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89 7
i Full Details Relating to the Form of ALL the Horses Running at j
L Aqueduct loMorrow on Page IO N
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tVEATIIKIl Itnln innlirlili n rlnrtlnj fnlr ntliter cATlmllnln tonl ht 1Vnlnr1nr Inlr colder
RESULTS EDITION r 4i Circulation Books Open to 11J I circuiiuonBooksopcutoiuvJ RESULTS EDITION
= C
Friends and Relatives of Men Taken
in Great Scouring of City Rounded
L Up in Court and Searched
f by the Police
< r Nearly one hundred men locked up last night as a result
1 Commissioner Binghams crusade upon l i oraiH and vicious foreign
f ers who roam the city with jjhelr pcketsiU their uaisttands sagging
under tlie weight of revolvers and Jrnve are now in the Tombs prison
Various Magistrates held them in heavy baij to answer to Special Sessions
the charge of carrying concealed deadly weapons
2 MI the CMtgistrat tfwd4 yiw4H pK > vekcd mu rdefo t wo brave
policemen in Washington Square Park on Sunday and by the uncounted
lists of recent outrage are united in an effort to break up the vice and
protect life
The Justices of Special Sessions also promise their hearty co I
If < S
About forty of tile Italians nabbed in last nights roundup wer
brought from Headquarters to the Centre Street Court today Over
< Iwo hundred of their friends and relatives filled the courtroom and cor
ridors of the Criminal Courts Building wailing to hear what would
happen at the arraignment
Without any warning Roun nan Hunt and a squad of policemen
came down upon these motley spectators and herded them into an back
room where all of them including even the women were searched But
ContlauciJ on Swontl PJIEC
J5 FIIlItT IIACEflfllln IhtH oar oIoITO a 4IJ pig tuloa Liart to1
a I Voq 4jlvlni Till > 1a n Uuer b tC by 1IIIarll AtI luunnlllL
r 4 L IIIaSr I li t K = Jlli = IU JvJiijl1cLJhA
Jsoa RIIIodaii 101 a q 0 I 1rlir I Ti iiiu 2 II
U Aululun I IOF I iM tI l 6 41 fI 1 0 l Ukrro 6 i 6 Hi
rIUlha 1 Li > O
ofl roI b J IU A 1 ft 1IVr 9 t 1Hi Ji
If 9 j L 10 2J 1L M
Joit tin 113 off 111
Wot muttt bo9 bfiwMu LI M flr t IIU91L Clr le bad a 1
11 8UCOND RACJITwnld IdftJ 444 feur furtonaii m rT r33 IFm
I oIlonc TJiReSPO Wleuer b f > H > IW titU gwJ J J KVjS1
i4tfPrtM i Mr1 SVaB i < aS3ima a urrir
anM Fact T 0 S S 1 IUlIlllr tfi 11 TTTi
I J4ulth I i I 8 i F b g 2 HR
1 44Z13 to jjJl Iorrir 4 p
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if IDlller 1
as 1
lJlii llAD fl p S44IL tt iiiiap 6 j JJ
lnrr Kttly y L ii V tA Iul w a j
b Ittni y Dl 0 Hgb I g g III
I L j
< nitor raynlr I j ubuciozi jQ s I 1w
= zjri I 1 1 1 Ell tc4o
t lime JW orfTTW
toerlo cam flora Ur U k Muk md Fac4 ihowtd a let of Po Wallalln
HP > CW t
J 17 I It f cT Kul11 IurroI4 n uNCifi OJI mil H
I I ou1 4rIhijc JIJIII4I 4 L IIRH b h br O s IouonJhanrl
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Jndejt IrtSU TOt J Qjj CIi 1
IOU lek VcKen SoTOt I MfUte rtiif u n
