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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, May 23, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 13

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200 OMEN i
Ciris Act as Ushers Too nt I
3arnpsActon Contestin i
Springfield i
lItcltlto me Drnlnc Mixed I
Ai GPIIILD Mans ° May a
Wo IENO11 ndmlttett last nlfht to a I
prof Jilonil TrrMllInc match In the now
Gllraoro Theatre between Jim Harnn I
t4conlo WInnd Joo Arlon fid j
Una Ish wrestler
TOj tike thn women till ptrte it1y nt
hum and also to attract mal patron I
buxqm young omen sre pnvad aa j
Ulh K A thousand ports mage ho
mot of having pretty irlrln guts thm 1
I to Uielr seat The edge war taken
front the evrnlnci fnjoyment t r the i
uncrment that b eau of the pm I
nc10f the women no amoklnc would j
i be a4 lowed I
Mr re thin MO nomeii wr pcnt at I
the nest ttrenuous athletic xhtbltlon
em itnltv has yet ben privileged to
witneea In SprlnrnrlJ The concensus
01 opinion was that the port woa I
mo > t A nlc at football
Acon won tun rlrN full the sudden
nesal at the jolt rendering llarnu un
tans Iou The next two fall and the
malt t went to flames In iliort order I
rre of tuner In a Car
I Cane Ilubotf nrnClllff
NILIES AHllK Hay HAa the
locoiotlve of an expreaa train of the
MI > hlih Valley lUIIroad pulled up the
iteeg grade near TVhlte Haven lut
night Eneltleer John Kliher of Kaston
waa urprtieaWisen Trntn rear I alung
thn ruaclns board ud pun open the
rrlndtw of the cob
Fuller know that the expres car
rlahq behind the nxln carried a tarts
consignment of money from Xw York I
bankers to AVeitern financier With I
vision ti ot train robbers In mind ho
atlzrt a wrench and atruclc at the man
ai h came through the cab door The
man dodged puihrd on Into the cab I
and ha two grappled Thin ensued a I
t deipcrat aUutlo aa the locomotive
Kayed from aide to side and It did
not end until the fireman telzlnr II
i coal pIck amaahrd tha window of tho
t cab and truck the man grab ling with
i Klihtr on the had knocking him aeni
I lea Th train war then topp J Th an
I rtn ri aaaallant revived qulclcy aild I
he was a tramp and meant no harm and
I war fhenupon I thrown from the train
Iwaglnriry DatlleKlilp Struck I
AnUilahlp al 800 Yard IlxnEe
NEJVTOUT lay UTor tdo teen I
ot the ubmarlneboat Lair were mad
Ociterday Two boat anchored 3 t yard
part tcpriarnted a battleahlp which
wax the target of the torpedoes from
the aubmarlnea tuba the rug bean t
n yard Observation ot MM tarot for
the Dnt two nhnti waa made by the
IOmlbcope while the lAke wen rub
merged but the conditions of the third
hal J permitted oteervatlon from the
lonnlnr lower
Tate l rat hot fired left the alarboard
tutor all right but the at rtliir ever ol
the tprpedn failed to trip and In naval
purtsjK the IDrJln did not tuncUon
The frcond hot ArM from the port
tub Will n iuoooi the turpedn hlttln =
the line squarely btircn the two an
chonil boat
Tinjri IhLAII Curled to turn In order
to t5Y a torpedo frm the Im tab
bill too torpedo wns dioh rKjd prtuni
turtJM and mode only a hart run
through lit train
f CI I
TheJQulntMinlal Nmlowil Convention
of thf IndrrxviUrni inter if he Tre
Bon 101 lira l nil be tirdl at tM
Grit Tatar lion Atlantic Ity N
J fn tnt the ath to the 3ili Int In
