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The Si Evening Worlds Daily Magazine Saturday May 11 9O7
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4 No U to d Iark How New f01t
f b3sb l br the Tr M rublliihlnc Coapany
Entered at the JostOfflc at Nw York al SecondClan Mall MatUr
VOLUME A7 NO 10000
7 I
7 Wlwn the KepuWtan Stale Committee mttts today Its members
Will fall in tine f with the almost unanimous public opinion of the State
s la indorsing the legislation recommended h > Gov Hushes Politicians
l are quick to chtaw in the public sentiment as six > n as that sentiment
t Les choate form and prepares lo act
t < ff publiq opinion were always vigilant and active it would fmJ evn
ilQ the most corrupt politicians jmiJtig its loudest exponents
In this respect there is a noticeable dlMinciion between the member
of the Lcgbtotiire from the rural districts and the members from Ncv
York City The country Senators and Assemblymen are always careful
f eo represent their constituents faithfully in everything which affects thei
I localities while the New York City members are prone to vtru their
Constituents jn the most vital matters
Q fp
f E g1LSC
J lypptt
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o aNTa
+ k
C >
+ aWIN <
i it Whether the traction merger provides good service and universal
a fransfers whether the Consolidated Gas charges one dollar or eight
t Cents for gas whether it costs ten or five cents to ride to Coney Islan4
Iocs not concern the inhabi ants of Canandaigxia where John Ralne
I dyes or Norwich where Allds lives or Mr Morris where Speaker Wads
worth has his farm How the farmers act when their pockets are touched
fcras shown by their defeatof the rural Congressmen who voted for oleo
margarine instead of cow butter The State Grange has more influence i
In the Legislature than all the bides unions in New York City The
t lilry farmers have more legislative power than the millions of milk
tart Bonsumen l
0 r The problems which Gov Hughes Is trying to solve concern the
great cities of the State The Public
Utilities bill has for its main object
the protection of the people of New
f York City from the iniquities of the
traction merger with which the local
f officials have failed to cope The
Recount bin has for its sole object
j the honest ascertainment of the re
Cult of the last Mayoralty election
The Reapportionment bill advocated
by Gov Hughes will tend to In
crease the representation of this end
of the State
Yet In all these matters which directly affect the Interests of New
York Diy and about the value of which there Is no doubt the main
Strength of the opposition has been the Senators and the Assemblymen
whom the people of this dty themselves elected and who ao thdr utmost
i fc misrepresenting their constituents
Why should John Raines be expected faithfully U represent the
people of New York Kings or Queens County Kings County lias
right Senators and only one of them Charles H Fuller really represents
the people of Brooklyn
NewYork CoW tyhu twelve Senators of whom nine do the baste
Jheyican to oppose the welfare of their constituents
Every spring the Legislature particularly the Senate goes through
J11t performance of organizing Itself Into a Black Horse Cavalry a band
Of political pirates to make war upon the industry the prosperity anJ
fHie comfort Hittopic of calks city This year a man confronts them
fei the executive chamber who will neither deal nor dicker with them
Past Governor have paid tribute for peace Gov Hughes refuses to
permit toll to be levied upon him 04 tj A
Letters from the People
r IIJJn flour mid glrrp
Tn ih XlKor < Tw Eerl r Wwer
Tour Haden f + tn 19 Lat taken an
0nttivt In th jurv aa to iww mueto
lyP a txrwn Ih floe reader ad >
flftm tltrWing Ui day Into tfere paru <
Ijrtit hour oab Cor work recrvantOD
aM sleep IAt m ak till r < adsr
Vital Ia would dQ if he wit a creel
1 bar conductor Mi > eUie M working
frum HAM unUI 1 IAN aU thoo
e loam on onurs Kt Ur d wad ffid
out lo maw and 4asdr How mny
boom for 4ep and how many tot
gvcreau nsw4 Ace allow 1 Tlha IL a
aue > t oa I would like rt 4n 19 aaar
In the World Alumimr
U th + Yltr ratrt4 BiMlar WarWi
In w a took en i Mal out I i 111I4
It of p arasli cad Narka of the
