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c I Full Details Relating nu the Form of ALL the fla Horses Running at I
I t Belmont ToMorrow on Page 12
n C
WEATHBIl Clondr luntBhli Thurilur ri > ln vrATIirK 1nwI hh 1knriis1A > rnlli
> 1 pINAL J 1 1 A2LpINAL
I JESUITS EDITION FcftcUaoi9OL8oJCfltO AllJt s I Circulation Books Open to A2L RESULTS EDITION
L c =
Mare Did Not Run Ac
0 cording to Form in
Jamaica Race
Getaway Day Crowd Badly I
Stung i Information About
Bennett Horse iI
r II IAI tn Tli EvrUnx WertJ I i
t grtawny aurprtae name todey ti i
the miserable allowing made by the
nce p < erlena mAre Klip Flap owwl
by J A Dennett Il wax allowed It
Kit forth that he had worct A rolli
in 140 anj LeUt prime condition for
Jier caaar today She had u compet
itors Tommy Waddell Doliv Hpanker
nnd 1illy Of coume Ihe publc wep
to her p4 yln Ihe mare down from i
7 to ito i to S and ioi lnr WCOO at I
leut In the Mronj boxes of tie nke4
The race wa won by Dolly Bpxk
who tun a bad taet In hln tact rice
Knapp gave Flip Hap the eleat ort
of an outing Spanker took the lead a
we far turn and then galloped from
there to the mliti Waddell even de
feated Flip Flap torthe pla The
only explanation given of the rnlierttbt
allowing of the Dennett mare waa that
a Mie had not run up to her prtvMe form
t The utt r duregard which a Jockey
baa of fear even after an experience lu
which he focnj a horrible death undn
I the hoof ot1 lot of racing thorough j
breJe wan triklngly evidenced loduy
when Jockey Jladtku accopted a mount
while still Ufferlng frum the rffecla o f
lit recent dlaalltuU tall and won the
race In moaterly ely1 i
I lUdtkea return to the nadJle w U
cheered and he 100k1 pale I
Sweet Ttlre at Finish I
To a atari which saw Hnrtford nor
Jeft MI u ual and Ira OKarrell keep
Ing him company the rut uf the Held
I II got BW y well bunched The Ine
worked Inlo lh lid to tho Mrrlch
turn were Alauda the itromriy
Itlayed favorite hhod him for R brief
moment Then Uie Uan got Ida IV
i i > nd wind and came on bu Hweet
Talr piling out of the ruck like u
good one ruahed arroa the line av
winner by H head from the favorite
who wua the ailu dlituir r before The
4nr AUudA wai ridden by Miller
rjid wa played by Uie flubhouae with >
A sri cumcnlailon which went rtround
I ine ring atpot time forcing thb
1 Llyj fite prle down two polnli
Tony Bonero Had Speed
Another rigged turt aaw tho bark
I er of Aiora in Outran Hhe wa left
At tho in > it and then put utter the fly
I ing field wh n there wua no rarthly
chance Hhetundouh outfootrd the real
to the back Itolili where Lord Htan
hope moveil uf and tuck the 10 I for A i
1 fnw itimpi with Tony llonero right at I
hU heela The bunch lilt Ihe itrutch
1 with lltlle 10 chonr from but nt that
I iwlnt Tony waa going enally and tak1
roc rommind of thing cam hame a
winner iv half a length from Hhiinn
duah wtii weakened In Ihe lat fir
nrllii John rtnulfWI ownnl by John
l 1 > ilaylxrry I > f llibtn Jlorwl fame
tame out of the bunch with Mountain
riding like a dnrvnn Ilte periuiulv
eftoru fulled to Und liii meuni nirr
than third but HmuUkl wae running
fater rmn the winner at the end liu
AtiJello wa the hat coxla off he pad
J dock counter for the trip but lie wna
back In II rupV nt thlo nanhtn line
Dolly Spanker First
