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I a eat Fcq r ew p I I Yee tI r eTl 1
It The Evening World Daily Magazine Thursday May 2 1907 t i
G1Jt or1t1
h i
rab13ll1ed by the I > rfM Publl hln Company J fo U la a Park How Mew Tory
Entered at the IoilOCloe at law Tork u Bccon3Claa Wall Mattel
F anybody In this county knowsof a rich man appro
priating other peoples money through forgery hr
any or perjury he had better keep quiet about it or
he Mill speedily find himself In jail The ordlnar
public should clearly understand that when theft T
colossal and high financiers are the beuefidaries it
I becomes laudable larceny and whoeverMnterferes or
4 exposes is promptly prosecuted
IIII The fate of Scrugham Stirrup and darrlngton
adds three more names to the list beadedby Amop
who discovered the theft of 32000000 from the
1 i Metropolitan Street Railway Company TIHingtust
who exposed the jury fixing and witness bribing of > Mr Ryans damage
suit lawyers the little broker who said that the B R Ts stock was
water and the stenographer who had evidence of Harrlmans corruption
A score of murderers may wait In the Tombs burglars may plea
to larceny as the easiest wiy of disposing of their casespickpockets mad
run loose on bail until the complainant witness d1s o
appears Perkins may escape even the Ignominy 0f1 0
stationhouse pedigree Hyde and McCurdy may Be o
part In luxury to Paris Rogers Baker and Harriman I 0 0
may continue their careers In peace and plenty but D o H fib
these three men who agreed and conspired together olJ 0 r
to oust the old McCurdy trustees from control of the 0
Mutual Life and the Perkins directors from the New ° olltiJo
York Life they are locked up as soon as they pre o 1
I tent conclusive proof of the forgery of administra i
tion ballots 0FETTrtAA M
What crime have they committed
If anybody should be punished for presuming to
emu Perkins Peabody Baker and Rogers It is Samuel Untermyer
Who organized opposition
Why was not he arrested 1
For one thing Mr Untermyer Is a millionaire himself andall mill
ionaires are sacrosanct For another reason Mr Untermyert knows too
When affidavits proving the coercion of agent
75 by Peabody Baker and Rogers were submitted to Mr
Jerome why did he not arrest them late at night and
lock them up in the Tombs
1 When a New YorfcLJfe agent confessed forging
more than a hundred ballots why was he paroled 1
When McCurdy committed perjury why was h
allowed to go to Paris
t When Harriman violated the Insurance law by
1 his Equitable loans and syndicates why was he nol
prosecuted 1
What larceny forgery or perjury can any multi
mllHonairfr commit that will be prosecuted
Is it any wonder juries are lenient to petty criminals and that judges
suspend sentence on men who have taken only a few dollars Is It any
wonder that public confidence in the administration justice IJ this
county Is shaken 1
tl bndLrLAAfTN ° ° ° ° °
I No surer course an be taken to breed anarchy and to destroy ro
pest for the law than Mr Jeromes manner of administering the affairs
of his office I
It Is time the Governor of the State took cognizance of the lawless
ness in this county
Letters from the People
r A Wlfea Allomuie
in HM ZUItor otTbe Breotng Worm
I tun tot ratd In the diacuailon eon >
i xrnlnv ttw amount of a wlfei allow
aea Vftve would find tho follorwtng
aaataotory a my tiuefeanfl and I have
tried It for even yen My tuivband
ama 68 per < we X We pay U a month
for rent Qty buiband kepa 110 aoh
wk R7I of thla U for rent the
baUnoe MS Is ads to do aj h Ukea
with Eighteen dollar la mln to kp
Does with and rioth myantf and our I
two IHUe children Flv dollar of my I
money generally iOU In the bank for
a rainy day I mak11 my own
cloth a arm hate I pay IS > nta pw
wwk to have toss waahtn < < done doing
the Ironing myitlf V J C
Drug Clerks I
T > UM milor at Th Kvtli VorM
t win iliugetiti or drat olrk wcula I