= JWL4d4M Iiry Morn 15i s T y I4 Olr1 d il J I M
ci t M Uplj i Lfe J8 S J
OJ ii
hiyid i 1 Jt uuwton 6 J
PIuIS 1 II Jifc I Ltess 7 1 H
ID t T l 1 < j
Itl1ifi LJi lll e 14 A Ii 5 I 1
P 0 cfn IIIR ytt I I I oUWiI J1ulloa IkfluIIpp
Ja clIi1I i HcKii JIl ail iIIi Imi Mary f1M U114u wk 114 i etI Irnz HavU
IlK 1cii lllllAB TC J = a5lut i < 7oJlllln Ii ifr r r old ttr tugs tutiiii
1 lii OWN Sir > ffi 411 TI4I 13 1IIIIH b u T MI Coui E1
+ QlIiJ r iI p L Hii I I
= 0 Ul NOI t1 v I L k to i 41 r I 1n
i Or rar 4 M 1 I r i i
to h isai t I I uIalui
I 1i lI 11 I q 0 °
a Mi uuUn A
1 Lull lId 14 hi Ii = 9 4 =
TIIII i14 p y 0 1 IhU i i Ii I
lie Mirth 1T irifCn lab II I U III Ij t U I 11 0 4 J I I I
J 9 i WupjrII 01 i 4 46 1
7 r1 iii 4 i i IOU 4 ut fIca iqd iIa fIu4 DI oro hI4i4ql thIi
I ZA4r IliIII Ad I I rtw p j iuiiia ro i IItI tenllVh
I Neuu u ISSiI b Is J ds4 rv ta rrIuII hid pe Ills ONoll
iod pid
i r I I pljiITJI 111 g IIIfl Ihrjsm ohI iid rd ITtor 44j vii ill
a I 5111 0d Tb arIiIg Thu 1 J < Wi uii II c 10 y ugig Ihr ef
t J4Aiiii OIf = ThUIJ IWI4k
pg4z aItI L Pi lit I 1 n J iu4 9l n ILMILThI1
I I IN II I VUt r I 14H jTI
N aIitrr II t I I MnhI4IJ 4O M j I
IaUiA uS i f r lII Io
11C s jy11 JIiIiai t IU i f F alne el T 1 l j
Ulll tl < n Inill h > r uI a II ii P i n hiI L
1 Cll ft1iiV 11 Vi7 a loU lIt ipwri III d4J 1 wn > < Wi Hin
I iI n 111 1 i I I i R WIo I t 10 iraIl4nhL VII OWBtr
i J T rtjlnn
Jpde Mun i a 11 < BI i w S fiu jiKki u I iim o pi Itf
I fivieiii 4i II I I I I l uIucbi 4 I 3
1it L
J r I I fi fr f r JjjJ i
fg I
rL1 L fI LSLt h II
ft 4 4 ill I I A i
Ir lIIiIk4I UUY beet iWfnIr Ifr it 14 JI u r vsI fU ti 1
i ili
i Li LL j 0 1 I
a j ajLgtJfcyl id oif iitli i x cl
Little Rider Brings MasKs
and Faces Home and
Upsets Plunge
Added Starter Gallops Off
I with the Rose Stakes in
Easy Manner
FIRST RACE KlllochatnS to 15
and 2 to 5 1 EudoM 8 to 5 for
place 2 Autumn Flower 3
Facet 5 to 1 and 2 to 1 1 Maga
zine 4 to 5 for place 2 Rptarlo 3
to 1 and 2 to 1 1 Mary Morris 2
to 1 for place 2 Rohador 3
FOURTH RACE Notaiulga 7 to
6 ndS1oSI1 Tea Leaf 6 to 1 for
plice 2 Frlrette 3
FIFTH RACELally 5 to 1 and
C to 5 1 FustIan even for place
2 Witefboirer S
SIXTH RACE Prrtentlon 9 to
10 1 Cresiina 4 to 5 for place 2
Pultui 3
l Fflelit to T r nrld
April 16 The larttost loriruc phmsi of
Ole rapine eaaon of I > J7 In whleli tn
heretofore hidden form of a good two
yrarold wa dlflord wa recorded
after the court rAe today when
Hoiurlo n tar Huby gvldlng from the
barn of Cotruuiohe Jojner tilled to
finish better than third Twenty thou
and dollar wore Itwt on th gelding
the odd btmr txnlcn down frotn I to I
to I U > 5 at the clo e Suoh a wanton
and recktaa hovelling out of money
and 111 jiMclne of marker hlL not
been aen al11el the aaun a opening
Byilnry Jtlt and 1111 olubhoui
mate Joyner the trainer who
hand the blue blood of many of
the Bolmont xt and nil own frIend
Went to Jloaarln with wry ponn
dence Their commlwtloner led a
