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I t 4 x t Yr l
Cf vi > 5 ri r t
r THE EVENING WORLD T XJ E S p AY A ft x > c iju 10 19O7 n I
Eight Reserves Capture
Burglar Who Takes
Them Too
Maid Heard Sentinel land
Called Up Sergeant
Over Phone
IHtnetlT Strrrtnt McDonald of th
Last Tiftyflnt BtrMt Station did not
t amlro a Urt > t potlttmta In court to
I 41 and chars them with burcUry nor
Aid the eight blucoati arraign McDon
I ald though U looked for a time Jut
fccton midnight u U tbs nln men
would arTbt each other on the root of
Dr Allan M Tlwmaii home at No 13
I pest Fiftyfourth street
Decant two attHnpu han been made
1 to rob the doctor lately and other
borne tn me earns neighborhood hn
lIMA rltltcl by thlcru epL Lantrr
I Rent McDonald to alt MntlnU n the
Y feoutttop and capture any burglar Chat
cam along John D ltock ttUri
t toan oo and three of other rich men
t he
aN near and the Captain thought
redo meuurc were no n ry to keep
the thieve away McDonald went M
tttvy Iff fate past tdacuo In a handy
pooktt and Ylilon of biirgUr dent
Uni from his brain
Maid Called Rnerve
ThereMaa a chimney near a kyllalU
behind Which the deteoliTs could con
ceal himself io ttt up occasionally and
1 I quietly look OTer the other root bout
c lie bad Just midi a pllsrimac to the
Jr belt vlfirpolnt and returned to hi
chimney When a mUd in the room
below who had heard him walking tip
toed to the telephone and told the
jollc of the EAst Klftjrrir Street SW I
lion another attempt WM being mad
to rob Dr Thom
The ergeant acne the rebervt in A
hurry eight or them armed with rev
t 0U and nlshUtlck and detcrmued I
to i fetch the burglar or knov the reason I
i At the Thucna r 4ideno they were let
In and crept silently to the roof where t
tb ynw Thar crouchlnc Jwhlmlt
t tlip clilnmcy McDonaid hun them I
cOmlnc and It ooourrvd tn him That he
4 hAil pfrmlllrd the burglars to outwit
hlmth hail rot In the homo even
fthlle ho wai wnltlnr to tab them
I But he thought there might tlll M a
rtuncc to make a wholeJe atrat
Arrest Each Other Together 1
Tide eifiiil were f 3 tcrtilh of calchlnq
tba lone robber tome of them did not
crrrn draw their p Lit oil McDonald
how er had hii trusty weapon read I
Id cover the entire c > nc I
i Ho could tee only the dim oalllnm of
j the clrht burglars and thev could
I i rut make out IiU figure is the form of
3 one burglar There wa not eufflelent I
t lUht for any ono Identity to be tabj
nf lllhed
1 The 1Jhl D11ccmf1I and the doUclIre i
took the offenilve at the same moment
lathe > Iueroatn clown In on the de I
f ivctlve they told him he was under aI
mt Ihni it uai no use 10 mint At
I the Identical Instant fan lened notice
on them to the lame feet
1 MoDonnl knew some of the policemen
end they knew him so when the eonvnt i
ntlon opened the mistake wac loan ex
i plained and the detective wee left to
i Batch the block from hie roof l I
Young Costa Rican Said to
Have Been an Artist
Commits Suicide
Daniel Oome MIrnll OratI e a
ytnour Cmta nion whO on rent Satur
day rental a tubby hall bedroom In
the fumlehodrofwn how of Jtax
rranXl at ojtI1lnlh ann a
found Mad on lilt cot today wltli the
gel turned on at two burner Coroner
Bhr dv ami the policeman on the roll
think It was A rulolde
Young Irat < had old Krmnkl In
hvllr broken Knxllrh that twI W1ia an
onset In his own country inl mAd a
trod Jrtlnf Her hwpver he ROrkod
MI n laM In the ttnt of the Kntlona
Jtt cjjt Company JlB < a > ny scrod the
attt < u from Frxnkl house
ftAJlot throoih a 1w I way on the
eCOn t floor rrmnVI emoted ma and
troood th < smell to the fOTwijrner room
The door lacked a ky but U bd tvxn
