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r T h eE v e n in g S r tP s Da i 1 y M a g a z i n e Tesd y g p Tlr6r9
jrI jl J C jl ji s 1 Ja II j j I s JI i A J4J1 S JI > J A Ja < J I
L v The Best Fun of
I v 11 4
t The Jan Familys Daily Jars
I By Roy L McCardell I
OIM U > the amoker at the oliib to nth kP4 I
1 GOlo Jarr at Ms frtead nrlRhbor and tp w
I mnrrMfl martr Mr llansle when U > e > rru b
It a oAfe at the end ot the Ia1 work
9 A pihaw raid lha ffllow martyr Hl I w t
urn 1 rroml thi lame od vaudeville ilunts iI I It
Trt wd up trim me cutting Ilws as It alwari rt e
T Votilin ip
h llks elrtllied rer nnT aII 1 M
V n rnnt jou aft a
Jarr Thfirt too nwd vt OU geltlnp tew < xt 1 > k a
me I don L
Te you dont eJd Sir JUnsU wlUx great unction
f you don
I d Ttrtt what I iibt re le1 Mr Jirr reSt f I
men I ha4 a night off for Pa lone that Im r etnr FU
We n have eoupl of lfIOAIt the ateln aAOnm01O
a coup o of K od cir and corn home like respotbl cltliena
Mr Ilangla un Mr Jarr a meaning look
1101 yoti kidding m or klddlnf
What ani you trying to tor b aaked you
youraUtr i
tiUklntr lerulbty about you and me
Im doing ncJtherVsaJd Mr Jtrr Im
going to the club smoker enjojlng ouraelvei rationally and comln C born sans
and eobr that all
1 Brain itormi laid Mr Rancle Ironically Tou know that after the
smoker the tang la coni upin ilarlem to see e < nrourvl JWnt 1n private
You know what that man Wo wIL be thr till fts all over we wont ret
home until mornlnir and toII ire ate liable to get pinched If the up gets
out that n flchl La balng pulled off
We dont ned to BO o the flight coaxed Mr JUT the atnoker harmleil
lint It Come on I want company I
Yea and youll want company to go to the fight afterward I know you
irtien you ge4 a couple In you
Honeit J nonX pltaided Mr Jarr Tho rrtrata flehU are genrally
lemona Too are ted forty mllea Into the wilds t ll houri and you oouch
liP about ten dollar per and see two mixedale tighten hlppodromlng
i 2 1 wont co to the fght I warn you In good time said Mr Rangle weak
1 ening
Didnt I tell you I wouldnt go to the fight Jut U the amoker eald Mr
JUT then home at halt pout ten or ejeven
Mr Rangla scratched hli chin reflectively Ive bn out ao much lately and
ray wlfei tIn 10 goodnatured aout It and I promised Id talie her to the Circle
TiJVe tonIght arid here Mr Jarr Interrupted hIm
Surely youre Dot foolish enough to go home and then try to eecapeT ho
Raked Oh I dent haM to eacape aald Mr Rangla Im not henpecked If you
r ily wife wouldnt aay a word
Tm not henpeclced said Mr Jan but Ita more tactful to telephone to our
wlvei we wont be home to lupper give them no fairy stories but alloY we are co
lA to a club imolter Tham7le ir toflottT ctTritt thmlral l
Ts and hang up the telephone receiver Quick sos not to hear what the lady
aye about It Bet you two to one you wouldnt go horn Ilk I would and tell
your wife youre going out to a smoker when you prom ed to take her to a
theatre said naAgle
Mart I would and maybe I wnolflnX aald Mr Jarr But well telephone
thenU wco bar dinner together ana go to the amoVer and later surprIse the
Ladle by arriving borne all In good time
Ill go you said Itangle but remember no fooUihnen No going to the
fight afterward Tharea been a lot ot burglarlea up our way and my wife la
ntrvoui about being alone late at nlgtit and It nIt lair to tmpoia on good na
ture any wtyP
Sure aald Vr Jarr Tre bean borne rr rynl nt tor weak and weeks but
alon I think It make