oluilvc Hulnriiliuile lo4K M in ear onoII r I
partaj at the eon n try will each W rm
retlut wi 11 dcll > law Tu day the
delegitea rpre rat ng m lodE la
few York < lty Albany and llunn
Kttrtr I for the WMIM of the oanvint I i
Amor i tit New yorkwn w < re Julius
Ilarb rgrr > l urlce B BlUfiuntlml
Moan H Hlvrn llvrman tiril il4i
J t4 hteerq lljrry Jaojb and
Abtn1Ifll llufer
Don r t
A out t
Y ur
fdt < jaw
I l f
If you it
air of bee
lee called
akiany ilyou
Waal a lee
iSore attradirc
I ollhlei run
I urina PEiTOL
i low and qdt woe
fut PEP101
i a food pure
lad umpk a can
enttalio of the
s sokeat flah btui1diag
rla penis poablc to
oblaia It k abrolu
I ed to G
< ie M your Mtight oeu
month or every toil paid
or l will be rrliwnnl
Akjor tbuwst for
Pty 101 or Knd one
dou Yor the trturpiy
to ib
pptel Cas puny
Fled Nit Dank Buda
N A Ca Nw Tats awe C I + k1Ya
r N
Ywhaaiici 4th As 31
caJ4cbIG lW 1a matn1
a7 ° I sdr ai
isua sw hrwlw Jlr
11 w9h Mw + k
M 4 MMMMMIif i
n Tr r ry c c
New Y or9 Most Extraordinary Special Bargains
tr n t
Manicuring for Women 25c Second Floor Thousands of Dollars Worth of Superior Merchandise at Prices +
enue Busy rner that Positively Break All Records for Astonishing Lowness >
ii 1 l c t z r A Page of OldFashioned Bargain Friday Sensations 7
a lQN upheaval of wantable merchandise In everything that a large department store lUte this can possibly handle J e
f i More bargains than ever before Bargains of the most startling nature Than the exasperating backwardness of
> v rAJ the season and the embarassing position of overstocUed manufacturers wholesalers jobbers etc for that j
N r 1 IS but it is different with the manufacturers and their sources of distribution t
h Because of the excellent condition of our stocKs we have been able to matte numerous remarkable purchases These
r r we have announced and will continue to advertise lj
t I Last Sunday we publicly announced that we were in a position to buy from overstocked matters wholesalersmillsetc
and solicited correspondence from them
x I fiti 1K r AND WE HAVE BEEN BUYING GOOD BIG STOCKS ALL WEEK and these sales will be advertised in their proper turn 11 >
No mall orders on anything here adverUscd <
EmlroidcryFlouncings Oil Stoves Dinner Sets Lace Curtains Boys vvasn Skits Inlaid Lmoeums Pillow Cases
IS Inches wide desirable lor skids Not flimsy skeleton Staves but PRfcTTY DECORATED DIN t 23 anJ 4 pairs nt a kind Ve have sold hundred of dntrns Imported goods In Various sliest val 1
dresses waists tilh full Carmet Backs They NEK SETS Fine Scotch Nets Cable Nets granite effects 1 ues up to IOC No 61
tcs A most exceptional Jr an e PO de 1 r lJ
etc worth 35c a ofTimlter suits at their former 5 Malt Orders filled
made 6f hear steel The end Arabian Curtains Soira regular price 85 9 c
yard excellent is are heavy floral value at tomorrows prices Jl25 to 52 oo Manufac yard C Each 2
lortrtient from 2 5 Cabinet peek prevents dangerous price Very thin grade ware arc discontinued patterns turers samples purchased nt Square yu lain Klunr 1
which to choose Ld C draughts or flickers The bodies In the new and extremely some slightly damaged earth PI nor
Yard trlow regular prices all yes I f
i are strong and rigid snd nicely attractive Roman shapes values if perfect from 250
able materials madras pique