Flip Flap worked a mile In ItO
S was the track tip and Verybody got
I It and the once great nvare WII a In
t itallnl favorite al I to i Hhe run ae
If omethlng lioiv1 her Kkmip hal I
Ing the n > ount jrave liii candidate a
wr > eonaldrrale ride at trfai Dolly
1 HrMnkiT running with Tommy Wad
telt look Ult lead at the far turn
Flip Flan moved up lo WaJJtllp wlth
nrc That waa Ihe leit effort Dully
I flnlihtit nril ea lly Waddell autfooteil
i Flip Jlap for lite plaii
Wins Her Best Race
Ituatle brreiwl 1 Ion II In third IJa < e
U lbS ilreioli in ill fuurUi rL SIIoo u
Wlnnliic the bel rsoe of her carsvr
annexlna the Huffolk HUk e litAi K 1
lop TartHr Makl Jack Ju > iwr
clever filly nhlab U K MIIIK lo the win
UtilE 5iae with very effurl nude ike
runnliu tiit 1iuKhliiit Kye bUI roull
not ralIt the clmlleniu of the winner
f at any It8KI thus 1 1 iron tomlnK
ironr got thlnl In a reMtlulo BnUh
auiltlnc Kvr dletl awgy ID nU 1110011
Oyjma Had Easy Time
0 Uuiiu nad ihe foul of tn IPllOY
r ul Hie way ntul rit Uie rvi rMU
udd uf < lu I ilnninned ilunic In front
lo Ihe IttlUh ituIIInK oft All cliallauvei
He null with a loll lu Ip4e ftlief
JI1III inn fail Wfilern bout In
aiallml 4M > md futitrli uwr Hlr Toil
dincton Unit tH IIiUr fur iilaiv bun
or lllie reu > wae bptwrwfl the Ihrrr
frum the nnl Jiiniu
Plunge on McCarler
Tiia blKKen wliuiliiK pluune of uie
lay niairrUllietl In llm tail r M whim
lMarter won r aily Hie colt 111111
I lrkNI from 3 lo I to e an inane III
Km clup HallfaK would duuuileai Iar
spoiled the ruuii but fur a Uxl break
t IxlllC prarllcally JIlt at Itie poal lo
come on In ihwalirirh and nollond
place rosily from Inqulillor The lit
hI was plairij oiuliiciitly b > the How
try Or IollU went urf wills Idy
Ann In the pmeniaklny only lo die
away in the ftiilteli
n iLuM
Slarters Welghtt Owner Jockeys Odds I
Itowlwn 121 IJItld Johnson Martin 115
Dandelion 119U Httchcqek llatltke Cl
cflor1flerL II1J L McCormick Garner Sl I
Dlshabino HCGCO C BtIIMttLWIlIIIlt111HlrtL i
ll Carey 11011 K Carman McDnnlel 71
J C Core OSNew CUe Stable Miller 121
Hat Mnetersgu 93 Schwartz lirotPreto 201
Tnnya J18H I1 WhItneytoniar 51
IJIamly 111A Bclmunt Mountain 101
Superman 100J R Kerne Low Gl
Scwell 100 1Irown belch Stable llruxxell M 71
Tokalou 11EJ W Fuller booker 81
Hallfux 110K H ThomNoonc 101 I
ZInDII 91W T Schulte Hogg I
Nealou 1UC K Uurni11 Dugan
a Ill MUST 1CiToiraroid lwl a MeJ riJll furlonem Ulan t wr Won drip I
< I mi TluiiU Wlnnr tr c tjr Bolllaii 11 tawMi < J v
F eariuxi
nii ltldrir Wla HI < 4 H H Kin Jwkari GivolllrftClo Il BB
ii bti TiDe 112 a 4 3i S iI i Keller t2 T 8 i 4 14
till Atiuda IT 3 3H 51 t Mlllr I C 76 13 II
ftHl n Im J till I I U 1 I fc 3 iarn r a t 71 1 12
lMrt lOT 4 SH 4 4 IVrlon 1 iii i y 1
IOS liartiuril hey IIU ttt tlI in it t a it
U Ii I
Otarrell HM Ix is 6
lo l tim Z20 ott 250 Scratchedr4inry ut hhnganr uwrg Conldln lmn
L t
J U ittIiting Ttiiree1 f < I < 1 and tanl irw 443 uIniIid It a
J >
Mart Doat Won driving Time 141 3 i Winner b c by InAmHloa Owner I
= H BcJiri t r I
tarirs = = = Wti s 4 i Cfi JWkfV unnijigIlobl lb I
1M7 Ton Itonero III 4 ft 31 t U Jiat ir 3 I
ul HhnonJxh HI I I IJ tjl J Muikraira p in a a II r
Julio Unmlikl Ilh 3 4k 4 > fl V Mountain 7 H t ne
1U7 tinliuii fft 1 6 II 41 44 I 110 4 ft 4 Hi 4 t