that doent lava me from getting called down right along
them appreciate u when we do atay out once In a while lira Jan will raise a
row I guess bat here goes
They parted for the time It took to get aerejate telephone boolha and both
Informed their reepectlre wives of tta Jaat that they wouldnt be home to dinner
end were going to the club smoker
ifr Kangle wa the Drat out He wsji eomewhat angry
Jarr did I rrtr tell yon I bad a goodnature Your he axkad when hit
trlend reappeared upon the eoatie
ThAI vrhat you did aId Mt rAfT
1 take ICvback replied Rangla Oeel Vhat that woman said to ma before
I could get the thing away from my earl Jut for that I WONT come early Ill
KO to the flghcwlth you afterward It youll go Will your
I I wouMnt flo It paid Mr Jarr but Itw1UMfTe your wife right tor being
croaa and bealdee lire Jan waa ao nice about it when I told her I would be
home aJx > utUitharL6ontthlnk aboUwon11tl dont get home until morn
LLdS whafxthe naeT
Grace George Gfi es the
NeP York Idea of
fTTIflL1TeVtTa1j em bloom In the apnnc rat lal usually aim to Jolly ua
WIULB until the roof garden blossom Into life tharee sometimes an
V V atament ot melancholy about them Kor one thlnr they make ui reJie
faoir vary old many of our new ideaa are and how futile
Vor otample tio revlral ot fiardoua Ulvorcotu at Wallaclii last ntght
ouit have destroyed many a fond hope many roaT dream Here we have been
learning all about trial marrlaco cUwroea the half shell aod other modern
improvement that were to brine about the marital mjllecyitum only to be
reminded that we wuat be happy whenwe get ° eox 1Ja de Mateu BarOou la
Bothtor to be naor d not even dn orceT
UU Qnue Qeorga made divorce aMin almoit out < the question a fact
that In Itself pealce very will for rverformanee ot Cyprlvnne Ehe waa pretty I
nough to make almoat anT maa feet nrining to be tied to the matrimonial stake
for life and although abe haj put away Clothe fix the aeaaon there were
icr Uoni to vtacgfr enrvn < he brain ot a Pollock A pretty face and clotft
ct COPIeS do not make a Oyprlenne but ai any woman will till you they re no
te be fluplied bo hey daaem to be baleen Into account along with the other
elemcnti that nreat to make up MUl Georges ambll ota effort Yt n thIs
CyprUnne perched hrraelf on her huabanda knee and aalced Am I too hearyT
the reply to be atriotly truthful night have been ° TouVe not quite light enough
for the part It wan t matter of pounde lhouch Mlea George looked a trifle
heavier than ahe did In Cothbat one of buoyancy Her clif ahortcomtng I
wa l1r failure to kelp up the aplrlt of the ohajraoter
Mill Ooorre gave the New York ides of Dlvorooni Uln Margaret Mayo
who made the adaptation may have bean partly rupOnlbl for ocoaalonal Upaea
into tho vernacular that didnt sound at all like Banlou Kauchiy naughty
0 O joy Oh joy and he colloquial old manV brought the deltrhtful ol
comedy to within firryfive minute from Droa4way A bit old fajhlonnl n
It way n em Olrorconj ii a far truer sail of the comedy of matrimony even
In Ibis land of UlKtly than The New York Idea Happily the reputation > f
DIvorconi wa made loag ago 10 U only remaIns to speak ot the actlrj m
last night ° a performance
I Mr Iranlc Worthing was a hueband wbo deserved tn win back his wife Ai
soon A a 1 > U ohara terlitia narrouantaj wora off he aettlM down and gave a
delightful performance that wa notable for 1U finlih and a true sense of cpmtdy
ilr nobert T lialne made very bad work of the lover and with the e criion
