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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, June 15, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 4

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Board of Trade and Commer
dal Interests Chicago Send
Urgent Message
Say that TicUp of Telegraph
Lines Would Seriously
L r Injure Business
pHI M Th Erenlnr TC eld
CHICAGO Jun la Prknt llnai
eIt was tMs aftem M naikd In Inter
Ten In the threatened tlKMphera
nrlke tn prevent a situation Ihsl would
b deirtttenut to the btitlness lnlr it
cf th oMintry
rt4Iniri che IrIrI lr d a
from New Tot that < hi lelr raphM
m Iu would e o < lld nut lund r
as K mutter tn a general strike the
sard af True and oomnvMvlsl Intrr
fits called a hurried meln to lsk
Ut1On e ll I IAr > rnpntMly itt a tlmllar
7ev ainwnr V Afl frt tatients
d flrrenhaIhs of all of the lc Hoard
ef Trade firm wr In tleeidanee a
Yitre Ato retirentitatlve of mativ of
the letdlnc firnf In HUto treet Inclinl
Ing Jjr l tll Field CJ Carton IMrj
Ccott a o Die ht t paritrr and uc
InduntrUI pnis
Tills inesiage lgned by President Sa
ger and H civlar Xlone was formurJ
Si U PtftdtIt uoe1t
TT e llonO of Trade and Commer
cial Intereatk f Chicago rpectlv >
ly reiuet tha Jr ldeni of Hi
Vnltd Ktate to lake ucti action
ala In hi Judgment may aeent ad >
viiabl to avert Ih Impending itli
a trou Interferrnre with lecttlmaj
t > uliie by manon of tha threatnne1
ieanpher sink In the ludg
tnent < if the Chlnaco Iloanl of Trad
It wAukl entail wld prrnd Injury to
III commercial Interest of the coiin
Ir Nn reply haji ret UPin received from
Preldnl tooaevelt
Artonline tu italinnl of thrlr lend
er the Iletirupliit will not ttrlke next
Week or for om time Imniedlut ar
Unn It mil part of their plan of ram
pnlgn This was the decision readied
at tllflr lieailquartrs at Ih Astor
o IloUa In tills city Inday after a as
f Inn of Ih rner l Kxroiitlv Hoard of
which H J Kinall Is chairman
L SaouM Hi eimr nl sUnd olt against
ma ptralo iV itmi > nds for a nral
distribution of th 10 per cnt Increart
Cranled l > y both tin Vtern Union
aid the Postal Telegraph Companies un
AUroh 1 toil aiul ale aboll iira nt uf
Ih black list the nllrt nutter will b
thrown by th union Into tb hands of
the next CvnETPs ali It I t xpcsd
Hut hi Government ulll lake tnr It
r tJr1I ot InJtli comtianle
Thai uali a ilep la radical In the ex
tre n Is fully realltml by th liadera
rf li ojioralor but Mi pul uf III
lIrpolIIII ihe country ovr ha
bi > eu aoundril Itioruuxlily and lhr are
unanimously In fjivur uf ha unprere
dEnial atlon planned
Plan Long Considered
According IB tile laMu of the
t I graphers nlervl weii Kjr aji Ki nlig
World rrpontt at hi Aor lloute lu
day uoi action Jai been under lung
and careful eonlieriUlon Van of tn >
pltn Is to present to th neat jggrsa
fails 4iU ngur s bearing vn tb uattu
odi pursued by III 10 big WI r
munopotlM 1ilcli nlll leave that tidy
HO ILlImala bul lo bark up ti
uperalura III their demand anj Hill
< afl fur ImmwlUi Uo > rnmen al < uu
trot of a moil Impurtant m Juni uf
prr1I1 di > commerce
