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r > t L r L twrW
k 1 S
Tells Peace < Conference
1 They Are as Bad as
Furnishing Arms
Delegates Declare in Favor of
Making Hague Cotiferance
r JU the mornlnjr rne0n of the Ameli
Ian Peace and All tryeU o ConKr In
Oftnw lI1U to < lay the oomrrtlttw en
rvoolutloiu ubmltud IU retort It was
la the form of on Omnibus rtesolutlon
eowrtn all the tubecta tMt It was
I dtIINIl proper to Include In the report
Dr Kranklln F Trueblood of Hot
ton eevr1 ry ° of the American Peace
T Bocletr eMntl the report
lie al l renohitJona had been r = elvNl
oo n thouuuxl and one nubjtct from
ciuuty peon of the world
The second and most Imoortsnt
A datue hi tho rwwlutlona favortd the
perroanencr of The Hcue Conference
declarol thai Th Ita ue Conference
t ahould have standing delefitvte that
r The Hairue itUthertnif should dlicuaa
the limitations of armaments and urged
a grater wtpanalon of IntemAUOLI ar
HJ 1n
The committee believed
TrJSbJqsS that 12 Am rlcau puvl
antlaient KM to be brought to bras
tenon the Halve Conference what ap
peared In these reaolutlon must be
along pnutl al linn We believed teal
the e resolution ahould not be 11t
the 11M of a i an ral ptica propagan
da We knew If we hoped for favor
able action on thae rrJoluUoru at Toe
KiClM that they must be practical
Concreaman Richard Dartholdt was
Oie flrat to a cond the rtaolutlona aoid
ke made a atronK opeech
Dr lienry MaiOmcKn Chancellor of
the New York Unlverrtty added a word
In seconding the aolutlon
1 went he wild no the committee
meeting with a nUnbow which 1 was
wllllns to give up nen I found It did
not meet the plan of the r olutlon
Now thu Second clause In there uralu
dons I lOtislJtr mat important It
must be passed If none of to remainder
1 a It pro 1dl Ol that The Hague Con
tnce full be pvrraanent That 1
consider vital
+ Samuel J Barrowwa lint member 01
the Interparllttmentary Union said in
eoondlnc the reoolutlona that he naa
overtiMTU two rtv ° nr My they were
hoping for a fight Now rome of tea
out CtoWn 4elnpUe have objected to
te reporta or tlil s Congress In the New
York paptra beOIUU tile dher encle
wen reported The Mete York p4per
are Inteleating and the phIlAdelpt1l
papers which do not report the diver
ccocle are rot nut It a Light II
tatted 1 am not KQlnf to be the one
s to start It I
War 111 murder Said RaWt Levy
vim rOll a anuwer leconder Hi
went on qu tjnsr vrdll or Uio New
7 uunent dncriblnc the Nazarene ae
the Prince at IVmte He tnmed a
little nTiay from hU ubiort to tell a
xton about a mother wtvu i onkMl tier
+ boy At thl Dr Brrart lUclutnl roe The
speaker li wundrrlns he nojd time
U short Let him tuatv to here uD
r jratJJeltVr by ridicule nor by warlike
r Atmonatratloni will I be forced to at
down and tnk a back est aid tile
rabbi 1 wont be wltchwl off lam
htrtljt speak tor peaeei ShaI N
ear c
Oo eni 110 en1 houtr t lM trowd
The rabbi than paid a tnbatft la the
CtiHIUrT Ideal otJtto Mxl eltiif
Ai ha atop I > tl Dr nf lard IMdea
running jump Onr htm la apioiru e
for liln Intrrrurttlon The npolekr WAil
enclnrerou h > ny ji rrrury of toe con
1TDr ltob rt rxMnr Kir
nabbt Levy tutnr around and aid
amid chKrrm lnrrt la an expllneatlmt
of the anlrit of pekee of which we have