ot Mr Max freeman tba remainder of the support wa mediocre Although Mr
freeman wa guilty of overacting be playd the head waiter wh a e i llwit
Oyprlenne and Jlwirl get what thy went when they dont want It with amusing
flourtiha and mar than his usual cleverness
Miss George was at her but In the pervarae mood of Crprttnne In the
tcond act ai the jealous wife chagrined became der husband hits > o willingly
r Mreed to divorce abe Indicated lapltally Cyprlennea growing dJtue for
f Adhemar and We TWlltr two thouiand ilx hundrM franc a year Mir blUe hlo
oupi and a forr wooiy prenMnc4allimi had to bear the burden of the lipsy acene
and they wart quite equal to the leak Mli Oeorg failed too to give
Cyprlenn thai earlier touch of distinction that makes the rhamnaicne Incident all
the fujnlir by contract CHAIUB3 DAfUSTON
t f S
l Sentence Sormons for Busy Readers
tI HAS no power with man who has no patience with hlklrtn
HK lie poaariaea nothing to wtiom hie possession are everything
The but Inspiration for beaten II perspiration In making earth
TAk care of your aecret life and the lurfaae life will take care ot Ittrlf
Thr > nna need fear sic wnlflglon > 110 walk It war IB charity
They who Ulak only of Iheaiflvri cede u great deal af theuiht en a
null 1I11Jt
It It tit iy to uaJafilMid iiaWe UaUUir for iUft N wbtn It ip tli teen le
hU bualneai
Ttvre are lo inefly lalnt tiatstac lUcli d oUan lo tH4 by their Ia4lfer
uo a t > m ii
lie nanly mind U not he ass a tNl ll In a hurry to got Into hMiea
but the one I fiat labor to bilag h san wM11L
II yon really liar the light of the world la your hear every one will gel
om el your iunihln fhlcago Tribune
kS L < 7f trill iz ht
the Day by Evening World Humorists ft
1 ft + > iI
ft2 New York Thro Funny Glasses kJ1
By Irvin S Cobb
R1Y fw m more rprlnc fanhton hInts rentle
MH that have b wt brokrn V heMlU so a mHO
i L m Ilia > iindenuuiil them Wr load oft with n few1
M the NmrlnMlltR livpW of bets I
i i cf tle truly adoml Wina In mlttlnfry li the
plum a lonely plumase frnvtloit that Is e n
101 with the lUWlManr < of an onlrloh and a hiily with
4 a 1 uilnK Imn O Ome ullK mi hoM that the name Is
it I Jr > 4 from the fart that the wep lock n pnod tied tike
L v i from a weepln wklow irea would look it ab jujL
4 r i a we ep4ng Willow tr r didnt leak the may It does
q oiiher l Ueve that It la no called becAti the
itigp hunhiirid wilt hood Ira when he eiei the bill
t i i 1 > Lily It may I > distal that an amlnatlon of the
I 111 reveals the reaion why the otrIehs arent scar
TJ CX bo
ik i n Ir own feather Ibis nluon they oant affortl to
I Al n ex irttcnM t I S ov ry In connection with the aubject of trimmM hate
l IU bn mad Ye l Hm that lhr It 1hfte la Jo n trimmed h at the more I
It cats One sir vei nt In rsuIt tty a olmpl > t millinery 3MtMn of dfdur
lion A hut tint look aomrthlng Ilka a plankedrrulnea hen with the feath ri I
4 on and twwrlhint like a etnunor bmikel cost we will eA > In Uv oompleted
I tate US which Li AuriQy very nviMnable oonnldcilnir how high chink steak
and ll mJI Are
Very ueit The milliner rtmowi the sulnss un and the nora and fautw and
I the Spinach and herbaRe end mail of the pardrn leading only about seven
The Newiyweds Their Baby j2By George MGManU I
< ET
SUftJtCTS Lltt
r ii i d1JJrL i
q v i tLuTy
JUiT A ftttlUTE
I ur 7 7
iJ wAlti I OHDR
Hl bOOFUL ¼ i MAihW tAT I
i TAi PRiffly I4O
t ThT 77 H t I T111 N
> 4z
1Iv 4
rTh 1
itT r
i 3itlLt rr SNlL AMD
