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n u
c ott rw to t at
MM bfl run ikmn Bey
to awconQ jartu wa hit br
tall bel took ftrat Afurpliy
> aM but Itt throw irtld to
who corrred this bec alMS Bey
i jworvtf Davta Jao trVd In rcn
OMUM mn over and < xrvTed hum
uohtd him on a throw tram Ortb
rc UUNftwl > 4 IXporte mtrtir
nan waited jvu mlly MId IIWIo
t sIed UarUel dropped WrwW hit
r V Ufi but Top1 Ihiw thy ball
fe IBM In time to forr nut VTIllUoa
t rh tn > ck ouL NO RUNti
Third Inning
4ws wa now pltchlnf In plitcn of
0ftII Lon fouled out to Chan Knjctit
i r a tone fly to Ke lr niry utrucx
r TorJ stood at4H and eitvcht Conivyi
1 Ry Kvrlrr trek nal Oiaj
F IK out on a lour hit to Dart NO
Fourth Inning
usa tool care ot Dyirrtrtft rr
y jtr Hartiet ilnfcIM cnrr econd
rot a bUe on boll Iloth runner
4muicM on iv wild pitch by Hucni
lytieUI Md hi ncetvrr wnllop and
4 tmcmlDf laclt to centre Jcnt both
Brlii it and Cra In home LMvli forcml
rbeM out at rtcood on n nnundtr to
1AlTDL7 flit to HoRmn
Crea fumbUJ f1Irftld iroundec
fan lonr enough Tor the Kid to ret
t i4 William truck cut Lap
IafM A lonr drlr rucnlnrt th left
Id < aco1ng EltxirfeM anil ret
tlfttr the flrat blr yll out of the crowd
Hoffman filed to Soybold and Laporte
> J COrd Klelnow truck out TWO
c Fifth Inning
> Ir4l1ttPd e hlch lly to Hoffman
1 otalatll lifted a hVh one to Keelnr
fl Barry truok out NO HUNS
li Xrat threw out Huchea Oonroy
Wired the ante way Keller won Ta
o a rrounde to Murphy NO
c Sixth Inning
Pytert truck olltUartael porpod
Met to Cha crou filed out to Ilotf
zL Chtcc atruck out Elbrrfcld walked
I A w ndrtul atop of William ground
fcr Crota forced Elberfel4 nt eoond
Ia tie drovn a twobarnnr Into tight
William to third Hoffman
r Icraeked a Inltle ovrr econd cor
taa both Laporte uid William Klelnow
waa thrown out A by Murphy TWO
r f S vnth Inn ng
Beytold out Elberfeld to Ohaar
t > Yli went out the aaino war Murphy
Wed out to Keeler NO HUNS
f Hurhea fflid out to Seybold Conro
t laced a neat aingle to centrn Conro
w0t to second at Croat threw out
T Xeclr Con roT ole tlilrd and cord
> en Chae Jnrle to centre B1b rf ld
ma hed a twobarrer Into rlxht and
Chaae came in The crowd by thl
time was goIng wild and Connie Hack
withdrew Dyaart from the box Dendrr
goIng in to take hi place William
best out a alow hit to Crona and Elber
laid went to third I aporle atrunk out
nUNsEighth Inning
Lord cot a bue on twiJU and tonic I
awrtmd on Knletita out to Chsjo Bar
t n mmed tho ball agalnat the cori
r oard for two txvawi corlrut Lord UPn
It dtor fJpped out to Klelnow Barry wa
1 CluJrllt napplnar off aocond ONE RUN
Jloffriiaa dropped hunt toward third
od beat It out Klelnow mOd out tO
L rd Tlioouui batted for Hurtmvj
Hoffrrcin waa forced out at rocond on
Thonaa grounder to Murplty Uendtr
i threw Oonroy NO RUNS
Ninth Inning
Catleton pitched th lait Innlnr fnr
N w Torn Williams threw out Hnrt
lei Xaporle cat Crt js Seybolil flled
S out tr Keeter NO RUNS >
Bender got Keeer line imaah Bon
der threw out Chaie Murphy jrot El
r mm BILL
iMarty McCue Opposes
Measure to Legalize
Amateur Sport
< apcll I a Th Ecenlne Werll
ALJ1ANV N r Aprl 19 The Iraw
tr amateur boxlne bill altpiitd through
th Aaiembly today by a bar ma
jority and the mraiure now fun IB
GOY lluchei for iia al rnatur
Marty Mctuc the Ncn York Aa
mblymui aitd xclianiplcn bot r
f ff otil the bill Ha mid II clre tha
Amatiur Athletic Union a monopoly
at the boxing burin and that Jam
J Bull van and other ofltam of tne
awacUtlon would b cettlnc the profit
wtrllt the men who did the boilnc
i wets prohibited from taklnic any mot
H prIze He laid III ere WeT no amateur
lioxor outside of the unlveralllv and
1 AaaemWymen Francla and Young of
1 law tork aupHirtd In Mil Mr
t Kranrt l > ad toted n < alnn U hut he
I Hand 10 tb ai er aid bcaun uf
i ths aittnci on lIi Amileur Athletic
r Union
Adopt a Resolinion Gilling on
the Mayor to Appoint Coin
1 mittee to Jistall It
In tIti bnre nf 1relilrn W
Oowan VIe halimjn EIi > a
man pre < d4 at tte niru if or Ihu
Hoard of AW > nin iia dUnui u
Aldorman akC < in n rr 1 a n iojiit
caltlnc upon ib iU > i lu kuint
COfDtnltlee uf eilru 10 11011 n ntr
1150 pUul to oovliiUi i tk Uanirr 1
