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= V 4M1 J 4 M 1 t r IQt f Y 74 c 1
F J t l at
> to t The Evening Worlds Daily Magazine Thursday May 2 i9 O 7 ii
I 1
q t ffttyW + 4Y VYHJ + t1Yr + at + tilrtyrla ttYer W4Y 4ia 8Y tIa HY
i Of the Day Written by I
i Evening World I
y 1 tc ° eethumorrsfs
The jars of theJ lr Family
By Roy L McCardcII
DO demure sold in Jarr petulantly your relative
I tive only use you for a con + rnlonto P
+ Whali the matter with my relative nowT a ked I
Mr J irr i
1 T woi peektrr Imperioratly ial1 Mr Jarr Tta
Wr relative lm talking about They write rw that theyll
atop off rind spend the dav and night with ba nn their way
ti the JamMtarm Exposition I notice they want m to
io ofrc with ten but they dont ay anytinc rvbont
I RYhK tHY txyenseat
l III Jiy 3ow expenee If you want to CO with them
t o old Mr Jour
S Hank you replied the rood lady I HAW tlie pt
l ju Exposition and that wa dltoamfort enough formi
I ihcy are all alike and when you do see them they are onlp
a roll betwivm Luna Iork and Dreamland at poaef
IiIamI and n lot ot diynrtmtnt NOt
IJltI It noud b a nlc trip said Mr Jarr
li would be A nile trip for me aaVl Mr Jar brtI1 You know how
your country cnuUn arer
AUr country ulrtna1 asked Mr Jarr
1 Well mine then std Mr Jarr It all the acme They tn lrt on rid
ing In the day coutr In the crowd and dlacomfort Jurt ta eave the price of
f parlorcar at And they will iro to cheap hotels and they will curry lunch
boxes and mare a mess In public nrtth them and humiliate one and then Choy
gape and grin at ev rythJc < r I think those txpotlllona au only enjoyed by
Ij Jay
1 My ohl nut you are cT TX > ted to be atlrlcal tod yl aid Jtr Jarr If
I your rural relathe are on pleasure bent and have a rural mind at the lam t
t time what do you care eo long u yon are not going aiongT I
I would like to co replied Mr Jarr but not with that crowd And they
tIn a nerve to rollly write me word they are going to top with WI on their
xny I tftvtnt any room for them and they know It They hay u no eomU
r Dant yoi writ Ih11 yr ini be ther to upend a week or eo wftb them and i
bring the children aiiktd Mr Jarr
They hould be clad to e me and anyway they have plenty of room I
t But what wotrtea me ta what I hall get for dinner And I luppate rill
Clave terrible grocery bills after they an gone
When In doubt got stricken avd Mr Jarr
I auppoee Il hare to grumbled Mra Jarr and ohlcken AT fcwful
It Hear AnywoT1 true with an Idea that Mr Jarr hotn4a q put > to ani
trouble tooroull have to easel
I never carve add Mr Jarr
You mrlll ihl tbnt ald Mra Jarr Tpu have your way about giving
them ohlcken tq you can carve
The country cousin arrlrad In du Urns Ther war chlckira far dlnnr
and Mr Jarr carved r
m gtve Cou ln Lucy th wing ald Mr Jarr aTablr Ton wRI be a
4eUoah attribute to the fact that she U ooon to bo marrtd tk flight you
1b ctrl bliuhed and th ret looked on u If wonJerlnj wtur th connec
tion bvtireaa cettlnc married and toklnr fllcht with chicken irlnr was
Aunt Janet twin being little boy let the drumaUcla of rourie aid
Mr Jarr
Th twin promptly declared they dVInt want drumsticks but no one paid
any atuodoa to them
A Uno VllUain contemplate opening another munmir hotel Mr Jarr
print on h he shall hare the second Joint
And u for you aald Mr Jarr furnSn g to hU wits you tab Oil flzEord
together with tny1 hart that went to you long ago
r Alint Janet nil mojeatloallr I aint ud to noh talk at mud tlmee < ahe
paid but hat can be expected from a man thoXi fell m for nay from hie
church that he dont lay no than when he has r pp ctabU company I u no
