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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, April 16, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 14

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7 j r 4 liTARE V E N I lfG WsKb D i uAz i e I APRIL 16 1907
o <
p Wife of Dr Trautman
Accused itS Thief Faces
Proved an Alibi 1ien Arrested
in Broadway on Charge
r l Made by Hogan
3r Jean Trautman wif ot Dr
11en Trautman the alienist who wssj
c WTtaUd on Chrlslrftm eve on a charfftj
sf Stealing ill from the pocket of Peter
Hoffuiv a clerk Is marked for aopple
W tntntarr prvceedlnr A Judgment for
tTUU In favor of A bl < department
y More has been tiled nc nither In Ihs
City court and It sh + ern be reached
U if the purpose of the lawyers for the
creditor to put her on Iho stand and
forte leatlmony rrom her under oath
5 coccernlnc repreaehtatlono nude by her
when the purchased the eoods She la
t paid to be vttltlnir relatives In Atlanta
The arrest of Mrs Trautman at Uw
iaiHance of Hoaan created a sensation
hi New York and throughout the coun
try She U a tall and beiutltul woman
connected with acme of thr best families
In the South Hogan accused her of
atopplnr him on the street entlclns
VM into a hallway at Thrtyrtflh street
and Fifth avenue and robbing him
Caueed HerArrest
The woman who robbed Hctnn a
roped at the time but th clerk haunt
ed Broadway and Fifth avenue In the
Ttnlnxa looklnr for her On Christ
t Ma Era he called a policeman In
Broadway and comtMvlM him to arrest
Hr Traulman wlto w n n4lnir at a
department store window
When ahe revwiled her identltr In 4he
i ndtrlolri mation the atfr of Dr
Alex Trautnuin of No K9 J < ilngion
i axrinue a practitioner of illKtinctlon
the rxjlce were anxloj that Hcxmi
hould drat hl > comnUlnt lie Inflated
en t > ro cutlnjr lira Tnuilman but ahe
proved n aJial in Jetreuon Market f
tts Court and Hocau admitted that
iaa might hare been inltlaken Her die
efearjfe and vindication followed
P It to happened that her arrest was
I the means Ir brln lrHr bout tho fllmr
of m judcnMnl agalnt her Coir lea
Creamer of the law ftm of Truax Wui
the depart
Boa do notxru repfenemlnj
agent ton old today that an expett
yrocen a rver hsd made an un ucce
tub teare iu her for a year prelou
10 the lIonn Incldffit
It Wa 1IDlultIS IOlpOJllble to locate
Mr declared Mr Cream When wt
Raid of her arrest ot worse rave jrffii
her with wpera It was not uur dtlre
to expose bar In her Urn ot trouule anu
wl kept quiet rb it II
Promised to Pay
She gave me n c = ek fur HW ltn d
br tier nu l > aiid nnifairrext 10 pay ltu i
a month on a < cojrt chi paid me 14 i
la January ana w hyr ull tiara
from her alnce Now tont fie hay the 1
Judgment KO Intend to ev > on wr d i
V ota nnd and lo call 11 ri Truutxnan
aupplenientarj prorerdioii In an en1
tfoayor to find out Mhat has Ucom uf I
tile real I
Dr Trautman explain the preillm I
went of 110 wife by aaylnic Huii aP
has a mania for ptopplnn He wy t
his hou e U full of nb + ohrtel > jUBlemi
luff that sha has bought on Vr lll
Nand tor which he hat been omlll111
to pay
There II no rettritlnlnc her1 iM I
rk this donor when abe Fuse bar peel
bunllns I 11 5 w lUll pert fit 111
lilame upon the rape with whlrh It L
