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= 11111I rJl q <
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071 rr J 01 r
L TjrjF > T Vfsqf
v JtI s l 1 f
I Mrs Henrotin Declares They Wont
v i Bear Children for Cannons Food
1 and That Few Married Men
Will Volunteer
f The pencrrnaVrre who are willing to
r cnn for pace began a itrerroou third
= dar with five esskims of the pro
sraimn of the National Arbitration
r and Pexo Conference to be held before I
midnight Toey were the morning MS
f1 don M CorfwrlelUUy The Relation of
TVQmeh to the Ieace Movement two
afternoon isqpRIflflI The Oommrrrlnl and
Industrial AIf of tb IMiee Move I
ment at Hotel ASIr and The Young I
rttojlei Meeting at Carnegie Hall I
and Use two night ieatOfl at Co jp r
Union and Uarne te foil
Utidawntnd by the straining ot tne
entente cordial W CnaIrm7n An3n w
CamoKla In replying to Irwldent Ilooie
Yflt letter yeterday the delegates
took up the trk of making the wnlte
I wlnged dove of pac hover above tn
t earth Mrs Anna Garland Spencer pre
f t ildrd at the Hotel Astor meriting Mr
jjulla Ward Howe ot Boston ono of the
i w pioneer In urglpg international peace
eopf ereucm irasi to hove b rii truet
Of honor with ilrs May Wright Bewail
i but wfc InaNe to be present She sent
aiettf C lnK1ItoItHr
r Utrs Lurid Ames Mead of 101 Ion Mr
I Kllen Ilonrotln of Chicago Mr Mary
h K Woolloy lrMnt or Mount Holyoke
HJ Cottece for Women JIIss Jane Addanu
F head of Hull 1Iouso Chlrajio Mrs
Frtderlek Nathrtn lre1dent ot the Con I
f umers lx gue Sir Kdward Klgar trie
Kngllxn composer and WIlliam Archer
I 1 t the dramatic crUcC the LoMon
i I The Modern Missionaries
Mr Mead traced the silent fore
tot peace since tha early centur s and
rulofflzed VIIIiam Penn the early I
peace advocate Coming down thug
the Hat of last century men IIKII at
lorannr Mrs Ames ald In rvirt
Among the silent force hoh have i
4efttift1IttIn I th JtwltUm1
ot International dlttlcullles have been
those mUnlonarle of llrc Most High
democracy utmin afid floclrcty With
in a hundred yrnrs the world haa
irunk > o small tbAt yesterday ding
on live oostlnent are reported every
tnomtnc at our breakout lablr A ren
tjll ago n war tn Manchuria woull not I
jj jJmv betn known hr < until tour tnantn I
t Ir It had becul and would In no i
r r bavu affectdd ua Today 1m
intro e ha so expanded Unit eVery nur i
oivnt miMt contUUr the while Wtd In
rUOMUi hti supply and th demand I
Investor have become a i aennlllve tnat
be hyWrrtn In thla country twelve
14 ago over the pn iblMty of wari
Pith Kngland bout s bnumtary line In
rnriecln cow us SKHOOOOCti In furelcn I
vestment I
rode no nation In Chrletftnloin l
illliout ome decree of real rrr > r aen
r M4OD ISvrn Itunla hAil II > f > un n < it
4 lldn ot Chrlniiiulim Japan hn i a r < > p i
i c nUlivc A wmbly within lx mininn I
t er 4a till ranrd one anl Ctilni I a
trGlUIed one nlthln 1wnv < vrnrn Thr
r the flrnt time In hlI world or
r tanl atlon I now a tn li > itliv
After mrntiaiilnc Die of the oft I
atM rud trUiint of Th HacueTrl
1 IlIn1 tile stxnkir sti1
TIle InltiFiaiional Tnttal Lnlin
irlth hradq nir at Heine In SIti
rUnd the oe Inlrrnatlonal Insi i
ute of AHrlcultuc with dquarlrrs
I Hop the Intrrnatl < inal Law tj
t loclntlon an outtome of the American
ee Society Ibe Niw Internationa
f aw Quarterly an outcomtf of Mr
Imlley Arbitration Conference 11
ilohohk r unly a fe of the mon
