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d i y P = TIE EVENt N G W 0 R L x11 FRIDAY 1 A I L 19r 19b m O 1
Its the Finest Building
of Its Kind in
the World I
L Besides Soda Conveniences
K < Has Rooms for Cars
l and a Repair Shop
f i
rll6e macnlfloont new mlUonlUu
L tylmro c the Autnootxtle Club ot Am < r
I torn la at last open to member from
e ttaes to root the tInt gathering
yb tn die world fur motorist Ta
1 Ming U oomDieted to the last nan
H eras the oarr d Initial over Jt I doors
Co thQ g1K knot at the top of the
twfci pole that flaunt above the roof
ree Oh club flag ef yellow with a
gltsa eroaa and a rodol1ed Wheel In
ttn onus It we flnuhfd to ths put
N wipe ot the last braseflttitr roc on tho
cue pleoe of EliUerlnc handrail before
3ie IJulWJnic Committee turned it over
to thAi House Commltt ytmay af
1 Bvepjtlilrar In the club la brnnd new
° and up to the minute The road mops
l ° to their dark iwtathrred oak frames on
r e landing are the laat wtml In lop
Cfraphy Juat u ttie natty unlfotma of
the club stewards are the final dl
Moa of deoKTwra of livery Maenlfl
cent rule and furniture and brU > trac
complete an Interior which t lsu the
oiiib on a basis with th matt exclusive
In the worM Indeed It was wtth the
dfrsirn of making It sum a clUb that
the Ex cuUve Committee two year
4taO deo deed to sAlft from the oraTanlxa
i non tiomewhat dingy quarters at Fit
t tytljrhUi meet and flfta avenue
New Home Built In a Year
n comer torj of the new building
z iwaa laid a little more than a year ao
pa Mojoh a 1SOS Work has ben
L puahed steadily eve < lno tilt now the
I Sufi right alone of the new bulldine
WhIte and treen tiled ami with the up
per portion almost entlrrly of rtaas i
Unl Writ Flltrfourth Btrret
The street level floor ta provided with
barr dark oak doom leading Into a
= tp fiou marbtaivaJted coyer for meat
tiara and hug entrance by which
motor mar roll Into the main gunge
nblcji U capabU of acco unOdatth
from flftr to nlxty cn To proved o i
dtquate storage room for the mrm
t enr carl wa br the way one of Vii
princlplo object of the Bulldlnc Com j
t BKtM Can irlll be holMfi to then
Bf er storage floor by two electric
Icvaton of four toni CApaclty anJ
J ntfetah have plaiforzna tea l > y elzbteen
tat in dlm nilonii The elevator LI
x un UM ctorace floors are coated with
Beo btorbcnt flrei > ri r giant cover
tsc and all exposed pasta uo of Iron
JL noTcf fcnTorff ot iho ev ar5TT1T an
automatlo safety device making It 1m
poulbje to open the cite unlpii the I
lilt le at a Undine or to atArt the tie
r except when the sate la closed
An attendant called a checker Is on
duty at all times to take tbo time of
t arrival and deporturo of each car and j
finder a report to Its owner The i
storage floor as an additional con
venience to the chauffeur are equipped t
with ball beating turntable JIIK < i
the handllne of a slant cur child a pay
Members can If they wish have Jork j
ed stalls for their motors
The Splendid Assembly Hall
A splendid grand vtalrivay prpi
from the main floor foyer to the sec
ond floor on which are HnmtriJ the
grand assembly hall and library Knih
these apartment am of majestic sue
the assembly nail being llu fret lone
and two stories In bright