ponlhle tor a woman to t tan rrrrtl
ill wife i a a tlioprM hmelf Inn
debt When niie ran 1111 Ihl bill In
ounUon now 1 was In Jan Mien I
> cot baok I found the hQItu11 ot
Tampa atelnt decorafej veer brlr i
brae of rrrr grade of 1Iun > ant
all kind nt tier merc s > idUe that ahe
tad pure aiieJ on credit t had pre
iVloiinly paid i bill of tIM she find i > qn
traeteit In i > l < aine tare and I bad
warned the stores where tSs lr > dl I
never in allow her lu run up a bill ot I
Cant Resttt Bargains I
It It An abMlutr fan liinl my wife
It unable to resin the purilme of any
t thing that strikes her fine > If ilie tea
meaty or credit
a rhe reason mv xlfe could not In i
reached wi n they were Irylnr turrtra j
paper on her was brritue sb wan la
Kurotie Site ielurnd only Ian f4ll
ahorlly tlfIJI r tier unforiunale and out I
raoua acre I ma > IKII fill Mil but
J di naieml ro iliocld after 1
9 arMd nl out 10 III toh runtIt
11hY f 1Ia > twIwern Ayland MIMJ j
due nu rlgi > e from rllI patients
wa I Bn ueu e la ollerl
j A OIrfir tli lawrer oho repre
epled Koran when thai vuuns man
wa B otrlnr Mri Truutmnn wants In I
Ml Into I > deft affair If he ran II
Cey that ll eai wn rrvllnl and tmold
unJuI am rtlll huiifers for t c hone >
ttt vlndlcaf UmiUf
At tte orrrw t Vr Trautmini arrrit
1ILAt1 fn rnlhruIb
tilt fi 1 hrT T furnlatiFd bv Mr arifj
Mrs ylwrd lai k BMWWld B t tfo Hi
W t B TrVlr7l 7Mn Ty ald
tllcia at fI v hd nn tdra Ire
Tn1 a i nnaiflil iHfflllf 7t
f + v + a O e a 41 bv Flora
Anrjucmint irai mad lam nlrhi C
t > r 11 II v4 e Lie It dar man far I
Iemor fJ In ijorrij Java a I
the iiv T r T f hit > nf4crriei I
Vats < t >
1beail a a in ter X I UM wJJ
Is an K s 1 art awe lu f uai 1
tn ea e n a T r rope 11111
1A m r i ri Aa of I h rreant
P IPe r a + 4 I bOIl 9Imuu to
t I
Reading Pacifies Smelling
and the Coppers in Favor
as Prices Rise
Good advances were the rule In the
early stock market today whlls there
was n mofleraU iffiouflt of Irarlncr
Ilesdlnr rained 1 IJ Union Iaolfle
11 L Ktneltlnr I M Am mated Coo I
per 11l AmconJ Sonhern Iaclnc
and St Paul 1 and ttauthern
Pacific i4
There was a resctlen durlnc the day
but prIera pin raill1 and In the
aftornKm moved uniformly upward al
thought the cunrptcuous adrancte were
oonnr to a few Iehd stork
Aro lim tca Copper nnJ Southern PA
cine rerrf tatter bra vilr bought at
advance or Z julntt Oreit North rft
rrftriTd 8oulh rn Itailwey iref T4
and AmetJ n Cur lo i oWa point
hull flnil hour be lee bream rn
J rrsll an1 1110 market closed cU < fr with
cain niSnlnr from 1104 point
Th total ales of itocJu today were
I titM shares and ot bonds I 4W
IJ Ihe rloIMIf lut1ltlon
I Toadsr hla3 t Idctl Iu rrlC <
and nu ohaent of ettS tronl lettrt
1 ilare tie Qllioo art al foJaa
j Iltgh tna rot Can
I AIJ 2aw II 5 114 US
met Copper 93 JIU 914 S
Am Car A rr pit M > v + m
km far I er V9 VIS W T W
Am Can tI dy < S r V
Am o iJfi Oil 3J son 210 m
Am IM Oo 3 4l U I
I A > J I > mqh Pal dI ra 4 i Ili
Am 5ii L H 134tt U4S 131 + ly
Am em A ft iM 1t1 uab lent
Am HtMl rr ot fJ at it
Am lulU IWu 11 ixiv + iv
An Ten O Vl 1010 P2 V
Am Woolln Co 01 4y 3
tau MlnUiv al to fflfcrtt
Alcf T If 8 K fay HJU l r 1 T
tt f ii v r pf tea a7y t J T 1I v
ruii f iywn V cH lye
ttkl n rasp IV St 574 wy T 33 W
> nlrsl Ixitner S 4 2te K