t > phMU twcr Ua r alu jj Oi 1
Lat u iomauulcjir k > rn m th
waur uppi > lut lhHJjJ wi i
adopted without oproitilon
lUIIIn Snisu i It 1 t i rjn
In roa1 IA It liivrcucaUoii u 1 the tj
fair of Uorewch del 4niriss of
fit Ti pir in > l v fti i i rt
P4rt mad by tw rc u t > i LI
IM cnuuhltlMr of Anuunia ia I
Ml aitdr vnd u nrnt MUUUU i a out
KM Ills flly 1 ri re a
The tbIiUtIJul pruv tai Ih h
K > rta I iuuil u IlJ u 1 Ii 1 I
4trO 001 1 I gl
nrlv I I lm 1
wh ih < I 111 lit L < II
IT IAt U 4p111 W TM N H1 IM
ailb < 9 Norm i > l Umlieg N
IuI4W4 WJ ts1 at Otu l S
IgSt llno At WI ZU
1 MAain llht kjwif4 Onlr tlZU
P < r unj diulis ear Vfe SIft on tl
a u S
Declares She Ever Was a Faithful and
Loving Guardian Daughters
Story About White Was
Never Told to Her
PITTSBURG April 16 Copyright 1907 by The PitlsburgLeader
Publishing Company Tlic Pittsburg Leader this afternoon prints a six
column statement front Mrs Charles J Molman mother of Evelyn Ntsbit
Thaw in which slid defends herself against tha accusations ejcprdssed
and implied against her during the Thaw trial I
The statement opens by saying that two nights after tfie night upon
which Marry Thaw shot Stanford White she received this telegram from
her daughter
It is most important for you to say absolutely nothing
Until now she has remained silent and has been forced to take the
defensive becaus1 of the attack made upon her by Mr Delmas in his
closinr address to the Thaw jury
fine denlc hat ih side the DUtrle
Attorney in any way and IhAl n had
been pen by Sir Jerome Mr Janran
or Mr amide Mri ItolmAfe then
< V > tatl bar trur gla followlnc the dtnlh
of her first boobOoS In her efforts
properly to raJie hr to children an
y her urhtir flrat poe l for an
artlit named Storm ot PhlluJflr
Pn who met Evelyn at Creanan Ia
A summer f ortt when a llttl gIrl
Daughter War In Love With Staqe
Florence nhc aT a WIt In loro
with the itage
She did rverythsnr to dl coura fl her
but It wa tiwlm The tory If Flor
ences first meeting wIth BUnforrt
White ate My II ubtaiittlly a told
fcy her on the wltne tand
When Mocencff returned ahe told ner
mother abe ad mel the rrondert man
n liter when Mr Whit ent for her
gt went to his once
Warned Her Against Men
Mr White aba ala warned her P
clflcally aralnt aeverel young men with
whom Florence bad become acquainted
but dill not refer to Thaw
IRa mann wool nd action were
the primnlftcatkm of ntiolehearted dla
Inl n8led generosity Mrs llolman
ays and If ever a woman rfpoaed lm
Chief Piein theFace Gives
Dig Throng a
The police of the Tenderlola Station
cot a real Indian tMn afternoon and a
crowd of about fle thmiund pal face
Iniludlnc women thopper got the car
of their live
Old Chief llelntherace I onot the
tinreeonitructrd tcalp hunt ri who
mkie jcofln rlmplm on the patron of
the Illpiiodronie Jill trU > name is Big
Charger Kor bout a wrrk the old
chief ha been playing Alice BI by the
Fire Water 4n vortnl r h arnli up ami
I dan 11roday Hi cot In a dleptttn
tndy with another KVou who dJdnl
I toxlay with anther Hloux ao didnt
cad aw they walked down Broadway
dl cu > lnx the Uaue It tounded Ilie the
I Goaiertallon of au aulotutbll rhauit
Th dIspute cot ao hot at Thirtyninth
atrrrt tint Mr rielntbeVac drew
hla truity mn and flrwl twice while
the other dlipuUnt did the ion dane
In double quick Just than Policeman
I Hrad > of the Traffic flquad jump < i
Into the hare and kmnrktd out tho
bad Indian
T1 < inriftz In that part of llr < Mdway
had liukn > eieowiwa lyeryboiy
rtrurk uu fur cover and an Shady bail
a l ult tim wilt the iltPixidrcHn ar
t lU Amrlitnl him or hi nna
nl < Mill rynmfni lay of the
mlln ralltirr Whtori flonn in uo
II t ii kit of III pre aleRt And then
Bfai morrhwl nd IIMnlhfJFaefl to
the Tender nn gialloii while i t ret
of I hi trltn luuhl up the rr
Had Wulf tho other dl jnjtant wai
lod Up ale
locmaioa airvri hum ollne li tnat
UM IteliiBu 41 niiicli MC been ex
r t j > ivieiu Jfl l > a < jn ctlv >
an1 apoutinK nr < ana lava
TII 1 u > ii > lit jiJo lu ktllant
r Hie f 1 i > 1 i he uicbnn Ire In llr
lur and dertui tetr honxi
1 1 fa sJ bl > i f the Slat o i
QUIr ro a i lia I uquartrr a Ill
pI l ii I a ati j F la Id he met
jjii n 10 r rhqudile ot yrCtrOIy