t mportam at the b < ndrpd inMrnallonal
if pnelj iijh am prumoiluk such
5o operntlou LI the world our fattier
1 < ntw omild iv isr liaw attained Ks
JL > Wija4ly tune llx1 growli of Ihe n
Varllaimnuiy 1111011 founded by
s > illluin < icinw M i1 one fOr Die win
rr of Hi Nn trllr who honor
iIs Crngr wiiM it iir rnce
The New Woman a Potent Factor
Ira KMen M Hnrnin of ItiUago
I fmidrni f Im hnral redtratfon i
f Vomeiit uiu I rihud wutnan I
tvo C ot I1L n I IhP wman
a 01 i e d r < iM nr4 woman
I J II4I of the pm9 i wee of na
illildrrulin wiicn iline lo Ixave borne
f r war iMinr aid lin lixjkrr An
iiau li > y < ir I beame ICC a
r anon Hy s urnnl t ne man la mar n
way f 111 aM > b > aeniimrnl ana
1 at refuru K liarl ndiilnin ChI I
I tw woman7 p pri Iliat 1OInll1l1
jrc llenr tin defill i
There I iv iiruui I ind < nrl a n p ej
I nlday nvliry thai ivlmr the fact that
I ntloM A i lh1II iroUK1 lo u new
ncrptJrl f r < I iiinlbllfv 11
qrtl Woe CUeIt > 1 nwiif wmnen II i
natural cc It all u the liomr that
i jt > thistly lOr mi tnl Ihiufcli flirts
I fci women alll Hr > nolnI tlttl
I vr Ii now tw > I v BIIIK tor iia
i nn > to pIe > TI Cpprlhl wnm
1 U U roorr Imp I tV Illln IhilUjTIi
k I fr Ibe meelj lli < r Llu of lit II IM
rI I 4iis bvcome R Juilnf of ruallir value
llBJS olilutKl tn ink her pari In Hi
< SoiPtl1VH atnii > il for her Ually brrtd
rIJoZl j TllOti
3 748 I
1t WorM AdwtiiemtnU Yeitertl y
If Itll
11 as u92 More
I = f Tttm piiettd
J2 r Any 2 Other
j Ka Mrq Uwppus CoaLzs4
t j I
u 11 A
ah learn thl ralu of life andworlt
thus she understand economic watte
IThin th wmgeearnlng woman mirrles
and becomes a mother an realties the
economic Importance of the Uto of th e
husband and tathfTG sh know 10
tual conditions > h ta Increasingly un
wllllogto live up that life to the coun
try che dulres to retaIn It for the ben
crtt of the family
If the olunl fact oonla be cc
orrlHlnrrl It would he found tht a
nitirli nninllrr prrcriitnve of mar
nail mm mllitrd or offered ta
< l > II l In the lute > IanhhAnrl
uti Wnr Ihnu did In IU civil tva1
Inrcvly ituc lo the fal of cbs
Iirnulif cllanurd point of vlrrr of
f > in ni nm ii > nrtnriltlcM to scour
a poiiiirlfnoy drcrenf from atreaa
oC lioiitilnt Ion or iiltier tar tht
triiilrlicr < Tlll Increase
Wont Bear Children for Cannon
Mr Honrotln oharsnJ that women
comntilled race su < SI ralnir Lrtnn
furnUh food for cannon She mid
Vomart Is every uy learning now
method of expreulnR herself either
18 K mwnVr ot a xroup or 01 nn In
dividual one of Ilo nrst effort ot
her upreulon of aunt m to her a new
fiitwl truth Ia found In the fa
blrthrai amuiK hu uiiloin which
males large demands on the familv to
nmlnls ttahOIn alTftilI or great
armaments Among hose nation U
women best fitted to bear and care
for children refuse to br jton nt the
cell of what has become for them an
absolute duty
tTiir clnlm of Ihr army on fnm
lly lit has rlouly nffrclrd the
lilrllirnlr In Irnurr vrliirrr the
> i nirn are notnbly Intrllluent and
furolKhtril ubarrvrra nf eonnoiulo
roil ill 1 1 iinn The Out rrmaent line
offered > rlr fur litrrr families
1nt tlir VrvriRhlTiviilrn Trllh the
Ntiiiolriinlr vrrai sf the poet rind
thr lariir plnnilliir nrmy or fo layf
Mill not tir trmplril liy anal A
lrllir VVrr tin nlinl Htnlr lo
iinilrrlnUc fminrnt mtm on pnnt
llt > < M llllli > na She sane cIting
< suit tnkr ilnrr In 511 > CoUntry
fur MIIIIIIII lire noir r < olvril to
Imtr n nlcr In nntloiiKl disco