Cini4lin Mdtu 3314 A m4 t 4s
Plat A OtW 4l4 4n tt + i
Out IJr ltin 4l4L ii 3 s y
< if llr v r r A
H t1l lit
I tic O t1lpt II t tt 1s H
Utr 11 N M 3 UI tale lee + 2y
Uil t n Tr r < In 16 W T 4
cms M X W lae4 IM lour +
Co fMf a lluo 334 Say > 3i +
Cal Kojthun 2115 1 Tay 10
I t > 1ua 31 pf Her fiS 475
CIIW tin Jat5 1lJ tb J
Corn lv > 4 Co 15 1v lu
Cora IruJ V K f W f
1VI iJCt a V 49 4 444
> n A MutMA ll 1 s1 Id + I
ixa ft lllo 0 UL XJ 7 yt
1k k the cijt i3 l3 i
l > lit U c Corp tuts IM uai T 1
OJI s i A Ah 3st 144 ta
J88 a A tpf Is Les
Kl C4 Sae +
KlOi4 ii
Oi4 ll 1C Jrf4 S I
Krie 71 ut al tOIl JW S
Urn Fe vMc Uill 214 UT o
III Ntr rr 10 lull JJM r 3
Jnitr Mar 3k rah s 34 i
Inter 1 rrr It 13 sj
Ira Ceetrel I + 534 ley + 1y
I1o Cltv 4 t Ol IW 17l t I
In15 a2 I in Ii S ii
tic s C j of rti IN tn 1
ettt aultwli14 IKV la 4t
M K J T Vf IS ZJ Wi 4 IH
M K r irf f1II u vJ
Mu fi r Jt nu 111 14
t luentt r TS + IS
1 tI ftljj s
eaE I ut 11 W O3 9e q
nl W
NoKo4 1 tae 3 7AV TO i i
x y UrJrke 1141 111 1I4U i + >
x r cVntrsjr 16 not ii Its
N T r A II i i Ul l I HI I + I
Nnru > sn Ii ge J51S 130 TI
emu no A Ur M 110 as v
Vnmrtvan 124L 1Z1V HIS t I
IVoptfA lu or M j M 4 u
1TMM4 to teel 1S al M +
Wr Snt fyrlng 41E U j 41t z c
Mcxtlni awqlUl In1t + SS
Kr4Jlajr It pf S v US
Rao 4t41 I sit Pty Jai
HH lIto p JIl K y a
Hock lilinl 1 t lJf 3I1 + It
Kofik haul pl i 4i llr + t
Houih latint v ra Q 254
nout n 11c 71 zOl 71 4
touir K > cf a y U1W li
lOUIr tp
Bt L K IV pf fjl fJU
nn y i Iron li41 li ly I4t
il arlnr Tt 21 t 2P4 I
Tot fcr I i tl ii a 1
t j i pl 2e ti
r k a W pf 5 d
AUtu jutrl Ill 123 1t 3
r H r R Ire sX Bit SI
i H r i i pt > + 11 I I4
r n n It c < v TS H
f K ft a H r > r r4e 11 waa
I F ItuMer lot lfJV I07U net 1
I 1i11 214 R + I all IS
Ii S utef 4 iU III 1i t l4
feat 1 iujer xi 2 Si = 1 11H
vl r C9wr Lyt A Jerti + H
van cw 1 tea 11 loll I u 111r
1t m
ttsSaab Itej 1t HI e
> bjh uf h
4 lj
VV I In rn + e 1311
+ Adtete t ln
WhOa Urtrd Idr In the marttft
t < iln > nq cjntlnufd dry w uiirr In
the winter what tcttonr but tried
utT trot fipirt to IU advance anJ
r rlc4 < i fell bark
Corn nwl nrr alt wheat
N ew Turk oi > nnc t macs were
WIlMt Ml > ml tIIIffnl W0
CAlfaa Vi nnrnlnr rkee were Wheat
Jv suis to 61 14 to niJ 11x1
7 T 3 tt td N umber 2 J4 lo Ct >
CorrJiiU 4714 KepUli > lxr 4111 lo
Ul 1 Shy 4TJJ
Nrw Vorl I einilnz pr1en were
WbMUTMu M11 offwrd Jut lIT 11
Uil lIIIICISnr SI V t orttrtU Dictnibr
WI f1 Wd urn31a 1 V S4 ofTrrnl
Jut UI offend
Mill rr rlfwliiif t r1 M arr Whit
Stair 7t iu TII4 Juij MIJ IA M I
P MMilwr U I 4 I ve amb < or UTl In
I 4 OnrnAt ll 4ll ally H nrrra
duly 4 I e offered K elllr IIJJ to
4T1I UCyn1 tr KtW HKJ far 101
rotten was Artl9 and lfIWu In the
tar mark lattiy anil later wtak
14 ftrtr uaurrtear proiu
TEl opening prlrci wrri Jute A1
Md July 11f to 171 Aucnr 911 la
Ia IStp1Rhur Mi frerril Uetebf
Jauar Ui < C D nilr rei I It Jill
January hi to UJ4 rrwrujn > 11
bid liftV 10U bid
I The closing iirljes were A Brit > 41 Ui
161 Nu 171 tJ 171 Julie b 10 n
I JuM Is I t it A4I 010 to Uo
H iMem > et 1W ui lilf iutifr llei Vi
eIi4 NOb tofu to 14111 feretter
eiV0 10M Janu ry 21 to isr
I r y ItU IQ Wit
y 1
aiipuncc that a sale of
MeCrcsry Silk is being conducted
inltpt1i storrec
Lard Street fffth Street
