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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, May 02, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 9

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rA g rtJ i r
r 1j
Vendetta Believed to Have
I Bcn Cause of Wouncl j
i J ing of tondozzo 1
1 A prlvsl vend la the Iwlle at the
Iliv was i > e tdrer Df the shooting of
lloitvtto HoiflMzn tbly year cold of
No eSfc ZaYsevnlyf1Ittut on the
roof or Jila ntrn > ml He la In Im
b tenon I < ontltal urrnalt from wound I
In the forehead jnootlj wid vhoat and
It U laid Hill probably die HI aitall I
ant escaped
AooordlnK ao Itondozxoa wife a man
ahe hii aeen 0111 a few tlmea called al
their flatljn tat top floor of th tin
story tn ra nthotjj late last digit
The mkn an ItalUn asked for her
liueband MonJgtio rrtnt to the door
and tbe rraruc r niked to te him alone
for a abort time
There J a ilalrmtjr julnc to the
i root and Ucmdoriw a iRcnted this oa
a wJic to taJH J h < < tw i men went to i
f the roof Toy were on the root but I
i a few mlmitea when Ihres ryUlv
ai6ttc re IUd The tenement wu Jn
an uproar In an lo ant
vlUltns h4vlly n the ltAlr tAI
RondOUo tiorvrrd from the roof and
fell nenfl > cloDi at his own door
i Salvatore ilannanpo who fives on
the fourth floor told the pollc that
f he waa itandlng at hlfl door aa he
lizard the hot A moment latrr h +
old he claw a trimmer hurrylnj down
the stair carr > ln a revolver In hi + t
hand Salvatore Routed aftes him In
r Italian What have jou doper
J I Rat him at tut answered the I
I man
Jatrolrnnn Jloptr wen called In after I
the ahooltnit acMTie sent hunr call
I for rn ambulance Dr Buirt took the I
Injured man to the hoipltal and he was
f lared at once upon the or rallni table 1
r in hope uf AIIIK 14 life lnl the I
f IMyiilans ret tire lest one of the
three bulled la HUT to pnve fatal
Cecil De Tourney Hinebaugh
Five Years Old I Is Of
ficial Booster I
I f
+ F
I r
CecU dT Niaebcuyh
Tho Artora F r 1 rd w < r open
ax the Mctrop tj i ape aH > UM next
Mark Jay at n > < a rar a lee SM
na yean of nit H la tho macro of
the Jlooiltr boo > h
lie U little < r < I d Tournry Iflne
tiauch and too war Iea ti u lloueler
buiwn at UM fn i JIll mother the
Countosa Sill l1a Tourney Mill tuive
i use of U booth
LHd Ceoir lm li In m Louts
It haa the honor of havinc ben choieu
I In oomp tllk n wllli nrrea of oilier
brlrht 1U1U bO > the cummlttM
ticked him not only txvauae of lea
chtorful sturdy goad louk but aao I
Ucrauia of hla olrrnneii
The Aetori FMnd Fair win be the
1 flrit affair of the klnd to have An of
natal nvaaout It Ii aa < < > my that the
worthy trtijfwt of the fair will be nil Ih
I rloher for the njv ratk ia of Oll the
t > 6r
1 i
r 1 0 Moe Levy > Co
lao la i lily Z +
MuLkrr blJ I llroadHrar ij
61 NnW ronfc J VBW Yultk
J8038Z Pulton 5tlt klyn
4l E I Our Custom Dcpt
tut tu VValkrr HI Mure I
on account of hack ward
weather conditions k
making to mfaMirr the
Richest 30 Suits j
from your choice If i
new imported popular
fabrics at the
special pi ice
J of
2250 o
II tr
I 7
j rlJ 111111TntIi1t u
3d Anriiversar More Ast nding Bargains q
OldFashioned Bargain Friday Sales i
th enuesBusS r Extra Special Women 9 TWomensS1es ancV
kr 10 A M to 1 P M I Oxfords
t F Friday No Mail Orders 0 Oxfordsrf