l n ot tntozJcatlnr liquor but Im run I milk no mietake when I do my
that I am carry for you Clara Jarr that before your own p opU U should be
ahowed that your husband U a drinking mAn I
11 And If you dont mind u ws haint unpacked our rrtp Mid Uncle
1 mICiam rnly well fo to tho deppo and take a nltfJt train to the Jx
And so they aro and departed laying Mr Jarr gunning and Mr Jarr
I In tear
Oon you beat that said Mr Jarr u the door aloud on th7ut of them
Dont apeak to me after la ultfnc respectable people exclaimed Mrj
parr > Undo William nld thy tak me alone If Id pay my own extwonuL
JDnd what Nay ald llr Jarr Theyll stop on their wy bloc
NeT York Thro Funny Glasses
By Irvin S Cobb
vp7TI a 3etj Son of our pool CIVM the fatless or
WHEN Jludion to the American Continent and roll
on of ha Inland cities the Inhabitant alway Mart
In to entertain the dUtlncuJiaed vUltor from the metropolis
by honlnK them the point of Inlarnt lint of noun
the U DM formal addre of w Icam lasting fiftyfour
minutti by the boy osor of Ib county and the pnnta
w r urn of the lUll glided wooden key tlenlfyinr the frwdom
of the city by the Irraidmt of the Uoanl of Aldermen
j d ri > rti ntlii the Mayor who is unable to Ix pruent owing
to hating a temporary Od on
+ 1 After Oitcti the curau of honor are divided off Into
3 y group of four and RniVleJ Into a number of grevyI oat
liarourhc and art driven out to Lou Ixrap overlooking
Qu Mink Cre k and given a vi w of the enuy on the otber
I < > lIlhtllIou And then they ar ahoYlll the Camucl
bank bark of the
library and the courthouse and the fair round and the new lanyard which
wet not only b een but amelled and toiled And the member of Ci reception
rommlltte tell them how many prun or ldboardj or orae tla or neckll or
collar or ooirtJde they export each year and how many Inhabitant the lat
oerwu inv eki and how many more than that It would hv given If the report
hadnt ban In th hoUU hand of an aceurted publloanj and call thlr
aluMlon to a comp rAtl lablll ot oral MInk ctrtnr showing the average
with until their forefingers an on
annual Incrwje and otherwise point pride
at the ends
tlut ale how Vckln aU we In such intlm nu her upon the natlv heath
ind harhtoll which we may fondly coll our own Juat u lone AI we keep
n paying the landlord promptly Whn the sojourner from afar own hither
iw the manifold wonder of what the true coamopolllani mil KVlc do
s Spend any greet amount of time rlvln him tact or figure In regard to our
nipping and our oommercT I wot not Not a wok not a half of a wot not
rrn a kllowot
U we are rich or R wa have a rich but wale friend we tak htm out ft1
In automobile Hut LA lea whirl him up IUverld Drive which would prove to
be Indeed a hondwxnt thorourlifar If we only took the time to loW up and
look It over we da not halt the car on hie aooount near the lraton oft One
Hundred and Tw nlythUd trl No we merely err
Tomb of lat U B Oranta omwhv round here but you cant see It
owtn to two of Mr Ryan Ucdnatlnf and graceful r > tank being In the
ray Anyhow we wont top because thin a pla up hen on th hill where
you Mn ct one poor drink for the price of three rood one and then well
suit Up the Jkmlevard and mAybe It w have luck we can run our onnboly
r a policeman
U on the ortier hand we are ctll tiring on a Mlary and havent any automo
t bile we take him for a walk and whn we rooh V1rw1y Domnrt and he ben U
liaoic until he look like the lloneleM Wonder viartlnr after M h nd rchlef In
t111 TOrt tj count the etoria to the top we do not aay to him In a kind way
