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II f1
I 4 Jp T rJfl 1I p HtI i vENI FwWu Dw1 r f 1 I l I trytri J 1 i 41 I I > > ct 4
LOST 200000
F Edward H M Roehr of
Brooklyn Was Trustee
ref Large tstate
r i
1 II
aJMIIl1Bt obtt I
i c An examination ot the books and nc
counts of Lawyer Edward H If Itoehr
by DistrictAttorney Clarke ot Kiiyri
County will it stall eyed vent that
the lawyer who has been missing near
ly rwo TfMk1 has lost between fflOW
and tDOOOO belonstmr to an eatato of
r efllilcteiiirTnta trustee Hrimd and ret
ail v of Roehr Ay there It nolhtnr
criminal about the mAtter and the Dls
trkl Attorney says that he has not ta
yet rot a line that would enable him to
cluxlfy the Casa
JauntsI McOovern a Brooklyn law
yer Iloehra LrotheMnOnw and counsel
araerti that the mlsMnir man la not an
t rmlxzilor but that he Innocently ad
led his clients to make losing Invest
mints and felt morally bound to repay
t them If he could Unfortunately said
r Mr McGovern RochrB financial status
j did not allow of mnklnjr reimburse
ments and he dropped out of fight
r t TtiPM who know him brat fear that ho
has killed himself
One of the helm of an estate that
t Jlorfcr wu handling has asked the Dis
r trictAttorney of Kings County to look
Into the lawyers affairs All his books
and papers were removed today from
hla ofllco at No ZX Hroadway to the
r DistrictAttorney offlcc
4 + Negotiations looklne to a settlement
I I were under way accordlnc to Mr Me
Qovcrn when Roetir disappeared Ills
it family la wealthy owning blr blocks
I of real estate In TVHIIamsburft and an
amicable arrangement of Hoehrs dim
ii ij
a culIJci trail anticipated until the Dis
I trictAttorneywas asked to uko a
f hand
1 31 r McGovern gars Roehrs troubles
data back to certain Investment made
1 two yean ago In the Mortgage and
lUfllty Company a concern organ
i lIed by Qeorfce L Montgomery ana
1 others Jo lend money on bond and
morteags Mr Itoehr invested hlc
i > own and his clients money In UUa
r i venture wish the authority of ma
L clients it 1s said About tsiulo is saia
la bar bun Jot In tlla venture
TH estate of the Ute Judcu Charles
Klttiu once K prominent jjumounui
ppitUcWD In tiie JUxutnui v4ra
Brookjyn Is Utlloved Pr iuiv been of
iuu l uury fU + ilp o < lud ill state
tunouutvd lu bet cou JiWw uua
t 1JUU1Ilt Txi inNTUtratioa Is betnr conducted
uacwr the super islun 01 I > i riitAt
lamer Clarke of tint LXiuuiy and
t UU anlsunu Robert fader Itoenr was
f a aaniicr of Elder until four month
sss 4tv when UM letter dlsgive the
Oral kids and Rovtir fwd rrra news
i paper reporters t9lrtther 1hC former
working for a Brooklyn paper and
Eider reprvaentlax a New York paper
t tn Brooklyn Iluubr waa sent aj a
cont pond rnt for IUs pat Sr to Albany
If and while there au persuaded by
r llsjnlltoa Fish to take un tbo study or
XawEldPr and Roehr were the closest of
1 friends until the tonne beran to object
ta his partner not paying his bills It
Is AId collector were constantly In Uie
the taw onto On dissolving the
rrtmTihlD Klder called In RAlph
Loyall a young attorney to look after
hie affairs Uecomleg convinced all was
not as It should be RIder lat evening
telftfilioned Lxiyatl to rather member all
oC iWhrs papers and guard them until
noehr Is nld io have dtita pMrnl a
wtek fo AAI Friday nliht At that
time he telophrmed ta nidev lelllni him
hat tie would b e out or the city several
tlaal fend Uiat 2i4l fiaa e lnr to 1hIU
trlIdrr tommuslcatMl with Mrs nn kr
at hw home No zn Midland avenue
MontcUir wJ lour daysg Hat said
she had heard nothlnic from hr bus
band On Haliirdy last pa shut i > t >
her ham end went tn Ier mother Mm
Christian Pilrdnwin No 174 South Ninth
turret WIUtamrburK taking her two
ihlldrMi with her
Sin Jlorlir la prostrated today Not
nn wiird ha ehe Hurd fi urn hf hue
bind and she has ben ioM that 4lM
e Nines arc he Is a fucll > from Jus
tn < and a defaulter
Horhf la forty yn r M end held a
I > ears of prwriln ni in Mr < AI > n wtier
iio was born and wise he lvrd until
