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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, June 06, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 6

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1 4dt11H 1 11 ulyr ra n e + nrq w n + 1 < III C >
is ttt f r MJ t M
1 r r i re w t + tl I r
r r y ° J
11 olive Hero Rescues Family
t L Overcome by Smoke
4 in Rooms
c 3lleYtevous mkt nn asAestd n J
< tuJteni a ore m tit i ir e iwnr apall
ynethouse at Ii e ftifllw anu
pJ Mrlt L HIm in ghlrtt etvn
rrM f eam near IOIng llwr ave
y the potter and Or tnrn sy that fh Ih
ndl1T rod ute muss harp arrlffl
rnilchr Into 1Ilr url inlmwn Hoo
hand then nlbbl1 them into nm
J faunas
t The UP floor to oruprd >
illrsdlf htM wlf a1 lire onnU < hit
I4r n When llrmV j xbrlte Le round
thin bedroom nllrd WtUI emokr Ilea
rife WIll uni > niou and ere Was
hirer able to rop < hu way to a win
d ow and throw It opn oKot MnklttK I
p tn the flow menMill > K liter fI flins
P1Ieeman WrtA > man r I n douJ
nsenu + itttlon ifmt d n + llradlev
as he opened tae window In the < 10 ut
ter smoke ire turned In nn alarm a1
HMihrtl hh war Ihroiiith IIUd dour
into 1he burning illdlnc H could
hlill drneu
see no nmrt bui the h was
trlth smoke
On tile lop ftonr rlciiimiin bacrud I
In die door lewding to Hie 114011 < >
p rlmrnlii Xar the threshold hr
i > tun Mr 1 vr the form or nradly He
dtatriet Wm ou Into the haU i oar t
open window n1 fin ran tars u >
rcue oUst meiubrr of tike land
are IfT1Ibb1 the wniwlriw lorrn of Mm
Unde > and Itm labs of a tm
Jnuntln and orrl I pno into i
ntrtft Then rushing wK 1 i fminl I
Bnillrr on his fee end ojirtlir ii +
IWIXKnl 10 rarry rut ltt tin i < r i
children nil or atm x r unn > lw i <
erre i time the flrm iv hadr UI
WrlirhUnan lull Jwt 1PtII f the fool
of lI1f KUIrn on tie croiintl nor warn
hfl tnmhJiHj liter fr > m r xbQJojoI
tIfnto Heenan mid Adlpa sat red
she proerl344 t1 nJ < TI
tifcn lnl > Ice si < vet IiI I I
astd nut the two TiMrrn hi had a
Ittnpl1 lu gr but In NPly
Thi flr dd Mil diimaK as It Gtr
oonllned 10 the tluor lit which It started
Thieves Gnlcr Long Island Home I
0 and for A > sterious Reason
Depart EmplyHnnded
ROPIYX U L June 6 IlurKUr fn
tired tlir home of VUIlm Otiwt on I
Illpriint avenue thin rilluB I last nlicht j
> plled < uP the Kllir rc Uiti found in
the Unincr Him In to heaps on tti <
table patlhlt the 1Oft1l1 sitter fly 1
rlm from tli < T tat d and thru went off
king ihpir proip ctlirr plunder behind
th m No member of the fimllv wta
dUtartMs during the nleiit mid iho tact
slut burglars Iud Ittool use house wt >
not dlKovrrf undl IIr throe U O A
Him nurnlnc Atnone I lie artkirs runt
the rilitxrn wrrr rr potinr u rest rf
wire a im vr i ar1ii r Ip > f a
but not Il nc win Tilfiiciv T r
x rtam for Ir unr wr it tike i eo
slyer tr ptlfirn t if n i
Morales and Mora Sentenced I
J to Death Despite Plea I
for Clemency II
M Iro ClTT Jne 4 HlorcneUi
airii sad Hr Jtado Mam have ItHII
fuJnq fatty of mordprtfifc Olt Knurl
I Mariu former tIc4Nat of the Jto
public or liualealata In this tty un
tle iilKhl of Arm
I Tho 1110 wtiMi r lurllNt ihi wrtjlt
