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err j ir Venin8 yr o rJgIII i > ah > iri 3I6 az i ri v i huredn y May 23 19O7 1 l
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Petle4 tIT tii Pr e > ruJlthlnc Ooauuxy No a top Park now tttw Tort
J5ntrd at th Pct OCIc at New Xotk aa Beconadaa Mall Latter
VOLUME 47 NO 10711
I HE Howard Gould lose calls attention again to the
number of skeletons there aw In millionaires1 closets
There Is a vast millionaire underworld of which the
people of ordinary means who mate up the great
American public get only an occasional glimpse now
j and then
J If the Police Department had now the kind of
Commissioner that H has had many times before
° ° there would be no such sidelights thrown upon the
domesllc life of the Howard Goulds as Commis
11 stoner Bingharns investigation Is disclosing Instead
of the notoriety which is attending this matter every
thing would be suppressed and the head of the de
tective bureau and the Commissioners confidential man would to a
modest extent share In the depletion of a big bank account
It Is mi new thing for the New York detective bureau to by put at
the private disposal of some rich man
Jay Gould frequently used the power of the detective bureau for
private nth and personal purposes The VanderbJlb have several times
found the detective bureau efficient to get their wayward members out of
trouble Many rich and fashionable families would have thousands of
dollars more In their bank accounts and a great deal of undesirable noto
riety had the affairs of the Police Department always been administered
In the manner that Commissioner Bin ham is hafidlirie its connection
with this Gould casa
t a
Naturally women who are adventuresses fasten upon millionaires
It would be a waste of time and fascinations to pick out some popr man
Whether a woman marries for money or has more meretricious relations
r for the same reason she takes pains to make sure first that the man has
money for her to get
This has made the scions of the New York multimillionaire families
prizes to be hunted for by the keenest and cleverest women In America
and Europe Of the thousands of such cases hardly one in a score comes
to public knowledge Either quiet settlement Is made through some
lawyer or other confidential man or such Influence Is brought to bear that
the matter is dropped
Thomas F Byrnes when he
was at the head of the detective
bureau always handled such mat
A ters with ability and discretion and
even when Devery was Chief it
was the general policy of the de
partment to take the part of the
man against a woman What In
spector McLaughlin did In the How I l
and Gould case does not seem to
have deviated from the custom ol
the department
Of course the public Police
Department should have nothing to do with such matters In the way of
furnishing detectives or aid to either party Visually the man is quite as
much If not more to blame than the woman She may have played
upon his vanity but she could not have done It unlesi he had been vain
She may have compromised him but then he had no reluctance in
compromising her She worked hard for whatever moneyshe got from
r him while generally he had Inherited his from his father or grand
These general remarks have nothing to do with the
relative merits of Howard Gnuidand Mrs Howard
Gould In their matrimonial and financial disputes
l Some people might think that Mrs Gould should be
2 content with 5000 a month allowance and not sk
I I Ihk z for alimony of 10000 a month Still when the
I F abandoned wife of a day laborer hales him to a
l police court the judge compels him to turn over to
i her for her support a thIrd > > of his weekly wages
The same proportion applied to Howard Goulds
income would give his wife considerably more than
10000 a month
Letters from the People
1 Wants to Qrovv
To IIt X41tr if no yireiitoc WorMl
k I BUI txten ytari of ago quit tout
but only 1n feet tall I am In rood
hMlth nvr bavin bun rick In my
IU and walrh 100 pounds 111 tbr
semi way by wtatoa I can tnoreu my
Ji ltit J II
Ta plenty f outdoor excrete Ip
ntn or tin hour a nlfbt avoid to
Uaeoo and Uquor Join torn good ryra
naatum Th Itutroetor th r can tat
you xrd + aj which tend to Inaren
Tb Mew Tunnel
T 0 tin Kditg of Tin Dvalna WorM
I wt h to find out U ths nw Eat t