Ifls ivlilrh o vitally lunch the I
umllr life
War Demoralizes Trade
Mrs Frederick Nathan President of
the New York Junjrjmer l iigue
speaking on Industry and Itl Relation
to Pete said that the time war pai
Wfis liir ff > o < lii we ate woro find used
were made at home and the Jlrhtlng
ml coiil br Independent of the world
War rtetlL3 trade Indtutrv wa too
rlosely entwined with psoe to IIU > W
WI > ir spoil In pral > of th na
tion of Kurope which had seen ft to
thvlr advantage to make commerrktl
end industrial trratlc praurttng llilr
workers In the matter of woman
labor and the foreign nation law
rttnMing It she rapped the tMte
tales thus
Plranxe lo cay our country wh V
I upmfrd lo stand for the hlfhesl
Ideal uf democracy II far Jirnlnd three
I nn government > In lIsle reerwt
Only rrifntly tbre if tie flve JUdOl1
of the Appfllate lvslon of the Ku
pifme Court of this rlly rendered a
majority decision to th cfTCt that our
State law which hal ien wnv I i r
ten par ago prnhlliliinr right work
for women wai Uiirin titattonil The
fart Ihit fourteen Olpr nitloiw have
found I pmftlr lile nd exxdfn to
plexl nifTwetvc t r fran from n > rt
ifir tbIr wesmen fOl Irllt hUld hat
IM > ii moral rdril UIVKI our nation
11 i Highest court may reverse this
drt > n
Enorncui Increase In Ayproprlilons
War has b C4 > me trio husletillke iail
th c t 3kr to I rrlr1 > n now fr
rven If sssful lh warrant nation
injures Itt own commrrow U Ith iworn
t PA 1f1p t Co4Qmk to up
1rrlatA for war but not for peace
purixisee she acU
Prom 1 > K7 In 1WU the rnlted Htalr
t m Urtj for jlPJUT tJtDoC
An rxpendlture of J VffUOOO T a now
roujldprexl nonnril an crest hall 11
the inertiaa r tlurinr the Un few ve or
Yet chit s bill wic recenllv IU > d ira
Yronicrfe iirwIiJIiMr or the lavraun
ttnn of corulllionn of lnluirv uiv4rr
whlili women and otilldren rn our cu
trv work the deuce nrovlomour 0 Ih
appropriation for the lack sri a d > U
irately virlckm ° ijt thus rnakinx tM
entire 1I1riCllrn ally Wrh1eU
Objects to Army and Navy Show
Miss ilarj E Woolley pre Jn 0
Mount llolvok College alUcknt Itti
army and navy hetv at he Jamestown
Kil iiin in her remark on to
dui mini Aspect of foe ProSt I
Kanlu Hf tald I
If a v ud sivhs Huts xrbUrrton
for brute forr pAr for war the re
unable ar > oi > ph hirrnt of tAtSD rtidl
li j In the educatltin of Ihr eMIdrrt
The Idala set before th fhllrt hJv
what ilia mn will be ll ii became I
the mutsl to the Iniitlimr that Iht
proiiosrj mil It ry and naval chaw a
Jammmrn will work rrt harm Wny
not depict the apl ndors of puce
Archer Wants a Star of Stare
Wllllm Archer spn ke ot The Kag
0 nf Peace demdiidliiK why Kurojw 4i i
nn Ue < mf the lIIIf1 VlalM or VU
rope under one unl 111 flag wltoout wsi
hut for Hie 1iUtrd XUlrs 10 l C4 t
It to the ItiUfM SUlM of tHe world
1 V ONI titi while OP Ai m KlarlieT
across boundaries reedy to print to
arai agklusi a nHKCiMir ins 1I114U
dlirrbuitan uf wealth here might brim
on war In eenclitalon lie cain
1 I 11 0 nrlr In e au I 0 irlerneo
nor have I bad time to take counsej
ii4i dMgnni liut I iMtil mat lo
tho farm of hat rVi Ills analocy 4
riC Pter and stripe lioujj ri vu
plikl 4il The tier am II U the must
wunlirnil c all visible thlnv I the
mot WUllflll of all scm 0 cud t
have tti iilnc In tnv mind a tai ff a
i tat irsa tIu ri rr pro iiis 9
M to farm a 1n4 tarwir I think
mit ripi rfvc ll iiurm > r To
Umi Hir vii and our rHijir inlaid
