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r w I i r M 7i 1C ° r E V N IrN G A w 0 IP T u r s D A Y c APR T1G 1 T < TBaf ssttaS 7 G Y
Many Young Hospital
Doctors Stricken With
L Disease While
+ on Duty
j Ten Iper Cent of the Staff
III with Scarlet Fever i
or Diphtheria
Its All In the Days Work for I
TTlrcinf EvenThough Theres f t
1 No Pay for the Work 1
r Brave hurts do not nil but under i
the Mldlera coat Heroes a < one ns
any who strode u < > Ban Juan Hill are i
wtorfnK the plain white suits of hospi i
tal Intern young doctors who work
lone hours and who cat no pay for their I
services In the big Institutions of New
York I
The hospital Interne runs more risk of
death than the fireman and takes mora
chances In one day than the pollcrmaa I
does In a irhole year but the public
I tcldoms hears of Ms heroism and self I
t sacrifice
Hid away b Mint iweral mmmfa of
J gasholdera and observable principally
from the set JlK r I s a low rakish I
f bulldfnr with a blase top at the foot I
rvf East Sixteenth slrrel This Is the
1 Mlnturn Hospital nut wkly known
1 outlde of the mnHra profession How
I I 1 ever fte rater or lu patients for the
ilk past three month shnvs that nine don
t1 1 torn and thirteen mimes have been
stricken either With diphtheria or scar
let fewr wttlle on lut > In the servlcs ot
the Vk poor of Manhattan
This record In the highit percentage
o contagion Mlato among the mom
ben of the mejlral profpstlon In the
history ot tho Innltiitlon fact It
cornea nicu to bring an cptdnralc with
Hrilul llojplial Its raging ccaJrc
Thirteen Nurses Stricken
Remarkable enclalmetl Dr John
W nmnnon rmldent of the Iloird of
Trustees of Hellevue hospital XoUi
Inc of the sort A ph > nclan Li expect 1
to run the risk of oontnrinn Their
4Zt 1pre my boy and apart of the
days work or a vomit tnprietlc and
uptodatq hospital Interne
But Pr rtrunnun lid admit that for
ten IKT cent of a tospllnl ttaff to he
JrnocKcrl oat bv contjso ihjwe wae
omawhat out of the ordinary That In
flat has bftNened In Ilelfevue Ilas
Dr K W Phllllrrt who recently aral
vaunt from Cornell University was the
first to fall He wus trtpkrn on 1h
7i snit his rlphlherta na no severe that
he had to wait thirtytwo days at the
Mlnturn Hospital for a clear culture
Dr Phillips is the second ninlor In the
Kooml surRcal dUlelon of Hellevitv
t A young phyalcUn named Dr N1
t 1our1 le who corara from Vyon > lnK
1 I waa thr ser mi tnterO tu4utletcTh
f germ of diphtheria but In Ills rase the
I gentle were kllleil oft by antltoKln
t t within seven days
Dr Jlsrkln w flherrnod first junior
In the third surirtcal illusion a native
of Texan with Dr Cordon Unduy
first senior on the first mirHtcHl divi
sion nu spent a priori at Mlnturn
I Hospital llotli young men nipped the
conlA lon before diphtheria hail cut In
Then Dr 11 W Krlnk house sur
sreon nf the second aurKlral dlvliilon
infected his right arm with blood pot
onlnc while prrfnrmlnit an operation
He probably nlll loo e his Index anger
Brave Oh No Only Doctors
MIPS nima Itfurrn nnn uf the most
CAlllhl iiiir > I n Hi ue waa ttrlrk
Or WILLIAM E WAGNER Almshouse Hospital on Blickwclls
Island fourteen days n
