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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, April 16, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 11

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0 K ts 4 t 4 rl 14
Heard Steps of Pursuing
Police on Stair and
Cheated Them
First Cousins Inseparable
Companions Wooed Her
Tar lor < 1 of a rlrl two yotinr Italian
fourhta du1 In Otoni ar latf
ian to 11an4 wen on ot them
tell u4 with a bullet In till brln kits
7Ir hid In hs horn only to end hli
Iwn JIb when the po lie came to make
IaJm prtaonar
The dK4 men war Yln < no CIc
ewb4IrM yer old and Huea PI
anlt1Ul turrntynv nut couini and
tDMpanb1e companion untU the lId
cam between them Tha nun Und to
ftther t N I7T Occn arena O ona
Blne Bandar there had b m a root
naaa between the couilna Clca WM
calling on the girl whn Plandlano put
t an appearance Each man reoentcd
Ibe prcatnc ot the other each havlnr
bn led to bellon that tba tin had
firm bar Ion to him Thy parted In
xurar at her home and all the whIU
lIhe lantfhtd at both of them
Th oouilni mt again at the ftrla
feooaa laal nlchL Th r did not lIght
1 bSor her but npalred to the park and
tttar fought with flit Both were da
p Tat and fought hard
Neither cot the better of t arfu
merit Thy parted only to mt acaJn
la front ot their home about mIdnight
Both carried revolver then and they
wu r hot clew In drawing
Cti mi tiii qulckw to hoot and
Tlandlano fell dying Injumtly Clot
took to the wood Through the early
tnomlnr hour he kept In hldlnc The
foklia came and carried Planillanoa
body Into the room he and hU rouiin
bad occupied Then they went In
anarch ot Clca The Ian place It flU
thought the fugitive would attempt to
hId would be In the room where tho
body of hi victim lay
Just about dawn today Oca jntaked
toward the houte lie crept quietly up
the alalra and went Into the room when
be brard atepi on thi aulra THO po
lice had teen him enter the house and
wet comlnjr lor him Oca hid In a
dot and TV hen the poll entered the
room there wa a revolver report The
pollc found hm with a bullethola
through hu head In hi > hand na
clutched tit tcVolvtr cull warm and
Ctea wax taken to SL Mxryi Hit
pltal but nothing could be In to save
oil life and an hour later he wo dead
Fragment of Barrel Containing Ig
nited Fluid Docs Only Damage
at Bie Blaze
A barrel ot ira r > linn rxplod at No
43 Stttkln nvcnur lro klrn last
clchl and camcd a bile blaie which
waa no comm JIII Itt tu ny aj Ilf
tnnamrnbt rnurld
Matthew ojjK of No 1J3 WAik na
avenue W1O we wkng nllr we
hit In Uio U 1 1 by 1 nave of 10 barrel
and ba < lv rt
Ha waa trte4 by Dr OfHen of fit
t7 a uav 1 uid lakid to Zti home I
Dodges Cars Hansoms and
Trucks in Wild Dash Down
Seventh Avenue
AIn mfir hon the orwrwrtv ot
a rtAh dealer named annroDrUtety
tmOUh John 1lacano took a cerannally
oonduciel ltourrthe Tenderloin
dr and atlrred no Seventh a inue
half a doien narrow escape Iron
death the Ions of two shoe < nnd a
atrlrm on the aide of the head from a
policemans club thnt njmoit knocked
him down were some of tha thlnjra th t
han nc1 to the ateed
I 1 > o inaa pliw torlal emporium U lo
cated at Kos Cl and 367 Heventh ave
nus Oaetano Hljrurelll U one of his