uulcalv liar to look un Kill phi
wlih Imp with ravurrvr tnder tli
ruMaurr or ilml Sr fie jrhould mafd
forward lo C new world fri d tAM tin
oirful burden tlv pllfil upliliv f if
war for J would lMe < d r > e a lr
e w l Inrurncr raJIntnir In vcrv
iruh the aolril of rsiCi an arlli and
goodwill lowartl gie n
liT PBTBBJWttlU April If V V
Hhulgta a Hiactlonlst irkinn Dnp
I 11 I IIInlll au 1tsaj In
VfreIral4ent Iotnncky wno 1g
piUrd liuui ludiy it1ri1 of Hw iiwir
C in IarUuiwnt far ealllBC thfl
e f in a heft party uonib
Stnw i
TI k l aUriVK llllOHO Qjlufn TaU
U 4 ls n fual inaafrUt f Uts ID eut t
p mn
Present Laws Should Be
More Strictly Enforced
They Declare
All Agree that Situation Is
Menacing and Gills for
Drastic Action
City Magistrates of New York wrc
Interviewed by Kvenlnjf World reporter
today to obtJn their vlews on the
carrying of oonccfal weapons and the
beet mean of upprng the menace
to lift entailed by Ihe practice The
Ito on hire eijrfeiwed are born of long
practice In dealing With crime caured
by the possession of dunterou
To th editor oC Tb rvnlDI Vor14
I Iver incc I was appointed to the
Magistrate bench fresh from a
practice of many year In tin Chlrnln
Court which had brought me Into
close contact with hundred of hood
cldn and men charged with murderous
aMaultj 1 has held that there Is
nothing In thi work of the City Marl
trait of morn Important dan that of
stepping the practice of carrying oon
coaled weapon
Many And many a time I hood heart
th0 condemned homicide hli last hope
ron bemoan the fact that hr carried
a weaponthe weapon with whloh h
hud killed 111 vlrtlni
Shortly atferward JiojwjyjE cnma
tbe present lan making the lurrying
of roncealed weapons a mlsdnineanor
4rinblf by the Court of Sporial Se > tont
I ilno which time all I could do ui n
Magistrate tva to hold die accused
for trial by the latter court
In my opinion It would be a silu
tajarj law which mad It a misdemeanor
lrr any dealer or pawnbroker to eI
apistolto any customer who had not
already sreured a permit from the Po
lice D t > artmrnt to carry such A
weapon The law already TniSceJ Ita
felony to carry a dirk dagger or nil i
1ftlo = on > lays all ore needs to ob
tain that particular deadly weapon I
c rut oil to ooncoil about the person II
the price of It at any pawn nop And
a thiln torei
The dunserous practice must be
topped The law already provldet a
years TErl9naicnLaadAJlnc tJSM
punlihnvn for tils mUdrmrtnor but I
In practice It li not enforced i
Ti li Wtior of Th Crenlnjc VorliJ
The Uv for carrying ooocfiloj
weapons should be more drastic Magis
trate can only haM to bail uiually
from three to live hundred dollars
Matrtitrntti houh hare power to
fine from not lea than 00 for the first
ortfniie to tW ecoirl ottinit
TV th < Kdltor of Tb ltfriit W rid
I can tjzcest no mcaue of itoDnlnc II
the practice of carrying cjnCealrd up
on other I inn aueh sa may be offered
by constant vl ilanrc on the part of the
Police In detecting and a rigorous en
forrrment of the provlon > of the stat
Ute I iy ImprUonment preferably to finn
ing the olTcndera
While no ftxod rulo Is or oan bo f 411
lowrd in urh mraut both liie liar
Iftrmtea who nuld and tle Court of
Special Simon will h rlii the union
rit are iUlrrmlnil to auppreis thc
crime If pomllilv and the court ii u
ttall rIul that adnU4te puniih
nnnt be Infllrttd upon SofiWno ire
oonrtcte1 of It JOIIX U MAYO
