to
i e The Xtcctur al a + rtumi IIION
hU wife alor > If alua > lui HKH
marriat Beptmber iMT dawn 10 tie
rini he ltd Ii Ill l > b tu be Ulf
ana acid > > r hd bun lalhrt abu le
to him r Hifta that ena threw a pin
of frying tat awn him on one uora un i
and nit him on r uticg j I u dub A bolt
of dre i icodi he had Jut iprcViat a
foi here
fUn X Htt
1 htautul
1 A a
T 1
p H
j S
Being a Popular Phrase XNhich
Is Essential to the Stren
lOllS Life
I Abraham IjelnnMn arretttrt at Jjie
proprietor ofa rtliorderly hotel at Third
avenue and On Hundred and Thir
tieth atreffTiT tolh4d In S3W
ball for trial In the Court uf upend
gloriJ MajrUtrUn KlnMJte who pre
sided at the hearing said that one of
the w1lnfte for Relnman was a de
liberate liar and to the appeal ol poli i
tician h rave a word of warning for i
the future r
Detective Flynn Rod Hereux of I
Inipectnr Dillon alan erured a war
rant forth proprietor of the saloon In I
question and on Mondu arrested louis
Dresser a bellboy at the place When
Magistrate Flnellte taw the lad ar j
ralcned as the owner of the resort he
was dumfounded
What tin you mean by bringing tha
boi before nv aa keeper of a ttjoon
aked the Maglitrala Whrri I give
you warrant serve It on the proper
person or I will call It to the attention
of lha DlattlclAttorrny and Commit
> loner Illngham Ill hold this boy and I
you go out this minute and find Ute real I
Tlie tlfutht arre td Iletnman at the
ulnon last night and locked Mm uji tel
a cell at the li Jt One Hundred ant
Twentylxth strIct union IoUtlclnni
attempted to havm the prisoner balled
0111 but all ware referred lo Magtitrate
Plnplllr 1ien they called at Kfrtelltra
hovae be barile them begnue > A pry
of bnadm ece4lad in an automobile
but failed 10 get tile Mairlatrt i
tina < ure ii the bond Tammany
ltadr Ahat taut to be Plnelltta
polltlral polllor Vies ruoertlel to but
1I d Uiied 10 ntrfr A a a IH
resort lhJf called at lilt horn of Judtv
IloaaUky of the Oourt of General
HePion but did nol gt any aad
Itrlnman spent the night In a sell but
was aupplled with food and warm
blanket and pillow by aympathlilng
I This nisrnlng Ialllinta Ilnll re
teased Ilelnnun on ball of UOOO fur
nlihrd by Mike1 Hsrllth a harlem
t falAankeeper who uaa also Iwen ar
rested Haoerath ahowed his deeds be
fore BOBS naa accepted The polio
vtttf earned by ih Maflitrate III ih
future to wvo rtanU on tfla people I
mho artuatly violated the 111 and null
en dmnmlrt
HAVANA April 1Jo Ayala n
Ciutef lif Jltlh o lulnnj Havana
1roklne was ata > lnated yeSterday at
tJIIIIIeI ap iwilly frumt POliticAl in
lives tU ld Iba aovriirn nl forces I
at ClMlna during tni Augutf revrr
I imuiTtRii aO mild eninuy this 11
I eat In Mexico from which < > unr
I he had > vt rttitrved The aiuatln I
i rim bflonifd b > Ila roiw army t
I need
I C =
r lai on XILI the doctor a ho waa > 1 J
Kiouili 10 be hr father wee iUriy
I v U tonic
On rcxttxtxnlaiiwn hi Kdgar h
Id altorney Cur Mr jllllla toe
I prrlty ludiu admitted that Dr llllln
IMled her KfelU ah was in a JtUJadel
sg Induatrtal ahool tU14eI
I but rJilll tk e4 only a del of
I eparaUan She wlkf d to retate her
I dowK eights an the WII worth Of
real estate axmtd by Dr I m and
oulf SCj a < aftiare of JIII1 11 f
N J trara Ida peabeI 1
T ii i rD n It
tESaiM r tld ny I
H > T
Captain and Crew Of Swedish
Bark Pander Sinking Off
Bermuda Took to Boats
Th ateAmer lUrmudlan which ar
I riled here today from Ilermuda
brnucht a pMtenters tapt Tienctaaon
and nine membcru of the crew of the
I Swrmllth bark Ilntlur hlrh was aban
doned at lila on ilarrh So
I Balllruc frpm Apnojaclilcola for Aptn
rode Oernian Oil ilanh 4 wIth a tar
Kn nf linnber the oxptrlenreU rough
weather with heavy peas tD wjijch abe
labored and atrnlned until abs sprang a
leak Tho rind and sea jiicreainj ami
for several tiara blw with hurricane
