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rmi rnm = t > I 0 p I t
rm r
r f 1
Father Believes Elizabeth Grady Was
1 Murdered and Her Body Cast Into Ri er
r He Demands a Thorough 1
I Police Investigation
of the Case
Grady 5tiys the Police Aided I
I in Escape of Missing I
Patrolnpn Hess
A pjiMtlanal police plot Involved n
th dliappe nin ot fourt rnye rolil
iKlIilhMh Orily > IU be called to the
attention of IoHco 4 tommltiloner lllnR
ham today hr fftthfr Anilrnr J
I Onedy tr Grftdy drcl7At o nn Bvtn
lni VorM rejwlor toilny that hr bt
0 lievfn the D64ktho were working on
th jny tfry of hl jiretti little daich
tere ilUiprpamnrn kne nit nlonic hfj
vhere bouta and roncmlw the fact In
rrter to Mte felloxomr Patrol
t man Theodore 11 Ie s who anl heJ
q lat Friday when It Is aid thp pil
Jt could no lonirrr onrenl the fc nn
1 he hiul plvr < t n prominent p All In th4
hftiictlon ol the mlxnlnc rhlil
l The dlMracleJ fwtlier fmn now that
hili dnuchter Ilk hu bn mkei In
l 1 nn effort to blot out the evidence that
f I thi ptA hAd employed IU ru tir
I an to o ncrol a crime Mr Qradw
I piy that he hm Informntlon ha con
1 Mncr him that hli little Rlrl nfter
tMrtnic abused wan caat Into In H irlni
flyer He made tbla remaxlcable state
r t
t To Force Police Investigation
TSv potiesvlnn of the rlliSon tbl
tied my clrr hnlr on the ilii ih IIA
U pr rnl Mill hanc the uoliretnan Him
kidnap her and I > r the dity I
rut 1 will lay certain lawn err the
1oltce Comml alnn < T aid tii 1llolrld
Attorney that < tltl bnnt a > > ut a To lie
Dcpartmmt ln lcAiin the llVr or
wldrli there hja iioor bien In thli
I knfvw Ihal the p lire bCotuteiy
laid down nljot the > louid that a mem
ber if the loriThwa respomlbi la
the ot my child DffiecUv
were ulatlunml at the blllle ot this
injn tor lourtceti Uoura wlille h r
le malned Intlde and then the inuuthoir
If t jfi and aIToK d llm to ret away
i They were 1I1td off thai be wanlcJ u
make hla escape and tvllhdroti Iron
the nelKh trh od 10 that he would not
be Interfered nlth
Knows Where Dnuchter Wai Taken
1 know that my daughter was
taken to No no Soeond avenue on the
Saturday after she vanlahed I be
lieve she waa kept there lor A certain
lencth ot time and then carried to the
JIarUm Illver and thrown In I will
ailc Comml loner lltnsham to drag
thG Harlem Her for the body ot no
little girt nd ubon It II found I be
lieve we will ha > evidence onouKli lo
tiring about the puntahmem of thoie
rffpoiulblc for hr death
Mr Grady will tell Gen niacham
that hU Jaurhter was tst n to he
Second avenue houae by n man who
answers the crlpllon ot Ibn mltalnc
pollciman lies Thi man tried to
i get a furnished room the and atlee
I wards dlaappcaretl with tle lrl
L To Ask JeromoB Aid
L Qrtdy will ain all on the IMatrlet
r Attarney today and ask that County
L dfIPClh w lle4I ib raiL
I A CluhHb was lv m at Innoont Illtlo
f ii girl yen cuuld imaiin tve liiuiriki > n
1 father Mid Slit was frail timid and
1 t weak and wn afiald lo be out njune
I etpeelally at nljhi Wh > men In IIIP
U > tlme chv Mould not clay In the
f iou > e alone and It nljctu KojlJ not
I fo alone Into a room iliaunti Him a
f light April XL the day ehc diaapoaared
rhe had lelnnd her rnuiuer uiuut lilt
toute In the morning In the afiernoun
he started to Lhuruh in coilrtilon
Now a timid IUI girl like UnUi
nuuld never no away ivitli any n n
I And aho would not willingly uy man
> lille the man fl > bad lured her we
rat wIth her We have < urclid the
I Olaordeily eHlr1 and I am vouvmced
die la rot held prtMwer In un > of tueui