driven O eUno was driving Ihe ray
hone down Seventh avenue eta amarl
trot Juit north Irucond Erect
the klnrtoolt of the wacon dropped cut
The front wheels and haft ftfnt
rIght along with tha hori The weg
on Oaetano and a larjr ajaortmtnt Of
flah clam oater lobsltr acallopa
and had roe rtmalned In Seventh av >
nUt In front ot Iamrner telna all
mixed up
Oaetano was Cinrwn out of the waeon
and dropv the rein The hures
nrlirhlonod by the clatteri r behind hm
bean to run lie was a food runner
JIow he dodsed the trolley car and
hanroma and tnlckj and the ero ton
UnRlo at fiortyaecond and Thirty
Icnirul street la a myetery Aa he ap
roacm1 Thirtythird etre < tt bjriUnderi
Thought he was coiruc to nlurite Into the
I niiiiyanU tunnel eicutvatlon ro
lle < mjin MoGlotn of the Tenderloin Sta
tion saw the danger and wlrelr caJcu
latnc hIs AltUtce imaahrJ the run
away a clip on the aid of th bllAd that
turned him exit In Thirtythird atre < t
He wee prtty tired approaching
Sixth avenue and Fireman McDonald
of Enctne No S3 had no trouble In
atopplna him
Policeman Injured While Bike Cops
Are Given Tryout on
While chaaltxr a bc automobile in
which JNJllce Inspector Adam Cro >
wae trartnc alone Ooen noulevard at
a fortTmlle clip today Bicycle Ioll < e
iran John Mean of the lrowrm If
trtailon was drawn under the tonneau
by the rjollon of the nyinir rnei
I ahl hla h1 lightly Injure Jte wai
l > up and hurried to the KWfJ
< v > univ H < pHal where hla Injury WII
treated and he went horn
I Tbt naa < ne ot the thlnjn that hap
penej at the grand Iryut of the forty
JlrooHyn tiU yolo o pa held by Injtpfw
CPOBI on ttie Ooean DoulrvarJ lon
juit wlat kind ot a ahowlnx hie aru1
I of twowieeleri rein make In tack IrJ
iwMzz waitone From thirty to forty
mllra < vas the rjfol mide by Ih in
Jne oifjpled by tfla cnirlili And the
bike cop all made rood in laying a
littlnlnj hand on the ionnaua bA1
I edfe What vrouU happen If a tea
rood eater happened alonr did not
I transpire but pereona who aaw tn
teet f flt ° ling atxne forty tAn elude
the bike rlden
Freckles and Moth Patches
These unsightly blrmishts
I which completely disfigure
i the completion ire pro
tluc J by various raui < 5
I although ill are pljm i
I tuv discolorations
i The unfortunate victim
Is very often made the butt of ridicule
by friends who ilo not know the un 1
happiness their taunts cause
riurs li no rt M m fr csntlnu uttering
ti rouM U > irKntific Irunl Inn at
the W1ary Irillut iforil quick nbr
f nt UifM r MM
i f It Ipi n rr tItfbfThitkft Ire
John P WoodburyBermalelojricallDstitiit
I Vi > Vat 3d at Jierr Vorlr City
Sammarco Scores
In II Rtgoetto I
nrrrTITln of Tiicoieito at
A J the lanhtlll fiperallou lait
night began the lAit week ot > tr
IIammeri < t lna flrit eimon III anf Im
prrmrln Hammarro in the title part
carried off the honor I Mi acting was
malt Impataloncd and hla ulnprlnR H < 1
mittlnt that he wai oft the pitch In the
third a CI wit admirable
rinkcrt aa Ollilt and Hand as the
Duke both seemed to be handlrapprd
with colds at drat but they Improved
11 j tha action procr i I and Ilnkert
In the third act was nt her beat
lIonel singing of L donna e mobile
white m artistic as ever fnilml of Its
urual triumph The followIng quartet