force Tim Irak gained In pHf 1r the
contant efforts of the crew to kern her
freen the meantime the foretnpmatt and I
imnlilliiHiuti liad lienn carriMl away
Land on Jlarrh S when about fort >
I mllrn outlieH or llermitita the veeul
nilil ami tie mol tinmanageaie I apt
H ntw > n and hi men then took lo
cut bolts and ifter tK > ttQllr hour
of oonalani work at lilt oar they
reanhert Uernuula
The crew of the Pandur irlll be enl
to their home by the 8wedl Consul
I Little Abram Van Horn Was I
I Attacked By Spaniel on
March 17
Little Abrflin Van Horn the three
yearold ton uf Abraoi Van horn it I
Alltndalc N J died early today la
ronvulatpn run ruUrt rauxd by Ibis
bite of a mad dot Ma rah U A black
apanlel owned by A neIghbor ran amuk I
In ilie vllUiir street lilllnc ll > rtilldl
lip knocking oust lilt ahlarold tit
rr gOsh IwUnF IIh utiu t Ihc Mf ire
he could be raptured and shot T
oll r due Were all klllru
The body Of fie dog was bro irht to I
the Pasteur Inatliule In West Twenti
third lret on March i and examnet
l > v t > m Whre rr and Ilambiud 11 U i
aatd It was aliKTI witt lr > iiotvi
y tlft hot was l > r ift here I r treat
ment Inimedlaei niil iuI t N gIn t
In iuierI tie a WCCt e rr a
In Bellevuc as a Refuge
from the e Malignant
Tries Hypnotism to Shake Ott
the Strange Dread Suffered
by the Victim
firmly hM the pircopathlr depart
ment of Tlellovue ltoptnl had ao re
uoai kal4eaeL5a for obiervatlon ai that
of Miss 1rIe i Major of No MO Second
avenue who wait taken there yesterday
by the flaY F A IJoht of No nt
IZaat 1ourtMnt1 > lra t paator ol the
Klrtt a rmn Baptlit Ctxrroh Mist
Malr It the Nlollni Of a palmltf
curio Unt ha Incirred fovir year s ro
and her experience Is a unirular exam
ple of what harm autosuggestIon may
work when It one lake hold
Mln Mater bar been a member of Or
eM congregation for several months
jnd she emrd to be laboring under i
uch a Jisavy jnenUl Jmnlcn that fle
took n dp Interest In hen A law I
ilnyi ago aba com lo him and prayed
ue4 tAt1tfftltl n J1ciiri a
Tnrtune lelV bad put upon her four
b raI 1110
SIP told me I Mid Dr IJcht to
day that abe had bndrled to call
on 11I1 palmist bv frlen She hail
been getting alonr nicely but wa very
amblllout Hr friend related mar
velou tlnrle about thl fortune teller1
power of dlvlrintinn She went tn the
man whose offIces were appointed with
ill the mytterloas and Imprenlve trim
mlnpi that IK n part of auch frauds
tock In trade
She offered her palm for a reading
and he gave lItr a glowing account of
the future She ivai to aueceed be
yond her wildest expectation and
marry great wealth After h hud
roused the brightest hotiei In her he
demandivj a fee of K Hit when abe i
told him nbc could not afford to pay
stch K Hum he bream enraged
Could Not Escape the Curie
He reeled her cruelly and Mid tb t
he would put n curiie upon her from
which ah cituld never rape He situ
that abe niver would boo able to hold
AnT employment and that its wouM
be pursued by a myiterlou Influence
which nojJd finally cn hher
Now while a hardheaded practlnl
woman rould laugh off uch a thin
as that another what you might rail
rood hypnotic ubert rould not
Through autoiURgmtlon Ihh nurse
worked aa great harm upon Mitt Malt
U If Ole palmlm had realy possiseui I
supernatural po
° Sh told ma that almost ltnm4l
atel after her visit to the fortune
teller hs lost her portion Boni
mytttrlout porwn had Invented lies
about hr the said which reae ad
her employers ear Aftep that thIs
mytterlou Influence for el was never
abvent from her When rile went to
it new P ace to look for employment
the discovered that oruu one had bUll
Uftte beforer blackening her char
I aeter If she managed t to get a place
and hold on for a few Ian the ann j
malignant Influence would Intervene
and tail her out agan I