Ttil U a thins worthy of your tINt attempt at the oonlortlon business ray
buootVi and limbernecked friend I1Jr It U the Flatiron Ilbildingo oel1S
Maua It look ail much like a HaUron as It doe like a lack at ebipr or a
WnuteaniJVII or a petUiig d egg At th hue you wffi otMtrv 1M irthful
letembtr of the Manhattan Volunteer Ho Company wrote for MI J > nri to
W IB TM rructur li justly ra anted u an oruMtwuval rrr n u It
I Ihu onr known bulldlnf Iq the world that U homelier man the Mew York
NiT ay not for UI WI leave that WIn nf thing to the orator PI the
rubber neck wagon who get paid for dolnr t W only grab him by the collar
aM tilt him Into an upright rxMliion o tln and ay In hurried tenser
r B IUfu Jiuln Bad affair flow many jlorlw hUh 1 DunriQ Did know
tout riot Twenty r thtrly somewhere noun there Cm on Ue ge 1
nolh r ball
Th only curs tsar for theiehftptrroned vlittor lo ter a ra3 MM of what New
perk JooY Uktu t 0 bur Murtotr pat carte
law ld e
lt f r 0 t
w JI 1J M
1 fI a >
HH W1H1t + H + + i1hh1Mllt11 + H + H + IHt4 + + HI ti I HSiiI1 i + H + H + HIHIIH + HIHIH + IHII IN + + HH + IIIH + H + 1Ht + HrH II 101111 H I J IIIJ II HIIIII Ht
H + HHIIIHH + H + II + H + 4HH + IIHIHIIH + + + HI + H + IIItII + HIf + tttrytattttt 1tthsHtIHH t + HI + tt tttti tH1Itt1 HftlattaHH1I It4 R
MUy7rrY pU7 TA < C L
a i f JA4 fi CANT
s1tAKSwgSCN t r nuyN7Y eti MAMAS as
o f i EAT M MA >
µ tr MOUFYl MAN t
Ntr PUTS i t tt tOT NICE f
Tf1NHA tt I
TOOTH 1 L 0 c
j i
< m
S IN MOUPY 1 TOOTH r > 4 + DADA OA r >
dL f J c
k p r a U d I
1 1
Novelized from CHARLES
KLEINS Great Play
By Arthur Hornblow
Copyright HOG by 0 W DUUna
hm Co I
ITNOlIUI or jntctDiso CHlFTElL
WIlli r l aunor U M > uuug deueatr eS t
a f ut um court JuJ nu wrtitea luo4 t
the Ufa
the unimS 1 fur Or ni a nvrti i
UcUoc Jabo Mucks JllJr trust magnate
end mulil rallluuuln Judas lUrumoc hu
buckl I tydra truukxi dsala and Uit mail <
ail in rvvcnx wreclu U e judi e Iprtun
and r i utaan lINr ha Out oa J < fi r >
an nhu Ivn and 1 lows Lr 8alrlr
fader want tt bur to nurrr ItI a > u < n
ttr at raldf Jlolrtru Jaftol1 rtfu M
aiia alioukwrc that hat h piuainjr ta ciop
wild Jude r > crei ry BaCln nir < l r U
lni < rutJ in Ui do Um < inkiv we author
or lli iionl tIckJnJ tm ana wrfu lo
In lu her ta cli bulrlvr aoonte the In
v l abe cr owe Jlnlr bra Itlltri In
his d1 whlcn will eiontrate tier tamer wlo
li etwut la bi lmt > chxl nhm hop to
eoun ha 1U COM nut rxxmlM Bhlr
ter Orn 1e SbltecT Ro mor whow
nthn b > It rluar to < s r T shut roakM
o jnxsi in morn + l < cI on nr l r th at h
U ee Kv te remain at hu hem far tbe
WMMI ukl uttu hh bli nohr ttlll boo I
In6 for > thane to eeun ta toue and
lid ta be nr 1aGrnon fvho U ta the
fk f tl she ocpt > bb tad Jtrriraoa meet
In the park and b < Ulfa her M bailty1 pea
IP elope with UaK
A Love Scene
Tr8 a TXJwid to me he told
I r1efully H it PRO U to it I
married next Wednnday TU
ee my father on Tueaaiyj Ill put the
nidenoe In his hand a and I dont j
think be added ertmly < hell bother
me any more about Mn Roberta
So your not going away nowr od
Bhlrlty imlllnr down at him I
II ut up and leaned over toward her
S cant Shirley i I simply cant he
replied hli voice tumbling You are
more to me than I dreamed a woman
could ever be I realize It more forcibly
enfl day There b nn ute flrhllnr
aicaln It Without you my work my
lit mraru nothing
Bhlrley hook her head and averted
her yu
Dont let ue peak of that Jeff eh
pleaded cently I told you t did not
belong to myielf while my father wo In
perilRut I
Rut I must speak of 1t hi Inter
rupted Shirley you do yourself an
lnuitlc a well ItJ m You are not
