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t I
r The Evening Worlds Daily Magazine Saturday June 1 57 1 9071
f O1Jt t i tn1O 1
41to O Park now Ntw Tot
l t1IbMl tor the rr a PubllWne Company He
York as SecondCI tall MattCT
Entered at th PostOraca at New a
NO H734
MOTHER important bill which The
ear N a Evening World tias steadfastly ad
vocated is in the hands of the Gov
0 ov 0 ernor That is the bill to provide
o 0 n 0 the
k at
> municipal
° > o o su 0 0 for a great
n cant a e New York end of the old Brooklyn
o n n Bridge The fact that this bill was
a oaf ca g g i Q 11 introduced by Senator McCarren is
o 0 D ij o all themore reason for Its bcctim
gt o galaw because when Senator
° o o 1 McCarren introduces a good bill it
fL > t D 0 ffP4
o COUlooTt Q 0 Is so unusual that there is all the
l o CUll o g 1 if more reason to give it permanent
r f lr bookst
g all tI form in the statute
UtaArgar cO tb f This bill offers the easiest ant
e exrua oa f
o G J D 3j9 speediest solution to tMTfcvlcourt
house question and tly municipal
J p building problem Making its pur
c o oat Ear o o pose a fact would relieve the city
a tr D Ol from a huge rentroll of hundreds
o ear
o a HEITH n u c j6 of thousands of dollars a year It
0 0 is Spa o o will enable the concentration of the
0 a It Roo b city departments and bureaus and
° o g7ibGEl D D D D effect
increase their efficiency and
° a 0 o D
a o wffmn ff si4ii the reduction of their expenditures
aODDODOOODODg22ME This should be the greatest build
lrarnuM j j Ing in the world The land the
a c1 outtaolwu D city has already acquired by con
demning the triangle between Cen
as e D o o a
1 03 tre street and Park Row at the
tt11 n9J expense of over 8000000 Orig
Ir D a op p Op o ao o 0 inally the city authorities contem
D a a a o d o o o n o tf 0 0 plated the use of this expensive
I property only for bridge terminals
f r7 and subways The Evening Worlds
zak I suggestion that over the under
It ground surface and elevated tracks
there should be built a colossal mu
oaoaod i nicipal building soon found popular
Thursday was a great day for The Evening World tn the further
Ing of other measures it advocates besides the passage of the Municipal
Building bill The contracts for the subway loop were let The Rapid
Transit Commission directed the drawing of the contracts and arranged
for receiving the bids for the municipal mterborough subway which
would carry passengers from the Bronx to Coney Island for one fare
Both of these
aaoN > <
l public Improve YONKERS QuEENd
r mentsthe subway
loop and the inter
f borough subway
1 add to the advan
tages of this site for
the municipal build
J ing and courthouse Jf > alT
by making It the
most accessible to
all sections of J5
jratetN York
Here should be
erected a building s Alao
typical of this great
city not an onyx JitgJtr N
F °
structure with mo
saics and showy marbles like the Hall of Records not an architectural
nightmare like the old Tweed CourtHouse or the Federal Post Oflice
but a gr building as simple and beautiful as the old City Hall but
carried up to the sky In lines of simplicity and strength symbolical of
the true sentiments and aspirations of the people of New York
i i r
t betters from the People
A Car for Nulia
C 0 the Mltor of Th 7rnmlerr World
X nadcr asks Why not hav
moklng car on ubway trains An
other aaya Why not fir up the b4
fcaMt of amoklna Instead of further In
dulging k by pelal canT Well now
why not nave epeclai car and put the
cnoken In Uiara and Itt thm throw
tobaooo ubaa on tb floor Put the
peanut hog and garlic ten In Ui
ume car and at thi end of the line
bay men with riplrator ont their
facM go In and ootnup the car and
