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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, May 07, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 5

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T P 1 r 1rT1lfF
f Mother Could Talk Only
Hebrew and Policeman
Chief Found Suffocated
Dora Was Lost in the
rV Crowd Outside
Zenlllo ledenber c tour yenta n10wu
burned lo death to dar In her mother a
flat on the top floor of the four tory
1 nnient at Xo I Drt > evol e street Vfttl
r Inmaburghtteher aetrnyearOld 10
ttr Dora was reported mUilnc The
fire that rutted the building U bollevM
to have aurtnl In a pile of rubbtnlt In
the Uasrmfnt tor It came bttlowlrn up
1 the Irhart catching every Hat ai It
came and roarinjc out at the roof
ollttll1ltn Joaeph Oannrr of the
Clgrmer trees iLatlon aaw the tire and
moke and turned In the Alarm ttr
which he ru hwl into the house And
mounted the stalrn beating with hl >
nljchtnuck BI he camp up the hall sear
V top he mt Jin Jennie Nledtn j
berg and her d ufrfilr Dora runnlnur >
down the tulra The mother sill I
omrthlng to him but AI he did not
understand lltbrew he Htd the chIM
and hurtled her downnalra followoj
by the mother
After ftlnr them out In sMt > Man
ner helped out the other cetiLnu a
they came plHn down the smoking
tabs The firerren were driven beck
111 tM ncrce laze eating tnrouxh the
bl1tdlnr end a ceoond alum wee
runic In Meanwhile thr nmvrrln ten
uiu were runntnf around outdoor and
prewuiy I > OIa U e > arad txii
4 V ilr Xi lonb Mg and loot
The mother wee trjlns to line some I
ene who would tell the 9r nipn what
she was crying bttout ae tin Interior
of the huujv inrltd In the fiery blest
When the flane Itt been ubuue i
t KuweJ vca < brought to liatluliun < set
Larwrton ihl a rtul ha1 brrn left on f
the Uv floor re crate wrot ui prr
onnll and found the And o four
t year od Jennie who was niiniiToj in 1
l > or bud A wiTrli Ran then lHIQun far
the m IK 114 Dora i
a I
Blackwells Island Inmate
Twice Thwarted in
AIU1asn Cnniri UolitjeI i jre a r
nA tI la ja1U of due City llama on
HlaritatiT a Wand new two UBMC
ctrttt ur act ntpLe al suicide Gy drown
Ins th MAOA I of Which wan wltqtavJ 1
1r vtattora Mm 1r about ty leee 01
ua dnn I farr erit t rl 11aI
I < ierv hud wendu3 niUv to the
r OK at the bland and > > ip > J Into tee
Wal read had hei iuJ I uut bv an
Iloyro who aew him b It the mareo
far tiny wttln Then i r War I
Dler jrvtrHncf 1
Hr ewnprij the attritlun of the CJJrl I
nn mm to the ewt YJr if the ii 1nJ
nr the KDrhhoiiu nnJln nn1 i
hrpx oVflrlo nJ The f rry boat i
11 AI w4 0A Iw lin lln < Met liar
ids who waa an tie dart lw Cm ry
n 8 Iw was swept rut lain the fiaimri
ar fled tunnel over and nwm ftr him
When tl1 rullI rt uood Crv the
litter fnliJrlt nit All reviirr Mrrko
luck Vinery > rhari blow In th
fAc taking all the fish nut of Wm
and rendering turn hnnt nandau
t By thie time the Iron had etem d
ileaw 40 the triirellnt min ind with
T ropes and l t ironk thwouldhp I
MlMde firer and the niie mite wrrc
Jillllisl nhonrrt
Con > rv wa taken hark In the Tv