Indifferent to InI feel that Then why
rUe this barrier between uir
A raft llffht 11nuo tbe rlrli oyes
I Ah It wax good to feat trero wa orae
on In whom she wa vryttilnr in the
I wont
Dont oak me to b try my nUt
Jeff ahe faltered Tou know I am
not Indifferent to you Aar from It But
lie cam closer until b1a fo nearly
touched her
I love youI want yu he mur
mured frvri hly Olv Ins the Tight
to claim you before all the world AI my
future wlfI
Evry note of b1a rich manly vole
vibrating with Impetuous pardon
sounded In Shirley ear Ilk a oft ca
r 6h closed her eye A strange
feellnr d languor wa teaUni over
her a myitcrlou thrill pried trough
her whole body The eternal Inevitable
sex instinct was dUturtilnr for the first
Um a woman wtiot life had bn eln
rularty free from uch Influence put
tins to tllghtr111such calculation and
I rolv her cooler Judgment had made
The enuoue charm of the place
the dlatant apAllh of thehesrLnoetof
pinging of the bird the frajfrano of
the tree and graea1l then symbols
of tho 1 < f at life ootwplred to arouse
the krv Jiunepr of the woman Why
tier all 1iouM she not know Italpe
She had a 8A
other women
ne like
ord duty to perform It > rtfuf but
dOM becauee she
would It be less
declined to uUde the natur1 leanings
110th leer eow and
of hr QIJI
her body oUSled out Let this ran love
la worthy
bUn he
yourMl In
you stvi0
or JOUr Urt1W4 too lite
fatt u ncoon to h
ardent wooing her Y4 ut
be wtI1
poke qulck1Y
warm upon
I offer you AJI the eTOtlO1l
a man oaf sh a WOM me Mtnthe
tb4 hap
will ma1t m
i i4
01 men
the mat wr
pest or hlnk well berore sou
a nr nol tor yowl
rouI love
life 1 OTe
wreck my
wrt he until the
It need
watt for 01
1 will yon
wtll be
6 you
crick of doom Say7
I wit
my rib feu wu
She otened her r
Their lips
bMt close over her
touched TOIl JIron she murmured 1
d laTe your
3 0a SprS1 her In a Iqn poaulon
clod and an
klM HOT eye
static thrill seamed 10 CnnvuJ hr
Th bird In the tre
entire being
chonu In
overte5 ant In mon Joyful
celebration of the betrothal
A Plot that Failed
oWaA nearly even oclock when
IT Shirley rot bacfc to Seventyfourth
I treat No one mint her come In
and he want direct to her room and
t until late
i after a busty dinner worked
Into the nirtit on tier book to make up
for lot time The rent of the after
noon cau ed her ooruloVrabV unal
near She rproa < ihrd hrU for her
weikneu and for liavtnjr yielded 110
readily to the rapuU of the moment
01i had Mid only what tie the truth
when stile admitted wire loved Jeffenon
but what rlirht had ahe td dtapo of I
her future whll her UCtxxi fat wu
cull uncertain
Her oonolenc troubled hu and when I
j ahe cam to reason It oat calmly the
j more Impoalbl eamd their union
from every point of view How could i
I 1Ihe booms the daught lnlaw d th
man who had rutned tr own father
10 lda wa prepo terwua
and hard
u tho sa rifle VIM be Jttnwn
i mut be made to see H In that light
Thot engagement was the gnats t
toUT It bound ants of tlem when
nothing but UDhwta could polbl y
oom of 1C Hh was ur now that she I
toyed Jefferson It would be bard to
pie him up but there are Ulna and
tarouansterroa when duty and prtnclple
InllL pra ovr aU other collk1era
i Uona and dta abe UH WM osut ol
lbo following moraine h recelTd a
ittr from atott 1U was delight to
near the good nw r ordln her Im
portant dU < x > v nr and be urg d her to
Joe M time in securing Uie letters and
forwarding them to SLawapgta when
he would Immediately go to Wash
ington and lay them Uefor the Senate
Doc umltary vldenc of that con
Julv nature h wsnt oo to ay
would prove of tti very highest value