Tl > IIC > lhal i Ji i IU
e CM I > n nddd to thi 1I1al
t1fr folio Ing tro ariyjli
M44iY April M tftnaur If U
itlnuun ot hlngliatuKn vOl of the
I ih Ion lILmbeorr Ui H < nal JudJ
i iry Cumiiltl Ml II t i about in lake
j in j o iaJnuiioii uf Iho Governor
IlIl4lr on lur Iu r ii val of Up
ertriiid AI < if tnajr n e uitu hvaey
iUI UK ituliiitnia h 1U 1uUIU lttl
tII tiil iraa lMn 111 bore Ian nill
g4 iMuraxJ lu bill luamc In Dmirtiam
toa till t MiM
11111 uutitui IK i TO
a n HATS
I 140 OlVTiliaiT I cuu ntiU le ur a > >
tat t fUWM flltoi Al ilea at Anlru41 >
4ft la C U u day Mtnoay r fueii V aOc t
Plldt oonfldcnoa In I man ah aay
ah did
Irs Holman JIm aaeerl that If Xlor
ico underwent th experience that la
Htld to have befallen her In did not
take hH Into tier oonfld nc
Coritlnulnt ht WB Had she told
ma what lIhe told the TOw Jury It
would not have brn ncojwarj for
Harry Thaw to kill Stanford White I
would have done It mIt
Em pell1 Trip a Nightmare
Spaakine of tha Curop an trip Mr
Holman ely a
Every detail ot the trip wa and Is
a nUhtmare tome Mr Thaw lolnod us
In Jarli Florence and I hared the
came apartment Mr Thaw had apart
men by hlmielf There wa no plea
lire In the lour for me Th thine
whloh appealed to Florence and Sir
Thaw In Varta did not appeal to me
Florence tetlned that t e quarreJIed
frequenly while in Part in tact coo
tlnuall The dlaagieemen were
cauied by my proteit at VisIt to Tart
oui reatauranta
In closIng Ira Holman aaya
I solemnly Inn that my Jove for
my daughter U ai deep and lnteni aa
It wa when I nral held her ln my arm
a helplea baby nerardlea of mrinn
ha tranaplred ray aCactlon 1 unJtrd
Th door of my home I open to br
and will swing wide at the ltgtmtet tap
today tomorrow and alway whit I
Was an Important Wit
ness in Riot Exposure
of Police Methods
When the French litter La Sarole from
Han docked last Haturdar a couple of
oMtlme deteottve aerfeant on the pier
became greatly Interested In one of the
aecond cabIn pauencrr a woman who
appeared on the paaienrer Hit II Ira
Ix > ule Smith
They reoemlied her II
Mr Matilda Sobr all a Mm JIo6r
i mann ails Mm Herbert on of the
tar wltne ei In the Latr lnve tl < a
Oon who iv teatlmony that had no
I imall part In In humiliation of certain
police omen aome of whom Ire till
connected with the PolIce Department
The drUctivei quatlon the woman
She admitted liar Identity but waa eec
retire aboill her Intention Knofrln
that > hn had not been
In New York or
li > the country toce In when he dlt
appeared while the lzow InveatUatlon
wag hut Hi detective Informed Ui Jm
migratIon aulhorltlf that h wa an
undesirable alien and on that around
the B detained at Elll lUnd
The Kxamiiwtlon Jlonnl hld a he
Ing on hr oa HinxJuy Hli Mr1ed
that ne lud no lnleotu of remaining
In New York Accx > rdln to her tory
rti marrlixl a man ncnd Smith In
lrli jitter iHivlntr this country aad
for Ito po4t ten year ha been hem
itulMly Kranee on a mall Chat at IJIU
Agent i U Ihl country cite aJd h1
eompUtrd t0 her attfljeflIfWmtl to Mil
wrtaJn property abe own in Nw YOrk
Her prC here In neceaary ° lat
ae rai tlcn th lluro Htt Offered
lu give bond U > rMurn t Europe nit I
LA 8avae next Thursday
A r pr t nttlve of the French line
I volunlrrred t tak the reeponilhlllty I
l sealer thai r Smith joe back on I
Uie dale appeliiud Hh wa paroUd 111
I hli ruplfxlj and I a new In Ih city at I
lendlti tu the sale of her properly I
Her ifcallmnnj In lbs Lxow proceed
Inn was Mnutlonal In the e rtrne I
Oh nld she paid protctlan mony 10 1
polls BOcM fer tto pririlig of con
pk c
ttuctlair dl r4crly liouar on the lower
1 Wfcal tldt Her rtvlalloni had
Wllld o har not been
roiflpirtxi when ph dlppred and
the aultoorWc In rlurie at the invnti
I littOn iMrned that ale had ion to
Piug U a report current on Ettia
Iiland iat r Hmlth hn aeon F11
mUauucr Illnckam elite ar arrival
In Now VorV Hht la aid to liav
Uteri aafced but her builnr i rela
tloui i u ertun Pksemn Who ur
net wall up In the dprimal l hti
lives are said to Iw hadawlna hr
1 Mrey m vrnAl
111w Mil rani we capt from the
Preftub ll iW tn No lId Ohrlilophcr
autH Tfi 1 lou IB < I eaid to hare
Ills tc iw o IB cell I alNo 1J6
WMI Thud ira