rattened oaathe UvtlJo with wire oeat
riancvr and the UndVjrd had some
trouble break ix > In The window were
Ucbtty eloa d iW The e5cruet hd
bun dyad some hour ftDi ir titlv
Some letters In hti Jx cV U Ding
the Urm l of Ooort tUna wrr aa
< Jr ed to Dim M4nUl nom this I
the owner or the house art w 4 that be
rartEht haw been a montwr of a noU
tunltr I
The Board of Commissioners Will
Probably Make Temporary
Appointment Thursday
The riew rk Board ot Police Com
mhu ers ha apsolntrd a committee
to crramre for the funeral of Chief ot
Police Adams who committed aulolde In
Umoci Brook Park reeteraY Tae
funeral arrangement have not all been
made but the burial will probably take
place on Thursday
The Polle Commltton Java taken
no action In regard to the Bin lnUnanl
I of a new chief President Harder le tn
hirge at the dtp rtrnnl A meeting
of the boan wUl tra held ThursdAy
when ay actlnc ctilof will Probably l > e
It la cold that me ot the older the < 1
n the IMwvrLnKiK iwlu t > n named
Airxms the In 11is for thom are
Dofftlvo hrKr < uis WIIHnm Carroll and
Mlrharl Toot VKiuiu Traoex und
Serirmnt Avti y of Po > e HfauouArt
rn Anfd Dk tea < Mint Allrhxel < y n
ot the F3rt Tootrw
A nAY April 1CThn Senate 10 i
da N JIft Juv l unnfnoui the IVvlnee hI1ll
prfi blllns srelft from j nim In nom I
iiintlne fur no om e i < anitldjte for
whom they air not entitled to vet j
Gas Blew It Up Ino Face of
James Phclan an
June lhl n an flectrioUn employed
by the Kdlon Company win fatally
tivjuird tr > d7 try a manhole never
which was blown from Ua plan at
Fortyiecond street and Fourth unu
br nn erj > lorlon In lin elt < rki cf idiilt
The cmr Btruek him on the hd and
oampletoJr crushed tn his flea The
fore of the explopfon hurled him some
ten feet And he skull was frctur d
rtwUn wlUi An aeetataat west to thbb
troiibU In be
cornw to leek after
eei4a running under the aurtace of
Foltyseond ari Alone thh rmt
of the tuhwa lie elerttd a manhole
corer about half way bdtw ti tree car
net curb of the Kot l JWroont and the
IItrttfloar utc and began U ln t
the bolt
Th conduit was full of rafotr + St
Vtvother It rde w uo yhrn the at
itAic5 H or wiui Wntted bT III ttnilk
Itnuok rhelani wr wh U a question i
Then woe A udaen retort and the unea
UvtT e w tTi Wn < ahoot wc tawsd th I
curb at a fllitance of aboitt five tnt
from Ih I
Tjmrildhirei dlrectlf over the nw I
hot nQJoet when It went uo IIInd iyt
the full force of the MDloetou Tie
uDirtant was not Injured
Federation to Send Special Messen
ger for Verification of His Talk
on Accused Miners
cntCAOO April UOne week hav
log parsed the Oilcairo Federation of
Labor lint Iti telegram to PrMldent
Ic > MVU and no aiuwtf havtnr been
reuln4 the officials of Die Federation
irlll at Hi meeting tomorrow tend a
special messenger from this city to the
Whit HOUM to ask the natlani Chief
ExcuUr < to verity the laosuac cred
ited to him in referring to foyer aDd
Mavwood ai undeilrabU cltlienl
> ioytr and Ilar rood t < > wnom refer
tnci ta made in the communication area
an4lllnic trial In Uuho oArsM with
the murder of former Oov ft unen
bert and trial II set for May t
RXXnCBHTlJIt N Tn April H Rev
Pro ftmeji n ThomaJ femur of HI
John Church Harofonl Omn U the
choice of ibo vestry of St Andrews I
hutch d eO rcmar V Ilr lr A K
CtalBfJ It Ia believed Ur Thomas will i
accept T > r Thom U a married nun
of lrlv1t rears and has ten >
riatul In Octal tstnrK n tJ1 < tt le u lii
prrtnnt dltttnnl In lit AndronK l
llr e a MILPK rrOM i T CtTT lpa
t ON OMIICTIOV tir its X > BU
1 and A1ERRICK
i Adtelnlnr and prseiftIi part 11 89
pon I
IoTlI 140 A Nil IT
Public whooli aI Horn rharrhn Avrttp