decorated removable sclffeedlnj + yrtiMially traced with scroll to > < 6 a pair For quick selling 11 T 1 ins
Laces linen duck galatea tef hand OfJcJods J xa ins
tank You can easy cock a work One large soup tureen ing we have divileJ them lCIOtnS
Point de Parts styles also somely trimmed a multitude of 500 doren hemmed Lunch Napkins
Dimly elious ran and three platters with into two lots Strip
fancy Cotton Laces to 5 Incites patterns from which 5000 REGULAR good quality popular dice pat
In width no 1wD alike dinner eirh A tn make selection y > f QUALITY terns splendid for
In the entire assort F with C j J se L fJ 1d your 65 JOILCLOTHS not 19 boarding houses
merit couldnt be du 5 t thea + y 1 by7I L1 aJ f I altie ol 5 9 C and 89 C I lion Sites 2V4 to kl C running patterns C and restatirtntJj 36 C 1
M where is e KJobYII to IY1f SSc values Dozen
pIf 2trdth qJ stores 1 i A t years Square yard C
less than toe Yard i llaartnriitl 11mtn Knnrlli Pl iorT Thkrd Inert < + RnnrthFinn l Xllnlu Jilnoca
I Main Jlixir I
Axminstcr Rugs mesrrra 2 Children r Gloves Knit Underwear
Rugs s OVes
Cretonnes sunauie fur 11111111 Iae r a 12 wASII SHIRT WAIST nitlDltrNB I MIIANKHE WOMENS FINK IlIBU IMtOItT KD
Pretty ptttvrni and color and wd ram 000 vA S H A B lIE 1IHUK TIIUEAD QUOVB8 ID HISS
Je Perfect
Inn regular 10c codes from arch niiarnt x J y 1 yard t J Gradth made pnlr I orlcil A to lot cell ot ut HOc a 1r UNION ntilns tIl1THPerfect low neck and
Nn more than II f H si dray to clues eat 29 frevplena wide at knees
SC e r > C
> arch to cuitomtr DC quality Jl 4198 11r tninmed with U p
Yard slue < Mum noor lace made of tine 59c
Ioiirlh floor l Ton till noor SUITS AT EXTRAORDINARY PRICES llald Uiraad each
11 Main Iluor
n VT 7 It aren S re3SCS
If Pillows Women Stockings
LU IC 110WS W omen j tOClgs While lAwn UrMar very Dres51n SRC
Covered with Rrtt 1vo 1tVA 1ln1t RAs f < 1 lnly deilcna low nruka Dressing Sacqites
> pretty 1lE first biff sale of the sold nearly 100000 Shirt Waist Suits jirutc since alOW
tie special i ast we
cotton well flied and LISLE STOVINOS Ithe year begins tomorrow year Patch nrcka nnd him Made of Hue lAwn In dainty
raado With pvxi very ihlnnMt kind mad i fi excelling ail previous demands and by far anvthng r iirckn lany or iliort uleevra figure on white grounds
full niffli J39C IVjuble sol Barter t > p exceeding > any Krrncli and baby Q prettily made with
value weh silk finish gaarnnn d other store attempted for this Summer we have prepared on a l atylM alau 1 to 96 C circular collars and 49
Fourth 1luur fait hock alao t a yearsHircona hells at als
White Itnk and 15 host extensive scale Washable Shirt Waist Lresss are immensely Hircona lour 11Koo 11001
iDoor cDr4erics IIIu Pair fMaln Hoor popular I hey are cool dainty and charmingly becoming We have T r y > h Infants Coats Porcelain Chela
Heavy richty brocade rtnKfd l top titp jitry Iud VT v omen s 0 x fora placed orders with several large manufacturers r and open the season to riou circular Coata collar trimmed IniertMl with Largo r e fancy colo a
bottom r star rf f r O morrow with 12000 of these natty and comfortable Shirt Vaisl Dresses 1 t I with ulde embroidery and case In Pink Illuo nnd
egrchpflcelLWc 1 + 29 Ties trimmed with Orw prettily painted
