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r J MM <
t I1 10 Hlt f uIiit i Ii
yo J
tTifty of the Locomotives
Are Proved to Be II
r Useless
J Jf Tlfty eJeetria loeomotlrea ut pur1
thatril by tho New York New Hnrei
a4 Hartford IUlIroe < i Company hlch 1
urtre to hare been put Into ere ou
r J lne been found too fight io I
T draw the hlr ttaint and In COnaequ nc <
I t2 I IRSt allet Ion of electricity on May 1 I
1 will be dtlayed U 111 poislblt tiat
i electric tn ln wfll not be In active uie
J Ik tor jeveral month though ertortt will
r v b e mule ito Inatall eme of the amall
I motors on Hcht train on Juno 1
p Th flfty rnotora weTs punHiajed by
p the company at ft lario eipen They
0 ncro Jtpecteil to have a rpteA with an
h ttVfrnco train ef from ninety to one
i hundred mile an hour The motor
t u aim riferaUd with orerhnul wtrtJ tho
tt trolley iro thct powe ftr extending
Ji trom th < t roof on A tort of ai < K
IE That tho motor would tn > t draw thlt
r ffl rmin aaf u diioflvct cm Tiirtrtay rte
nn xMrlmeataI trip nn attempted
wIth a train of ietral ecpr i curt
tour aleepcra and two day coarhta
hen poorer waa turned on the motor
car the wheela rpun around and refuaod
to crip the track The motor howd
Ju inability to f rt the train on a level
true und It wga plaut that It would bo
unable to pull the bear luuJ from Two
Hundred and Fortyninth etreet up the I
I rrade nhkoli conuntlea aJmoit all tho
Il Wa1 to the Nnw Kmjlnnd diatea
9 Kxr rt nln rs wcr caJInl and they
I aTxijd that Doue of th motor
benvy enourb to amir btnoln for In
I rencon that tho wheela would not grip
I r hI rail I
L i laaac IJrumley of the New York
2 > w Haven end Kurtford aald todiy
a It U tnt thai in flrty itoloin wa
g bftu pUrenllM have not proved SI
utlafactory a a w elleed Uiey would
I and It may te that w will not be nb4
i to Install electricity for tho iaeDttt
p tralna until June 1 or later However
ii t wt may unit that the motcrw aro not too
i Itt and the slneera may devlw a
L r WaY bv irhkli tho WONt of the powor
I car can fc wde tn Blip th nail
w had expected to Install the elec
f IrieVerx innp May 1 AId WOO making
S 7 lour Plant to Ibis end when expert
1 ΒΌ rnenui und ut that we ha i better
w watt until our now equlpmmit had proved
i more iatlaf jotorr
Durinc May < will malt many
i I perlmentAl trtp our Idea belnff la teat
tBv exact tremrth of our motora
J Electrical ItIln < 1fMI are of the opinion
Jr that the tem aervlce cannot done
I J way with unqi a nuwlr of hwvler
I motors hat lx < n norchaerJ
TVneaf urm In tho early mtrkrt
11 jtoday PL wejTdier condition but the
Hr4 lnc Wu mjy tnoJorata
Corn woe auad
I New orloptnlnJr rfrlcca were
VheiJuIy l71u ttl1 May ISSK to
1 pIfltw i rS1L
t hlfa rne op niiut prltts were Wheat
r July 7S7S JAY i7H to J7J1 8P p
y Umber 81 t to Ml4 December MJt
Jf CornJuly 4711 SeptrmT 47 J4 to
f 4TH May 4734 to dil1
Dusnu in ttie tiny cotton market
today was active with price to I
jrf olnU hlKher on cbIes which were
T much better than exaecteO
C TBjo oijenlrir Drloey were Slav 45 to
r 144 Julr Si to tIb Aorutt t to
t 5j October 6 1U to > M becnmber
1 its to Sfr4 January JO JO to Jl 0 > K0
jruary JOJ4 WJ Warch 10 M bid
JrUaMtNQrOi DEL April llMlai
JKull aldrrinn dmirliter of thJat
t 1031t ThKrpWIua W Morrison V B iA
1 I of Vntaburc hg arrived In NS aahln
ton from PAsadena Cal her Jiomt for
th xi r purpose of coming tiere next
Wediwinlitf nnd < lb Unms a aeel Gov
ernment l1etURBf named In tier f thrI
nt mb < > rx Capi alorrloon tx riad
ten In the tIxtflth Uwetnient for w
oral yuan and WItS WelL known woa
one of C be Urat onicrri killed at Saa