A Mtiah o sets throat ibauld hll tie
5f 1u wf W acjial VrwU I
jive rJjef A simple rented r t tram
epieta 31 Oe aa 1 a lea C I
ExGovernor Says He
Will Never Again Appear
in Criminal Case
Jerome Argues Thai Even n
Million Wouldnt Be
Torrmv Oovernor Frahk Black bA
made i plain that under no clrcum
will he conld proposition
alanci 1 col e any propIOI
to littom chief counsel for Harry
Thaw haer ot Stanford Whit Whll
taklnc lunrh IU a friend at a down
town club today the nGovrnor aild
1 would not le that cue If I were
the only one left to try In the world
In my life I hay flrured In but two
mtirdtr caira I proetutd Oat Bbl at
Troy and I defended nolnnd B Moll
n mx In thIs county nd never expect
to take another criminal cue a long ii
I II v
Tier Is a much chtncr that I will
defend that young man Thaw ae ther
II that I will aro to Harlem o wine
Whim a reporter for The Erenlnr
World iaw Mr Black a hi ofncea
No HO Broadway he declined to add
to or detract from the remark he
had mad
Hare you bean approached with a
vlw to defendlnr Thawf Mkad the
I such a thlnr had hapnenefl I
would b 4 profeaalonal matter which
I could not dUcuaa he Mid
Henry Mol lke partner of > > lma
today demanded of Clerk Penny In the
Criminal Branch of the Supreme Court
the letter from Thaw to D lmaa
which ww filed aa rrhlblta In th
luna proceedings tw weeks ago
MoIlka akl tie letter were private
prcr > erlf Q Mr Delmaa and hal no
Wrns whatever upon the cane proper
Clerk Penny declined to aurrcnder the
letter unite Justice FltxrenCJ alaned I
an order to that effect and Mr Mc
Pike Wt away In aorrow
Will Oppose Bal Plan
lrictAttorny J rome will fIght
hatd acatiut admitting Thaw to ball and
he La confident that the millionaire will
lancuUh in prlaon thl autnmr In iplte i
ot thefact that he I ready to olfcr
HMOCCO cath ball
The DUtrtctAttorney doe not believe
that Thaw will ret fri on an order
from the Supreme Court pendlnc a new
trial and will argue that oce million
dollar to Thaw I no mOA than a
few hundred dollar to another rnur
fw tundrr
deter and that It Thaw ibould le re
leased on hi big ball other prisoner In
poor clrcunwtanc could make claim
to the a ort of Juttlc
Mtnb o the ThaW family are con
Udtat that Thaw will be rtlaed on
t > all Mr William Thaw mother of
tha prtaoogr will go to Pltuburg to
morrow 8he plan for Thaw and hi
wife to Join her at Cruent Pa where
she will spend the aummr T Coon
Isle of Yarmouth Thaw sLur will
all for England tomorrow Joalah
Thaw an hi wit will fo to Watch
cliff R I and Mr and Mr1 Oeorxe
carnegie will make a trip South Evelyn
Thaw will remain at the Hotel Lr
rain Mother to ChooM CounitU
It U now certain that Thaw ha prac
tically dltmUwd all of hi old counsel
with the exception of Daniel Ollellly
r William Thaw ii expected to tak I
a hand la the election of Thaws new
defender lit for the Arit trial Thaw
would heLen to no Ic and choa Ill
own defender lrrp ctlve of the
wlahe of the member of his family
Althouara MrOXellly now itandi at the
brad of the tunibld heap It Ii probail
that the nmarJloo for the oond trial
eetd the Uial 11515 will prenl a phalanx
lmpolo aa that which
lanx oit aa IplO
lallni to gain anything bUn than a
drawn battle
Although the fIrm of HartrWg
Pu li no longer actively con
orn d in Thaw dejn the Junior
inenibat A ItUJHll Teabody who nt
bn Thaw1 personal cvunul fo
month past bee continued hi dally
cult to i he Tomb n today noed
bal be bad o aUUiorltattva a potUon I
that he could U apoak for tne mitt
who aa until lately bU avowed 0
aoarodlied client
A apxillnr thlrty minute on
Murdirrra Iton Mr Pe 4 ody oarne out
o the Tomtx To the reporter wno
ia l him A the d ora of the wardtn
offlc bo nidi
Mr Thaw aaka me to aay that hi
will make no ilaUmcot before Thursday
day and that no one oonn cld WISP
the LU fill make any ealegnent to
dr Till i WM lake to mean that Air
labol Lh reca ta iiaiid hi mia in
the cue at IrJMt tentatively even aj
mltiMK ttiat he hd vcr been entirely
fence ouulJ th raak of couPleS for Ge
Lionel Ad4n who rained dliUnollon
In toe trial of Mafia luonilxn In Snw
Oilman will U n AIN by he di 1
fioei pfOtfcllllf UI il Q Ot Ih ttsUt
dUilrurulilird lawyer In lAuUlana A
I dtpat fitini hU iom last night aid I