clean It out The other pftstinger
would be well rid of the alas that i
would rid In these car Anyone who
ha stepped into the twoklBK cabin of a
ferry boat hr being on tie upper I
deck will have n vnrr faint Idea what
C a subway amokr would be Ilka I > o put
the hop In the pan OZOKB
Ir luau I
To the TSAUot < t IM geaIe4 war44
It a man jitl Ms w thHit he I
fined from Skill up in a breach of jruml
I cue end defiouiwMl aa a wewob It
I 0t yuung Udy Jllu lbe man the poor
cdloir tmt allawod by soctatr be open
his ntouth In bke own 441 faM ttxi Dim
i b M Hiierix to ece i some oUMtr fallow
fltrang e iral IL n 4rT W C M I
KA Apply lu fear Cnnyreaeuraue
r T Ik H4ll < r at 1W KviwlM World r
an anybody twtunu a ca 4a1 M WM
J Tonl without aa appolntnMMtT
It Arilltt Marltwnt X T
In the World AlniMHHr
T > tk IMMw iii H 1hnlaf Stee14t
j Whet ran I obtain a full dpeiptke
Ii of eke Hutu at Utwity Mlvlaf belhl
i r en 1 JaI 1t ut Iht bronze Bur tic
i ItKDld Trausll lu 1ta r I
r Ta in Kill < t Tin Ktrnla M M
1 la rut Ir war with A pan wea will
r have rolling tu fr if Ie War nout
tI JIIlnt wlWU the MTrlv ut the acid
p44 Iran tl toafs Tin v wfal
Ilner In wtilofl they Ima > rag t4 war
f IIrllJMt pelt Teas and euRat Otr4ler
TbMt ntruwoata lgput4Uua of
l et IJJIN room our pWltiea a 11I1114 I
L c P > 4
bi JJ iiI t
lnelMd be hnprenbl If thoae genii
men were mowrd to clan a cm >
palgn against an Invader Otlng a tax
paler of Brooklyn I would like to IIn
In that borougn aeon Urn but havlaa
had only a vary llmlttd expateno Ja
oolleg football tactloa I prefer New
Crvrland trollty to the bride cruab
IrttJdno H L XLCLB
tUId llr 2frtsraN
TJ the mitof t rtM BwnlM wWltfi
We an living In an automatic age
W have horteless carriages wlrsUas
telegraphy tobaccole cigar < I have
smoked sushi Ac And old Mrs Nature
kees pace with the time she has
given us a prtnm iprlnr and now
I seeau lneUn 4 In hand us a ummrlei
i summer if only she will co a > tep
further and present uil with n wlntvr
lu winter all will be welL
Il X11 ark > tanners
TJ toe editor ot m BMolar w rW
1 area bn a rlil fit of Naga York for
I Ut past too yeai and aci day 1 ant
I la4 w wUta more OlHOUMea M the man
jWr ef IJw reoat bun I think there
bold 1M a law pa id to rtrln po
jpl from ptoklnic ttIr teeth claming
tbeir tuUls ana rMdla over ethos
utMMliUf IB pubtlfl Tbee pracUeoa
at to be ttlHHd everywhere What
I + ItIt natur with Iuw rwk jAinrt
Tu Help tea teed
TV ft MMr ot 1k Vii aaf Will
TIM Idea of a fund tor aid people la
a aWMid soul ltan c sod I trut w
wwWijf tMf4 my acne letertwwl
If old iMepM euuM U given a Jasatrn
ef II or U R week It would tu amh
04 pawl > wiUMHil money aj then
cuid heart tftafe Uy hear on rtl
Ana I know of nevoid ucM ceaee
One aid nme nve on the Mttl moiaj
i Ms Ar oUldr4i dole out to him wltlfch
1 U not wot WMMI H a areal and he hu
a hard ttm to g ek Veil than lit row
SMV haw itwd iMaUwiu Wttcr are
tb plUWntaropUu with heir GI JIll + ut
I Tlw r DniiWMi irtoru ttuuU 4a a
laucti tot the U4 all4 uaftfrtuiMitW
1M t w
The Chorus Girl Tells About Hockina the Clock
I By Roy L McCardoll
VYVT14 had IIn i IItul flea iI
W wllh the Jnlt
brauMi she uvoukln
urn < hi > teem on at our nac
It et weik What do you thins
s i that raid ttte Ohoni GIrl
Oh not real word yon
f knoll Nobody wore It really
it the jentlreete fault but
1 y
L ti way that wmther was had
1 rar Mnmtn Ie llriu ofrtoe au
y e prov alt as If her Income w a
I dr atnlinF on > ni y Island con
II NMtoRH Not that Mamma loj
ItransoomlH wouldnt have Mid
1itrviTB iimYtw but the Janltr
I rio wife of TrimthrIjtMh lorry the rilghthawfc
caJjby thafa teeet like a famllr coachman to lu fir I