I One thins la pure It the I a not dead
abe la a captive aomenhtre
I The day I toilt thi auonymous let
l ter lo Capt Kreuich al the W at
One Hundred nnd 2tttycopd street
f tatlon I underitaM Hut man lleti
i was then and I have liMrd tuut wuen
X pr ntel the letter he Mid
Writ rguu 111 beat II Ifa about
Wife Loyal to Meet
Mn Hen wIfe of the accuied po
il llctman li waiting lila return 41 her
Wife of Missing Policeman Who
Still Trusts Him and Their Child f
r fi
I r
I 1
I I w
I i
I I 1 Zliz crccfy
kr Jr1 t
r e
1 k4 h 1 4
1i t5 J 1
i I
1 I
+ p at
i f I Ar e I
tzit 5 g i b
2 ez C
r IHtle horn No jot East One Hundred
1 and nisiiirtiU street She li itili ur
he wilt c > mo back to tier and be abls to
clor himself
i lie teal dan nothing wrong she
iilil with tear In her ryei and 1
know he will comeback tomeI I want
him to read In the paper thaI I love
i him and will atlck lohlm through
tieryitiluK U lonjr ui I IT l
j WhIle Mrs lien d1 ncVfleny today
j the story of the plnfc tlbbona lmllar
10 UIOJMJ wurn Dy lv Otnlv which
I her hmbanj hid In his possession an
say they Chow nothing that can point
toward hip guilt
In Jioux love for the policeman li
ihiwn uJ her preparation lor hli re
turn She baa flllad the refriistTntor
with dellcieej he Ilki and h39 hit
slipper In rent ol hn favorIte chair
lies a arl < mother harea the opin
ion ot hi wife lie II Innocent mil
will uon bt home lb aaya ubulya
the poltcrmana little four earold Kir I
ccc i H 4V lew in r > uui wn > bur 1oLtU
J dIN not cjme
HM wlh be dropped from tr Voile
Dnurlment tomorrow meht If 11 hua
I not roporuii tar duty JoI nut bern 4t
acm torn duty wthjut eave fine Un
Friday It ha retwrus h > win be ar
rested at our anti wUI at tttuit have 10
fai u irai In Id department Tor twin
away without nmlwlun
ume ot lav jvJusMiva about the slit
I tionhouse Whorl lito tvs assigned are
or Ilic o1lnloll that hi absence end
that at allea Cindy are only LOluft
011111 They ay ha I a food otrler
i ml a square ftllow 111 the way
Hen 2nd the Girl Frlendi
AI 11IOr4Y home ai Fort Wash
lnjtozs mVeqlUa AiiU lJne luna1 and
J yninth street IIwu 4J mat
Hionwn lift waa well aiiualniol
wiu U xabih HUI hilt on the mon
Ins Iwfure abs diMpiwarwl he hud
broucht her it box or andy
tti l Wlt fond or him
II wna ne
I clared but imly ai tt Bir oSd be
lonU of all uncK 01 ruumn 11 i kij
her md day nhni she was BOnc to
do In DIP afternoon and eli e old him
irmn oily enough the wit jsrtiu S
The learoh for Ilcee boa broadened
and he U Iwinj watch for by the
polio of many cfile
Mrs Iarsrrt Smith who think
HM L anti uiUJ ttrntl were at hr
house In u
KT avenue for n room U
eChO to believe nw tine l the IIIII WII
unlir the Infliieu of drug o Khn did
I not talk at all > Ira Bmlth acys but
I mMl wilin her head tsawp4 lltj
f trW ttn And she looked al
I ahe is I lii
Beware Mr Advertiser S
There arc goldbrick news
paper circulation just as there ire
gilded nugget advertising claims
The Inexperienced advertiser must
t avoid these seductive varieties of
I J H temptations and learn to distin
guish between the genuine and th
I counterfeit
II will pay merchants to bear InC
I mind that It requires both quantity
i and quall y of local circulation to produce advertising results
t 5087 MORE persons advertised In The World last wek
1 than In ANY OTHER new5 > aperby actua count
v Circulation Result
ff II 1 Brings
1 Results Bring Advertising
< 1 1
L TO20000000
Becomes Wealthy Widow
1 by Sudden Death ot
I Uy the midden death last night al
f Charles II HalllKeH vlceprldnt ol
j the American Tobiicco Company the