I Tii U > K6or ol The K nJuK Wand
tndr iV law at present all the
I Iarllr can do U la hold the ac
cused for trial at 8peclil Suion Un
tie r 410 of tm Ienal Coda carry
In COM1I11 Meapom U made fl mlj
irjiior and In the absence of any
I perlal provision o the law punish
able Ian older mlsdemtanorr by fine
I or Imprlaunment or U Jt
I The concrete rerult li that the ac
ciiaeI l < hell by the UarWuraic In IUtt
ball uauklly far trial at Uprcjal Nu
I slont U lien hU isis comes up far
Irlal Die II < c und Is usually fined way I
J > Only In rite case u ImjirUonment I
IUlpOd htd then lor Un days per
I j
fta V
i I do not wlii to ti placed In the It
I tufl o I rrltilrj IhcJciiiei of < f
lal seine bin II urtna to me the
i j > < JBlatimenl applied In praCtice 10 this
I ilnas of offrnarr U noi aevcr Occurs
Carrvlna cotic alt nnaitooj U Oi
I of lIIe moil danitroui iinicllces Use
I uton of our coimoiwlltanlfin and I
would nininO the Ieeal Cad 141 ii to
give Maelatraies power lo act with I
jMirhapi six inontlU Iniprlionmcnt iI
I the nuxuuum penalty
Kormerly inn AWnrsconlo ordinance
I covered tine utieaie flvlnjc MaoimraUs
power to fins ui iw EAt but tu4 was
I Mbrofalnt by the irittntHt Of ttaellon
llo o t lift irn i iou
I Twer ta IIlIrtt eat aaihorllv of Uw
lo cotnmi ria ronvux m rarryiltsi
concealed waH > n up lu a Iron tiut IIi
Ii thus ii iii gri ia Suisl M >
> l ni thire U uiih II pull nne tea
Umany 1114 141 lIii4t WrnI j 411
I mm a i oncalJ AIJJ1 < < n liii pan
IoJi r i ti l4w all roltdrtnexuar inn
be irlil ly IH v Li sifatunB i 5
rould be i ii ndi d at OUIM co ci lu
1 lvc C i lii iaie JurUdl liOn i
i ILl I iii Ite A f I loo iii ir
I tie nij Ia g fl moth iierrr li I i
case A i it aflrtur should tie as
I p > d II I c U4iltr a ta Uaurt lu
iif e J M > ii t an auiiiuajous coBilluw
I In N Vk ciilUK ill BO Other thy
lu liii Cj run
The slim > ilnr of two nollcmn nod
a rlUSBS iniO1 1Ii4is ant mortally
unillnt anuiuer and Mrlouiiy Injury
lu Ihr thlrJ was the act of a wild
alfcrsi ItvlUn and mast Italians
brluclnu the ruaultlou of Uielr native
Im4 I Anierl a cfTry knlvra detr
i ml i i > 1 C Hunli > e oullnr noul4
So afflcini I ar < MM I 11 ewmxninlrr
nnil nil She rtmiial ro irli lo leUh
tr JIM tuiipretflou J tIde mast dILt
gtruiin prulk
> j
sa m
Magistrates Who Condemn Carrying of
Concealed Weapons and One Slain Victim
ilJ r7rft ri i
1 h e I
tc L
> 1 p
I 711 i 1 ee4l
e I 5e IT
1 f
a 4c
I y >
7 t
I ¼ f 54U j
yt 3 1
1 e
f T 1Jit
rt tr1iff
r frfJwJ1 Itfffstc a
CfJJeLE rr
In the pan has been murh too mild
though the hew rrovlden odwjnt ly
TJ t ie Editor of r EarnIng World
In mv ludrnent the rlltura
should enact druk mraaurc to punurti
those who carry concal WMpon
which Is evidently a growIng prDotlcc
and U TZl only dlrirracefDl to u ulvlltzcd
community but a menace to avery law
abldlnc citizen Such a practice In K
self affords a preiumpttan of criminal
ntent on the part of him who Is guilty
of It betide lI It a not only dangerous
but essentially cowardly for It tends to
provoke viuienco In caaa of a quarrel
gives an undue and frequ ntly fatal ad
vani i > to one over the other
Urlcu this evil In trfcciuallv atunoed
ou no citun CAn freely unit Mfely
move buut In our crowded city with I
out the dread that at tviry turn p < r
I > ns may hi met with concealed weap I
on In lrlr posteaaion which any Im
puwe of rite moment may nil Into UM
The roacUtratM nhoulj have power
mJWtrvl griIJ 1