A VIM Ins on Uw fuHowlax aubject
t lit w h Hi > uid IM tfM mJBr rSal I
V twit ara the avsrat drug drlu
e aare 4 per week What at UM houia
they 1UW0 to world la It a good trad
to ta upT AIM Is It a4etAUe for
an JIaU li drug alirk to cue to U U
oountrt J A Y II
Tlir nor mid Ili Job I
T lit EJtiyr at Tit tala WorMl I
A r eider letl of tWO boy who war
told to JWIA a paofcag user carefully I
op tCl l a falding fpvr and iirlug I
Tb other tlpM4 off phi urging olld I
laid Hi culler Oil Ui employer
dek iff a aka lu roe hh merited th
Job TI < i oCI > Ht 4s utt paokaf
and u v he PH ai i ring la UM
Who ll llig II 1 W d uM waste
much In oilier i nun Hi La la slow
M4 1 trtag time The the toy U apt
Ui t a a iinattMT M1th u Nallal la as
ofHca Therefor I UB far the tv 1I1f
cafe wilt tot lee viUtukjl lure Wiul
do oUtrra ay abuut lir THINKER
0ae Kiylauallon of rho Ilaam
TAi Ui 8J w W Tti l9rsarsa Bury
In s ewer to Cutstaaei Tu s
ngWry I Mild say lbg buuq tn win
1rIi < < lea kt ll twMuse ibe < r all Uv
Fronts A itow < 1 ufo W u
i t r ddhia U
not ooogh money to buy the lndu
trial or railway tocka or Inv u t In
realtAt He tberrfor turn Ma at
tention to she Geld of mining atcolte
trnhealtkfal VVeatlier
Tu lh na lor ot TbeXf mine IVortli
I rd a letter comrointlng on the ter
I rible Km throat experience that hu
wept and la uwwe4fl Greater Yew
Tort U U a taot Also my doctor
l says typhoid II tnuuually prevaliat jut
ntnr and baa bn of late the great
rmaleacy of Certain llAeM < li due to
the horrible weather that bi prevailed
off and on tor a year or uutrt Th
aprtng tilt nrMth tiert
r hew bUll worse
bjr far than In London Ilvw York cll
mate I bonU thlflk
la the worst on
earth bar non And It ha become to
during th put fw year Who can
ray why I N I >
The lrai > IUn rr llunfr
Tto tea Mtu ref nI ISft nJn IVorM
Ilnc a traptoanrer I have bit upon
the fullowiag plan to iferUt WIle oar
suIUc fights rtrup > a > u < 1ff1 arid UIOM
npedally who cannot gs t a trap to
Tung cal afe tubj > Icj to upi u Hi cud
40 1f4JpUI1t and untac of train
Woaa a Ue Jn li about to stop or l tap
fit the gars upon ran xatlanarr os
jaw Mitl Ife cu Nnall omci gaol
erabl Tfcli wsl
prawent the Jar to
common and AwgrraDlr
W C HBRUirt K Plat strew
illIIInr7 kerilnr
TV tee K4Huf III its EvMUar Wild
Jwilita war and lei ua h ye pel
Hut Impoie a atx mmtha miaiair car
vtM on our young men m IM 1 ti
iWiclplln order utMOUiKW nbeu
lad iHjootUAMty allmiiuitliig valita U1
tiaras 1 I1I16 tuunil H > e AaineM f
their otieata Md flatten the undnei
of their hau14n tinparilng to n
od btaltb rna and rlU4flIt Ft
Tips bavVKg itlabaaaed tr lIonnlllJft
J a m cjttld fvirnUii ut with tiautanda
L aso + aetadNoay atnl11 M JrUi
IIUII la lea dept of our duiuad as
WWiogOUC supply y SC WdA N
fcJL tL
I Bet a Million1 Will Tour the World
By Maurice Kcttcn I
1 Ogrf J dr
O41C t
BET A MtlUON > B1rAMtltioN l1lBRES A f1AR
j IT5 DISSOLUTION = n IN 4non1N5
1 tt
9 n f e e
p t DVJ1A
IRlSSl A tf
1 °
rrt dFw
1 T
tft I I JwORL
tCt 1lG
Modern Love Knows No Obstacle 2 2 By Nlxola GreeleySmith
YOUNG MAN lanced in New York Tuesday who had
ATOUKQ thousand mUej to he married to a girl he I
s had not wen for all yeas Their courtship took
puce In OiIcrrd England but they were too poor to marry
and Fat pent the girl and hr facer to New York the
young man to Cap Town South Africa to make hie far
1 tuna and after alt joarti hhaa arrived In New York < 0
S claim hli bride Tlomancea of this protracted order used to
Us UwrtuUe Sn norcU and pal rr fr3U > nt In real IMe nut
today both fact and fiction unite hi favoring the quick
courtship wherein a man like Bolomon On nor If born
i on Monday marrlM on Tuesday divorced on AVedniwrtay
r r and o on to the end of tho week or the ohaptor I
Ai r4icn jpnke the heut grow fonder of another In
thieve times unfortunately and It muat be encouractng to