The library fitted In dark oak and
red leather ronialna over L M > volume 1
deatlnc wi h aumuiul llea and besides
handles p rtidi ils iaa motoring from
nil parts uf ate Kuril
Every cujnry tua twit a road run
ping UiruuKi It Is rrprM nt d here on i
maps a culJeum Id wUeti the tuIn
beta of the i lib take parUr star prldr
There era also numerous volarai in
attuning Intending motor tuiirUis on
how to do II from the best Kind of
Canned food to rarTLu utuHriaUuni
CIT Xhe sffeit of H climate ol lilt i
Upper Himalaya on ibrtcaius
The kisemb i ball will be the Irene
next winter ot lectur on the crmu
snakea of cars and d Krlptlvn uu < > n
trips A speilal lvtur will bra i
type of far under dianuaion dram lnr
main rir up inmgh a trap 11 tilt
lag at the simple piauuru of a bji
Other floors accommodate extra gar
age apace and smoking reading and
launglnr room
Repair Shop a Feature
On Silo tap fH r ls a tompletfi
eijJlpptJ rpatr shup lit Hhln aunt
fe is can inktr uttwtr if Fr
lair aio iilra a furciiwn and a aqua < l
ut writn n are on duty In tniVd
JSJi ttrj also la pile clua j + m
rnometer wiil1 will rexird the enl
Clan IT Ul < m umptmn power A <
unmakes au T T
a Trhalal 1ei
niliee all Jvoiett a treat da of time
and 110c in this
feature ana epwt
to get vaujai results from It
On the wnd floor a r < > OQ tth
lioiunfd veuriR flied in t ate w 01 Lllp
fJth is < Uatoa of UhMerny roan ue
ants aUTy Iiew it b tha IMII runt
jujwr < g meuutg MO JwuNe Motli
ins if He Oanfrnan rr joi and lit t i
iii lilts rata mllAIltn fI Jt I
largo I rd rem and Ifio
om s
Club to Crurade for Smooth Streets
The rl 11 Itiiwids Ibis year to wpsi
Aarly M Del nnmt ot Il 11 Y
trpet A teaIaiivt llw WIr
gibe iJim ishtp ot 1w W N1W iw
the matter n > aDd turd wtu was a
tve Wee h ankyoa itMisutw7 sill
1Ok I h In N wn r1k air f T w
Isirt of < ga l v f it of Chle 11
nlU e w u tiMt tuna bui the SIKH
posting r rte roads ooone ting U j
ion ant w tort
JtSundea In > iS w twentyfite o
bll1l nknntwir tar b clam teltirl <
plant trias rill Iou tite Burr vI J
nletttta1I IA S 1 > 1 Ul SMutlu t
4 gtHU115 r 1 i day An i j
toITHUllC dew n pia ru Iwc
diet IIICI n uf ne 4 I A gri in
Juloo rive > enui Ir iMJlwii ni4K
Boon the jrOifur Ptwmmte Anioii
the olulj a mwnArtere IrMldent Hw +
wit Tr n Jlorbw Mayor M 4kUaji
Iieut rir Mile Thaw A blinLii
liu Urln Mr ul HialuaOuiHonl i +
Dust e of B1 ee rt siM aa4 uuajr too > n i
Tlie OP1 < < ot u View rlubhu u
nablt II Iv rata4 tit uwallrlly
aaSJ or Sew Yorkers w IM lnr
mutptkiwa wunbtc
t 1
I a
I i
4J I
I i 4
f i
d I 1
SPf J I i r6orO9e I
Ulnlf Ilorl 1thr eta Hruntircd
hope ot Flnillnic LoC Child
DOVKIl Del April 3JWtth Infroma
lion from two pP rnUy reliable
lourrei that hU boy Horao had bean
TetfOWrKT Dr 5iartn earn to Dover
fMlerJay tp to e late hour last night
nnlther of the clues could poiltlvely
b conflrmed and yet one of them
leenu in plausible to Dr Marvin that
he In Inclined to fellow It up and max
leave here on on early train for Now
Tork CItY At the urgent r juert of
the doctor his destination was not dU
A CambrtiUs JM report that a boy j
Lwtrlnir a strong reiKinblanoe to tne
Marvin child had bun located near
Cambriatle with a man and a woman i
Jewelry You Want Awaits
You at Lamberts