of summary conviction as they now
have In cases of violations of the tene
ment house law wier tb ty en Im
i > ri on for a pnrlnrl win pxceedlnsr MX
T > tae Kdllrr of Th Bv nln World
The camrhM of conccoled iveapon
and vovtra thouid 1 madf a felony
It Is a aad state of affair winn brave
ulikcra are mail victim of men car
rylnsr weapon for rnlnhlrf and utrn
gent mean should be adooted ta atop
uelt jrlLcle
No rwmon nhould be permitted l
earn Q rQer wiioul a jj rmlt and I
ineofrnf t uid aniv be granted when
the apiksi ii lndjr cd by at lea I
tO rc > ulU > attain non Kvim ihcii I
it WijJJ u jo 1 < J > n ii rk Kanuit
the lIuud v i HT ii > i rnsiecloisor
01 K i > KJK I 1 tliuiiKit tt lifts
Inc ii tn
A Ice or urdiaon slinuJ be i4acd
reqlllnra J > wwUU parir far wwu
fAkf unit tnev ihoua not be per
mltt4 to nil revolvers kivu or ip
on of uiy tnd t efll vr Jar the super
vision n < l IIIrmll of fe iDlle onI
eioswr undr 1u ol Jin o4 1m
GUN s 4 vLvtiIj
Te IU EJUr of toa 1s Ki 016
Carrying CMICM wu ons has Iit
Uam toougntMj by t4 Ijdto Ma II
trAlt a u vry serbs ofltJUM H u
now a ttlodtmwiijor > nj a lr should
IM passed mAlUflC U s feiruy Ita a I
a4ei w JI7 urea ars4tbsi or JL
stmcaJc4 itltir at HIICII U ball LI
gnlelvuo U u icvolvn lu lbe band
of a wild amm i
TIJM atattmea should rtguloi jsjaj
of ol t is We l v i iuUM i ID
vtATih w of ntrsaJ4to
minor and till law should it uuvdd
ippllofcbJ to thi sal of rE J do
clot believe any son houl4 be frriit
4 a peirmll to carry a revolver wko j
not a clttaM or IM baa fllMl only h
Itret arwHailoo ppJiii frr ruIn ihlp
For lnlnne nfi July I Isat whit I
was iimVn In the Ejrt t
lice Toiil frty > n we arIn
twr = n 7w s
with Cream j
Let them tell
TllllfI Ji 11lAfJON
N ro ra
J 7
bofore roe ohnritr5 with dlohanrlnir
plstnls and volvrg In the street Of
these forty men not one w ji tJn
Only four bad declared thofr Intantlon
r > f hc omlnc cHlzrna and yet nil car
sled fOoIVeonJ
SsliULtM 0 K WAinB
To lho Editor of The Bvrnlnr World
It ia very Itnpurtont for all Uio nxur
liitrate and others to consider Uila mat
ter very > erlmu rT lM practice or Ii
Itoldlne men II81d In lull by
tOABtstrale I tnlnk is verv foolUh and
Collie other action ohould 40 taken It
a uretxMitfroa thAt the rnacl tnvte III
has the right to hold If we could
deal with them promotlv and dye them
the full penalty It would throw tttU
Iro the heart of the I tall arm nj
others hat have nude It a practice
There should be no nn > and no bond
for thorn They are Bailed out and Him
the cae hurts fire In Special Bfulon
The law should give us Ute ruht to
ind them to the worithouee or p itta
I Today I had three clear c jsw of men
carrying pistols and having no license
I The jxmalty ihouUl be one year 1m
trrieonment or two floe
Tu tlw Editor of Tho ErrrJcr WortJl
The penalty for carrying weapon U
not severe enough It Ia the custom to
fin person found guilty Fines will
never top the bue Almost every
Ignorant Ls taer rc ms to think It hi
nut duty on landing to buy a revolver
or a knlfr and lo 10 the weapon on
the slightest provocation They should
be lent to prlsiin Thuv Ji the only way
ir can break up Oil ditiKeTous and
herd waclic UBNItY ksTILNHtvr
Heavier Sentences
for Gun Carriers
The Ionic record of bloodshed due to
IbO custom of earryln oonoea J1
weapon ctOminaUnc In Ui murder by
ttahHloro Gov rnl In Vhlnrton
K ujirt on Sunday of Iollc man Hitch
r end Blllwlt ui > d the wounding of Yln