the believer In old fanhloned aentlmcnd Id find an instance In the new of ali
yeah of Bono caner The Importance of the dlicxjvery Ia of corn e 1ea ened by
the fact that both participant In the romiince are not Americana but com
from the 1eep wt town In ifW England where even the emotion an allowed
etemrUea of time and apace to move In Iord T nnyaan wag rnguired thirteen
years during which tim he and the young woman who wee afterward Lady
Tennyson wai ed patiently for hit poetry to pay Buch protracted engagement
are not however popular In America when If a man and woman Jove each other
very much they generally dlo over a way of overcoming the moet dlhe Tt nlnc
Obadee at once IrIIItd of waiting for time to remove them
Tn long ngpgement la very properly not an American Jnttltutlon It I
tt eourw an arrangement that bind the woman ah < olirtely without impoalrw a
Calamity Jane > By w J Stelnlgans
Do Fri WO T
og FIT To eA
t taC
Smllar reetrlcllon on the man And the American mana Sen of thnees ree
ognlaea this and dMa not allow htm to enter Into It when K can poailbly be
avoided If all w men were actively or potentially rlf upporttnr the long en
gagement would not be necessary In any caw Any young woman who binds
hralt to an engagement for an Indefinite number pf yeam la extremely foolish
The young man ahe lover may have to seek hit fortune It ti true nut if ehste
a practlca sensible modem young nxxran she will seek her fortune too nd
not IlK at home looking rlgtl down the narrowing VIta of maidenhood
Kith a po V > U aeddlnr ring at the end Modern lOT triumph over obataole
It don not wait for th tide of time to wear them away
Greater than Greater New York
IE Is and one hai million people In Orator London live In > 3W6 houses
i TUB population one hundred yeara ago was jut onefifth what It la now
Though the number of births was nearly double the number of death In
i 1KH the birthrate is ateaSlly declining The postal flgurea show that In l > t there
were lCCJ poet OmeN In London and 2 US publlo telephone working The total
I Imports at London In tint amounted to littfMOX and the total export J It93 XW
Some Idea of London wealth la hon by the assessed Inborn tax value In
1MI In the administrative county Houses representing nlt = SIOOO trade and
profession WSW profits of companle and other Intereta vst1I 00 salaries
i corporate bodlee UlSWtOdi talarle army and navy 1103 1101 In 1XB there
were I W motor are and 1W motor ryde In Ixtndon 1cenaei to drive were
I grunted to g070 people the fee r < > < e4red amounting to 36906
Pow DeRl
leer s
1 4
By Gertrude Barnum
j w
How to Please Men j
ONCE found a girl tlttlnc limply In a ureit arm e4i t
I In her library with a Ivapdkerohlef over her face I
4 thought she mUlL be III but she aald she was Ollf
ie lng She had four men callora In the receUon room
and she was taking A vacation from entertaining them
Girls have been trying to pleat men tor four or ftv
thousand rear ThU bM > rn their clilet occupation Tar
it they have gat their bread and butter or came or venl
on En began III and today It U a highly developed art
and raft
ap ly Pick up any newspaper and mu will find advice aj Io
melhoJi of pleading men HUtlng the myriad columns
+ Mr j are written upon the subject we find the principal
cs mints rammed up by Mlse 1oreknot > fen itka to see a
tlrt dressed prHtllv DrAw n young man out to talk of
frtrUl1lJarnllT hlml end hta Int rr ta lIn like a riomeittc woman
Mm dp not respect a ctrl who coos out alone after dark
Cultivate a modest and ahrtnkJng manna V Avoid new
hn led Ideal IK not be atrongmtndeA
Aotlntf upon this aovlc ate begin br ependjirircwwaitrda of our Income tlm
and strength upon drtajlng to plea mn I must tar the effect Ia not flalUrlnc
lotb tate of the men It rosy seem something like work to get ourlr
up to please an escort and to amble xrlci him timidly acres muddy Ieola to a