been talking
Dlvi Lockwood eked If the audl
enoe wa not to bnheard
I Mont want tyro platform In have
IU own Kay In areryltilnc I tin said
and lurr protest m heeded ami the
wu the tint recottflmrtl from the floor
William J Uryan tmk the Stand lie
laid In part
Tltfre am to roam delegate ttkfi
have not hall an onpormnlts 10 e peen
their opinion ana It I M UntxNUnt
that they should he Meant tljt tve on
the proirramme hw no rtprst to take
up the dins And i wrh one may have
a new airs All nini pfw more then
one I shall have ilinpti ttinr to talk
I cum here to see that one Mm I
rnrftMl av imporuint to favor the steq >
toward Including all fJtlwm of Inter
nation iVmnito not now nclmlml In thS
mnttera of lnt nwUonnJ saute ec6 to
t > flUBmUtwd for IntamatonAl jabltrn
lion 1 wan < < lnd witen I cam to find
bodied In the nw < utlorHi wtiloh am to
be prcaentM you I bnlVnve llli Neo
lunon do not contain n olnujio rJat < r
to manes to t < 11 loaned to belllrmit
wtton not t belle that the furnluh
Jnr r f nutlona with m < > twp io OUt ob
ect1enbte M the fun 4hnt of rxnrder
a ul lead It IK for the ton flt of a fw
many lenders only and to the great
detriment of the people
Independent Union of Lcttcr
Cutters and Carvers Dc
I mands More Pay
Ttrmtntonn ordered by bereaved rein
lIyu tor ierabne Intcrml In Wnysln
t m Onmlerr Orao1 And Trmn
tytuwoml avenue HrooWvn are
delayed by B strike of IrUrrcuttrs
and ranrr s of Uw two blcrit mono
urntnt flrtni ronneetml with the came
terr About forty mm west on strike
to day and polled flekeli About the
bumn foound irho warned pfoi
pective non union mm not to co to
The majortty of the trDten were
4iiit > iayM uy m ujmiv fcuniir Muiu1
mental TVorStt and IUniirac at Gold
jmlth The VTtahlncton Cemetery li a
J wlnjj burying round and all the
I tombstone work r are TttrwUn Iwi
The1 hat orcajilivd a union of there
own whloh they fdl UM In < lp mlenl
Lvtttron and Kton cxitHr A ocUtlen
r btt
ft Jrrtih hilt cal tn and ate
aak fag M Intrmw rr > m 3 a day to
P K and II for so errilllunr M7 Mr
Hamcr nf tttt Hm r Munumrnul
Uorka said today t it i And ti
other comcini tntntwl he wtliliu u
rtanl 1r Imrrn r u < d not rec
ognlae the new u Ion Nfi i r wul they
content to Ure anon i r doubla rates
for HurnJuy because the Jn1ih wor
era tAke SturiUy off aa their Sabbath
The trlWrrn demand Saturday oft luwl
the iMrn double rulM fin Sands the
other workmen wh work on > a
< < wl M au iitrnlm exit
The strikers say that they will never
live In and they pent the entire day
manhunt abou tthn cemetery oarnWK
bllnnno and rhanlliK Mme mvullr fr
mua of their union A squad of h i
policemen wiui cant to the burying
< 1 to p o onl er At tile Ur n
> Od nn1 < Ihr Jtrnn Lf 1m
the tombstone men obtain nn nrr t e
In lent of U ceeW a IVl All of thew
the national
i men twlonif to union in na
frJ rntlon of hmdMon utters
MA > AOUA Nicaragua Tlvaday Aprilf
I Vv > telm Affair Ma keen appointed
Envoy ixtraordlnary to the conference
I at Aix poJa where efforU ill be made
by IVteldunU 7elaym of Nucarmiru and
j rtTMroa of Sa actor to etAbllh a
i pnrnuv < nt pea < e
I It Vlll f o to Amapala ln the Cnlttd
I Mlles cruiser noton I
v I
iill We announce a Great Special Sale this week of Furniture Rugs Car