won much more applauM
Olarantu apaln was Martrtalrna and
Mugnoi IpllrJrurlll Itenchltllan wa >
Mon lrene Camnanlnl permitted lir
orchalrr once or mlir to play too
loudly othetwlie the rformani oa
uiuaC we arellent In dtaii
There WIUI an audIence at onaldenhte
Ite that showed 111
ptenaur In fi <
quent npplau e and marl curtain rnlli
Condemned Admiral PIM Onod
Iloiim nnd Will lla Well l > d
BT rrrEnsnvno Apr 1fler
Admiral Nebogatorr who conunanJcd
the Hu iiJM iblrd Pauo Bqu orun
wlucti nno1crl1 ut LbS I > Ltti 0
JILt > n Sco dnd wo wa tried oy i art
tniuiitu alia aentuncoj to death out
WOO aenteneo was commuicd to ten
vtara1 luiprtaonment In a ortreaa hii
begun I urvo hla term in tht Kortriiii
o8t Peter and 8t Paul ite was at
ioyud to obOi4e the time fr to
l > rlnnlnir or hli sentence ha > been a j
limed a comfortable fyml ied room
nnd wH he allowed n uncial fl t
Do It Nowl Dont Wait
I Until Its Too Latel 1
i lEEP your body clean
Moil people we very ntil
and clean In their outward
tppeiranoe bUt how about tha
Inilde i
Are you clean Injidt I
1 And If noljjiov ciri you fact the world
with clean lheiehl clear IntelUjrenea
a lair Juit brIght mind tnS pel youMulT
share of for work and
capacity or enjoymefll i
f C r S c I
Negleet of eierclae rich QVerfidng
i and eareleisntM about stools alien luvo
the delicate Internal mechanism In a
na ty rrreM
i Tho jmall tnltatlna ts compelled ab
sorb the poison of decaying matter Instead
fOr wholesome nourishment
Tho liver ret InactIve Iho bile doesnt
work oil the eyes gel yellow the akin
fell dead like pvlty and pal a like doufh
dlsMfured with bulls pimples blackhtadj
and llver3U
a o S I
Theres only one talullsn to the pcb I
lemr Keep clean Insldo all the lime Thais
the answer I
If you can not diet or cp your mech i
anlim toln by proper eisrctse take Cu1
carets the awed fragrant harmless Illllo
verelabla tAblets that act like excrete
on your bowels and gently but powerfully
clean out a4 disinfect tha whole digestive
A Ciicirel every night before polnj t
ed will work while lOU aleep and
make you feel fine In the mornlnjJJ
If you have been neglecting yourself for
tome time take a Cucaret nlcht and mcrn
Ire and break up the corstlpitcJ habit
without acquiring a cathartic habit i
5 S il
Cascareti are old by all druggtsti lOo
25o Jmd 53c The tOo alia trial box Ix <
beat J 11 for the veal pocket ladys pure
Be sure la get the genuine with the
lonctalled C on the box and the letters
CCC an each tablet They ire never
told la bulk fj
Furniture Carpets fl Upholstery Goods
Write for our New Booklet 00 p X hour II T1 credit
We K
7 P I P >
CMtalnlnc Informtlcn ardlmr iUU JTeF Weei terms apply IW > to
our outfits MAILLD FHL13 on f A ionrIslandN wJer
application Opens an Account icy or Connecticut
A II 4 nn Open Saturday Evenlns
A Home 0 o 00
t1 I 1omc
slit until 100clock 84th
4 Rooms 1 I 25 St ilL Station at
rDlpIlr door W C Pay Freight
JIonolbo at
dlltUo et oar IIbOWTOOou
Thee room it 11ft
3 Rooms cIA b
Ccmolrllf si
57500 c
5Rooms i rftf tiA
cetnPIi7 t ffl
1500 00 I J i
AXAUI > SlhK CAKtlTTb ilk 2 Ft uoCrts rom
a flI ii zT WIhtiandi1inut burier i i
I1j Formerpilce 12 I N98c e Uj J 9H up
1 a =
rornitVV101ne c IUN f 1 W a h Ieulo TII l I hll > lltlAllll fcEIH ISO TAIIIJ