that hi hid left hli ume auddtnly last
weak and now Wee iuppofd to be In I
William Itaud it tttimtf AriUlant
ntitncl Attorney baa U n conaullvd by
direction ol the defidaxt who act
when m ihoeo < wltliout rrfernc to I
the tshee nf hli adviser rfrDv lira
ham J4 but neither ot lhi lawyer
woiild rtuuuaa ftte Cast In any way
PCI dotIng ulitrtct Attorney
Smyth who ni chart of thi office
In Mr Jroma dnc wa Informed
today tttat come of thr paper were
nIlnd lo tuck much of the vult of
lne or two of She Jurori lo Mr Del
ma orTlr y MI or day he ealil
When the trial ended vral of the
juror went at onu to Mr Jerome
orn e and had a that with him There
wa 1 improDrldy in their Idln Nor
do I tee my possible Irrpronrlty In
th fan lieu a Juror pU a tmllar
11 several day Utr 1 one wlmlar
lawyra for the dfn 0
i I I pr > oitruu to unt that we
ar gIn lo make any Inveatlrttlon or
oantempUl snaking any Inftallgatlon
on the Irenrth nf such Inotdtnt ai
fliec I I Juror ud an Iniproi r mi
liv I II probable that hi Would go In
bread day lo lb public office of aa
attorney engaged In lb caact JUanf
Some Recent Victims of
I Concealed Deadly Weapons
I April H George I Sechler nnd Alfred Sclllck two policemen ot te
M rcr tnH > t station and Charles Vlncemo n Ind ot nineteen shot
I la Washington fiquaro hy Salvatoro Oovcrnalc Sechler died In
stantly with I bullet In his heart Sclllck died today Vlncenio
I n tho pint ot death
April lErnreL Hertman and JAcob Tholtvs murderously attacked
with stllnttnn bj Antonio Genovarn Ant 1 ononrmod accomplice
who escaped while defending n woman from Inimlt on n Third
venue I train Hortman stubbed to the heart li dead Thetss
1 dying I
April 7ohn B Merrall former DlntrlctAttorney of Qiitenn County
dangerously stAbbed with a stiletto In tho hand of I man whose
S Identity I unknown The attack wan made on 1 lonely road at
midnight Mr MrrnUl in In dungcroua condition
AprlltrMan whono identity has not been Uncovered shot and killed In
front of Mock Decks home No 10 foyers street
March 31 Giuseppe Gavacua shot and Killed Vlcetta OHYIXKUJV his con
sins wife during I quarrel nt her home No 457 West Fortyalith
street Gavngua committed Elilcldo
Mnrch 30 John Plerola shot at on Weat End avenue nnd Sixtyninth
I street by I gang ot roughs and then beaten nearly to death with
I blackjacks andHandbags I
Continued from First Pace 1
they were already beginning to learn their lesson not a rusty buldog I
gun nor a homemade stiletto was discovered I
Magistrate House on the bench didnt waste cny time on the dark
browed prisoners who came forward He averaged a case a minute i
Each man who had ben caught with arms on his person was held in
bond of 2000 for Special Sessions When the last of the group had I
gone back to the pen the Magistrate said
I want to say that in no case vIIl I releace one of tIiec men on I
bail bond under fortyeight hours I will acceplonly estate bond
and I intend to take at least two days in order To examine carefully Into 1
ir 1 nbt v nf surety that is offered I
Ju tlc Wyatt of Special 8 < ulonl
JuII Wyat
made this tatarnmt wtven he heard i
whole the Maltrau down the corridor
hart ilcran
In the future U 1 our Intention to
punlih heavily tlo who ue rullty ct
carrylnr concealed weapon They are
going U rncee ten nt hard la > or
on the IianoTL Heretofore we h
en lettlnu such offender off oiuillr
with fInes From now on we will be
trlcter Under the law a roan w >
carrlea a pistol a stiletto or dirk 1
alunnihot a blackjack or brju knuck
lei can be punUhed by a fine and a
maximum penitentiary sentence of u
ain i
In the Merrltlana Polk Coun
Martstratt Crn howe no mercy t
the tnentyelrht pUtoltoter who hs >
been taken by Actlnt Capt Price
eutha In the Italian aettlemonti I
ts Bronx Hi held them In bond o
SOG each for Special Seailoni and ml
or two exccpUon Ue entli
one eXelp Ol
twenty lrht went to the Tomb t
Join their downtown compatriot
A Bunch from Harlem
frank ZUcalo who own a pool pat
lor a No 1KI Flrit avenue waa one I
plxolcarryln Italian to be
of the plaol ml IaUn
arraigned before Ma Utn te Cornell In
Court today
the harlem Curt Iod
Zncalo b mo ne l bla fate InainincTi
LI he aeemed to be the victim of hard