f r S y + g Suits Made to S cll at 150 rf S S
Girls Rain Coats ring U1 ta7 to 350 a Price Pair An 100r
k 4 niversary o v
v Cy Well tailored of futranteed rainproof Crivenette clever storm 1 1
collara double brcath4 effect lujl lengths patch pockets fUgnly Sensational Sale Eight bit Darwin
full sleeve turnback cuffs Oxford Tablet overflowing
Grays and Tan only slims 6 to 14 fh f mt D j with the creates tar
yeirs Made to be sold at 1698 No L 3 75 For Bargain Friday ralns for women ever
mail orders filled Not more than I uj e j e L J shown on i Bargain Ito 1
Friday A Remarkable I
It to a customer Each An announcement hit Y
rmo ought to bring an Immense throat
Second Floor Sale because of thi I
of customers to THE HT1 STREET STORE Friday The tail tremendous variety of I
I 1 U alnjott equivalent to cMnj suits awn Y The lou II not oun styles leathers sites
I W omens S n 1 r t It falls bn the manufacturer These suits are made of Chlfion widths widths SAil sites Canvas all v
Panama < n Russet Brown Pearl Gray Champapie Bloc and Lace
t 1 TVT Suits Black l handsome well tallorid Pony Prince Chap and Eton Shoes
W also 1 tJ U1 t S styles all tastefully trimmed The skirts fit faultlessly and are tnth j
in plaited effects Sites for women 34 to 44 buts for smaller 10rrbla
n No Mail Orders Filled Floor
JLO J Yl al r ers Ie women and misses 0 l
White Lawns Tans Polka Dots wahU 2000 SELECTED PAlt OF fttErTS WAUCOVERS ht
neitly Dimmed with fine plaits and Reduced from ly Imperfect patient kid and patent colUldn tarry
lace full lifting sklrtsi sites 34 to 100 I 10 Twenty new lists tfts 5 to SJ widths A Co
01 44 Not more than 2 to a customer tJj 18 EE No mall orders tiled Both shoes and C 1 98
98 JJV
200 raluti Each I 1898 to Oxfords Mr cr
1Ion4 Floor i
No Mail OrdersQuantities Restricted as a Protection Against Dealers
Art Ticking Cretonnes t Muslins Lace Department Embroideries Plain and Fancy Muslins Dress Goods i I 1
3 and i strip pretty openwork Fancy Checks Plaids Stripes Brown
S food unbleached quality yard wide Lace Insertions Edits widths to yard Silks Also Slxetingl widths 1 to M J
tonnes Oatines Worth ftc a yara Not more than handling 5 inches lengths slightly to soiled 20 from end patterns Yard finely erabrold OC Lengths t to 10 sirds consisting of ya rdt tleached or unbleached Nuns Checks Velltne Fancy Mohair Mixtures Batistei Serge
10 yards to a customer s T lengths 3V4 to
Lengths 112 to S Floral toto 1C Chrffon Faille Taffetas Armurei fanamu Cheviots BrllU
yards Ot yards Yard J C f11taTtior Pontff enrds
Oriental and bordered designs Lengths 2 to iO yards 4IJ C > llabutals Peau de Cycnes Satin yards I Sc to 39e5C to 29e lantlnu Eollenna Henrlrttu
I wortbJ from tSc to 25c i f Rt1Ci1n LIberties Printed Foulards Pop Silk Crepo Silk and Wool Plaid
yard on the piece Yard OC faralnrter TILLY LACES Very pretty pat MCfimg Ism Rough Shantungs Values up IuleDrl ra Granite Poplins Surah Serge
Fcarth Hoot terns worth up to X5c yard on White Blue and Black Rem5C to 9Sc Yard etc Value up to 93c Yard 4
the piece Length to10 f nan s only neck 0
Rill yard Yard DC fMatn rUorl la25a 35c and 45 c Table DamasK 2Sc 35c and 450 1
Tri 1 1 r I5JD 1Jns fMaln floor1 MmJa tt L aOle a11t4lR Mlalferl
L rimming Braids vvhite Goods t
