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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, May 07, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 11

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u + Hf i < <
JI h 1 Y I r
H 7 i I j hd
t < f f
Brooklyn Detectives Fol
t lowing Alleged Thief
i Have Many Mishaps
Motor 4 Trlumplianlly f3c kJ
t To Day witli Man Wanted
for S50po Auto Theft
L > 1
l T tr tlvrli Jhlfbt bud fnby or he I i
t1nlIn < rntriI omce triumphantly
BiMnnl Inn > thv trendy ° Mr us ItiUy
with a frioRi tiy hal cupturwl In
Terrepnrt ttjlw roast taotann WIII
c itur + to the natn eeea at Te n hlI
T1wr captlv ka H < nJ m5n Wilson t
and 11fh < iia s < l with ftel ag a 16110O i
f t YI1ttnta I 1 I tthldy
f t he fr w r 111 In f d aA 1a N eh a
t < tnd 1111 r tr s and wing wtt n
s hi allI 1 tt l t whs way with
df fI Ji wr h n gnriii V a aprFldl t
> om T W t I AI I ItMprWh1 I
t I g nn r r vp t 111 II cts atR crr i
ie i and o rat 1 him to jQ and p hire n
fJJ1IIH o < wut > I
Th A Mi a O It r en had lo IO
tern n n ak R tins water an8 I
1 u111r i x Wi a jitMf 1lnto
I Ihr rr Id Uiov oft HB 1a lin e7v
pert rtrn
I 1 3 s > 1 uim KJI fern oat for hIe
I 5f I Lis n i tax krf hard of It
I until > aorta th wuea tn
tl 01 5 n fi t r JiOtl IIl1nt out
qqa tern WAA ef + spt ter blOlrlln
Si s1IMzr WTSsu d
town at I
rui 1 ml Io Ite4 up to await uie >
ruritat gr ll itJrn detrclvte
fient Sleulht In Auto I
2 IIufiur and llualvy wef n tit out for
1nf i n I d nll1I tiler n1 n4r 1 awt
Iruii in h 1S4Jlrtctti in a tin > bra ear
and ihtir t r ttrem Wya ititnil tae
I urb k P 1JtAn Into a ditch on the Jft
1I8ka tJnplke pulwd out
k 1 Si un Into a lm > iav < had w
Je colt
t tan UC P ofFlan Into a Mrtaior pile
rat < td out by muUMt
Ju P Miinn orrr a calf alau ran
1 tbtOOllb 11
I 11 1 Sf ndI UP br local alMrlas out
eon tiflc < d lhm
It n a In the vlInltr 01 mldlll1
when the 10 Iutha arriveil at krer
Wlln and slatted bMCIt
Putt i i ito
raW tntnutea
to than with atm Bv ry
rrtum arn y thoy lo < IlWar
on to coMurroXt1ff k
inibld nto an + a
waysant9 tuniblaa Into corduroy lana
tenor fc and alld Into
J broke tlinuttli j JJ
the eonnta
dltrhre puce 4ot lWk 10
at i clock tnw
ttonw of rmrirtyn
I t Th polka bUn thai Wllaon aa the
came men ww A r w daea ago inatrtt l
I i purr pine ps lryehrypf Fun
tKCUUjn Ptoc t V plni
MIM Taylor ln w
t on lUiKnrd nvtnui1
t ever tjll not ia > ntth the allfgnl auto
irohil Ihld ar tu hillthimon foe
nioltTi lor > tl I tea property tit t
few r k ln n > ev < ntrv iit < etrot
t and Hruln
I Pigeons Maher Stole Soared
i Away and Coat Went
J to Confederate
L It
t Jo eph U ilaher nf tJr Hotel Cen
tral Fourteenth street and Third ave
nue nai arraigned yi the Vorkvllle
Court today charged with stealing a
coat and two pigeons from the etor of
I Fred troth at No Ui Avenue A
I rttooh laid that Maher came Into the
i t elate and after admiring the bird and
j tioci and thing grabbed up two pin
Ion and a coal With the frightened
j blrda In one ham and the coat In the
other he dulled out Into the avenue
i tollceroan Coiuoy pOrMied the fleeing
t man and after running two blocks
Maher let the pigeon go and they
soared oyr neighboring roof Then
he handed the roil to a Minf lral
The s onfdrete fit away with It
Mttirr dmlrd the theft and laid tha
hli arrret was a put up Joh lie wee
