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mI i Zi J O r T < t Wl I1 IY r bfPr
j Pf7 Ii1 < 0 J 5pfWfJ
c I 0 r Jti t V i
Daughter of Former Gov Peabody pf
Colorado Corroborates Part of Con
fessidn Made by Chief Witness
l Against Haywood
BOISE Idaho June 15Two important features were developed
In the trial of W D Haywood for the murder of former Gov Steun
cnber Miss Cora Peabody daughter of exGov Peabody of Col
orado corroborated that part of the confession Harry Orchard relatine
I v to the siege he laid to the Peabody mansion while awaiting a chance to
explode a bomb A telegram from Steve Adams alleged associate in
rfcrjnie of Orchard sent to Haywood from
Ogden and containing a re
quest for money was admitted in evidence
Gov Peabody was a witness during the afternoon session
r flp tVftbody remembered fietnj a
man lurking near her om on the
rJcfef Orchard Mid be went there to
fvninttf het father
r By the tenor ot the one rton put to
the wllnene throurh whom th tele
4 irrun and eevrral draft trere < mail
part of thl record In ine eue the de
rep loAMated ha Intention to try to
riisw that all the trantsetloni Hay
Wjpod mlfiit have had waii orchard or
Aflimi were malieri of their member
ahlp In the U IIn Federation of
Mlneri of which organisation the ne
< ouBfJ man ta ecretar
Telegram Admitted
i The lead outSIde the bar were not
morn than half filled when court opened
Benilor Borah utatixl that In the tory
1oVl by Orchard and the teitlmonr of
fender yesterday that Sieve Adam
tot a telegram to Haywood Uiua link
I ing Hteve Adam aa a roconiplrator I
with lUywood the Bute had the rlKhl j
to Introduce Pendera tritlmony aa to
his knowledge of the content of he
Toe court admitted the teatlmony I
S declaration from flt ve Mama whom
tie Bute Mta up u a coniplretor The
talrxram read
W II Human Drurer Coll
1 m S D tremble Send ice TB
Danker Recalled
3 C Houiton of the Flr t National I
I Bank of Denver WBJ recalled
He mid the Wwlem Federation of I
Mlnera did bvutneei with hta bock and
ldenlln d llaywooda algnature on five
Irnfla whlAl were markid for Identifi
cation The drafta were la favor of l
J 8lmpl n1 were purohaie on the
ifechanlci National Hank of New York
the ParI National HinU of New Yuri
Uin National Jlan of Commerce and
the rirt Nallonal Hank of New York
All of the dratta
t except one were
aigned by Hnywood 11 Secretary and
Treaaurer of the WMtem Federation of
Miners Another draft Introducnd waa
ltn d br James Klnrnn axtiUnt 80
retary and Trmaurer
Haywood Examlnei Pipers
The bundle of draft waa exam
med very rlOMly by Ifaymaod who
oMiferrnl e IU Clarence On row on
acli on
In croeieiamlnatlin
Ilouatnn ili
thAt thousand
of ilrafla
were sent out
In the vouree of a year by Haywood or
Ii In hla kbrenre by Klrwin hie ne
Jlutoll rtn < Td y gave teatlmonr
howtllt that Orttiard drew ltmdrrda
of dolAire tri a Denver bank at vat
loui time 1U was kept In fund It
1iaj not bern developed who uPI Ild
f the coin Thi Stat will try to tlviw
t the tooney ram from tie Weatern
t Federation of Ulnare The defenM I >
oertan It will be proved that It waa
from the tiwury of the I1nkert
t Help Wanted I
ToDay I
t Aa advertised for In The Morning
Wortdi Want Directory
laTUntJAT nWB 18 IDOl
Art newer I llama Maker 2
aawote T MwiMwort
4waIM JTIp 7 IfaIr3rrp
AD9mt1t44 2 lIoetiir I
B4iy Itte I lieneri U
tlakan 4 > nlin U
Barter a JtMirn I
rtarte 4ir I JtwHItn f
Zl4bmhh t HHtli IMr
I fle1b4etr a Lain
inK < it rr ft l > uii IT
1M n U i ta I
flUwettare 4 I
> 10 I I MeIere I
It tlM l < r >
OgkiCfl fakeri 1 NJMI I
Oeonjien I Optralor It
CMpealen I recMri 2
I tU ln I lhetnaravkira I
fIIILa eniUi 14 aleur 4
tI4 1 Fever Hanim I
I Maen 1 PlttOlbMI I
t1 a I folUbM I
Uea e Vaei I yerten IB
Oe a OUUI fl teeter I
f Oeek fltiewaUt II IteetrM4n1 I