ball In light shoes and stays a lornrtralned dneas and a wobbly hat Sut that
la only half the battle One must not forget to draw him out to talk of himself
Interrupting only to an occasional rapture on the delights of dishwashing and
laundry work
TMa li the trinuoua life but girls oSMTfutly martyrise themselves for the
cause lien mutt be pleased And are the man pleased T Oh T111 very pleased
However Ilra tbi ether girl who pleases them not the one who tries Hen LIW
perverse volt tnfOY pralse a lour tttmrt voles > they listen for the ringing
laugh or the variety actress While adO < atlNr the home sphere they are
drcamlnr of datesat a cafe While their wives cook the steaks they tele
phone that they am detained on bu ln < > i r
Once there was a French peuunt girl who waa very Indifferent to nleartni
men Her nome waj Joan of Arc While ahe could cook and sew ah1 embroider
extraordinarily wen ahe never spoke of such thtnca to the young men Instead
she upoHe o them of the PfUe of Franco trying 10 rouse In their frivolous
breasta prlottam and courage to defend heir country In the hour of Hi need
At last nndlnr Ch rlfa the Dauphin and the other rulers of the people devoted
to present ease and pleasure she could no longer paeilvely watch the slow ruin
of her land She determined to lead the hosts herself Leaving the narrow
sphere of the home donnlnr coat of mall aatrtda of a war hone she ted I4CD
men to victory ana drore the English from Orleans M
Joan of Arc dU not try to look pretty H < r voice was not Vow but power
ful She was nolther timid nor shrinking She would not listen when men talked
of thenuelvni and she wan stronger mlmlej thin any man In the realm A1
tnuuirh that waa way back In the fifteenth century men and women atlll ttilnlc
ee well of her aa though the had followed the advice of the flea Loretcnot at
her day
There 1s aji ererirrmrtnK number of girls today who UT for eometMne
more than pleasing men There are Joini today who ee 0 the perils of America
wno dream their dreams and lead their force bravely out of the oM rut of Ito
I against the power which threaten Ct e very life M our people If girls must be
martyrs let them be martyr to k noble cause Let them not aacrifiee heir
llrna to Marcel waves and hlAh eel shoe Why ahould they exhuuet thun
telrei to please men whom they do not admire Let them oak a vacation
1 BIh flrl who does not try It the one who please men
LemonsI Lemonsl LemonsI
By Walter A Sinclair
tiDn the spreading lemon tree stands little Oeorcl B
UNDER un denotlnr always etonr by Timmy D or P
The faithful cohort eking Oh wHat next will OeorH at
And the lemonpaiteri chuckling In their dark uncanny jrlea
For thouch youd think he had enough of citrus fruit to gorge
They oannot paaa them fat enough to suit our LtttU George
Theyve handed biro the chru llmea In singles by the peak
Tile X denote the place tie always gets It In the neck 1
He goes to Join a meeting of the antiMurphy mea
He hurries In and turns about and goes right out again v
Hea hot and cold now eared now bold In tiger for hell wade
And then they get the squeezer out and tire him lentonatd a
What makes our George I6r lemons or the Jrtmc4rtani cried
There lOll of folic would like to know the wlaenhelma replied
Now will the festive Iron Ball awlnr at the lilt Ones whim
And will our little town be ruled by lUg and Little Tlmt M
Tn tar denote the pot where George upon Ma head will land
While all the tunc ejaculate Oh say here do I atandr
Your Watch Is a Compass
I OMn Ingenious peraon haa dlaCOtr0 a peculiarity abouta watcii which
I S may prove very valuable to person who are lot The peculiarity li thai
nil wmtohea are rompaatea that So they 4a not point to the macnetlo pole
but by comultlnr the face a a watch at any time of day the compass point
south may tie located and from that all other poInt may bo easily Axed