pets Curtains such as are particularly suitable for apartment furnishings
This should interest those about to go housekeeping as we shall offer
nfl n osfc tempting price inducements and in addition will extend r
11111 GOCARTS Axminster Rugs f KITCHEN
27x5 formerly zJO 1 8P MH06 formerly > 3t30 1750 STOVES
All Styles 36X72 formerly JX50 298 9xi2 Jormerl jajoo 1950 at ireJuctlonof 50T
a 6i9 formerly ioo 1195 jafixU6 formerly J3SOOZ73J0
from J98 up tixij formerly 4SJDQ now 3750 from 1250 up
0 4 1
1L II 1 011w a
w j
IMJ bjl 1 111 If
mli 1 If
mm IIU r
1 i V N
Dressers 1 Chiffoniers Beds I Brass Beds
miplenuboiiny In oak aple oc huhoany 1 fancy Wood Bed rlneh foils
formerly Ski now XJ50 formerly Sib now 12iO formerly St5 now 1000 formerly 547 now 1175
iotmrly 1028 now 1HOO formerly J22 now 1600 formerly 523 n 1500 ormerly USI now 1750
I lormcriy J40j now 2509 formerly 530 now 2200 I formerly foIO now2500 formerly 535 now 2400
O 1
RFLMacy AttfBtitioas Are Their Lew Pricai
e n II MT A ra Attraction
Ar rtlr Itxiif IMe i
m f
lrrnattrar at flU art
sub to tSUi > t
Daisies For
TlFt view
Nothing more popular shown in BVaj at CUt Ar 34th to 35th St
the trimming section this season
The tot SPRAYS demand promptly will OF clear DAISY these POLL special Cutlery Manicure Barbers
AGEvery fine quality 24c i i j i i i i i a
IES fine quality six to the spray Requisites l I
white with yellow and brown cen
tres black Vith yellow centres It Is 1
shadts 5 A Sale Unique
also popular shades of brown and as as
champagne spray 39c r i J
Extraordinary t
Finer quality Millinery Trim Main Floor I
mings including Paradise Aigrettes ENTIRE stock of of I
Involved is the s one
grettes prices ranging up to y r
3274 b the more prominent Cutlery importing and b V 4
manufacturing concerns in New England
Card Engraving and the house of OSGOOD BRAY CO I
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b6m inatienfflfffll it l oM = = =
iniw ung because the plates and Embraced are
dies PJ to the putchMerjn every 18504 Pocket Knives 4632 Razors 8328 Nail Files 4728 Pairs of
in > i ice Sowing Scissors SlG Nail Scissors 1032 Corn and Cuticle Knives 348
for Noi luture bound supplier to come unless tack you to con us targe Nail Clippers 1344 Cigar Cutter 3084 Pocket Scissors 1020
sider perfect service and match Embroidery Sciasora 2832 Pairs of Tweezers 84 Buttonhole Scissors
c tIow pnes bindles And a vast quantity of odds d end that go with Cutlery stocks Every article ii brand new In perfect
PLAfi AND 50 condition With lontidcnce in the dealer who sacrificed the Mock we guarantee the quality of everything
CAHOS in hIoj in It Price details
HfJrnan or huk old RAZORS riser up 10 n7j mb JIlt prten I SCISSORS3 7 Inch tWo hljhl roll1hcdl values
L nPlish type and up to i0 iile
MONOtiRAM 29ro 39c 49c 12c 24c 4c and 54c
vmr RM X139 69c 84c 98c I
DU with twoDill Manicure Requisites
ink r > f Gee paper POCKET KNIVES NUt tif beat and stony Nan Filer
tamft4 in am Collll ruDWij X J and 4 boas i 6c 7c 9c 1 Ic 14c IGc 19c to 29c
desire wnlap HP to fao slug I < utkle Sclitort 29c and 49c Corn and Cull 1t
lOc 15c 19c 2lc to 139 nhe15c 19c 24cj NiseUion 24csad 29c
Alf >
lryprRAhl 1311 ana 2 prlrc
b K oi p < ivr sjainpej in an
5 > ri l 99c 1 a Miscellaneous