ruetnd ynu throw can tnll what that ort nil 1
people may nay about you If you fit too far with
Ihnm Ant tate wiiy I alway cai > tlnn Mamma I
llranscomba tUI mnkln tOll trot with Iueh rpI
But there on ethlns about a waiter or a 30Jy
that ha Mamma Dct Bran comb faded JTliey ueU
to have the Indian sign on her If a ctruice thin
but there Iota of lamp thM seem to t > e afraid of
waiters and anxious to bo pally with them Wasnt
IIJ ever out with one that waa more worried that
the waiter ihoutd set A big Up than what rort of
dinner ehe wa < getting Of ooursn iii nice to keep
In right with TrlmtheLu Larry and althougli h
Inds a let arm Jab now and then on jhle bride when
he come homo disappointed at a fare whoa tell
sound aslrrp In till brat but la found broke when
frisked yet If It cam to a IKht outside the family
l rry would be with eta wife Lamr II alway
willing to pick up up on p rulatltvn when builnm
Is bad and that U nnotherreaaon Why Ive law
that good hearted guy drive Amy De nranscombe
add m up and down Droadway for hours In the
hope we yruia hlclislgn ome one on the Ideal
whod auk us to top In some place to have somethlQg
and under such droWn ancel If he la a live one
heU ay Let me SLY for TOUT eat r
Oh dont you believe but what Iota of chorus rlrl
you Me Ailing In cat Is there at the drivers Invlta i
lion mid he drtvlpi them up md down the lent
MII r < culatlon that tliVll aorldemly meet ontnftoAi
1 tlullII loll good foe It They nenernlly do anti It the
I Jont thwen no hArd feelings lH mii > e nil butlneii
ventiifen la taking 4tancM Mnt It
> TsrltlM nf < 11I1 > 1 iui1 TrlmlheIxwh I rry Jw told
UK on shout Dopey MoKnlx flint we wvtildnt
nktrawed Old Man Jloneyton haw nphrw Juet out
of college who hAx gal n grand nliuAttnn He Know
burr to hang uptriuleAmen ntHl row to kite ahrki
nd borrow money and slen tale A swell young
grafter that aint no earthly Kw l to hlnufOlt Ire
1 aityboAjr else and w of ct OJr e h1 be ui > portel
Ion the elyit hts been uIlom1 to all his daya
1 tnT nlrr QW Van S1one ton Ktti tirrn at nupportlng
liim hell marry a wife with money and 1ft tier
worry < ahnut hU debts OW Van Moneytmj h in
Kurojm bill he ends his nephew a hundred tl Mars a
I week Thl allounnp So Just enough to keed few
poor 3I owe It all before he get H and when br
Idea ret It he trends It qulak becwutui what good
would It do bin If he paid debts with It
He lives at Old Man Monrylann but the house
keeper has all the room In the Fifth avenue man
sion looked elccpt the onu Percy onoupl In which
there nothing portable At that the housekeerer
and the butler nnjl the other servants keep their
rye on Master P rcy Down the ham law big clock
and Percy make up his mind that hell set out and
rook It So ha flxm II up fI1t Dopey McKnl lu h
Mm around early In the morning with Trim lhe
Lute Louis cab and theyll cop the clock Bo tit
ttTvioita wont catch oa Percy tell Dopey lis
mustnt ring the bell but hell tie a string to hoe
toe and hans It out nf the upxlalrs wlndotv 600
when Dopey come around with the cab he can
pull the string and wake Percy who will slip down
It the fount Is clear and quietly carry tho hall
rlork mil in the cab
Dopey hu TrlmtheLush Larry drive him around
early Ho pull the string but Its caught on some
thing during the night at the upper window and It
nr ks off nhnrt Popey know he rmiFnt fine the
bell no he haa to alt In the cab CTOII the street till
Percy nakeapehlch h < does about noon He
iie J > opey iiii he cab from his window and come
i lownS and they get the clock In the cab
Dopey takes It to hla favorite pawnbroker over
The Foolkiller ca c 2 k 2 k ft By R w Taylor
Pc A r
rtl TAtE 1H15 t
I Too LATE t l0 TIMES ors