cento and gLIn In the tat1 ltabblng
of a young limn Who WON trying
to defend a woman rum Insult has
been the sIgnal for II nw hOd vigor
ou action by the mrUtJacy ansI the I
judiciary Th old toleration ha BOO
l rtteri by the ucan are pouring In
every icy upon Judge and mAKiMrata
tUI1j Acm ta put hit law Into
vJronou oprratlon
Ii murder by hootln of a man In
Chll town the luck upon former
UlatrU tAJ torney Xlerrli of Queen
County followed by the CUM reported
yerdayat1d todav have aroisserl lb
uthorttle ta a Mna of H > e danger
that tbralna the clly Th ccea Oiled
a r only a few o hundred reported to
td lollce
In rep rt of thl revrlvrr arrlera th >
Hptrlnl Sexsloni Justlcoa ars responding
lo tre summons wth a xrlf of sets
trncea ranalng all tire way from threi
month lo a year the maximum fixed
by the code for a mIsdemeanor I will
go hard with th cffend who rnrrle a
knife or a dirk or a blackjack for even
when there are no victims the Judges
have determined to admlnuter the maxi
mum punishment of seven year Im
In the Tombs awaiting trial are a
large number of prisoner mostly
Italians charged with felonies orinls
doMieunurn of this character and In
every case DistrictAttorney Jerome will
prxa for a maxImum acntence
The expressions obtained from Meg >
rates Indicate the way to reform
Under the law the offense of carrying
a revolver Ii ilelt with by the apodal
Messier Jucllceji who only now are be
ginning to exercise their prerogatiVe of
Irnpodng the tnL iiimi Sentence I la
flow proposed thf make the carrying of
a revolver a felony punishable by tn
era Iraprttonrruml
ford Y Taylor
1 v
i Shot DeXirIflCflta i
Special i
I c
I <
Womens 7 an Russia Csitf
i i f
L atid Jai Kiii
r Gibson Tics
vdt d and turn soles
I 135 a
I j value 5QCt
Bropdwny JUid 2othSt 511 Avcj jgth St
Young Vife Says He
Alienated Her Hus
bands Affections
f5ottl t lit o rfnr World
AflinWlY JAIlk N J April 11
Von aHenatlhs the affection of hu
iiufftximl Jluward Trtmpl n alleged
lm tdnuior TrlrnrH of Ilradlvy IVnich
dMian < ji JIOOHO dunKLiH In A stilt b
gun toaay all William W mInuet
tho brld croom faiher ho Is a
wealthy Newark niAnufaaturtr The
oolion is the outcome of a summer 1
II a Uradly lieaoh four ezU
ago young Trtmpl was I tent and Miii
Eleanor Utajo who llveJ directly
< 1 Ivedl et or
IOJH the cottage h stopped at wa
eo attractive that h sought a Intro
luetlon After that the two were In
separable and In the fall thy elopted
and w r married by a Kewark juatto
of the ptao There was no honeymoon
Trlmpl wns sei t oft to college and
when h returned the love gUunor wt
In and the young wife wa forcibly
reminded of the fickleness of man by
Die Inetltutlen of a suIt to annul this
mania o varltnii ground
Th o was tried before Vice
Thonoellor Dnibiirr who upheld the
wetMlnr ceremony and the ors nt e
Inn U the oSmax
Tin Trlmol have liiet r tnm d tr
Mm fouth They reside in East Orans
where errrtoa of Im paper we toad o
XTlJANT April 18 Word was receded
ceded hr today from New York that
I Hupt Steven of the Stab Doprtm iu
or Public Work who ivi bren III In
I Now York wa rAtly Improved end
would be back In Albany tonight or
t orroTl
Miss Van Rensselaer Gets
Away From Frivolities
of Fashion
inca MMhlldt Van Ren < s laer hi
tOme to work It a real ritite broker
Us Van nen e1aer h a bud at the
proud old family that was powerful on k
MANtilla luluwl Whtn NOW Torle
WM Dm Dutch colony of N er Amst r J