l1nllIu 16 5 i i jI ro 1otit 72 4 lVi 71 4 r
IW lluiuitr 10 h V 0 W hoyt K IIV J7 to t
SM > KIIMMP 1IJ 1 B fl < > 7 Ixiwe 10 lu 4
I1tIJtlo toe o 7 7 t biOroer M 0 to III to
111 Ala W lift at PI Cl uan IS 20 S IIIH 4
IHMI nine 857 off S 610 rifralehed Unry w iinMB < julnn fa4y l 11 < 1
Illny ju IkIi Mot lloliunia Klllaotian Lath MarliMW
Tody IKHMrv wWl to the front In the tail liltmlh ajmtar lnth flnUhxl uronx
Arara Ml I
> > J llllltJ > HACK llandtoip lln yearold and ui > uard SK eJ addrJ anm mlU and a
Mart i rnt Wun AIU Tlm IIS21 Winner b r tiy I > Klnolon Jy Uay
0tnItT WllajMiJr
r 7 tir La t CPiJ kii ajllao ilo j3 5E
ita lour Hiinker Ito r 3 z > iisi jitHarr PfStli
wo Tomty WdJrtl 11 j S IMtJH ro ilotftr i it U 12
hip nan lii 3 I ji f J i 01 a a rj
t f fjlly1 I 4 > 4 4 4 Nel r V Kl II l 10 4Et 3
lot 110M S = i fill ll1 LcItr4IIprtae II ttiiin4oqh sir tu44tiuti
I Ml riurLtr lh I L tmk is r
It rgeP < I
flr t t
il ToVmViy Wa54rtI7oir IIIItI 15U ap ahen
Jot hliliifll itflflb Huloik KtaliaiT > yifoW iloui e444 tlv trktgi
ii 4 ftterl i r Wnn easily Tlmelul It Ulnnir eh f 1f llu IogI
JwgL A Ctlla
11 BUHr = IC 1 IT Jjekajra Or filli arftMTnK
Ins JIUMI 6 I 4 I lt I Swain 4 j Com T T
Zll liiriar IIalj lid i P IIrnr 4 ° 4 TTi
Ins Illue llerwi IJ a I 41 UutfiZ to j OJ i U 1il
tAcbln H 4 4 I ii I Hj 00I 1 < ai 3 III II
jt lUultiv t4 El i it1 iii tI If Uuin 12 u fll II
fi Iul < im1 Kacea ui 1 tot Al I ft 4inwr 4 t O
11110 Illfle llama un U l 7 l t p 1lon Ie lu t g
11fJ almin4o tea I II II h a 1 cent 11 au In tI
t J9LJib i 1II1r J
xk tIis22 OU44 P U roIOhJ nw na Trma CaTbuun fllkTmT
OSll iaw Iii5
t li
IttI Wi I or Ih h aj uf Jh tlrrlcb
= =
= = = c c = = c
IIlIj 1arIroI4 lhat bmrui I 1
J II tt cit fiifliOgs
ChrU l 3 ltjT1eItt24 ii Winier b c ty II1ln40I1a 41y
I uiia tL h 1iIJ I Ii
11 uall I I I I Itdlll to 2 1
lll j inj f llaM 115 1 5 r 2 11011 r i I U 2
111 11 Tddliigtu IlJ I t 2 b I 7Wiir 7 J
lIuW I IU t r H ro II 4 1111 a
r Ira
i rJoto f I 1 A II t II
1 urloar lt fI M I 5 Iiiiiriv II II ti 211 lit
J I t l 1 71 l 5 at
ii I I I II II Ir Lt iS g 111
I ut Atlwni L 1 < 41 l i O I ell III III Iii
ii IAIMUr IMI Ii III 111 010 Jlrg
11 IJ M I
tea liallut Hut 3I 1i1I II tlJI1I JS roo J till t II U
1VI tloit 4JI aft I 111003 TII tlel r u
n > mna bettf hU at I lha 1 olt II waa ladly Hltaird auwn i
T HMT > M <
flit a4lnjteB 1
JU 1I1 f HAfBllar dl ei 1luN p a 4 upwarii V oJ ad4a4ririv aj a IIIIt
t tr W ullr TlaltJT Wiener b r 11I1 at TIoIICn4IL
U N U ta
T uu iMti J JII I
f r a
ter I I rC I T pff
h1I1 f iiI G I I 7t
I lilt It I I it I t t4j 11 at III I i i tlu
01 4a 1M r s I 1
11011I t H lu 11
t JU or n 1 L4 f 1 T i j p 111 10 1 J II
cu I tluIII Jet I I U Ata4flgt4g Ilitul lte4 Xwi JtWirkaia auJ
it4 WI 1 arJ tkjp
IJrf igj ajj 1F01
whllIl1l J I 0 5 J C 0 0a
s i
liustoit 0 0 I I 2 I 2
Uuve poitponfd on account uf rain
Nwwiirk t A 0 0 0 0 j u IX 0
Irovlilen J 0 0 0 I 0 C 0 J
iiurraio o 0 i a 1 i 0 0 ir
Toronto 00409041 06
Jeraey City 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 ll
llalllmore 0 0 0 U 5 0 I P
IiVlflVllJM Hay I Thla raoet here a
today riuIlal Its fullow
HIWT HA < BOne mlkoiMiga iii
to Iand 4 to H I lint Thtrpc u to 1
for plrtiK X Vlok Abrwnu t Tlintl
ttThLJ ilAIlkJntintt liullPl1i
rinld el lo I mid i tu D I Urtmie t7