cee eve LOST H AHT u58 A cuts Ill BE
a tiP
+ P
The New Cable
l Jg JINM New York and I > nania calil will N tM IJllleo IB length tit
TliK IIIIal1l141all Utluu wjll b at llaraaaa Cuba It U W peed ayD +
lually Co xuo4 the Uu into Uoittit Axn rlUL
i a
< on Klchtlt nvmiH Thin pIlL attracted lo > y a nt
j trillion because the window In filled with Mrpte
I and mnnon tool which show that the proprietor
la X Hand of the workingmen and would scorn to
lend honey to the idle rloh The pawnbroker nay
each n clock Isnt touch good to him becnuss the
demand nmonr hta clients Is for nlarnm If its IM
on his handK hell be luck unlnis he can take the
works out anil sell It to an undertaker So all hell
give on It Is it Dopey and Percy lake the money
and drive to Bhemrfl for ireakraet but Trlmthe
ish Iarry tnt going to he hiuig up and ho
mnndu hie tare Counting the hours hes waited
j till Percy woke up It Just comes to W Dopey care
j such Ie lire and Percy Mijn the next time ha tnkes
out anything to hock hell borrow a friend auto
motile so there wpnt bll any mechanic lien on the
Percy Isnt n had fellow he Isnt R good one
either ITe lit the original bully boy will a glace
I < yr 1x > caud when He WtC at eolleae ho had nn
eye knocked out during a cane rush for you know
f buys tslll be boy Old Man Mon yton took dim to
Iaris and bought him n beautiful glean ere It
w4tN nl Y ctls m irt vEICoME
b + 0 0 I
t J I
> I OVER TO rtRKfS t 0 N lEY
1 To
h I 1146 ANy
li t
l 11
vt oR
Dopey Take the Clock to Hit Favorite Pawn broker Over on Eighth Avenue > a rr a i
coat A worM of moody and Percy can hook It any
time for M
He cat II on his dress cult too so when ho
Iron to put on his dress suit he ha to put In ht
glace eye
Ile wean ablaek patoh with hoc dress alt and lathe
the ffayeit of the Kit but when Old Man JloneVton IM
home lie make an awful rub about It and one
or twice PMcy hue been able to have evening attire
nnd hU artificial eye at the Mine time Old iUn
Von tton say the eue of wealth Is to heap up a
lot oC money At A know Its Rnl > a lot to to people
llko Percy nhen lie t tee
Xo he wont leave It to charity he ay < We
a tore up hetwerq the wotthlei rich and the worth
less poor and nharily houd begin at home
So you see kid money Isnt ouch a much after
jflll Fay do you believe anybody 1n Now York baa
n dellar and a half Mamma De Uranscomba say It
aint no use In being careful of what company you
keep these fare b cnnie there lint nobody you
meet That Its worth whlU to sue for breach of
promla and nonsupport
BAY It looks like as If were golivs to have a
choru ladles panic The lemon shower for oUf1ll
A Year of Invention
Otlft pitrmts wr apjUlcd tot and mar palsnu Uiuid and reissued by the
M Uftlud BUIM Oovirninint In Wt than In any other Yr la IU bltOl7
The Bumbw uf appilMUiout WM UM 14 cf latent UM1
wetly 4 ril J t ti hfl Jld tt1a i h
2 DEXTEK1KNli 4ll
i No 5Brooklyn Bridge Defects
Olt what Is the Brooklyn Ilrldgo most famous
Foil being the mot congested railway terminal the world
I Why hits nothing ever been done to remedy the congeUonf
Ilecnuae the authorities could never ant is to th teat thing to do
le not a final remedy at lust being undertaken
The city Is spending JJICOOOO for a new terminal at the Manhattan end
Hut will not thla Urge sum of money make It possible to provide a et for
even pnwienger
Oh no There Is no Intention to even try to provide enough sata It Is trui
that the number of seat per holr may be Increased from H400 to 23 NO It every
thing turn out as
planned Hut at the
worst time there are
aa many ea SSjXM
passenger c a r r I ed I + +
x d
one way In the brld e
train In a single hoUr t yYF1 i
But la not the lack l T