held In IKO hall for trial by Magistrate
De Abnizzl Entertains American and
Visiting Admirals Aboard
I Cruiser Varese
t tapdal U nil Etvnln WOIW 1
here tu the JaniMtown UxjioelUfHt t <
tV Yu An eUlioraln illntuV rtrn at
i noon by the Duke De AbniiV own
mending the Itallui Bquadron on the
st Ftv lp Vurret the dinner being ten
I > dated tie Anirrlran and oilier tur4lln
1 vliHIni Ailmlruli awl eomni nrtrra In i
oluJIns the J > pAH6 Ambaaa dor and
i otktr Japanese otllclali now here 1
I The Dukt Ie AirmiJ goea la Wal v i
injton ale return < lo lUmptnn toad > <
I 1Qq the morning of May II tor an e at j
ij for r Ul ou the taw HIM afternoon I
f Tht IlaJUn 111114 will call on May n
< or Nw York
I Tau nnne4u aeeNo ° e of tine Imfue
J CII Attirriean S ortnii n arM teeing iHJ
J + I I11P Janteetrrwit iJIWOHun f de I
111 delrcaic IAVI U > niurniw Cor Ids >
if maud tu t > t auurtaliMd Uier I
j tlt < rat U centred lo the nieodng I
UUi eveolnr nf Dn fluard < > r rdrrtnre I
ol the JiMtiBJiluwii Vinwny wlin tug
plating of the IMlt Uind Uiue ait
Loiter lor the coronliMlnii of the Kx
I f lion will be definitely dMcrmlnixi
r p tPthli time It ii std wianesin d
i i ju t how the luue will IHI t > attar < it
It la puinllile thai N tfik hanks onI
cotheraroy lake ln nw < < I < in moot
gad Tliomaa K lt > itn or Now Yrll
fsha remainder uf me unre in
come IWKO mUll be nwd to pay nfl the
ipretnl rnorlgage for that amount ui >
The land and the rtmalnlni Jiluun will
e tad for the final work of Dom 1i1
the Kxpolti Jt la > lOIN C
t yet fo1e twcdi ml HoaUJ lad tli
I IA bu4 irUWn tfft II1 0
mu KILLfO IN 1
TrainmenViclim Uie Pas
sengers Escaping More
or Less Injured
wtiFKQty Va play 74n n
daae fog rasa jti iUv the Ssw Yort f
Chlcio cxpnrnf No1 on the Haiti 1
I hiorR aittl Ohio F < Utroi rrsntni into
AB eAMbeund frcvjil n It waaktng
iIt 1tflrat NobrlI n > ck twtntrtnhIe4
Mitt Of here Kliriiin toUt of IIIrlll
road mm iwrtumly injurlnV three
oUtrt and rlhttj InJurin nw 1311
n i
Tla nc1nea bIIoC < i nUll and ex
ptra Ntrs were rdenrulihrd but Ie
IMtnrertnitchru aiwl the rf <
were uninjured The cate li std M
be ttta JQS which prevented the PI
fflntvr of tiu i 4o oiit r train from a
ins a tUfftnan that protected the 1rfn it
I The dead are c A Uarn twenty
flvw year otJ lUlUIrr O ImKYivKi
mIr W T TbomUi Whfet r > att
F Vo atr mall of frvtcht J I Ini ur
liurlon W Va express m < fii < r
Lntiw Chrtity fir < < jan of iaeea
LIU Injured are f W nut tv
I IIIK w > a mniKMir or t4 x < r
I train If cut oft above the aril in
tinmi injjrit coiu1in sow 11
1 IcrKin fireman of freight < na >
bone broKtn arm and lit nl Inna i
condition serious 1 A HlK r e
aett arer on paaan er train l > utcd
about head and buoy llt irii L
ttlmni < r Yew Jrraer oUIf u tit
nbdiii hc head ana UDIMT luiri or fi
bud > MiaiMaUle HI > r J r 1
Injured at ut toe ncao C II hi
nlflvlal of au intrnlent > iatf fi >
laceratea OrinriiNi Seal tel V e n
ion 11 C hand cru i < > ti e Ult iI
VVahlnt b 1 vruited al1t t > r
I body
At ut tin injured will recover
Tlil la the lit vrntit K ok a i i rn
nfrI I ty sea ben tun cud 11 t
ter r r h imrd r + ry
I Had TieJ Rope to Bedpost and
Strangled Himself
to Death
henry ricVfn a O rmen fiftynine
years old wan found hanging from a
b Ipo > t In hit room at No 9 Thir
teenth elr < > I loOn g blAntl CUy belay
i III eon Albert found hU fatlirro
body and rut It don A dotof wag