Cteetn I BaleilvUee I
Cttften < IaLmu 4T
Dtltftun I SMcpIca Clnki I
1tNtJ 4 DheueaIrp a
itw II LiUttar I
I hrtn II Ioun I
lirva itrk < II DtwDaIeSte
tClectrllini 1 r ni ln I
irUtifv tuna < > II Tertwtier I
Kiclwen I Ti4efa a
aYavac I TlBIRlWAI S
04 I Trjtmrllen
YtIhr I tYealI I
Yit I l > revet ltrir < r
114 e I VireJthere I
Se Vi 111 II Willn II
flreadey Ch 4 WallriiMi II
I Ur4et 1 WIUlIiI I
lff IT
4 It i rra
t irry VK k month end ynr Tlv
W prints mw Help Wnti4
L lu J I ioo
I Detective Acency that the atam of
I gold rlvuleted
i lUohenion asked the Jrilntn Ir he
i knew anything of the detallng o u
man to irtaot up the too phd M
1 the Vindicator
Plot the Defenae Charge
I tn the rour e of his ezmlntac V
ardzon Inalnuated that the dree4
rouU tp to how that the Vindicator
I Owner were behind tn tve paymci o
their uie mrnla ta tke Mtn c < wvr
AonosJailan and that iie ealdler we
emplorod ta create iaurt ri3 i and iII
atriv prorertr ivhteh th Mine Ownrri
AuoIGon MH to the door of tae I
I Vtrtm Federation ff Miners
Naylor Mid rx > knew noting of ar I
rear due from the V nd caior Jllra
He U now Aiutirtant Hexsrrtar of the
Jllne Owner AaKiciatlon but wai not I
oonoe el with thAt organlxaUin lu
IneT the strike The irltnmi was aik o I
IS le did not have a decided onlmoal y
iBgalnn memtwr of the lllner1 Cnlos
1 dont know that I nave
ttepe you with Major T > m HfcCJH
and when iie eald To hell
wlh the I
Oonatltutlonr U
No air
Or Sherman Bell wbeij tie nld To
nell with habea
corpue we will give
I em poetmorlemeT
Na aIr
llni you heard of theie itatementeT
rI ilr
f ArfMted Many Minor
Saylor declared ht had nolhln
nothing to do
te actual deportation of union
mlnera from Cripple Creek although
< made many arreiin
lame of the i
miner 10 arrested being
fly men of tam
Naylor anld he ruoc t3 > d Michael
Connor wi Jlarsiol or Victor Col
And you went AppllnteJ beoaue Of
your wellknown hatred and ualmoaUy
lowmrtl th
Weniern Federatloa of
MIner declared JllchanUKxi
I dont know that I wua
Nnyroc waa aikM aa to the char
2ltr of rarlou men who eerved un
der Jilm all marihel amoner thorn Kd
Water Jim Warford J < k Jlow
man and others Queetlon as to I
whither or nOt thi e men wee known
aa prolreelonal gun men were ruled
out by Judge Wood I
Attorney niohorOaon developed the i
fact however that Warford la now In
the jxclitnUary
Naylor denied ever ha ng known I
Tom hogan or Harry Orchard
Mr Ilkhard ion here Indicated tS
pur > > e4 of the nefenaa to attempt
further to connTt the Mine Oirnera
Anoclallon with the outnce rn
Crtrole freek tdl time with Ov IMe
pendence r > n It ejtplinlon to wnlch Or
chard hAji omfeaertl on thf ituid Im
plicating filevi Adam Tfte Attornrr
frante1 to know If Naylor had not at
te34c4 a rneetjnr with Or he iid and
alIen M Victor the rfenlivtf of Jun I
1WI and If be had not Informed the
rnJtltl toUi txidy that rttilne wa
otng to hapr en Naytor denied theJ
he had ever attende1 any turti meet
Inr and Mid the militia wai not on
duty at the time
nut you weie aniloui to rrt the mI
Htln biek werent you
No lr there wee no reaion to have
them there
Store Looted
I nlrhlrdon next aitenipte to how
that ca major of irrMltt Savior took all
I of nil ordera from the Mine Ownera
AnocUtlon but the i1tniq declared he
I knew of no order coming from tho
ari1tion t any time
riaylor laid the troop were ordered
Into Cripple Creek Bejit II 1M hut
there waa no dlK > rder until Nov 16
when the iptke pulllnjr martT or 1
leed attempt to wreak a Florence and
Ortppli CVcMk train cam up
Nayior aald he beard about the loot
Ink of union fort by aoldlera but
laid he had nothing to do with It In
fact the militia wa not on duty at
Hie time the only o dlrp In the terrl
tory werr tOne e from the Jo ml com
pany Rim of thee oli1len Naylor