of Beat the chief > t I r o r
cause of the conges 1 a =
Certainly The fact a t1
fiat t b
only M pr cent to
of the
passengers can s P
possity get seat ha k
brought about all the 1
runang and pushing t a a k tStk
which Is 10 dcmnral w s
I Ixlng and dangerous 4 e la
Could not enough
ssala somehow
Easily If desired both on the bridge cars and the surfare cars
Then why In 10 world baa noting been done
Because the city nulliorltles have never Imagined that seats could be furnished
and so have never tried to find out
Hnw rniiM It hi tonne on tii hlhlr railway tracks K
Simply by running the standard lieat sidedoor cars already Illustrated
But will the bridge clearance allow such a Urge car
Easily because the 130neatrar la practically the sam adze as the present
fortyeight seat bridge cars
How many new CAn would It take to provide seats for every passenger
One hundred cars or twenty trains of five car each With a sixtysecond
headway these would furnish Ihgftl0 > au an hour If ilxcar trains were run
every fortyfive second as planned now there would he 100 seats an hJur for
Ji OO passenger apam t the U040 aeats which Is the largest number proposed
What would KO er coat compared with the new terminal
About a third And the present terminal might be adequate for some time tc
nut teaaenser would still have to change can tat ° the Brooklyn end of the
brlelsYe lust as they do now until the Brooklyn rtap4d Transit Company her
built mouch of the lS9 eat cars to run them from all lines to the Manhattan
end of the bridge
How could more seats he furnished with the present surface cars
runnlns them In pairs as already
By suggested either two motor cars 01
motor and trailer r
What would be bt gain In seatcthl way
With tea present itandard car rtm singly about 14 < XX Beats an hour can bi
I furnished If run In pain with the came space between Units on the bridge ai
now over aOiO seals an hour would be furnished which Is more than needed a
Lb maximum traffic Is probably only about ITCW passenger
Could single car be made to seat all the paaeengen
Yea only new car would be needed The present type seat fortyeight The
same nlz car could be deslfTned to feat sixtyfour pas en rs and then run sin
gly over the bridge n now would furnish enough seat for every passenger
Would the bridge be strong enough to allow cars run In pairs
Certainly The present space required Is to allow
teams to pass in front C4
Could the loops at the Manhattan terminal handle two can together
Without any trouble
What would txyMve final selling capacity of the urface tracks with new can
of the present size
About SftWO seats hour with
an singledeck tar and MCo1 eati with double
deck can only lIch large double deek cars while feasible In Brooklyn woul
not be needed and are hardly desirable Trail car would furnish ufflclent seat
at a low enough cost
Betty Vincents e
ij6 Advice to Lovers
She Goes With Another
Lear Utttr
I 1 u young man twentytwo year
I of age and 1 have been keeping
company with a young lady for the
paul sla months For the last fw
week when I would ask her to go
to a dance she would ray ahe doe
not care to go I have found out that
when I di not visit her hpusa me
goes with Knottier fellow Please tail
me whit to do u t would like to
marry her C F 8 I
ou will have to tell her she mutt I
choose between you and the other man
He Still Persists r
their ntttr
flMII K In the country last ummer
In I mode the acquaintance of a
IJ Young man twentytwo veers nM
He gave me n good time while I wa
there taking me out all the time When
I wits going home he asked If he could
write to me I told Mm Yea 10 ht has
always written to me Blno coming to
tht city I met another gentleman I like