Tn uirn > rgu mat In the prent
fdtiitlllon of 1411 country a complel
Uup of the Ulecraph line < would Co
9omplt ly Jljlnol comintrclal aetlvl
tie and prove > uaii a menace lo butl
n all over the Cnlttd Htaiet that
rrt from the evidence they would br
aW lo lay betor Congre the tllua I
list vuU cvinptl the Oovrrninnt 10
lisp In
Friend In Congreia
To haiflIwiS ot the next Cvngrett
at furmr leegraphr and the opfr
slur liclara that the rmpsejc of
tli IsA jn Hbrs of Hit Hout nr
fully niUUJ ill Ilitin Tey rIle
llr asllwi of Me IrrtUient at th
lIme uf III rxent UItIe cval
ijllkr ami aru lat ski tltup uf ih
Hrgfatx MM vuW ha a tar uiore
sie iJi IHlitf W I lit uwuiilr rsau
tfn tit putkii uf builHtti at the
Lu4Il a 1
Tl Kxitculli UiMrO tuUay ut1th td
trtMraw Irvm UM kv and lltr
t iMH alit deotartng lhi Hi me
In uiua cult bees allis tinu IH Woe
IjII iiMit and soul
Mall aIrI nat riellfO IOJI un
tit frt owi un Imnwluu > ilk at
In IcUgruplieis wan a < litdulrU ic
tWJIttg lu llir cue utile fUiniillllM
lw r > r iii upiaturs In btokr <
IButr would lui loot iatld out If tur
luau naa sirn k but It Was adui t4
Ilial 111 if nt UI > ed at shut i jt
III i ih a rrtsl tatir u nrK t wuuid
net Li IUU h good
t r tui > tv 4
t i CII i4 > iiit en u
in II fl bu < rt >
ass tptsi Ie 4
1 i
I IIAKOI ir rciL tiii
I ALL frUf TflM
4 44iJf wI
Construction of Subway Seems
to Have Veakened the
Steps Being 1 > ken to Keep
the Edifice from Disap
pearing Completely
At tht uritmt reouett cf judge Ii
3rt ni perroni havlnr busIness at
the Criminal Courts llulldlnc In Centr
tret rubllc Work Commlnlann
Thompioa hu apj tntr4 Daniel U
Mortn and Rudolph Miller a a corn
mill of enitlnrrYi 1ItllPorl on 111I bed
mean of easing the rtIetuI found
Un an1 Just what hould be done 10
prevent the bullillnc from ilnklns lot
liter Klne the Hnbwy ha been In
nrra liOn the bulidlnc ttlt four I
It l < Will a question In th mInis tI
rlty urlllu mtirther or not the
bulldlnc will IM nt for ooeupanry In In I
yetrt lime Crick In the mar bit work
of th interior vourt of redent Isis
were UUrovrJ ixl li genera serious
cnrdltlon qf the Ulkllntr ha mad It
uncomfortable for tho who ulnops
Iku tem to 11
The underground road runt deep tin
dernsath Iafiyetl sired below the
level nf the plllnc on which the Crlm
hut IIUI5 BuIldIng tt The railua
inins nf the bulldinn cauied the u
panmeni uf Iubllc Unrt to rlior up
th bU column a few months axi HnJ
noli mom ihor are iMiinJrJ
A vry illfflcu engineering prohiin
I > Inrolted at C m Irlmnat COlt
llul Jlnc nld eftftlrrlonr T
on and quick action It lIt ary I
bellev Ih Uructiir will be abnolutely
t at when repaint are flnlahed There
4not the illchtett Later af a lIo1pe
for the present or neat future
The Counllojt roil vh county
rtOUUu UOk ot nunitructlon VJH
begun In Iryj and ttxik It almost four
jeara r > liullJ
Collect Iond a tirampy tttlp of
round ase once where flit Criminal
Courts liilliliin now inJt Th city
niled up Lb isIs drained the pfind
and pall for tlniunandt nf Sod tit > 1 rt
10 nil Hie dlluh II I scsirIot that a
s1eip spring lii feet Ulilrrntllli Inn
lulldlrljf opencU ahurll after the HJli