milk ot his grrnt fortune nil go to fiu
nlfn of a few month who l Mre he
jtmirrUie to Mm bad been Ilulii A
I Coles a pretty trained nurm dependent
I upon her labor tar her dqll bread lie
I Uft It la fatlmatoJ JtUCWu 3
i The fatal aelxur came to the tobaoc l
Inut raiitnatB while lie wu at dinner
In the llolUml House with hla bride
an4 his niece He was riling the two
young omen a humorous story when
j his ace auddenly becam swollen and
Mltuhrd and he fell Irvm hIs chair un
conscious He naa cjrrt il to a prval
room Ph4olana worked over him for
five hours but naaljy realising that he
had nv chance they aant for UM otlltr
members ot him family wha jjinul the
sorrow crushed wit at the bedside ot
the expinti man A popex oil civcti
us the cause uf Mr lUilUell death
Fell in Love with < une
II wis last October thai he married
tire liaildDHIl yunsm Huliwn cli > had
nursed him ihrounh an lllbrm fol
lowlo an opvrattu for aiipimllcllia
Ills pnyulclana hid ordered him tu Vir
Kfnli Idles Coin n ctwnod to tw the
nurse who wait detailed to accompany
the HalM ll petty
lAte while he was recuperating In
Mulnr > llai Cola uvnrr alone still in
the rapacity of nurac for the ailing
millionaire Ix nK before he bcrm
rotivalearenl he had fallen In iove wltfi
the deft and xra < > lul girl In hr trim
imlfnrm and whte apron Kin > ih <
wedding lbs roupl lsd lived at the
Hotel Alajrsllr
ll fure ho went wills the roil Mr
HalllWfll MAS the head ol the bit hi
barro rlrni of IJgtitl 4 Myer ai Si
lad Idnillllrd as Oni nl Trim Win
Charles Ix > vlne twenty Year old
who a > s he live al Ko U lidani
treet waa today held In Jloe ball for
I examination tomorrow by Magistral
I Watile lu the Jelfaraun Market court
charged with Iwlug Implicated In tin
robl > er > on Katurday nllolhl uf the aull
factory ol Jacob Koroblooni al So
97 WI Nineteenth etreet
Henry 1cHiplewell the elevator at
tendam IIIld that Levin waa one ot a
oDrteetlvna Mugge and Ilrockroann
arrested Irvine II denied knowledge
of the robl > ry and aald he wee m
plofd b > n mirth In the building The
atalen stun was valuad al t > isn
< I
JotIBn May T Jn m >
opinion no poaalbl eonllnKtno
ould aria thai could induce the
ra4dnt to accept a third term and
u to talk about mi atccedlnj ilr
rorak r as Hjoalor from Ohio there
Is nothing ID II absolutely nothing
la It Mid Coofr sman Nichol
UnrwD tli wb U hate with Mra
txinn ortli lo a the Kentucky
i e d
k n r L1Lf JJ
Found in Her Room Suf
fering With Knife and
Pistol Wounds
SOUTH rilANKI Mass My 7
airs Fraivo ii Danlelo a bride of two
dod a li dying at the Franklin Hospital
tudiy Itota three bullet wounds and
thrto a11ro eaahrs mode with a knife
Ohio a few lMiur after tilt wedding
raat her rather heard the pistol nhots
and went to the room occupied by his
I daughter and her husband Th bride
CTtxjm van xone
The Cal her dU not send tor a doctor
for six hours trlolUtorn y Uro
rr Is sit the be 0al < of the younK
woman tu set n statement from hr If
ah regains ronnrlousniw
lio wholu traG Iy la wrapped In mys
try Th knife wounds era In lira
IJ1nllo ubdaracn whllo MII pistol shot
ta In her breast and toe others In her
wilE and ahoulder The nthrr can ci
plain nothing
Mrr Dunlilo naa well known In
rhurch circle > She woe married on i
Sunday and a hundred cuuaia were at
tho WMlUluc at her rather a home They
rMialn l till rurty yratprday mornliiK
and U vms Just nl dawn that the voman
all shut
San Francisco Carpenter Shoots Up
BoarJing House in Which
He Lived
Clxl ltylj a tCUIntar In ILl m u
iniAiiii t da > hot and klllM a family