MnvU V DIE TOUR wl1 NH Clipper bill reel blth jotfcet Wwn blunt pointed suit EapLroidsrydslssor pal
LUK 69q 11 po bad sate prtcet Ibk tot UK In kJlwuln work
> 24c 10 esc 12c 16c 24 c 29c J
L iiuaies iviUnutied for Sattdtn CIr cutter lull nicLrlKd JOe Buttonhole Sfjuori tevertl Tweeter file back or en cdjt pi If
WlVJutlons Ajgounceinents S11lJfSalt ra OF blu 4e Gc to 23c
1 e
ht JJ
u1tdfr r 1 Il
> c c COT
f w =
The Kind You HaveAlways Bought
I3ig la the caution applied tothnpuMIn nnnnunroniontof Cnttorla that
TIIIS bats manufactured under the fcup rvlilon of Pluto It ri > tcher for
off 80 rears tho Ranulno CAtona Wo nP < t I nlly rnll the nttentlon
of falbera and niothnra when purchasing Cohtorin to trls Uiat tio wrapper bears
his signature In black When tho wrapper la tcnxnM tlif nmn eljrnnturo np
rxurs on both ildea of tho botUo In nil 1nrcnU who barn used Castoria for
+ their little ones In tho pest years need no warning nginist counterfeits and I
I Imitations but our present duty U to call tho attention of tho younger cener 1
I ntion to tho great danger of introducing Into tholr famllioo spurious medlcinM
I It Is to bo rrgrettod that them kro peoplo who are now engaged In the I
nofftrioua btulncM of putting up and set Ing all aorta of nubntltutft or what
should moro properly bo termed counterfeits for medicinal preparation not
only for adults but worn jet for children medicines It therefore derolrea
on tho mother to ecrutiniio olorclr what ahe gives her child Adulta can do I
1 that for themt > lre but the child baa to rely on
1 tho mothers ntchfnlncsa
Icnnlne Castorla alrrajn ban the stpnatnr or I
UH un j
< Rr1Kf JJe1 aMea TdktwMMII I
X ertiaA rSthp sb sail
IC Community Silver I
Celebrated Plate That Rivals Sterling Ware I
in Beauty and Wearing Quality Tint rioer
> E are showing four beautiful patterns In Commuriily Silver
the Aval rrund Oassic in bright finish and the Linton and j
Flower de U u in gray finish In sterling silver you will find
no patterns jretlkr
Sterling wears bitter but the moderate cost of Community
ware more than offsets that Community is guaranteed for 25
arsIt could be safely niaranteed for longer service IT IS MORE
THAN TRIPLEPLATED WARE For example if you could re
move the metal filling from a Community spoon the hell of pure
river remaining would he almost heavy enough cat with Note the
Set of Six Each
Tea Spoon 5175 Sucnr Spooni 69c
Dessert Berry Spoon 142
Table Spoon 347 ColdMtForkSl04
Dessert For1u5312 Lettuce Fork 121
Dinner Fork 347 Butter Knives 69c
Dessert Kni Pie Server 178
Dinner Knives 52a i Cream Ladler 94c I I
Oyster Forlu5225 t I Gravy L tdlc 124
Ice Cream ForUa 275 1 Oyater Ladh271
Salad Fork Ind 337 I Soup LadlehS334
Orange I Punch Ladle 424
Butter1 Spreader 312 Sugar Toni 99c
Fih Fork Ind 337 FUh Set 349
Soup Spoon 347 Salad Set 496
China Glass and BricaBrac I
Noteworthy interest centres ui sales in the China Glass and
Brk + Brac departments now Some of the GREATEST VALUES I
terns of Decorated Dinner Ware closing out al HALF PRISE I I
First Quality Aluminum Ware t
Mlkor Rice Boiler 110 to Pie Hitej 22C to 88c
I 181 Pudding pan 20c to SOc
Berlin Siuee Boats 50c to 138 Pitchers 230
1 Lipped Saucepans 40c to 77c Griddle Cake Covers 30c to 32c