way itartil ninnlne and caused toe
tlnklnf of the fruwutl Uulldliif j
In the Interior cuurt tn Iminent I I
marble ardir are aupporteil by wi > on
Wma and the buIlding Inspector
dol r It will be ur r in haw
eJppus tur lAte entire court unat
Up inclorvra commllt ovr tU
Eight Assistants Advanced to
Higher Rank of Fore
Hr Cuinmlsiloner l intry luilny pro
niuled eight aktltlanl furriun of lie
tire livarltnutt tu IM furxurn unit
Imnifrrred lx uf limn lu < slier ass
lush Janii J I henry was iruuiuinl
from a > lttant for maii of Kngln Com
pany No I tu foreman of Hi mine la
linn and Frank 1 Muian rl mail
furman uf Kngln Cumpany No III
llrooklrn Tho olio were transfrrrnl
lu other pun wer
Andrew U Uwl from Hook and
laddr Iollllln No Ii In hook and
ladd i Company No H Jantt I
lirant rum Honk and l > Jdr IV in
pany No I lo liniln CoiMiuny Nu
lie lroukl > n Jaiurt Uulnn fruiu Kn
Klne C utnsny No T > tu Hngtii Cum
pan Na M at Wakefleld William J
llublnxui from Inln Cumpany No
w tu Unilne Cuinpmi Nu U7 llruufc
114 Jutrph II Andrew from Ilixik
and 100r Company No i 1w Unglne
Cu < Min > N H II and VMIIin II tu
maurltie fruits KngtM LotMiuiiy Nu II
I iu Kudu CMiipany Xa > 1 Ktatan
hi id
Child HurncJ to Dutli 3c1re
Mry Injiriij simcr COIIM
Uccuc Her
at 4ntrlI4s hull s 11nllI x
I J i I u Cr I 7V5 teiI Iu4d tu
i i in n > ir t < i h i II a lIst al
li UIMUI aliCt Mis Inuit
jI lons lt r iii l A D mil lt
1 of > 5 twist
ill a MS imJihf n in kltrhvu 1
4 u i HIT i B 4t unj iOf a Not 111
ro fir rllI a i wal 11II
lrI trUfj HI an lifMU AI in
> w isisiH tilt IJMIJ iu ual na
t oIIA It n > r iviMiteal S >
II U 14 4u njl lsg 1 Hllli 11
a a l MIMI Ii hs
i liam ut Mit lifiil stid I er
4I rr 5 fcsj inr sol lleillUt bllij
aura tU aevesal uull rii Tin
atut4 tue U k itt there a a
an Iu it uf al teae ri iirmrui Un ill
rgil whoU H4 IUK nMu4 IS slitH4
1 the use uf tier tisvy iur ic nl 1111
U isr a4 Ira Ingnds IIIA r11
ilS HMMt Mllllhtll HU Uf u > i
P Unhh 1 Ih jntr
M Ii v VW IU ij J
tuauinn I 1140 < tl mi Uts IMIM
dy tn sesa iVirtt < > VM ftss Lti
4 1IoU the d wrMf sit Mr ld ilrJ
Jails PPMJW oriVallfi
I 0r ill JTur tiSi tr tn
m 1V7T av yia
Aldermanic Giants
S Await Play BalL
Capt Little Tim Ilas His I
Team Ready to Invade II
Philadelphia Jijt
I r
I > i
InterCity Boards 1 Coming
Diamond Frolic Will Be I I
tntfer the setlr direction of AUr
mefi Utt Tim ri1lan and > ranli
Dunlin th preparations tot the ItCC
bill jrntirf at rhU < lphl nnl Wednes
da v between nine representing It
Nfw Vtik and IVil ctcIithla Aldfmen
are prnirisilnr favorably Contract
haY him Irt tar a ipertal train to leave
1 Jersey C1I at t OCIOClI In the mnrntnr
111 all hut remains U In olI1t the I
Bvery member of the ftoard nf Alder 1
min whither under Itidlrtment or not
will goto Philadelphia for Ihe aam
All lh dIr ofTllals aiso run art off
and cores of Tammany olltlilan Kill
help asciI Hi drleialloo Il trtftAt
tornej Jerome his been Inrltel to art
at umpire ror the Nw York Alder I
manic nine but In view nf his lmt > nd
nE rtitkm wlh certain member ot
the hoard U I nnt likely that he a I < j
acCept the nltnllin
East Side Will Co Too