10 I yjVr l Mariret UHdBlpU I
TIp Ik
THIHU Alt1ix furlongi > eno
till lo I and I lo II I Uarinontn I tu i
for lao t nnl 1 Time IU li
tfO1I11I 1IIlBeYtllfllIIllu tit g
ill Ptdi llndl te Lu 3 ai 14 t9 11 I
na1rert 4 I fur I I rau llrum
m1 I Thnl111 4
111111 liAiM Half a mB Moquell
I lo 1 and J to I I Ueoeva if to I
tar piJo2Ttn Kelly at TlmeOM
HOfTII LllrnlUlJMlL wr I
Tilt game her tpdar end4 aa follow
r1c11Yns 0 0 S 0 0 S 01 01
J qigh ea I 0 0 0 1
Patrolmen Held on Re
serve Duty to Quell
On account of the lonnhorimeni
trlkn Iollce CommUitoner lllnrnnm
U ufJ ordera Ihl afternoon thai all pa
trolmen be held at the itatlonlioune for
reierve duly At the time of Inulng the
order nn rxttniilve outbreaku had bn
With the announcement that theobllt
trantutlanllo Ilnci would itand Hrmlr
together nR lnit the demanda of Ihe
men Ute lrlko of the lOCuu lonjliorn
men took on a more aerloue aip ct
ifan ever thli aUmOon Upon the re
rilpt of thu new at union headquar
ter In Ilrunawkck Hall at Weal lid
I Kloventh street the men decided upon
a novel demonntrnllon with a vlow of
I InllueiiclnR the employer and winning
public urmpnthy for their tight
It wva atatrd that a procenlon of
ioiitlnued un H vvn J rtJCe1
Had 7 > in Marked Bills
When Jeromes Men I
ArrostfidHim I
Hamuel II Abram proaeie server
In the Tenement Houae Deparlmcni
waa arrested thli afternoon by 1 >
leetlvx Ile rdon and llrennan of the
DlitrlctAtlornere itaff Juit after he
had accepted ITS In marked bllli from
Mr Catherine Worth of No tVJS
Creators avenue tbe Ilronx In payment
for pormlilln her lo avoid placing a
fire exoape on her home When Abram
was arretied he remarked to Jteardon
Why Hi h I are they making a mark
of nit t Krerybudy In the Department
li getting graft
ilany i ton 04 of graft In the Tenemeno
house Dnpartmenl bMa been whliperM
to the niMrlrt Atlorniy but Mrs Worth
I bap > ene l to be g oumplalnant + io was
I willing to u lat In brlnilng a grafer
lo Juttloe She bought the Creiloit ave
nut properly a few weeks aio H U n
IwoUmlly hiiue occuMeit ur tenant
holding least that have anie month
to run
Mrs Worth rented two room freai
ne tif Ue rmlllM and maved Inlo the
bouit Iaat HJlurUaj A bra ma caliid
upon ker repreeninl hlmi lf aa a
I tewemenl house InitxKlor and laid her
I4 wrfi viola Unc toe law
Therr ore three fmnlllMf In the houae
now aa14 Abram rtw make u n
leavmcot mtU HID law say rIM eiioula
INII on a dreosw J bare M pull
luwnlown and ran liz It for JUu 00
rait wont have IB wake Uie Unjirove
Mr Worth gate laiN IM nnd tif paW
lie woubl call on WedNMday al T
oolack for the baling Tit nest lay
Mr Worth mention UM matter to a
friend who udvlMtl her 141 ste he IMi
trlolAlioraey Km did aa and a trap
vffi ll > wl fur Aibrvnu
The TeiiMiienlHouie man UI an
time lleardon and llreniian were IHUI
ritlrd ill ai aIJoiJIblr eao aaid sirs
Worth hud IH lit nurkwl Mil furnUbed
by AeaUUliI UUIitctAllometf H Jiylh
ali told Abram It was all the inony
he had und he UKr ed Ui acviil u
The iliierllvra saw the transfer and a4a
Abram aa leaving the hone ury
arrriiel him lln had the marked
inoney In lila IICltllt
Magistrate llrren In Itntrt Hired
Cuurl held him In IU ball for nan
tnation OKI Friday iTnable lo funilafi
I loon4he wa ruramltttU to the
Vat Jlatml Me4ila e Vise lAqa