Dr RALPH GOSS Mount Sinai Hospital twentynine days
Dr GORDON LINDSAY Bellevue Hospital five days
Dr MARVIN W SHERWOOD Bellevue Hospital eight days
Dr E W PHILLIPS Bellevue Hospital thirtytwo days
Dr N J WURTELE Bdlevue Hospital seven days
Miss LLSU BEUVEN Bellevue Hospital nurse thirtythree days and
still at the Minium Hospital
Dr TRANCATT SCHUECK German Hospital fortythree days
Dr HARRY FL SATCHWELL WHlard Parker Hospital thirtyfive
fDr HOMER L DAY Bellevue Hospital three days and still dan
gerously ill at the Mintum Hospital
Dr H W FR1NK Bellevue Hospital blood poisoning of the right l
arm j may lose first finger
with diphtheria on Marrh 14 and she
is en it 11 at the Mtnturn Hospital with
inyihlnK hut a clear outturn Twelve
hate been Inmates of the
hospital ince the first or 114 I W
hews been discharged nt cured except
l1 Uurn
The last fielleue Interne to fall a vic
tim to contusion tint Dr Honvr I
IMa capable yountf man who hai been
ubVtltutlnK In the Isolation wards Pr
1r wa rte ovtd to the Mlnturn Ho
Pltat on Sunday alit the dU noli i of
lilt TOM showed him to be suffering
from scarlet fewer His condition l >
CritlcA j
In mild ease of Illness limon the In
tern the young men experiment upon
lhemelM and each other Some of I
hone nliii have been bunt through
Illness br Aishl on by strict fidelity to I
duly are Dm W T Klmendorf K M
K npf i II Drown J IL Herrlck and
n U Ityon
Thlt IIUOK and weilth sometimes ride
abreast Ii shown In Dr Wm E Wag
nero a nephew of Chas e Pchwib for
mer 1rslilent of the Stret Trust This
clon of a wealthy P tburic finite li
xrulil ln < for his efptrrirnce In the Alma
hnu llntrpltal on IIlacknrll Inland
where lie contrnctpd dlphth rla on
Mnrrli S and undrrwent a rlrK of ron
nncment at the Mlnturn Ha pltl last
Inir n fortnight
Tao scarlet fever patl nta who
aught the dread milady while attend i
Ins the lllncM of < there aiu Irr < 1
ROtt Sehuck and Dr Harry H Batch
well Intrrnr reeu tvl at tb t
man Hospital and the WIllard Iarker i
Hospital i
Dr Ralph COM an Intern at the Ml
Hlrtl had tI days or dlt > lither > al
M a result nf hie deleing Into the
practical side of medical knonledae
Itntirr Oh n Onlj llnoCara1
While at the Mlnturn Horptul the
young doctors come under the o5ar
canon uf Ir 1 in her H M i k > n
hhi eel M former Dillcvue inin Dr
Mackenzie has never had either scarlet
1pr or rtlphih rl t and hough lit ills
In an atmosphere of both tin believes
himself to be Immune
Long hours and hard work rrduc
the JIOwr of resistance of the human
body to contagion slid Dr Mac
kenzie rxidalnlnc the spread of illieat
I aofniuc the llellrtur doctors The dory
tare are weak and quite ready to take
anythlnc that conii along In the wnv
nf contagion nave you say r Oh no
I They art only doctors
Ilrr hunt Room In Which T vn
tonrlllU iIi Vu Sloriilnit
l r Ir Johnson two years old na
luirnr1 About the tar and arm early
i to day while aaleop In lila bed at No
tir Third menu lro kI n
Th entire room Win In fUmM for a
few momriis and Die ourstory build
Iing in which the Johnsons live wan
threatened but the flrvniM noon con
I iiuered the blue the origin of which Is
not known The child was sent to tho
Nucgkso ll eidtrl
American Artist tales tarried