MM were blown < ip on the platform nf
ie lnU > KlfD e depot
After the usJon mn w n deported
from ripple freek aikd fttehard i
on did you wmr one of thai button
ahkh red The rajrt corn btakf
Xi Ir to
The 8i ext pr > i1uo J the rlII
Trrf I ot Uie pistol mid < icr by wMi
parrnl main plae In t P Vln i
to < n > r Uitvt WIM fctt off
and < ti < td
v a grmm Hir Mlon Into th wh
4i > U < riM Crn t Tke if
11el In wteoh the Vinie an < I to
i iw rliilrni4 and lA lu nimt to Yin
ie liy er il and lime nt the illnn
Oiirr AMI < kaMo end to 1I11tIh
tJus 4e by liI mlllrla eUr mt1J
I wai ddaia
Governor Daughter TnWln
UUi eta WA > fMbody daughter of
Ifaoiiar tot iMbody we i ont of ttie
> Uj wt < n aiei at the marslpr aeeelon
Rhe tettlfted to a ptiig < no men flror
Her rrr1 durlar her Tether form
> f otTot Her tnatber and elMer were
Mttb lilt OH1IArt1 tritlfltd that one
nit be waited to ikaet the Oovemnr
k < it lto > i 19o out of keje Mrrlafe
r F ntfnardcui eretiexamlned Vll
Pbo4t < 1111 Irm
g4nets f tt a iiii > ed Ytr7 flUtla
wttheui ins to > IlelIo ni
eu llf p s h dln4 Id p 11 effort III
aow ta i e wai 1141 fnde v rn
i la iivr frh4r4a i i wioay r nr
M r O H > > 4y wsa i hat Wttit
Re sew il I H raitn ntf at the
ttI11 al H t irtf there
far He r f i at k f th Oovtrnir
Sire > fl Ksiiilm 4wl4fiw lIlly
yaI nl Wild live at Xt e d W l
One Hundred tr I to attest laak
A ralKlure ot earUlK uaU bad aqua
ammMla while on a viilt 10 her
I f lliaf JOl9111 Fry llvliu ea ue M
i uid float ef No P3 treat On tfiuidretf
I d IIjteit Ute ti f II 5100k lait
tUt rt Mi m 104111
Iff J prs1m ait hi lijiib4 abotg
tWa IU 540 and clot Ulan taa wore
ned lltfHW Lalo a 4cU4
I i
Girl Who Ran Away From Home I
Because Backwardin Studies
I iLkr4 H I
L 1 f i iVLt v I
> > iikL
4 3
I 4
I C a Tk I
l7C ocob5
I fiTANK l
Ammonia Refrigerating Plant
Bursts Sending 500
Into Panic
Two c r one were overcome and
othera had to b led out nf the Fulton
Market today when a flflvcallon am
monia tank In the refrlrerntlnc plant
lor WCllam OIlman A Co meat deal
era burst The fluid unreud over a
p eater portion of the etalla on the
Front atreet all of the building and
oaueed a panlo among UO trad popl
In the market
When the ammonia beran to drip one
pf the dealer turned In an alarm of
Bre The occupinta of the building
made a wild scramble to ret outilde
Phil Ottmann Jr eon of the President
of the concern had to bft carried away
by Patrolmen ONeill and Flneer and
Mr JacobI llvjnr In Foraying atreet
iwoonrd on the floor Sh wa helped
ouialda and oon reoovered In the freali
airOwe on rrrr feet abe Inelited on 11
enlerlnc the bulMlae and aecurlnx a
11tul uhlch rhe droppoJ She wae
aaain overcome and Policeman ONeill
reowI the basket for her
Tfo hundred bird and chlckeni held I
In boiei av > v the tank were aapnrx
lateii Tnfllc WIll held up and bualiicm
autende4 iKX7i tune The firm U un
able to explain how the tank bun
4 I
Diamond Vas Stuck Into
Trousers Complainant
Sent to Cell
A 1I4n4 man who amd he was
Kruik C Itotb fiXtr yrori oU awl
lived at No J Wcet TlyIJC
i Irto ond who later udmUteU tfaat the
name was not II wu I au otil etory
to U4rtttnite Vlin In the Tomb
Court today alien he eta uralinKl
on a obarce ot InloxVoaUtn and fined II
I ru rh a a14 that he iud lUll making
a nljaai ot U and arit In Ue moni
Ing he yea koootKd by two young men
at Lie WOftary and UUe iier etrMt
WhU Uiej wire i 1IlciAr nuCi eU
uti at the In tnatcnea ili 4141mClC4
Iin from U MOI Ivon h M the
iun uniii lite yell aitraclett Hoflceonn
John r i iiweon t t lie Mulberry
Iced lAtlW
I wen k al am to te aJoa
home Mh < r > < Legii i mtn N
IrU If IIit I t ie lt e > 4
not mill a K i i i M Uun4
U pm a g n i ct r and
nelared > > U in 11 hl uct U
I liere te netrl If i jile < ib
1 make a > nip it < alnit the two IIUu