uf six iMtaon with wham he r Ud
LI No 411 PIerre Ire o in thla ur
Tha rtotlna Hr tOn n It I i
as l AHHVn bU wife and ti r
yUBK an W U llari a oirp nter
with relative lo Ut houli and Den
ver it K Zlnton M Purveyor recently
from Xaw York and Mra UliUn u
Carolliora kn leSey ntrawit wao
boarded III the h > UM
Uu ludDer In tin nouac fuaJWC Mir
CaL a gIrl uf aeteuiMo l > aI pointed
ila guts ai her tenet WHS ifepurlnj lu
about WitCh IIP acid en ruembled hn
daughter aoii pared her life
ttevis and hla ittms all rwldMl wit
tole lluali family im oonduried a
uoardlnrhuuw Mra home was h
KHrmorsUilt near VlsaUa this state
Whet be lias a wll and six children
Ho hjs been working here aa a far
jxnttr sliut liCe fir
Aw n < M ilHC waa dun wIth a double
arsIItI IiIioUU lQvl wisi MII il
the aam room wlUi y ua Stud am
> lerd an > shortly aru Bv u lu i >
juU cit arn4n IILIaU WIlT the mutt
allot hi tu rutxHtiMUM IXiim lie via
lied ttnuli room In turn telling the M
To aihiMi attracle a tarn crowd
and a ruah xraa mild upon IJiyla and
HI he wee ltll ni44nc to toed Ma
4iam Ins WU ovolVJJtCPffd o4
turned over to th police l < 4r IHtJa
Mua laVan to Ilie dt nU m wa Ii or
lhe hospital
The bodUa of his totlm wc Utkfn
to the piurru
Davis fancied that the p opi In tfle
house had formid A plot to kill Urn and
Uk hii money
w CC n
r L1A o a
But Jersey City Police I
man Arrested Him and
Hes Hopping Afad
Superintendent of Police Is a
Fagan ManSheriff
isnt I
Lets pUy on 0 more round and waU
eli ro home f
jlomiui John Bheffmeyer of the I
Fourth Pre < lnct Jersey City heard
fnteful word aa bo wa passing Hmlthn I
saloon at No III Communlpaw avenue
Jtriity City just prior to daylight to
tlay Humors of a poker cam In
Hnlths haj reached 8h fTmeyer at ra
rioua times He had even been told
lilt it lie ould pop Into Bmllha uner
pociedly some night he might catch
twicnft John Kalaer of Hudson County
looking over a hand of live card and
aiilfltng chips through hla lIngers
AhaP reid Bheftmeyer lie being a
real Jersey City pollcwnan I will In
voatlpU title and by heaven If there
la any foul deed being done th do ra
thereof 1Ihl to an wr to the
majesty of the law °
Whlls Iollceman Sheffmeyer II uk
nr a mod of entrance calculated least
ulsiuru Itio e within Smith a Pro
aSter emporium Ut us pause to con
aider the situation In Hudson County
Tnrre la a bitter war on between the
lilcklnaon anil Kacan factions Sheriff
Kaiser before h tocame aherln hI
k1 a aaiuun close to that of Bmlths
a a Dickinson man Chief at 1oltce
Mnrihan Is ii staunch aupporter of
Major 1 aan <
When the Chief of folk In Jersey
city tll tlMUIIIHl wlth any pOlitiCAl
faction II Is well for the men under
ilm to U similarly identified Conse
quently It might redound to the credit
of any policeman who could auccoed In
putllnr the twa on anybody oppoaed
U the elder trtcker
having arranged thin apoda scenery
ne will now proceed with the execu
tion of the plot Policeman Bhaflmeyor
sleuthed his way to the back d < y > r of
Hmltha place Placing a fresh chew of
tobacco bctmven his teeth he irraaped
hb revolver firmly In hla right hand
openxd the door with his left and step
ped In
There were seven men aeated around
a table Most of them had cards In
their hanaa The air waa thick with
smoke On chaIrs convenient to the tft
ble were empty and partially empty
rlajtoi Aa Hheffmeyer entered Hhertfl
KaUvr was viewing with a qutxilcal
lane a hand which he held quite
close to his diamond shirt stud There
and dollar
were eight whit chip a
bill on the table In front of him