Was oat oe lioiir and forts mlnBtpft
Ipon Y r aanuunc men of u > rdi
Iho lorn < > r for lie adee las aikrl
for rrniti > citing a pT > titon f r
tent yenf lnif > rl onm nl The co t
look the matter unrtr hmn in I
In thlrt erne return et 1 pronour ij I I
the doll aeatenee
r Toe prloani rlncnl no emotion
11 a1e n tlirtr doom as proftouncml N
Jars hat bftoat for < uicuthm JU 3e
Snatchs Watch but Is Captured I
Alter Owe Through City
Hall IMrk
rimnim t mown of No 1M3 ns
ford avenue vioprwil at the orn r of
Park row and Imnkfai trMt lortiv
to compare Mt time v f i iir ili > Hill
rloik Illi n le 1 WT inn brit from
lda bin He mllM Pun seen Nlrhn I
h O Nrll who sin n nun runntn
Errnnii tu 1UI1 Itk NVllI nalkdl
th man WtI the at i nn in he
aka Al I station I > prlnnn Mifal
hr wag A Illlam Norma of No KM
nali srenu nnmlur 1 it then
stood lip i lbdg1r1rr tllrt III PI
ni > nlns I ICd I 1 I
rledmsi w u p line u n the gat
1 I
Hunyadi i
Janos i I
Best Natural
Mineral Watci
A prompt
remedy for
tJllIoluDc c I
end atomacti i
on arllld
ts ° 13
Iheir unequaled quality explains Jg I
tremendous t ° > opg ° oGt
plains their popu 3 o o I
larity s 5 o r3G
Their salesthe largest cvcro O n
knownexplain the price p I
Cigarettes as good cost twice lo ° o o1i
at much o oa pa t
1 Oc 5 o6 grtJ
r Q
for 10 w ° r rfr i
Whv Pall Jor p gpq n
Mil Ol tO I
New York t j0 0t3s9 I
J02QRr >
Cirinu t K Hi rrr H d a dldy pllut i ww fl1d Lixr gut
ply I lu liluiit I ill I with trs and gum which A + c belli
nutaiilK nl nl i the pI IIt tliuiiul the nr < uljti > n until ull the IiUf
r Mri < liii le > h Ijtcum R dta aw it JinJ tin MHC all ulistuutc id permanent
tniiiliu Juy 10 ni > lui of an UII u1 ir Rug K hh jwllulion UK
ivhiiKr the tealUII r tuvVinfli h the inflammation MI dl1Ulroratimt
flf iiniuy hitjf 1lft nil trtmu that th ulnr ih pnxcttUd in > u healing
liy tI mutant drainage thnu lt it of itii inlit rom tilt HIKM This
luijMn lunditiunof the l lu > d in n U lumlita or it may lie the remains
of wrtttr ruualltnhnna dii i trtlitiflianl r I n0 fc > II of niilncM
fear InK t tac gniu in the 1iI Um or tin worlIl 1 pf tae rclutcof lUc
body which hv nit lM9tn pmperlv cxjiclUil Uirui 1i the natural channels
11ut what i thre IUM tlu hl01 11 ni viaLciKl anti pt illuUHi bat il dog
qpt pilMI uUn h unl mi jilc tUi hi n old tho Mire cannot heel
tiolyt i t 1 I I n Li 1nI Ih t r ul tr cU in TrlKM 10111I
sad l M r 1 I n nc inn it inn hut ci 11 i r 11 an ntly bid hit Ill
lirtan t < l l l Ir lhr tluu I i i t vn to the t ry riin
+ Ulu IK IM i li r I I out all t > I iii unl W iiui bmldh ui ill
yVt l 1 i i h I r Itri nt I lreII t lju b + ulull
Jrlit6n i i ill li lt ll t LId tl the Ill optl part ulliiy the
i irt lit ul U1UM1U j I 1 L I n ulU SirlhulllrwltaalnllvI twl unit
lit S 11 dIIIkOW rrrultl ill of cury trim < IJKft lil rv Ji pers
tar il Itrih 110111 > era L II n M I lud healed HI ulit Mire or veuu
Lilt t t 1 irk k + kal i il i 1 j the avleln twt iiiufi inAiiiniqil l < y
P J M litttok WH we Dull 1lrtfk Rid mmiiccl mKi a Itv to all who
< aafoalasas era
i Adams Dry Goods Co I Two Blocks on 1 A 20th 21st and H ONeill Company