taffeta Satin Taffetas Messallne Toweling Wboe T 1 Unitiu lH to J yards blushed or Embroideries
A lug variety of patterns led Plaids Stripe Printed Flower e 7ng too remnants of White Goods JXa R7nS unbleached Also turkey red mOr07aeMeS
color from which to mike your Ribbons etc Black white and Suitable for Kitchen Glass and Roll length 2 to ltO it worth up to Slightly lolled from being handled union Corset Ccnrtr Embroideries lHyard
Tabl Dun lsb 29c to
selection Lengths 4 to to yards colors lengths er Towels length 2 to 10 yard 29c yard Lingerie Batiste Dotted value up to 17S a U dorm Ti I tn fibs i will fnareln of embroid
Any remnant In the o up to 20 yard 50 to 25c regular price 6coj ff S dtsej Figured dUes e17 j Friday In Vt 1 n QO S5 L yud15a to 98c ery with or without bead
lot OC yard from OC JC to 2Jc Yard loto JJC NOOn etc Yard 2 0 dozen lots tJiJC to JOC Yard tef topYard 19 cl +
TCoUon Dent unto Ttoor1 faJa n1 t7Hati nr1 tKa1D rtra t1tAla nr txaI8 ItLt Rata 7r 1
Corsets I Wall Papers I JvIens Hose vvrafifiers Silk Petticoats For Cnila ren Mens Negligee
Strong Jean and fine batiste medium 25000 Rolls in two tones in reds 12000 pairs ° The Second of L Lawn or Percale of good serviceable Of t very food quality of substantial Shirts J Priced 0
and low bust lone dip hips greens and blues suitable for din large muufacturer of 05c Halt quality In wuhable colors stripe rustllnr taffetai changeable and 2000 Whit Lawn aid SI
and long over abdomen all ingrooms halls and libraries f Hose The Imperfection are to and figures prettily trimmed with plain colons made with full flounces isn floe fDrmus The best lot of thirls ever seen In
n ru I u
straight front with and without braries Soc valu e a 23JC slight that ttxy do not materially bnld and flounce on 390 of iccordlonpliltlnf and flnUbed 9 New York at this prtc The ahlrts
supporters attached sizes t7 roll 1 C Interfere with too wear of the hose klrt with iJlu ruffle value About fifty different rtylt 4j were obtained from a lute HMIa
18 to 30 inche 47 fToorth oor A dropped stitch Is about the slz eerudlsor HOO At 2 69 Speeitl Friday at rftC delphla house rttlriac from 1ha
of the flaw Some are only slight Olaln Floor JOO PIOUS CARRIAGE COVERS for short tktng business The lot cora
Other models aL his price for slight T 1 ly soiled Fancy colors as Sam hl a Drawers Bible Dup embroidery 1 priies a Itrgi assortment of woven
figures medium and low bust also Valenciennes L well black and amp e rawers special 98
ValenCIenneS JUaces u plain 10 ruln1 Friday it JO 0 and printed madras and percale la
tape girdles supporter at 47 tan Pair 1 J UC Ewellrnt cambric In a variety of G Dod floor llphi and dark pattern also Bluet
tithed sizes 1810 14 Inches l C German Valenciennes pees with In Main doer tylei lace trlmmlnp full 0 arts Cheviots attached ondctiched tfs
Beeon YIer 1 sertions to match 1 to 3 Inches I ruffles worth to Soc Pair 29 V full large bodlis 111 t
wide Folding kind with full stu reed bod Visiting Cards
large assortment tng
pretty patterns
tv7 r T sliM loin In the lot
f rued HV > or ies adjustable dupes
rr ment from which to nuke your women oS Vests reclining backs heJ 549 50 with vines and address printed thai retail regularly 39 C
uc W V
n ac
flat Trimmings selection Regular price 290 l + T ne fO while you wait Other at 0100