In otearing tr iathir tame Jie
added that the judge and hr moth
wr u wall a 8 circunisiiacej would
permit and tint they wen not In the
lent worried about her wottaet4 ab
too lUr Aunt iinjy had already
returned to Europe ant Oudoxia w4
till tbrealenuie to tear dolly
ahlrl y De < fd no urging She quit
rtollied the Importance of acting qulon
IT but It wa nol ay to get at Oi
loiter The library tra uuaUy kept
locked when the great man win away
and the fw
on cocaalon when euae
to It wo poMrbl the bnorYtd Mr
llagley wu always en guard
Short u had ten tar ur In the
Ryder bouhold BMrUy already anued
Jeffercon antipathy to the Cnjrtjuh > eo
rotary whose manner grew more tu
l > rcUlou and or t < rlnr u he drew
eater the date when he uPecled to
run off with one of the riahaet mtohee
of the eaon
I II had not sought the aenualntano
of hit mployr biographer cine her
arrival and with the txc + ptlon of a
rude stare had not deigned to node
her which attitude of haurMr ln1lf
ferenc wu ay the mon N < < Jark bl In
view of Ch fact that the Hon Tttwoy
ueunjly left nothing unturned to cultl
vats a nirtatiou InUmacr with every
attractive female he met Th truth
wa that nrtuvt iriOi Mr Ryder de
mand upon hie wines entt Ida own
pr ramlim a for his coaiTTir mAtrttno
ndu vn lIre In Wnh he had so mu h
at stake be had nelltirr Urn nor noil
nation to Iruliiljr hi cuntcrroary amo
rou dtvrlou
MiM Hubert had called at the house
I evrral tlmn otenlbly to ail tics
ijtyder and when Introduced to
I Hiiirley she had oondrtuted to rive
the latter a ui > erolllouj nod Her
I nvereutlon wa generally of the ellly
Ivofluou ort console5 chiefly new
droue or bonnet and Shirley at on < v
read hr AJAotelfnvoloue amuse
imentlovlnjr emptrhtaded Irrapon
I slbls Jut th kind of audio do n
I thinK foolUh without weighing the con
chatting a few mow
OM Alter
KU with Mn Hkder
and day after one
u uaJ4y vonlah onno
or iliac rnytetlolU din ttrprun a
to PU the library
Shirley happened
11111 and oauctonversight or 111 her aubdw1 And Dared
a Jer ton vldnt that the elopement I
It was very
mnt chem wen totq maturln ted g If I
tn to rn
1h4 80andat wee
to ee
with tho fiats
acquaint hIm at th
o1t1e that
< >
dIAT It was pr
llOJo1 make an
m tttn he Iantltn ads
to secure the letters might
mutt be patlnt Toro much hurry
poll eve IIblr1er 4ottn I
a > the aye pa s
atmoet al hr Urn to ax nrahlnr
tud nClhln i
Int ta
had undertaken
goof of bIte w11
001 M1
but a w11at
Itdlor at
wuxt becatne much at
Ito whom She r0un4 her IA amI1 l
free from I
woman entirety I
good naturd
arrogance snit patronizing
oondOQelon that which Wlually marks the I
dUtroot trim the thorough
ptrrem u
a frendihlp epnng up betwn
women AM when tired of writ
the to
Into t
log Shlriey w ifnusolec wit e
and ohst WlUI The nnnl1l
room look forward to dIu tlttl het
began promptu r11ts so meal ahe enjoyed
Noothint had t M ald IDnMt
ntrifvr >
t Jefferson end dtss Robert The
had not yet seen lib hitter
young but W man mother kn w h wa only well j
Inr el opt > rtumtr W demand n ex I
of the 4npacwnoont annoiTi swell
tllUon menU lfr huiband on the other bind
the maUh mar than orj
elred alhe continued ImportunlUe of
owlll4l Bolxirt Ao wru laO trouble to
ment 1 d these llttl dom + tlo trouble to
h trter
Jttr on the aid U very angry
the girl
deierirJned not to
111 and u wlnn b4 end his father oo meet
therell be another eens
VShat ohlwiloa ho TOUr nm to Mini
rtherl1 Inquired Rhlr1ey Iruae nflY
usual raIMI
uh the uru
other Me1 Iy rw 40ubt M k nowt
another girt
best JIe N Inn AUI
Sties ltoesmrrre
a ph yes na wr 1 hlrT aimpl
Mr Itydwr poke of hr