CII depot n 1nIWDt tfU males ASH
Uhl mid and Uahld reunl hl
walk till ft curd mid buvlTnril FULL SIZE
shade Ire ft r ON DUI ritorKirn j
s4 itiiiiiT AT TUB Erirr i
Kr t I r inn hrh Dry and Lyp
Trotter l lr M I II kirn see V T 5
breamheeA PltKC Tent K ISlTltA > rl
l > irlu > d br Te Ulfa 1r h i uen Ann
1t ilT > OJl I Atf rrrIrrutaf Mt atl4 rher K Ul ltAT i t K 1
jniooKii oxncB FOUKTH AV orr > trr sr
u j
r1 j
f e
Few cigarettes even among more expensive I
4 brands are both tasty without being too heavy
11 f and smooth without being too mild Thats
why everybody likes the RAMLEH
I to RAMLEH Cigarettes are first to offer the
real tobacco taste at an inexpensive pricethe full
seasoned flavor of fine Turkish tobacco blended
N a to amellow smoothness that onHnunlly iclights I
Isnt this what you want Try the RAMI l
LEH and sec I
r t 1 Dc for 1 0 I
v i
t Sold Everywhere
III Fifth Avenue New Yak
i 1t r
r I d
cL + = = j
S 4ss ee YrM
f Women Who Wear Well
It U aitoflihlnp bow great t ehaafir
a few yean of mftie life often make
to the apptarancu and di oition ul
many omen The fmhttr I he
harm the brilliance anMi Uke be
bloom from a flower which II rudely
handled The matron ta only a dim
shadow a faint echo of live charming
maiden Pew young aoacn appreciate
the hock of the system through tho
change which come with marriage and
motherhood Stacy neglect to dial with
the unpleasant pelvic drams and weak
ttttlt which too often come with mar
rug and motherhood not undentanl
lag that thus secret driln U robbing the
cheek of IU fretiinesi and the form of
IU falrneue
Ai surely M the general health iiiUrn
when there Ii derangement of the health
of the delicate womanly organ to rarely
when these organs are established In
hfallh fife face and form at one 1IItnt1S
to thIS fact In renewed cotnelfneia
More Ulan million women have found
health and happlneM in the ate of Dr
Pitrcei favorite PreecripUon It mak et
ilea women strong ana tick women
well Ingredients on labelcontains
no alcohol or harmful bbl frrnlnr
drop It emade wholly of those
native American medicinal root most I
highly recommended i > leading med
ical authorities of all the several school
of practice for tbecure of woman
peculiar ailment
For mining mother or for shove
urokendown I Inbealth by too frequent
bearing of children also for the expect
ant mothers to prepare the system tot
the coming of baby and make Its ad
vent tally And almost painless there Is
oo medk ne quite so good u Favorite
Freacription H can do DO harm in
any condition of the tyttem It Ii a
most potent Invigorating tonic and
itrvngihcnlng nervine nicely adapted
to woman delicate Item by a phy
tlcian of largo experience In the treat
meat of woman peculiar ailment
Dad Symptoms Tho woman nho
has periodical headache backache aces I
Imapnary dark spots or specks floating
or dancing before her eyes hat gnawing j
dittrcu or heavy full feclinf inatomacb I
faint epelli drarglngdonii feeling in 1
lower abdominal orpelirfcregkxj curly
tamed or excited irregular or painful
periods with or without pelvic catarrh
is suffering from weakneffea and do
ranirenjenta that tumid have early at
ntlon Not all of above symptom ero
likely to be present In any COM et oafs
timeNeglected or badly treated and eneh
cue often run into maladies which de
mand the tnrgeoi knife If they do not
result frtny
Kn nTdl Iannl hM rnch a lone
and nntptP > lea recoijTbi curgf IBS
CTrtOlr p
s al e a ttI br e nV1 rti iE
lyiru pa raedicme haa such a Blfuii
prolanoxal indorMment of each of lf j
screrJ fngrrdlentaworth moiy than
any nnnfier of onJiutrv n n procc
lonel tee tm01hi 1 Tn very I ft in