Juan 11111
The veuel will be launched from the
hlp rant ot the iuay Se Jones
t Company It will be Used In the air
f i vIce uf the ouarterinaaira ileparl
f rnent In New York harfcor The craft
la rlghtyalx fet In Hntth twin acr w
and will havo a speed ut U 1J atatuu
b miles an lieur
fe VWM K S BKai > H MHi
lUmUft luB and TieunUdft from Cold
TaAXATIVR lillOWO OululM 1110 rl4 wW
I Co 14 aM r ip ri4r rfrmv ut CK4I for
Ihtlillam JOekjQtIJ4fltUN ICJOrorek
if i
I Wholesale Tailoring
i 7 Days Subscription
d Opened This Morning
Anr able of Made to
SUIT for Sprint
or Summer for
ii DayorFtenlnc Measure
for Home or
I Trivtl TOPCOATS 1410
I and UVfRY
1AUTO ClOTltfS Any Style
c Iii Extra < > iti far Biz MI
SII 40 FlUe TIfue
Tt lo Mcimrc
I r
Bro ayCvr Chambers
Police Searching for Thirteen
YearOld Bertha Sdicrer
Note Causes Suspicion
Berth Behtrcr a < h > rt en > r > rod
girl ivho blond ixautr made heon
of tIe irrettleat children lo the Otonx
b3JI Itftn tnlulnc from ier home at No
ia < liait Ono Hundred and rot 7TnIfl
sIred alitc March G last and tier
Igrvlta ur ulmuat CJllrct1k1 Vlnl
rlrt 1
lJorth wan a high nplrlted child ana
nncn Mr mollicr rvouknl her for the
bad mark on tits BLJOOI card the day
before her illaaptwaranc efle Jji < iUllO
irMittf excited and Ibrelolenrd to fret
home Tho next day ens returnea mom
chool al tin yaua tiour nod Uiea int
the houa for a private dmwlnc csooi
aha attended TAla was he lest aen
of l1er arid from a letter Ji Ir mothrr
rfrelvrd todav she htllevM that Her
clillil a > Pored nwnx by some one
Tim l ttr U Irt German and adrt n
ttta inothrr to local a man irlio rctdn
on Kaat One Hundred and f xty ninth
niffl and la nou > nau for rnlWnjr ctrl
from home Two weeks uro Air Schi
rcr T < Klvoil another letter In on ovl
dentlv ill nil < < l hand tfln tIer that iir
Oninrhtrr IJertha in irl and Jiaonv
nnd hail a rood txMllkm at llrht liou
work anu mlndlnir a child In tho Bronx
The lrtt r was sxned nrthari Me ml
JUt t dIr nr 1lIn 10 tl
t 1ht hIIlt was t ntII of t
I A Great Great Grandchild
Among Those Who Cele
brate with Her
d iJ W 1 > leiinr I oT14
I itotVT VBRNON Aplll It 11to
Oraml Old Lady of Mount Vernon II
lIe honorable raune irhleh h4A bCSt
ionf > rreU upon 11 n Itheui Miller who
iurn > u itled ty about iVwnty decend
anii t > < > iy lOl < < > rat < i hw one hun
dr < un btlhd ay at her homo No li
1 Sjl l irui avenue Jiount Vrrnnn
11 r i lunn Kriiiidhlldrwii and creat
g rJIIIIJr rninffe l a airprtso
dmnrr 1th moat of her direct < le
cendats In oltemlonce
Jit > e tier treat Eia Mrj tlllef Is
11 S unit heArt > 11cr < yo lcil U rood
111t I e NI > > y o nplthdld tumid and
I i ability Mi la recardeU hem
S rMil ilauehlcr vf the Amen
i lUwuilun toM she li an ncllve
i TUX I tOe ilelleent lorter C tapter
ot 10 V A Hit
Mis Miller U the dauchter of Cot
fr > > VftM > At One time Col W < b
> in lie uonam la the Ooaat Guards
ir I njO ixipt Jl un SJeotteli In which
irfiint lie tnlUleJ In Jlirrti 17W
I i nN hli tlliaharctt on Jan 1
I >
fn romn hare lived to lev a irrrat
s i IIi JiWuriiter born but this KM
ft fn urtun oT Mrs Miller o
cr IU dauajiter t MM S O Vr
> g uf thli cib who b uie
1TI11h nj Mrs J U tMabrow ef
Mallll rt i who In turn U the mother
of MII Vector Pejorlo of New York
to whom WIC born Iireo montha Wfo
AidA l < eJ rti comolstlnc a tin of
lineal rrprrMntatlvtj of five renara
lions ah IIvlnor
Or Mrs NI1Lrr tMr cUoirn
four are itlll ItTlnif and iie haa
twent > one Krnndonlldren twenty
right KmatRTatidetilldnn and on
rrr t I r n Jctt4 Hhe wan bom
tn Stamford Conn 1111 Acrllll JW7
and caine tp thla cltv In ITS She