i Hoth laid I > I al linn a hi ned rot
ill pin hi 14 not want tu p The
Ai he vi aiiot I > logy the station
Jnb Mid a wi II < IB bull W tAUonl
and IMlied ur H tain dealjua that
he waa ItDC1 I n J M > 1 aixj whin
tI nnfu > e4 < 0 irlvi It up Ste cay AI
I wan waa 1011 it him up paid Wall
IIln H rour own way Wt lia aJl nlrht
tf iviin an4 aaurt la the morning
Iii n saId be true deni4 the privilege
j jf ruling tr riinJi rl Mjg WIt night
v lirau 1hh adilitd kim Ie lay
Tinur before the CaramUilgnir of
ri a
j I
DovNC4st ON
School Child Feared Back
i wardness in Study Would I
Prevent Graduating I
A ptthetle story ot a little girl lear
Inr a fond moth and mister rather
than face the huinlllfttlon of not being
able to iraduatu with her data from
I the public school at One Hundred and
I HlxiyihlrJ Street and Eacle avenue the
I Droni li unfolded In the tranxe lilt
appearance of Annie Jacob thirteen
I years old of No 719 Eait One Hundred
i and Sixtythird atreet
I Annie baa been mlielnc sine rnt
klitid her mother rood by bat Monday
I morning on what the parent believed
waa her departure for ecbool No trace
of her hvi bean discovered dteplte the
excellent deecrlptlon which the motlitr
i hu furnlibM the pollx And her appeal
to friend and neighbors for aid The
KTlefatrlckcn mother In an appeal to
The Evenlnc World today
I I will bleea The Evening World ai
tine aa I 11 If bile CfYal Ialr only
i help me to flnO nil Ion daughter I
i knoV that the dory ot her loee will
I enable them to ftrvj nor If ane la alive
Loa than two we ka a 111 inc fajnliy
I moved from > iU KJII one lUndrei
a44 Foriynftii atreet to their jirvatnl
small Annie at
> < nve or uirn room
lunJ ncuuul at On llundnd and
I 3otlyseVeiIit uno bln a member
of Ute cluM ohwii rruate tnU
I month WIn iiniuuaily bnrht aj > a
I studious pupil lic had tne niUfortun
to fall IxMilnd It oi < i uf uer bianctua
OtM look UM latter t1 hut
i When her mutter moved to the new
addreM Annie applied for a tranelei
card Thin document tonulned a lepurt
iOf the riilldi failure In certain stUhe
i Vnen she entered the lien eahoul her
teioher MlM llaker lUlled for her c arU
I Annie kvpt evadlnf Iteeqtaist think
hug that her 5UOU worn wuuia enonr
tact SuP was up In her requirements
Hhe feared that Mlae liaker would not
admit her to the icraduatlns clan If
lie maw the trifler card
Nlcht after nitflit Aunt would ill
down t her routnera ret and tell bet
DOW she tvaiutU 10 cl out ana helo
and how glad ahe MM that be would
4X11 e through a iM > oU
< lwnt worry ZJOul graduating eo
mutn the mother would reply W
can get on very well for a toni Urns to
me Do your but In tehool and dont
iurrl 141 FrJay MIM lUker told Annie
Kit to cum 10 elo e without the Iran
r cArd Annie law WhIt the bllevd
ye n In Inevitable rediwUon She lid
nut t 1 hr parent what waa vuooln
through her mind but planned lo lra >
lionw and wre hreeelf the duermte of
ilng ltI I nlnd in jier atudie KIWI
r inoiher the xitef ui II parting lilt
Log her her I V lit II rloUJi urea tiM
lekuiir > wh li eke had caved clue 11
lionie Intl lice whier4ajuJla has rrl1l4ln1
a iiw hllrtl the Home alto were II
iilaek find wtitt lull a belt attacbed tu
> 0114 a baec ice ht ornamiTvl
t > Uh blue Bowers hid ribbon a turn
over Wttltv fuVr black button minei
anj itorklr a re < 1 atone ring on Uie
rlsnt hand and e llarvarl i 4ii in Ier
nell tl flit > > liI IIrt1l hair and wtlxhi
stOut 1M pntimla being a r < 11 < lvel
np girl fee her err r
Young llaii Jampitlu iteai Hirer I I
I 1
J Af or Him
i Ae Philip Lutlno Rve years old wee j
playing Leg on the whart at the foot of i
rail Hxty fifth meet this afternoon
nil fool tripped and he tumbled into
tie rlrer The mining tide bar him
raplill away Frank McFartaad of
i4 14 eut tyifconJ strict