IICh Extra salespeople Special tables Second I dreg ruffle rises p And decorated fitted wlU
furth1 p o p Floor reg
Tourtli lloor1
oo Two force table of Wnmena six month to 98 euuranterd onto
Oxford floe Illr < i nnd SrcoiMl Klonr four yea i a C day Ullbrrt movi 98
Persian Lawns Whit Duik In all Lnolal Hoof ment IIU value
n aw oJ nix No Mnll Or 19
a Jr
Fine quality White Lawns den FlIIl Ialr C SHIRT WAIST SUITS MaJe to be sold at jifcOS Good quality Iau1 If iMalu 1luur I
for 40 Inch gradual whir plndIJ IS Third floiri and Clumhrays in White Black Tan OxMood Black and Whit rrP Girls 57 jeers 71 Brooch
tllrd Worth Alyl 7 check511hite grounds with Black figures Plaited and trimmed with 18 r ONK rIIriUS IMIOIS for lAHIi IIOUM wear yr Jewelled JJrooc
J6c Yard Plain 1loorj Galvanized wash embroider full sleeves with deep cuffs smart stcxik collars Re at f We i to value No Age lull > Pins
Tubs markably full skirt plaited and gored deep hems sizes to + L e unVn Filled 19c Finer h1lJlAlaaI atu en
tVT i Jttlf nearer Uronah lore dOl
White Goods Stronc drop handing mad of I t ITlilril IlOrt una ol pretty vlylai ail
heat Iron irul4r prlu a I ° 3 wito Jrwrla regular prices
4WO yards of line Whit tar Kni ptIotjHlly WOMENS JUMPER DRESSES of fine quality Lawns in all color + IV and Oc 1 C n
tc oct tarlMii kind aucli U > w priced lonur 39 C AlenRJOJC S fir ays Uach qc15C
A MaIrnna Ftattet0 Full Jumper trimmed with fine andbuttons full flaring 11
aaU < row pleats and r Alo JUNK HuSKb Urge IalelnIgaarl
are U o t value t ad HwIcier ui to f I IC Ilea emeubl skirt Also Shirt Waist Suits of figured Madras and Polka Dots 1 19 r 1 t a titmrhei with tulle ulao + 0
ISo Yard VT V Ail sizes 249 values at E I In tar tab rosebud all 12 Alligator Suit 1
Olnln lluur vvomcn v csts d color 1ge
lItH r an t H
tVOMKXH HWIHS IIUHF h g worth trIo Cafes
i a3CJ
Lingerie Batiste alvcvvlea will iuvl rr I Im and figured lawiii plaited fronts elaM v SUITS Fronts of waists neatly trimmed wit G y AlllF tor Pattern Bull Case
narrow rlbbiM ate l n aiMl framo role leath
ItwulKul Bn Wbll fatale fecta Garment C lately trimmed with fine embroIder full three tab s of fine emt rodery and line tucii r a Leather Hand Dags rt on cxirnera brw lock and
Cln Inches wide id hUh lky Mnlii riinr siena other sl > les have all oer emhrriilery walsl1 Au < ted alylei In Ulack blti MliUli CQ
pnth plfmdld for ruin extra deep cults high stock eol arol v and color manly car lie jQC
all full tttrts
fullrrrrcL III tho minute
flier wear Rent YT Isis uptotheminute Irts jnt r 3
fSi gracefully fitting skirts with rice napes In Third Moor J
air Y1 mate Zx J OC Counterpanes full sweep at bottom all clue trimmed to match waists all Q 2 98 il si aldx nand and
a9 1 79
S3 9 ilues sins 58 values W rund lie Yams 49
11 ori Kxeellont duality IIetniid at Folding GoCarts
Coiinlirmiiia fur larxualae PURE LINEN LAWN SHIRT WAIST SUITS ithr ih jilnlu lluor 0 17Iq 0 arts to
1 beds itcKular prim i e JUMPER DKESSPS Malls ol orpndle and Black mannsli or ejbvratfly trimmed allele three Full iii tfil bodIce with
Linoleums Nut mor than J to a ctia and White cbecici jumper adorned quarter sleeves different w I rt llnliiK back rubber I
smartly many D
farm > r and no Chocolate Drofis tlrml wheel