l i h
l t krt
f3rel Street 3tfh Street
Attractive Hats for carriage street
or evening dress Showing the Intcst
ideas in Leghorns and light colored
straws Trimmed with Casaar and beautiful
new French flowers and foliage 2000
fl vilue Jooo
Colored cord and braid Passe men
terie 35c to 100 per yard
value 30C to 150
i 2
Persian Edgings and Bands
C 350 to 850 per yard
value 5oc to t5
Black cord and braid Passementerie
j 5oc to 150 per yard
i f valu 754 to 200
LADIES COATS in Doth stored r
Black Taffetas Silk Coats Pony
or Eton models Trimmed with braid
Lined with white or black silk 1256
vilue 1630
Tourist Coats made of English
Tweed 50 inches long Suitable for
travelling 1650
value 3100
ART DEPARTMENTS in hotel stores
Various new patterns stamped on
fine materials for making Wtaists
Underwear Collar and Cuff Sets Hats
and Belts I
Lounging Pillows Bureau and I
Dresser cads i
Centre Pieces TCa Cloths and
On Wednesday April the 7th
I Sale of stamped Patterns unmade
Shirtwaists on fine sheer Batiste HOC
1Z value I1S
On fine Nalruoofc
Night Gowns 750
Value Jo
> < < oc
value Tic
> J5c
vilut 63c
Corset Covers
viiue 4Oe
Hats stamped on lawn isc
value 3ic
Lawn Dresser Scarfs Figured and plain
materials with ruffle and lace edge sac
Fabrics and Art Stuffs suitable for
Summer Furnishings includingfine Cre
tonnes shadow Taffetas Chintz and
Madras Curtains and Tissues
10000 yards French and English
Cretonnes Desirable for furniture and
drapery slip covers 1 window and door
hangings cushions table and couch
rovers and art fancy work
55C lo 35C per yard
I value Jfic to 65c
Upholstery materials in soft colors 1
and numerous designs for inexpensive
portieres and furnishings
85C 135 and 225 per yard
500 fancy Muslin Bed Sets with deep
valence and bolster cover All sizes
AVhite and colors 3 75 and 575 per set
value 500 to 900
1200 pairs Muslin Curtains with
deep hemstitched ruffle Plain or figured
centres 75C 115 and 140 pair
usual price 100 to JOD
Draperies Lace Curtainsnd Bed Sets
cleaned and stored
Kings Scotch Holland Shades and
Awnings made to order at moderate
Russet Cowhide Dress Suit GflSfiS
With double steel frames brass spring
locks leather capped corners Kitted
with shirt pockets lined with English
plaid Size 24 inches 450
Wardrobe Bureau and Chiffonier
Trunks Various styles 2800 to 7000
A complete stock of dress steamer
nnd skirt Trunks Millinery and Visiting
Sole leather Trunks Valises and Eng
gush Hampers Kit Bags Holdalls etc
Dress Suit Cases and Bags with and
without fittings Various leathers
Automobile lunch and tea Hamper
and Cases
Adjustable Toilet Tablets for Flags
and Cases 1
Baskets Harness Carriers Sleep °
illS Baskets etc
23rd Street D4th Street
< 7 > Cy F ft t i Jk I p <
Jp Ji < Fr ia
iili > OIar w L
J Drugs Patent Medicines On SaleffoMorrow From
Toilet Article Specials I 9 to 12 A 111Only
R i hYORK f1j 9 AN 0
riajs llalr HcalllnSOc s ze29C O Fif
1 S 100 25 Hartford Brussels Rugi
Ornnulnr L feivc ccnt Phosphate U FA BP i 3 I 1 0
bf Soda Ctrntc of Mnjne < li Ca 131 It x 9 ft in 12 diliercnl
Salt full romJ battle cn391i VVE = ST 14 PROMPTLY beautiful 3l1ernsregularly
Lydla PlnUiimi Compound 65c i S25 = from 9 loU
Quinine Pills U S P 2 M for
grain IflO In bottle f