5Wn9w 195 a 125 U 675 J J 16 SOl 1250 i n 750
WriK3 325 Iy 2250 f av Iaoa rn > r 28001 I 2500 7 1200
t J
A New Baby
I A New Baby I What magic what mystery what charm thoso words havo
for us Yet how infinitely moro they moan to tho mother A now lifo
short to be sure but full of possibilities Somo one must bo patient hopeful
I watchful proud and never discouraged That I some one 1 is the mother Sho
I has hoard her babys first cry and whothor it bo her first or tenth tho fooling
j is tho same Her feeble arms are outstretched thoso arms that will never
desert it as long as tho mother shall live And that hand which supports tho
head of the newborn babo the mothers hand supports tho civilization of the world
Is it any wonder wo ask you mothers that with all these responsibilities
resting upon your all too weak shoulders wo urge upon you tho necessity of
selecting tho babes medicine with utmost caro tho necessity of protecting your
babo from worthless unknown and narcotio drugs as you would protect it from
tho fire
I I 0 I V
c Tile Kind You Ifavet Always Bought nnd which 1ms been
1 I in use for over 3O years linn borne fun 11 lIlt uro of
oct i and hnll hccn ninilo under his per
g 3 Pill CENT Y + riL eonul isupcrx IMou hlnco its lufitnoy
FrrfxraflOT Allow no ono to docolvo you In lik
e slmllaiingifccivxlattjr All counterfeits Imitations am ilyslnsRuod aro hut
I KzporlntentH that trifle with and riMlnn cr tho hcnlth of
Infants and Children x1 > orlcuco 1IILlnst JlIerllUclit
41 Promotes Digeslton hffrfii What is CASTO I A
ness and Re j ronlaln J ww Cnntorln In a harmless Htibstlttito for Castor Oil l aro
Cj OpiuniJIorphLTC norfuttal porlo Drops nnd Soothing SjrupH It IM Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor othor XarroMo
irilLLi522zffluol nnhbtnnco Its IIRO Is Ha uuarantro It tlrstrojs Wnmts
srJ nuukt1uIl recffl1ibe IiTCUVC Dlaritrwa and Vtiiit
J SnDotl Colic Jt relieves TeethingTroiiJilos cures Cniixtlpntloii
E jffi7j and Flatulency It OHsliiiilntrH the Pood regiilutos tho
ptp Stomach and Jlowcln giving healthy 41111 iiitural bleep
4o Iiw fri Tho Childrens 1nceaThQ lothvra lricnd
o Apcrfecl Remedy forCoiisJIfa
I Ion Sour Stonuchniarrtwa Boara tho Signature of
Worms com Ulsions Imrisb
E1A v
The Kind You Have Always Bought
i Till x In Use For Over 30 Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper TIle CCNTAUK COUPANY TT MUMMAT ay flEW tOCk CtTT
T t T1rT
v SO r c >
Through a special purchase of dustproof fast color
linen by our foreign branch ice are able to offer
FivePiece Slip Covers
of Imported Linen
H at9 ffffflffT Ii
DURING the progress of our 11
I tale of cotton damuk Slip Ji 3
Coieri we Were constantly atked p
for the imported linen Coven
At a SpecieLow
In response to this dcmnnil
we Instructed our RcL an repre 4
sentative liuuie fp Tomlp nnd
I ship ui at onco
500 Pieces of Dust
Proof fnst Color Linen
i and we arc now ready with the largest aret7oT new itrlpei
At the Lowest Price lugi Class
Linen Covers ffere Ever Offered
We allow twelve yrdi of 50inch hnui at the SAle pr cc hut
we will make coera for any number of pleres or fur any iza
umituio al the SpeCial price of c a yntd for the material used