On good tile pattern In Im Mall Order Filled JSC with fine tares forming yoke effect and Dutch style skirts trimmed to match Q34 and foot j rf a
ported Inlaid Lin Each C cuffs full skirts trimmed to correspond waists all Ins Jft So values W A rote Mntrd vanllli bea k J6 X498
oleum tcrJlar covered with 11na 11 s
o e a m
Jlnlli Fluor rrram r values
fl r Ili 89 respond with Juniper all PRINCESS LAWN GOWNS LINGERIE OJESSES T 1
il + a f0o1 Rnw1a c class frt > o awl Ciiooolale 1
yard 7 seytt values JjjtiO of rich soft lingerie full valits eiquis trl > r I I mull ale IOe ThIn IInY
Taurlli noor Em hr aid cry Edges trimmed elhov sleeves lawn dresses are popu pound I Main Ilour
bwia CtuiiUrlc and Knln TAILOKMADE SHIRT WAIST SUITS Sheer lar princess effectv fronts reef trimmed wh Lawn Swings
Cork Linoleums auur bmbraltlerlea omu lawns in White or iliac waists of fine plaits embroidery and Valenclrnnei ues beautiil S Blankets ubatantlullx mad and
have Uicrllnn to inuirli glvlnj very smart effecU full sleeves verI tilt fitting skirts srurtly trimmed to tortes n1 an ulcrly nnlatiu
us1 IMlOHT Attractlvr blind l 111 Mlece Hlanket f
I Boullitrn c
KO QIUUTY OloIJM and Kltlluli cyvUt emlbllnd II stock collars exc < fdnly p rear 2 with waists all ltCll li5O i for I larc olee Noi In Iar to 1f Beatlnc
299 449 prin
4 yardi wide i 10 < ry trrn ulao aniatlo U Inn skirts all sizes 55 alues Jues 49 Mt rtml imiy wlii pr i tat 1 al
fa u sr aware 57 floral designs Yard 3C ty ruloreit iMir I
Yard lin tc and < C Otlier WaJialle Dresses U aanito vI 119349 469
duutlli loaf Jlnln Iloori ter rses to 4500 UVH p lr t
11 uurtlr
Ibis Jumper hull 3193 tluurtlt Haar lllilrl Plnorl
uJr < tstrRaDLAMrva i ruAnwmtua wraarwww
p Tuner Sets at 795 I CliiJdrcn W1iitc Reliaole
inner e s WItcSllOcsaJ Oxfords t 1 Good Pe Paints
M f Shoes
rTT7 Pretty Summer Footwear for the little misses at l en s Outing noes t
The Kind Usually Priced at 975 small expense Made of pure white duck with firm 7 i V
Made of an unusually good grade of chiru for the price in grade In button all wayys lace styles low and high cutij high Also sizes for boys Values up to tttoo heavy At Prices Below Comparison
several very pretty patterns All are fullsize sets Large soup S to S sVt lo it JIM to a duck uppers leather soles White Gray and One of the best opportunities of the season to supply yourself
tureen and three large platters with each set C J Brown sizes 13 to 5J and 6 to II wHh highgrade weatherproof paints at prices which would be
ATTRACTIVELY 59c 79c 89c Mail Orders Filled Pair 49C asked for decidedly inferior grades elsewhere a
y t e OKA TED TOILET iTItlrd Hoar Ohlrd Iloar imn I AIxTa iiUf I a 0 LAC K I NO
Made the
r by Bid Sheet r PINT cus rer 10 soy earpt top
celebrated Ah Woe k t U 1 J orcnon L aces ular price dt10 ° lraa > Me i nnih 1
FUIIr Wd 1 Ned Compete Bed Outfit M la aaki
Pottery Co con llachd fhr oMorrowatOutfit 13 2 5 Gad ortmnl law QIJAtT CANS qQ n R u I a r 1 Y790
skits of V full slre blechd haunt rrr T from toalnrlei us price Ha we 121 tNI I
1lnch 1 OJYLOr101V at In w VJth aAYA N I X E O
h e m nn Dt tty JIM F 0 XI CANO
+ t F r t3 9 pieces In J pretty GuAI Mllrma n 0 A U II A O H
Wirth 49
0 e retu1arpttcs CASH w t t b
I decorations rash VERY EXCEPTIONAL BARGAIN In raa 10 40 d
regu tPOD 19 0 titrtitir nt
larly seN at j516 Nlakr Ylwa This is UMHOTWW and should at once r al Ianr a tine nil bell >