lumped In raiifht the bof around the
want an4 swam beCk a 4tnit the cur
rrt 10 < e Jl of the look
Petr Wtibqre hId of No llt cend
aen > i who had ten the oofldent
draacM UrFarland ami iht boy out
Mr rUnil qulellr PWHntJ but he
exv wi Uttt514OIl and IollMvren
Pt > t D nll < ot liii 1111 fililjr > ei
eri ireet Slattnn hurried In iwr
H ipiul far a doeior
lOeVi M Tki RVMIC4 World
JU1IWAV N J Jun UJeopj II y
Inr witn < n five jrlln of the New Jerey
IroranJlUlr wet toll11 at lla
eolMlc Ibis mornlne b ittti blowinr of
Ida alien whletlt which ilvn an aUrra
v 110 IrnstsS eape fjn Juliet of
Jerie CM whip had charge or 1111
Inf B UI iarttn a one found Oi key
in the front door aed Ufk I
Driver of Bakers Wagon
Wouldnt Take a Nickel
From Policeman f
Mrs Ryley Said Husband De
serted Her and She Had
Lived on Scraps
Sirs Annie Ityley I a prisoner In
Ids TorkvllU Court today uharneJ by i
the driver of a biker lon with
dealing a fltftcent lout of bread from l
t Joonrep Tie prltoner who aald clue
nea thirtyfour year old and lived it
O 4 VVrst rnrtyelxth etreet ap i
Ieret haHcr red by the suffering I
tie declared irhe bed gone through I
MT Tt1ey wn iwrettej early today
1 flt of No SO Went Kortyelchtti
tTt by I lcma Ol emryA of the I
t i
l < it iifonral street police station
Tlf patrolman attention was attract
J to her by Hotxrt Oladfeld driver o
A bokejp Mafon for Robert I3etOSi
read hop M No IM Blxlh rem
I want tint woman arreiled lie
Dojted pointing to the woman wtii
was learlne at the loaf like a rmhhd
ai < ma1 lie Hole that loaf
lou Udu nci rreiel ror stealing
a loaf of bread exclaimed the ple
man Vhr If that 1 I u 11 l J V
u for It myself
I my1
Not on your Ik replld Oladfeld
> rtole It and I want her cinched
There waa nottilnr left for Oleary
0 do but arreit the h4lf urv 4 woman
In Uie Yorklt tn ilmcmir1 ci
lltman heard hr itotr Her hu i ar1
iad got out of work nnd dttertld her
i e had no money and was dlapOMCtiil
a weak ago time then not knowing
that there were charitable organizations
el 0 could apply to she acid ahe had
ved on the picking of garbage pails
fighting vagrant dogs ana at for pu
rId < < rape Jnt eight of the crisp
nowly baked loa lying O the doorStep
te maid was too much for her and the
took U
I sOfT but It waa hunger did I
I Judge or pathetically said In exten
ia lon of her crime
1ln MaglitreU ordered Ulan Rmlth
I the probntlonary ofllcer to ta > e the
womnn and see that she va fed
Mian Bmlth after a few moment con
I venation with the womnn recommend
ed that clue be removed to liellevue ai
her mlafortuce eeemed to have affected
her mind
ttv dont I get a nickel Tor the
giunrblxl Qlenfell
1 loaf
cr Ttrtlll pet a boatlnc If you dont
get oJt quick admonished the big cop
rt the brtJee and Olajfeld iroff
Argument tint as Mayor He Is
Entitled to His Liberty
Is Ignored
Eugene K HchmlU spent last night In
a re11 and today continued hit lIght
Ihrnutfi hU rounavl OrumjiUoll to b
lIberated on bail
11010 Dunn after hearing extended
I arjiinenla denied Campbell a motloii
and fltKl June r ithe day for the
I f i i it Jlnvoii sentence
I Although Schmltx hai been convicted
01 rt oruon and a hundred other In
dlctmenta are out agalnrt him he In
elsie IP li 11 Mayor of Han FranUaco
and hl > countI argue that I 1 Im
Ubie fr him to tranaaet the duties aa
i thief executive ofilu city In Jalt
State Now Represented In the
Greater Navy Honors Ves
sel Carrying Its Name
ZW1tORT R I June UA bronia
tablet nf Hope the motto on the
Hhvfe Ian Bute anti a liver eer
vlcr fir iie orreera and a piano tO
the enlltteil moo and I set of ellk nage
to i shIp wet praceIlted to the tai
Ueiulp IVItuIe laUml Jiere today by a
ilelegition representing Ihi Ulate ft
rtclali all the people 0 llfcoje latand
The lAjl t U t gift of the alaa tate