rmiiuiU known to medical flcneo for
the com of wonmsi peculiar ailment
el1wlnta lU competition No alcohol
harmful rr linbit fora inn drop Ii to ba
I found tn Ui < litol he ingrtdifnli print
nl OT each bntlevftpper ar ttfICd
under with BJ piciplete cad correct
I i anyo dillon of the Jf melirtetn
PfTjIgTO A Vm Qte llT cnTuion c n
on l t t > l nrxrr harm IU w 0 e
l ec it to a rntlitn invigorate and
Teral U the whok female tyiteni and
I Wcclsl > the pelvic organs When
I tdcie arediiancid in function or affect
ed bf dlieaec the stomach and other
orcani of digettlon become tvropthetl
call deranged the nerves are weak
ened and A lohg Hit of b dtinpe ant
symptom follow Too much mutt not
be expected of the Favorite Iwcrip
lion It will not perform miracles
will cot curt luinori no medicine will
It mil often frrtmit them II taken In
time nnd lliu the operalinp table and
the turgeona knife may be Avoided
Doctors All Acre The moat emi
nent n nttr < n Maraca Mrdtca whVxe
I work are ronmlled 18 authorities by
physician of nil the different school of
practice 1 extol In the mOtto positive
term the curative tjrttift of each and
every Indent entering Into HT
Piercci Golden Medical Discovery In
fact It U the only medicine put tip for
ale through druggists for the cure of
all dlteafct of the mucous surface as
natal catarrh throat laryngeal and
bronchial affection attended by linger
Ing or hanjoncouglia that ha any
inch fnlttiitnal endortement worth
morn than any amount of lay or non
professional IntlropciaU
Do not expert too much from the me
I of Dr Pierce Golden Medical DU
coiery It nil not work miracle It
will not cure contumptiou In Hi ad
vanced itnge No medicine will Nor
In too Eacovery to good lor sudden
attack of CUte con b but f2Lhp
lingering obttlnatf nanKAnieough
BeeoapijivinK ctttarrhii UirojU laryn
teaj em bronchial atiedifriii It <
Tioryuaaigiout rumcor in cues ac
companied with wasting of yeah night
eat weak stomach and poor dlcMtion
with faulty imptlon and wblch if
neglected or badljr treated are apt to
lead to consumption the Discovery
has proven wonderfully eucccMfnl In
effecting cured
The formula is printed on every
wrapper of doMen Medical Discovery
attested M to correctness under oath
and you cant afford to accept any
auhetltnte of ttntnoin cmpc3it < ft for
tMi onsr < rri rtnrdy no mutter what
elfish h nt rrlj may prompt the dealer
to urge mch npori you In tact it 11
an intuit to your intelligence for him to
do 10 You know what you want and
U In hili place to rupply that Tract
Dr Jiercr Pkaiant Pellets art the
ongirnl Littc Liver Pills first pet up
hv old Dr Pierce over 40 yrsr apt
Murh iinito > J but never equaled
They cleanf inigortt and ilste
stomach liver a01 bowcli curing ttJ
locrncseandconiipaUct Lhtlr1t1f
coalcd granulesenay to tare as rand
Dr Pierce may be coneultrt by letter
JUt of charge A dress Dr R V
lierc InahdV Hotel ADd Scrricol
lnstate Buffalo K Y
l r Pierre IedJcal Adrisrr iv l
pier is wjt free rm rrodpt of il rnp
ccn stamps for parcrjovritd ir 31
rtSrape for cloth boead copy dddreaa I
Dr Pierco ai above
I Ij
k1 tic e1 err j
1 t a
t4 Vfi >
r IrVSeV y t 3r VVtV w < laic r
rt J daMl t
W > WW A I I
I1 i w I
w I
r n Ot r
i Ji
L 6
fJ W r r t
l rf
r rr tier
l r
i The Shoulder of Our Coats
1L f I oul jcr is the vital issue in a coat
I THL Vilhout a perfect shoulder the trsult is
sn unperfpct coal For years shoulder
has been with us a deep study and oat of al has
come our natural Concave shoulder modelled
III by hand eliminating all superfluous wadding 1
This shoulder is incorporated in all of our 15
I tuits nnd overcoats for men