Cjlibltilicd Nineteen YeatsSixth Avenue I1 i 22d Streets Litiblltticd Thirty nine Yearl
i ThIrtyInch All SIlk Pongee at 59c Yd 4
1500 Yards All ToldMost Exceptional Value for Friday Only t
ADAMS nrtfDlXtt Stl 1 laor
Mens Outing Su ts398
Regularly 5750 and 600
TwoPiece Outing Suits
Consisting of Coat and
In Inninp do h r > you insist
lIrn setting fettled vllue for your
I e money That trv kfvnote of this
special olTerinj w Inch in point of
I quality and price b the most fey
I c markable you have ever rex
i 1 We do not arry suits its tow
as SV9S In nr regular stock
neither do ne mmJ tO do sj but
j < hen we gttln extraordinary
r i4 luiKC like tho to secure S750
i and fSCO sun T such a low tig
ore that it eniMe > i > 10 eH th m
c al 5398 u i always give our cu
t These suit Jiff merit of it unnl chev
lull crashes and 1 1CWurs n dozens
4 imjroj ri tt p tuni a > ij colorings
the coats art mile 4 and te lintd
tailored In a manner to preserve their
shape The trousers IC cotp ode
ittly full 11 tilt hips and hive tuffs it
the bottoms Slus H to Co no
3 98
X °
40 as the s begins PJ +
Ci ETlliiRiiuI1ID I
Black and Tan Hosiery
Specia1 at 25c a Pair
Womens very sheer veilingweight silk li < le I
I Hew perfect quality very lustrous made I
seamless with double soles nj wide double j
garter top fast black and tan shades Just I
enough for Friday apd Saturday at
the very special price per rair 25 c I
1000 Dinner Sets875
Very thin American Porctlan D nner Sets dtcorated
in plain print jour choke of six patterns Includes
sour tureen large meat duhes and large sze pines
every piece warranted perfect is va never bu sec
onds too piece U tu set regular pr ce < o 75
> 10 specul at JO e J
Window Screens
AdJuiUble well nude nicely finished
Height Mdtb Extension Each
18 Inches 21 inches 33 Indies 27e
24 Inchf IS mehej 27 Inches 33C
32 Inchj 3t inches JJ Inches 3JC
Jo Inch 21 iche H Inches 40e
25 inchts 21 Indus M inches 43c
30 inches K ocher 26 inches tOe
36 Inches 15 Inches 40 indies 67C
J6 Inches 23 inches 36 Inches SSe
Brine your sacs with you None sent C O D or
98c Screen Doors 87c
200 walnut liiiub Screen Doors strongly made the
kind that will not all apart regular price 07
ygc special it OC
bring site with you None sent C Q D
Oil Cooking Stoves
One hundred autinutn slue Flame Oil Cook Moves
nirrantrd ndurUss and perfect only first qui1it >
burner tire regular price 5 25 SPtcj at J398
burner tut regular price J4 25 Special at275 i
ADAMS nvrinix < KHtuuaa I
Innctes are the silks mo t in deman1 this sea on thereiore thi
pariKnlar era rinK of a 30nuh allill Pongee at 51 c a yrd 3s
all the mnro remarkable The weave finish and texture alj cIm
Wne ii nuke this a splendid wearing silk and ideal for sepafte
wants fir whole dresses We guarantee the quality In
every respect N > te the whith3o inches Regular 5 9
791 quality tomorrow at per yard f
Two Record Values in Colored Silks V
brown and Mack jtround with coin sire and 2 9C
pee dot > of wine the seasons niiit popular f c
Summer dress fabric Value ark ard at J
choke line of popular shades including white black j