I No argument cou d roattnco her that
the Influencv sits opake of aa IUrcly I
Imaginary 1 decided then to tr > ni >
liypnotlr power ofl wee a rt believer I
In ugratlv therapeutic I read her
palm In the aame fashion the palmist
had and told hor that her ell fcnlqt I
had been called ott I exerted all my I
mesmeric force but lo no end I did
not have the proper tinge setting did I
make my hypnotic augcntllon Imprta I
sly I
Third Convulsion Not fatal I
I had heard of a tlmliar caae In
I aria wi era a palmist had ouried it
mm who refuted loll an zlortlonatr
fee He bad mails href tro ie In I
palm and told him he would haVe thii
contulloni the last uf nUloh QuId
bu fatal lie had to cnpuliOoo and
then consulted an Hnlnen nnaii pp
clallit In nervou and mwiUI dtaoaiua
ilm tieclaUt rrad Sits paint and tobl
hIm ho would lilly tn third aou uUilan
but that It xould not be fatal lie wa
lived In thla way for in the mentuJb
and phIIAII nervpu late the man
wit when lie called on the petetlu
he would surely hat e oifl In tfic third
convultlon Jud be u1I lion 01 1lIllh
not been aldetrackrd
Hut 1 could not Idetrark Ihh curse
that Mid taken auth drup root In > 1111
Meier mind It reall > had A diner
ouj hOld on hUd and I de Ided that Ia
SMI thing to oo we to take tier < a
llrllerut There iht may toe saved triiu
lIuloa harm lo Illult and other
tWMIRti I 40 nol bliev he will ever
reTaln her mental balan Thtre area
a vaat Iumber rf aueh oaaei in nh rn
un3jp trt > a palmist rKuhtajKr ItnJ
io ailed eer dMr < lt w ak rnlnd
d and blip flU the inadhouie Ae a
less Ueisa harlatiM and mnner irub
irg > pntt pu id t e driven from
tn ri 1 ev are phr t a hnnej a
tv i III rI s i1 tar
Expcrtncu galntJ bv ytkri ol etp Hence jtutlfic Le claim
that neW Collar ptitenu b ur perfca fit and ill
ac VMxto tt 0 JJw NY Ualata tI CiMll SUi U
Atystery of Kidnapped
Boy Is Solvecl at
for evi > ida the IwJlM of Im8
Ul ml nf and Andrvn Muiir or par i
cut liar been keeklnc high end Ion
forth bo > who dUanfMori J from hi >
pUiytnate aihit a they were plaj Irp hide
nmlieek after school Tim bus WHU
was fourteen year ouIaid llvwl at Jo
I H VIIlAni irttt a Ittlaily nv u Ui
ro lost nod U wa tltn Kneral opinion
In the Uutoli K11U iwtliin of IMDK
UlanJ City tbt he lutd been kldnnpi
A ghastly nod mae by JOI Jtkart ot
No 1U William trel Long Island City
today ole the mystery
PtVart lies a large clitern In the
uet o his liout and It Ia located
at the end of a paaaaroway whloh la
almost totally dark Pekart while
drawing water lost hit bucket n tm
provia a hook and hue to recover It
Severn time he drew hit apparatus
to Ant fro In the cistern and flnnlly It
cAUtht on lomethlnr P kert tujrciol
and was amused to find a ra heavier
wvltrht than any pall on the end of Uia
line When ho drew what he haul
hooked onto the mrf caot thewater
and lucid a Kent over It he tel beck
with a o of fear He had nahed up a
borg body n h
th nbCi qtiiokly apreaiF ttirouxhoot
the iiflJ iborlio l and an soon aa th
Monrlera heard of it they hiirrlett over
One look was enourrt for thmn to IdA I
tlf > Iekart unit an the body of their
milling 0n Then Andrews pUymalej
rtmunib rd that he had told them ha
would butte where they would never find
Hill If they sought ever a long Th
top of the cistern In Iekarxu liotia ni J
aemliUM the lid or a Voal Un and It H
tult e that the boy crawled In ami
dropped Into the vefl or more feet
of wary tt contained III rrte for
help aa he drowned were nUfltvl by tlwi
hold lid which fell 100 he releaited hi i
Mm Cell A Beyer III Mr 0 A
unhlin who liv r nt No 4 Kant One
Hundred and Fourth street went to
the Munhnltan rltnte Aaylum on Ward
talana > calonla Jn an euiloAvor la pro
Ure Hit release Ir
of Mr Ke Dcnjiuuln
who they acy It tune
The DriiJuinlnJi lUed on the third
floor at the One Hundred alvl Fourth