he took his famllr to M < mtrl lr In I
Ian lie was elected tn It > Amwmbly In I
the ffixth Dlflrl t Ur klMi JTevlaui
Sg4aat IKI hail srrcd cc Sinkers el rk
ter the tmmoni of leS 1M ale was
until romh eccnaary or tin Atlantic
Yacht riM and was a IUnl nant In the
K n ie t Ktimni Hr mt alto a
1IIJlbo > r ol Ine Hardware tiub of this
Ills father was Inl Henry K Itoehr
a Ian of the < War nod owned
tc Krele lrs a HrooXlyn Gcrtnun
fnj > rT This p4P cr is now pitbllsked by
Carl J Itothr B tironiri of the missing
Afrr his election to the A embty
when the future looked to col9rrj to
luielir lie inserted Mti Annie trIM
Ian rfnueMer of a wealthy biker In
the Kastrrn UUmet Tlih his Raw
hi dau titer a nee home nn Vernon
awne fur a wMln greaeat The wife
I uii Iniirrled oahor Uroperty from her
father It Is Iwiievrd her husband has
lost tier entire Mate f
JUdr Klelil left most of his eslat
to his KtunddnuRhtcr Mica Loup
Xahe who died uir es months ado In
the BoutA Miss Null left her prop
erty U her mother Mrs llertha Nahe
or No SC Lafayette avenue Jlrooiclyn
Judge Ktehls clnuchtrr Mrs Mary
Flint of No in Dflrtalb avenue Urook
l > n waa his other hlr
infra Nnhe and Mr Flint aald to
day that they did not know how their
affairs stood They had depended upon
Iloeir to attend to all their builneu
When Iloehr Quitted his omee he lea
his papers under a tare CIAcs PP T
w tle > on which were the picture or
t prttty nhlUr A phwoeraph of
his wife was on the well back of the
leak In todny InventlroMon effort
will be mats to aacertaJn lust how
n > nhr lost the money and to just
what extent be Is involved
The II Sanitary Crib
I Safest and Cleanest
Chiijtd Instantly Into crib chair
or babywalker Safest because It
holds baby securely yet comfortably
and with freedom stabdliir slltlnc or
lung down Cleanest becaute you
ran easily keep entire crib apot luly
Clean all tI Urn Caarae hodyln
sunny chafed and wuhd aa often
as drelml
Takei hMet ear of Infant from
birth Uy and night relieves mother
of weight and anslety Make an a >
Toprlat mn Uailly paeie1 In trunk I
Price 1 An Fo NI at all department I
ce 100 atone and jurenll furn I
lihlnx kouaei amf a rou rllr ttbl f
Sasitarjr F nutir 1dtr Co46 Owe SINY I
Uric Acid Gravel
la Caused It r toe JCIUnr > Uviuf
Unable to Carry Hit Poison
ous Wale Matter Out or
the Illuod
The urine of persona suffering from uric
atW or gravel li iner lly scanty and
after It baa flood a while a reddish Mdl
roent Ilk brlckdutt forms In It In ad
vaueed stages Lbo uric acid sometimes ap
pears M ins Nod or Urf rtttals
ThOM who pan grand la any cosuMer
Abl quantify a usually troubled with In
flammation of the kidneys bladder and
urinary organs tour tlomacb Indlcntlon
heartburn lout and rbMimatltm
Any one desiring to know the proper
m too l of ttttlDK the kldntri should writ
at oatS to the Warner Bat Cure Co for
free dotlora adele or contuUatlon A dt
irrlpllTt madlcal oooklrt trill alto bo Hot
ta any oae wrltlnr for IL
I bare utd Sal Cut for cblUi caux < l
bjr uric acid IX IM D la mr ir tm and I
bar been perfectly cured It baa doaJor
mo wbal 1 bar nerrr known say otatr
medllao to do It cur i people la the
South who auger rourh tram malaria which
ajwajra anrrti tie Vldntr If all ton doc
ton would pmcrltM Sal Cure instead of
numlna for CMfI of m UrU thorn < < t
In lc > i bad slier eaet a quinine does
not remove the duear norm from lh tri
trio tike Sate Cur I tak Sao Pllli when t
nrol a Ktnlle hustles Mrs M E DEAN
Trtu Uolv Club Chattanooga Too
tou Ihn kidneys are dlw ued the uric
acid II not carrl l off aDd this cause
tout LUIjblo Rheumatism of Ux Jolnla
ilbeumatum of the MuucJrr llhtuimatlim
of the hurt nbrvraatlim urwbere
In JtriKbft < 1U MC Ulft bowel r often
conitlpaJtd and tbo lifer torpid Warner
Sate fur quickly rvllere tin condition
and no U1 alter r1 II exp rlrnr d
WAUSBH8 BAKK ClllK Is put up In
two Mil and U old by all druirjttiu or
direct at tfl CENTS and II 00 A BOTTLE
Urtiu substitute rontalnloc harmful
drutivMr Injura the intern