HIm Wh ra h U tnitnr under viurrt I
JIf U litllivd In bra demented and will I
t N Bent to the Inrene ward
t IONDON May TAlthough the Ian
I tin not yet been nelally nnnminred II
U deters that the Ilrltlah Uovummem
1teadeotded to milk a grant of l Mi
Poland to JamaUa and I runr ni ee the i
r l > land a loan or U0u > ii to niilat In ii I
t IdblbllllMlon from Uiu eft ecu 01 the I
> te Ilrnnnh at Tiilmrn llIolr >
II Oronlnw rVn CiiiirnuiiKlr >
I I eo IIrerrlle
olblnl Indxu the
jnnp lty Of a
nation mot ja imn ly thin the to
balm Industry etprdally with rMp t
4 I Otrnri LIII oigarMi tttirtiic tin
Put plifht cart til lir output hu
Len more ttu n JtMblel in ihn u uniry
i 8 tliS Ml fur tin liw ei > ji iiiiif ii tl J
Jn 611I n > omlr mil MiiiTiiK rr
Ltd l Aajlllonal Inllwl gnu iunrrii
rnrimiv ritmrtt Just
u w 411
nrue u il ol iMuCtitai riturrtlw
h for IfIIS uvrr the pre edlug riir
Greet ai tile K > f > ularMy of arltei
rasa itrnwo hawecer Ih tt U rvrr > nI
i1neOl hit Ihey will heu even rrralor
KUprMiiiuy lunny Uhf cuttent year
TllrtlUtl I 4lrH i lit iwrllullir how K
IwuJr er 1 in nIlir fayM
Anll > Mi have I uiviid thai Turkish ur
Or eeiel tuWaw are not only K > hiric
III itl tin1Jv h n VI l t i nrv
t II lowlna Hit
thla IriiMMIlriR nn arm vnrn
Of the Iria Kaiviliv nf K 4 Inc rt
I a4inz NW Vk JUl l UKlmJ Ii
I otIi rdu 111111 II b i it >
1 na Mum II I ra n i
tame Wi it n u IIrj e iijmi lu
UlJoInt 1 i i mil
o JJlr m h JI ba rv I A the u
aeeweI it aIUI of I JH i tool
101011111 u at tlio CIInne
1 ll to 1I1fti la fo gwrir j
The nv Anton Phelps BlMkri has
lUlled the police tn aloft two Idl
pKMet wild robbed hln on a forty
aebnd treat rtIwn rar IIr Hl ken
I 1in In BrTftnry of YaM fnlvwult
ti niiht tiii attic over for sum time
brfrr notifying the police nnt they
hare very Indefinite rlupn tn work on
I today
The rlentyman la rlbee the wn who
rat hi mane a two tough lonknt
I utranKer lie wee pnlnn to the tlrnid
contml 8t iIon lunday evening whri
tile two men JoKlert tilm And fimtiii
1 1111 Mtmui nn the car tie tuiuiitii III <
Iof It till he w < nt to buy II llrhrl n li
hi found that IVi and hi l > > H t k
1 erne gone He went on so w llnvin
II wlthoin rejwrtlnK t tin poll e Ini
I last nlxht derided be onnlil to try r
lave the rooki cauI
I F = = = = = =
I f e V
I r
i I I Dine as you maytable
dhotc or dlacnrtc the
feast will leave an endearing j
memory of its ovn if
ended with
I j
1 In ten cent tins
I r alto in twcntjr > fivo cut UBA
i i r I
n pn
I Stem Bretlners 1
Tomorrow Sale of
L I r Wocaerjs Neckwear j
Wash Stocks Ins variety of itjlrt made of Embrol
Sexy Bib Irish Lace and Bttute with lice mcdillionj J QC i VC 29c
Coat Collars d t Baby Irish or FIII Lace 30C 44C 70c 8CC
Yokes and Chemisettes i i
of stay Irish 01 Point Gate Lace SSc 95c si85 i i
Silk Ties In plain and Pom ittp i
tutor nc > aitb tlinccd ends 23c 3Sc 50c
LeatLer Ooodc
f Practical and U sful Leather Articles of every die crlptlon par 1
tJCuUny adaptid for t aslers ranging in prices
I from moderate to the costliest
I Automobile Hampers and Baskets