r w JJMLf1US 111TiiANDS
MloIlC lot of preaching Is don to Jnalou wives
A Tt I fancy tar more unrutpplnei Is cued by Ja
oue husband Few wrtleri think It worth whll to
mind men of the misery then cur the tenderhearted
rh minded women to whom they are mantled by petty
tilling and eternal luiplolon
i 4 A hostess tend out InvllaUoru to dinner Stu ratllna
a > i ptane rather mar cordial than the rut from a
van In whom ahe taket no paitleular Interact Her h
4 and 14ltII up What doe that fellow mean by calling
l < > U DIy dear Mr planks he glower On Ill all
i abt U It Wall of eouna you kiMiw bettor Chas J but
I had no Wa you were 80 frl ndly Oh dont tell me II roan noliilng Im
not all f re Z a tool Yu must have flcouri Him
And K H gee A an taar an Intuited wwnaii an angry man all about
some pera r hom neither bad ever Uiought lerlouily and all beaus 61
the blind tnUlaunlnl luvr of the ItutUand
Tru love mean trust aid ptrfect soandene If you are a man with a
jealous dlepuc4tlua try la culUvtl a UU pride lit ywirwlf and faith In your
wit You will bowl be a great deal UippUr
Music Nukej Him Flippant
th + r hlie
AM a young grt ten years old
l mplaycd u a juaorrapbfo My
employer U4 young man wen q
W i d Pt j
n h f iI
all year old and J am very much In
kin with blot and I bay reasons to
tank that iti b very much In Illva with
I me We frQUenty attend the theatle
and oUoJiAYt dlnnar at vartou fea
UiiranU Of tat every restaurant WI
r ri L tJt t1 pit
Iiae teen into the orelieatra baa plant
song like A Ixmon In the Otrden of
IAn and Ko Wedding lie1 for M
I sal lure that UI hu pullid several
chance of till prullOIII Tile soma 1
UilolC make dim Alppant and be t s cat
nearly as ertoua a be wet befog U
It a bad sign thai he la oouiUii > bur
sting Uitte tuna T liawr can 1 lead Hu
mind late mart nerluu M4iuliT
Send a requeit to tie wik eelra to
play The Oood Old Bununr Time or
tarn UKM iMllluealaj Altty T he
will bum Uutie and perhiipi pggpes
They Quarrelled antf PMt d
I taro
Ail a tU4ol1 lade ara4a yale
I tt f I bare tea kegii oIJ u
nth a young r1Aa far in peat > e + +
Th 4Ar evening I alM and uw
how w quarrelled Its uu ailed o
M return an > irtlol 9f hU that 14a t
In my POMOMMB jle awgd wr tow
log odvatiofi and left Hi Melts U a
very angry moe4 My Ing tM be w utd
ntvr nturtt 1 tn yen1 burly au >
orrowful altar b MM gvoe oa Iiov l
1 r
nice a4 1
tin very iftuofc What ban I do to
brine argot a motliaOoo for 1 feel I
I ai not Uve wHoout trio t
IOi PWOarNele Ia
Pethap M provttkd a guano Y OII
can do MMMBlt more otDM oa you say j
IM pumU your o4v u a < U yuu Ireet
lim > Uuy but ooMly be oar ospoiG I
XlM It U WI nMmeory M relurs UII
irttY e oUn you MMl W I
Should Read Rule Heart I I
Deaf tUtlri
AM deeply te lov w1t 1 a YI
I rlQlHII alAtl yw ywI IN s
oar We tallre We ouran4sWt
mania + fur ecJiIJe tune Own tMnk
mi li over I bare d > I ded to uti wear
atvo ail my vlra 01 j stn rums
wihal atrnT I ihnk Ie twn4 00114
rule Iht Ian lu A ruUe else
foe young r nIeua iUeU < N h
warning a wry MuU MMJT and uas
wblob 14 w tusk au S4 uyallle
el UvIng Was wnlurlIbly 811II I Mvl +
I l 0a fOIl dwilr Tall w NttM t OUI4
1 ftlt wu Ayyl
I 1 teoul4 bar 14 know UM MWWMftj
tnt M liMtKgot oplfttea If It U I U
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f 7 Ie
Lfr Ryder nru silent and prat1y
lib left the girl aloiv with her work I
The next afternoon Hhlrley wa In
her room bUy writing wben there cnn
i tap at her door Thinking K wu
jbnotunr tilt from Mra Ryder ohe dU
not look up but cried out pleonontlyt
Corhe In1
Julvn Hy Wr entered Its roil4 con
< Ytt11 and u If poloclimg for th In