street address until two week ago
uccrrdlnr tu Mr lleyer und Mr Lou
ilm wilt ADV that Mr liunjunln was
taken uv > ty In a cab by two doctor
They leal ned ttlfct she au u on Ward
Itland but the authorities refused to
e tliftnv eer
According to erll Jieer Denjarnin
ta a trnvelllna tlxtnmn and 1 mn 1
fqa earn the outcome of 1 ronun
While In Indianapolis three year ago I
he met Kve Haate 1 nineteen iMrotd i
uctiopi teacher and hv eloped and j
me In NTr York Tixv liain n txun
boy was haii been sent to IndlanapolU I
Mr Heyer rays
Millionaire Finds Second
Wife in EngIandNot4
Known Herci i
Arlliur T Kemp rnhlllnnctr4lh i
prominent In X o w York aoclfljr
l mirrle Wrdnetdav 1 Bngland tb Ms
Hilivl K 1 e Meiiitwtft o Mr KI mj1
fin Iv n ihi ry and even tile morl
intimate frtrnil d lar4 they i
aipainttd With the Grille nor hid tt4
heard tirr name mentioned rIitIli
I cabl gnan ned tif nlll 1 I
IMKlu tftnn Mr Kemp announced the i
wedding Thig took pluco at UI a re
rionco of th brltTSBToqma cat <
Uomoro nouta lltohln Hertfordahlra
Mr Kemp la I eon ot the late O ore
Kemp a number of the xlnalva Ug
Him of Lanmna A mpU W
graduated from t ale In ivH ThXSS yean <
afterward be wedded iU babaU NI
son elder daughter ot Mra Firtdertek i
NilUon ana suitor of Mr Itntlnaia
VABdcrtllL Mri Kamp obtained ai
yore from hr husband ln NWfi
eeiiyiaUitd and in Novembar of iJUtt
viler ivu martled to Mr HollU II
I HiiiineACll of boston w n liad benit
illvdree1 hv his lIst wlf who prerloai
i dlvoro marriage Was 3uhiC Mud Jaz <
i tray a daughter ot Mr nnd Mr How
jinl 9 JaCriLjr and ghn jome lima > fj
i tr her divorce married Mr John n
i Tooker of Newport 1
For three veers 1 Mr Kemp ha 14
Roundsmen lt wr Anderson aari
diner Malone MrMithon and Iltli all
attAched Id the Tenderloin station were r 4
up before Put ConunUsloner llnnton S
tnduy rlmrged with filtlnc to report
hull4tng material that hail been dum pe4j
blloln afloat without j rnilnlon Irflai
the lw rau of umbratue
All bin two of lh Iloundamen Me
Uihnn 1 OArdlnet were fln d one
day pat They hail been In the Q
rn onlv n dilort lime
hued on the knowltdji that discs o
the skin mutt 1W trcitxt througtthes Ua
l JM
P J ti ITriTltmon itrlkM the genus taJU
eat lam the weak cuticle and by dt
lat U dMtroys the cause of the dtnu
Though Jihd as a gargle and clnaaly J
cure wnter D D jl frttcrtpUon it a
powerful llqulff Tn comEairng ttie gerta r
eeiemn ixnriMli ul rhtum rfngKorra
dandruff and all firrnit ot rsMi JDIW
OnilMll a doctor pretcrlptlolt HiJ
manufactured to that It mar reach every
hudy ADd I i t tbrlor a enl
tY ll
medicine Vnpr jmKcd doctors
ooIDO < doln prtt t
It rely No extrntrgmt claim are Dl4
lor 11 Hroimtil recooiiucndattoA come
from thousands of person who bar bela
cured edit tbelr letters will be ihownyfta
at our Jrug attire
I with lo itit that D D D haa f
wotiileriul r ulit sty Il Brr Kutyjft
Ui 1aWUiO trset arcaworlb K Al
i lUll u barber In buslnatt I ncommmdit
to all my custuntrs and It hop given u
I 1
I1llCINtlr al H
Ueu a bottle ot D O I today and II
will KVB ou JN8TAKT rcilltf T I
Itlker prut Starts
A Womans Health id 1
Is a heritage too sacred to t experimented with For her peculiar iisd
d e amc < Its only rngdiyingggf known ccjnpocitor end WhiCh con 1
lain u olra qJ Xircotics or other harmful or lubitformin drugs
ihould BcJerapldjW The one medicine which fulfills all these regolfet
ments h JDr Pierces Favorite Prescription remedy with a record of
over forty years oC Jiire5 rcconuncnd it a jctnedv the imeri L
which print its formula on cv ry bottlcwrappg nm ntte5t ity
tleSs and correctness under o > iti > a remedy devised mid ndiptftd to wom
ans delicate constitution by an educated phvsicJMVran fcxpefienced
ipecmlitt in womans diseases a remedy every ingrcjent of which hjjj
feceived the written endorsement of the most ntintnt medical writgra