ItIUM la e edy Mreeg He ilcitl ef
I DonovansTeam Make
Errors to Hdlp Chi I
cago Tally and I
to Show Much Until
Late in Game
t P < I1tIJTtI ntJtrmTrT m
May tIat IKmovaut unfortunate liall
loiiveri returnel to their own bailiwick
this uflernwxi after nn < thf ncu uf ten
rtay IIn < 1 they lte led Charity Uur I
piiym Chicago champloni fur the first
tme this lemon i
First Inning I
Hlaile railed a high foul to H rKn II
Shrcknrd let four bud tines EO by atnti
oalkrU In I nit Atihultv Iaafll It luxli
fly li > iUUiniy HlHckurU cleverly
loir > eoond wrlcklelt purpotely ulr
luwnl Ohancn 11 free pum to tint
Hlelnfeldt drove lo left scoring Hhi k
urd anal advanclnar Chance to iioonl
Hoffman bounced one to Hlrlrkleii I
who threw him out at tint UN t
Maloneyi fly dropped wifely In right
but as tag tried lo maku two h4iMs he
win caught by Schullei throw tn Ilort
mUll Casey fanned Bt three liUh one
aijj the clued crnined Iumley wan
the third out hll hlrh one Lctiijf taken
bx Sheckard NO UUNfl
Second Inning
Hvira milled three swings and Kent
to the bench Slrleklntt mide a neat I
top nr Klliu hot IxtundiT und toiI
the Cub txuk atop out ut first HrOwi
Inxlnt to tile inlleld MlnKle walked
Ilrown movlnc up tn second HherKnni
tlniI 4 tn right and on luml y a
fumble llnwii acorrd anal HlHKle
rufliHl thlnl Hheckunl iimd n limit
f lUl
I lo cleat MHMind and n JwI > mail
a wild throw futile rroued lh 111
Krhiilte singled tn rtifni nnd nn iuii
I leym throw to third to oHtch Xfterkanl
Kohulle reached second Alprrrnan ran
out Into hnrt rltrht and caught Chancu s
tly TWO JirNH I
Jordan ronkml u grounder lo Krera
who threw him out nt first Mr Or tin
wit a lung n > lit Bchulle Ali > rrtmm
luauIc thrio strike al Ihe airNO I
itt Nfrl
Third Inning
SIinMll rot tn nrol on fes l i liiln
ir oil riinibfe and bad IhruK llorfnian
taiIheri Hlrl > klflt lo Jordan Kven
iniMl Mfrly 4JfnminK liflnleMl a
Uilid HllJiK ale bunted MfAly Klein
fruit icon tir 11 ta ald i 11 ni 4
i dniible viral Inprv irt n Miuffvd I > r
un e thmw HI > WHK K > r la tour
Hroirn win i lr1 in ail klett said
Jordan SlaKl Incleil H ryll Kllnit
HlaKII slulekeronal fhnckard went U1
Iewls to Jordan TllltKi ItlNH
I wli drove a high one tn Slag
Ilerxm riruok out Htrlcklell was ras v
Kvcri iisa and Clunoe retiring him Nu
11 S
Fobrth Inning
fSchulle lnxlnl Jortlnn made a wlll
throw and Hohulte rwiched e < iiiil i
Chanre Illti out to ilcCanhy Hhri I
fetal 11 called out on strike llutt I
man went out henri to Jordan > >
ith I
Mahoney popped out to lIver Casey
mad a pOSlp tin Infield lAinilv
Hnenlrd lo Hoffman anJ on Ihe lat
leri throw to Chine Ca ey wa
doubled up al first NO HUNS
Firth Inning
Kvert mil Htrlcklelt lo Jordan KllnR
tiled lo Ie rtliy Ilrown fouled lo
fawhi NO IllNK
Jordan win thrown out by Rver lie
Carthy reached Ant M < third strike
belh g a wild pitch Alperman toned
MeOarth at neennd I Irl Hoffman
Iewli forced Al > rman Hoffman to
Kvere NO IHSil
Sixth Inning
flIle foulml to Oan > Hl oVard
Uiovo the bill aisilt trw fence In rigid
for twu IMMM Sohulle hl ib foul ttii
Uiiin by abe iUir kard stole thin
19re Steel Ut t llifjrtliy NO
tlrrirtn walked Ctiance raplure
Hlrlrkletfa foul fly after a lurMl
Malnnny erred Hnriiem Cham to loll
man Casey mingled to rlRhl lacuJ
Maloney to Mmnd LumUy drove Ihu