Trip From Inrli
Ilcmtl Wakton an American artist for
twenty years a rraldont of Parts ar
rhod her today on 1th1l Tied Star
liner Flrtond tntTelllns qtremcl
light sui to Uvrunjte Ho had only
one mall handbag and a portfoMo full
of nketohn
I trust the New Tork police may
not regard me u a suspicious person
Walden said to the fronds woo met
him at the pier I declined on a mo
manta notice to maIM this American
1 oyace and had Ixirely time to nab
this ooo llttte bar and fly
Mr alden Is Uie eon of the 11ev
Trteulwll Walden an Eoli opal into
terse weU known at Whlt tone U 1
He will visa friends in thin city and
It fton
fortysecond anntirraary was role
bratt1 lat night by members of the
Mrx Un Club with a dinner at the
clubhouse Ilerrepont and ClJilun
streets A few dove ago It was sug I
gested that the dinner lie postponed because 1
cause of the illness of Charles Z South
Ard a popular member hut Dr M Co1 I
kle pronounced his patient out of dan
ger Ur Houlhard was unable to at
tend the dinner The 1retldrnt Ed
ward thr Grout Martin V Uttleton
Luke 11 Fttaleton and Justice Albert
T J < nks spoke
Park Tilford I
A standard of food excellence 1
ccllence placed and main i
tained at the highest
J mark means constant
d food security and gratifi
I cation at American tables
SnT even jrtn Psrk fit THIotd hive
I I without cJMajt msinUined this creep
lion l standard sad without eat
Nick k Tillocd slwsi vrtlcomc com
I pnioa of Umr uiilorml lowed ei
I 1 for the bet food deucscic the
world produces
I I Price LH > l ywr iLpcaJ
FuD net in or srr 4re f rv ie 1Gwve
CerMCerq DwtSurlnaruTCuwtCera
La Qrecque I
Oust Supporting
Tie Corset Cover
BOITM double purpose
Completely envelops c filet and I
supports bust snugly No other cover
can equal it
With our new patented feature the l
wenror completely controls adjust I
ment Gives shapely lines to tvnlst I
and bust
Prevents imcKlnc over corset In
stoutest figures
Iloa no lama superfluous fullness
or complicated parts Does not Clip
up like ordinary covers
Cnn bo worn without fitted llnlnp
In thlnest shirt waists I
Handsomely made very duntblo
5100 up iVan
ti I
Van Orden Cdrset Co
26 V tad St New Ytk
< <
iii I
if 4 I
f t
9 Q I
r z If
Ul race Ulchman
its NATURAL rrJd COLOR war j
Red been trojblel with dandrnrt a
long time After ulnc < ne botUo of Ililr
htalth 1 foird the damlrjC tone and my
Mir whl h w is twutl Irds frfr tt km
I 41 rears oO restored lo Its natural au
burn = ot rOlUCE EUC1UIANX W
Cruise 15 is
Guaranteed perfectly part
rhllcJUy pea Co Newark N J
G Ii t 1
ter YBlrk wj tar lura 1 nu k
Irubl wU rhwmtv u r µ 11 se
t cam lo 1he Cnc usua In irr Itdwa
1 f I 9 r rf In
ih J < u f ii1 i nw i DIIMC F
rr < 1 l iV HK ir V f
I w1lh > ul thlr It dr a Y u t
11 T uad t have n a t w +
II 4 I a I
t r lea ir 7 cal re 7 I a as I q I
a It 1 M I
I adw Y
I Pllls
i Cu 1 order Ut i h II i +
tadlwa Yaaer II I t I S
Tin ANti ALI HI dtuEtta uK TH1
I f e n + T
1 RXl > wXv sr CO 55 Him St N Y
i I
a C I r
lp l J r2 n E j A C 1I j
l 5 II
Kornelia Kinks it am plain to be seen
Y Done play a good joke with de weighin machine I
Said she to her mammy ae tho in surprise
r t Gee aint yo de limit for one of your size 1 I
