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1 to fF I 4I 11 III
f J i > 101 t
I r r 7
Insurance Man Indicted on
L Three Counts Hopes to
Escape whn a Pine
He Wants These Quashed but thfe
DistrictAttorney Will
Not Agree
mUlam A Brewer formerly Drea l
tent of the Wsihlnston iMt Iniuranci
Cotnp nn Indicted on At > rll 17 19QJ on
two Counts for perjury and one count
for tnaltlnic a tales ttctnent to fh e
Irurnrujc 1lepartnlent appeared before
G Jtntlc DluieJiard In thu Grlmlnil
Brmnoh of the atwem Court today
and Uirouuh Ii counsel William Hand
Jr tprt icd hU wWhrntM to plead
guilty to Ihe lut ebaSriw which li A
mla < nanor Th perjury nhArltu ar
picnic and call for apenalty of the
year In ofjon
Juittci niancHard announetd that he
Mould not impose any sentences until
CTu nd y It he had entrrlalnpd the
plk of ruilt Mr Brewer would nave
had to to to the Tomb until Tuetsdar
to Walt tantenit In order to avoid
thus Mr Hand obtained content to en
ter oil plea on Tuesday
Sir brewer expecu or hopIo u
cape with a One The penalty tor the
tnl > dem nor ii a fine of 2M or Im
prtwnmtnt for ono eer or both Mr
Stand baa asked the DUtrlctAtuniey
to quaah the two perjury eounta aril
I content to the Irnpoiltlon of a fine on
tee remaining count In com deration
of itr Drawer pleading ullty and
saving the county the expense of a
Assistant DistrictAttorney Xott told
Jiutlte Qlanobard that the DltUlctAt
r tornty hud not airreed to Mr lUnda
rucr on lie eald Mr Hnrotr nouid
be Miit to prison
Durham It up the river laid Air
NOL 1U was no wore than tnt de
fendant and he le mine Alt I MIn 1
t Snit thle man should co to JIII
SIr Brewer plainly nervou about
the nand at Mr Nou He pulsed hit
i wbtakera and hurried hit < xt and lOOK
J appeallrtcly at the broad bark or
i IIr Hand It U likely hit plea will De
acceptM ben he appeart on Tuetday
l and that nU > nce will be imposed 1m
I tnedlately
Led Men in Attack on Officers
I Who Had Arrested Lad
for Stealing Ride
HomeKoine crowdi at Eighth avenue
and One Hundred and Twentyfifth
attest were halted last night by the
rica ot a boy who trugjled in the
grasp of a powerfully bull man s
Save mel the boy cried
Several woman advanced on the cap
tor with umbrella as weapon Then
men Joined In the attempted rucu
None knew that the captor was Glut
TUUxoad Detective Frank Reelh lie
was working In the interests of the
Metropolitan llallnay Company which
liaj had to defend many mil recently
i brought on behalf of boy Injured by
treet oar Th company complained
that many of he accidents Were due to
the practice of bee stealing rides
Jhetna capuv of last ncht wn
J1tuI Crowley sixteen year od at
Vi fO3 Weit On Hundred and Thirty
BCpcad street II aar hi too the boy
from the step ot an Eighth avenue Ar
on which he wee stealing a tile la the
tuck of the crowd lteth bat was
cruahed and his clothtnr tort by jal > I
from umbrella and h was bruited by
lUticutta bIt
Jkt last Reth blow a police wjiiitlt I
to which DelectivtiIirowley Denman
and Orlmea of the Wilt One Hundred I
and Tw ntrnrth Street UiaUjn ref
ponded They charted the crowd and
etle crowd taught back but In time the
emcan got the upper hand Tney kr
reetod Thomas nurke ot No S 1 Kiehth
avenue and Frank Oavln of No JjH
rWait one ltUAdr d and Thirtyfourth
treat aa wall a young Crowtey Till
prisoners were eharJrl with 41rllerly
conduct nielh said he received most
dmjfe trom the womal w t > cratched
airaa rJMOTArcriitoh4
Thirty Deaths Dally From White
Plague According to the
I Latest Statistics
CotnumpUon U kllllnr thlrtr New
Yorkers every day oo ititlii
latest report of the Department at i
1tMlth Two hundred and tan death
was the record last week The daHj
average for the whole tHaI ti fortytaw
The Blah Dnportment of health at
Albany haa Issued an order requttlnr
the reciKnUon of all caseet tutxo