murrlM William Miller Methoillet
rlencyinsn who preached until iti 7
C li n lie bam a luotlce of Urn tuyice
T ater t1i KUn aerred tour ream ai a
Suprem Court Juitlce In thla Elate
SIUSBUHV Conn April JU Former
CoY Oeorcn P McLein and Mlu
Juliette GoodrICh dauchtcr of Jullm G
Ooodrltil of Hartford were married
> terdy tit iav J U Urtean
bro irr of the brJdejrroom omciatlnc
Mr and Mr MoLn left Immediately
< n bridal tftrv
Edward Lauterbach Criticises
Methods of Republican
County Chairman
JMIUtw 311lft heAr arirument to
day and mentotl l rUlm < MI the apptf
calton of Jab NvnitMit for n Wrt
at nMiMtarau nrdoflnar tJ1e II ejniMlc
County CnnmUtln to rwtore him anti
the rt of It1e llfmral Commute to
their pic j In that holy a the r pr
Mntattrea of the fourth AtcomUi 1 > I
Kdvmni I < aUl bch autay wllli th
IIOYI WaS > w tad champion and
be riddled JlfrWrt lai mm and tits
attX > Mtted kMRlmrJ nrlttocmt end
reformer wlU larejum
NewilraJ II an Ofletj mAn and
IuIH > cn paid that th goodly and
I rtl1h Ponont1 was xesy lo K > > sen
leiigiii ti kf > rp any Odflt man frf
hAylnr a 111fto In th mahacrmrnt of
the llcpubllcan psrtj of LUn CotUilv of
New York
The plebeian people of tho 3cnlrth
I A embly Diurtct hAvlwic luul the ef
frtmtflrr by a vote of lltti to 1M to n
levl Jacob A Nwtteai and his Ilepub
IVoan aaiocJate ttv membership in the
tocratlc llfput llr n Count Coajmt
ti said TAuterbarh Ihe reTtuieatt
I of the Ikxird of Klrctlon aj aVeerited
by Ihnt aucntt body in OII i1 > er Aid ttv
kwicloveil entlfmen of iic llamovj
tnckMl Twmlynlnta permltteil tJiem
to Mt nlth ihem for three Whole
I moathi
I Then a oluUon waji pdut4 by the
majority present at the Januar1 meet
11110 the Couaty Commit i ar1nc
I their aN l vacant 01 the report of N
I Commit on Contested Heats that
I there eat aomethlne wrong In the con
I duet of the prlmarlet
Now what I4a wronc Ttar impl >
that tee pl b lAnx of the Fourth elected
their own rnprM ntatlve In oppoaitlon
lit the utroorats wtw are ertnkjnc1
lo miOAK lie 11I111 of the party n
th lr own sweet Innment a
We have B primary lir BS reI IIi
an election law unit It li tuir a vital
that the nrlmin Uw be nvainUlnetl at
that the election taw btt keot tnMotat
Th < County Oonwnlitee li a lecal ntit
Tha c t > urt ami not tbi County ora
iTTitJes or a ntnmlttM tm tsjnteits1
pajits rmcit Judre of ih nmilflcntlon of
member of thai Swlv imiler t i kfw
Mr tuterbaih cll < > d Ie decialons of
< IUd JuOn JJiiKr andtMC > arf cf
AiipeaH In the Ue Seiaior < rTe
case and the nillnc of J uitire Krlly In
the tIM of Penatir Ioarren deelar
aif the rHn ret H I C t > mmitte
hid nr puwer < a II and other
ChrtrJu h Carp ne upoVt for th
County Committee u opptntt > to the
1T m
iL fl
a A1
The Clupeco process an exclusive Arrow feature Insures long life
and most accurate Quarter Sites
dtxtl Fntxxlr it Co TroT N V UUtri e I Qactl Eblrta
1 fi TONIC
I k
Nature has most abundantly supplied the forests and fields of this land with vege
table material for the relief and cure of all the ills and ailments of mankind Our
forefathers recognizing this fact searched out and compounded these ingredients into
teas concoctions and medicines many of which have been handed down to succeeding
generations to bless them with their health giving lieaithsustaimng qualities
Among the very best of these vegetable preparations secured from the great laboratory
of forest and field is S S S a medicine made entirely from the invigorating healthful
extracts and juices of roots herbs and barks in such combination as to produce the
greatest of all tonics and a general systemic remedy without an equal