i r il
III w Your flash will bs firm your nerves Btemlyryour muscles strong arid your health good it JOY flt uXorn II
4 Kinks the new food of flaked and maltod corn You uiil Jjljo it too Buy today from your Orooar
It costa only 5 aonts
4 r
f aa MALTED CORN FLKES Ready to Serve Hot or Cold L L
TO 59111ro60 St I t
A Sale of Metal Beds Mattresses and Bed Springs b i
The Most Remarkable Bargains Ever Offered J
Have you ever attended a Bloomingdalc metal bed sale If not do 10 this week 1 In spite of the fact that metal beds have i
advanced considerably in price we promise you the greatest moneysaving opportunities ever offered Through unusual
trade circumstances we have secured a splendid lot of metal beds at a fraction of real value Some of the beds will be sold
at Y 4 off some at I off and
Many of the Very Best Styles at Half Regular Prices
Plenty ol sizes In lt lot but not tttj she In ill the styles Th arlety ot p sterns exceeds those shown by any two furniture stores In Vew York
125 Distinctive Styles of S2 Gives You Your Choice 95 Distinctive Styles of All 10 Styles of Brass Cribs
Enamelled Beds 152 of 10 Styles of Beds j Urass Beds 25 Off Regular Prices
This 6 Bed This 21DO I
for 300 This31 Bed ThisI3 Bed Brass Bed
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Str I
It In henry md ii irotunlal n ful A pretty ennrlnuojc post nuts f Thin bed U very rnoativ ha log 1 14
sire with cnnch poI and htk ful heavy can + tnlrttnn ray 5 lllrlt news In h CoUnu > u + D > sts and 4neh fll Tills bed U very maul and th e en
brans rails as well as Lroni nuunlj a roll in hth head and fool coat of I In era b b li fitted head and wit I foot 1 tat Moat bntaa r thfa rata tire top Is of braes In a rrrr e1aSO r
and spindles on head and tot II SC In t 551 j tn H teen ratA and hutndrom design
Df mnmhf r Tt IsThe lour bH llUutrateH here are only ImUncri of the uvlne lo be ttttcttd In any of the reds concerned bed it any price between
Remember 1 Mia b2o3md 10JW Rive your money almost double IU usual buying power J
j Bed Springs and Mattresses of Our Own Make
At Sharp Redactions from Oar Own Regular Low Prices
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Th lighter t most elajiUa and Ins ¬
An rxrnllnr maltreat made wittl a This mattr lutu sett hulr 11f bot This mattress Is fllletl entirely with urious mattress possible full also
I soft > lrl Inic top and Is cord In torn alder ami ends and Is ricrc < l II long ntnpl > soft hair full Ue rrrlrlis woIKhnll but 33 lw It equate ray
r i1 ir tnyyIiSbiug I ti pounds extra hvy tlcklnir used nuoo hair mattress
Prices cn mattresses arc for full stje smaller sizes for less All of rtyular thickness made In our own sanitary shop erh1
I KJ OteiMall order filled if accompand br purchase price None sent C O D These spscil prices on so tings 1nt I
INUie mattresses wll be discontinued at closing time Thursday P M
1Y le
DO < miiMruj Fburtn Fowr + I
I a
French Pastel Pictures 2 50 A Sale of Footwear for Women 4
Regularly 500 Wednesday Only Tomorrow you may 1
Another of 1Fe astounding values for J select from a large as II
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l i > S 5603 foot