Fry Pans 52C to 04c Lemon Squeezers l > c
Coffee Pots 5140 to 8166 Cups and Saucers 82c r
Tn Pots 9102 to 108 Measure SOc to 121
Cocktail Slmrs 81C
Housefurnishings Specials
Card Table covered with felt Clothes Poles 8 ft long 7C I
4130 I Hardwood Clothes Pins goo il i
I Family Clothe Wringers 11lneh lty tontot 10c
rubber rolls 4189 I Stove Mittens made of wool with
OA Medicine Cabinets brvelled gust I dauber Dc I
mirror 6x12 In 4147 Toilet Piper good quality tOOO I
Hardwood FoldlnjSte Udderi80 thefts 5C
Selnz TibleJ with yard measure Allbrlitle Dust Brushes 18c
74c Wool Will Dusters long handles I
Folding Clothes Bm S It high 43c I 73c I
1 Oak Commodes with enimelled Tunplco Scrub Brushes 22c
I pins S180 I Allbristle Floor Brooms 14ln pol 1
ironing Table folding 5 ft 10nl I Ished block 04c I
I 70c U S Furniture PolKh lOco II
R H Macy Cos Attraction Are Their Low Priaa
Bwav etGth A 34th U 33 Ih It I
Trunks and Bags Aam et i
A purchasing trip to the Macy
basement before you take a jour
ney promises savings that are
h equivalent to a reduction in the
JI cost of your transportation
H i What you buy in this Trav
1 eling Requisite store you can
T ilpenJ upon as you rely upon i
any merchandise that is standard
qualify Here are
Niagara Trartllmr Trunk 362 to 1551
Impiral Cabin Trunk 288 to J 504 9
Bolton Dross Trunk 1587 to 18541
Wardrobe Trunk from 2452 to 5049
Featherweight Travelling Trunk 11189 to 3843
Men Filled Trunk 1334 to 13746
Mn Hat Trunk 542 to 2584
600 Dress Suit Cases at i 489
A racial 10t501t Leather Suit Cases 24inh size lined with
linen four heavy inside straps and shirt fold bras lock
Other Dress Suit Cases 507 to 3349
Extension Top Learner bull Cases 1289 to 3173
Travelling Bags in all leathers 32 to 3334
black Saliu > Hag JIM wittt Iwtlier H to 118 inch sizes
65o vahie sale 519
Solid Leather Mail Rap 2ah to 684
al CanY v 3390to577
un rr Leathr
SollJ 1544
English Kit Bail 1840 to 4740 I Silk Hat Bou 704 to 2740
Smaller Travelling Requisite including Pitted Cases and Bags
will be found in the Leather Goods department adjoining the Jewelry
section on the main floor
RHMaryCnsAttracttons Are Taer Low IMso A
rrr atOL1At 4dsM3i16k
Harvest of Dry Goods
Remnants in the Basement
ENGTHS of one to nine yanJsof the fabrics most wanted lilt
gENGTHS including Plain and Fancy Voiles All Wool Mixtures
In various patterns and colorings All Wool Broadcloths in
9icx brown and mode Albatross in various shades and a large
collection of Remnants of plain black weaves
This will serve to show what values the sale holds out l
Brown Broadcloth 6yard lengths 534
Albatross 6t yard lengths 4169
Blue Voile 814yard length 502
Black Voile 734yard length H 374
Gra Voile 4yard length 27
Hundreds of other lengths at correspondingly low prices
In addition to the Dress Goods Remnants
Imported Voile 43 inches wide In navy and Delft blue tan and
wninance 65c quality a yard i 29c I
Womens Neckwear Mena Underwear
Women Tailormade Lnen and
Si k Stock Collar sllMl > mussed Men French Oatbri gin Shirt
and soiled were 24c to 4Sc each finished seams Drapers to match
die 12C Foment i P 24
Black and Colored Silks
Girls Dresses
< lFoirieT Chiffon Voile
27 Inches wtde toad Colors the Girls New Model Gulmpe Trjiaea