Jewelry time is all the time Upon a recognition
of this fact our whole business policy is founded
There ari always birthdays anniversaries and other
occasions when gifts of jewelry fill the bill as nothing
else can
You can always be certain of getting what you
want at Lamberts jcannoLJaanditto you tight
over the counter we can provide it at short notice
Our stocks in all departments are so great that we
seldom keep anybody waiting even for a day
Whoever has had even small dealings with us
I and has compared our figures with those of other
I houses can testify to the economy of our system
I We rest our case on the evidence of pur customers
Popular Styles in Diamond Rings
Of late we have been showing some notably line diamond rings
yilitaires twostones and threestona By buying the gems in large
quantities in Europe and Importing them direct we sell them at the
lowest importers prices Mountings are solid 14 and 18 karat gold
hand made from our own factory on the sune premises with our
salesroom Beautiful engagement rings are amopg the Lambert
C = = = a <
tSzgpssS i
3iB T > 3
I 1i n ojl <
Fine Uiainond fine Diamond Fine Diamond Fine Diamond
k35 JOO 100 135
I I r Iil < w
I Fine tiiarncal hnttlmond Fin Diamond fine 1mry11
rj2Io 200 310 305
w in i ggnyi
f itt
IP w
I 111
r 2 Pint Diamonds 1 Fine Diamond 2 Pine Diamonds 3 Fine Diamond
940 5110 130 200
Co It S
11 I II 1 1 I tVItIII
line fJllmnJs J Tint Diamonds 3 fiDe Diamonds 3 hilt Hlainoiuh
n BO 412 n lO Q70
Wedding Rings I
The manufacture of Lambert eamlisi Solid Gold 11eJJing
Rings ib an interesting and convinung pr Ae + s First the Koill is rollei f
IIUI II < wc It Barnes < u jjr4ii anJ MiiJtptinihty to polbli Then tilt w
> ar at jUaininK metal is JivideJ IIIK sq lare from each of which
rllli I N mnulJv1 by nuvlirur ih tini liiii touches art made h I
han Surh a nn < will lit No ilurgc for engraving
w j
Illat SIIO H iu l l40 fj L 1f S iO Ilia1 OOT
IS knot I 1 II j i J g5 50 n i i 1b I JMI 9810
H l tt 2 1 aih J 7 2 < ujf 91060
Retailers and Importers
Third Aventi cor 58th Street
Upen Uvcntngs Until 630 Saturday ISflgUts Until 10
1f6llnr 4 1
wo have been ullcSnjr arout neral 1
< reek and rivers adjacent to Cam
hrl < 3t for more than two weeks h
al given Jn Marvin hopes that there I
a atroiiK t > orlt > lllty that the child la
I Iii hrlKvlT an he doe thAt It Is
more probable that the atxijrtora vruu 1 i
txi nt n place nearer Doter than in I
New York
C F U Sends a Scourging
Letter Regarding Idaho
Mining Case
The Cnctittv Omunlttre of the On
t 1 Federated Union empowered br
ZWMO WNTVbsr oC that onianHa
tn mn at llMlhovcn Hall tn Fat
I ° Ith street last night end sent a M
I j to Vt sidmt lloosevtlt whIch reads
I Ir part
lrerr Sir Tb Central r darat d
nlon d < Mrrs to Inform you tfrnt It ynm
I vrry much srrpttntd and Indtirnaivt a1
yaw sUf merit In Ihs Con reaainan
Bionruui letter that Msr Moyer
Jlajnrtwd and JnUttKrn war undMir
a Vie America clttuoi
Aa resc > ctora and uppotrns lit the
law ITS a r > x > r ntiUlVM of orpani
Itnl labor > tollva tn n squan And and
ara eo air In Judptiiir our onporw U
UjkX ir do not codelude Ute r rUt
lunlnu mo VOn
W tnlie It that the hllhest noattn
flle r of this > > vr > ram u should In the