TrMi 1 Bottle Free ullerer To ool1IID from 4 entry III
run of Vie kidneys liter bladder and
Wood flat WARSKira BAKE CURE will
Uoluutr cure a trial bottle will ba ent
Ire ot charge po tpald to any on olio
UocbxiUr N Y and mention having aa
tads llbnl uBer In the New York World
The itnuiccncM ft this oRer U fully ruar
I jate < l Our doeton win alto Mbd medical
booklet decerlblnf the causes symptoms
sad IrMtmrtK ol All disease of Ula kid
nti llr bladder dr blood and many
i lj
r nrlnrtae l tlrn < H > laIi fro
Special Values in Belts
Silk Elastic Sells
with fine gilt buckle back Ilnd front in white
black brown navy and light blue I
p I50 jti
value fz5p I
Pure Liiwti
Hand Embroidered Belts
poarl bnekl qI 00value
value 200
Lord 5 Taylor
I3roadwny > > tll it1 Jth Avcij 19lh St
IIi I Yri
1 < I
Have You Kidney Liver or Bladder
Pain or doll ache In the back is evi
dence of kidney trouble It Is Natures
timely warning to show YOU that the
track of health Is net clear
Dnnper Signals I
If thue danger sllnal are unhult I I
more sellout rwultj follow Bright
disease which Is the wont form of kid
hey trouble may slat upon you
The mild and mnllI te fleet rr I
llvr sal
bladder remedy is soon realiied It
stands the highest for IU rrmirkah s s
cures In the most dlstresilnt cases If
you need a medicine you should luc
Lame Back
Lane bark Is only one of man J a
symptoms of kldney trouble other IjRat
symptoms showing that you nee I r
Swamp Root are being obliged to pus
water often during the day And to get >
up many times during the night
Catarrh of this madder ae I
InaVlllly to hold urine smarting In
passing uric acid hradache dizziness I
Indigestion sleeplessness nervousness
sometimes the heart acts badly rheu I
matism bloating lack of ambition may
be loss of flesh sallow complexion
If your water when allowed tp remain
In a Ja < t or1 bottle C Or twentyfour
hours atlrms I sediment or brick dust srr Rid 11I1tnkeJ > ll btbetsadnd
settling or has a cloudy appearance Ij gwmyardusuerew A cwcra ceruncat
d sat + r with oery hail
also evidence that
et jour kidneys and
bladder need Immediate attention If you are already convinced that
A Trial Will Convince Anyone Sgamp Root Is what you need you cart
purchase the regular flitscent and one
In taking SwampRoot you afford dollar size bottles at all drug stores
natural help to Nature for SwampRoot I Dont make any mistake but remember
Is the most perfect healer and gentle aid the name Dr Kilmers SwampRoot
to the kidneys that has yet been discov j and the address Binghamton N Y
ered which you will find on every bottle
n f
SAMPLE BOTTLE FREETo prove the wonderful merits of SwimpRoot
you may nave a sample bottle and a book of valuable information both sent at
aoluttl free by mail The book contains many of the thousands of letters received j
ceived from men and women who found SwampRoot to be Just the remedy they
needed The value of SwampRoot Is so well known that readers are advised t I
send for a sample bottle Adaress Dr Kilmer b ro BmghamMn N Y be sure I
to SlY you read this generous offer In theNew York Evening orld
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l rots jlf
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t I
a fflrlY fi l gucNa9
M ft QMIuLTON 5TREtt gx GH
JM Yea know west it la 19 joy a rook
Kutie maair Bun If you fell Iia II dare
yes Itl r tour 4lr r
1union It eee uf tk not aelplt
fuactiint it the tanaa loiy m U 11 U4
I ki ledt flai4 iksilta K alwulr Ib
ael IrUSI uf fowl laui a eaekJlUaa la w ea
u 4n W a44r4 k tai bluoj Rhea your
I tern li ecAn M twa itawa HEXA1J
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i duxIKt Ireaiauut taa4lll Mt tklase Ural
i Itret lie Mine Wile lacraawswUM
at ftMilc Mere tat lilurin the IJ m a4
iuy fvui Mi iiuB ana 1LW wish ae141
lite detwe a iii u < i YLlua 1ee N
farad > lin t IU eae M ral l teen tl
1ar treat Iwn1 < rf tie au > h U4 III fay
nn kI C T8f1 1111 je W
t f
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1 I
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