liver ieryc < n U piano were pur
otia d M puUk ubecjlptlon and the
IUMTI ore It of the Stat Oikpter
uf the IVujAter of the American llev
Oav JintM U Hlgglne mad the
epeach preimtln the tablet e rvlce and
pIano Thi Itt recent at the J urh
tire of the American Revolution Mrl
rl War Uppllt mad the art
tireti uf peeialatiott of the flag < Cnpi
Cliarlei < lw > rman oqmmander of the
Rhode ttlanJ acreple1 the gtfta In br
calf of 1 ie ember and nun of tot
I Stan injured HeiUrl Tlint Drlirr
I lie Spared Arreet
William Stash a broker was run
I 41otn In Uroad I at Lila ourner of
John street lull afternoon A wagon
t U n1nr ta me Mutual lUpreej Coin
I catty of No I Old Utji In charge of
lnI1g Ue urlrer einwk mol
I and knocked hi in I Jill feel and lie
railed into the rullir painfully but not
aerjoualy hurt Fixlceaiap IVtbert
lok4 nun up and caviled l ambulance
Iwra the NW Tent 1lo < > rui The
atubuUnc eurgeon drea4 HU k a cute
and brylK and to I we then able to g 0
horai In t cM At r ° t > Mt link wai
t rr 4tt x
w I
I Great Crowd Cheers Vinners I
in Thirtyfirst Annual
Competitions I
Ilefore a crowd of nearly 10 people
the thlrtynrit annual game of the
Peetlme Athletic Club were held thU
afternoon on iaiilme Oval Ninetieth
Street and Aenue A Member from
nearly every athletic club In New Tork
participated In the arloua aventa The
1eld wai lu me belt of condition and
faittlm rum made by the runner I
The tint vent wa a ICOyardrun I
haodlcap the final being won by George I
Haekman of the N J A A1 Mardi
Hloom Atlas A C second and C 1
Hultrtn 1 X A C third Time
lultnn c I
10 Jl aecondi
nnalti In the Other Err it rellavr
t I
utilnc IdIonrd ftoiaLf J fI
1 V A A on c StaOO U t ami 1 lnuii
iig IINuo IMYeIN lt rnui
Uete I A I C o 41d0ce 111 fut
S 1 J ie I Write I I e i
1 rtUHnx I SI ltH > teehv
I tet1n Wirrcinl t A A C eJ t Wi I
t > 11t rar tjti nandioip in I t a3 U
j 1 eeen7 I A A pei4
VTaM triMlap Koch N T J C I
fleet J J llclnut N T A C M vo4
J nTietm r Attic A C thIrd Urn
4 1 43
Say They Were Compelled to
Give Cash Bonds for
Dr Herman A Meeker who conducts
a aanttartum a Ko G3 + 7 Wel Bigly
fonrBh ttel and who gained some no
toriety bT oppoeing the alleged olalma
of Dr Vllllam la 01 the age limit
was today arrested and held at Police
Headqttirtora on charge of iwlndllng
and extonlon The charge are brought
or a number of ron who were en
gEed at one time and another ID vart
0ta raptcltlr a the doctor lull
According to the conpl Jn nte they
nrwered ads for help at the aanl
tnrlum for a11 OmeM from manager to
jonltnr Of each the doctor demanded
a m < h bond whIch they raid tie later
told them he had InveileJ Intionde of
huts company The eharee wn 1100
eich and every one from chef to man
age It was laid owned vharea In the
Unit Harney OtfcConvUle and another
Central Oincr man went out t look for
the doctor and arrmted him at the poet
ORloe They auld hula f ocketa a Ailed
wIth tJuie for Will one how Ull
arrears with the goa company
Gov Terrell Sends a Tele
gram Declaring He Didnt
Criticize President
OTrrrrn BAT u r N Y Jun w j
Frealdent floieveli today received
today from Soy J i Trrcti of
Georgia a teleermphte disclaimer of I
any orttlcl < m J the President Incident I
1 the ooletmtlon of OeorrU Day at
the JamMtown Vxpoilllon The de
ipetch audi
117h < t
7h publication lo the effer1 that
Mr Mitchell or myeetf feeia aggrt red I
toward you or thai you r re j iniltXe
for the hr > rtenlng of Uie Georgia Day
ej rd fe at the Jansoan Kx xMltlnn
Ie abtolntrtr uri > nrmnte > In explain I
ing Uie hurried manner In which the j
programme was carried ou I ataled to
a number of iromlnent Georgians and I
MrmaJ newep vrr reporters thai tin
review ooneMrneU more time than waa I
eettmated Ulo I wai neceaMkry to I