trusion cald uniablyi
I thought Id run up to see how you
are gettlruf along
Id con + Int wne a nn xr emted hilt
tor a mnnint Shirley wx startled but
die nilikly regained her eompcwur
and ailcrd Mm to take a rest H
ntmol pbud to find her malting once
good procno and he etojip d to an
ewer a number of questions she put lo 1
him Shirley vied to be uordlaj but J
wten the larked well ttt him and noted I
the keen tinnhUka eyes the cruel
vindictive Inndl Roont the miuUi tho J
I rauar < iM rMU4 Mn = VoJl treat i
had gone wrong win the Calumut that
day cud he KIM still wtMrtng Mi war
paint eh rwaU d the wrong tbs man g
had done her father ana abe felt how ir
blttnrly 181 rmlM him The more hr
mind dwelt upon It the more exiuperv ry
IvtMl she was ta uttnk An aiuuii > ae 0 i
e ft a rrir under hU roof and It a 1
only with the ureatrtt dlaioulty
tL he remained chll
tviat U the moml of your Ute ahe
vrunded blimllr
To Ho Continued
Lemon ToO
I NB Ikmon 1 rolled cracker I cup of
O water 1 cup of auger 1 egg Jut
I a bit of flour In bottom of plate
mad with two trusts Makei one large j
P BAT toRi her until tJilcV and mootfi
B thre < iuart r of a pnrA of uat
JJ and Ov sue Add tMiil n n
ot a poand of flour rtlrrtnc It In a
pound CJt flour ttrrtac it In by Uw
ItpOTtt1 Tim add we 3oaru et a
pound of butter bates t a cream a
nlnoh of art and era Jotae et a lotion
I coke aQ buOervl baking sheet i
phLoln the past wIth a tiny apoen 1
that the eroquanu when baked will toe
no larger than maoaraon When re i
moved from Uw own put toreOwr la
PH TB with ohocolaca Icing
Oran < je Puffs
1 HEAII cm chlrd of a vupful of bwt
UUr add 1 cupful sugar then add I
t > atn ur Add altomataty halt
a capful milk and 1 a4 cupful of door
I apoonfuli baking powdtt a club
of alt lint UumMighly turn tet > trat
tired Individual dishes and bake ta I
moderate oven 10 minutia Herne wtetk
orange canoe
May Mantons Daily Fashions
mow girl fled
Y the over waist
PT Jumper peou 11
well suited to rt
utr nee t and non t
f bun hailed a 7
them ta nthol y
Uo Trloocn Uar lion q t t
on that U jut u
ctiarmlng u it U ptm I 1If
pie and whisk oan be e
utUled for OCtoMAi tp
eaamabte wa Diu
hated the rsoblorae
U n > d ef pal blu > v
m Unoe with trim e
ming of cream lace J t
edge with psle btu
vel vet while It U worn
over a gulmp of fin 1 I
wt t e not 41n 1i I
pulse of anlfoidrr I
There are however
not atone a great
many thtn < lib thU
eaaon and atrmI
llgbtwlght wows
wtnOh make atlraoUT
watt of III oM for l e >
young glri but no r
a great many MWon Y fH
and silk nod cotton U
well as linen niaurlaia V a k
wraA CB be uCtlla00004 g
In a bntar w > fcy rot
upI W til wmJt
l i
wen made of Wvrnx I
UnM wtM kUI H >
match and tb MM
Ut y at Whit J
weeroallop k
wig +
wttti a ik od 4ga
CJMT could be roie4 t
a moM atVflMiury a4 duals Jumper or OvrWil1 With Gulmp
ort let tiny oai Pattern No eGG °
I Woe tUI mJ a H Ie frmn Ua whit lt < M U la ftu aiodlngty dreaiy
Tree ruantlty of ouUrlal required for elatutnqar ala U lll yard M 111
yad B or M with I yard of ue onj I yi U of vWv t ribbon lll yiud j
jji Inches well with 14 yard ot s0 orr eu + hrotdeay for the tamps
patters f 11141 i a cut hi ekes for uric of ourteeu col irfeen JMroo of Mr
Call M send by mall W TUB BVrWNd WORLD JAY UAM r
ilw 1 TON KAilllON UUUICAU Nu U owl ywwli Utn ut lsr
I otsl TOof1Id lea rM MO ar tamps for 5411 pa It era rinV
1 lUrOIvTAHT Wrtt your Bam cod oMrM plioty ea4 sY
rser ors opacity 14 wal a
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< oiL wu
If iii K > PW

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