culoili It li now classed ai 4 pa
taguue dlse4ae 1nlees rcqIMtti1
to do M by the patient pllaal
llceltl > Deparununt seus 101 r
urveJUinc If In a icnumciil or
IBJ houM and furnish a euree The
Charity Onfanlxatum 8x lt > and 4i
tar bofllei will fmnieli milk and ri
noneumptlVM toy low to buy s
Nearly tt M oafs of turxrculorti were
r porua In this city lati year
AJ Crtat nV fWVwrVnW fl4 i
0 Offiaa IbQlttV g
rl 5HCRDg
VIII Wrttfa Calalopetii 44
r lYlsWi f
H 9 ULT01l bK1YS7 i
hf 1 Jtj1t1 FI71f IJm1rfn
Ii 7TSoE
o l l
Simoh a
r JI l
o ti o
C °
11 7 I
For a 400 Merit Shoe you pay 300 be I
cause one organization owns tanneries factories I
and stores and you pay this one organization I
one profit I
No other 400 shoe can be sold for 300
because no shoe except the Merit Shoe has be i
hind it the reduced factory cost of a tenmillion I
pairayear output and the volume business
that permits the operation of its own tanneries
Zo1 No J No J
Men blucher Oxford Women lUdeBff Or Glen Blucher Oxford
Pancake Last made In ford made In Fant PoUy hit mad In
P a t e n t Leather Tan Colt Gun Metal Calf tad Patent Colt Box Calf
Calf Oun Metal CalC Tan Cell i and Tan Calf
Other shoes are sold at 400 rJfecause they are made I
in smaller volume and the manufacturers have to buy
instead of tan their leather f I I
Only by making so many shoes jainnually is it passible
to give you the 400 value at 30 Noshoe except the
Merit Shoe has behind it an organization that unites
tanner factory and store in one organization at one profit I
To Men and Women who desire stylish shapely
snappy shoes we suggest any of the following chosen li
from among our Spring styles I
Tan Calf Oxford Tan Calf Oxford
Tan Calf Pumps Tan Calf Shoe I
Patent and Dull Chriaty Tie i
Gun Metal Oxforda
White Duck Oxford and
Sailor Tie r Flat Last II
Patent and Dull Pumps Patent Leather Dress Shoea
Greater New York Stores For Men and Women
f see t o AT BUT Mtli St
218 W lath It Itft AT
need tit BT
Sn nroAdirijr eor
IU 111 1Lb SU niat BBOOEITK I
US OrMmrtcb Slit ITultoo teatl1PQ Ar 444 rulMa Bt for
Ch AT tsar Mth St Rock rR Place i
> Cut 231 Bt > I tropoUl n Mi M ATM cur MU at Oi eth Ar ear llth Sk I
W Bun4lII tOO llroa4r ur 8Stt Bt ItM aroadfaear DdCale
Sgt Factories and Two Tanneries Eadleott + d Lcitenkire N Y
Saturday ApriLz7Jh
Mists Children Hats
ti TT 500 I
ynlGSSS75 to I O7 S I
1 v Dronihvny and acth St sUr Ave 19th St
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders I
T rr
ffh f i1 r L11fJj ft1ialf
QoA J of A JJ4lmcs re car m art emI
Saturday Is Children Iny tiC COniyECT0 ANY OTHER STORE The thermometer Is risin g s
I In The Benedict Studio Ff Gradually and the wisdom of
r 5 Hi FEL p Re storing furs emphasized Itself
end a Scot day to have I fi J d I U I4id1
dally Our methods and
babys picture taken SIXTH aye JQGOEENHUT PHES
S 0 Ig r > NEW YORK terms will please youThs
Women 9 s Lingerie and lace Waists at 295 a 1d51
The Flo t Comp ensiie Showing of Newest Spring Styles in New York
A T these two prices Xve arc offering some of the handsomest These few described here arc recent arrivals remarkable for
waists that can be found In Now York As with all our waists their elaborate richness at the prlcs marked I
their styles arc distinctive original and exclusively ours i
Charming White IJntiste Lingerie w Riicts t i Exquisite Cluny nrsd Filet Lace Waists
a linndsome Marie Antoinette openfront i
entire waist front back
and sleeves fashioned
model as illustrated front fashioned of allover
r t ioned of alternate rows of cluny and filet
over embroidery and cluster tucking front y
plairof filet lace and MarieAntoinette Val c a lace Insertions and fancy yoke of Val lace
lace ruffles collar and cuffs of threequarter rya a embellished with medallions collar and t
sleeves of filet lace finished nf cuffs of threc quarter length sleeves of filet i
