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1 1 u
Tired of Playing Angel
Hell Boss His Own
Shows Now
1s OUT JUST 200000
Spent Most of It on Plays
for Nina Blake Who
t Jilted Him
I era nolooer a theatrical good
I ttJnr a metJm called an angel I
bar formed and now I will take up
LIOn La a COM bu neaa proposition
rbere U something taadnallle about
ltd angel bualn < i Mid It appeals to
I M younK mnn with plenty ot mooejr The
buttvrfl1 life of it het left me and no
t want dollar for dollar keen manage
ment and no and connection with my
Ventures I
Thus today spoke M Sellers Iarc y
the young mlUlooalr banker and mine
owner of Ilutte lion who ho bet
tyaKa la theatrical production In the
I lut three yeah II U raid tohav
j ben the blcjtMt losing angel on 100
or < l As gnat An amount haa been lot
L before by theatrical manage but
tfSffrm tecord U the topnotoh ono
tor tM angel clam
ret who II young and A familiar
ficur along Broadway called on the
Herr Jeracy court yeaterJay to obtain
ths appointment of a temporary receiv
er et the Will J Block Armi > ement
Company of which ht war the backer
lA New Jersey lawyer waa appointed to
the place and he will be aaalated br
Bamuel E llork a theatrical manager
DIUnarvMfer Gerber Jam of
rounatl for Larger declared that tbs
Block Company owe their client more
than 120004 for crah advanced to back
varioua producUona Block U In llo
tII1 and has not u yet been heard
La the court proc Jlnirm
tr Lrgey was once enraged to
marry Nina Blake a handsome young
dancing doll of the musical comedy
stagy Ua backed her In rarloua show
nd acoardlnc to reports bought her
dlusande automobllea and a apotleaa
white boras
They Brent a treat deal of time In
each others company and she waa
pointed out aa the brilleiot ot on
of Montana richest younr men
Larger father was killed In a Butt
bfvnlc of which he was president In
Nina Blake Who Refuses to Wed I
Millionaire Who Made Iiel a Star I
tv1N i II
tit v
t r
a 1 i
0 i
ISM and hU relate raid to be worth I
not lena thin ltO000fXO iras left tn
the son Her arc some of the hose
financed by kargey for Miss Blake alto
the mounts dropped In the venture
jTji Get of Gekl I
1orlaiW 1 Q
KalnoMlunt I
feet Jlel 1011 Y
Th SUI toriVlniiieVl8niIti ttU > I
Tomln Tiro the nn TO O > 3
TJv 111X1 of Nod SBOO
Incidental rr ne end tacerted In
other tb nKtrtfAlV4 > ntur 4 SA fW
ToUl 130 000
RmMenly Droadway heord that Mit
I UUke had called OR the marriage She I
I told that under no clroumatnncei would
the leave the stage Large said that
If she became hla wife abe would have
to r tire from the glare of the calcium I
The match was called oT and road
war was startled at the Independence
oho + n ly ties make
The break came at the time when
Comln Thro the Bye often called
OolnK Thro tho Guy wan plaTIng In
this city Mlaa Blake left tho company
and pled vaudeville dates and op
peered In several show Inrc r later
planned two drama which failed lo
Therr > la plenty of motleytobe made
In theatrical If the money la Invested
and hanllrd properly Bald Larger I
t x > cc i make JiuttX next year Ill
rliow then that I kno how to manage
a show myself
prevents limping tilting or
falling eye asses It ii so
T comfortable that one is un
J 1j con cioBt of the presence
14 of gtaiies there is no
preuure Itt cost is trifling its valve
is instantly apparent
Rttcd lo Your Clii i for 35 Call
Sold Only at Our Four Stogies
54 EAst 23d St near Fourth Ac
64 Vcrt 173th St ncir Lenox Ave
442 Columbus Av81 lctlZd Sts
489 Fulton St Brookryn
Oppuilir Abraham A Atraui