1 L4
fElllti4 11i HIM
lvtI1 wo t
p HERE ti no aorrow on earth greatar than ht which
T come co ue when we are estranged from some Ofle we
I love And there U no folly greater than that of main
alnlnc a tovera quarrel ntian < there U a chance to nutke It
t iip AVfty It you are a party to a quarrel let your pride
f stand In < the way of your JiapplncesT If you feel yourself lo
s l > e In the right you can afford all 4ha more 10 be the ftrwt to I
b make pqioe If ynu have had a tiff with your mother or r4i
let or brother dont make every on In tie house unoom
41 fortabia tIT sulking In sullen and offended dignity for days
I irget the quarrel imlle and act MJf ll had nfvrr hap
pened Dont by talking the matter over tej muoh Marl I
another quarrel Maro a MOO conference ends In a worse ron than the
one It 554 cabled to make up The mperlor person tan al ayi afford to be I
t amiable Hi > lhe nrrtie and the other peroone temper h finking yourself 1
superior and wiorf > y becoming amiable make U up I
I He Sufis to Kiss Her >
Pear rletlr I
I 1 AM a younf gin of elxhurn and
i I deeph In love with a trtntleman it
1 innlhTtlI cenUeoMit asked I
I me u ke4n oompany with tiltn which I
I did Now there JR another fellow
who like me bw he II only a few
Montlvi older than I II oaa II < Wl I
ICIIOg thin She Brtt fellom pui r ft
rtn Ilk him at all U t I r d to cor
rttpood until M wrotr aomt i which
waa at at all rntlenianl I toWd I
writing mt bt ihs IMWC up to rey I
haw jiy TwrnMU ij hlai M i cAB
not tall him not to call lie irada me
pr Mni which I refute X m > tIoII U
trying to omit trouble between l Js p
gentlwnan I lUll keeping eawnany with
aac1 ice Will you PleAS tell rne haw
f MII get rid ij him The jrnilnnan
may tM varied aooordlng to iaterUI < on
hand but here li alt xcceni tram
work to go by tut into IIe dice one
lig oivlae ont goedeliM lurnio and
I i wo 141111 carrots and fry or wis m
ilripoJng or butter Then add to Ihem
a halfcup of bet wuur and 11 stun
iruw aboi4 twenty minute Now put i
Into ih eiup kettle with hlf a > sn
stewed u > wato a small CUll chopped
rew cabhe r > Imu a elks rloi > ami r
bunch of pariley chopped It tou itux
fieeli I It y me and nummer tgr > I > ut
in a sprig ot neb Foiling freth hM > n
Jrup m for half an hUll on ot Die
little oup bate that rum lread > pre
I pared fur aaatilng uup Phase er
In bl where Loupe are frequent
uned Non tI you have hones loft over
from a IMIII of beef veil or ehliAen
4d Iliew Ukliig oT aa > meat that
cUIIl out IB mull niecM and a44 at
io fcpparrnt affrtlnn tenfold iiH
it be it KIM thing for I vounif man of
niy age owing to the disparity of our
1e tiiourn she may not ba K > old
a4 BIP ptnq to me I have never
sPoken lo her thour abs has wrHtMi
m several times Incising appolntmtnU
Ahloh I have to far IgnordllK
The wwnan may he cray At any
rate her notion and her age are uGh
aa to make It extrm ly unwise for you
to become lnter tted In her
She Does Not Like Him
Desr ItVt7
AM a Irl of lxrn I have a rill
I friend who taa a hoUir n tom I do
not like Whin I jro to the girls
01Cc < rIe ajAn me to to in the imrk
whlcd I dl < l tnfe He MM keen to my
how He wants to lake ma to aj
t whIch I do not approve of M r
molber 4ld I could go u he had aJ I
seedy Uwirtvt the Uoketi i do not
I WWM tn snake bad friend and I to I
Mol want lo KO witn him When at iu
I hou 1 act vwv rtoi to jim
I If mu do nit wtAb to KO wIth hOn
rite aum etoaifi JU cn return the
tlqllet or lake some one else