rlmm7ngs 45c Dozen yards jJC Regular and extra large dual low N7ghp Gowns fTMrtl Hoor days 25c Speclil on 19c Qlla raooa
GRASSES FOR HAT TRIMMINGS tala 110or neck and with or TO r Fridiy
Large bundles satin finish without sleeves Each i iC Cambric nainsook round or high ara < n rt i ti I
all colors 2Sc values 15c TT tT Mala Floor necks trimmed with several rows Baseball Suits The Ntw Wa7sts J
Untrimmed Hats of lace Insertions hemstitched tV7
L n at
Main S
rioor tucks and embroideries Q For Boys5hlrt pants and W aists Another Gnat Ran of
Womens Burnt Jap and China Straw Drug Uefat values to M Each OCC cap of gray flannel 51 li 690 Ribbed cotton I reinforced team 9 Btautiful Spring Veal
Milliner Hat all popular shapes 77 rkHlI4 s4wr t the regular price pant button Each 70
17 nery tJ5 values tOC Combination Soap Sals r Third > tKaJanr1 7 At till priu ywwiU flnAt
ReadytoWear and Tr1m Olaln arloor 1 I p l SG m crIJotu larf he ff i
RodytoTrim Chldren aists
Hat made of pyroxylin and silk 8 CaKes of Soap for 25c 1 ren s 1N Waists i law Insertions md
hraldsi some faced with chiffon I Trimmed Hats BOYS AND GIRLS CORDED iND Dress Trunks JotJO7lS hindionu embroideries stunning tad
Choice of the following 5c and rCSS
ats trl ef
rffectivs models prettily triaiKsdj
large and small shapes black white PLAIN UNDERWAISTS all of strong LA C Ie TniU1 THE WILflOX
and colors values range Oddi and ends otoUt > 295rJ91anJ cakeii Cold Cream Honey Violet jn ttfi lj buttons on tape will not Canvas covered steel bound slats and MDD BHIKT I OIHDLB DUP also yoke ditch I tJacks neatly baby f
from 93c to f249 390 H95 Hits black and Glycerine TFemliB Tar and OiTmeal tear off all seamedj sizes f OJ bottom elms nf hardwood iron WAJBT 8UIE1DH POUTER u e I n r dl trop tucked collar and cuff edged with r 1
lace 3th shires tl J VaP
Main n1 > C bottoms brass locks and 15 fine 11 ijlengtb s urul 1
r colors large and small to 14 years 39c values a pUr tr leif In our 1 Ii
ib pa x195 Also These Specials 1orrcr floor large bolls S30 33 ° Notion Bee ties
shapes epee conee Upl Sc ead Moor the sires or 29t B LEE P Ep 0 R olio each 100 NEAT AND PRETTILY MADE WAISTS r
Silk V ell1ngs I Third Floor I Tblack T < S It 8 EIIS uied tor a OH PERSIAN LAWNS fin n te If r
Soc LAXATIVE FIG SYRUI2fic dawn imonos black edit or flatwith rlalvmaker simple lines Lrtiatki t
NEW PARIS SILK VEILING Plain or 5ver Plated Flat EARLS SARSAPARILLA WITH ENU pair checked a9a U e r m an allver ally doljned made with pin tuckIng t
ha all
dotted effects In Black Brown and Of lawn In a pretty plate Ifll
good qUlIltYlawn I
LISH DANDELION the Ideal very sKtltT r mea Inv ncllly flnlabed floe Yalea
a Spring d SKIJITTOKEB for or y Valmt
all other T
1 latest tVT s H
s figure
shades l silt 4UC assortment of flowered In all ala e ai itomcn no drone lace In Jcroll tlledt books
10 medicine t t OS1 back ors 98
are ft with a ri j
war osiery 00
vrd C striped designs made with full poky blaok or if a nalr
HAYS IIAIR IIEALTIleUc dcc i while eachJ C FANCY FHILU prettily trimmed lace d
Main rioof and trimmed with deep 1C r FAED1YD ollarf and
Knives Fork and Spoons specially JJC CIIIIJ > RENS PINE AND HEAVY RIB T It A C I N O KD OAHTEH collars iOO and flM csi t