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l I
r We offer for to morrow only an wara pair + I
extra large collection of woodland and of Gibson 0 I
t rirT scenes r they arc original pictures Sailor Tier r t
by prominent artists and all signed Pumps
i The I ICs UPCS ere done in Ir toft P1re51ng > atrt nines tamed Inot hoes or Ifl i
inch gilt Irapiti of royalty rJan with JIII mat infisur Z Oxfords I
I lug ci i > pictf 6x3t Inchts There are altos few n Jlnch
I Fl renlmt gill frames At this price the pViures will self it f and paythc
very fast mik nu an early call adv sable Special price for I iD 50 remarkably
i Wednesday low price of
I I 111Irv la 101 near Roiundi
Complete Decorated J 287
Dinner Sets = = 95 pieces for J4 69 The offering embodies the newest creations in leathers of Brown and
r Gray k < tc Urown Kid Tan Russia Calf lack Glued Kid Glued Chim
I The Actual Vjfoe of The Sets Is 7iOO rafl1t Kid Gun Mrtil Kid Mat Kid Patent Kid and Coltstln Also White Sea
u r hlUd buck and Vhitf Onie
These sets consist of 95 pieces nlownnnalar s1 rJQor s + th r Rtrllot1
j j made of thin American porcelain J
and very neatly decorated Dishes
j1 Good Dependable Umbrellas
i it are in a fancy shape and embrace e
I J mss all the necessary pieces for the din Made of a very fine quality mercerized
ner table not omitting a large Iorh and American Taffetas have lock par
I t soup tureen aeon frames automatic runners steel rod
I Tat actual talus Is HoObut we bought tight roll
12 i ictt from a wel Lnown niter at a
pleating assortment of pearl silver plate pearl and
material concession thfrefore the shove low
> er
reore very price
gun metal horn and fine boxwo
Cnl > one set to a cu 0 nero None f U U handles a Where umbrella value than you 88e
li i fUw Third fair Bath HI sWUon
can jet an > where fnr
lamrne UlM SUIn Moor MHh III S < < IIn
Specials in Diamond Jewelry
Hints in Household Needs
It is a wellknown fact that Bloommcdales tell diamond
jewelry for about 40 ° 6 less than the exclusive dealer But Now that Spring housccleaningfand renovating time isi at
when we take an additional fO0 off our prices it behooves hand these hints as to needs and helps will not come amiss
tJ J lluurjiilj Ialnu Jill hru Tlblr l lJnlilor MMK srln I <
diamond I
interested in d IJmJn Jewelry to investigate
everybody 10 ry 1i It ft its ar Iljl 1r 111 US < tw lan Il
I Irlnceu Klai r of 24 cut dlinunU i Rjrann Aypey Set Ring z cut dla 1lr ruh fUr IIlato IIIIr Kir j 1uu aJ red < Ialh Jlo 1111 Itbluc u ni u os St I ini u sV i >
with for lustrous full jf ii mends 3 rt ai sapphires j Pisyl a fllllfllrln Morl IrKllirr lluilrc 3 N a mi
50 00 Uf S25 00 > Ira d wenur lUlli Ma 2 In Vim JJo
S > UUU r so Plfelllatw
alir tlrnlll M t
ml 7 t f11Mlltako
pearl ult price < urrnlfphlrS23trtice 1Wt r lnlut II u u m nilln Me < lf Aim IrHe 4IU ana
1I u rut ale hum lit i li1 Yyl llaufpen Milll lluard
Irlnccii Klni U r 20 cut diamonds a iIk 1 1 I ltt fUc
a D RIu IHr 1iI13 to tics Wll Kftll tb 41r 4rxi
A h 4 lu trous full in tin nut D4ubIl Cull flaltoni Roman 1IllfIld Tsbinrullrry 3117 414 sue Toe
I sale ift OluUU in line luiiili set n ltd Gnmee lflWl MuU aloi lira 11 kNe bu u I iiVilrll