planned attack on the confiding bookln
until the layer sot elbow wary al
tvrnatlnr In rubbing the odd and tnk
Inr the coin
Jan K Ktn iru deHned to
mull the good thine Ilk he ha
don In other financial plunge 31eka
and teu d rulied a a ponlblUtv
only non un the bit with Mlllrr UD
I Kvrn Macailne favorite and wvlllng
bet toiro and hi millionaire back
er too romplnar Into lecond place
Iloarvo wa third There were brain
tornn In many quarter of the track
alter that flnlih
Won In Hard Drive
KJllochan waa a Uply4 favorite
In th op nln < < dash but he bad hara
work to win Garner wa very coon
dent In the early ajcci kioptng be >
hind the bunch while Gold Circle ana
Kiln Ahab and Eudora cut OUT tn
pac In the run home Klllochan cam
through and on hard driving won by a
nnok from Uudora who beat Autumn
Easy for Mnski and Facei
Ia C4Jin PIN up luvortle In aa
no > md rec but iseM b4ck lo 2 to I
undwr a plunge 01 liON who wa
btoknl from i to 1 lo V to C AUk
aM Kaote went up lo > lo 1 Thl Un
rurt to tie front coon after the atari
made all the running ajul won cleverly
by a length and a half from Macailnr
who h < nt Xnfwtrln the name dlltanK
Jack McKeop Won Cleverly
Havable wua the rhnire In the third
race Ollpln waa plunged on from K to
I down to 1 101 illlpn Jumped away
In front but oOfl illwi away and have
ble m de Jhf runiiltiii to < he treicli fl
liiifcl by Jack MrKx H and Ollpln In
the run Btxne Jack lloKeun wenl la the
front and won wndllr by a length suet
hAlt from Mary Morrli Kho elueMl
Iron and beat ftotiador the jam dU
lane <
anerAdded Starter Tikes Stake
I oaauica IWJ added darter In Ine
I ra Bee Htakei went la the front at
the start made all tbe running and
won by a length Item Tia Imat wio
lull gOt UP In time 10 beat Krlielie a
head mi the pil
Lally Wi I Winner
hutton and FuilUn were heavily
played in Hie ntth flH but LaIty a
Ii In I rhani wa I She Winner at h
ad J > Ue Ae Itsl Ute t I1r1r part
but itlwl awy and uelUn Imwvii
the war IO the ylreieh fnllnwed bj lUi
lie A a and Jill In the run htmir
Ijlli wMtl 10 in < from and nun hand
If by a IrriKili and a salt from Pu
lien Who brat ttalerbearer flee lenntln
for the pier
Irtlentlon went tu the front Ml toe
aurt mad all Use running and won
jy JI v laiijtha CI4IiI 1J1IWnA tlwt AI
iecortJ all M > way IuUjj third all
Ille way WM YII mjths sck
I 1 I
M i
j 1i pr t 1
jGrand Stand Fills Early
at Washington Park
This Afternoon
owltl In n gn World i
April IJohnny ilrruw ilAntn
opened the bnnrball nea on her hla
afternoon In a game with Iatiy Jono
ans Brooklyn younKMere and iron In
rely faahloi by a urore of four runt
to one
Mclnrrrr who twirled for the Brook
lyn na hit hnrd In the firtt three
InnIng by the ninl they finding hU
curve for Tnouctl Mfa hisi toUlly the
four early n n whlrh won lh came
After Ih1 Innlu Jlclntyre nettled down
and pitched cnod ball
Joe Mcdlnnlly who hu always been a
atumbllnft block to the Hrooklynn
pitched Another one of Jili Rood game