Hlver tunnl whtoh 1s ntarlrur oompH
lion win In afe B < i > 1 > 0M a hMVlly
Wa44 chip irbouUJ e eti and drop lb
load Into th rlvr and thli load should
> tflk th lop at U21 tunnel Would
Si blow or wlht cnuh lit Will
njtnwrj dUouaa thief A wow or any
kind of a tul la Habl to oink and
Utvt 011 for tunnL Could M do so with
noub tore U oru h lit
i rJamocl
IT KoUy Mich
1N tic K4tlo U Thi frabg Wotltt
TAa our la cununar P tub nouh
to NwiW + unrr tit b4 eitauautaac
inprn ftBaoW4 Jet la a roar at dir
ttt drlvnoerroui Wqpt rrrn
JSVaftUX ftOitaMtfr WN4 +
enough Ta ft too mUCh to ask our
poll to firpprwu rlrldhy th unneoea
stir nljrht Tiotsw of jummert TIr
craekdra ahoutinr th yowling of oat >
I tii barklnr Of dot iha midnight
watttnr of plants and thl ro torn
voiced tnr In the next flail
ltrst Or iulnoo
Ta th E4ll < r or Tt Cutaa W4
In ttt mtt r of ltt peanut bogs I
most crU4nty ifrtt hm a wvctt car
tut psanulstars hou4 t R1hictJtd
Into tb nvlar nrvlc I belin that
the ioonr iwh pople Im that tby
muil rpoot tht i mill of other and
UMit th K ° P r pUcc to tal U it horn
ttit bUr oft w ad will k Throwlor
rubt lih about a ear b ont of the wH
known ucllea of ttlll car rowdy V It
About ffi K lVk
T u CJIUf at Tt RruilBi iuVl
Will you pins tall tos ths Kv ra
w III or thi working girt of Nw
York a
Why Tol tor
T a JMlter 01 Tti I rn nlor Worl 4I
Ta > item should I apply for r un
I lit In a n ball In btu Jlron and
bAn a Candy M eUar tore and my
iMihbor lU out tats aemat to jj
IlalUn for le and Goal p Uar and It
makar toy Urine roomi damp and
K trap stock nt lay in f1HI
GUae Atstav
IIWJ tJIJfi1ft r N WI
e t1
By Maurice Kcttch
irfl t
I r
s t
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u FRGF ti r
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It fill 11 t4 wy
i 5ccc
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S Tr1
NffiryiMM aZ
r f l II ti
1 11 t
Some Husbands Should Obey By Nixola GreeleySmith
I LONDON maditrat baa treated a mild irn atlon When an Issue orb blw een two persons It Is nlwayi iha upcrlor who
A by the momgroivn aaiertlon that wire should or ikilo Th hfnjwrkc husband or doormat wlf In ujuairy reduced to lervltude
t their husbands and that the laUer have lhe rlfht to fly tau toys of quIet and a phloiophlo realization of the fact that the worst hni
mvl the family rlMUns Hit arryed
Other mnriitratr and xvera clergymen
rcTnen apparently alt
looklnsr for iroiiM hav I nuOUeu hli rlrwi nil oonildfrln Till American man U too ien lbl end too chjvtlroui to rlw hlmM with any
atlifactlon In the role of the domejllo bully and tui >
as not the Ineradicable
the queitlon with as much oUninlt as thotich It had not e
um > of lupcrtorlty that raffles the KnBlltbrtwn throurh It
I bOn a topic for Ucuilon line the tint man and
A dl acrred woman Ha roarHe a eompnnton not an unpaid hou keper and for that reason nt
forelen ever undwiland his point of view
The ricer Mahatma now In
our mldit hat pranouncvd
tl the American husband a slave and says that roan In woman liven In tba moitunlted h UKhold moment of dlCTerenee are bound tn aHi >
and woman man In this country however this may be when either rife or hual nit has to yleldwhlrb should Iw iletcrnilnml 1r
there are not many Amttlcan women who UX the ancient the rinnictcr and temp rain nt of tho mAn and woman n taw of tho ur
dortrln of wlfoly ob dlene very seriously rival of the Dltmt pr m lb In family discipline fi in everything t
oO Ono reason tor thl Is of noun bewnu its Amtrtmn Many wlven ob < > y their buabana It Is rtRht that they should do in Man >
marrlacr li uually baled on low not on mercenary eomliiarallon as In all Ku husbands obeY thrtr wlvea That too Ia equally Jut Who vir rules In Ih <
ropesn rnuntno L ore doe not enact obsdlenca It rather shuns authority demote etch should rule by right of ronqu < < t and amlnrnt < U > rnaln
JllIOnall I think win should obey their huibaml It they want to Gen Oenernlly a woman pretrs a man aha obeys to ono that obfy her Authority
erally women In love ore apt to be too yleldlnr too dependent and many American not lnfr aueotly I IhruiH uixin her rather than sought by the uniinipmt p 1
husband do evorythlnr they can to encourace Individuality and rroilem of notion wakneatsa of th man she inarrtwL Khe taliee 1M hHm liecauve OmII1y hoi