A tonic is almost absolutely necessary to most persons in tlie Spring This is the
season at which the greatest demands arc made on our physical systems because with
the return of warmer weather the blood and every member ofthe body is making extra
effort to throw off the impure accumulations which have been left in the system because
of the inactive Winter life and few constitutions arc able to withstand these demands
without some manifestation of disorder fc The blood becomes weak and watery because I
of the collected refuse matter which it has absorbed and can no longer supply the body
with the strength and energy that is needed to keep it in health The pale coloclcss
skin physical weakness a tired wornout feeling fickle appetite poor digestion a hall
sick feeling and a general rundown condition of the system means anaemia or blood
poverty and a tonic and blood puri JUo
I fier is needed to right the deranged twwtwwwww wow
system and enrichthe blood aT i
The body must have assistance J OUR SYSTEMS
it must be strengthened and aidcdwith
a tonic and SS S is the ideal lone 0 i
Being purely Vegetable in its nature + UlJAi OIii WITH 1 iHl i
I it does not disagreeably affect the sys f I
tern in any way as do some of the so t CHANGING SEASONS
called tonics on the market which J t
often contain harmful mineral
ingred t4t 4t + + + t + + + + + + + + o < M + +
ients to derange the stomach nnd
digestion unfavorably affect the bowels and otherwise damage the health S S S tones j
I up the stomach and digestion and assists in the proper assimilation of food it rids the i
system of that tired wornout feeling and imparts tone and vigor to every part of the
body It reestablishes the healthy circulation of the blood purifies and enriches this
vital fluid stimulates the sluggish organs to better action and quiets the overstrained j
nerves which makes one feel on the verge of nervous prostration S SS gives an
appetite and relish for food that nothing else does and by its use we can find ourselves
with as hearty appetite in Spring as at any other season It acts more promptly and I
gives better results than any other tonic and is absolutely safe for young or old
When you take your tonic this Spring do not experiment but get the best S S S
NATURES TONIC the remedy with forty years of success behind it nnd the one
I endorsed by the best people all over the country It is necessary at this time when
i the system is weakened and depleted at every point that the right medicine be used1
one especially adapted to the disordered condition and one that wilt brace np and
invigorat the entire system and for a great many years S S S has proved itself to be
this remedy It is natures greatest tonic and the king of all blood purifiers I
IK ig 1Ml 1l MrJId
Neighbors Cause Arrest of Fa
ther Because of Dangerous
Pranks With Son
Jerrhed on n ehbcnry on the root ef
the tmxtel t lt inenthoui < e at No Mo
wt Foftyftrat Street Charles nMier
4stadob4tuI irrevUnna to a shiver
ing thhonf In the yard below lot ulicht
AGfIIt Itlhir of the Children1 H xlety
nnnlfy ro iti him from his perlloua
roust anil turned him over tn A poilci
man In We t Side Court todAY the
man wan rptnmKteu to the luyclio
tiatnlo ward of lltlltmie Hoipltal for
Zither l a decorator thlrtyrlrht
3earl old who hiss Klven signs ot men
tal derangement before He II a wid
ower with one inn Qeflrge aged nine
> earL Neltrhbora reported to the Chll
dreni Ho eli that FIsher wai de
melited and Infilled upon taking hit
boy to the roof and sittIng on tho
When Klnic teethed the Flshtr flit the
boy wax the only occupant KSuher