of Wicker and Leather over fifty stybs JJOSOo 11500
Ii V Special Tomorrow
I 211 24 In
I Sole Leather Suit Cases linen lined i4
4 so
H35 450
ultj iblrt flap rcinfrcd cornea and ctzae
I Imported Hand BagsWih ch i
In bbclc and colorc mprcceo 595 I
Glove Kid Belts In black while and eolorj i
plain or with back Uicklei 50c 95p
Attractive Cretonne Novelties
For Summer Furnishings
Bureau Scarfs Table Covers Pin Cushions Fancy BoxCiXaun
dry and Shoe Bags Etc I all In colors ty itch
I Unusual Values In
Fancy Swiss Bureau Scarfi > A5e89c 110
Pm Cushions to match < 7ic 95c
I Book Hacks and Cravat Holders 75c 110
Cloye Handkerchief and Toilet Boxes 1 65c 75c
Folding Work Baskets and Scrap Baskets 58c 95c
Sathel Work Boxes with fittings V 250
Hand Embroidered Laundry Bags 100 150 175 I I
West Twentythird Street
+ U
h to
r whiKwt ccanLJ
y iy 51X18 try + a rat N wYOan
The W oIfner
at 250
The best piato Hi price ever
ll boujli AI lo Its mu > lcal excel
I 6 t Irnce it speak for Itself you can
fudge that by hearing it
IC J At to in lasting quality
We Guarantee It tft Give Satfafnction
YOU are protecied in every way
when > ou buy a Wolfner both by No Money Down
our guarantee and that of he 1 n Week
rnan ilaciuicr NII in ereit No cxirat tree
bull not only torrici tone quit tfeiverv
its but also for durability A ov vine ttqol and protec
tion cove free with etch
tbltp Cooper Stuff Pdt ylwr Geus4 j
c c
THUKWCIEffilt i W I3tl nIu I
+ 8 SIEGEL t JOOPER r O g I j
l Oriental Rugs I
many people the name oriental In connection
TO with rugs Is sufficient evidence of their desira
bility Everybody knows that for attractiveness
c p S k0 artistic designs and durability oriental rugs arc recog
q ar ic4co < o a G 4 1 nized as leaders
The prices we put on these superb floor coverings
t 1 o ccr oco o c rr for tomorrow arc from 15 to 35 per cent less than those
o u QcS V o quoted by any other house In New York for similar
tS J qualities And the variety and assortment arc such as
S rpcFSGcc wont find offered I
opo A you anywhere in a salp
Turkish Silk Rugs India Ruffs
u VACG S Q QSr Cp S r J A choke of Turkish silk
G fVt In liKbt delicate shades ruts Thciotwo sre the hlhgrado India ruts and will tomparo
u blue green and red a rare adorably with any oriental rue up to 200 suitable for
i o t 04 yr pop o + bargain Average drawlngroom or library
1 gD its0 0 Q sire 4x5 ftt worth
6 0 p 35 at 22r50 Slit VIm StU Price 1 Sip V Io sale Pits
do 121 x 02 5150510300 1124 x 04 5125 8750
e 5 Kazak Rugs
GS Persian Sullanabad Muskabad and
Mahal These
r Two balea of fine heavy Kazak rugs about are
modern rust the names are used to signify the different
4Xx7 h colors rich dark reds
p0 p U old blue and of
qualities of Persian The designs
rugs are mostly allover
Ivory these are bargain at
rugs effects or with medallions welt colored with small
+ S agate
45 335Q
price 45t tomorrow
u many of these are less In price than todays Import cost
Ghiordea Ruga
Sin R Prl Sle Hrlft Six Rrc Price Silt Prlc
These are very thick Turkish rugs The colorincs are dark reds green IOSxq1 SIJ2 9250 108x86 5123 8750