itlcartonate of rod s full + Summer Portieres
POund p3ekage 6c TomorrowsUnusuaiIyRareBargainsw hablcSumntcr
Caltor 011 serlctly lure I b l Curtains arc of beaut
bottle 9c St rat intriiSrt tJtnytiuR spcrirll llUrtlIlIStS hI > trilc i tiled in ljue red
SOc size iMasagc Cream 355 + hart I n111U t through for 11 cflttcsflap quick sc lii sic F I III length and
So xo < Jont Tooth Wasli 16 r Jt U iiiticrful ptu clout oJOIllttJ S 1131 llfssts I green l 1MRlt
z i6cI SlJllsll Glrl1lctJts IIIT 1Jr111t nu 1111 CClOlUII It IH tlhxf
Allens Toot Base ISc a rtlnc C cCrlitJtf t our owltsl tXJlltiltiotJsfor fit SC cJh < peaal tram
Almond Hands Lotion for Chapped 10lIIIOuttt 1ou intwht to spend SJio1l attrartiozisa Ii 11 I A 11 only at J JCl
in Ct art c1clmrtlllctJt will htp to Jlwlw this tile
4 tI k Qt A > t A Iotfo < < o tr Spring 51 oiMTY OMrrr
lmsiest H YTY
r ill Spring lll 11 i i illA null f Ulll II ill Kill nilIlia j
J and homofurnislnntls ill nil Acir York lou cannot help Jwt Ac 17 HM VSplctlscdttitll t < YO ViWr < y
at this store liS our infallible policy SATISFACTION GVA RAXTKKDOK VGA l 5V VROMP1LY +
1K r N DRlJ is lit rvfrJ rare to dims
VFDL our 5crvicc Hi < Hevrr you decant neeessartanti uc iC
in tile first instance when yon nitrcliaae Try us slid be convinced 01 our sincerity
J iii iii + ie rt 0iI 5 JrV1irYltdY 1rYYMJYTTtTrw +
ftY4YYYYtltYTTTY + y dYt av > rJgTT7T1rt 1YTJYYetJTiTTOTMyYY YY
Womens Smartly Tailored Suits Specially at Priced 12 98
A very special item that ought to bring you to Rosenbergs tomorrow in a jiffy riiiI
These suits have positively been marked down a third of their regular price
Made from strictly all ttoril Panamas in a new Itny Uuld hanJsrmely trimnuvi wilt SILK 1iEI7lUCES
HPAID irt elaborate scmlleffect or strap jnf self material Jat its lined thru hout wIU1IUH1111 1 c hlntJ tltidI r rlattpd
mi del skirt sires 32 In 44 inpearl qrjy brown blackor blue Y aut up to 520 eicli nrc31r ill ilav brtMW it fl
x Womens Smart Suits Lingerie and Fine Lawn Waists
350 Sljtub 10 Enc ub Cutaway Smii at S49S 1 Exquisite irimnwJ with rich mhrnrary or a UNir tflv lice tri mmed
Vc cannot nlke alt < ram it this astonishingly 1 > shown in j Urge assortment of new patterns and style trim 198
price Posit i meJ back 11 slew values 5M each ur choice at i e U
i pricr vely the BARGAIN SENSATION of the I up 10 y
season stunning 3butt < > n Cutaway motel made from I
handsome Spring suit rags Watt vev t A 3Hour GrtJt Value Sale of I
collar and top pocket Jalcst pUitcJ fl
jf f
skirt miKUI sius J3 10H MjJf to 4 SlXK t Handsome White Lawn
sell at f 1000 each for ths sale Hr 7lV
ao e t
CI 11 Waists
J 500 Broadcloth Pony Coats l t 1 o t Trrnrr > A M bra t It only tnvir < i a Theyre s jm i
tt 1 plf well pulc IrOI fine qUlty
retx finally r qu
For Vinifn The are triirmel x lh ilk brad flit k fX
I t u i iaxir fun tMiuse lice lr MI11M r yke t > f line
new seats lined Ihrou lout Ther
1 l s i 1 einhrniifred panels aid Vai last trimmt1 i
lK lit is o carne strictly tn at1 JJ
J 98 II i t c C lir < trlttt4 n r
iIJJt Trom tugint Stills ar corts t 95c
thewNant sIle brlc V 1 5 before uder Jjw each spei trom 9
touts up to J6t30 in the tot sp ral at S1ri
A M lo 12 M only tlniomm it
nit Sail 4 95 I
ValuesWitlont a Parallel in Boys Clothing Girls School Dresses J