rely much We are enraged to be
married but he U very Jealous I
scot to the other fallow and told him
r was going to get marrUd and he
wrote back and said he doent car s
he will hr me any way Ue II can
ing trouble between me and Mr friend
ar he my friend aye he want no
fellow to writ te mt What shall I
do to male him stop writing to met
Ho ha given me presents but I returned
them to him AONEB
Simply top writing to him It he
itlll persist It your lance to return I
hU letter to him warning him not to
annoy you further
Which Should Write First
Dar Itoltri
Fl lUErrt of mine sent mo a gift
A accompanied by a note several
fI month ago As the note did not I
contain his addresi I could not thank I
him as I would have done having no
knowledge whatever of his whereabouts
We had been great friends In tam h e did
uk me to marry him but considering 1
had known him only
a few months and
although I liked him I did not ctre him
a decided answer At the same tin I
did not mean to discourage him think
inr there was nlenty of Urns to be Seri
pu stile Intend returning to the city
In Ihe Uluntn tomy
nd M
hi to my frln < 1
he would then visit me liking them at
the lime If they thought I
would re
ceive him Now what I would like you
to kindly Ml me Is bould I take the
Initiative after M long br cknoltdc
Inr his gifts as I now know wherehe
A or should I wall until he lunuT
I would rather he write first but wit
era as you laY PErtPIEXED
You still owe the man thanks for th
rift and It Is our duty to write him
now that von know his address
She Wont Name the Qay
Dr nt11l
A3 a youngman of
young m n marriageable ag
I and hav at different tmse kepi
company with young ladles Of mJ
aoqualntane and am at prwot keep
inr steady company
I would Uke to get married ta thi
n 4T future but the < < 1rl keep putting
eXt the happy day Now what would
you aJrU me to do m ordor that 1
may convince her the sooner the bet
ter Tour truly C A 0
dhow her less attention ana It she
refuses to name a day pay attntl t
om t other girl
She Loves a Japanese
Dear INtl7I r
AU a young JUncrloan girt r n
I much infatuated with a nnelaoma
young fellow of Japaue parentage
Ills father and mother are both wT
known and Influential In Japan
clety In New York
you approv 01
my forming a flrm friendship with nib
and accepting his attentions
Your own personal feellnc will han
to govern you In this matter I do no
approve of intermarriage Between tin
while and y Uow ace
Roosevelt Needs a Stage
By Walter A Sinclair
I Dr lUnry Van take u r t Irttldtnt lloowrslt nod a attyItaa
UO DH HUN VAN UYICB says Teddy ought to have a ta
I Vhefcon he oilil cavort and make Ue hit of all the ag t
V Though 1HII my all the world a stage and person iu > Wrl 1k
Perhaps this crack pJ I > oo Van Dykes may b e a Mill Joke
Jor If Ted had that stage you 11 hd lie tae whole blatowl allow
From villain to the heroine wlio cent out In the now
What kind of slioivT Kill going eras the flat of Ut
With Koraknr and Fairbanks playing ceberr T JUther abet
niplomacy would pull film turning Dear MaHa Erna
And rw lng wllh the action of the CUlt lawn tennis oeoe
II might try something pastoral like oyster nay tsar iAnj
A Croak It nd keep out the irotvM will howl by nMur letra
A minstrel atiow mVht suit with hooker T u lrodflr BUM
While all IM IlrownivIII itinitreU came In ettong Con brt er toiler
Ue mlfftit star In r Western play When paMtnr wlnte coed flip
HU cattail and expoi the run he pack about hU hip
Though Poo Van Dyke may think k common stag would da Ico Wa
we think t L woWtS rattier lave A Ibrosgfpgld eat M Wa
ki + g w
IIIiif1 M l
ea 1

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