and blue suitable for
diningroom or library Al the prices ottered
they are less than this seasons vholimle coat 106x80 125 8850 107x88 125 8850
Slit Vita Sal Prlct Sin Date < Silt prlt 107x00 120 9100 1010x02 135 9500
13 xO feet 51057100 I 114 x 86 feet 5876150 137x710 115 8250 124x911 135 9500
Slil Cooper Srar Filth Floor From
Couches Bedsteads and Bedding Domestic Rugs
Half the Homemakers in New York Will Be Interested in These Prices
Brats u Inamcled
I tlktbksJ I Bedsteads These rues comer in the
Bedsteads f 1 + aA
popular sizes such as 83xlO 6
I 1 and 0x12 and they arc bar
I F 1 gains at the prices quoted for
i J I them tomorrow
t I 1 Sliding or Telcucope Couches I Desirable not only for their
I The Somersaultic i I threequarter can be separated size or bed used frames as I beauty and artistic design but
also for their durability
are made of angle Iron and I
Hraaa Iledsteadg 2lnch straight Bed
fabric supported by IJ helical Knnrrcletl Dtdilfada 116 Inch Tapcatru Brussels Rugs
posts heavy Illlinc rods door es
p A child can twing it open and springs at each end complete continuous posts heavy fillint
knob vases and excellent construction Slit Vitae bate Price
I close it Very desirable to use In with mattresses and rods Iron scroll work under the 00 120 1550
struction sizes 40 40 5475 x 975
15 i a parlor a library or an office bolster tomorrow at lop rails sizes 40 40 and 30
33 and 30 sale price 83 x 100 1350 825
particularly when economy of Mattresses regular price 5950 Cfi 50
Brass Cribn space l Is desired Ritulirlr Silr Price tile price > > JVf Axmiriatcr Rugs t
Made with Is inch straight posts I It combines all the advantages 2600 Gray Drawings22 00 Enameled Bedsteads New spring rugs the output of
large vases site 26xo46 heavy of a folding bed but operates foremost American makers
I C I with 2 QOOSttAmericanHaly 1GOO I FnaTelcJ IJedstcads made with rug
D Complete
and the like
construction best lac a Davenport amp and In most wanted sizes for home
quered finish reRu 215 i the best springs and felled cotton 1600 No I Mixed Hair 1J50 I Vinci I straight posts brass caps or office floor coverings Judicious
larly 26 sale price I mattresses coverings are velours 1500 No 2 Mixed Hair 1150 and vases all sites 1i2 50 purchasing allows us to lower he
I rcr 35dsale price
denim if cpr
Wire Sprint in assorted colors or 1050 Noc Mixed Hair JO I prices substantially for tomorrows
10 I desired I Hnamelrd Tdatcads made with
Rtiulirlr Stir trlri 1000 Ben Pell 1100 selling
S275 n 25 i We furnish hem in Iron frames inch straight posts high head Tile Axminaiers are In artistic
I In 1350 Uclipic Felt HSfj and all sizes
285 250 with brass trimmings or n golden brat caps vases lochs and oriental patterns
oak and weathere4 oak frames with 10OOSpccl31 felt 850 regularly 450 sale 350 3lc V lu SIIPmc
35 mUsion effect 000 No 2 Cotton 750 price 90 K 120 52550 2250
450 350 Virr with oak 075 Nol Combination 550 Enameled BeilaUads made with 90 i 120 2250 1925