In their wives to Iw there sad In such emergncl the buabaml should and xenernlly does otvv
n u
The Cheerful Primer
7I6H1WAD Ltd
1 4
ulw +
See the DONKEY
Gn OUsYGtNIs r Mo I rtoyv cosi
AND MAiJG r v r T a
PpFF r
tl 1 AK
i an ° Qr t I
Na c
Wi II fhb N D S
Mike SOMEBOW of the Donkey
t r1I
te Le iiyC WJahlcs
tl0511U1 tuns you CAN BUI
6 swq Froo ur
w The Donkey
I I tatT oNCE t r
i 011 DEAH
l13 T UP 1L2
Nop OnccaDon kQ l It I
Always a Don ke i
tr > w m ipf1 jjBp frj ffilgjSSi
Organizer of TheWomana Trade Union League
Talks to Girls
1 Good Manners 4
r im other day a rntr of nllarleua ue urdtnrwar A
THE at a drunken woman Who was vainly trrlt > s
to pick up her hat from th cutter
4 Preiently a young lady cam to her aabtarro rtor
frwr her bonnet nvaklruc a way tor Iinr out of the rtrol of
do PIII and INidloc hr lumtilln atep1 OT T ttw out i
to th lUlcwulk
The drunken woman balane l and btlCfOd hrtr with
crr < Vt effort
fr a lady hn Mid with a herola attmpt at
P fllmlfr an Ill do tho tame fr you acme day
Th woman wn rlnfli lire newthand frtnn4 wa i
Udy and waa rognlxcds a lady by all tbe mrmben of
de gang a a well a by1 their victim
6eu1drOrn J Girls and the social Graces J
Women at held eipoclatly reponlbl for thodaj
rraci and the art of behavior Ia therefor an hnpoant
one for tfrU to practice It teaks practice too to a pm onea set In rood man L
nn just u It take practie to plea mud In oust piano playlnr How ws
are tortured by pKytrw who xout muito without mrcy who have never
taken mug but play noUlly by ear There ar flrla hoe mannira artUkV
that They lnfit and tortur a company with their dlcordint rudeness
To keep oar balano In moiety I a great accompaniment requiring a Juat
IfapprVUUon and a jut appreciation and consideration of other i
Tol tol orgald at a oourt omolali or knew by bla very Important nvtrnif
that this was not the gnat man for whom I wtu wiUUnr A certain modesty
and frenc are < o be found In the manner of All truly cultivated people But
th ezanremtlon of Iheu virtue U
quit AI objectionable aa pretension ah6
eondMoenilon The after you my dear Alphon brand ofbebavtor IraUntfy
detected U i counterMt of the jrenutn coin of polltenei
Between lf4 iertlon and servility let th dtmeult happy mM1um Hut
It U muoh mater to lie awake nt nlcht after a party and think af the rlrht
thine ono might have aid don than II
or to say and do them at the right time 4
and place
1H a Working Girls Social
A working ctrl club Social often bclM like a funeral Thi mKiti though
arrayed for a fetlvliyt Une up In a petrified circle around ths wall sack parson t
too elfconsloui to break the Ice Pretty bright lovable itlrU alt llkn bumps
on toga apparently afraid to leave their scats or utter a Und No one of them
has Lie courage to be herself or the wit to ut other
put O lr3 at their eat Vhrn tha
I strain of the illuatlon become almost unbearable the dare uthor wlU
appear And hung n sort of relief like as not however they have an exarK 411t 1
ated eitUmate of their own Importance and hand out the ilineeprotramme with It
the air of oonferrlmt N b prices
upon unworthy claimant
The gloom of the oetal It not dispelled perhar until the arrival of Lb
popular leader of the cram march 9h > li ireleomomin
aa r cfilM with r
pe e > of cued newt nnfmnu
move about
among the gtrsts drnwlnp them out nod
introduclnr them with foxing cordiality and ready tact and umute < lnc thm
to gaiety with the llle of her fplrtt Bhe In unshln
When the meals have nt lat thawel out they bean to ehlbtl themelvw
with A gnat variety of manner Tha awkward
girl upsets the l moni < U Tin
vulKar rift romp about rouichly pmhlnjf and pili II nit her frlendJ hltitr rat
Mlher The amorou girl devoten herielf exrulvey to the beaux The snob
bifh Ilrl snubs these iha thnki
beMnth nr In rnctal rank The enact Ctrl
humtllntex the young man wJxno attention she hat Ionic r cour S Ml And the
ruin erected girl tIp and struli nnd bate on air
law all their chnratter can JjoreniMlkchar + rrr In > hl a book What Ji
done for eTeat la sear to be done fd f cffrvtr ATst I done for lave II hit to Ix
done for love
The Mistake Girls Make
I One tremendous mlitake ilrU tnskqle In trraUnr people wfll or 111 txa + sre
of their dottier Thn man who today wear a low turndown collar and longish