ball umliui Ihe fence In right rnlro
for Iwu b t > ii scoring 11 and
r i vy Jiirdan 11111 out to Sohulie
Seventh Inning v
Hlelnfehl aiuKled Hu0nwu was a vic
tim M strikes Kv forced Mtiiifeld
kl second leaiu to AU < etin4ii Eer
sass nlly Balled n all on llertient
I hw to Alparnmn ND IINa
MaOnrUi p4iCi4 Alpermaii paiUd
ttu bull lo lti > efl or line p two
L14155 iH > rini Jliitaririv l wli Iniiil
suel fumblw by Sirtnreld Alperman
teaching third und 1esta ftrl hatch
HUM butting for llrif < iii anI llneni l
lo Chance who i ittie on Hril doubl
ipli up IxftU itirli > klil uul la Chaiuv
una UleJ OVK IttN
Ciflhth Inning
Duller bitran r lfhlnic for Hfiwiklvn
Kllaar 1114 out lo host llrowii singled
lo lt > UMl ulairleil lu left 11rl1
tamablnag third end J4 le if Ad un
Maloney thru In M cwWyf Hhlkan
lilt Ill Jordan goal on Tim IMI throw
hi ate urtInn1 UUkle scored
UI Shulln Mfe hit lo the iHRekl
1111 lilt to to and HOMkard wa
I run down between alt and iyiie
hussy lo rllrlrklelt Wtelnfold uoubia l
btI1ll anti Viiitnt Mvrlnir litTnTuYn
ereewaa W to rlllK lelnlJ Ien tiulrl
OUt II l4itii 1IVI 11
1Uloner walked 1aiwy dud to rlfrii
luniluy Vuru Maluuvv al aCUII1I lo
Hoffman unaall d Jordan lliublel
a urlnr lumlev farlh ftfulrnl iii
Hllnn lt < NK lltN
Ninth Inning
Kling got lu first on tug bunt Jordan
umbljnr Hirlklftfe throw lhro i
Mcrlflced Mir1vkle4 and Jordan
liile died lo ente HrhMk rd lnIV
JHin crtni tOni Hphultt lint
1 Ualuaey ONe HUN
000002 I 1 0 4
I =
I I 10 A C
MIoney d N 0 I J 0 0
Case Jb I 2 2 1 1
LJmly rt I I o O 1
JodanIb 0 I 8 0 J
McCarthy I I I J 0 0 l
Alptlmn 2b 0 I 4 0 0
I Jc J z i
Urcn C 0 J 2 0
nutlr c 0 0 0 0 0
Strlcktett 0 0 I 0 0
xUatci o o a o o
7 I
Tolaa 4 8 27 II 7
1 hkilted rur 1hcaflfl itt HfIlh Innllla
SlaCI C1 2 2 I 0 0
SbeckJrdJ i J 1 0 0
Schule rf I 3 J I 0
Chnce Ib I 0 9 I 0 I
SlcnfehI 2 J 1 0 I
Hoffman I a 1 0
Hofmlln i
vrr2b I I 2 4 0
KUnKc 2 I 4 0 0
noI 2 2 0 I 0
Totul 12 16 27 10 1
I ll7 II
Sirliklei 1lr1 l > ait on IkHlla OT Ilrown 3 art I
Itklet Lies m urrnr rh mi i I
I 1 I I
Left im 1JC1 hiiot
i lyn r > j
UU lynKtruvk Outtly Ilrown I by Hi rick
UUTwolluki Him Slieckanl lAiiuley
Alpnn4ii Hielnfililt Jordan
MII IUK < e > li < fkiird It liver I
KlliiK MlaKle I
Uoitlil IUiM Huffman und CUannx I
I Viiii uit dj ltr > > wn HoRmali
all iVionrf
t 1 i a i Itrown
IISlr Me a jvlgr ant Kmalie
Jogs Presidents Memory
and Has Secretary
a Skinned to Death
WAHIIINOTON May tJului I huh
livan the former puilllei held an In
turedilni rthat with Ifeeldent lltwte
velt tuday ioverliig various aubje li I
sullivan aid that h had seen the
Ireildenl at a number uf bouts In New
York and iall > d the Irmildvnla Ir I
tlrular ititeiillim to une thai oocurrnl
Kith illuhrll the Kngllill heavy
welnht In I bk hl Uutlivan kno ke l
him over liii ripra I
tfulllvan mil tM ielary Taft at the
dt > ra uf the w trUtiVr ulflcei aa he was
abuul lo come III lit put In a guod
i word with tbe liiiir lary fur ulMii il
iur C friend who It eervlng a aanlenee
I un Cyvernor laUad and eoncertiuu
MIIUUI the pugllUt had wrlltan Becra
I hUII 1dl iatlW time befuro
luea I gut you skInned a block
I remarked Nulllvmi lo thai B < reUry
lolkJng but their re i > ctlve welgnlt
John L tld nv welglie SB Isoupils or
Ml ttriptiod whit HecreUry Talt cc