keeping the hits > o nell ernttered that
the hot the Dodser rould do waa to
rciire only one run
The game waf wltne resj by one of
tile largest crowd Ihnt ever aw a game
In Brooklyn fully 1SOM people being In
I the park when the hell rang itnrtlnR
I the Kame and Hev Father McCarthy
tlrtem out Jlie new 111
I The fan of thli borouith and lo
I Manhattan are certainly aebflll mud
and Jut to how what a Ixid the na
1 tional icnnix tin on tr < m JUI now nt
I Irruil three houiand of hem wile
olamorlnc for admlllance tn the ocrUI d
la early a 1 M oclock hal alt at
Itendiinoc iroord for in oi > enlnz iratrr
i would Ivc n hnl na nhox 1 Iwo hour
I before tbe iune ilarted when th tiut
era beran lo come la Ile irounJ In
Can Wire All Packed i
I Every train and trolley our that name
anywhere near Ihe hAil iMrk < rai iMckti
to It utmont > AoIlY nnd thoxt who
could not rut ln > Ule nJ > > n Ihe ro
ot the trolley cam lly iV oclock
every oat In the bill rand lind waa
ooauplod iisiie Ole tirie bleijlir acre
jammed with t > < IupOe < < w icxl hundred
were compelled to aland II > n list aide
and heo In Ironl of she ranl
At till lime there wore cully Uva
within I no DIE Inclovuiu and they itlll
coiillniwl lu ouinc lrom evvry pole a
hag wun < lo the brmie The grand
aland we beauil fully dvoortled wich
I American fliw While welting for tIn
I fmtlrllle la brain Prof Uhannon i
Twentythird 1 iment Hand rvodered i
I popular air wfiloh kept tbe crowd In i I
coOt humor I
Thai were at leoat ffI > New Toni
I fan preienl end when the OlanU
cajn on the Held for their preliminary
practice they gaVe them an ovaUon
The Brooklyn rooter on rIse other
i hind wer JUI U loyal to Donovan
Marched Aeror Field
Iromptly at 1 clock the slayer
started on their march acro > t tie fIeld
amid UIM eher and yell of the 1 00 A
escltnl fan When lisa l < wm carne to
the grand Uml they Mwru4e4l the
UrookUn playent lining up In ilniile
file and ulI lilt at a IOIIK top Je
Moa a grand old American fLag from
UM aE Pole on the 5 nd land Wltl14
the U nd t Ue l ttir r81N111111
IlAnnw and nrr body Mood up with
thef halt Off Manager Ixknovnn w
prtoentea with a bcndaom horMhoe
of lower fnuc rc hlrn with the In
> frnitk gueeeM on ll The llrouk
lyn pUyer then roh l out on th
fIeld for lMlr 10000COot 1ais Wllir
rooter veiled tisiveIvnj hoAr
A cround lulr had lo b Ibllh1
1 Ulowlnr a hit Into tti c owd In 11
< <
left and centre icooj fur two aau
Vhen the gain tlarled there were lLt < V
I Pint Inning
I H > < ke Hhannen draw a free PUI 10
flrt McJnlre beVng a trlfli wild
DrollY then lifted a blrh one lo than
rtfin which liimley niatlixd Devlin
hit 10 C4iev wine threw wild 10 Alwr
win at serond allowing Shannon to
I reach ttilnl pad I > vlld nUl Hrymour
I banced a bounder to Alprma who
I tnrew w4d to Hitler allowing Hkannofi
I te icore evlln reaching oond urea
nalun ftniieO out ilcHlann rolled a
I low One to llojntjrr and wa i the third
I vkllm OKK IllN