luck He was leaning over a table In
till pool place trylntr to make a difficult
bot when Policeman JJrenner paaaad
by Ut can a queer protuberance In
Zaealov hip pocket When tt e pocket
the aitule It
was proaptcted by cop I
yleldod a feroctouj revolver Zacalo I
waa held for trial Ui IM ball aa were i
Michael Yola of No 41 Eat One Hun
dred and Flfteinlh trset and Trod flat I
mate of No 301 Eaat On llundnd and
Twelfth atreet
In the Eaaex Market Court Magistrate I
ruin held nine man Itahianasoms in
bond of JlOOU each they had lone
knItesend the other who had packed I
p a tola In bond of fM each Evidently I
he held a knlftcArrler to be a won
man and more danceroui than a re I
v oler I
Tony Becretto who had tried to Ub I
a detective in the back while three at
hl frJendi were being cearobed waa
held in t bond i
More than thirty men from Ui set I
Ide Italian colony were arralgurd be
for Mntlalrato Jiarlou In tho Jerfer I
on Market Court
Mare Cout Many of them w tf
r iprM nted by couniel pot I
IrIed cnul only a few
r dIscharged Ttwee held won iwnt
to Jai In most cases m default or I
come of SitS and 1X0 A aecurlty
The e wholrcale arrests folIow
oII followed a I
raid nvad on Italian quartern In every
part of Manhattan LieS nlpht ennti
mol of the prloocr wn moat
vla ed filoae who have lone roucl
auipoctrd of connect ion with the Jo
tonoui Black Hand aoolety Miiy ot
them have ben suspected of being I
Itnpllcuted In the klOnapplnr of chil
dren In murder In ibootlnge tab
blnci dynamite outrages tin burninK
of house robbcriea blackmail and
what not
raid not without exciting
Tli were wlbool ucllnc I
incIdent More than once a detooUr or
plain clothes mal and an Italian elo d
on taon other In what appeared to be a I
fIght to the death Then the trained
fighter Bllrnred hi man n1th a nIght
rtlok and led him whimperIng to jail
Fifty men marched from 1ollJi Head
quarter The oompany split Into
iquad and on of Joe 1elroalnli cLiff
of ItalUn dttertlve was aiilrniJ to
go with each iqo d
I Up In the llronx where Italian out
rage arm aUuoil of nighil > oecurrnnco
I Capt Price lint out fifty men with In
tructloai to c all every mn carryIng
I a revolver or a stiletto and Ie look for
turd lawbreaker In the Italian colony I
Held Up for Weapon
relroalnl led the raider to th cafe
and Italian din In Molt Houston
lilliabeth Btunlon Cbrltie and other
Ir U In the lower part of the city
1atroalul know hi fellow country
men who ira diuporadoei 10 will to
an4y word nili them wlj t anon or
IIal I rdtuil for t hen a jt oup u <
furelcner wa > ncblrd the dxeiliirfi
vtiu drawn revolver lurrounded
them When knives 01 revolved wn
found on Ih Italian they were 11
off 10 prlcon
In irukuij arreit the datecllvr not
only hd to battle with niMt of the nun
they mail prtioner but with their
friend and relative Borne of the
feacutr were armed with long knives
or rwVSlver n4 Ihyo were ftrrtit
ed after btlnr drm4 PAtl
The aroti for plU and knife totara
I a Brooklyn WM not v r fruitful t
I cauno for month past the Italian de
tectlvea of that borough have made u
practice of nabbing every auspicious
looklnc countryman they met and i
searching him I he had any contra I
band hardware aboard thoy took him
before the nearert Muglitrali who In
atead of auraalnjr a mall fine cave him
SIX month or a reir In Uc Workhoua
Will Keep Up Work
Commissioner Blnghnm told an Even
Ing World reporter that he expected
to keep up the work of arresting ltd i
eng who carry weapon until he had I
broken up the practice He said ha
felt confident of hi ablltr to do a If I
the MajrUlrxtea would unit In holding
the or nder and the Justice of Bpe I
clal fkeIon > In cmllne them lo the 1
laund for long term Tlien he added t
A tranc thing happened thl morn
tr Among the nien arrretej lajt night I
ere MX en who had long knives which
were moatly I alike I
Tli r nrueaTh9 carried ibemaero
ralenrd before a marlitrate Strange 1
aay ho bald two of Ui > m and dU
ICu flv 0 I
top ont to be pu to the pro
Kcuoua aat of revolver continued I
i 0 CommlMloner The Wfapaa coo
ratc1 bv tho oulice hold b de
ilroyed and not be old at public auc
lion Wn hive aooe iC4 pi i toll and I
dot feel like erIlin ptol puMlo