I Rye Brood
T AKK half bread Hour and taIl Ie
T meal ll oup sugar I large Unle
I spoon Nit and on of lard I yea
> U Iruupreeiad lo 1 11 quarts 01 J
i bread Hour and 111 quart ot rye el
I lIX to a salt dOiMll M for bread 1 1
rIse over Dlgh l
Ribbon BlanQmanoc
IMOLVE two tuapiiig taiepoOn
DIIIOLVr lornitarch 11 a half < up of
aotd milk IbM pour Lwh into II I
I on and a half tup Ol uf aiding milk
add a half i up of sugar and a few
grain Mil and Mir iontanlly until
the raw tail of the starch hat dip i
icared Kohl In tile illttly beaten i
whites of three fRWi ruolt 1111 mlniH
lungir remove from the tiff and flavor
wllh vnoUa cUr
t44 i 1
iI ar 2
onethird of this mixture inte one and
a bait ounce of melted cooking choco
late and add a half cup of brskeii hog
Itch walnut ruler antitlier third will
trawWrry juke tho put a layer 1ft
IIhUa then chocolate hen pink Into I
the net mould ulag hoMJate lut
e cold with oceans or iatn boiled
Cocoanut BWls
I pOKDAKT inttiid rlth hr444 ce
I FO anui aa4 uriirked into u ball with
I rmtjln aol trtie inull bit uf nut
I meu Inside and then rolled In etwedd
uK onlll Hlvs on Mnaia pafer I
I Savory Soup
I IptlW is known tu good houevea
TI11111 coup de Va IMMI managere
1 and U U ecl named 1U Mgr d I nU
f 1Li < c c L
yard of rIbbon unit a few hoail of Krvn Haw Thf price h < new Ifnul to lit
he then ehmr away ail the upper onrk an that there fnMlns only the nude
nil coyly ahrlnklni chap e and fw AbU the ackti the conservative lurk of VW f
Wo shoulder to thlnX what ie would harps It the ciutomer had the naked
trw chopped up Into btPttllrpt fnmt and took It away with her In a t aiper hog I
From unlmiKai Iia1 > lf > ur11 w < ale aororlaln that cherrlm will mill be
worn on hm and In rwktiiU Iidy mmitten nf IHV ttrvlriy fnr the lrrm <
tlon of Crur t Animal will rnntlnue to exploit the falDi that It In Ihem
by vtrarlng anng bird on their hat itt a fvllkhn tart urnotiK natMrnilmn I
that nothIng fvr n robin or a redhlrd mtarr pleasure than tn be endowed with i
Xlaai eye and Mwduat vital end mounted athwart the dormer ot a Lady who l I
Jtianlnont In the Aadubon eoclgu
Walking klrti will be worn tin to thn ankle n > r pt at the Ftatlron corner
nhrrn the helffht will depend on Hie wind velnrlty In some Instance and on
wihethpr the wearer bee neat looking fri In other Initnnrea
AorordlnK in m of the leading fhalilmi jutnera prlnceM own rinsing in
the bark will itetn invtalKty Ti l however J s no news to man hubnnd i
fnthrr and l > K brother who has > known all ivtonn thAt prlnoem gowns aiwnys
fasten InvMbly nether the Rownj meant It that way rtr not I
Ill r ntl mrn WC AT > RUIlffCt hy on JourniU of rtabberha hrry thnt win
rtmr deolgttt Ifl nscitrar nnd Kniitcoata will tw Nhowm On our on rp
rponclhlllty we Mum that they wlU be wnrn ItuittCIyhywfltIothen who J
am willing 1n look nifleotne Those whft dont wnnl to look winsome will clIck
to the IdfachtmM HHHK Ue anl ttte oftbrtllpd elflrt Any Urns they dls
OYlllr a lnnome waistcoat lntis wardrnbn theyll Rive It to the janitor
TIIR < S rnT
That wlnome pan la on the level I > nn It m > iwf
I em kecplnc comfni with aj j 4
inn 10 klii inc liecauio w are
keeping company la he upf oM to kIsi
mo whenever henvnn to or wxuld he
like me bitter If I 10f45W7 fi A
KrfuM to cO the eeoond man wlien
he call If you do not like hli atten
tion Your family cannot fore iou
lo IM him A man ha no rlEha in
itv mailer ol kle lng I do not think
you lov him and In that case ll li far