I iUJowey wu I 10 aniloua la walk assit
5 wn i called out on alrlket Vipt Cj r
I laied the lull Ki left for a hilt l7iioj
I ley MMked a fruumUr to llfOuM but
5 ie lIali utade II wild throw in F ahUii
Ii I vttoontl lo each < > ii > Ihe Litter 11 < H
I 10 thiN IIIId lA ii4 y f1NIhw nr > t Tim
Jonlati the nhampkwi hu < neruo bllltr
I teat year then sent the lull tolefl iat
steu lioac aoiriAf COMI ud p < omolBj
JIIn iley lo Ulto llumretl wa redr4
f DtYlln ajid UcOann Lewl iao4
r 1
p f
< L L u c
n HPOA r
S > i nnon If 1 J I f 1
Brown rf 0 1 I ft 0
JlIn Jh a n o = LcA
> mour cf 0 I t 0 1
llrennahn e I 1 I I
Irann ib 0 I II 2 1
I l > hIM a s I 00 3 0
orcorin Ib 1 J 4 0
j llKllnnlly p 0 0 1 r 0
I Tolal j 7 JJ 1
n irroAB
ilnloncy cf u v 4 It v
Casey Jb 1 1 J I 1
Irfimlir rf 0 I 0 D
Jordan Ib o 2 It o I
Humin If 0 0 0 0
Ietvlf ci U 0 0 1 2
Alperman 3ti o 0 1 J I
Hitler r 0 0 4 M
llrlntvr p o 2 II a n
Hatch is 0 1 1 0
TJII 1 4 27 16
Halted for hitter In ninth tnninir
NewXQrk 1 J 1 0 0 o n o ftt
Brooklyn 1 0 0 p o 0 0 fl oI
TlJu 1111 CorcorAn Jordan
Three 111M Hit Browne Corcoran
I llreaniOtan sacrifIce IlitfMcOlnnltr
i Hol nH eb imley Jord n 1 In
I on liaseeNew York A Brooklyn 7
iKlrat Be on BalUOff Wclntyre t
loft Mcfllnnlty 1 First Ham < in Error
I New York I Brooklyn 1 Htrrtnk Our
I By Mrlnjyre I by Mcfilnnlty 3 Time
i of la mo On hour and twcntyeliht
I minUte Umpire Ilrxler
at three of MeOlnnlty curve and
I the Inning came to an end ONR ntN
i Second Inning
Dnhlen paaled a crounder to Jvinu
and reached lint on thu Lew1a wni
throw to Jordan Corcoran amaalitxl
I the Inll Into the cruw < l in loft t
three Imcs testing Uahlen llcOlnnlty
I foul ny waa captured by Caany after II
i hard run Slutniton we retired on hli
grounder by Coiry and JdAll Brown
Chen Licril out A UireelMgtfer to lie
ftnce In deep right sending Corcoran
m r the pUte leiiti lifted a ny m
th Infield and Lewis nailed the JaIl
TWO itt NH
Abnrman tihed a slow grounder to
Dahlen and wo quickly dlKpo < v or
littler ent up n fly back of aocood
whkni Corcoran vMhered In after a
print MoJntyre drove a liner to renln
and toppol at flrt Malonry wn <
thrown out by UcQInnlty NO lltNR
Third Inning
Pcytnour was nn ray victim MaV > netr
cutpturlnic hlo hlirh Hy flrnnnhmJi hit
Into the crowd In deep centre for Ihreo
Uie and croaiiHl the plate on Mo
Oanna pretty line drive to centre lor ft
I IMhlen drove a low flv Irallll
tnt 1 Muloneyi hind itoOonn wu
oaufht atiMtltiK r < x > nd by Hitler neat
Uirow lo Alpernvan OVi HUN
CaMy low drive was rnatohed oy
fihannon In hort let Iximloy wolliN
oip of MrillnnJty i op to light for
a hair and reachM eoond on H IY
mour muff of Jordan long tie In
deep left cnntre Heymour held Hum
mer fly trot Uumley coached third on I
the out Jordan dole oond Corcoran i
dropping MrOlnrltyu throw bawls
wa an susy mark again Mnfllnnitr
toilIng him nut at fIrM NO HUNK
Fourth Inning
L wU made a bad throw to Jor
dan of Cbtcoran arounder Eying Tons I