9 Q Md Y an extra s pwial oiler bur J
r r Q t d 1C LopA O A L L O N 0 A X A h a n d I J
To mar 11 75 W receive widespread attention The outlit consists of one at yf 20 errata priM < 1 00 t 1 IIt290
a row t p ll y omen t 11llh 1lure I UV
r winra KKAWBLIKD IRON pKt > rKAn OUlo 11wra
Vts 1 lU Inch rixxjn PAINTS
oontlnuou flllera
V7 1 pot T brays POLDJNO CU > TlfKB
1000 Wnite China Dinner Sets NotNS 8SVIH6 rnaailr olilllt rxtn lon foot limh hrau CArt1rcll < JUAJ T CAN 20c nRYBrU mad of
Of thin pudf china and art all new and petfect gouda no clndJ inHjirp vTJsri lop rail on hd Chll lat niniii i ausu ren J AAN 11 t price IlC On whit wood tt
very lw
r w nCK aM no
ot Gaaaxl yard o r dr IIK
In the lot lUll what null need In > our Summer borne 01 allY d your II ergs atilMd or ALl1tTAL enamel Underwear P AIIT i WM CANS Or THIS pat oan 1M NAlly
camping or outing trips tlis Summer ConiSti ol 6 dinner plaits 6 iralcht rtKuUr AI WINo IItINl In pipe Ill KilT UOOt 89 uM4 Hint J > laf d in
tr1s and u Inlt or fll with c H i L i > H K Nr 1A1NTB sJ an a corn C a
tea plates 6 cups and uuc rl 6 soup plat 6 individual butters 6 I r a a Ooublt wig BW1HU KlliUMD CI p tree aye orm
fruit saucers i covered sujsr bowl l cream Jurrl flop to wtbrZf I r r t s wovle fabu 1 V EITr low JIAlK rpfJAmL I I OUttrJC
bikers t large platter tad t imall platter Only t set to O 1 65 Leti 23C hUerl Irrda a alMVM err and Aae f rue n saga 1c i a r pna Qeq UJ1JOKADJ LAtiy iiowema
a euitomer Value JJJO at > UaJ Qleta rluor C I Jl It J to ATN vv fe1ly nttl c jar ah of Ws lout
tATTm I Ch IPfllta 7 UAtAA N 1 K r > Lib S I f > <
IJ btftm Idea clltw WASH I I II Ii harpening 1
CUT GLASS at special prices for to tr Pillow Cant I > ndarm ooverol Ih C a t r a n t tIrI it LUd 0 a n b
morrow flInch petty pawls Celery with a htavy lay IT Oluln lour handlM mad II I I adjuatftd to out
Trayj Sugar and Cream Sell Water A tFWn Uad of ooJ goal ol cutler dean nil t It 1141r Iron ri tyJ h f K U or I o w
TratS w t ity muilln tae tat a Iw lulu > Ik 1 II s e r r liar
uMr prove
Put Its 8Inch Nappies and Sjioon < UM and 4UM UUGI edger CJv I I I Y t r + clal pl r < price CM at i s
Trays Values to 4400 0 1 r laacw tTfd IIlr sac p wit t t I Stated Nrt ap Wmor 39c t
at 49 a 1e to r quallfr 1 t I r I 198
Special q 1
rw at V
7unrraks 12c llkinr wnpleu P l I I I 111 I C IIr t all 1
PKETTY CHINA BBPKY SETS Made d ulaln I bar 1 tcagular urea II s
or excellent trade ware prettily r 132 5 Yl l ail tN full a > 11
J raj da luoc itl H Dro Head SetlJq NLacliines r
decorated In 3 good psttcini each Jjamloo J3ooi lt IM wliu vr q
piece Is traced with cold t Urje DOl 100k tdlN dlIb ± A
dish and 6 frultij would be an Castt PARlOI StTFS Handtorne drilyn rail flied racks ruh mahogany latch t h rea J n e I a With ball bearing 3 drawers la 1 II 0 arm 1
wcellenl value at He To o rL + > y piano polished The sprn t are the indeitrutible knd ptot dust proof Arum adjustable ba R 90rd tat l r
I morrow It r 3 7C a set ahIYN 880 coytrw in Un quality or Veront velour and figured 12 l5 n33 many bujilni we ire conttantl tlC In 1150 II
> Incuw tapestry reculir price ti9 Special for HiU salt 16 pIILr f chln < Department
tadarusYhtJ laatut4 Mara UaMWMl1

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