The tuiti at 15 take form tn a eriei of tingle
Incited models fahiororl of plain and fancy
clcviotJ caiJHnercj and blue and black llijieli
The overcoat at S 15 uu0lve a icons of fa > oje j
modals m all the new tans grays and blacks inV i
a divcnlly of weave
Broadway Houiton
ouon St
rp < M I A t llr G y 77 y r I
y c
House Lot
Fcal Islate I3ar
Bargains glifl Ter iltlll tltu + e Rho Sacrifices
are willing to hlll thtatsItea
tu RtRrs luh i sacs m un
IE oDt 1GUr llrrflI < ff I
Savings that are laid away
Itijlht lttlt a scanty
Farm Int er est Acreage
Opportunities pa Investments
c r
n QESTA1 ANT 2 EIGHTH jjriooR t
3 1
i 500 Rolls of New Japanese LinenWarp t 1
I Mattings Go On Sale at 28c a Yard
t U d In r
I LET us tell > ou nt the outset that here is one of the must salMitrlorv pure1 < ises 4
I Hint the Simpson Cniulord store falls over nintle in the miitlinx line nnd bt
enuse of it you are ofierrd a really iemnrknlc saing on just the sort ol floor eoer
I ing most popular for summer I
i Thcie inalliiia come in beuliful carpel pstUnn In such color U ml preen blur
I etc niul ore linrnvnrp Hch iprnk tor wear and coed crUcc n ore emphatically than
ntitlilt K clip 101111 3 roulil Fo tliii apeeil cal our p ice h
I S10 per roll of 40 yards or 28c n yard sold uitnll m 1 In roll or ioc a yard
China Mattlntf lIbre Mattinju f Linoleum
A h wvj luanty If tl1lR ril
Heavy qamm in emallcllrka I all
I refuel tf > iuli ajmlrtrr Boor I Ctiuilt inlaid Linoleum In
I I4c quality nt IEk at rtt rrne n flxe rolo cilor colors clear ihioufch
L or7 a trull of10 yds I t qualli M C9c yard j psrellcnt for hard veer
I 2Ba tiimllly it 03c val Carpets 100 quail > Bt Oc laid
nsttiihlefao etttn qualUs In denuln lLlpor < Srottn Lln
Brie a roll rin rdll
A hmitifnl imncrnit noru with oleum liv net Je Uns and a
40r qunllvnt2ir yd j li horrteni ol her nlthxi jrofuMiiti rf fine rolors
V or SO 30 n roll of 40 yds l juo quality at 03c jnrd j Sot quality nt ° 0i yard
t These e Trunks
at 10 A
t ThIrd llnnr
I f HEY tel volumes for
3 t our pru mfv on trunks
of pond eonslrtuton
lur is one nf the malt com
plete era rllii rcquis tet leprt
luc ill in the country aid tic
I 500 Barrels of FirstQuality it has among lIIanula
t Colonial Glassware tllrcrll hangs ohms eeeinl buy
+ insp 111rgcsthrc ire yours
I AI pries uhuh ate no more than rit pay ordinarily
j I for the cheapest sorts of fin sic J rjJass if nlh n l W I r i f
THE graceful simple designs make this glassware it y
extremely popular nnd this shipment contains i tilW U f > >
the largest assortment of neccfcd pieces that was ever t i
l placed on sale at these prees f
Every piece Is carefully finished n < eiurc rh ch nulls mate v = o tJ
V oily to the oirilnc5 ol the stock and cjtnplMvi strongly the ex
Iran i dhl a ry value wr oncr
Rh r 1 Ttvrra IK r cr > r
The ilhutrn ious Iion the ben ty ol s apes but a l < II cln > and Lola rihe
t binding mo flurp ienf
ersonal Itujicctinn of the stank is neceiituy to pni >
hande ran All ip 5 around
crly tmdcrsl nil 1101 low
cucc itlmirllj ate the priced
lvd > rxrrlalm ick all
IPr mention price on a few pieces haravarc iluwcxighh rivet
1 ed deep trn with hat
Water Tumbler GOc doyen lleDdle dower n3ket Inc a
bps nlao axtfll tl fS
HalfGallon Water lltch rs 33c I Felt and Pepper SbnVers Be each Ait3HOIn At 1U n
t 30c each Sugar gliaUTH 15r noel
1 flower YIIIIIM If3r each jqrcss Trunks 15
Fruit Bowls IDe
Slnch Berry or ru
I and 2jerT each Celery holders 15c Made of well seaannrd tutu
JrrelJ1tllrt Pl sliers 13c wood loverwl wilt heavy
tVlnch Berry or Sauce Dlahce Three plnt Pit r 1tT 25r all rviv B protcrtcd by
5c ouch Jolfd Indhldiml Snit DUbpji Sc