the I fill lu IT pf Iolleerarn
rte I i ft tar vi HM rh t4 a WarUi
1 a con plse UII the Uuw that
i gteo the harts r of young
lien i am a tUM Uip man
t n J SoIQtJ tut fMO I waa UK
m Iw II totdWr std Iewrs4 out
l re > nry wta4pw utWlvOtp
I i4 t karyo w a 1f44Iot
be 1014 aarea p I t pt
list Ui the dormitory In OU Blip
1111 WA two sun cam In off part lOt
ntdnlclit wept tu t > ed and quickly got
up to the throat of agony aural by
the putting of rs pei > Mw In th < lrlxda
by thr patrolmen OBS ot In via
Urns like the much and tumble laoJ
I aarrr wh ch he one wu dsli oee
of his pcritcutan a a vrrs blow with
a nJht stick and Moored Uanqull
pac tioat that time forth
Mule lilt Men
I To the dlhr f Tfc row WerM
I noU a MiTMjpoBdeM wit aaylng
that be li alaMHl < fret taH and Out ta
vfaiMX to kaw sloe rMivtdy u auk
lion trap grvwlag J bay nfim w tid
lo IMMW ttUi myself I am I fret 4
alas MU and just std ixom II
U10 no banal s rsntdy u yW say
the only thing to da Is tu grow oa I
would Uko to bN from other HUJ I4 r
tats U U Mlneolo I L
A la Puplli Jludy Tim
Ts ttt cols at l Bvwlsi IVvtMl
I do not tblnk t4 < b vs luoiild b o al
Md Co kp puiHU ID lohool until I
6 clock or kilt w to sire lMldrn
I Btwork to ttduiy so rtit Uie puiili
Biut all up iwttt U ar 1 t7elcjt h
order u knob U all if IMCAM I Naves i
athose MfvUtgk IerkUr Pii itouji b rl
tvypedr L
W5 au 4
I The Evening World s Laugh = Makersi
tlr e L
I The Chorus Girl and The Bunch at the Fair
By Roy L McCardell
I H T ILa > ou lee jay plctjr In the paper askrd the
1 I Chorus Olrl
3tA A friend of mine on a new piper Rot It In as
e alt the Wage Ileautie Whose Untiring Efforts Have I
s I d to Makj the Actor Fund Fair Bunb a 8urrt I
Hut some cure In the printing d p rtmenl mUll hav had i
rgu it for them words got hanjed with the description
t ai old lady of NUI14 Conn Hale and hearty at 101
L 0 has smoked a pipe for eighty sons And the word
t i it niiould have went under my picture went under her
Mamma Dt llrncomb said I should have wad the
I paper but yoi > never want to get the nowspap < n down on i
ou kid because they get too many chance to pan people
n the profeilon and put em In bad
but we va had a lovely Urn at the fair land any gn
semen friend we hav has sore hands digging down In
tier kicks to patronize our booth I
Momma De Uranaeombe ham been knocking the fair all along beoaua hint
wa made thai partlo addicted to kleptomania wtisnt wanted and betides as
vtrytody gets their change back at this fair Mamma Do Uronacomb Bald she
took ho IntrresK in 1L
I oL7I
i I a ti
II ii fl mill Jtltud l I
a Z p T 1L Uj 1 l llb t I
r 1 T II T Y No
Copy think the cheuboard li a rrechanlcal musical Instrument and kick It through a portrait I
And lobe and Puss ilontfomery card U100 booth wa built too imalt and I
1dnI7J and that why they didnt want to do any work for aweH charity take
and tealde she couldnt ae iriier theyd ret off but they was built too liberal
the booth wa all rlrht
X3ooro the wine acent who 10 Amy Da Bran oomb dance wanted lo ftt I
his win In but no wine waa touted and Gtour says ruob attal ant any rood
for hi bUJrlneM anyway because a lot or them profeadonal people would be hint
Inj hed b tur 3r loose a cue ot quart or they wouldnt call for it any more
when they wu dlnLnf out
And when I says to Oeorr that he might at lout com around and blow
htnuelf for the rood of the cause he aald tit couldnt with a clear conscience
put uch eapente on its firm when there want any competition and whll hi
rouse wa iwerou and frtiand d it was only ao for rood budneea recon
13ut that didnt keep nobody away but thenuelrea and both Mamma De
Draaicombe and Pua Montgomery wanted to borrow my badge
I dont Ilk to taT It because It bad hick to knock but honest to 100d
I do believe they waa thinking of com1n in with a lead pencil and a bunch cf
blank and look over the ground to e what chance there wui to make a hand
book on an e1tht day tow or omdilnc vaJuible Ilk that and much with the
They rot George tbs win rent all worked up about It by telling him how
mush people wu p ndlnc at the fair Instead of being out buying win with their
money and q Juet for plti tsokttieai out erenrjnltMsijhe fair to ome hie
I tuurnt where they called for Tert ot Brute In the gentle acoent of an open