callod but whrn hr urrivM he said
that FVkrn wets beyond help
Th man had feetened one end of
a short rr > T to the bfcpoet and the
other ens arouml hL neck DnJ hid
then tnrown himself foruan and was
Mranclml ti death The cause of ht
art If not known lye tvmi a widower
ITAVAXA Cuba Mar Pruldwit
Palma li inrloualy 111 at hit ranch n rr
Gi mo on the t cute Hlvr
Mr Palma trier t her have an Yt
rnnvrj no direct newt of hli Illness
When a Man
is Thin
he gds tjrmpalnjr which he neither
wUa Of pa h jx dcicrr The man
with aJraiule lab huth adnc1 e
People die lo deal tad auodala wall
healthy robust looking two But
the moat MIVMM hand cp IOf the thin
nun U vih ftl Dons comahe hu
no turpliu flesh upon which to ditw
A Food Not A M dlcln
by orcreymiDg the lour UUKI ol lean
new If not ooly adJ4 fl < > li but pub
the digestive organ in condition lo
auimiliite all lice food that Is cairn
IFPTOL was cruled la the cretitit
food Uboratooci in the wocld lu
woith liu been gully piorca It j1
guutlcml lo inmate Jour Weight
within 30 days a money will be re
lundVil and no quatiom uk td San
uung PcMol today and watch jrcuncU
gun Ail your dnwui lot book
I U Why People troThm
The Peptol Copipany
First Hu1 BuJi BUf
Battle tteek Michigan
llssenn + ate Ytit and Lrway
autb Hii nnaer tta av II aa1 1 1 ClI1
ietQ bnsa i uMt ltsew au
J Jug auat llrJd 14 ar 4 all f u A4II
j Wltaa gut pr1
ca stwsU xlya Co setqtaw
hiker Deus it rJtrw 1wa and 841
1UIi art JU IsstMawsa
u u f
< w L r IaW
The 5 Doctor Writes of Counterfeiters
Hyannis > Mass Aut 17 1005
Doar Mr FletcherI wish to congratulate you on your numerous vic
tories ovor counterfeiters and imitators of Oastoria and trust the time is not far I
distant when those inferior and dangerous mixtures will be entirely suppressed
You arc rightwhen you say in your advertisements that it is Experience
against Experiment I
I fool it to ho an outrage and an imposition upon tho parents ol little chil
dren that my name should ho associated with imitations of Oastoria dangerous to
tho health and lifo of these littlo ones who too often fight their battles for life in vain
Lot me again common d iron for the high standard you have maintained
inthe preparation of my prescription and I confidently believe it is due to this
scrupulous integrity you are indebted for tho wonderful sale of Castro is today I
and the steady growth lit has had siuco I gave you tho details of its manufacture
in my laboratory thirtythree years ago 0 l p
ci U 1
r f4 O f STO RG The Kind You Ilnvo AlwnyH IJon lit mill lilrli lias been
JJJt a
> 4 t r N n in UNO for over IJO curs has hnrno till nlKHidiro of
naGf = d unit hats peen iniido iiudcr Ills per
c AU OIIHI ip 1 il cLaTc2 onalftiiiipr Islon slnco Its liifiiiicy
c r1 QelabltProrualronfrrnl5 U Allow 110 olle tu IClIII UII III thill
l SlmitalinIkftufamJltguh All CountPrfcHs lniltnl iiH iiiul lnst sK uud tiro but
F r + I tinyIIPStamahc yrdl Chef xMTlmcntH that trlllo with lUll oinliiiiKcr this licaltli of
JdgQ c arc Infants null Clilldreu Kxiicrlcneo a aln it Kxporlnictit
M L 1
° I fOGIlIICSDlnP9hdncFtrl 4 What is CASTORIA
M ness ami IksLCoalains ncittitr Castorln Is n harmless Kiibstltuto fur Cn tor 011 Iaro
nJ Opiunt Morphine norMairra K rlo Drops and KoolhliiK Syrups It IM IliMtsant It
a NOT NARCOTIC contains neither Opium jMorpblno nor other Xareotlc