neiter to refute
EndearIng Notes
br JJittx
AM a young ntewi of ttr nly and
I hay txten In this cIty for About two
yon About lix elI ago t ob
I i > p y4 a woman pf about thirty or j
I thlrtyflve year of aji fallenIflK me
and 1tVC Un ilnre cnnatanlly Ai
noyed by her attention cite in some i
way having lflPI my nam nn l
written me leveral letters railing me
oiHlearing wusn and in Ing br all hr
wil to tike me 4 A ionvertatlon j
wil < < n seeing me on the itret the ap
p ar to lee a w eia Pf tInmaist
Wing ier > good looking and xaeraU >
rather ftvltthlv Konnrd I think f I
allowed myself to go I should return
U last Cover bane and vegstiej
i s114s three I1Iru t9IUIlIr water and
slew weaUy for four hour Than I
ihloltM allcjttly wlWl a cupful iivuhej i
potato or A tMtpeMful eomiUrch die
solved In a little cold altr remove Ihll
lIOn and ifwo lag herb a44 the
diced aiMl and a leaaejoiviful mlneeii
urey and cervehol
Frjlt Punch
N K cup waltt too cup ijfii on
O cup tea Infusion two cup Itrw
b rry i > rut > jul uf tire limoni
sod five MaHgei oae can grated pine
apple sad o M out il jitUlno cOtarrlM
Boll mgr and water together ten mln
ulti add lu straWberry syrup lemon
end oranee juice and pineapple LeI
stand thirty mlNutei drain add Ite
waivr to slab ono and onehalf gallant
of liquid and add etuirtM Ibis nr e
fifty penpie
A Stoiy of American Life 1 1
The Lion and 5 I
1 the Mouse
fi F I
Novelized from Charles Kleins Great Play T
ji By Arthur Hornblow t I
Copyright 1 ° OC Jjy CL W pilling
hum Co
John Uwkttt llrdr nest mknI 501
IInlilnal ulwti tn ruin Jues nil
lnte api Inrnonublr bstr ki
hfn4i4 nusiw nr Uw nnet Up wtrllI
wintiiMt TIn shasta of ih JaJm i
= W
Irnnnnce of liuilntit Kim r mk t n aU
twa r 551st h has arceptnl a CrIb In rMltr
a Pwmin court Jtclii m Thmui hu Sc
ehnpIiN i h IItflf PrtSerU ft > Iff pICAS
Ilr < mnrni lnirachMtil sad or > Hull
IreK itMvtnMni I = L 1W5 hit fnrtun
Hmwner sAil hli 51Cc ipoie h i It nt
Iean4 < uburt The mosey J < In1 hn one
a M Jtffr n sucdutnI toft 1IIr
Mill kt mirrr hIP see I > Sentar H b n
gciuhltr K U to whom ISis maxritr
KtulKti sseretsrr nulo li terntlr mal
lav let Jff rMn k4iSi HntMiwtr tfcuci
ler flhlrll cli unfor SJi 555ft 4 naipe
hap wpItffr m ncwi ittacKInt H1 r II
I nii > tiw 11 mirrr him but celve nn
I sasi5e r plr MpJ n ln = luv iiaw
from nt < rmlleanMM JfPr i ne I
Ii 1ydir boos li eppsI In hi Otkrr to
halo HuMnori lie masts TUrltr
The Other Girl
nrtllK Bmntor atiul Mini Rotmrti vrtr >
T frequently IIllhe Hyrtr hue A
In emitse of tIme the irlitnrrtll
eeerdtglv unit the allphIr hd Ion
quit Kllm A Illrhly RM with n
olrr purpov in life beyond dicas an I
amusement and h1nc nhst ihe term 1
a goOd lira Kal thwiclil i Kxrr
tact lilnid to flirt olth Mr liagis
and whets the dlsoevsl that M vrn <
> Mlou In hie > tt ntl < > ru she fi > U flat
tertl MKhrr than indignant After all
iho ruiJ hr waa ot noble birth If
In two Uroltifrn illwl lw would tie hr
of llocldnil Mid she had sough money I
for both lip mlrht 55 < make a bal I
hiiilrtnd Hut > ho was cnrful to ksip
hrr own ciitjasl and not1 < > t hAr father
tiny any lUnpleon ot whit mu 1Inln I
ow I
ii knew Dial his heart was set on
her marrying jrlfttIIOn Hntr and he
knew better thxn any ono how lmiu
Ible that Irem nnj Khe herself KMtj
I Jrffer on quits peioucJi to inarrr him
hut If his YU ntn turned In another I
j directlun nml pubs keen ill oboist his lU
I tnnUona to HIM Honmore was
nut going to tlrk her hnrt about