Ar auctioneer
Able WogKlebaum and Louie Zlnahflmer donated a dorm of the but i4ilr
watch In1 < KH to our booth and If they win damaged I couldn notice H and
I Ju
all they cat Jnu that the firm a name addrfum trade mark and telephone number
be put up irl four places and If w e dldn cell them wewould give them back
I Mr Partner Ue promoter showed up every night and bought o much tufT
that u I Mild to 1111 Aohland what a pity it was tftat young girl waan t ex
prctol to ri elvi gift from gentlemen unless she had her chaperon along to M
there wanat any harm In 1Ind a I told you Mbmmane llrantombe Ini
I ohaperonliig me she chaperoning Oeorg the wine agent ane no other girl wIL
got a canoe to steal him while Amy la on the TQa < t
Old Man Moneyton dldn show up at all He s ore on us becAU ho over
lllyJ hit hand once lob often taking Dopey M Krirht around with him I cIt w
It was rolnr to happen come day berauM you cant tell what Dope M Knlrh
la going to do
I thought hed igotn < hts experience the time betook Dopey out to dinner I
at Martins and was called to the telephone Jut ae the sn < lla wee served
And what do yon think When Old Man Mone > ton conna back from the fez
phone he Body Dopey with a nutcracker opening them snails up like Mr Nut of
Nutley while the waiter with tears in hIs eyes was begging him nbt to
That should hAn taught Old Uan Moneyton not to take Dopey < uitw4th hla
unlesa he had him on the leash
nut be wouldnt be warned and eo he takes Dop y to Ms swell club Jaat
Ld h 1 I i Ii 1
week to show Mm off before all the rich old stews who imagine Dopey In 5tn
Smith No 2 or else an Enrllah dukr becauie he hu no opinion about nothing
and rata and drink automatically
Old Man Moneyton aka him If he would like to play cheer and If ha ee
p3yad1Lan41opey ay he n ver has but if its wind or airing he can Amp B
few chord to lead him to It
And Old Man Monexlon leads him to the chant yell where two old beavytopa
U Jut getting their layout ready
Dopey doeant aay a word at the flu flub but at the aocond he edcea over
and remark I nan tell by the keyboard that It one of them mechanical mu ira
Instrument and he hit It a kick that undl tho chic bcwrd plnnlnr through
an oil painting of that fat Mr Vanderbilt with the side raaxlzza who uttered
them Immortal word The public bOU IIQ wouldnt be ladylike to flnl h It
but the sentiment vftnctlfled him to the plunderbund pmh
OW Man Moneyton waa ao mad he helped chuck Dopey out and called for the
black wagon over the telephone But that didnt keep him from being auipendeij
from the club by the board of governor
Mamma De Bran combe who haant any sympathy with any on all they
ret In stir paid her laat doUAr to the doorman to end Dopey a menage taylnr
I aint rot any jnonejvbut cn I do anything for you
And Dopey wrltw on the back of the note My lat words wa that Benedict
mold Invented the pianola
Say kid hat > the use trying to punUh Dope MoKnlrht when nothing alnt
seen discovered that hurt him
A rr >
Summer Trips
Bv Maurice Ketten
To ATLtNTI C 4owcrTo frolNhTTo
lrou Khow S07 TOHM ° f ° tt ThE t
I 1
OHtTNAT so H0 IoM ° rdnN p ON IS1HgT
ARC tow1io IN our 3unnaeTalo SEE7outi u Croat To
True u1ltrlt CONTINENT
I TffllTT
TouRTHECofiGNfnr Q + dt t ttl WORLD SUMMER ter
a A I wa ri ILJ II < rrr1l1lll TJtlr rr r
1At f rake U Fli C l
New York Thro Funny Glasses
By Irving S Cobb
New York May 11
I frnn lit Giant to flrrf Clatin
111 tlllEKN One rtf the moat refined und popular
DIUI laltlea In the conllnuouii vaudeville pnrfomv L
r a An 1111 pacers for Ite here on the fair but
fmerish leland of ManhaJtsn II to put up something for
nfleen nilllon dollar and then run the most Important
part uf it on a 14 cent plan
C Down In the iecpy reach of lh < tarireit Irrtotlon canal
t t m rarli to nit Will Strict the bg water bugs decide
t t fn m tine to time to rear a palace nf llnane where burnt
1 eft fferttirn on the altar ball all be of a derble dark ureen
e sliadp that Is 00 much In voru at the United States Minis
I They start In by orrrtlni a building that would make
A Solomon Temple look like an elderly caboose that hV
Mst como through a sertou rear end collision on theL
O COOO and O Tyere la a matt j corridor which would rause than