1es of our Aldermen hare ever been I
aem the lludH ltlvr and the trip
la 1hlladelilAn loI like a pllgrimager
to them lun > of their r tlde eon <
Utuenl Kill aervmimnv them anil
even It the > dont bring back the sealp
of the PhltadsJphU VII player I tiy
may hay it fw Mrang watch and
things u rmember the iKratlnn I > > I
hll illphlii Is taking the nttfr or
rntiajr The New Yorker will be met
by a bran Linil autQinoallei liar c
isjil dlstlnicutihd rliUwiir There will
be a trip ttiroudi K Irnijnl Park and
luncheon at a cuhurMn flab
me yarn will be ppd it the Na
tional I < ASII Hark anti both leint
wisi be In uniform In tbe evening the
vt Uor wit U tendered a banuilet at
the llell uei > loril Hotel whft j
Tim Hullian wl mt tie uratort i
effort nf hi llff T1 proceeds of ill
cum Kit br ilwulrd 10 o arlt
rank KarrHi IINIIZr of lbs Ni
York Am rtoan tinm hjn furnUn 1 IC
utilonin and la fllr Uw Clt > II
rrun j 4g bJolwlU sni but MIM aJ >
hlllll all of inlnur IniiurUocf Jllf
lAt InirttUpblf and other bt matri4
are fttul live cruv a HiNt will lBad
KilUiUlptila La orrrlnir about AtM5tS
Jill i jnrtrt ulUiB Ibwr Ii one thin
UI muM be r mmibir l Nan YTk I
niui ic It 1111111 tUh
McCUIIan Wont Be There
Ma Ic lesu ytli Rot atlrni ill I
u at h IMd ewntr rJ a prevlss
KujEvuirlU before itlr tslia4iflhitiia
et 11 uakisr 1 i > taur <
lttlittcpitha A Ikurqu ntlnlln
nluird Hllyllllrll nil lltt till prused
nt at liii 1111 Ulrk
Tli Ihllailflphl 1WlIpro ar il
vatlne culunui uf ftmvt 10 the furtu I
luiuliik rrnl TtnJ art prvparinn nv I
ot irlnr nallvrr for an Inrailnn nf I
l > > wririllj d > nt mifUchm iV
o U anil pin hL Llltlc Tim1 8u >
llai I ir lli < nu tt5 t tie New arlt
title rton nu1I be sjrturlsdllE irfcwt I
111 lj < Ird n pnlentl l InlnloI
abujl rlulhr Ihut situ rriult In A
1 in kant ru IhllniUlpliU 1
Tlirx air the Alilrrmri rttarrn 55
tike an active part IH Ihr li tllilln
Miiitimt p Sixinin IB
Clifford c > rlrt hahn If
llatlun lb MIUw C
ilajcKrio b Sullivan rf
Itrml > 5
Ialllrr Fs AMerman hArt V
fulVhi M ui lllll Mlltr W ni
lIst Iortlr It lnt 1101 i3J l loins
lu his twlixiMX Sul > lllul lluhhl1
1111 Hilu HlrMrr anil lrvrntrllt
< CaCti over 7 1undl Chairman af I
< oniHiiiiw iii I l1 I saIlsI llnry tUi
p tire ai ulii Mtt1 Tim If illlvJn
lstsusef trsnk Dowlliir
llr AUo VstireI Slier Iaurea
III IH the Ililrrp uf III
I ri is Ic
On the oftlcUl Jstsr of the Indtp iv3
I Mir tegUs uf lb TWrtl AoWWy
IXurioi V ettSiIift slgn3 by on ot
the offlenri at the iaue M r slvW
1i > Tli KVMiW World In whJeh tNf a
nai A rtpart of the adIIptk44 III Iil
rhllW T tVfl1ln World printed
lIb etPPI
I thThli U hat ArMinUyiiuh Cuvlllltr
twi to aay aisoist Ik Matter I
I T ac Bl 1 T I 75 itr Vur 4
I rout Km 0 tIGt a > liter ii IA I
I artiiM i adI i MnJ n1 rM Vat
Inc bIhI < W i M r Hill slid I
lain iliai ths JI43Cifl4CAC layie of
in TiUUili AMentkty IHrtei p U
tirunc iMuliiiluna randeuinlnx taut <
bbina CJxIHKT Iw ortnif lu ill nPa
141r isis I > g Jvl luearur i > vn flila
in lt I out tuiinf III the fflinM
lite IHI > K r bill that Ior U speelsi
lutr Tlll Is a Hiud > clau > CIaI
1 04 fur u WIr