nat orr the root nonchalantly trlnjt1nc
hit legs over the edce of the chImney
I > ont rum up here lio called to
KInir 1ol might get hurt Im flee
proof my if
KlcBfernuaded Mm to dfetml to the
nt Tlier Wits R bit < tra In lh ttove
and Imlf a dozen ri < ept pen fil of
bolllnR water were inittlnir i omln of
iteArr JolkrmftJl Nohht was railed and
took Kli her lit ruftixly nhlle King
look rai 11 i rY ie tv
Sleeper in Supply Bill Car
ried Provision for New
State Office
ftprdal to Tfi RtrntM WerW >
AItlANV April HA il vrr scheme
to Mioak through the cltimurv tlie
pHrjHWltlofi to abolish thn Rare Canal
Ai > vlor > llonnl and transfer the dutia
ur that Itody to nn ticln rr under tli
Buporlntendrnt of Public Work was
iitivovrmt today by rrprorntallrra of
the New York lily BOAnl of TraIl
Th Supply bill which carrIes appro
rrlallona for the rxprnira of the llov
irnnunt < wnl ni n lirottilnn Iynll
the Mlary of A coniulilnif rnglnr loj
be employed by the H iprrlnt nJ nt ot
Public Work to perform the work now
given to the Advtaor lluanr ot 111
A bIll keesmplMMnir thin lAma jxjr
po1 In atioth r w y l > now befOre the
Senato Finnic Coirmittr The pro
m ra of th scheme OXIVXIP to alto
propoaltlun throuct Under < y > vet of
the atnllr bill While attention wa be
I ltr cTt xl oo th Humror mcie In
iWii rtnnnc Committee Ttm aurotr
bill li before the Wujra ewl Means Com
iniltcc of l11e Aiurmbly
Chairman Armalrot K of the 4enat
Finance CocnmlttM drnloi tint the aua
ply WIt Item la meek Ttfi atlon He
says it doa not wlp opt the odv5iory
board and wan ln < J > rS br ti HInt
Knijlneer The penpoj new on1ctr h
I explnincd In o > e lo e the Upern
Indent n
teitient of Publli rlni expert en
formation as to canal tter
ROACHES Out of Business
In aJiffy
Rough JnrBedfBufJ5 iLitfuJdtin Spout Cans
Destroy Adult Be < BugtOand Roac11 eSt nnJ PrcvenU
Further llnjchlntf ot the Eggs
ror SlebrGt < < nDnlrdlU
Furniture lIduU l
criJa 1cc ind25ttsa
ONE GtlJcn CixiSl00
FIVE 400
B WCLLO ChomlBt Mfr nndvPropr
700 8 TOSOrand Stroot JcraoyCItyNJt7 1 A
Potatoes 7lb Basket lOc
At 171 James Butler Stores
i The potato is me king of vegetables and these potatoes are u c
4 rest of their kind They are 5eIecteJ from the choiust shipment of A
the Green Mountain variety grown in Maine
Remember uten you see other juices that the JAMES BUTl TU
p ilb basket is better value than a socalled basket soM orb cent
which holds only about 4 lbs even if the potatoes vrcra equally a
I 4 good and thi chances are all against your getting potatoes equal t j
those our experts select
JAMES BUTLER values are absolutely unapproachable In all
Jines of pure foods In teas and coffees and In beneficial beverages of
e the tvst sorts Every housekeeper knows this after she makes even
one trial purchase
Here are a few more of the unapproachable values at all Ihe JAMES
BUTLER Stores on Thursday Friday and Saturday of this Iveek
Tomatoes 3 Cans 25c a Can 9c
Ripe Red Rosy Fruit in Large Regular Sized Maryland Cans
Prunes 5 I Condensed HUH
I Santa C ira froth rskunneJ and Pride of St e Louis Flour Fresh from herds In the Moh1w1c
Yillcy quality cuirantetd
met fresh and full ill SUltrltlae Quality XXXX the belt milled ho other flour Elves Ussle Brand x chcjtinJfcfiii v
ortJ st thd very low 5 C equal SJtfilacton for cread biscut cile and pastry tt is the best al Superlative value an I UC
rrs b Ihe Ib round llQur for housekeepers No other hltb trade flour can be bQuM Liberty Brand Extra rich In
Smoked Shoulders for so kN 2 ptICeyil creim a can 9 C
Delicious ltt e plcn ci lean md tender N By the Barrel 4 Butlcrr Milk rrom pure