my hla bUI MrOlnnlty aacrmcid lie
Inlrr to Jonlan flhannonT hot
rounder we f neatly top > INt > r Jor
dan who retired Hoik unajalnVd Cor
cor in Olnr 10 third Browne wi
quIfkJv mil out of th way by Cay
and Jordan NO HUN
Uahlen rot Alperman s fat grounder I
In time to throw him out at fIrst Jllller
BOI a baM on ball Molntyre hit lo
right for a sak ndonlf Itlltm to Mr I
ond On a abort vaeii ball Hitler w U
caught between ecand and third llrti
n han to 1111111 lo JloGunn to Tar
eoran llalonev out McOlnnlly 10 kJo
Oann NO IllNB
Fifth Inning
Derlln hard rap wa taken ear of
by Ixtwl and Jonn baeiis m 5i all
other cJerer top of eymour hot i
rounder and aol Ihe hall la Jordan I I
lust In lime to retire the balaman
Bre nalian ftnl up a high nr to eoulr I
which XUIoner ralheri In VOHtNS
i fVrcejraii made a net pickup II I
Casys slow roller and nailed UsC I
D idrr captain at fIrst umley out
I on lit bifid booet in Hermour Jordtn
mad a act hit la Ulo lnn ld and stole
second lltnnmel died out to Seyntour
t a JWNtC
I Sixth Inning
MeGan enl a low linefly u Hun
mrl Taaey made a remarkable ruiuiinr
I frttcli of I > hlMi foul Oly near Hi
I bltsiotief in wit held Corearn lili to
left for Iwo lMi MoOlnully ewvnc
ilouly but frulllMily at three of ulr
ts tWI iier ° 1 Ciliate took the
l d 0 lieNS
Lewis sLit a riy lo Heyin ur who later
ran out Into < deep centre and pulled
down Alperman fly HUUr wai tht
third out lu Bhannon NO IHNS
Seventh Inning
Hiunnon ooimed up a foul flv hkJi
Uney c ol utider thrower r < lred on a
ihiw roWrr bv Mclniyr and Jordan
I > vUn ot to lINt on Jnniaa fumble
Seynjovr ion off n dual 10 Hltnt aJ
vaiiolnr I > ekiin < a laird On A boH
throw down tu rateb Hermour ateltnr
Devil wa caught ai the PHI bv AI
flL oriitr retiua of the ball to
JUter NO BUNfl
uc111 n aaotd out and UiLaey
Cnnrn It I I 0 0 n
eeler rf 0 D 1 0
cJh 1 1 12 IL 1
I WIillama 3b I I 2 1 I
Import > lb 1 1 I 1 I
I lftThnzi lbot 1 2 a 0 1
KUinow e 1 1 I I
I Orth p 0 0 0 I
futhi p O 0 r I
Thomaw I 0 0 0 0
CKUten P 0 0 0 0 0
Tdlkli 6 r fl U
ITG It1L IlItPIltt
It I11Ok
turatioi If 8 I 1
Cro i i > 2 t 2 1 1
Keylxild rf > < 1 I 2 0 0
IMvl lb D 1 13 1 0
Murphy Ib 0 0 0 S 0
lord rf I 0 2 J 1
KWKlil 2b I I I I I
Harry c 1 I J J 8
DyKFrt I I 1 II
lirtlllT p B A J t II
Total 7 Zl U t
ATJnETJ J 4 0 I 0 0 0 1 00
NFV OJlKH n 0 0 3 fI 2 2 0 64
I 1011 n HHaUy rt Ijporle El
I borfejil lturY Thre hasp llt > Uavla
Cnira iJiparte Hacrlftre Hit Kwl r
Biolin Ilal14rUei Conroy Btrurk
lout hy nytrn i hy Hunhre 1 by
Bender 1 lUiM on hAllelty Preen
4 hr hugh t Wild Iltlh < lly
iinirfii l innitni for iiiikticn in the
Sth lniplrr Fven and hurst At
tendance 1Ilm Time of name 2 hour
land B mlnutei
lfMlon 0 2 0 0 00 S 0 > 6i
1h Mfllpula 0 0 0 4 0 1 I 0 4
HttTl Klalicrly and Keedham
CortUlun and Jarklti I
fit I uU 001011006 I
Clnclimutl 1 00000000 00
ICILTfCrUhlI CrxkleyrioWer
Wuhlnstnn 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 62
Boton 4DOOOOOO 4