uctlon lo tweutjflve to fifty cent
apiece They rhauJd b destroyed and I
nut going to arli them
The proc N ia from the cal which Is
held annually fa to the Police Im I
Irn Fund
Through Peter B rtICoronn It
has become known that In ronMu no
2r tie klllllf ° f Policemen Stlleck and
A movement M on foot among
leading Prominent Italian to Keep mono
of their nationality from carrylnr
loaded platol Coroner Acrltelll aid
that prominent Italian were about lo
rommunlfkte with Die Italian Ambaaa
dor Mayor dei Ialn the Con
sul General In thli city Count Heybaudl
Ma < uilxlli for advice And ncrrxtlons
Funeral of
The funeral of Policeman Oeorfce 31
fseehlnr will be lieU at the home of hli
brother at No 18 Macon irtreel Itronk
11I Ihl
Iy at 7 oclock tomorrow night The
body will b curt by police headed
by the police bad to the foot of 1ul
t > n Street Brooklyn whr the Annex
ferry will he taken 10 Jft aty antI
the hetUtlttItia traIn wife be taken
for Uanvlllv Iu the d 11 nun tel
plate roar hump The hurial will be ut that
Th funeral of Pollorman Albert Hal
Irck will be from tie hon of w aunt
Mr Murdurk No sot 8 > utn Third
atrret llrooklyn on Thursday evening
Th rervie will IM reid then and On
Friday morning the body will IM uken
to the Grand Cenlial Station al 10 I
oclock and rtvn to Yonkers for burial 1
Monet treet elation wher lb dead
men were ilgned ha not ben draped
In mourning but the nag ha bUn at I
half mat end will he until air a
funeral All r men M ih station In
doting p le OlVllly will be
relieved from duty In orUr that they
jmay attend both funeral In A body
BuTt Tur the annulment of her inarrlane
ha itftn brought In the ftupreme Court I
htr before Judc Koch by Wn Lola
V Dayton aralnit Arthur W Diytoi I
11 IeekikHI lln Dayton bring the
action on the around that al the time of
the marrUate whluh took laro In Jer
say City I Keli II lSel layton aa a
dIvorced IUI 11 wife Mlneola Iauld
Inc having prurrd a ulvorr from t
In Ihall Cuunly I Mny I 1191
TIM iitalnllff make the point that tPe
rxl Mr l > a > ton was living when the
second ceremony wae performed The
I decre of UIVr a provided I I alleged
Dial th rl tn1n could net marry
again durln the IUlnlllT llfrttnie
I lila i a md to t M lire iit lute that
ih a < UJlMi I nome I II the
I Wtor fomty court The con
Unlloii brine jiadc that a ron cud
marry again provided the crrrmony
I Wa performed In another Bal
Oraafoi ef Docilet
Mens Hats
Latest Spnng models in Derbies
and Alpines showing the new
shades in the celebrated Pun
Up styles and quality
ST3 jig 567
filb Ar JltoAdwty fltlb 4r
Theodore S Cox Left at
Home Full Report of
Suicide Plans
Thfodnre R ox for over forty Uf
transfer agent of the Pall lllver line a
man with thousand of friend and ac
quaintance In ahtpplrtic nnd builnest
circle of thla city li believed to have
committed suIcIde at mldnlichl Saturday
nlcht by jumping front the rill Ulver
liner Puritan when the boat wna mM
i way between New London and New
I port He Kif last uppn alive aboard the
bout Rt H1S oclock The next niorn
Ina he could not be found but hi hat
overtoaf rjriclaair money and I letter
ttreotd to his Jon Howard H Cox
df RldCrneld N J were found Ii hi
Thrro is no doubt In the mind of trie
Ion that the elder Cox committed nut
clde beeauie he left letter behind when
ho went away describing In detail how
lie Intended to end hii life Aa 1 pre
cautionary measuE howwer Mr Cot
called at Police Headquarter today
and arted that an alarm b lent out
far hl father
Theodore R Cox wna lxtythree year
olJ He retired from active work about
two years ago and went to live with
hit ion In Now Jerrry He nuffered a
I severe attack of trip hat winter and
had frequently given way to atack
of dccpondeitcy Inc
J wai hli cuatnm to come to New
York two or three time a week On
I on of theso visit early lat week he
IMiUfht a ticket and a atiteroon on tta
Puritan for firxton un the Snturdav
night trip IK left home Saturday
I morning to come to New York but aald
nothing about hU Intention of taking
a trip on the Purltut
I U hen he dM not return to RKUetUld
Park that nlcht hie family became
I alarmed On Sunday hla room wo
earched und three letter addret
to hla son were found One was dated