4 40
4 to bIbs at less thin whole Oc eT j 1 5 Whoim rich milk a can 8e
sale Boneless alb Dacon 1UC 241b 55c I 7 tar 19c SSftr lOc Essie Sugar Corn
Genuine M lo < HlrliMt quality Jc
Sfclft < iRleUrind sufir curtd famous L M llclouJljr sweet tender and
for Its rare livorj every slice streits creimx can JLvFC
ol lit and lean at len tin 1 T
vbolesale a Ib I 7c 100 S C Cl H Stamps Free State Corn and can Southern 8c and Brand Sugar OC
SmoKed Early June Peas
Trill vltH the loloulnt I Total
Blue Ribbon Brand sliced thin no wre purchase ItJl
Turcliaie Cavalier Brand Extra tided
wisle tbsolutely clean In 10c I tree ad tender can 1 3C
dust proof cartons eachk 1 UC 1 Ib Very Best Tea 50c Klrlil nd Brand Standard 1 1
15 S EL Stamps lIb Very Best Coffee 30c j 80c fancy Canned qualllj June pen arS can 1 UC
I Compass Urand choice quallty
Southern irulti large can pre f f
1 Oc
t tcrxd In syrup 1 UC
with largo bottle of s eCt H Stamps Free Farina
PeerlessWorces1 Blue Rlbbonn nourbhloi
Worces15c rchluelof 10 cents or more C Oo Groceries
with all purchases except s whai 6c
tershire Sauce heart of the wheat put ac OC
S Stamps Free with package Aunt Nannas Pancake Flour lOc Spanish Olives
BucKwheat Flour 5 Stamp Free with package Peerless Corn Starch PC Crisp and sound dellclouil Carortd
Peerless Ilrard extra choice quality S Stamp Free with bottle Butlers Iuro Chill Sauce lOc Hnby Olhessmall bottle 6c
In large 3lb aize pickajes i f 5 Stamp Free with large bottle Peerless Tomato Ketchup 15c Mauunillas medium slic bollle1 Zc
1 Oc Free with medium bottle Peerless ToinrtaKetchup JOe
1 5 Stamps
each UC Largo Queens m big bottles each I5c
Free with large carton Uluo Rltban SaUj 7c
S Stamp sal1 jMniiiiiiotll club bot
Verihont Syrup Queensurfe 25o
Snettrinj from IRC Gren Mountains 10 Stamps Free with larrc package Triumph Oats U lOc MsicniotliQueens extra Urjebot J5 < <
quirt can Z9c In bottles r Stamps Free with Hb can Blue llbon Dakim Powder ISo Blue Hibbon Jams
each I9c and 1 UC 10 Stamps Free with larte bottle Cider or White Vln Vinegar lOc Choicest ieleiUd wfcole bulls f
10 Stamp Free with large bottle Domestic Salad Oil 18c 15c
In tIl > tlUS lars each 1 7C
French Mustard
Butlers fraud of choice Q 20 Stamp Free with Mb can Blue Ribbon Flaking Powder 35c Liberty Jams
miMty butt e OC 20 Stamps Fro with Jar East View Beef Hxtrao JSc All the bolcdt rolls In tlb f f
20 Stamps Free with 3lb IlOX Peerleis White Qloss Starch IPc 1 Oc
Impsrlal tiranmA bit for tOil us chIt 1UC
Je 20 Stamps Free with 4010 bot Peerless Flavoring lemon or v > nl Hi 25c
Itti tollle J Liberty Preserves
b llotiietnade from bulcc hllll
3 lb itone crock 2c
Guinnesss Stout Icerleti sci p3CtagC Threaded XLCR Brand Band the Fish best cholet packare St
Fish Tablet or Bricks
AT 77 JAMES BUTLER LICENSED STORES a cholcrl ome cacti quilltyj tooth IOc
STOUT furnishes i high proportion 01 nutrition wth the rit111 proportion of jlcohol DOZtN DOTTLES Imported SardInes
Just enough 10 muljte without IrriUtine GLINNESSS STOUT as bottled rv JAMES Pint lit
DU fLU is the reMectiun o porters raikln i bcntllf bcycnte that is ii a1 11 1 K Judlce < t Clej VtdlKtranean dan
HaM a jource of rrfrve fntrjy and a rower ul rcupera lvt to the muscular Iiun of t olive Ilea preserved oil a can In French 1UC
body UlTUER UOTTLINQ li ltJ thin half the coM ol the Mine STOLT furmh11y ex 135
elusive botlleri Is it surrrin that qur arolly trade Incre ici 10 fist Just take IPte Alaska Salmon
of the DUlLER PRICE w tar tv tr if ir or tv if Hatcher1 rand
Ct olce > i Ked n cans Fkr
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