i Ilatterlee Ialkenberc and Hayden
Young and Crlger I
n < no postponed on account of oold
Oajne postponed on account of tnt
fouled out to ItrOann CaT fout d out
to Brinahan NO RUSH
Eighth Inning
Breinnhan lent a lone fly to left
which Hutmrvel cot near the rope Me I
Oann drrw a paa tumlr mad a
pretty running catch of Cuhleni high
one In riKht centre and llalonr grab
bed Corcoran a lowline drive to centre
Iumlry wa thrown out at flrt by
ileOann Jordan RrouiioVr along the
bier line wa tired for by llrOann and
MrOlnnlty Hummel fouled out to lire
nahan NO HfNH
Ninth Inning
ilcOlnnlty was retired by Jordan un
assisted Hhannon singled lo left
Brawn out by Jordan unttd
Hhannon rearhlnr second Devlin fouled
out lo Hitler NO KlNH
lewl wa thrown out at fIrst by rar
eoran Alpermin ditto Batch was put
In to Ie for Hitter and filed out to
IKX1NQTON Ky April ItJohn
Baillh obarffit wiles the j nlnatlon
or Dr II P Coi went on M e wltnej
land tod and fully eonfnid to
the aetaMjimUw of Jim Cotkrlll ay
Inc Brlltoa wa not present but that he
Curt Jtt and John Abnr Vlllrd Cock
nil Hrollh flr4 one Jett four limn
and bur three times
KIW yon AprIl IIAt the n
quel sf Or < oi discover of poiltm
the nw curs for wa the Utner
111 iu I jux tonn K Wau ttUi at
New loris Will continue lo supply it
nerlmciHal pacisagel of poalaui tree of
caari to all who call for It or wIll
eml In pulp npp > r by mill to thorn
wHo u U tot It llchlui U allayed at
one healing et In ImmediateLy
chroniC CAM CUred In IWO WM
4 I
Great Crowds ofFans See New York
American Team in Futile Uphill
Ba t tie Againstthe HardHit 4
> J
ti i
Great Crowd Found Splendid Decorations and
Improved Diamond Horseshoe of Flowers t
for Kleinow and Lots of Enthusiasm
for All the Players
right time and a few misplays he
ing game from the New YOlks tii
Toward the finish the Highlanders n
lati The game was gone Orth w
pounded for six hits in two innings
half a dozen runs Fully 15000 ft
Klahorate prryiratlonn had been made
by the Imnctuli
nmnnioment for the r
ctptlon of the public and the tan found
much to marvel m all liu entered the
around TliouxiiiJ of yards of bunt
me had been used in decoratine tht
olnd And from every pnsibio nook
and corner fluttered lha Ian and
Hlrlp nccompiinled In the liar of
other nation The Kraiii Hand hail
been willrrly njMvlntr1 and liutMd of
lIsa Usual dark
green the teats tiered
up In brlrbt rode elvliix a di dedly JCI
ppeorance to the gtnviut Aeme
Diamond Improved
The grounds hough cunKhl the at
tention of the fan for the New York
fan li practIcal JIe
pr Hoc rather see a
good playing Held nod a uKrr Hand
than the reverie Many load of lost
had been added to the diamond slur
ing the wmur anti IMIIVUU ut tow
uuiy INI i li M which formerly Cave the
InHeld a mangy liH K there li JIUM n
urf re at imcxau an u jilllurd alotli
on u hard wood floor
Ai the hour of the gain approached
th cruivd v doli by 1 oclock nuns
bored IUAI bvcumi yoodnafured lIvery