Oculist and Optician
I Use R G
I IillJ They will
produce a J
ttn health
glowing skip
a clear com
pUxlon bright c
eyes and all
the enjoy
ments of life
hit go with a I
health and
btiuty C
R 0 Plus
Clarity the Skin
Purity the Blood
and Rtinlste
IDoncli Cure In
I dilution Furred
matches and all
Skin ImpurUlo
10c and 25c I
Per llox
I HI a F t t
Aw ii a rn nt n a n Ia + r J TII
to rj r n A r
Coward I
Womens Oxfords
Smart Spring Styles
I on shapely Coward lasts
showing the new toes and
heels in a variety of models
insuring perfect fit around
the ankles under the arch
and over the instep
In nil the fashionable leathers
with 11 particularly fine as
sortment of tlft popular tan
Prices begin at 350
268274 Greenwich St N Y
late Tiaam sntET
Hall Order PU1C 1k04torCW
Hr r 11
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AreAttr1ciingCriti < sandSkeptlcs
Because they have heard from neighbors and friends that
you get more than you expect at the
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1850 and 1650 but r
e t we invite men who bent
t Dollar specif are on economy Men Who pay Cash to investigate
our Eleven Dollar specials in
Ready = to = Wear I I
You 1
I f T I
a t rfi a V It
f r
I Black and Blue Suits
ae r tj 1 Thlbeta and Unfinished Wonted of fast black In the
Ii l gj t jR 41 now single and double breaHea1 etyle cut on newest mod
I ell for build
I every
m <
I r jll 1 JJk The Price 11
e Navy Blue Serge Suits
jI i AIgn In several wlav9iIIUro womted nil utrlea nnd shea
I 11
Suit of time quality fabroa are be la a exploited at f 3 to to more 411
I Spring Suits in Fancy Mixtures
l A obolce BrIM ol Woritpda Double and Twist Cawlmerck also Velour Hnlehed tab +
A AltM rlos a II the neMgwt oolorlnpj
I To ilni > liuilc miltn of their cliaraater you wotiltl
linvo to jmy SIS to Slit in other flood aturoa
Fine Overgarments Raincoats with Style
And tJiew a rc rrtl iirot > era axaltut ranlwur both lQluervUvs
Top coats In all lengths and all colors also ChMtorfl l4i In nobby effects coat
and nobby oolorluKa the allaround eat for day or evonlriK and you
fects are Included at lilts special > rlce j Ohl wl11
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i di64 r ahfrbs r that Lwgr would IT 58ct Brpadwayjnd CllMLnbers Stu ifllllitf A I X oar pt J3mpNI and dM 8 J
h 0 > Mw j a I tVmMijpjiNi TaW T liLtJILWNlI I L L
i M H v q J
i i
TO 0 59TJfT060tJf5Y
Womens Tailored Suits tP e j f n C Annual Sale of
t16 75 Wrappers
Made to Measure for O jtmiy tltnet Su It WrAPper I
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one awes in the year fr
r epedfoeof cost at thi 88 C
ita 10Ut uniform fttcr of
a t
t a M
A Tremendously Successful Sale Just think of it f We will make to your measure t
a Tailored Suit in any one of nine new distinctive exclusive
models at the above low price M
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spot a high clan manufacturer comprise oath medium and dark colors
sale by one of New Yor s foremost deli g ners they are nnln ur ruffled on ahoul 0 Q
popular weaves as Worsteds Uroad < loth Chiffon Pane exclusive sit of the nine model are shown In the above Mr fltjeil buck risen Joer
maa Cheviots Fancy Mlxtur Checks lads Stripes Illustration noun r lclrI
etc in all the newest and most lashlunabje shades Matinee Suits of Sheer Lawn
WE ESPECIALLY INVITE extra large women epsnt klrt and f
I THE WORKMANSHIP will be executed by a firm i ahd tUpar who seldom CanJlrtl a reajj nadc suit to fit drln r ucque alrlpM and fig t