Th night of Bheffmexor broke up the
entertainment Tour of the neven men
In the room ran out to the bar and
neaped through the front door malt
meyer rounded up the three remnlnlnr
and took them to the station house
where he charged them with gambling
Sheriff KaIser teal the maddest man
bLon luyonne and HolMken Ills
limits Sa at No 31i Communlpaw ave
nue jOlt arroa the street from umlth f
lie Wed lo explain that ha waji tm ills
imy home and had stopped In the en
loon for a nIghtCap but Sherfmeyer
wouldnt listen Ills c0lPIvnl0ln were
1dtulton of No toJ laolrtc ftreet
and Thomas Simon of No M rxifayeu
trth hie Promise to pprar today In
tile HrIInI Criminal Court Shrllt kai
I pr WI 1 allowed to en hne In hi own
ctod Jullon nnt Hlmon however
wore cr mp ld to give ball Aa Rhea
I rrre > er rllmo1 hI > iiSU he wits hearj I
to mutter to ilmi elf
Oh T tt > Tr1 iCj M
I When the prisoners were rmlanei1
before Acting Judire Miller Polleemnn
5 > iefrnieveT lIklt for an adjournmtnt
or one meek Judge Hmihr counsel for
I the drfendMits Insisted upon nn Imme
I diate henrlnar IlnnlVv the se w
ad > virnol until rUturday and the prla
Ion were paroled In the cnnlody of
their rounI
The srrfat of the Sheriff mar raf tv
I Iniforhment proceedings the Iagan
Hnnillcan maohtnc holding that tits I
offense Is aerloua ejioiirh to warrant
I hla r tnival
Sher rt aKIaer av he wan J1lfn i
T > and that ShofTmeyw had I
rlirht to arrest hIm anyhow beinupe tIe
ieee nf New Jfrsev provIde r > at Ce
HhKin may he liken Inlo puatndy ry
by the Coroner
Decision Reserved as to the fus
lody of the Children of
the Couple 1
OhatMWllor today annouhrel he would
rMAKmetid that n dere of divorce be
granted to ral V Honis from hla
wife l4llan M H cers i
Th VlrrChani lTor sad that Hi i
II 1i111 of the ne ndanii uilnia null
John M Manner lite cuntapondmt
Wa con < iu iv iha r urt iaiarel de
ilslun a i la in custody of the rhlllrn
The Vlc < hanoallor could And no
ror ol the Mlle atmns floW by the
i ren lant In hei iruaahlll lloger is
OIrinlndttat of the I > e Wilt Wire
Cloth Companr arirka at illtsvIle
Among the jnuwnsens on board the
t i MI uivei 110111I der jroese
which aallrd today fur Ilremen w
I mn vni iWtMUis ihm miinber of
I Tf > nal MHff uf I r I ifnimn Kin
arvt lilt re < ir itallv i al tie
i opening ol the Jsmratcnn Kxi ulIi i
a i fill rnpuri
I In t le Knipernr fI f Die iipenlng rf
iisel and tin hnapluliu and > surlIea
I I inuii KiisiIon
q I II lll ii I llHIlU
> in cain itrength on
Theres a Reiser II
a IUf JLtillkJ
Sheriff of Hudson County Who r
Was Arrested in a Quiet Game < j
s I
t LJt7
II 4 fri t I
L c i
41 V
JohnTFord Overwrought
by Big Merger Scheme
Drowns Himself
Copyright IPOT by His lv t Publishing
Company timw York World
BpciaJ cb14 IVMpXctv lo T h Dnnlni
PLYMOUTH Kn land Mar 7Offl
ctra of the HamburgAmerican liner
Ueutachland on tho arrival of tb
ateuner her today reporud that on
the voyage over a paaaen er named
John T Ford Jumped ovtrboanl
Vte vassal wee Immediately stopped
and boata put out but efforts lo save
the man failed
Lila uody MU recovered however and
brought to this port
ford was accompanied on the trip by
hla wlf and a pi > atLl n
U wee elated tttis banking lioun ol
Kuenhardt n Co Jto 17 Wulury place
today that the piaaenger who Jumped
from the HaniburgAimrlcon liner
UuuchUnd was John T Kord mineral
manager and directing genius of lIsa
t4rug na IlaJInuy of CoumMa South
Arnerfai lila suicide la bnirovixl to bo
the rcauJt of overwork 011 hla great
aohm to merva all Ui rollroada of
South America Into one gigantic ayalem