lill tin 5 I cc fiMiirM rr Id t >
I 45 tIe ttuoV uf Wr AombU I n
iu trl i > > Iu4 U 10 I ii > wkl
I t is list 1 are bill o 1 b eliwi iiitiyiljoit
I uu Jjn T nl CISC vw CII rtr 4t
i innate toil A4tsss i > o4ai t i
II ifwiu il 140 iIsi J muiiii ui > u unr
I riu iuir0 > sat asd IMI In Mir rc
lift paeehi vf Hi tn4ur4 es4 Yen
a iil bill eu 11111 S lii i 411545 rrin
OUI iil Ix ralard fur a Period uf un
I f Cd uIh4hr odsir ateot 1IIUttN
I ui U naarI
r l tud uf in 1jI1a1aa whit
ii II swulii raM win fiuv thai I
vied Ob cn l i > IIt ii > > i fu
tie Tnt < v Is If Ih CXK > I at1 iii t
I tuasiUl Uilr l M haled u Lw
j ii4 iuU M ut the lnJ l > I1i I
I lnti that si lOti h < nil nil
iu < > ea I isl C ISIS rtKr iou nub
I ialiad 4or 4p lirevar 1U ijnr I
I u5 tfsiii
11 IMII A 18VtLIMu
sf u ltU Albany tusijli
IH llalllr at IHliirlHu llCnar
5c Vl urlou
ONt KONO TUM Itap he
Wrlfhuu < I > UI I as CJIMCCIp
i mil I 75i511z2i < I
11lfII ai n 111 I r
I SI iOs latir a osipikd I
IH1 UM u I Iat tUe 011 Iu
a T i uUr HII 4 kllt I t4
s I
I f
I 4 LrZMV 44LL
twcnrw I
CIIC Tt ITtI 4qirrt
T l 0 KJtfy >
Charles Ferdio Fatally WounJ1
I I ed Young Frank Rash
at Elizabeth NJ
rAr the iar f4so4 that he sar s man
alsptuowhh5 him In Ih djrUnrts i
ihurl Krrdlo a yuunr lMlln Hi I
ployed In Ihe KlMhfiiwwi IfMf V rkr at
IttsabtIi N J cuniHlllleil murder lad I
flight lie cpd at Ihe time hut wss
arrealed luJsv In la Bupbeaaoo plant S
and admlltMt kit KUtli
irnk Itsak twenty yr o a IKII U
lan yjunc spprenllr In Ihe erection la
partrncii of li inr world wii the vic
tim of Kerrtlo flptrleal timidity Th
InexruuM nature of Ih Tim ha
irniued strung fwIshl ngitlwt Pertlki
MinctlK11 i1 Ainer1ian > niplo > rd by
I fir rilefihvnaii murrrn altnoui there
i > na doubl Niai at liUs lh truths about
I list > suutli5
Young Itsas hid tweet VttlllllK friend
I lit lUt f atler slid InoUirr and thf
ir rftjrnlqc ti itielr tistuie al Nu IS
I 14 Sen ir < at inliliUght Thei It a
I tInant tot aoa tle trt Irvtf Uie
hwsUv i tif isIis t f amll wa IsX
i Inx A Leet rui Wn Ike > ailtk start
rl tu un a ed nf Il urnu 10 oj > i
II do r tot 512411 ml4iay III tlgttli
b rnlui whu ihy strhi4
I 11 4t144M0l kMI Vs141U Ha tasting
uiroug lanlH4 fU4 Hi bl ws y tw
I his b ar4b ghwi alien Ujn Jljsii
fiN nut if nt itark ratsnt 11 anu ap
IKII II 8 n tbr run Titv niliul tel Us
illlaii uir li apvruanuJiK Uuy a
ifi4ftos tkiiiUNll a cry or an In
I sjte > rr4tu 4V hti i 0 ulC r aiul
lisect a ufti at LM aLlhOr The bill
11 tlllKJt K4rll III UW UTMll UIUJ Ii
drssted ft Id I iaa1 tlll rrrJj
1 til 4N ilr 111 Mrs luui ia a 1 the
e uf 11 buy ie wisp > JI lo tlll 0
On af tise 4tafl > < Mrlte4 < hut sta Ttil
lurniantd IU j atkt nWoli led lu in a
rasi uf Knita lUab dvsabSIwe iY44
nUed titus a 0 a < nuHHflity In tin
I To < tintd UA uam r Ktrurlt
f W Uvirpuoi add QueHltiWI for
i Nw York KM In eomrmiiklriilau i > y
I uitra iMgraili with the tit on ol
luasruua aln wnen III easi was
IW i lls mil uf XHAUS IJitit hln
ill W A J HH will be at hf plr
aboui I 1 A > l tumorrow
i 5 Ii4nv I411C1IIN JAtis N
Alnsk lift HaiiUwrir buulTkuuit
toss and Cki aiirf for Ne fp