475 37 I frame orivtourcotcrlnu and pl < a1 Ut7UV 000 Fiber soft top and + inch continuous posts heavy 83 fc 100 2150 1925
500 400 I or bottom 17 r construction all sizes g1 83 x 100 1950 1750
with iron
1 tire Wtt ran 450
550 450 franc a id velour 2950 550 Fiber soft top 425 rcg S550 sale price JOx 00 1500 1375fc
e so 50 I co erina 350 Cxcelslar soft top 2EO Slates Cooptr Sere filth floor Sitl Coper Store Hfifc Floor J rono
i May Festival in the Pure Food Grocery Wines and Liquors
Mail or lehfilionft Orders Promptly Filled Telephone WOO Chelsea Johinn Gcril riclfuri iM CAIRE OUKQUNOr OLO P IAHi
li e 12 mi SAUTLantb ChC 2S3G5
Nhrntintr 13 79
I Imported Jum IlarI Layer Raisins7n tcr fib Muracaibo cOffeCor llohlulrarr r r oU3 quint
P lab I r Cn rah loritr Kltillnt U50 CLARET lad BHINE TINES 7GC
STkAO UckRY rr HASP 6 I M > < i ribbonlied clu itt 15c I Golden Siniot cutter Irriri 11 a Iho Obtr liijtlbilnitr ill 703 per slloe JlS3Hmd IC
t BEKHY ittulf 10 poi u C UIHIHcbo roicr lUbi il eh Ibi 16c Crdmtr Tripp n 871
limn 6 pen to eib purnnrr Slilh hrlYetbertlr U7
ANiiCllCA tad MLaCAlLLiiry
I CIARE1S nil SAUTLKNFS cllor wmt SjMiljl per r ii 81C
Baked ellf1SSluhdlltl ICIEillir f Hi ti Co Uordoui trance tonI USSt1Utsad ° 11
YYVY I C I 11 timerS pal I u Ian Cut
AAAA IIOllr ti Coop Fresh Cereasspuwro 12ga
ab etch or ilivortd with lomilo dot e oU4 Si Jullin 53H3
ruts ruutl intn kr nd In ibc 58C I ndc reiulir lOc No 3 ilic 7n I road rtrrt eat rkcf nI IaiulCint 6U3 FREDERICK DUFEY CO IM
mtrlnlYbbluc6 J Ol n n otaapet disbuns lo19c Critiu Movwi 773 IOtITkUGIIAMIdUNEiii
Vi rncn iht tlbl 10 hmtheper nnSrSl Is4uloot II111 icuei1 cictilcncc Iliiror and q l
bite i Sauje nti > ti25 Hi tlIn deg tiiiio ii 30
KJHMCSA lltb OOLONG TEA Colon Em NEtt r IllTttl PRUNES se irt firs la 11UISeidfreb 773 qurta
Itrnkliil Cuaroiltr Mlicd end
SAMILl TEASMl Cetllab J e ill SOc virltiltti Jib odd brlnt in the Nil York milk C4Iere11
0 D int CIO lines J < 2 tc > IB3b i > C pru i utiieJ 101 able ue 0 2 Up IMlORTCt aSTAIC COGNAC IIIIHXITACE RYEftr 1llon l
I 1 rm or JunHrlcr 3 Ibe S I Ib r dsga Net p atlas 1731 Lb uudA CO cob OG123 1 JJJU lifll gain
oun n lit
q1 litrorlit bind lcop rlnito Icil totr at
miliini lender doi > ipl rind < w loco flin 11 GOLUBN rijOniNG RYEper 85c
o r en i HSO Yw I p
cm 13c otuinifclf lbs IV35 ii i Ifcr modcriu lliib prlu 10 O9 u IH1 pruMi 3 Ibo COcs 2c Hirniur ACKklIct Old Co C1 35 Iillw 4gtlq rl ° 1
OLIVtSknjhitr Mjoimlllii rib tnic Kiinili ler bonle PlJil r
1 MONOGRAM NYCptr olio
2ac per 7uc
V lir Jcipt lit L y tern butt 10 Ibi topt rUliC BORAX SOAP 10Mult Tn Q eec ol Score UIJ Prim C1 fKL S37iteU miin
JC 104 luwlur lor liuidrr uJ flab halt
bJiadj y
MACAKONI SIAOHCril ANU VI J144 J u eras IiI < l SGOfC Der
MiCELLI Foymtln dos 41 411551 < 114 UN at IUU 9set OLD CABINET RYEP I illeiu G5C
quillir CkHtleiiM C
12c PURE fECIES nude huh tara 15c 1
IHIo tkMPUIT1I UtolhUtuan
11 U I lb ruckle 2IC tin 53ti3a t r Co bat ImpautIt bW < S2lloi Isla
HAKINC run cream IOVCDllH ol uriir IOUBIIIB S Ik tin qudit 1 Tn SWEET towdj ORAt4lEfatr Ib Cill JO uw IOULTKT IIW tenr m SUPHllHt co bet nut Scinchi or inn j loo > I < AhSINTHtG InpornU Cernxltrtu < I 12t1 bannMutlaaed COCKTAILSMc cibcr vine Uflf