IlL Bo Elm continual to flirt ewrtI
i with the lion Kltiray whj > br ctlll
led tti liNen nd hrr on fAtlirr to
think that site waj InUrvilml In Jilt
I Jorklni Mr Itaglty was Mytnic to
the butler MV Ryder will occiipjr the
I library on his return See that lie II
not Jl furl > to < l
Very iJiil sir The butler lioal
and went doanntnlrti The jwrnttrv
looketl UD nnd ouW JiftMMi 1I > J faow
reddened and his nianntr grew nervous
I Ilellol Hack from Ruri > tM > Jrtttr
eon How Jolly Your mother will be
ilitrtit Bhna In her room up un
I Dacllnlnr to lake the hint fid iralh
erlnir from HnKlT mbarrated man
nor that he wanted tu jrl rid of him
Jeffenon lingered purposely WItn tile
tnitler had Jlninjwarnl he saId
This liuuifi ti getting more and more
like a barrnc < > every day Yoise got
mtn nil orw the plac > One cun t muv
a vtep without falling over one
Mr IJaglvy drew hlmivlf up stiffly
as lie alwnys did nheii a umlnc an
air of auUiorlt
I Your father prrnmalltr demand
the utmost pfitcaution hi replied
We cannot leave the life of the rid
tal and inoit powerful financier In tliw
uorlil ut Hie nitrir fit the rabbli
I What nibble Inquired JtfCerion
The common rabble the loner tIna
the rinrult Ihlllrod Mr lUclry
1iaw laughed Jefferson > TH our
nnnncl > wr only liMit a I rp0ltabi
rabble < ran them
II iheeommun HI 3oiu
lucy would nred no Ir to their
Mr lUirly sneore1 and Uiruircd ivli
ouT other has wt rnt1 mc aainat
four porimiitlc vti > l Then with a
loft > er ti mldnl Fur four year
I wa third uroon of tie l > < lcnamb r
to lue crond ion of Un Munl e Queen
I XIIOAT oi rpapurxrtullUei
JJul > M > U Sir not groom of UK bta
chnuWttr hr 4 retorted Jeltrraon
jinn ri J AmH Mid Mr liaKley
uiliijiv I tin runverabU to your
liim stun
I uy 5SC way lUjflr aled Jsi
Corp alien do you capct father to re
nun I want to pee rhii
1 m af > aJd 1IfUH impuuible an
wured USC iwxMittar wnn Studied Iruo
Iror HP has three Important p opl I
tn see h fore dinner inerea the N
u ii HtpuiiVan mMnlttp and acrjtt
sflsi if ths wrot Sr1crnm
4ilnyun Mil here by appointment
li quite < mx > tW
HI dxln i aK > < > u if It were possible
I mid I wanted to ie htti Ktd Zwill
> et > liln aruixerod Janr on juetly
but irmlv and III t tone And manner
4iicli 1101 not admit pf furtJiCr oppo
Kh > i 111 fa and leave word for blq
on hu desk he ndded
Ik nrt 1 tI nnr tile library when
the MT try a l i win visibly p et i
lurho imprtuin i > bar bin way
Tiere t > ilie tine In there tiO la
in an niitrrnnr Sim one waltlnr
for > o ir rat ir I
U tI5eru rplletl Jefferson coolly
Ill nt nln > JI tl nllll whICh M
Iiruchl iSt 5r TlneI and neeA
he Ilrits
He haI trueiifj erith A woman l
4 ni Ire It ji Kate Hoberty < t
H ll > Kate jw are you They
aIIi ea h uther 10 Weir nut name 1
i tu li ti i qui iil tor ears and
Willie iItS Am < n indifferent kind oC
> Ja iit > t r ml alwaye b tn pn
l tun At onuS limp JfTaln had
en NSLii to Hunk he might ito what
i It f tiiw I iekiUI marrv the girt i
lit II u krir I > hid m M and
rtnonn < ii r 1 PV Jtnor thai he real r
rvj m Jftrul uim woman can bo t
fiom Jn > tli > r i
Yet Knit liud her gi4 aunlltl8 She
fri < niuii inl ellly ua sirs mal
c ill TIti nti ir nn ana nothing else to
ht traI and pend money
ii 1 In I fe > > r1f
I 111 a iluig 11 ji ie happy with aomo I
oirtcr Mim ail thAI was why It made a
h mri > JKI1t Klrl wIth ftOM
hel rn InlbTIie liaOT
I In bet usd0 ilgni jilailne >
wil nturr ill had
of at one rup itIs <
rvldnlly rtUuirbod an Intereitlnc tele
HI Pr ll druled to say iiothlnK but