yard 30C made of fine figured percales fancy
Black Taffeta Silk 36 Inches wide pointed bertha and puff sleeves trim
Rood quality the lard 74C med nltli braid stitched belt full
Black Shantung Suiting 23 Inches illrt sizes 6 to 14 > cars sale08e
wIde all silk the vard Sbc
Mens Shirts Hosiery
Men N IlIlill eShirta made of fine Men Half Hoe brown and tan
woven niadras light and dark color lisle thread fast de seamless double
ings with Mtached or detachable cuffs hells and toes pair
cut full all tires SI 00 value 1Ie6Bc
Men Half Ho c twothread cot
Women Knit
omen a mt ton embroidered and figured In red
Undergarments with blaclcn 1blue and blaiL strlpeJt
fancy red with figured designs alto
Women Ribbed Vests
omen Fancy In brown navy black and white
low neck trimmed with lace Insertion
double soles hrels and toes pairl0c
In a variety of designs 12e
Women Vets low neck slier Womeni Black Cotton Hoe also
less superior quality ribbed fabric black with split feet Crescent dye I
sale 10e double toes and heels pair 12c
Women Swiss Ribbed Drawers I Children a LjIefinihed Two
trimmed with lace regular and extra I thread Hoe double heeb and toes
sizes pair 10c heavyy rut sacs o to to par 12c
RB Wa r CoAtlrmcttea Ar TbidLowI rfoty
04thl 3Sti4l
In Progress Very Important Sales of DRESS GOODS SILKS
and complete lines of Summer Furnishings
r1ilJlEi Sl1UlJ1m
I tI ktd
4J a + ay X c JR ac Kam T5y syt
Krrond Floor
We are showing exceptionally large assortments of Womens
Voile Suits all colors being represented ranging in price up to 7475
For special selling three very attractive models
At 2574Value 3750
In various desirable colorings made over splendid quality
taffeta silk drop j prettily trimmed and very well tailored
At 3474Value 4250
Handsome new Eton models with fancy cape sleeves made I
of superior quality voile j entire suit made over fancy colored
taffeta silk i
At 3974Value 4850
Two entirely new models made over splendid quality taf I
feta silk elaborately trimmed with vests collars and cuffs
Voile Skirts in Extra Sizes
In black Voile new model skirt boxpleated all around ef 1
fectively trimmed with many rows of narrow taf < gi Q 171
feta strapping very special pl7 74
Dlack Voilb Skirt very well tailored fullpleated model I
II finished at bottom with cluster of deep tucks d i > 1
52250 31116 sale op LO 49
Entirely new full pleated model strictly tail
ored mate ov taffeta drop in black only
2000 value sale
Other Skirts in regular stocks ranging up to 2874
R M Ma7 Coa Attnctt An hlrtw err U I
Bwar atGthA 341k 1a 35tfo 36
A Rich Assemblage of 4
j Japanese Cloaks and Wraps
i N a section of the Cloak department we are exhibit I
I ing an unusual collection of garments from Japan
including those characteristically Japanew as well
as Cloaks arri Wraps in which the beauties of Jap
anese fabrics and needlework aw combined with American
Ideas of utility and fashioning They are garments designed I
i primarily for evening wear IOn
On ground ot pale blue pink delicate lemon deep
t blue scarfct navy black and white are various desirns ex
quisitely h1nd i l > rokVreJ majlerpleces of art needlework I
Prices 5375 to 13300 I
r + 1 j

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