with Vat lace ruffles to match CO AfT rr ay
from plait 1 i a v 295 i j at lace finished with Val lace insertions and 3
t > edge lined throughout with Japanese
Pure White Linen Waists two smart open r = silk I
front t tailored waists one a sideplaited m 1f s t Handsomti i
Allover Yal Lace Waists as A
long slccve model with shin cuffs the other r
a Marie Antoinette sideplaited model with a L t Illustrated a very dainty and dressy model
front plaits embellished with Marie An V fashioned of allover Val lace artistically
toinette ruffle and pearl buttons fancy trimmed with cluny and Val lace Insertions
turnover cuffs and collar fin i and embellished with a beautiful large lace
ished with Marie Antoinette I 2 95 medallion lined throughout with Jap 5
ruffle Ib anese silk
I sited Cooptr Stort Stcool Four CnttrX I
l J
r t
1425 Spring Suits for Misses at 1275 O b
1 I harsh S1650tu2250
> WO hundred and fifty of these r z
TWO Fancy Three ices Suits
51 E I suits are duplicates of styles that uncy Thrcepfcce Suspender
yeg asses U uAll > 5L7iQJO 225q Imported
we ourselves have been selling at o
at 39c IG50to 2250and come from the same Fancy Jumper Dresses Brac lets
In Odd and Beautiful Deslfftu
We want you to come tailor who made our regular stock gar Usually 1050 We hate Just iceived a new
here tomorrow I expect ments It was a lot ordered by a large Pony Cent Suits in Panamas and Mixtures lets line of in these the antique Imported odd brace and v
ing to get the biggest Western store but canceled for delay Usually S 1750 and SI875 now beautiful very popular designs among which those are
eyeglass value that this in delivery Tailored Jumper Suits Black and Cogr3 Jewelry who follow the fashion ID
or any store has ever From another maker we have 175 Usually 1875 These are of course mod
I erate priced duplications of
offered sample suits beauties they are too Fancy Eton Suits very costly bracelets the
The glasses arc fitted with They would sell ordinarily at prices Usually S 1B50 to 2250 originals lured here of are the valued two styles at 5300
finest illvir lenses nickel or They cold alloy hate around 1750many of them we Prince Chap Suits in Fin Panama to Choice 50 of many de
nose pieces cork nose realm would be glad to have here at e 20 Usually 15 to 18 none at these of which prices can elsewhere be found In
and clips regular We bunch the two bargain lots Take New York
100 glasses r 39c your 12 75 Prices 325 to 9
C at one price Choice of styles as follows 0
Saturday only choice at < SI ltaoowatorrAttelter 1
SUttl Cooper Start 18th Street lows J front
f root Bilconr
iSlijcl Cooper Store Secoid Floor Center
oyu 1
r I
Mens 25 RochesterMade Suits 1775
F It had been a larger lot the price would have been higher It was a can L
IF ccled ordertoo large to disregard but too small for a big manufacturing
tailor to bother with haggle long over It was offered us to make a one Umbrellas
days sensation with and we took It gladly for the suits are very fine ones indeed
All the new shades of brown and gray that both rcadyiowcar and custom tailors
are hustling to elnnd often unsuccessfully represented in this carefully selected col Recovered
The Opera Season lection A dozen or twenty of the choicest pa items in shadow stripes and plaids arc shown
IOn u t You Also some superexcellent black and blue sere suits 85c
There Isnt a suit in this lot that couldnt fairly be called a w 25 value althoupli C
Can Stilt Hear Your of them would find and 2250 lines
some their duplicates in our own S20 Wonderful Chance
Your Favorite Singer The whole lot is offered at 1775 v
Saiit a Your Old Um
Edison and Vic m
Phonpjnph Siltl C cptr SerG MilD floor Rur
tor Tailing Machines make hrcllatt for Long Service iy
this seeming impossibility a heesssry repairing will tt I