7 d Milistniicp Its 1tfic > Nits guarantee It destroys AVorinn
a = Hill allays TVvprlslincM Jfc cures Dlarrlura and AYliul
upJ i SmI
p arama Colic It relieves TcothliiK T > otibhsji cures Constipation
Q if ntitl Flntulincy It assimilates the Food regulates tho
oZ yptrR ilmunrh and lon o1N fjlvlnjj health and natural sloop
t0 f tt ta6 Tho ChlldreuH Panacea Tho Mothvrn Friend
= A
r 0Alw
t AprirdSeredyforCeislla
2 lion Sour SlomadiDlarrtai Bears tho Signature of
Worms fomlllsionsfmrisb
w ness cndLoss OF SHEEP r
ql r Simile Sigtl4rurr rl
bb ttJ a
cvc o NEW YORK r
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper tae CtNTAUN COMPANY n MilpH4r 3t MCW v eln
Pluribus Unum
High Ball
Can Only Be Made of
A Fable
77 tee oCjOCk
rehllur wet fn
ithel far h I I
A Moral
flit lardy pur
huff nf Srring
clothes generally
rctelvrs hu pun l
llinifiit in form of
I depleted ttltctinn
not a lirrr bt
tote we minuuttuu Ii > I
olhu wr sell we cur nllf I
lIv trtthtn ur fur Muck 1
itie ncu rst shir itu itt Ju
rutty we cln Itkt Ire of
fnry J
Inn Jt WIfJC t Nt hour + +
I Nw fork dew Y n
aalsp Nuhen ar II k
World Wants Work Wonder
J 1
vet wx11e AhwAM iM
ralarla lean atmoipUeric poison which reiincansuaus1y breathe Into
jur KV teni The lit XKJ in its constant passage through the lung ahgurlm
IV p ntti and they dtstrny the rich red corpuscle of thm vital fluid and
tri > it t > i tit1t n weak watery condiliotj that it U uualile tu properly I
rtovt tin ystcui and disease gets a lotholl Then the symptoms uf
Malaria such as pale sallow coini > lcxiais weak vitality poor appetite i
frnnpfd thgeatton and perhaps chills au > I fever show that the trouble m I
i iTcclltlK every part of the holy lUlarii aM n fleets the liver producing
a chrome stite liihmisneM and often a long SIcll of fever follow when
the blood Ixxotne fully contaminated with the poise Chronic Bore
nd Titer I ails aches and pains and kin affections various kinds
Urn result from thia insidious disease if the poison is allowed to acciiin
late in the hlood in sufficient quantities Malaria must be removed from
the Hltelll through the circulation andfor this purpose nothing equalS
S K H This Treat rcmwly goes down into the mood HIK drives out all
i irms microbe and poioiu and penuaneutly cure Malaria S S S
not only cleaucrK the hlood of the CAUte hut furnisher it with the health
rut properties it needs set thoU instead of a weak ienninf < < ted stream
Rprcailiiiif disease throughout the system it > > ecoines a rich ml fluid
noiuishiiiK the 11I1IIy gad cnalJtiug it to resist disease S S S in olio UK
greatest of all tonics anti builds up and invigorates the entire avstem while
ndliiijr the blood of the Rcnnft of Malaria 1crkons who are suffering
from Malaria wilt IK pleisul with the prompt and pleasant results pro
ducat by the use 0168 8 pad can take it with confidence because it i >
anattwlutelysafe medicine being free from harmful minerals any kind
Book on the blood and any medical advice desired sent free to nil who
WilI 1 > < 1 r r a ar CO 6r
e o r 0 p
Q i a a
t A Special Wednesday Sale of White
Enamelled Bed Outfits at 1675
tf Fcwtlh and Hflti ntII
A COMPLETE Heel nile Hcdding nil but the Hedclolhcs An
r interesting special for Sinnmcr home furnishers
The bed are nude like Illustration with i inch I
continuant posit heavy Uternlt nnd fancy brass scroll
I fitlingi on head and footboard All site ho nno JJ1