body sans Jour John In otiurui and
thnn created much laughter by at
lemutlnic My MarlucclH
Mr FarrolI ind HeTetary MaJton had
lolvrd the pollne prnblnn two day atfu
ansi aare fully prop rnl fur Iotnint
eloner lllnKham refua at aid Ilfiv
nuclei ofllceri were In uniform send eta
tlOTird around the field wnen the gale <
wi re opened and there waj no ohanoe
for an Invasion of the 111
Promptly at > orlook the Now Yort
April 1613y heavy hIttinat the
Ip hem the Athletics took the open
is afternoon by a score o19 to 6
inde the game lively but it was too
t evidently in bad form as he was
jillnvjnK the Athletics to pik up K
oplc saw the game
aiid Philadelphia clubs lined up for ttu
annual march from the clulhou i3
Uie horn plate Wi 7i It conies i
matching tim Will players have nottila
psi the WMI Point cadet HUll the y
arrived on time iirwl the crowd cheered
thm envry sn of the way the bejiil
playlrur Tile Grand Old IUI
Just bWVto 1lay waa begun e hug
onrwl hlllwh TVA preented < o Jaca
KlrliK > w by liii friend In New JaE
I I M Mt Jim Hrady threw out UM
first WilL i
Flr t Inning
Jlartsel led off with a clean drive 19
right fur a bill Cro i mad a p r
r1 bunt In front of the plat bu
Klelnow In hb hat threw ttie ball onrtf
thHfMx hcei and n the ball rolled M
Oi bleacher Tupej oored whit
rriuu eook third Keeler trOt undo
fleyiMjrld long fly but Croa BcoroU
tuvl l inK drive woe too hot for Hoffi
liMni sold honda coil he muffed It al
lowing DavU I take third Morph
tiled out to iVtaji lrot went out the
fcuiifl wny TWO KLNa
Conroy irot A bile on ball aa a start <
er for New York Ke ler aocriflced to
third bear kondlnc Oonroy to second
Ofl e fmiM out lo Harry who made
A marvelloiin diving cntrh Klberfeld
out Hurphy to Davl NO HUNB
Second Inplng
Knight wdlpprd a TMat alnfle to a1tIM
Blberfeld mwle a bad throw of Ilarn
Uw Kf unda 10 abOrt MId the ball
Mlmt Away fnnn Chase wvdle Knight
went to Utlrd and Harry took d
Iy rt clammed a lwobaTrr Into cen
ter rIIeC tJoth Knight and JUrry
llariMi went out Ortn < o Chasi Drtr
If king third Crow ramnwd a lana
drive Into deep center for thus beje
Mi4 Dygani vournl la a walii Ietel4
FlRfiT HACKTrey of Bpadni Sweet Tnlre Curntvoca
BBCOND HACK Com Knuntalne Arabo lot BtiaL
TIIIHl HACK Orapule Wotkman Horace K
rOUHTII Ittrlt Juggler Sllckaway later
KIITII HACKHuffrge Hanrtiarra Yunkee Pelt r
B1XTH UAPB Bridge Whlit Mud Harry King Thistle i
William Boyno of No 6t5 East Ninetieth stret Manhtten
Ias this afternoon shot and mortally wounded b > tvs Brother
3erflt at the latter home No 319 Hamburg avfnuf Will
1msburg t
William Boyne was oafling on his brother and the poha i
3t they quarrelled over domestic troubes The fight caniel
an abrupt end when William was dropped with a bUllet in Ws
breast Policeman Buschlck rushed In and arrested George
The wounded man wa taken to the Pushwwk Hospital lit
condition 5
6 ryij g i
1 1
r t J A i i A bc

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