pearl pru pl p1 tYlee Illr Illln Tile bile 4itc lltlr Mt M4
lint iut JuiiUnils sit C kiic IU5 113 I Ml 14II rilr > r d g
SHe 1ilc
7C s Utc
tan lUe
ibloBc killl 2 fin rat dtarmmih ret S t 175 Iur j OlM dWe nso I tmi I tple 4IK tQ II
iiil ielwr j ai sj u 0 tnhrnal ClolUr
Jj o l en luUtl1 w M > l UYf 11w
I Ctlllrw > jf I it 01 viJU 1r Ilan FI Tf alI wuue IJL SIb SIM I latrlug t el Tltc Jlxxl IIS Cullsri IUI flsr di tpW
lltl r ere lid IMIJ aa13 Aruow
i Hoot IaUt 3att OUK1NO Irk
UIKV t a e Mr lik Slo
i oan OM U Iff II r nlvr < I
sirIIi4 for a i rr laruorr Alhuodnrr Ja
> Ial Kah tr I Of Ife A poll rJ
uf i ry ways
I sr I r laJalrr lalll 111w Irvu per I Ic
I T I q r il Iaa 1 Ituln I In lahr Iin If IIi rlaW HUM
anat Im
I 7i PI A NOS yam I shit SUf ape wnl ur wst ailUiia 1 iviuvf
i I I WA LIE RS d dm Sillrr 1 I T uJlet bl AU 4lD i > a < kaYJW I
Iuiul IlrusMoel JWr 0 Comulrlr tuna
4 He lU F niatii fatatilt 121 I ill 8T L > > lIjf °
I api ursUih llri > 4i ISIrIr nao llrfad ilwirs JI tis I
jro Ito LL bra IVP of plai i r n Narl lie IM uaItoa d t IU ilwirsI I s I
huh In Ii arsatI w Ion learn tlrarll elk Ia 11118 b lo Ub a lla 111
uf ihtni prices kiiiilnQlni c 198 ks 11 2111 a i I
urh setdyta 6utar tract
I oj > Mrs Iotls poOl 0 r Hue tlt
ul r ahfur it llulbf bll
u lii run tour CM 1I v Ia Ids
Mm t as < i Y I 11 alrk uJ aa 11pf lirnller Ife lit
ivr lines ouIIJ I Alnf y n 1 f I I ttla i lM 1 Itlu Nlo o luuurtcd t
f jt of j 0 I Pillet Jf
ub nd i
All I I II rr III lull 41 teJr + ak QUo 10 r
alNt lru Ilwa
> > iron
tin r fti l rcfrf > r n ails i i i 11IkoI IJ
nUa wr
To I Hi 111 I I 3ar itJ 11Iko Ullc SIUo iris Imr141uI
I liwl IKI > < u1 I I Ur 1 e Dr 130
> m V4 I lj arI I Inca n i i 1 eTt luUr IIUIM f I see UJon UrIVr > Ulat idl I
ilil il l
r on I nth L Tit lAl UMI He l or
e + Ludo How XMi HeBftlM I
ar v r Alia ii1 liunt a l1 rl < aIr
TunL ic fee I t t I Ir r i Hr 1 foCI I BftlM <
Ir lid 4 Iisii i i I M I r 1 J Urv ri u U4 2 1rfu r Ulln Ice t IMMN I rr M > l 1H L t lul os t
11 a rrs rfu i IYOITY CM 1140
a13 IMIHN A Miatl A H I i 3 4h 1 I Iil 411 j I 1 U r tC Ia 1 1 iui nI1 b lUlHMIrJ
111 iU ra v I i 00 a N i i r nlrri III Ol U J 4Up V ntm Iuuauln is1 Ouu
I Plan ili I rl l I Ji lii in r a v Y I nt 6 11 1111 I Olaxes 110 llfl > lhH Ul 111 H Ic
inin of 15 11111 trur F aaus 0 tKr Jkulm
MyIIel1 sar w X VWjIkII it LY Iltl n IU ltwenorast4 Jj 0C sli e tIo I IHo
1 IIh lr i l U im 1111 TII U r lloWl l1tcw C 1 41 a
I tilI
t71HMI as r U II tlf u lrsLl I I IlarrqUMalyreohs W I TIHI
i IWUsiiU II S 84W > tUJIf tr 11 r JIUU34 0 a1 1 llwri I IllrYras
Ii c 7 i II > H I ftr IIM tsruii <
r 1 > rrr
lll llllU < I u 4 o f V a IvUsblu Mil It
I tel i u ill Itiji I A rryn 11 I I i ices I ijfV 1iLlIlItL1I 11111I Hi
f II cell I 1 A nAI4IKM e < 141
I Hi d 4 d o 12 11laduu I aYerr i
i 00 Wa ters llSfer tore Player Pianos 45 v i u roat su aa 331 u u <
I 411110 r Yale
I J if Ml i pYu B It e w h 6 ti G i untu + elClUav YJY ILlia II t IT t isle
ii 1 W
I I III IUnanlsuJar at
i > acwA ktJ
I iIJ ifiiiijlJ 1 rls rJ T f r j fflIiJlRllJlflkr LQRI TMNSfeR TO ie
= > JO3MAiL dS9 14164 3 1
< 1 fI IoJ J
JtjLI f < 0 >
It rt t n < n rf 6a

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