I ale ran ot the c nun ntoIAJu lea rirlaa
r frsJn hum prjudnln a oas In public
Ii matter what hiS pt > ronal opinion
might be
t > re uil2sd labor of the country has i
unanimously voiced the sentiment for a
fair and impartial trial la it to IA
ipposed or do you make bold to assort
i nat the rrililtons of union men bvliero
In murder W m do not dlipuU your
rlcjht 10 exprras ln opinion relative to
Mr Harriman who Is not on trial for
Ida Ufr but we do most mpltatlcallr
I and earnestly object to your expensed
preJudl and partiality when II aaeda
ten who ives xaj be forfeited by i
the opinion you p < thUd xirtiis
rTb Central reJcruted rn on U no
ndrocAte nor dora It axvu of such
1 taotla as are charged alns these < 1 < I
frntnts but It bellets In fair play
luid ju > Urt nod k nt nil Urn ntlllnc
to too ridded 1w the evidence adduced to
prove tttfit InriKlnnts culkty The ex
altKl ponltkm you occupy t > r the will of
the people should not be u4 40 Kills fr
I a persotxal peen or Id orejud 11 publlo
i wlnkm against these defendants
fn ltLI tl
la view of Less fats the Centra I
Federated Union directs me to requrt
that you retract the reference you made
In lour letter to Consretuman titter
man that Moyer Haywood and Ietll
bon are undealrable AmTlnan rtUsens
Vary trulr EHNE8T BOlt
CotT pondin T cretary
Anannneo that Iloant Vernoav
Romance 11sa Take Herr farm
Ullltarn Aroher a wealthy maldant ef
the Chester lUll section at Mount vet
uen announced yralmVty OWt hSa ban j
tntar Harry Day TiVWtUa ffho mar
ried Ulaa Isabel Diw on AnoOver en
Jan S was no linger Uvlmr at the 1
Archer home where Mrs Whittle will
eontlcua te make her horn I
JIl Whittle and SIp Aroher Tent to
New Turk en the day of their majria e
and after the ceremony JiaJ been per
fofrned acted The fact to Mount VeT I
non and started on a Southern trip
Since their return they had been living
< At the Archer home Mr Amber re i
fuiM to supplerrent his announcement
of ytsterdHT
Any one can uUy mIx the tot
lonlng prcsrIl lon nt liomo
1ilch In flld to be nplcnilia Ire I
cause of Its 4cultarly ticnftcal
action upon tM Kldncvp which
UM made to properly filter and
atrnln from die blood tho tm
purltlca acids And poisons
Got the tngrodlcnts from nor
roOd phnrm cy and mix them by
shaking wen In a boUla Fluid
tract JaIHlelnni ono haft
ounce Compound Kar on one
ounce Compound Syrup Santa
parllla three ounces i
Take In teaspoonful dOs after
each meat and at bfdtlme Drink
plenty ol good wafr too
Dose Tvhose veins arc filled
wIth eour acids and R1ip in > ntle
polsonwho require a good blood
clritifcr and system tonic or 1C
the Kidneys art weak nnd
clogged up houtd prepare this
1 mixture and take tuI directed for
a tore days and note results
S 3isJ
ITr3nr ntcrmrtnsd y
Ntti h S 1 Tw N + 1 y l I y a p itl
1 3TWinJ e8
The most desirable
2 leathers and in the va
i rious styles and finishes
III i5 that are at present the
f r most difficult to get I
You will find them in terns
hrollnspat ll leather vici
Idcl gUll metz1 calf Cordovan
ll 1 calf and white kid They
ttcrc ale J o rCllCJ I
1 i made shoes to be of 3 I
1 J72 fered nt I
Oxford Ties ii
The Most Complete Line in New York for i
Men and Women iI
The greatest comfort as I I
well as the greatest style