full sirs strong Iron spring tnndc ofheavy tubing and 7 1
I 1
cotely woven wire one fibre combination nmttrcM covered o
I with sUnilnUhed ticking f r f 1 C l 1 1mJ lr
i t TotforrQw 1675 > r q
Hcavy Brass Bed Outfit at 3575
A very tlurnilo lied mnijo of mlnch contlntioUH pout with tine heavy mounting finished with beat
J renew lacquerflll elate Also a hl hRnido upJiolalTeil spring and our special nil mixed
hair lItallntCull w jlg WOKht both covered with Um bent lloklim complitc nt 83Sr75
Other Specials in Brass Beds 100 51875 Dressers or
u 51073 art2a7o llrnfw UMK Chiffoniers to Match at SI625
it 105 for jSOO Urns Bode The Intent inmlin4 In all the popular woods q
i 92373 for Js7G finer hole golden oak birch maple or mahnjwny finished fit
ted with extra largo oval Krvnrh bevel plate mirrors
920 73 for 40 po lirass Bale with
rors lacquered bnuu trimming guaranteed
S1475 for 11400 HrnsR lleda construction
2475 Atlas Refrigerator at 21
i Only the highest chats initcruls nrc used in the construc
tion of t esc rcfrlccntori thorough y kiln drfed lumber we I z
built cnics and finished In nice y policed go den oak
1 Ttn pjle offered taes picture in JUa in wide 21V4 In ilc 41
and TiS III high The capacity of tho ice chamber In 110 Urn weight
te4 Yin lbs The Ice chamber In llniM with heavy zinc the provision
i chamber It rnamrlliil nn < l Ilttecl with three enamelled shelves
Ruffled Curtains at About Factory Cost
14 Irrt I e i
TOTVlrrHSTANDING the ndvnncc in the of such
NOTNVITI1STAND1NC sharp o iitiiiui recently 111 iiiu prices < i oiitil floods
we are able through advantageous purchases some months ago to quote
priccs on Muslin Curtains which arc actually below factory cost today
Stetted Muslin Curtain Kigurol MiiOln ilirtalnH Ilnc Qusllly
Todays price lOc sale price 37ic pair To days pricc 2 salt price l23irlE
Tuehctl and tree Mtiniln reruns l tctnalKsnurp H < > 1iiliit rartrlnf IJT Irlmmfd
Todays price 75c sale price 50c pair Today price S173 sale price 51 palr
Bhorr irrnn Iv vHtrtnltt HcnmtllflitMl Hut riel Uilih riuhhlnrt rtjtahm
Todays price 1 sale price OOc pair Todays price 250 safe price 103 pir
700 Pairs Novelty Curtains 13 Off
l Dnlnt Henals nncc and rnblan effects sulUh c for the Summer linmc purcl < aitd nt price con
T cessions which make the follow citrnonllimry values posillile
9J72 Curtains 130 Curtains 0 Curtains 9730 Curtain
250 per pair 205 per nalr 305 per par 3 rer pair
The Demand for Display Room Forces 9
Great Reductions in Decorated China
IT fifth Hoar
R foreign china buyer sends news of several J
great purehases made ainonj the ptrtterics
beautiful which is the p r
of lJuropClicliutilul ware IS already on
way and for which we must make room at once t rfiii
With this end III view prices have been reduce on our P1l r
entire stock of chit n nnd porcelain dinner ware tu n poit which t a i
should Insure a speedy clearance
C I f for Cups and Saucers Vegetable Dishes Creamers Sauce Dishes Ii
1 Dc etCan Importer entire houronn Mmpea bought at CH than hat priceItll
JL > arranged fur quick choosing on Inrirc Pnrgalnfablesn lie ti repleilsh your Ch na t
for summer homes nt great savings Uthers atc ic tc EC and up I
Breakfast Plate 12c Covered VtKutable Dlnliea 73c JIIIr TurwutiR J12
Dinner Plates 15c 85c and DOc Pickle Dlnli > it QOc
Soup Platen 12c Cream 1ltchora 23c Sauco Duals OOc f