navy champagne etc all plain colors and in an > 39c
excellcm quality 24 inches wide and worth 75c J
yard at i
Trunks Bags and Suit Cases
Boslon Dress Trunks Trunks Made of Basswood
28nivh 93 DO
n 9M15 I
f f
u 3311 h 103
I 34imli >
I 36inch 6 9s I
Made of seasoned
Mowery > d canvas coereJ well
painted houmi with russet vulcan
iltJ lard fibre two fibre etnlrt
CnJ coerced Irallrable Iron
rand lrIr slits malleable Iron
trimmed Inng I h full I
cu slur hineet u r
trt1IWIr nJ finish strong
elt throughut rrusltn Ilntd two
halts lock and key steel strap
trans best lock hI I
light weight
h Nuttm uth three
hinges iron
iZS inches 5795 32 inches 895
deb fJiI vlaniM tep < et up tray 1 oo
with partition and MI eerier 130 Inches 845 34 inches 945
Strong IronBound Dress Trunks
Cinras covered Iron centre hand malleable Iron
clamps and corners brassed loci strong bolts
with lift steel hinges strong handle iron bot
C tom strengthened with three cleats four rock
x i > u r xi a lm > llt on toP snj 10 on sides and f1 one
f 52ZZ z tray
r 28 in 30 inn lP32 in 34 in
> S295 I 5345 I S365 j 5395 I
r 0Iilll 11UIIDIS8d J ICor
Boys 598 Suits 385
Particular Attcntibh Is Directed tOf lt
This Very Special Offering A li
for Friday 9
We wil offer on lrija a special H of Bins R rrr 1
Suits Doublebreasted with belt atkl knicke I
bockcrs and pUin doubt 1 s1J with pan i i i G r
trousers made of cheviots casimere < ttir u s
step and fancy mixtures in popular plaids and f
cherB tlo blue serge stilts Value i j
S S59S special at 303 n
49c Boys Blouses 23c v kiJ i
Stripes and colors with collar hand cr col U
attached v IIUt up to 49 sp clzl 2t 23 r 1
I 75c Boys Bloomers 45c
Mad of fancy Cit ots taped sears an1 rJS t I
ent alstband regular price 7 speial at tt5C J
Here Is Your Chance to Save
Big Sale of ShortLength Carpets 4
A vast number of pep always take advantage of cur reNu
br sale of short length Jirpets hj Itoiuri they n c na
a saving it means to mtlut
our prices cannot V diN e
ebewhee =
We have t ken from our regular liras rf carpets IJ c r < N
and short lenetjhs also patterns that cannot be djplvteJ mj
have markevl them at such ven low prices snas to mui a
speedy clearance
Granite Ingrain C1fpcts Insrain Fillings rni colors
Short lengths to to yards usual shun lengths 2 to to yins retnlar
Prices we and aSe specal to prices 7k arid 65 c s tlal I
per yard at 1UC rtfr srd It 25
Tapestry Brussels Carpets V5lv1 Carpets short lengths
ShBrt leuhs and cut rods J lo 30 nd elll A our regular i rae r
yards usual prices 65c and on QUC V 2nd 15 Sitid
j I 9C
59c special per yard at OVC I Pcr yard > al C
Brussels Velvets Axmins
Axminstcr Carpets Short Mcrs 200ujnPie lengths u au > ut
lengths and cut roll usual priers I SA yards acn to
115 and < t 25 special salt or rbf fue4 out
85 > 7
price per yard CJJ each it SOC 2nd 75c I
I i
I J4 3000 Pairs for a Big Sale Tomorrow
I Mens W L Douglas 1 98
I Shoes and Oxfords
x f Thousands of men who have worn these famous hors klOw
hat a splendid propOMtion this is There are thousands how
4 ever who may never have given the matter consideration Wet