of wjmcna tailors who never be ore mtde a suit lor less them or have trouble in being fitted to lake advantage ure < l large tollar short 88e r
Isere d e e noun
than 35 You may depend at aoluiely on securing a jer of thla si 1 r An additional charge of j 175 on 45 48 and nktrt n OOC
feet fit faultiest finish and prompt delivery S3 Inch boat and of S3SO on any size above SO Inch bust Long Kimonos or Sheer Lan
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i you need pay for the 35J0 vilue Is 16 75 border IM ve of with natln roll cutfa SSe < > x
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i Boys Clothing Mens 11 d SO White Negligee Shirts 98c i
j The best made is the only These shrts ore our own special ma e The workmanship and mater ass ore therefore
kind you Wl I find Ji Bloom all that ccud be d sired Thr are plain bosom neglige shirts made 01 snipe Madras and i
Ingd ales plain cloths and negligee shirts with narrow medium and wide pleated 10 cms All arc
I I the convenient coat modes and have either attached or sparate cufis Sizes 14 to 16V
Not only arc the clothes 50c Unglsh Rumcliunda Mens Imported Silk and Mens 50c Suspenders i
nattier in style and very much FourinHands Bat Linen
I Wings Washable Fourin a fine aaaortrrent Including Imi
I better in workmanship but and Graduated TicsIn neat Hands beautiful colors with em tation Quyot Rate and elastic
I they are made full and navy broidered dots figure
very I l
and white and black and Whit check and stripe effects worth webbing w 11 fine leather and I
wl gird twice as much ser figures and polka doa 50c anl 51 special at 0 can tab ends and fine non OC
a r
25c 75C
vce as those generally offered special it e for JU j each 25 C rustable nickel trim togs at OV J I
IIIC > nritln Ilea Floor I Mtb 8 B tUn
it1k Annual Sale or 400
Suit bloomer with or China Silk Waists at 199 ij
For plain boys trousers from Just 2000 of the Newest Model China Silk Waists Style r J
I 8 to 16 year s Is Shown in the Picture Popular Spring Sale 7o 1 L F
Alto Sailor or morroto Saturday at This Very LorD Price r 9dIi
Rial Ian Suits Great as the Values Have Been in the Past Sales of This Character l i t ne J
sins from 3 to and at This Very Popular Price Thcss Are Materially Greater
8 years at
The wait J are nude of a very fine quality China silk front has a f t
395 dainty V Shape yoke of la c and is finished will cluster tucks and I 11
lace inserting back has j clu tern uf Inby tucks a d ae inserting t
ti Sailor Suits 1Ti1findc cliff trjnrPcT wiUrigec 1nHertmg artetir < tomath But
ton back t re rj crtcr sleeves sizes 34 to 46 in back and white 1 5t
Kimono Run TI esc waists arc fat 1 cssly fashioned throughout and 1
I alaa Norfolk or every one is wcrh eve ry cent of 4 o morrow we will 199 G ° 1
sell 2000 of them at the phenomcrally low price of 3 1 1 t t
Doublebieaaled J
Ji tiilni IILI nmd Ur Ash fit K cu < > n S Mali or r O I > or rMn Cir t r nlld
Suits made
quality O of worsteds excallenl Girls Wash and Wool Dresses iI fa
calslmcrea the materials the test and prices the
Styles arc a very newest very very I
+ aergei and ehivl lcwcit possible That is why we ask every mother to look into this oKcrlng
j on All sires OIrI Gingham and Chambray Dresses In a very agar Girls Colored Linen and Chambray Dresses made with
i I S from to 17 yra box pleated Ruitlan style with plaid collar and t Dutch neck trimmed with embroidery 7 08 tar i
I i 695 culli sailor and lancy effects vertajtelully 98 C 6 to U yen VLi sJ 1
trimmed Uei 6 lo M years special at Girls Junior Sulls made of all wool fabrics Prince Chap w