Ll fomn arts U ten boar 10 Ik HC SLab bU oul
JIK lib can 2Yc U Ib etc gt te 2 c lies per boast
Iu1115 10 lit fJlirEN q 1
a bmdtIre UonInlug f0C rrllei1o Ubnrsrlotpit I CkUSHLU OYSI EH Sit ELLS or OLhiH n iiT Ir Hain IIULLAND GINs t 5105
IlNH IEloIINti KIIM 4il NEW MTCOTASHwirl Vi boJ lit tHtilti IOU Ibi 75r 10 He jOIIANNISHbK f SJ30 Nnle
dentrndonnS145nuout 21C 1 PenoniiiO < hul0c Ib lEK Su Fourth
Cooper r uorFrunir
StCiCUalStyr r
j Hi 7C Hi L dor SIIU em bcH Creeper Slur Ferro n or
Leader 71335 p Refrigerators DV Manuututcl tle Alaiki Garden Tools Refrigerators Screen Doors
land makers Com of Household Helps Very lJ 1 in
the famoufMod I And Some 10 lle ps r ery Much In
el The Lead Demand Just Now
er is oally ilic el1Za 1l 1 f I
R imc In every re
l peel escepl that lawn and Garden Tools Screen Hoar J Miscellaneous
it ii not charcoal 1 I
filled but has Hand Weeding or Spading Forks r Strong and durable I Mrdlrine or Toilet Cabinet made
I charcoal sheath ThfMilno wood handle r I frames made ol I of tmdwoodi 10 shelve luck
Ing Instead JSc ISLc and uC
inci lUckj walnut < and Icy lo coldtnpsk fin
L2024 in di ep in 19 in wide high IS1C 11 itS 25 fictilEe JluuIIuutl handle J5c finish and hell qUI 1 I ish 75c
C21 25 in wide loh in df p Garden T ruwl I a wood han ly screen cloth ill
dint 45e JOe iOc lif Fuldlntr With lIenchu
II in srrcul
high speci Q lr 10c birch 2 It 0
82 5 and C n C
at 0 > I inxUftU i > 105 special at
0Afarimcn tinkle style 25 Pruning Qhcari 1
in Aptllllcnhulu in i I from 1 r J C to JSc I 21 lOin x ID I head floardi round plain i
Cln r
U ft U in
SO r high x1075 i Floral Beta 2piecc censisnng IIIliliGraJo lawn Muttera 31 x 7 I made at white wood 9c I
Modcf IlcfriUfrator1J Ol rake and trowel In i 15c Epetul lut at very IUW prcai plain It 120 Comb and Ilruili Itaeka maJe of
432 nth vde17 lncnea box C bcirlnjs the lullowme sues highly polished oak wni mror
ditpZ III IIlbIP hgh 11aO I locr i J rate Beta hoc and piece fork coasitilng in a I0in IhoeniJt hush wheel 75 1 taiMt of the lollowioR ire u adeof j wall bay last kpetui
432a same sue at i3l but 1It1I1 box > DC 18 In Itioenlx high wheel tOO pine in natufaifiotabutbefwiartht I at 2jC
uiulo enitnrl prove p r Women Garden Jet iiglily lame as the loie < oint 2t C1 n SIlle Garlaapa Cant al 75c
lion ctunibn ui 1275 tiiuiwarn 3 and 20tn Ibuenix liiRli heel jSO 0 InxOli 0 In 120 > > ai
I 414 Jr in aide 2ns II o 5 gels ft 335r and piece or CUr IhlnUmvesfhigh wheel 125 Table Olklotligojd quality 64
I m Jc p 10 in h JI v 1J 1J U 7rl ft H In x 6118 in 125 ssutrJ Irs a
431m JrS pn Turf tdtere It n tJneral hill wheel woiii 1 >
431 n SncI 4 1 4 but wnn w hne ur a Iluour handle 20c a12c
ena1 rniign cram r urea hOle unlc > ray If n Nnoiiai low vl eel 2ii5 V j rj
i bet 51r at biraim at OOC lain Naiionai low ulieil li x10 2It B in x 7 ft 125 tiiitt OIKI Viff be 191
ak for M5 IL Green Jratllttjf Stamps We Give Them

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