mtnulh li n Id tu poll Mr U
leys Kane ILtl ni ° Kute from her own
lar lomt 11 1 Kalu turned
roil 1 ISpkrit iuiI KB
ani gftrw a TIr i ry Ir genuine uur
irse siliy to I > OLI Jeff 1 thought you
I wr I rrurn1 tJi Firops yestsrdCy he rtpU4
oiuewi rl I I t J ar to
hUt iirvr i tlS > when tie uit down to
iiribtr n I urds wItIo Mr Jtajley
ha hid row1 him In ooWlifIg W
dumb agfl to Kate
making frrntl 11
trlll 11mb Jnt
1 fear I Intrude her aU Setter
son ii pohully dar n not at an replied
I was wall
Kale In IOM Itwwjil
Iurlar CM
How li
log for my 10w a
1 ixivelv as Kvpr he aniwrrcd
Did > ou have a w > d time abs
I enjjyed It Immensely I never had
a iMtler nne
11 ti nrooably weT In good com
mny she ald litntn mitly Then
rny addM I b lera MlM Hoiimare
wan In IarlT I
Ye I think she was there ° wan
kits noncmnmtttal answer
To chaiure the roB rto whlrth
hl l
wa leomlnK OnsWoillr personal h
iilcfce IMI I bock that wia lying o hi
rather uleg n elaitofd at the title
It sae rft fsctODU
I In f T vtltl reader thUT h
aV J H no at II when I Ml
1yr I Jd U rending I saul Kate
Th li 1 ha mad 51 bIg ensatton
Do PW tnw wh the hero 11 i
Ww In1 eckt with 1in air of the
grelsteet Innocence
tny ni kin a r tmnge than your
fhcrJohn llurkvtt Jtydor himself
EHbl rave Its heLh nreii and
everbty tat I read H ITo skye O >
hi V
flonIi T I e u lmf with well 1
Inviilatid i > > tf I rmie rend It
It in nad a etrss Impression em
Mr 1 nvdr rhnsei In Mr nnclev I
lever kneW hIm i be en Interested In a
I hook Itftnrr le trvtn hIs best 10
fiml nn tliti thr n thnr H Its a Jolly j
AMI wr1ltn jtnok and rin you Ameri
can mllll itre blh well v It
Wor vitp tho nook Inter
i ritM tp t 1 ji npbn4i Olin known
Mr ttvdss 5erdIflgiv wM There cr
tiIeu I It l > it in oUIdu Could not
I pOllbl krnw
May Mantons Daily Fashions
1 S this 4y o
I overWftsta and
5 jurnperi tl e
rulmp fllli an Inn
jorunt rlafl In the
wardrobe here U
one that can be roada
entirely of ISO or
ion pretty lingerie t I fun A
mAerl or of mua
lln with facing and
In lh tcnc <
iltevei of lace Aa
liked Th Utter 4 1
methn to A a mat e
ter t urm a Nt
more economical and I1Abc
when costly material
U uted Is In everv
way dettcahU 1 vf 1 Jl1
though the entire
Uou tl lr
garment alwayi ns r
see oenalh lni J e sfl1
pnt advantage In g m pLg
Mill instance Imita e s 7t s
tion IrVih rrocupi u iitAi si j
the ar < Chosen and p j Pjqp1tj5S5I
the sleeves ar Cart I g J d4V
Off a < 9ic ei k f4rsr J
0 slurred tl form 1 V rJ
with trill of 1
puffi 11
thlnnrr lace making j
the nth Bit llop j
nUt ran be added
rMklPC the il ve4
full iMlgtb and ev
ery m UrUI that U
Used to fUC 15
a iroTiale for Kit
one the pretty allover
over and iMerted
uckini qlk aj
well II lags I
of I
The quantity e Ij
tnalerlM required for
the medium ai u
171 rarji U 1 I i Oulmpe Blouse Pattern No 64C
yard J M t yard i tart i wide If oiis itainu i c l i 1 I ud nf ton
lion tlIH Indies Hid with 111 yard < f ai < > vn im for facinKi bttweaii
vrlli3al line 11 yard for faings aUne crS hlf1 i rfuiailnn
Iallrrn 1011 t ti cut In its fur a M M V I < o and < m > h bust miajura
Lr 7 1 d4 Th I
I Call or end by mall t THE EVKNINO VTOKLO UAT MAJtT
hew to TON rABIUON IIUHEAO Nu n Wet TTtwitylhliM itreeb Nw
MBJo York Send ten clOts In cw4n or tap for ub pattern ordered
Tbeee lUfOKTANT your came and addrea plainly and i4 >
ralra ay ItT alt wanted
1 t 1 1flflt ttJIflfltLCICLSJV L1flJL1IUtJ
I 4
J o
1 iflo
< c J

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