i fllrli Chambray and Linen Sailor Suits prettily and Eton racket lined with Jtln and eflcct vely 1
o Reefers and trimmed with braid also gingham and chambray trimmed Skirts arc the popular pleated gored models
t dreiasi In jumper and Dutch neck itjlji made very lull sites lor 10 2 anJ 14 fed
Top Coats daintily trimmed I area 6 to 14 yrs at I ear oWlat Sli75 M9S 998 and
Ii Ith ehlarea H un Kr 1Dh St el4ea
Ruirlan D I o u i r
Bailor Drmlo Bargains in Watches Sale of Parasols I
feasted or Norfolk
I iI Suits In elegant Wcmcn Fn mellcd Cnalclslnc Watch Sellin royal Neto effects at Very special prices
I I ° materials All altci blue Darnel turquolie and greeni sime act with Handsome While Embroidered Parasols the popular
0 pearls oth n lave miniatures all fitted with fire
from 3 to 18 year jrwelled movements complete with pin f T A LouUe Ke ane ml Module designs at r8f to SZS
I neat it and 16 at 39o Taffeta Silk Parasols plain and hemstitched designs j
signsall the leading ahadnvery
values signs very
Mens laid Riled Solid apclal S2PStoJiCO I
I Silver and flun Metal Allites and Children Parasols large variety of r
495 i Watcher pit n polished fashionable design In all the leading 71
Ai 1 1Rltt4fll thin model Open fate shades and styles at 9c or JJOO 1 f
f o 11 > > > 1I
catet filled with splcn 1
lcl4Iqflt 1 u did plated 7 American jewelled nickel move Mens Shoes Oxfords
1 to 9 4 U ment engraved Your in bean monogram elfecti of Style and Quality
U All the newest and drtnslst a1 ats are represented
U IfltMlitattdl w like the it lustra lloni i
presented in oil the most de ri le et ers
M W real value JlX Our
livery pair la built
Mnm M ney a > SUI td I ttxir IprclIl price 5 00 on inn that allure
i I an Huild I the wearer ol a b
In 110 ease 2 nun St93 11 > N > rl Van tMar loluie aaililact
i or tt rn gars I IIIIf war I + i aUn and com rt every
i erhu I par is pt teal sites f 1
11allrr alalerlo I Good H osier a Ch eap s to r i s alai Ito
S tUlda
J for turdayat I j
Men1 19c Fancy S Ik llnibroldercd Hall Iloseln colored I I
J t 195
u II
and black grounds with silk embroideries all C r 1IioondnJ al r lain I
Hies at V q i
w Men s and Vomen llosltr 1 of hoe torched Fgy P tiara An Extraordinary StftirJzv Special I
cotton In black and the newest sbadia of tau some I
I have a ilk embroidered Instepii all nave double soles BAn 2 and 250 Oxfods aj 11
and huh splctd he U lull saainleaa all slits I Ie lilsck aria kid and tan Russia tall T 1 59
very special fog Saturday a1 IjL store o < o II F wllh at V
t Woilltr Open Wofl Slwkrntl sheer open work lisle
I I superbnualittslnwhiie gray lack and 2ge Sale o f Eve lusses I J
lIMn I new sbidrs Ojl urn Hernikdorl dye all tin at
I aeaa Dos TuK knurl 9c Slocklnis wide and narrow S IS0V llles
walla r4au e N r yy IVlals not double sties 0 10 inch UAran II t
knee to
LnJ Vlua Dn1 paUu 101016 r u guaran I IC
I r 11I tears lIlue teed atalnlesa at IIL V k Saturday
prld u S rear UliMimiii Ull tllln Kluor SVIh ll Ballon
fG NIt6 NII II A rIIL jf 44
noliua A flU t son hiji 12111 P A t C
I iMIO Hlrlr JJUMI SHOD nUlt Iii < ll All Cars Transfer to t s
ru i coUuUl dnau BTIMI V a r 11 I all
ltnlJlIlI Eyeglaiwt and Spectacle to lull eysi svery
abutrlreraterj Iraadvy let
rsrlrl 1I1t B hQ VII NGDAh t ES tulr wads In We most iertk tar nuantr aVei otyital
I parhaa rwr aN H n fer a wtISi p1 es asbleral slUtoi mdeh the IJ 54 ewst Ip give
tIICIG IfoIMt a rt > r isliM will c Itji to 3d Ave 59th to ft Hi Si lpr I ptpaDy ask JUG hr
1 Wl
n c J c

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