tranre ton IJttAb rnlHIonaJre a family n oleum toseecn
paltry and trivial in comparison Upon the furnishings great slathers d Bub
Treasury lcnlehae bn lavished Sold gold ctupldora dot the tessellated floor
Mea + enreri In the IIItQreargttltorm of a Spanish Admiral cha tlieltuaal L
es + cwkroioh athwart the Wainscoting
onyx and squash him with a large and
ornate dlnru made of mother of pearl A haughty proaldent all IrlmmW up
like a performing poodle sits In n K nnr crusted omce thinking In sum ot
from seven to nine tlgurea The came l ndo
landscape gardener has aiaa don the
superior eldewhlsker of the chairman of the board of directors who likewise
Inhabits a luxu ous nook trimmed In orohld and emeralds
Rut there Is one department where
lmpl lnexprnslvene + aid nn entire
lack of ostentation sro to be found W e refer to the nalarl Oft of the hired
hands The tk of handling the oonvnrtlble rptnach which crowds the vaults I
entnjMed to an nmblUout outh who gets about eighteen targe anwilgam dollar
In ht pay enxclopr every Saturday night And
then omtlnri when he goes
away hurriedly with a bale of it under each arm and a few million In marketa
ble stock quilted Into his undershirt the dlrwotorn exprew nurplso that A young
mn so fortunately situated and with so many opportunities on every side of
him for M < llnK lovely thIn should succumb to temptation
Similar with our railroad Jt li now the custom of the bfc trunk line
and men of some of Ue mall vaMiv and dresnlt c af lln to tmld statlona
hot cover more ground than n township and that cost more than the TYmnder
of the Republic ever dreamfd would be In the country lone time Dut after I
half a mile of territory hall bn put under a rlaa roof and after the twosere
waiting room haa been equlpp with twenty thousand o the most costly And
uncrrnifortoJ ecu thit money Mn buy what then hsppna
LM Any eeaanned trAII nnnwer The Incarnation Uo th li committed
the competent hindu of a pernin without a forehead enores
who nores before he goer
I n sleep and who would
be totally Oeitmtnl by rpontanroiw if he
ever had an ldaa or knew nyt ing or ever acquired a urreptltlous fact anywhere
The ticket ome Is turned over to n clabbered mlMnChroplt whn So wHIInt to
take the Job chap beeauee It elves htm fn many opportunltle for Insulting
people he docent know And the nnnounclnc or trains Is undertaken by ft
depraved wrel < Sh who ha
no palate and who make a bellowing round that he
wsyjlnt be able to trannlste even If M knew the language he urea TAh
he 1IWOnl Nor ant od > eke Your trr
Some Rules for Husbands
By NIxola GreeleySmith
YlltSO mn of twenty in Chicago hid hi wife ap
A pointed hlJl guardian ra he would not hove to wait
Ill he attained hie majority to enjoy a legacy which
had been left Mm Aj oon all the necesary Ural paper
were 1tn < < d its new guardian flaahed come written rule ot
ondurt upon him forbidding him to smoke In tie house
to drink mire than three ctaaita
of beer
or a day and com
pelling him to tak hie wife to the theatre once a week to
walk the baby at night and to wheel hie cocart In the
park on flunday
Them b a time In nearly every man life when he real
> ties that he nerds A ruardlan but the knowledge rarely
t rinift to him at the
< age of twenty In many well reru
h Intel hounCinUli the wit exercise practically at th funs
w + eer lion of guardianship without bringing the Uw into th e
matter And Inane hu band < i would be very glad to have
the household ruses to which
they are expected to ubscrtb written out for them +
fir In that way they would learn Jim what and how many they war Then
too they would 1 > e able to retaliate by formulating similar code of conduct foe
their wle
The Chicago husband might very properly demand that In exchange for hi
abtlnenc from tobacco In the home she refrain from the us of sickening
cItotmtT nentanctitterraper Onrnrnrnir oTihree kTiiee it 1 > irbi
met by a maximum consumption of three cups of tea and that one nlrht aJt the
theatre be rewarded by permission to spend another with hi friend
n v va wu vwm OQ prnt HIM Defter halt with a
copy of his Rules for Wile He knows or he very noon learns his place too
well generally he accept whatever MculaUon
are ma for him or eU se