h r MV to them come in and 1st us fit yon with a pair at St93
t Put them to a practical teat and we think you will hesitate be
tare pa ing n Wlo S5to for your shoes in future
The Douglas factories reject all shoes that are in the least bit
dumped We receive all these Factor damaged sorts at a
I price reduction which enables it from time to time to make these
splendid offerings Size
Hiflh Shoes and styles to suit every Viet Kid
Oxfords body11 the new Sum Box Calf
Patent mer lasts in tan black and Russet
Enameled patent leather Russia DIf
D OUGLA Every Size choice row tomor 198 LvefY Style I
Choicest klection 259 j Boy Douglas Shoes J93
SHOES Womens Perfect WalkOver 145
ford and Lynn Make Oxfords
In Broken Sizes to Close J Pair
19 8 About < ocT pairs nl these Ties for women part are russet many
I If jut UJUn sOme gun metal all are exceptional < r < 45
I ii vahlrs ofiered for tomorrrmi sale at per pair
11M l 11 fJtl Jl Xh I Jietttent
Important Sale of
Decorated Hotel I
At Aliout 60c on the Dollar
Wt hivt on hand n open stork rtern whit we
wish to close out ant to male a quack cleaan e of
same we hu marlfd It ton on the dollar Lack
rltU OeorateU in a net border pattern Itrlld
Jflsi yarraatfd not to CTJIC B very 1111 an4 reiUu
rant keeper should take advantage d these Ion
S Il saar Hpro1
Jlnch lmtvldUal Baker 11i JPe
4Inch Individual Uaken s jc
Slnch InJIviJuil Bakers 13C
6iBvh RaUri 23 J5C
iinch Ualfrs 3J fpc
Sliwh Bakery 9 Jt 4k 27c
Individual Mot Dlsbts r 12 7C
4Inch Meat Dishes is 9C k
5inch Mail Dishes ire JOC
6lAch Meat Dishes i m i jc
7ach Meat Dishes r 22v 13
SInch Meat Dishes r 2c Jfcc
9 nch Meat Dishet j f 19c
to Inch Meat Dlihe j J5W 21c
flinch Meat DUbet 4sc 27c
2ncfc IJI Uiibti S j 33c
4 inch Mates do j I
5inch Plates doz 1 < r6
81c I I
Women9s 250 White Canvas Tits9Lj
and 75c Barefoot Sandals for Misses and Children 39c
r UI11JJv r riiNi2Iir +
r iiyunurtsjii 1 c 1
I The ONciUAtlanu Co
L rjrurK llUlItlJ1WJ guarantee It Isnt Often YouGet a Chance Like This I
New I Popular Priced Grocery Store T1IL nOND THAT MAKr S IT Right at the Beginning of the Warm Weather i
J TIIMrOSS pIY1fr0ItM YOU TO Six hundred pair welt oles ix
LO s 1 WHLN TRADING actly like pLiure our reguar
Special Items for Friday and Saturday IILKL SAO spotless white cuna Ties
Adams ONeills WE GUAHAhTU toe ft of silk nhhon laces Jlk LI white
J80J ChcUea Mail inJ Telephone Order Recede Prompt Alleniioa1400Chelsea every ailid we gel to be at low yeltts while lambskin heel ant J
I ii If not lower thin tie prkt of rr ool liiiinj U C D L wile 2 I J j
Tomatoes tu > can gallon cms Tongues Armuurs last tnu ked i Lplsatrictly Fresh Las 2001 the unto quality uf tjixMlt it any to 7 sLe in a sale tonirrov at
ulJ racked rt6rpe Toin rues t I > fOnlusIIP CrtJ closely dottn strictly trod ltIeJ Uui tu oilier WL ALSO retail itnre CtAKAKrtL N llt Vurk < style exuil haH price I I
IIIAUlltuJi perdos 1
I sc of Y SOl 1 aft i pee 31 iinuiM muK wtieoi J tu i every tn one 5 pr 19c value comlllUin wU czar nl every 1 alue 50 at J e 2 5 I
31C IS I2ei o ti N ctlv re re nl
Otl tan S Ihil pr Iit x llelll c I fJ irtlele to e + it rlflrnl