whIch he w aa to tiiI lie wee on hla
way to England to Interest the JloUi
child when he mmlttnl aulclde
Ford was a big handvime iifflUh
man lltty year old and a graduate uf
Oxford ills ankera here Here Kuen
hardt Co of No IT Battery plare
and Janves 11 Colgate of WoJl atrvct
ilr Kuenhardt said today that after
working ao hard on the merges schema
and lntenlwlng bankers here and tu
Iloaton Kord satinS under the care of
his We and Ur Campbell and that hi
as suffering 110 on sailing day MAy I
that he remarked he would Jump oven
board ai the firm rhanc
VA8HINaTON Hay TTh annual
meediuc ol the Aaaooiallon of American
Mtdltul Colletfea opened here yesterday
A proposition lo make It obllgutory that
n atuduiit stolid lutir years In it
medlciU coll < Ne mid that no credit be
nllnwrd for anytl ng except for time
nrtuallv apent In such college UPI
Bo L
Baking Powder
Most healthfu
leavener in
i the world
Goes farther
OIL IWi4 POsDtI co PitW VOs
4555C II huliy nil SD H > sau
hes I irk Ia > r ir yea I ta r I <
ll ublt4 e Ilk rhruuatliu an i 10 SL >
I end I tsm i < t liii fuuilui ii i i > Itn
eat IMM i imudietII f u iii ai
r il f fli in Itll us I I > ie a
I an sin r I lunteluetl tMun I ICfl > C
auIt I I 10 Witt Ji Ififlt I
I Cl 1 iw I j I
vII I to iir ft i 1 The ntn i A
1 I
I n d ir < t
I I < I f 1114irri I 5 4 is
c ir It MI
I RadwayS
a > 1 al < rilr of the Bluui > Jlu
Kinnnr H silir iMinneM ti I Cub
lltAlAi itt rKMAlK i tMflAIN
il1 < I M > KH INlJldBBTIIlK fXK fl
iA1it ASI > AlI 10110111 01 Tin
ii H f
RAUWAY It CO W Kim fct N V
1il ar
Bet 80000 to f500000
Hell Live Four Yearsi
I staks of ISOKO played against a for
I tuna of nearly IIHMCnt with a human
I life aa the final detrrmlnlng factor la the
featurtv of an unusual transaction en
tered Into yesterday between Henry C
lOMIrjr sjrt n > < it > icate of tour men
In about three jonrs if ho live ICeat
InK will fall heIr to llCOODOl ot an es
tate to be artled at that limo when
tin yrranarrr helm with berome of age
The syndicate gave Keatlnc fid for
hla Interrat In Ole estate taking the
risk of losing this It Keating dies tx
for the state U aettled j
Should Keatlnc survive the nil
ment of the estate the syndicate will
make JlCOOOO leas tha Interest on the
tocO eM variss icyal fees
The ayndlcaie he fomjKiarf of J C
Btuole formerly Poatmuater of tiaata
Mutilca lie i Jam In Hunter until re
cently tity Attorney Jtobert W > tn
ler aecretary or the Hoard of Educa
tion and A rtW MJTnTon tnariKor
of the IMtadtr Gee and lectrlo Com
Are Your
f J
Teeth Loose Sj
There Is Only One Preparation
that Will Positively Tighten tl
our Teeth r3
IWDi1iTJ n c
The Greatest Discovery 0
the Century in the
Den tat Field I
It Is a Highly Fracrant and
Prophylactic Mouth Wash and
It Absolutely Prevents Decay of
the Teeth
For Bile rvfWtI American Dentifrice 51 B 59th St New York
w1Tvi9 a 2Ii
4Jco6tace G
Womens Hosiery and Underwear j
Superior Grades and Seasonable Wtls tits i
Al Attractive Prices I
LILLE HOSE sheer itiie openwork nkes
lack and white Values 100 and 175 50C 100 pair
BLACK SILK HOSE pure thread 150
SILK HOSE pure thread white tins and cedar brawn 200
FRENCH ML C HOSE pure threadtan
elaboratly selfclocked 425
elaborate trimmed Value SI 00 75c each
handmale tops Vauc 5150 100 J
and lace trimrool Value 35U 290
oo mL 6 IOt i
if 7 t 0
Not brainfood hacktonature It
putted JJ or kinked U food
is real food to eat when you are hungry
I Its 87 < 1 nutriment being pure rice malted
and cooked just right All grocers
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