450 Boys 4 SuitsAges 3 to 16 Cn Ssle Tomorrow from 9 to J3A M only
DuuMehreasUd Mills with et ani knk ae nr pl izt A rj > < Ji of Vxlrrre impurtaiiv b eerv in Jthr There sre
rent Russian Iuse ur > J Lr lln S t < th cte
liimlan or ktij 11 dIe as nifc n 1 fry n inl nurlures
2 pa rs bloomer pant rvrv sul a fot i I nL
P frm 1Iwo1lr3s1 or chef utssu11 It4 it n s ttueJ yoke trmmed sti4 lincy Ivud ard ri j full
u e Ira and medium eflectr as skrl IieJ thruuRhnut anl nud ctlh dtrp I
tell as plain black and Hue t i hen Colors Hue red nr t non Sijesfit tl
C 0 fJeuM brMJted in sires 7 1e I 1 S a 69
00 1 ro Ivrfy rjulir JIO3 I A dress worth every bt of flSw ci hfur 3 C
s tomorro choice at Pl hours only tomorrow 9 lo 12 A M at
i BOYS 3SUITS AT 139 k 4 Girls Box Coat Special f
This sale is for 3 hours onlu
s great JE or ous onvi Another value IloSToats
great of
ill waol fancy stripe mixtures
Tomorrow 9 to 12A M
r morrow from turfs notch or Jnlaid collars of silk velvet double brelSttd
E r nil In II U al + wilh cloth
deep facing
I a Ira la 1 L Imubte brr new sleeve with or
fl 7 S r to a Ii n III 1 39 without embroidered emblem also Tliibets
K J 10 all n 1 up 11 I l
lnktir z itMf i I S i and Covens new models in red tin 1 98
Tbli hull Tl lOfO BACIt ll fr1 ° q r h or fan I j
pal if lan rILX7Vta s ratn Itile I oil I inw ciesTi 6 to 141 sale pace tomutiow ti
fI 11P4
Important Specials in Hosiery and Underwear Sale Sale of NOTIONS f
Undermnslins 2eailg Silh T1 Mat
Tberit piiitiTrlr ao Ilf tad rids Tifirlr af nap tnli oiirry in New nkera c t akhtte
T CHI Ad oar low prices Hind wl heal a gird Try ntj be cosritiEnJ of lIlt mark d I 1 RV Sc
fall s le ti iimp Hut Skirl hLrkrr
of 4I Uhn 1 I This
Gowns r J vlkrc pf 1S I Wonsns Hosiery 1 Mcn3 Underwear at 24c n 1 r ak I b
with broal en Tvrt T > Cr rV v Vr 11 M 24 c 1
PairrJls 49c l ernrlr won hlh t4A < < ite QnJ > l Ml v Til i n vt Wv 5tod
Ins neck andieer ruf C IIH Thrinl uktu > in I i1 nJ Iris li 1Vwii nm 1 1 Slodug Ful Ilhe a 111 while
fie finiOiej pecul M IIIB tan clad it h brtm lI sWUr th 9lri Inlr 3c
firr 1 > 1 > c i f litihl eeute + ii f nil e t ffC J
Extra Size WashPettcoa 4S linlV Tiirk kin lO rti II eery n 1 at lspronr Ironiaj 1Yarwoatl
121cII s1
n tiiiidlfi
vulutK up 10 tr T ijC V i pe r duzrn 7C
very lull cut nude < i cleir 49 inie at 2 Mcns 75c Underwear at 39c teary tiictt Ik r nun c
stripe secruicker witu lcp C Women s 2Jc Hosiery 19c Vn nvr ni t s m a Mni d2rn Plated S IPI III per lC t
flounj special at Fcrr tu er 111 rJi tu olel 2 In I ui tdn ulhrre Tie Bfii Sfwi i5JVhtacVwMt
of good I3I1 wr i in < i ih onl llaljr Kuii In Iduwul < and 1111 r I r 010111 1 white
Kimonos taus e I I Ibcviii s I w r I u 10 u I ra i r iHKii 1
dnh rtS l il rv e rii I nhli ml r 1 t Uicj
front snd back i ilii l 11 I i wi i Lq > 1f null tini > n III Pbi tHck Jeltanned nriigit 1
broad laAil don I t f i 11 1 j I JLtfC l n 1 fitn 39cr l iriinXM 16 nper fT 5c3 f
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Sale of Black Dress Goods hr PIre
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Stupendous Half Price Sale of Bed Outfits t
15 Bed Outfit 798 t 18 Bed Outfit 998 2250 Bed Outfit 1498
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