cretly disregard them Oftener than not theaa restrictions ar rood for him
The worst they ever do II to develop in him an Inflnlt patlonc and a spirit of
Spartan reMrnatlon to whatever IK Fate may have in tore But he cherishes
always In his heart a lurking crm rtlon that home should be without any rule at
ill a place of relaxation whet the shackle of the
day au cast maids There
ire enough yule in his working day he thinks morn or leer rightly The t
ot authority Ie upon him during the elrht or ten hour he work for Another man t
or for other men And though he may know he needs a guardian he would
tenerally prefer that this protective function be not exercised by his wife who
s or should be the one pernon toward whom his entire conduct 1s spontaneous
and absolutely of his own will The bt rule for huebands it rem to me la
not to have any For men are surprisingly easy thing to manage to long oa we
dont pry
Betty Vincents e r
1e Advice to Lovers
Asking Him to Call
Jeer HUr
HIlK talking with a couple of
W young girl the other evening the
question cam up of having young
sun ralleri at the house My friend said
i hat It was proper to wait for a gentle
man lo ask j > rmUilon to come to tide
uouie Bver since my mother gave mi
permission to have young mn palter I
nay ukO tiiem to the house U they
were respectable enough to meet my
mother Is It proper to wall and luv
the young man ask permission to call on
you or li It proper lo aak the young
can to the house 7 rTHKL
In formal society It U euvtomary for
ihe young man to ask to call or for the
girl mother to ask Mm But It a
young man evidently wishes to meet
you agalo It U quit proper for you lo
auk bUn
A Love Sick Wiifow
Dear llsltri i
Alta wtdewtwentytout ynara of 1
I I ag I have heeti KoUig out occa
sionally with a jouut man for Ihe
put right month I wu out of Mil
lluymtnl a tow m nti f ago so haul no I
flossy but this young nut loaned Ins
IH 1 uttered to pay blin back lUll
week but be w ulil not aor ui It Its
10 engaged U tea m rnil an l I to
ll > Ue wedding Is to lake plao next
month IJo you think It Is tight tug
raw tu kM > this money how Mn I
give It bark vtllhout hutllBf his feel
ing u 1 tow ban wry early and
lIIutd not want to offend I dm for all
I Iwo money In lhs world Mow oan I
learn to forgot this man I teal eo eta
iridcnt when I think of hla approach
Ing inrrlac that I am afraid I stall
KG crazy I triM to act away but i
circumstances prevented me from go
Inc and I am afnUd It will kill me
when I cannot ae mm any more
lu iou tlilnjr a man should marry a
girl he does not lov
Ily all means return him the money
Insist on the taking It A man should
not marry a girl he does not love
When lie does so It Is usually beoaues
of Ilia financial or Mal betterment
It he loves you md I behave be
makes you think so although you dont
say the will not marrv another If
he does try forget > 0
to rlt1 a aratur 110
unworthy Th tmt way to forget le
lo work so hard you have no Urn U
remMter and avoid being atone
She Flirts In the Street
Dar nl7l
you oonitder JO r M an out
DO rageou Urn for a young girl six
teen year old to com horn on a
llunday night prodding cite hsj an
esaortT My people do I do not to out
very often and when I do mother gn
rally goss tea On evening four v
fly vary nllIe younf rnen Upp4 their
hat and said Owl evening I did not i
know them My mother Md I was a
flirt Now llllj It you Just hHPtn 10
look at a young man and find him look
1 JI
< ng At you U that Illrtlngr I mail they
I young men very often In the away
They always tip thdr half loll I never
rtcagnli UIMU fa this rlsatf 1 tune I
my parent s Idea are too old faihlooed
I You should lake your mother srtvle
In all these mat IMS If you btbar r a
J properly In the strfit so many strant
young pun would not bow to you I
I EXT week The tfventng World will gve HO a day in prizes to
NEXT teal houiekeepen at Jollolot Two prtca of 11 each for the
Lttt too word or elltht fewer word the better on these flue
I topaz tnaUnp ten prize In all Kitchen Jlinti Home Drenmallng
DrrngTalie IHiiti Spring Cleaning lint and he Care af Clothing
Send Iftttfi to UoutttitesHitg Prise Editor I 0 Hot 1364 New York
I City w
Ir IT l Wu i if

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