Cambric Underskirts STORESAnnhersary Sale and de QUININE PILLS 100 16c rnnd raera SJOCKINGS Wide and narrow a ler hard eteel cut black tlful pattern or col D BLACK VrtERCERlZED SATEEN
n attached
no 8a
r3 somewhat to act isA sou titmij heels soles h 30 yard OO
signed BLAUDS IRON PILLS 100 Of flema double toe and each JO ore a errs WAISTS yoke of tailor stltchtaf
Full lire flouncu trimmed with sev Aenlr To this end we have the COMPOUND CATHARTIC PILLS 1 Misses Pants high spliced h ers s fait 10 J El BET COY LACE I nil e JINB a Iructlble with across the frog extra full blouse
eral of lice and finest grade of Forbes Sliver Co JVC re t JEIi beU box
rows ICe Insertions too m black colors Pllr II U B T heada a beu4lfully pleated for house r
deep embroidery ruffle ware made Into Knives Fork and CAMPH ti BALLS Ib V Cotton umbrella shapes side but rt I tats now dozen for fO wear Long sleeves and collin and
139 values 0 Spoons on which tons with deep sue O cuffs to match ItJo
10 1210ul ci lV77ali
Brtond ICoor trv Imprint of The Store trade kn e Each a J c BLACK COTTON STOCKINGS 1012 eachJv > 0 h 3o value 0
mirk The grade of ware besl CEDARINE from Virginia 26c Mlo rloor plain and ribbed effects dou OWe rMle7teel ISad noo rl
sole Pair
restiurint We
adapted forJ > prpet DARRO F 11
Tourist R uon7ng hotels and usually PHOR package Main Moor UI TV women 3 Underwear OlHln Flonr i t l
sold at 3
times our f f M Suits B
White only L yard pieces In box made ANNIVERSARY SALE 69 WOMENS FINE COMBED EGYPTIAN en s tJuits Big
of One lawn Box of 6 100 PRICE Half dozen I C Lace Curtains COTTON VESTS AND PANTS 1 I
yards of either LCCC 14i ainae hive low necks with Cut Glass
Vests high or Lr11 t Price Reductions
Ualn Door low rice e uctions S
iswu Moor DOUIIIt TllllEAD LACE CUR short or no sleeve pint to match 10nS r
r TA1NS llwutltiil new iylh cur I with deep lice umbrella 117 Won7rrW abuts +
I sY onl rlu a Uti
taint In prtttr floral and nortltr 1l J
effects rut tAtu 1W yard lone shapes Garment J t C I ii > y f f 0 r Fridayin j r ja
FresnFisn Groceries W ant M Inohn wide rsu Of CA Main Floor These bargains cannot be duplicated JS 7 5 0 Stock Othtr < e I
n s n 1eS vines Ur prle un plr ft ait I I T I r Days 7
at the prices eked They ire ib o yj L e ciy
rpriMn none J CT CUIITAJNB r I at 1250
IxceTIent qiMlltr t > > bbl mt with Childrens Underwear I lutety urupprouhtble Tht class Is
Fra1 Butter Rift Prune J Farina llnaUi full llenalinnee < inoa Insertion irlmnivd and deep CHILDRENS GAUZE COTTON VESTS I clear and of unusual brlllljoci The Hntlrc regular J5I2SO line consisting of f
IIta trw II
Ib JlhhlJ IO Ulur s ID 10 111 aNa 4c rhlr gatk41 rtifnar S > rtfular vrlcve flail DOa c AND PANTS Veil have high I I patterns art very artistic all live new 1907 models vith patterns and i
kr 6
li 30e lb pr UC I neck and short tlevei i
ru tOe
plnt pea TA1IUK COV RSThft lire made wi
rna 150 I IIM Han Man DUhee with no inatfidalt to suit life most dressers
of liMvy rcverilble hn > Ord ta i pants ire side buttoned Each Mn4ln iloe particular
Unlwii Trai All rlrfr lira Julre Vlnelaad or C Uuo Illui lull lirand I ritry toiudjxndy fringed aa t J
IJflw4 0r y Main Klucrt tltf Water Iloilla ve1 co Ask the salrtnian for r favorite cloth an t I
re rU 1 r eOr Age ruainn pure unfrr made f nun r 4 ripe lo anmid r rular price He 1141tl6l QO 110 your r i fry