March 1 one March 4 and the other
Ail It In eac i letter ttie old man
had written hla determination to kill
The letter dMed April U wax exotic
It Mr Cox described In detail every
step he Intended to take lie rave the
number of the ticket he bad purchased
and the number of the atauroom he
had engaged He old he would Jump
overboard promptly at mUlnliht and
that hla coat hat evrclaates money
and > LII flr wvuld be Jound la
UU naUroom aa they were
The letter left on the boat wajj JnIIIt
I Itl Kill River yejterday and baa p
at rachoj Mr C3i Om en of toe
Wt wiuo were well acquainted with
the ml alnr tutu lay hi aDrd to
be In normal health and spirits and
talked to all of them until alter U
oVlock Baturdav night
Coward Arch Support Shoe
The original Arch Support
Shoe andthe best
Relieves the strain on over
taxed muscles and gradually
restores the arch of the foot
to Us normal position Cor
rects any tendency toward
II flatfoot and gives ease and
buoyancy to the step
368274 Greenwich St N Y
tXtia WLaagJ Sraaar
Mall Order I1U4 Pod lor Catalotua
JlItAUKr On undai April 14 XXII
OAnrrr HIIAUN tee HI > U trlr be
lar4 wit el DIKIIIIrnl Amult
IlnuD lend moilir of Auxuil John
lMtr an4 rt ltr Ilraan Ioltr nf Mr
Jm Hmltb Mr R4wrd Saody and
Ira Oiori Irvine formerly of the
Krtnlh Ward Waalialian
Milallrt n4 friend ar belied 10
IUa4 hit fynral from ha lat real
dno ttt 64th it llrotklyn en
Wdaiidiir morning April IT M m
clock theses le the Church of HI
Mlcbal flh n and I2 4 at Itreoklyn
wli rt a el mn llrh requlim ma wii
W oOtriJ for the t PiM ef her ouL
UloTd child it William J and VUnK
KUBtral front hit lat laldno li 4
Zest Cftlh st 10 A M WtiMttf
InUrrnint at Urldiepoit
OfUBp rt peter pie > ropy
UIIIIUIOUI8 ton of Jacob Multi bern
Vw Tent City
Fral Stem I ale r Ud ow in w
HU 1 at S r M W4n ail y April J
WW <
I in H HUA1LOU fuitr ahowriMf oak t
tvunttri sith fllolrf fruol genre i dIsi
aLI 4 Jill UU < < tMd 1 hog > U lU4
c > 3 II o in Ill III jo4 Mndlll auli
tl fer ato > i ran > ail w
luUnfcKen A co 10 Haiti i
V W V X W W ys v N W
POT wseteit U oltlo a 4 etraaMi wiWpg
to W rtiT tlwi VHn < a 1t ritDrkliig 1t
Jt LAWU1uC a CO 10 Wares Ito
Jo d >
Police Looking for John Har
ris Now Charged with
The Ille of the Wl SUtyel ht
ftteel elation are arrhlnr the blekl
andtan blot of the city today foi
John llnrrt of No Ut West HUty
ninth lrMl ho fatnlly tabbed Jatne4
llntcn nf No HI Went SixtIeth treet
hot nlRht Ilntrn was standing tit
front of No Itl Weal fllxtleth atreet
with WlllWim Thornton and nol
tlryant both of No IIi All are negroes
Harrti pfltr < l he group end a ht
did 10 he lapp d tin woman on th < >
rtiotith I
i Ilnttn remnn trtit l rind lnterfer
lltrrta h aecuird of taeug a boil
knIfe nnd plunging It Into Mnten Thl
I latter ran aA > upstaIrs to hi rount
nearby llarrla fled llnlnn ram
i down shortly afterward and tnrteO
i for Uooirvelt Hnipltnl Ito hail
walked to KlftynliUn street and Am
utrrdatn ivan nhen he fell uncon
rpi from lose of blood Joliceman
Mclurk found him llaK there anti
calld an ambulance IJnlen died be
oCr mldntKlit I
Thornton and Ilciilp 1Iftnl were ar <
reite1 and ortny arralsnfd befors
Mavtmrale Walsh In Well Side Court
Both xare remanded to the fornner
I House Cleaning Time
I Ma Jc Tour house PURE
CLEAN from ccllat to
parrct by un o
I Trial Bottle lOc
Your Druggist Sells It
b d
Magnificent Collection of
An array of styles of remarkably
striking character that represent
Unusual Values
Tailored Suits
Ifa all time DIW print mlitui pUla
co3 etc
2800 3500 4500
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In champagne blu black brown and
all color
5200 5800 16800
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Linen Suits
ID all color ud > tre >
1800 2300 3800
Chiffon Taffeta Suits
1C all color ad black
2800 53500 4800
The assortment of each is bIg
and all strictly Forsythe models
Broadway 17th and 18th at
t < L tIuM4
UuntM > MikaiM > km u u
that tbrf is such a tUM M ItotUa4
detain fur Mica li a puilty B l aac
r Iofl
V A h 5LqRc SF
iJ 95 t
11orwrte for lilt Hu
wlJ4CHti9 ULTDN TRftt 1
Wayhank look No W4
i las UauV H Wall tr Ziuq w
a J

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