Cone I n nw iCN Ih Tat tunerase btw r 41ibi la r ftl either In our tture or In uur Also a Very Special Offering of 1
1 + nd reH 1 cln y rtt fa anwu atRu r rww I rINQry I rri It advert i ein nli
Mli anrr I
t err 1 11 llrlursI MI4 Barefoot Sandals
r 1 ad i errr3i wee Wne fa n I t I are 0 0 it n
1 s 1AC slyM vAnn 89C j I I
1 n r I M r yun flrer tat aauvl lord als H puppy 1 vAn + u VL S IIIL rURTIIEH
I 1UCjh + aw ° + l1ae Q 1 1 I aa araTI tnn flue + ra y uM 35e j II I YrarW > TEE every purcbue lo be i antis For Misses and Children fIifi
aiilY i
l F ra It I 1 r l a w YI 1aC BYCI wh foil Iun UnI If r 1 reiikws t 9 tutors trinucUoi to the pur Popuar for Sum tier Wear
iIId I1rel W7 II t I 1 0 nEkaRene l i a tc I hilh tUIU 11lIn Piss tluds or rhl chuer u w e do not comider the bIZ f r
i bizeaotoj Naluc 7Sc a 39c Ill
II > r aor j2c MAalual 01 Il p ehi lit lUIJ umt a U inlnrm h a nit compute until our patron It l
u ICl u trrlru bt 43e II w J La IduenrR If er full pjMMd lee Ir Sjecia at I
NCe ra Ilrh wurewwrlr Itlse > II I
I aw I 1 h tle4 JOe I ater aulxahlU x t1N rnr Y 1o2tc I lisp II 1 Ptn Vial 5 II1 AITDK HUriNC you wllevr I
ra I aYS a tatt cuolilu What ttsiLsI IunsWes II Iao l iII4paliy that any part of either the Utter or ADAMS lWIl7nitf1t Jour I l
Srsp nlid
up 11lIUI 4atialuly tae laa 31t Ii It I p r d4r 9C i T Irt a 1ItI pscR4 the spirit at Ibis unllt Im
Hikiaf Ii 111111 Mop brahA hen I OIIlClh J 1 I s rile user Datif i 2 I C C Culn LWtw Outs tr Yel yon Nm LIp t pars pr I aware iC llely been to vloUleJ r < clilv oil lilt on error ui ur ImtfwJI K for Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons I I
nana I 4 I la I catsup4 II Mri 1 in Mllii 0 H I tad WCIM r tt
i t
1i I t c 10 eel Ilp J I C i i il MII Ufl i i OC any 1111 ressull whaawsr UU Our Mink aiiiiprix a large axjrlnwiu tit Spuuii lIItIIe
lhe 1Mn + 0111 I 1rlnI Ynlellt 4CI4III AIO a a SuCkUlJtli htn IwJ Ilul lank l 1111111 MU wuuU rather hAlt the
is Ir 141ar A 11 y 1 r r tar ii n1u a a l 33c a W lur 8 C nil than the KIMMJI dim return at far keepsakes If r gills r hey MIKK > I xwrjl liilereut y1CH eel i
lit 1111 II It f lfioUI AIle + I os iiiiTilinJui In in in Ilir alIt Cll New York
pier cup ICe I ta a 1 uffc
9tlpphu I J s It j for I alit I r 8C Jltion 4i aiY il utUAial and hY Coflcc SKiaiu GUI UawK alJ00 New York Spoon silt HOYI t
kslinf liIh = < bfC11P i 1 n r hlleIII ra 113 I rn a 1 Ih Mill reluiui > < ur iltuiio irunlptIy Snull aic lei Spoom ijllt owls M 250
J a t
Lr t toaru t I
Iuu 5C unit itietrlull
4c J
p w iL
1 II 10 iIW i l 11I5c 5139 ihernl
f L n ill n undr 11 a t UI 5295
f11lli rr Tu I Ia t Ule lulrc + lu t I I l jpdHbCl hti e J Itr rup I I k 1 Ik I 1411 I Murvninl Snoon a l c J95
jfl 111 1 A 9C I la I IttJ 12C j ar 17C p lAjHtol b Vkll4J4vl 1 till I of fclclm Silver Open Salt In slUlln t
b psi sera y lip I d Diary II I IIFI aW lkj t I > M iJ J l4l ewta b S at It slue I I
I I fI
+ Alt tUilJ lu a w i I Ituuf1I Kltr tlpCOJlI of 195 tOI uc f1 iu1 fir pHr 5143
I =
oM 1 t 1 1 J rftt In r1IIU 14I1iUr Jt11f P lilt 1r1 JIIt j clj1 M1l1 Ul Y

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