bardwooil alas and fr meg
inch IJorry or Fruit flow loc
erry 00111 Cake SlnncJp 30o
II navy brassed malleable
ench 011 or vinegar ittlrs 25e Iron eorana and clamps
Footed Fnilt Howls DOc hrh Mualnrd Jai noel cover lOe
t done on roth aides of soil
4jilece I5renUfa Sets SOc set Punch Howl with feet 11 50 brass cxceMor lock
t And man other hems nt corrcoimndlnc1 low priers At 115
Novelty Lace Curtains > Summer Draperies
Sn IllInclusive Collection of Some Ten Thousand Pain tr ro24Tlar
F I HST Wt n yon to consider the fact that our stock of Lncc Drnperics and
printed art cotton drnnery fnhrics is so well selected and so cnorinons that the
matter of selection on Foul purl is made not only easy but n positive pleasure j
Awl then too the great business done by our Upholstery Store cnablw us to mark our foods 10
tlmt there h a rccintcrc t attnclied Io every Item AS the following special instances will sugceit
Dainty rTect in inexpensive Curtail for Bonne Femmes I
Nottintfhams the Summer Home many nrtiitlc novelties in
white and mhlAn of n fur < uillly of bol blnet A special oflerlng
Dainty fc miiles these I
clever reproductions of urUiiu worth many times of ll e p pillar win
I of cry expeniixc 1 arc dow draperies In Arabian
thei prices
tflaini pc feet for Ilion Hcnniiunce nnd 1
This U nn opportunlt Io fix up tho country
home laces r
the summer Marie nUiuiettc 7
t home In n most economical innntiur but lewd f
fjOO alrtalnaL00 pr for tomorrow
better take aihantaR of It early
J2 7B Curtains Jl 00 pr J2 tu M J r a at 1S0
Bill Vile e nfjlf tl TUct Other equally good vas
BO Curtains J2 00 pr SfruCurtalnset J55 =
360 i I M Ctirtnlna 3 If Curialn JO IKJ ni 2 Op 1100
SU5 Curtains 2 00 pr jr 50 Curtain 34 I1U7 Ciirlnlnr 17 JVOO and 1000
J7W Curtains 5 JI2 50 Curtains 10
52 Sideboards r + c
Twentyfive Bargain
of Quartered Oak at 3950 Basement
rr I1fh I tire It will offer many wings of
THESE Sideboards are made of selected jtinrtered great Importance
oak high polish finish with deep carved top MunyonA Wllch Haiel Stu 1 j
fitted with large French bevel plate mirror 10x18 at Oc a CAloeno mull orderi Soap i
two small top drawers one lined for silver and one filled t
long linen drawer also two wine closets with lacquered
brass trimming guaranteed construction Fancy Lnwn Vnlntnnt9So
rirturii dim reni t > ltu opeu
Other Sdeboards embracing all the cry latest back and runt every one worth t
designs A very choice assortment in selected quar at Women lend 1rG VnIlilnA Suits
tered oak is offered as follows at ym 75 Sample Ir a lead
lot manuiacturera regular no
nOn for 2010 Sideboards J20 00 for JS1 7S StJebflarda Hprlng HuliB Uil to the minute In
2371J for J2S i flldeboardd J28 SO for SUUI 8Ideliomlo tvlc and Inllorlnir t i
S1T25 China Closets nt 1250 Women 91 SO Oxford j
n t yHcA fun JKUKO of sizes J
All made from vulcciixl itmrt rud Q jk flue plum polish all the In patent leather white canvas
new W line are repre ented round ends serpentine doors others Ian and black
with beaJnl r aa mountings very artistic flue workmanship Women vI25 Pottooata
850 Box or Wardrobe Couch 3075 Hue at ego and Of Sateen ttHH chtcki de Sole atrlpe Ierc I
Made from HID heat uialcrlaU liulentructlblu prlnK Dud uphol and plain shades
iterlus of the highest order covered In plain green denim J
The Simpson Crawford Grocery Specials 1 j
MONEY savings to make cdnesday an important dny in this grent Grocery <
nnd Wine Store The purest and best products only are offered in which
mnil and telephone orders will he promptly filled Cull 2100 Chelsea aiiLn
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