dm Iffr farefatliar wero JrTtot land < 1
ownar before the nrt JoKn Jaoob
Aator began to buy IJhe la the daugh
ter of Mr Btepheu Van ItanH1C
who WM Ml Matilda C Heokxchen 1
They live ax the Park Avenue Hotel
Mb Van tUna > laer ha been one f
the pretty rrl who hv todd eOcla7
worth while during the past few eel =
non She ha been a favorite frith the
exClusIve eel yet abe lisa bad mars
serious amblUooa than tboe e ol th
mere toclety ball The more abs aw
of Fifth avenue frlvoUtlaa tbII mare
tier mind turned to the wlctitier aC
I fair of ry4ay life She we eit
nated by the real eetaU hnslneea r >
ilbly a mental rereralon U the moooIII
of her acoeeton who aoouml1ate4 4
one time a good T part of acanlsaa
I realty
At the clqte of the lat eocUl
Ml Van Uenaeelaer deolded to mOT
from the world of aodety to the Tforili
of buslnepi fihe atudled tha rIta >
I bUII6haatucllrdRf It waj DD fJ I
lone before chic found the apber mot
agrseabl for her debut the eelllne and
renting ot city and country home
Mia Van Itenaielaer hu agreed e
begin her butlness career with rM4
I of Oloodrood Do Stulle A Talbot of
Fifth avenue and Fortyflfth treeL
XIr D avnur wu a noted coU B
fnpUftU player It U believed that itt 1
xteriulV e acquaintance of Atta TR J
Jtnsslir In the aoclety set Trill make
1 her a brilliant success 5s a real estW
s 1
Dine as yStrmay table
I dhote or alacarte the
feast will leave an endearing
memory of its own if
ended with
In ten cent tins
lo to tweetyfive ceat Ua
Try 1
s s s CURES
The First symptom of Contagious mood Ioisou is usually a little sore
or trker which tWa nut always excite suspicion bccauc of ita insigniu
cnjuc i but as the poison becomes mon firmly rooted in the blood tho
mouth and throat ulcerate coppercolored spoU appear n rash brul ont 0
utt the body the huir cgina to come out glands m the neck and groina
well nud often ulceratini pores form on the limbs hand or face Hut
this la not all if the poison is allowed to remain it works dove NIl
attacks the bones cau ing necrosis or decay and makes It complete phyiu
kaI wreck of the sufferer It will not do to tamper with It disease so
powerful1 as Contagious Jllood Ioison for every day the virus remains in
the blood the trouble is progressiujr toward n more dnugerous stage and
utay in the cud get beyoml tliie rich of any trcntmcnt There is but one y
certain reliable cure for Contagion mood Ioisou and that is S S 8 the
greatest of all blood nun tiers Tiia remedy aUurka blip diwist in tha
I right way by guiutf down into the bliMwl and fort injf lilt every particle of
the poi ou It makes tJIod pure and rich siuirthcns the difltient t
I jwrta of the body tom up the syhtim lull cured tins humiliating and s i
I drstrw tivetikorUcr pfiihanenlly The improvement uimnences all so on 1
as the patient gets UUtIct tin i licuct uf S S M atd continue until every
vestige of the poion is tin veil fiuii the bb nl ami tc u Jurir completely
restored to health S S B is nut an ox > criiaettt it ia a succeus and has 1
cured thousands of cases of Cuutngioits Mxl ioisou in < vi I stage and j
being entirely Ire from tmnrmls i c a safe as wll av rvrtain treatment J
If you are suffering with tiib lUlj sing dI < hC jjit lit iuUon out of your 1
blood with S W 8 lseIose itdewes furthvr diuj > > c HUH luJme treatment J
book ou the disease and medical advice sent fr < > to ill who write

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