Juts price applie4 to M mttan the Hroni Brooklyn felt
mood und Hoboken or ler ey City Did will prevail only while the
prcient shipment laid
Remember these cover arc to he Il5h cU And culom
made in every eu e ol the word
projcrly rut and fitted by
experts double tltrhed nt all tlle important lIlItllJOJnd
crams bojnd
with shrunk lricT liiun wool Imiiluiif
No Hotter Coven an Ho Made MIJwhere all
al the Stoic and tolect if pojiihlo thcrwhc
trlte or Phone t t u Chelie lor wmploi
a 0
Blik heed i Ill In piisi IiKixnfla I > i
i i i I J N J a an I all rl 1 t I
V we > Iao t iv net nl
r i r i i if IV C k1 r
A Clear Skin
K r A rir I p f a mpirai > Q tIt i
C 1 a a 1 atr
org M lisa jeaigl
Tot wla 0t nifUli lye a4 tx Ut Las
World Win Work Wondirt
n L iJ
I Gem Town at VI chi Shore U R
t I ul Ltwb fw U AA tm 4ft UaU
e i ti J tut nut I it 014 ItwuiAi
J S rn > n t K A ujt
J tHi 11 In u 11 lUluidoi cc
ta > r ID > rihMiAi nur i r tal
a ho no 4Br 4 II xrw ra w
Ill in N J H litvm I 11ev jaeosg
Iluliilnr W4 it ant liih ac N r
Pltu liilli
World SVapti Work Wondcrt
E a J ii i 11 ri A F
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always HIGHER than
k those of the surrounding
I country Morris Park
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P buy in the Bronx on the
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I J AidrciJ IepU I I
f nies BUg 2J St aiulBvvay
c R K
r f I l 0
t 4 + 1 1i1ttTftI
> p 1 I p hi Is
1111 a > i OP1fISS 1 N >
American SVaicb Diamond Co
IV AUIUen Lane T st >
lJ tB
w k > r i uarati
r t rtl 1 I Mt1 N llf > lvni < nt orjri
i i 1 N Ig IHkVVTl a W ATTT CU
T itsIw a r i f f trl aP
OOOUMo iU I HIM lu ur4 ua Y
1 i Igp4 periet tu fl Wlr 4
J rfArVcTli1 PlrOTHIMr
m Ht > AI > WAr Bnlr A pa Hrlc PIn
WATCHES I SIM I co4 ci or te
jr UKY s M A1I1tN uml Ih tlo I
A rt1Z iu 4i5 a > 10 tt tlui
o C n I L MfcJ J
11401 ir one I d I in lies
I oJ cqeatv a tram ur t 11 > I
euIl ju p IM > HI IIU a l > f
agsltt S 1 n tp I u sai e
itam b liu aieb4J fur f nt t > ri n 41
rxxly kMeltlu this frr l < > il > r
ia fCf aft f p
HfllHll U > UHll UTlll at I I I
UAlUiII WAIIIh i nvLkr
f40I IOoJot suit t i i 4 < Jre n T
Mgasp Ilea i9 WAlWIOk K T
I c A I
8 18 20 12 34 26 ind 30 West Fourteenth Street
7 9 n tj 15 17 19 20 21 u 23 24 25 27 Mid 27 West Thirteenth Strict
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nnd other pooJs For furnljhfnr City and CounTry HomesI
1nit uonson Hko tlilfl of scarcity and advancing prices
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Striking roofs of Our
Capabilities as Dry Goods Specialists
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Valuwi are xc ptlon l popular OrHgn qu llty 0
re him R < inl tat dnrabntty
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Iornntoon HeXfnir otun picked AH Uhnn Hnttrt oubla Dam
odarlea frMhftr no 3utt ukfull tilfonh or the popu
MmHInntrirt of M 04 lar lermcn SIlver IKruch 98
70 and n Inches wIde
KxKIlMl of 1110 74 < > xerll nt aluo at II X
14x5 Inilnad of 1119 80 All lInen H R Stlafull
31x10 Initcnd of I3 < 08 blRoh l choice of two alrtj I
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< SpocUl JTM J
Choke IJw Qntf X 60
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flees e and Down J J 74 gfii full bleached Satin