Vegetable Dishes 20cr 2Sc 35c bleat flatters SOf r 3Sr 50c Sauce TiirooiiH OOe
Soup howls Inc 75c nod U toverwl Sugura bOc 1
In Covered Butter DUhe 08c JllKB ISC Tea Ciipo nnd Coffee Cups ISc nr g
Cnko Plated 30c Oitincnl DlHlioK 12r TeA Pol OSr r
f ri
A Sale of Mattings + 600 Rolls Just In f i
lr Iturthlu t
THESE mattings are fresh from the Orient and include the loTg wcnring mat A f
tings from Chinn and the bizarre diversified effects from Japan They are Y r
made of carefully selected straw fresh pliable properly cured and properly l
woven in a beautiful variety of 1
New Designs and Odd Coof s i
A most satisfactory floor covering for warm weither at uiinsuil price conciulnm
150 Rolls China Matting 10 Rolls at 57 ISc Yard i
150 Rolls China Matting Xl2 Rolls at 58 22c a yard I
300 Rolls Japanese Matting 314 Rolls at 950 f
165 Saxony Axminster and Savonncric Carpets 95c Yd
Our entire tock of 11I ton 1 r vet Jnxony Axmlnster 1 xtra AMiiiiuter and Sioiiicrie ar eh r
with or wltlnnt borders will be offered tomorrow it Una price
This U probnb > the greatest ti c of thee fine f nrp ra hell n vcnr The rccuar price ranged
ai hllhlt 2iIk ajard I nretrlcted choice ol the entire stud nilorde J to morroiv at era yard
Wednesdays Basement Sales
Important Savings Mustered for Your Inspection To morrow
ISc Pine Sheer Batiste nt 9 > c ytl 75c Iina Muxlin Slieetti at 5Qc 1
A very line sheer fabric In all the iwrwim 1 iu ttrv HUB Mualin oliwin well made In full
eta IIOJdOl
denlrahlo warmwe ther muterlal
Ihadea nod ii very x 1 39 Enllsh Long Gloth OOcwc t
atrtwt and tenure gown Colon light blue dark + tic C
for Iilr A new aWiminn of live Hundred Ieee of OCt I
blue imvy cmiftn1 f1111k red lavender cr ini tan Iulahd KnKllMli lx > iig Cloth III 90 Inch width
alfto Mark And whltu RHIdlI Hulalied for women Hud Ililldreua uiiiler
K rmnu lo > ard PKtUIUIiUy UfIIUluolnJW
IOc Heavy Unbleached Muslin 6c at Ilk
i6WHj yards of a 41 good quality tIIlra heay Oc Persian Lawn at lie ytl 4
unlleithe > mualln In a to H yard lenllba In full lot tf yard of cheer Jurlilan Uwn lu < u and Hfc i
rMuUrb n ry where al nth wlditiv leugtbi 2Vk lo 6
piece5 hu muslin U wild ru I yard ipeoUl u
JIM a yard Spwlal tomorrow itt 6c IOIOM lie
J i
i Wednesday Pure tooA Special 1
= + attnn
T > SqultM len lnnrh 151cLard 0rmNar Simon lure in a6 d
Bacon llr ukfadoutxl till s lb 11411 69C i
tftet K 011 > Juiur 11 I I Crantfcs y cell lu fr
Penw dot II + n tan C t It 1iird 1 aIM I IJjjlHl I I fj 10c
I Qlll Goo II latin J
mailed oil rr 11 et Biscuit X l I lhlL
Coffec It y al 1 1I1IIr a de 24c MH I and p nur i r4 n T he 1 fl 21c
u blend lb
11 Inae
tomdry alalrsnfulty third
I I al 9las Cbctsa Apples Fail r Ieald 45c
t alna hll yaket
r Pin rkrbn KngMah Bkfaal 35c
cn r Allred iA quIIy lb WhliUcy
Fuuh Ckildrn UV lllng lira lian1Ahh1 e 1 sar tlId 27c
I wreet k beat 1I 15c whlakry tins atuudwre1 rat
Prunes l lr ni
rUnC5 pant anti lb r IC rptrtail i r toned tot
f tliii seek shaft litTit C otto I enc rrrk
full < lucre 73 0 1 05
Mutt bWio rn i ii PJ i eau 11
Fhts tareta bln lOc WI > tIt Jly wnioKKv
gal t00 full 141 ODe RoyI 8ll
nNlSY9r IMIOHT1W Buckwheat r
llli aaJny N Y f A p 12c
Cheese 11 C UiXJKAC Ultle flOO
eele BUU bup IIi tJONACIIoIllflOO 1 n 11 I tens t 1
h eet6v e f
LJIIt t l WJ

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