qualll Ib I tftartd wh6tlm i mlo and P pl1 eaob 59 pa torn and ahapoji
lotdre Hnlo nrubfs botlhdot tlM meAlomboullle 12c r lltOO Junch Jlcwla on fel 0 lo color and he will find them In this lot Also tt
Yro der rust d t ItlGIn c dot nruhr r4 10111 G AOKX PlldA15NCoverrrl Min
I e b Hoo b I c II 1ge 1aerau Lora troller airlklnjclr pretty wt catloni B oys underwear 1600 Waiir JUlia two C 3 95 dressy Ulak Thibds and the always desired Blue i t y
JUIItI fIl Oolouc oclhb ruI ee d t CaUtnfI lip tOI mad with cuod full rufflM 23c I Qllan
Urakl JoIt Cerla IDPur cko a r Sr Ar clou NreiIar 2 8G nah Jvp BOYS BALBRIGGAN UNDtHWEAR cum Ie cram Tray tHt1i Series All tailored In firslcUss style The
od all llneu 114r1 u r td dolO II 3iaG11Idte rill ItUPPIUn KP3NA1BSANOK HRI Drawers are knktfrKxkfr tHel safe Kruli or Ulad Bowie tn o
16hoI Yarlrllr ILZUtarl el r ern U lIp tolo IDat m fimi with deep full ruffle WPt alm ll doe 3 2 Jw > I trimming are as goodas you will find in the
ta T un ljl Yrl i Whol IllrrLaq 10 gork LloIN hlt9 larg It TfalxanM t nelf InMitd very itrone rtl lnfor d ititi pearl 10
dr s ID IJlII Unrll > c I boi all Ilrei Gar IIO alpuon Traya f 1111
41e crp a 6G rxctllrnt quality UttiUlnM b butlCMH 1II t more expensive suits y
sirup Ntrup liu Bee It r I b JIIp coal aler piece to mnirh < Q f t > mint 25 Tfc Wjiir T niMra Wlr i
Ilrned sek the Nllh I Yuaalyd Trull 1 rn mrr t + I n tie Pln cajh Main 11 UM Oieiy T Uy VI DA B I Suits R J J
r1 umll ear nulbp rllo I tJold1 ii h 7c I OlMtTAIN MADIlAH lrfllr rib 1 i Boys tuts I Regularly
wbrry ltuoburr a cllroI tic thl flu and color tTen hand I JidO Ku nM lion II lit Inm CO q T 1 l5
ors Jn 4e dlfoIgr 0roe
NO Jib rrvllMdlum
P rmo I
0 arr t rii pUiitl
15cllIlH Iwru j
1In flout ttH Ih Iallfnl 1p Yrult otne for Auouiier cuinlni 01 298 1iLIii
bosh tn rflout 18ell J4 Nbst nouTiti 4 ie rMi < 7 G yard MC Candii i 110 UO lluller l > U > iri frUS Priced at r t err J e
7rh1oIlu 4t tar 1 IhUk db r drer111d Ill itil HOMAN fiTimK OQUOH COVTHS I > ulMJreaitrJ Suits with KnlcktrhovUr or v ll + lJeht ants lomr t IJ
n r in nrn bka nul29c Yr Vlour I tar ICe wty Drure rl luler t 3 fG rl of rib Jtaguili lrlp around l jntry I < = DAINTY MINT KISSBS weU i Ch naware s an extra pjir the Huislin or Sailor Hlme fr the lijuiJfr bays A hug
Iilo1 Orin I4 t feotly rrersl4h r aular i o flavored with rerrmnlnl tunv ol Iylll arks colors to lull the mint rrAt vt Siu ttmn 11 i U i
pflre We e h 9c ppr 9C are 1IYrR t ltvtal tlFT uy
Vho1e Tomato Oat Ft at ft UIDK WNOU HIIADIBH Inohea Pound C dalrillly gHid value dci t lid II wiuid ono thin I r qt UJIlIS SAIIO STRAW HATS Uurlite Ilae wum H lifr w 1
I Ot > 0a > loco llrtnl wbol wide > naa af but qutllY hand IIUTTEKCUIS In uiorftl IbWJIs 5v > furn AnnlfL
Oil gnA1 war rl i q rlmred n Kunlrrdt of dojf tit lets halt at W in nr
rl coon rluf paakrd t ui we rrul un > f tbc 12 O near rr from lue the padiait will Tey O 17G rondo tbervwsntr Derr tfjlakU W r tuyunud > n with centres of cream null 1oCi and gold I naa lam a a v 1tt IUIMUI PJ fc 08 pt al m our hat jJlHlmtlll U utter them I r tiunvrrnt a 19 C
worth up la tlfh uh 59 and flgsi Iound 0 jUtiere
d r 1 fwurtU Nloor OIIIloot I M MQII Trr
r 7 n
L = J
w J
l4 = Y i A JI
1 f r 7Crl1 1 r 1 J L ML c

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