wurrv SIMIEAD3 Double DhmaakCloth SxlV 1298 i
lr ttmekpr eek yds iloi 24111 dinner rap
lIrflernfthI 8Irea4ifiU I Vlra xalue llM
Inextra lbivrepc 112 198 rTxira nne Pattern Cloth
double Damask
Kull ale Crorhtttm fringe I Satin
m I 149 i1 alxe value UW 229
or cut cornori worth 11S3 I
810 isealu tt 2O
1I11 1x1oautolllhm or
flnrntrol i or aHover < le J H Ub 12 alievalu JJ63 3SMJ
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flee Spee valu flLM O4Sl
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ln tomntcbtGxS I n
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No 1111 oe T l > ni OrJr A 01
valu t6M
L1i l flil iliklIn
fancy lUtchbl 13 114 Solid SilverWare
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ptp < m l onlnr l wk like Household Use
itiat1tcbatOr tudeil lM 140 YIUM decidedly the beat to be
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lUrniley Crinh all linenIn Ilirry Foiki doi 10H to OOA
Inch twill anil pUIn I
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ly is J Bylttr nhuuch IaI to 2IIS
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fancy hmitlichril row pan Cold JUai york ttfh 2UO la 309
work kHotiid frtnite nlnoM 132 titavy iclt each 3UU 10 4911 t
Ian > unAIeall whltcatInI Ile Knli anti Ce A or I XOO
aami 1t border vlllll n J Ice ereem Hllcr cacti f
AIJ uncommon money saying op Htrnr Ho oni each Item to BO8
purlunltlM In plalil strIped chIt Cnln Srli 3 plc GUt lo OO8 11
IUI halt and Umak TwIItIlK Napkin llln eh 134 lo SO9
II InchU hw lmi < ortil and
vVivHinn avall pure llnrn
every variety of whIte and colil Bonbon Dub OO to 4011 oy
border onil the pretty klmli for Tollfl Bcti 3 PIC1COS JO 2SO9
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Ialdurlplll hrkvaill 19 10 III llruih aOOto 4O9
nrnn Dmn kvivlue a l1 Mllllirr Uruib 308 Ii < LOS t
Pln IlKd lIurkKI cl quality 10 ALSO i
Townht of nil Qualities Solid Silver Sardifli Fork Worth
They lire oau4 lly Or cut Holll Solid Jillvrr Hllnr Oy CoW lfr Meat York Fork 1 150 onn t
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p I
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I Inlhalt 11
luau pint
Mil Inlitrt 30 aol 43 llattrnlMrK IniprtlnE and rum H39
< rn > Kh Kinln WlL pint 12U 14K t MI luny pjtjr j
Varnlan Htoln ytfuart 30 and 43 jRiNNK KKMMK8 s
rhwr ISIUUI4taaft 30 and 51 InrrilpK Fruieli NolIUnaliaancs f UOn valince 149
sun < ltp Ku4trn hAlf pint IS whIte and AraUIK
oil Cloth V rnlih boir pint 10 rich poInt lAce Curtain f
AlumlnumS ites 15 And 24 Noxrlly dylki neat and showy
n Enamel 0 to 28 for city or oountr > NiMOlal iiurchaa
iod PaInt and
At 2 Obworth M
Father Uiwlor 0 to 2 08 Al OHworth 14 Ut
WhliK llroomi U to 31 At OBvorth I7M
1 jLni aal1 Varnlnh imnh 3 to 40 rullr SO atyltit i
Imported Embroidered Djcss s
At A Fraction of Ibeir Value 1
30 ituh JQ i B Inch 29 J
would nil reg t fD l I remilnrly JlOO
p ijKhl blue Hello Tan Gray t d
Alice hut Violet Pink Linen j
C4lDWC mbd cisa4scnad In awltirrljindno Die ordinary wvenflgurci ot
clues M 0 uk > uu would scarcely pay Ille duty atone p
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Tonorrow Wednesday Until t P M 4f
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