rnirked tuui IIu weigh wus only I
I mtd the lM > t he ever did waa la Up IA I
Ilath al 311
As b aa leavvlng t lie While hugs
iitIuVI pld tin uinpltnieiiU to We
11 saying ollf oUier tblnifa
I That assail Tuft u what I oaU I W
lou Thai Ilejidvul la a lilegi man I
uil It
14 bit fulluwii a lung time ID xel
aiitrtinl bul wliiil they klo gulug tll
I Fu Ilk b
NKA8TIK lrssaud May I In
IIU UIJ U414 Ml tiua UUlU gulf
ili inpkuiial l > icuiiiuiuviit UM > ly
115w usa tae Lit I < ltUU p4un of hio
mid IV dasjsaLei Mlii Mairgrt Curt
vI Ito lo4i by J up Mitt I to play Miss
i IOtlj detruetdd Mlae Urrlel K
UrtU 11 I UP and 1 lo play
In Die second rouod MU Margaret
Cull defMled I to play Wr Crawford br 4
McGraws Men
Mathewson in the
Box Shut Out the
ittsbur js and Tally
Four Runs
p er < ince of lltuburg brought 10U
peinona out today and a beautiful i
spring UBshlne ehone at the brslnnlns
ttrln lulllne I
of the opening flttit between Ole Kaat
jinl the Weal
llellxng Ihe Qlunta itaknii
anulnat lettliander Manager Clark
aent Uefeld In to try and grab the first
Knine McOrnw promptly met the movu
by announcing Matliowaon aa the IC
motIon for New York
I wu the first NIt of the iSJOfl I
that looked like baseball and there 8 I I
ei > n Jirabl fretting In the ntiml Not
wltliitunlllir that the cliiba y iTC bVenly
bHlunord the prevailing odd were Ito
nd te prln
to t with the Ghost ii favorite
Mathewtoti wm In plchdld for and
dlM > aed of Uie tlrwt two batter before
the crowd knw the gume bad latttd
Clark twobnager gave the nastm
blue a hIlls An but r was
Un to help Um along and llu
QlanU tvitlrd dawn to their walk
011 <
Flnt Inning
l Malhewaon opened the proceeding by
I putting Hallmun away on threw tralgi
atrlkr and Llymer went out un BI > fi
Math wun tooetl over
gr ttnder uhlcli Iathlw
lo llowcrman Clarke cmrked a two
lugger into right Wagner retired the
rer 10 > uuy MJ
aloe with a sarp rap 11
riliannoiis ateunlng grounder wu too
Hhalnol iuli and the ball jumped
awuy tar H alngle The glen Was ol
alturi duration uuwever for HlranK till
a doubt plui which wui benutllully
iXKditiil 111 Mibtllblo XVugner anil
Nukin Uevlln utivnce waa reward
ed by a Vln on ball and B ytninr
luther throuKh
usa Imilarly favornl lhr Ihrllh
fr on the part of Mefelil or lack of
lontrol I hiresnailshl cauKht lhi neult ono
on the IIOCft bul niutmned It tralirUt I
lulu 1Ierhuli bund and sas thrown
out at first NO IltTNH I
Second Inning
Ablwltlchlo went out on three IrtkPs
Nealnii fell fin ni heavily taut Hlwn i
gut 11 and lUllirwaou threw will
Oi I In < bunt NO
harh after etllliU a prutty bUit
llNe Ion iilckMl up ll wermant grounder
gull Iuch I the tang before Krnk could
get there Dahlen struck out Cur
lt tl but Was forced out on
ornn wlkd hii a lor1 UI
Mathewaou1 arii i1 i Wngner to Ab
Irtttlrhlo SO 11PMJ I
Third Inning I
IheiPuC long li > sass taken care of
Ulfeld wan
and Hhlnnol Uahlen fumbled llallj I
mn crack And both he und laM
wefe sate riyiner crack forced
Mailman at second LMrouuiii to Uah
hen Ilowerrnan made a benullfnl lop
of Darkei mh and retired the side j
Nl flNH lngled down left foul line
Anal Hlrang followed I up with un
oiher Hlranj drive to left for a alnul
Hhnn taking eoond Devlin sacrl
Sued to Ixlfeld advanrltig both run
ner In an effort li ratli Shannon nff