In Frazins 3 footwear
The secret lies In the fact
that they are benchmade
shoes They come closer to
custommade footwear than h J
any other shoes that you can
buy readytoputon
at any price Veem S r t
ploy salesmen who 3
are expert fitters
1llt Si li61h Ave + M Pr seed Shou L b
111h Struend 3d e1venuc Q
2lii St And bib tAvt 3 Short Only
260 Wttt t2ith St Bttvittn 7th aid
6th Ayes
5 1f r Z Hill Y4 Mil > MrU Yu I irepil Iul
IOra I Dili Urertliwainil ea ar
1 arlll nnrrliKMxl t w fwd tlili eevk
OIKN i 1111 9 P M
ffW A
rion m N r r I
f tithe for Our Nw lnUUllu
< < If SUHril 1r
lver > ililni lor huu ekceplnG
Ani j ITILSI lUll < lllMN Utelearn
m JUII4IlfHIII H HFIililM + tl
Li Dura I Crcult Syac iI
7S 1t nil i otluwi
stdQ a IVVO siu
The Best Made
Scouring Soap J150 M IISIJO JUS
tnO fu0 I h
JSiO 1 f Vi let Ii >
Oar Tenas Aiiplr Ie Nrw lurk Mini
raw Jose JVunitliaiila Jsacbu
1 a M <
A Scouring Soap I > lli Ilhede J Ind and Ganarrllrl
Beourlny t ire blew 4etb R eA uhr Yery
A Metal Poliih
A Glau Cleaner s I I
1 l
ti Ci0 V
tfi < ht jij fT l1
if 1
18th St and Olh Ave Store New York
Shoe Sale j I
For Hen For Women For Children
More Big Factory Purchases i I M
TrJctf Stylet nod At ortmcnt That Sicnk for Themselves i
MostlFarnons TradeMarked Brands I
A New Shipment Reached Us yesterday
400 All America Shoes and Oxfords i i
for Men
p 4 e 00 Packards Men Shoes and Oxfords for 1
L 4 00 Keiths Konqueror Shoes and Ox
r tJ v fords for Men
Tan Riinnln Cnllnltln
an temp Cnllskln
Patent Coltskln 4i
I r Sample Lot
s Surplus Stocks F °
r FactoryKclectt r 1 3 I
Nexvcnl Styles I
1 095
i Trade i
Marked Third
Floor a
Womens Oxford and 1
Christy Ties at SlOO
I In tan brown and I I
black vici kid
bind welted new
v cst Style fiies < < P 00 j
2h to 7 widths f 1 i
B to E usual
2SO and j
5i our
Sale of Womens Pumps and K
4200 pairs of Womens 250 and 300 Oxford Ties
Gibson Ties and Pumps from celebrated 01 50
Lynn shoemakers
AH new Spring styles leathers t
all sizes all widths all S250
and 3300 values Ihcy
arc sample lots ol this
Springs styles q a I
50 J
SISO 1 3150
vulnc 1 value
9300 300
Misses and Childrens
3Strap Slippers
Shown in red kid only siz s6toS 8j 1
1t11J to 2 made by the S
Daniels Shoe Co
to sell for CoSO ix
pox fSpo
Our price per C
From Hannan McCarly Shoe Co
Misses 5150 Vici Kid and
Patent Colts kin Shoes at 79c
Button andf lace styles sizes 8h to ll and t
f lla to 2 s
Boys School Shoes +
A Purchase from Worthlcy
Mines Shoes 1 Shoo Co ynn Mnas J W
79tc Boys School Shoes r
Made with vici kid uppers and double
soles sizes n1 to 13 and 2 to 5 > A bargain I
that youM recognize at a glance when you KC the 9S
shoes Wonl cy price flSu per pair our price C
Boys Goodyear Welted Soles
Gun Metal Calfskin and Patent Calfskin
sies I to 1354 and 1 to S yi 5300 150
value at I
Have You a Book t I 1
that will tell you somethin alfout everything and everything about a 4
great many things i A book that Is almost indispensable to the pro j t
fessional nun the business man the educator
b the student In fact all conditions of 814113
I The one that comes nercst ling the bill b the 1j
I j
w 1907 WorM Alrndnac I
Price 25c By Mall 35c i
r 1
t 1
< r iL 2iIS t t > 7 L

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