out out or oJt off some of lit atnu
fl44Wne41I5 and after a hurried d I
ouaeeon we agreed I was bMter to
shorten the time allotted for lh ee en I
gagenienta rather than O cnil arty of
Ihera I oons4tbarsbLy attldgMl my r
marha at t OeorgU buJldtiic Mid you
did HkenrtM
IVraoualtr and aj Qovernor I wlert
to thank you for Vm Hnr your presence
to Oeorglo Day and assure you that
every true GIn feel likewise The
I l iiU > nent of ttw ofntUI hedges for Ulat
da e preee flue enllm n of every
Iud i xirgvan wlifliier 41 JMII liven
or at tpcanrOur tounfo I IrralJenl
and Ororvlaa grandson I 4 iaiK
Iwrgla l > ay a toe Jannelown Kipo
tlo a Tnl uecea And tpn > oj
pul 1 iv
Joii i iv I frAVii tile Jt < M
trlo and niilor tii the Brat visitor
l lUgamur mil Un < Uie CrtM 1 t
K i > iirei r l < J r a
Ir Graves I el > iolnni nt recoiled
4St u iUt mul went t 0
o ltagl4ui4te lllli vttiere lie wee In D
frince irtih he IVekIJtnt fur nearly
hH t Willie Mil 141 u fl ei
ruHed ae a riret p r onel one It la
I i understood that manv thing peRU
ical In Oeorxta Irene UiucCuwl upon
I am a DMivooral cud Mr kav
at the atacloa UK I Mil a 111I an
1 ardent admirer e < rrtio4nt Iloofevelt
I anil as I Pvva In Chute nmnh l DM
wood U nln4 i0 OreiHgf Oentonrrte
lit JrieWfiith dolts me wielionor to
S in4 rn M c aM ia MM
e U 10
Commerce Takes Lead on De
Vitt Clinton in the First
DeWitt Clinton Conmeroe
A4IIOIIfb Carson Sb
Watr Jb CIInonIb
C Klly n Cruaunu a
JIlr at Moran u
11 Kelly lb Muller p
leoar1r p Walsh 1
Jlur1cl fr Cknci ft
licheper rt Fox Ib
Hun c tntiil Ib
tnipir O1f1fI r Wrl6fat
ntrIal 10 Th Brvnlrr Vnl4 1
Clinton leader In the High Bohool
Ilaetheill League met Convmereei trim
bet today In the preacnrt of UfO
enthuilaati Oondltloni were Ideal Jar
a clot aontetL
Pint Inning
Careen out VUroKU to TVatera ClIP
walked Cnrmmi eat a on C KellY
error Ultra tnklns third and CirmurwJl
cond Illoo tnd Crorrnnell eijorwl on
C Kelly e nnd error of Mor nhard
I Wt bait Mullet MnaMed Moran nrlne
Wall hand Cliurcy tanned TIUinE
Atte4N ror ed to loran Water
wit Fo to Morrell C Kelly walked
and viol econ < 1 Healy ruck out NO
Oecond Inning
Fox fanned and TTO out Hunt to
1 Waters Morrfll Intlld and waa out
ateallnjr Hunt to C Kelly Carson
fanned NO HHNB
1 U Kellv rlrurk out Vlicardl fol
I Imre mil fork boosted one to Fox
UUrtTrd Inning
Clio out K Keljy toO W iera
Crnramell died Adeleon to Waters
Moran out C Kelly to Water NO
I Bcheffler walked and waa out etwiU
ting Crotnmell to Moran Hunt fanned
Aflelenn waa eevey aluller to Vox NO
Passengers on St Paul Saw
Her in Sky Belching
The Iunuhp Ft Paul which arrtvei
In port today brought over dame L
Itorfrt former United 8tate4 Consul
at Shanghai Mr Rogers left China on
May It and at th > rate he had traY
lied he could have made a circuit of
toe world In fortyfour dayi Tfcli he
believe would be record time tAil
Thursday PIlNPCn on the Ht Petit
obtained e view of La Lorraine M
mirage The Trench liner wti outlined
on the eky Inverted with smoke pour
log from her tunnel Bite was mile
I below the norlton
Ij Lorraine ilo arrived Ihi after
noon dine brought over Hot Wnllhnur
i who ha been nknnKig bfrycle ram
I abroad The rider had hli wife and
four children with him Be1II go to
I Atlanta next seek
I r
I 1onllon Oat Jon U Tli ntrn
for Mondjys rare tire to a fWUn
forFIIVBT IUO mil tnr ar0i4
eiM ut rpl lllftIrn loan 10
Lrnilrrr luJ lift utl tIIO Prlnrlpit
IfOI IttrvAa lIE Ciinaan IM SOCTI
111 IliJrtM N ese Ill
DBCOVD ft Act Four an4 ovii fur
V tworcerOI4t4bcv W Mnli
lieU Ph llulal 101 114 lluMar 101
An4au 141 Cherlir Mum ut Ixecii
Kfii HA
THIRD ItAOBt furlong tbrwrter
old and uvr Mln V uin KJO K
Oar 100 lUUi Uirr itO Otaaw KH
Mulrantr 1CM 11i r > i Ito rrntacon lit
llrtr Mitt till Hnm Pelt Hi
ounTJf RAT JII iuriongs threeyear