Jhtrd Ihelpe made a weird Ihrow ia l
I > > a > t ant tiolli Shannon and UlranK
enrxl aym ur popj d out to Ab
Imttlchlo Clymer 11 Ilreinanana
drive after a long run TWO HITNB
Fourth Inning
Wagner pUuttnl a pretty single Inlo
Ifll but W5 forced out by AbbMtlkililo II
Corcoran 1 Obll IloMsrmun got
Neilph high foul Malheweon gut
I Tin dump III front o thou plate and
threw him out SO IUNI l
llowrman flIed lo Clarke llailnun
got lUhlelif lift lo centre Corcoran
t1 tUNa y to Clarke retIred tIe ildr NO
Fifth Inning
lbel > struck out lUtly slopped
i nnd threw hum Oui
UrIteld hot one lin hl I
filranK luuk cure of JUllmun Uft NO 1
Matnewton Inl out to HallBMn who I
000000000 0
00201100 4
Hallman cf 0 0 2 0 0
Clymer iL 0 0 I 0 o
Claike If 0 Z J 0 0
Wagner is 0 1 4 3
Abbatlchio 2b 0 0 J 1 0 t
Nealon 1UV 0 I 9 i 0
Leach 3b 0 0 1 I 0
Ltefieldp 0 0 0 4 0
Phelpm 0 0 1 2 1
Totals 0 4 24 11 1
K 11 PO A
Shannon 1 I 2 4 0 0
S rang rf 2 a I 0 o
Devlin 3b 0 I 1 1 tI
Devln Y
Seymour cfT 0 I 0 0 0
Drunahan 0 I C 0 0
Qowcrman lb 1 I 1 0 0
D hlen n 0 v t 2 1 7
I Corcoran 2b 0 1 2 3 0
Mathewion p 0 0 0 6
Totals 4 9 77 12 i
I lIrat Itais f on IiulU Of Uefeld M
Off MJtheAail t
Plrat hose on KrrornIltUburc I
l t un bdiecnttntmrir 3 NewJ
York I st1
Struck nutby IJattehl 1 by Idi t
Ihewaon 9 <
Twobaaae tItpiaarks and S yniOUr
Stolen Itge44iruig
I > IIIH llutAbbntta hto Vsgrsr
aiaat Ncjloii
tflIhiiriIleIfl and OUuy 1
= 1
gul he ball Hirer lnrhe ibore IM f
mund V ixner throw oul rtVnn ilq
Hiram walkitl midi able tocond DeV d
Itlll o wnlki1 Hmojr 11N
Torts laicua Inli iet fw two tiupi
wild ttirirK > auto ri Ing hatmr whIla j
l I tl11 hlrJ l jh tbreir pOt
IlnMtiHIiun OK lllX nn
Sixth Inning i
rijiuer struck out After a IUAI run 1
ilwtlln foa uat Lcd Rul a4
foul thy UiMeBUimw out Wwtur
hlOwrrtias Lounrr n loEle f
Iuich hIi u1 ia ii3gu t1 ti1
frld ndvaurn llnwenn lo leOMicL
torromn pnp > e < l I tlnrl to renlra
atndlng llowerntan home nn i lOst > <
torcoran teal aught naualag I AMV1
wild put out llffetd 10 Siutonto AIit
baltlrhlo Mnllirw in groundMl out t
Nealon ONK HfN <
Seventh Inning S
b4tlelilo Irk nli Neuloii s4iiiai
to left I Mfh fuulrd t Huwerman soul
llelp > fonn NMIM out tsV1IU tfl 1
Curirau No ICS III
liliiiiiMin rutted iin in Newton >
drnip > d I bunt In frinl Of the rfl
ihiI bnt II nui umiiiy tiled to stash
huh wee Ihriiwn nul IIsli to Wuii
nvr Oxvlln aluclid lo left kWyi ll
popped uul lo Vgn T NO iur
Eighth Inning
Uefeld struck oul llallmin bouoe il
oul 10 Malhewaon Ilymer filed out to
tlliamion 11 lit S I qI J
Dreittuluiu rolled a aaue bunt dawn
third b4a line Wonrrman nopoen djit s 5
lo IaWohl llrMBahan wai out t l7Ti =
T Phelps t Waanrr Ixtilen gil if
lo majrke NO BIKII IHIIINt f I
Ninth Inning 1
lark tingled to rlfht Mlgraavr J
baeket up ugiliitl the Ifiuif si1 sot
Vaener rly AUbatSrbfo bit alp a
vaft tHai Dahlro lu orcorstT U i
lowr ian NO HttHS il
ST LOUIS 021021000 e A
f JDtHtA 0003000044 f
YALE 0 0 1 000 00 00 1 I
DA1 0ttf44vvv0 tj 0 tTJ 0041 0 0 1 r
VLND 2 C 01 1 3 f OJ
CHICAGO 0 u 0 0 0 C 1 3 1 C 0
Continued Irom Filth Column 1 i
Apecmun fouled to Chance Lewis sln led but wv
louhled vul wth Butler No rum jf
5 I f
ith Rebounror 161 Bellmdiao 21 oao Tl1ker t r
1 A k

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