I hair may b tomorrow iha famou poet whom all deilre to kootr The Utl
faihlombly dreud ctrl with the timid sweet fallowing eye whom no
body oaks to dame mT be the comr Jier of meloxjle which will live lent
I alter the Coney Island Twn Step has wed to ba popular
The nell brnt chi unlorki Its mind nod hart of all her ntOiUtea and
tv t them courage Good manners are ear iwpulir as pertona beauty and
their charm and power are a rubtlx and tmnc
I DeadlY may not he po rlld by every one but good minnen are wJthla
reach of all nnd while the nfftcte unworthy and unlovely may boll sway
for an evening In the lonr run the lmpe natural kind pmon It mon valued
nven a common drunk reconlte a Inldy when the merle ans Evra
the most derraded womtn braee to lprorate the raurteiy of a niat < r x Jut
nerven her In an hour of need all that Is left of her wretched inl f poi
to that htr > er > fen with a desire to do the attn for 4ier soma day
l Six Ways to Make a Man Care for Woman > 1
By Margaret Rohe l
Jllo IKeep Him nic1itillg
RI7r be quite ready when you have an rnltItmnt
NP for the thAtre or a social Catherine AII
H Always delay
th flnl hlnr louche of 11
your toilet until
you beer 4
uls rlne at the bell He will bo Gladder than
ever to see
you when at lait you d6 appear Even when
you nte all
ready to Itlll It U effective hvo
r to avo forgotten an Ira curl
or a fancy pin and retire to prirp for another ten mlnutt
or ao He will deeply npprernn a your taklnr so niucj
time and pain to make yourself beautiful for him
r KiIMrUlly whop h mAke a social rail It If well o I
Keep hlm wallliir Ifs will enjoy looking iu the pinto
r r graphs of other men that adorn the wall of your rrc ptlm l
R rHim They will Impress him with your popularity and he
mil reallc hi good fortune In lulu allowed any of NUT I
valuable tin
ag t rr
Always HA that the picture of hi particular itval
iccuple ihp moot coniplriMU poalllun In III room sod thai an elaborate to
rat tliiMolat with his rtval card II oorrlMwIy upon the catitr table ThlwlH <
furnish him food for thoiwht and ven If such part of thl pre sitting p is I
14 trill cxpnlYe for you to provide H will b well wwrih It In the end
Vaen at tail you enter lit nx n attar ilvlnr him liU lltll lesion In pillere e
and eDJIIII Win In conversion let your y Imy ovary now and then to the
photo of hit rival imll lenderly and then lay with a auddan atari Wig f
pardon what Wit you laying TIll invariably make an awful hit r
Two Defendants 1
By Walter A Sinclair
tpretileat tltem + n or lb MotrooaUtan IJf woo a1201 to tw ° t lnulr ta N j
tnoCS ef bell ett ee > i Una
liEN a blr man I Indicted If p rchnc hU pull should fall
W Do they pull him out of bid at night and lam him Into JAil eS
VY Oh do they plnoh him hastily with curl kld U hi hair
And drac him through the ilUnt straits and load his lit with car I
Doe Hill Jerome the Clo < k mllh ltTut dalai 114s clock hl Ox
And doss he oak him goad and hard with awful outorlMf
Then < when a email on hear been hookd caught at a Iris otrn
llxpe µ lnf LhAt > ot eourxt ha wfll b used Ilk wealthr jnnta
l pt fa called up by phone and asked to cud hi nap >
perhaps ho com tbs backdoor rout In motorcar Fcrhapil
Hut linl It mare llkly that unUia a Wall trMt pt
Tiny yank hIm itrlfftl from bad to sell and sand him upt r
Strangest of Inventions
fWIENTJBT hn mvtnt d an lutomatio rrwohanlim for VMUnroolll1l1l1
At a bawd upon Iha UM of HerUlan waves lllnluur wlr U tlrr
rnphy AanU an tq be IniUlled on v l effecttv within a thonMBd
yards radius Two ra i11 flttd with this apparatus npproachlnr each other 11
a tOIl and wllh the rniphanlun lit would at JOOO yard I ilv mutual and 14kt I
tnatls warning by cllr4r upon seat otli t o XrwO wbkh would to Iu turn r1Y
Uimatlrally ilp th nglnss r
i H
Dead Leaves Not Dead
v jiiVES do not tn from the tee bcauti tb1 an dtIfhI w pir r
L take a t utvAltnt to r + frt > tll b eotUM tb r ar + no lonwer rretlvin the ooo
JL itltutnUi of tMr t > lnr from lbs sap and tram th tlrbut M ft coail4
goaaoa of a prow of frvirtix jas at h uortlm of the Mat with 4h1 NIIMi
= rtt portion of tin U > C 4Ja MrWMt aatto tJerolop which Mt tMy
little a1lsesI n 0 rMt 4 N Mat 10f Yrry tel N Ise 1 11 x1 taray h h Mt
t rq Ir t m tmlJ i

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