eMi and uimim erlllnr s1rop eXItoli VI I
astir llrMiMa 04 FuiUcla w Kne VJ
Hn > 1tat III Aubunklel 101 lUn
111111 I 0 Bendy Oaneow IO1 tenn
jo hoe 1400 JUT Abrult lul
KIl TII IUOI1II tttniic lTeeye4
olt iwi1 m > ll rw Marr ryiiiui M
nile < Jlllk 108 XM ulej Irtl llinme
Lt1 t ini the Pel ItS rJ W rvSei
HIT Chin On IU
HIXT JIAIR On mil thrw Mf aM
s up DeaLt n AbA fttcrvxuud KM
ImW B lot M > Retil O2 JaM Nut
M lUrmikK IM Junili Imp lOt
X AtfltItS lloeSRrc
rlvlurr Free vrllli the llienIg
The Fvenlng World will give pictures
of the fhlcago Tube with Pot rll and
Noon editions The picture liven linn
day will U that ot Tinker churl Hop
I Shopping
Is m 1reat von
vMIanve lit ho
w athe
Have you tried
DoY Order
t Telephone
r U
Parents In Steerage of Celtic
Gave niem Potato
Gin to Drink
Had to Be Closely Watched to 1
Keep Them from Leap
ing Into Sea
fin eietllled from potato a etandard
Portuguese remedy for eoaalcknna
ceuied th death ot three little chll
I dren last Bupday la the eteerage of the
I White Htr liner Critic which reached
port today overduerlremNaplM Th
children were burled at a m i jniy
evening and the mother were kept In
close confinement efl the way to Xew
Tork to prevent Ultra from Jumping
The Cretlc etopped at the Aaoree on
Jun I and took on UO Portuguese Im
I migrant for New Tort Titer were
J liven children In the couVtaitmet the
I yoingut being Honorlna Angelica and
Marta Amortn aged sIx and Francisco
Cocto aged five
Slough weettier wae encountered aooo
i after the efilp atarted for New Tork
anJ on Bunday morning all tbe Portu
j were aeaelck They bad provided
ttamhu with liberal euppllei of pe
laillng and thIs waa
taut gin before
parrel around and freey drunk Po
tategin li a a deadly ae wtx > J alcohol
The children w re given bUt decal with
the natural effect In a ehort time they
eriil Into convulelone Utrerag ot
fleets reported to Ship Burgeon Dr
llerben X lr Ma lcr and IJr Gliaunt
Vlcearatl who wn aboard reoreeenti i
the Italian Oovrrnmrnt
The two doctors worked hard over the
stricken children but to no avail
Other children older than the thiy
who died were also treated and some
of the adult Immigrant were alma to a
bad way
Stormy weather with flurries of rats
and unusual cold held back Lu Critic
all through the trip Lat Tuesday af
ternoon In latitude C deg Wm north
and longitude K deg In Wilt two big
Iceberg were encountered They re
mained In light untIl dark The uRlcer
of the Cretlc iay that they do not re
member uf Iceberg ever being teporte4
before 10 far eoulh In the Atlantic at thli
him of the ear
NEW nurTAJN Conn June 15
Bnraxvt at the marriage of his seven
ternvMrold daughter 1ony without
his knowledge and convent Andrew
Hohlutter aged nftynln a LIe
ui > it4 tour allOt at her from a
Acallbre revolver at her home today
Ull r I t K
turnr the pltol on hliiiee r Infltctlns
I call wouiidMI I
MI a Holy Close Colleg
football player catiglit HcMuatir atd
Creld 1 lm until the polio took ihlm Into j
< Jlfdr I
Best Natural
L Ml scrnl Water
Take bait a
IIlaulul In
the morning
far headache
torpid liver
A trial will con inee
you that WLDoug 1
las 350 shoes are j
thebettinthevrorld I
iKni I Cull Nsa Jr L
i4 JvttfcT A f tli
ni IM i ir rMf i i I
141 llrMl < r eu in
1445 IIsM4er r 4iattt iii
Iii ItI ika4er cr lOt
JbitIsnirtet A
IQ W 116 I t
1M nlrJ Y or l th
trnlllrj i n u U
IwMfllMlllA UTII J r 1 Iy
Ulllfl AT < ot Tl M mayi Ftrn4ua I
IU ttrtiti Artnnc II lIn44rr
Jf jCf IftowitkAT i hwsanDaeoi run
lil 4 IlitmO StreI 411 IUi LI
wi 1A 7 1
le 1I
Nay itif Ihli tamIfldi
r e tI ibe IK wJ >
4 I4MI1V7 tVIIKl
HUT 7bey live a
it itrl lice I iLlok
u H 1 Sill itl cie ftr
e I JL lliip Want
i I 1 u tro i Huuday V
1 rro
I d witi Iorllll ini +
a we rifh
l e 44 S

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