truth Come In select the In lens Hats Made to Sell at 3 to 59 Only 2 done thorouchly and expertly A
Ilrumcnt you like the bcstind 1 and the new coverlet will Ire
on your promise to pay for it W fa have purchased from the largest English hat manufacturer a lot of soft and stiff of blovk Rlorii silk of reliable
at ibe rate of Sf a week we hats several hundred dozen that were used as samples end IIearr llllng quality
sill send It to your home NQhIniHuall the mditftrvfth the hnlsIn fact they are better than the ordi this special offer iodi good
nary run because they were picked for use as samples T4iestylts are perfect
NO MONEY DOWN All the for ton o row tnlu
new records for April are here The workmanship is cxcecdlndy neat and finished All sizes all desirable colors 2 distil Mpcr Score Vila Floor
Slitcl Cooper Store Third Floor Ktir I l acid Looper > ere Mtle floor Rtr Trent r
Youths Lo gTrousers Saturdays Womens Spring Shoes
Pure Food LEASE yourself as to last heel and leather every
i thing is her and everything rhats hrrc Is right
s 750 Specials If you follow the
trend of fashion and wish tan
Cti A I In t r In ilnftr seeps er aft nu 5c shoes or Oxfords we can
I blLC8 1QL1 YearsQL30L T lb ul show you some of the daintiest
to V6 Breast ipuci CI6VIESI ku UUtHI au Noruk 25c productions that have been
p rlEmanufaeturc C s pGriOd of SCOTCH CUHKAHT rns4t CAKtS 1 uu K turned out by American shoe
TH ml11 hr cu
JL dullness that follows the big NEil LAID CCCSiliBli 20c makers II In prefer many black years kidskin
dwtil au ttiittntt dos < uu you or
Easter rush enabled us to HANtAMLLA OLVEStilU + > f ea calfskin or patent lender or sum
r Irult awn lar San pa may wiltc canvas here they are
this lot of 21c
of I
lip k get 1 S 0 0 suits e up at a lor Thlrty giii stylet in vcnmeni Foot
price which In turn gives you SLICED bKWKr r II A 20c Mould Shoe alone
cOK onl
the chance to buy them at nOILCI l1AMsrteatwetrs1 you Incetire know the moderate toll y here o courts hut there are no belter readyto wear
A wk small figurC750 UM t ft si Aa I titi edua vtir Slldii fllfid Mt H 97e shoes a anu prices t an our beat nor belief values
Id tarsi resi
The suits the 4I 20r 195 to S4 a Pair
are cut to fancy UTCk CAKEtoHot to s r ZtJq
k cf young men Note the rHANKFUIIFR DuaLfllwry SAUSAOMCU NreMkaM Fine Sample Shies at It go 195
t broaJ shoulders snugfitting NI kn Anxrtctm Imes 17c High aid ion mi made to sal n S3SO and 4 In
1 95
collar wide t mitt I p ° vale Gel 4 ash simple shot only While they lait
f co lapels and the IFresh
t i smart peg style of the trousers Fresh Meats Busier Brown Pins
t Nor do they oml tlie practical RauiyqilsrbkCtntadotw tr deiir rtifc mesas Item itii J for Boys and Girls
features they include wear LetIlaanuwkCs4nllt l3e
Iedrrdrpeaa 1 The maaufaclurcr of the JUlIet
ing quality as well 611IJU r ri4ii el milt IU IOe Brown ilioos has ant UI a lot of neat
f l ull4 little neater iirnwn pint which he
Choose from the seasons nNr wewr < tr n MtlM I Kf asks us to distribute among the boys
newest fabrics navy blue trimt ilk BUI rh and Iris who nil tar them while
Ittif Ml t4 trellNa docks
I serges casstmcrc and cheviot L ° 11 e the 1 act Clad to do nbul please
t > C teesotlyit fttlti rww r com befort soon
miture also blue andblack t Iegle tj p > w t1 ItC The Duller Drown Shoes for
ychvlots aid thibet Ck UI IMlM nail udJer 11I c bays and cirl arc nudily Increasing
e t eewr Ik IJ w i ibclr popularity To be had In
Single and doublebreasted Jeu of I Cd tine lGc teaier New yak only hire Irlced
p ltFb T A ccod < nC l ° also II SI50 2 and
models Cace laver tat CUM foam lie ZS
L t5all Cower 5gott Se ew fkor Rur rtlau Ceopir aio a tunY Nax 51t1 Cacr elwe liaacear RNrr
t AeaaiaPief iiaWM = w e w i
1 n trUif4 l

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