The process la aa follows Point the hour hand to the eun and the south will
be found exActly half way between the hour and the figure XII on the watch
for Inlllncft vuppoee It is 4 o clock Point the hand Indicating IV to the sun
and II on the welch la exactly south suppose It li t oclock point the hand
Inl1katlnlr VETI to the nun and the figure X on the watch it due south Thia
li no dimple that the rule can hardly be forrottn and In rtmembrarwe may
some time save a life I
Dangerous Scientific Test
ODERN emokHew gunpowder la dangerous tuff to store A clentl re
marks In11 probalklllty the recent terrible diluter to the French
+ v + balUeihlp Jena will bo found to he been due ttt the ezplaalon ol her
after marnxtne aa the result of spontaneous romVjitlon of the powder h
an arcldrnt at the cloee of the recent war tore out the aide of the Japaneaa
bntllnihlp Ukase at a time when like the Jar she was at one of the Oor
ernmrnt dockyard The beet of modern pnwdnra arc liable under certain rod t
dltlnna of temperature to result In the ficploeton of the mlllno and the IOM
of the hlp or arsenal aa the ne may ba Our modtrn amokelem powers when e
In utornxe lire the occasion of a fefrree of untidy end watchfulness which wog
never felt In the daya of the brown or Mark jxiwdera
The Terrible Tarpon
0IE y ra ago a IOAI was found drilling In Qaltraton Hiy rontalnlnc a dtad
SOME and a dead angler The ftah had broken the man hade
A friend of mine writes f K Holder In Ilecreallnn war fishing when a
companion one hundred feet distant had a strike nnd the nh came aboard the
former boat and struck his rhnJr knocking It overboard This past season a
tarpon In Florida waters name Into a boat and knocked the angler overboard
a pel sent the oarsman over onto his back When he picked himself up ha found
his patron gone nJ looking oer the aide saw him Inking and with the boat
hook brought him up The man was stunned and later oiamlnatlnn ahowrd that
two ribs ero broken
T > eween tiger hunting and tarpon fishing aa a steady oeeupatlon the forme
mlrht be selected aa the eater palm
Sea Smoke the Strangest Phenomenon
S NB of the peculiar ptienoniena r the Arch regtnita li aea smoke rIo
O l > lor ra tell of a steam aa It from a boiling kettle wKleh rises from the
> water when the temperature U U drgrees lielow acre At O degree the
snow and human lm < tle emit thla vapor which change Into tiny toy parttcleex
whtoh flU the air and make a light nolae like the rustle of cult At 40 digree
tree tanks hunt with a loud report nfka tltk up and streams of smoking
water flow from gust crank In the earth surface knlvra break IK sr trot
butler and lighted tlua < < a out ly ocnlatt with the ke upon the beer D
some of the extreme told layp that prevail In the Northwectern Alain K
winter the Mr aeoma to be full of fine Ica which la probably the ml phenom A
non aa that noted strove I
Science Tests the JawBones Strength J
XrBIIlilHNT show tbal lilt cruililnu IIIWr of lire human Jaw artta from
EXf In Yn pound Or Jllaph liMa ot Philadelphia In it number of ciptrN
JJ menu found that this terns nSad to r luc < earn beef With the help pf L
little grtnillBg mOfoltlfnt was 90 IU for meat beef W to 6 lb Tough round
rs dulr l MII 14 lrUrin 1U U pork chop SS30 h ttya 1opnUr Mechanic
The lowest on the Hit were iMlIrd beef I IU roast lamb 4 lbVngu M lb NO
mention n mad of lush which would undoutiUdljr tnd at the hotlnm of the
Hal or nut above breakfast cereal i
+ rN
Making Silk From Pine Trees
HOM the standpoint of Industrial utility lay Prof Duncan in Ulll1lr
F Magasln the tubjtct of cellulose ran N nharael rtad as stupendous Take
a pin trw for Iniiano Btandlng II Is worth > 10 a toP cut u > 4 rtglod 4
II U worth lt boiled It U worth IW tltacJjid U U wpitb U turo4 4sto 1i oij
NIlS PtUkluW U tt wect4 16 l4it r
iJ 44 r 1
e4e ie rrr gt od <

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