of all the several schools of practice for he cure of womans pecully
diseases fr rgjncdy which tax more tonafide cure to iti credit than tuny
thcr djy druggists for womans spcrjal requirements his Iiet
jivcn away in the form of trial bottles to be experimented with bet
is sold at a fair price by all dealers in medicines
Delicatewf lcnervotn women should
I especially than the use of alcoholic
I medicine which from their eUrnulaU
Inc and eihileratlng tlltctn ma tttm
for a llrof to d good but which from
the Inevitable effect of the alcohol In
thrlnklog op the ml corpuidM of the
blood are suret4a do great and lasting
harm In the long run neildn they
beget a craving for ftlmalatiu which II
mot deplorable
Only invigorating and nerve strength >
enlng effect can follow the uie of Ida
famous medicine for women It can
not pouibly da bar in anjr data or
condition ol the niter Mini torn
carefully Adaptedto woman needs by
an experienced physician ipeclallit
in their dIsease lit make freak worn
sn strong and lick women well
I a woman ba bearing down or
dragging palm low down in the abdo
men or p lvU backache Ire et
beaJichfi dizzy or fainting spout Is
nervous and easily startled ha gnaw
log feeling In itomach eea inuiinnry
foaling ipecki or t1 beore hr
eyei1hu melancholia or blue or a
weakening dIsagreeable drain from pet
vIe Of can she can make no mtatafct
by retorting to the ute of Dr Pierces
Favorite Preaoriptlon I will invigor
ate and tone op the whole sysuas and
eecIally the pelvic organi
Pr Pierce Favorite Pertcrljrtlon h j
a i tentltlo medicine carefully deriMd I
bv in etticrienced and ikHlful tiynl
clan and adapted to woman dalcata
stem II I made of natIve mrrican
med loal root and is perfectly harm
less In it effrcU N sa y condition of Ikt
ttmult lyittm
Au t powerful Invigorating UmlcF
sortie Prescription Impart flrengib to
the wbole vaUm and to Ue organ
dlV4nl7 femlnlM la prttoolar For
OiSftFO4 t 11 rur 40t
d1Ittts4 tcce R in deaN
plq4 see ststi N Msp t 1is
kiisrsnis t t NIl
feeble women generally Dr KercVi J
Fawntc Prtacnption is the grjalert i
earthly boon being unequaled at an
uprlliingrorJlal and iwtor alive tonic i
An a soothing and strengthening net
vine Favorite Prescription Is utj
equalod end 1a Invaluable In allaying
and subduing nervous excitability If
rilnbrirty nerrotu exhaustion nenrouf
prostration neuralgia hyiteria epurci
8tVlt4u dance and other dlitreMlng
nervpu tymptom commonly oda l f
upon oneUonal and organic dl eaae ot 4 I
I Uie uterus Ii inducea refreshing sl p
and relieve mental anxiety sod 4cf J
pondenoy tf <
No woman lulforing from any of the
ab9 > e ymptomi CIIII afford to acccpl 1
any secret notinm or medlclno of un
known cotnpontion aa a tubtltut for
a mtdlcino like Dr I1eeraror
Preiorlptton wbich U OF XNorrN cow
1011101 and haa a mx td of orer f9f Jt t
year of curse and t ll more larelw >
today than ever before It makwi
IUihoJ ao tvecrel froto their patle
btllcvin oj fi publicly to be UM fti1
bet guaranty of wtirit
Dr fir e invite all aufftrin wome < f t
to consult him by Utter nt ol eart
All letur 01 ccufuluUon are held if
Knell private and sacredly coafld a > j
ml aDd al weN are returned In fI
plain i ulf1 rovelopx Address Di >
r V Ijrc Invalid Houi nnd Gsr
gic1 Ii iilflU Uvjffaln N Y i
PI cl dCIOC941
ILipaln CIe iiitlon U he cause ql
many diamaMg Caru Uie can e and
you cure the disease OreIrhltjg a
gentU name and two a mild tftttaw
Uo Drutjgiii tell tliem anti
IsulusISa Bwd They are Ute i
Little Uver m tint pal op U t
Dr Pierce our 40 year If
imitated bat never equaled 1IMt i
tiny laprcouod DUIT saav
take aa candy
Pr Pierces fretl UtQlMH4
tr Med Ofjnmon Sea e > ICIal
will be Vat Inc pspuLqueea
ositCtM tampa or cLth i
r 1addaN 9ff
1 Si

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