rIMled bl t4w leittit V NOT
IW Mntu lit ttaulli tUMMls IJahtahlp
via Ui 1Ssrv4a HtUIlM ai Nowpoet
R L V rtv1lV > 11 u IIgsvail
ai lb A Jl r f bi a her iier
I buut M A M MmofToti
rie AUinir Tran MH IJu allan
Innu Coins Lt4a end flwh4
fir PlitkadatphU 1 lt < rted b > air
lat tiIiispii fisti Mi Naotukl
Hitii rii ig in 11 ih Tor
C C4I > iiilon at ki > Mri II I a
rt5 M d tats lltlitrMi at >
5 J
Invincible Pugilist Cant Use
Steamer Ticket Because
of Theft Charge
Among tho e who had engaged ru
ag on te American llnrr fll Iuh
far Houthampton Inday wat Joe Ortin
Ulf rhlsephl j ulllit whose sole bid
for fame lie lu thefact that nature
wa bitty when he wtt faihloncd and
tublet th Job to A boiler maker Joe
didnt tall thanks to UeulenantUtect
tves Moody and Leeson and I temper
Ins with his beauty ttie gloom of a cell
In Iollc Headquarters
A telegram from the Chief of Police
of IMilUdetphla received
lt lIAdI at Headquar
ter IDat nIght tinted thai Mr Qrtm
pottlbly anillpinnn a kiiortajc nf tunis
In Rnctandv had lhauctitfuliy antned
a dhtmond ring and a bifls of money
the preptrty f another lo HU own n
and prodl and asked that he tie arrest
ed Rt Ih pier The ce wan turncj
er to Moojy and I eeton who wired
to rtillaJ I phla
Vhs i diM he look IktU
Tns answer came back
If K told you u would be calUd
nlun fakir You anl mitt him
They dldn mil him
Orlm protested again arrea fay
tg hi was g lug lo Knclaiul to flint
vliuiner Molr n puntllii of renown but
< inner alil hate tu wall
Grim earned tu and money by
sndng up i a rtne and lettlaic more
killed pucUIsi irs to knock Stint ouu
Holt Kltsilmmont tried the task and
ill ed Ikurvt of other hard oltteu
ate molded lirlinm t tratua Into tie
nnbUnc uf a beef hew urn alter
lme bit Uvttas oo4y Ole taken fit I
niimt In tlr ring A 1nltadtlphia polio
Trait kicked him out a few mol agn
In a street iisnt but ther u a strong
plrlon that so axe ncured In the en
Fcr Being Good Feller1
The piirlllt wnt taken fom Head
lertiri lo tpmr Hireet Iollc Court
tie Irnlnt ultii nil tile iitsguistld ri I
iiui < at lilt command that he was A I
1 knor r wliat this It ha drclarxt I
Tslt I Sevan I win a good fller
tait Weilnetday I meet a man II
nm1 YOUIIC li InllinlelpliU ant this
Yunc say ht a port He gel
cji Ht iie and wt have dinner at Uie I
fi lt > n anl ten I tay t the hotel
l inking wlln iiltn until hes ptniiatil
lat got the coin all right and lia
tnT > 11 to clay el the hotel all night
Iwckua he v > I cant go home but
I run became I nlnt rot 110 Jag
Till yon U a ilJoker and I NY
Ili May wlUi him act IV > nt I put him
lo Iwrt and be loihb rot lo belt
the band Then 1 sneak ott l f in own
Tn ot
home and me wife 1 never took hi
rtnc or M coIn I don t need I t I
an nU wIfe own a inlik rmit I
Urlmm Wa i1 In tl lrtl bat f r cx
tnin tlH tomorrow Hit trainer a
man pained NelMin hoatiesi Kit to cc
cm NW Yo k tjiorlng man to go on
i > e tnd
Mr McGinity Causes Arrest
of Mrs Smith as Al
leged Thief
ViiI kntrllBC In prayer In the
Church af the Attention at Ole Hun
dred alt H < ventli ttrrrt and Ilrnadtisy
> lr Jessie Msainlly of No S West
Disc Hundred lMlnUI atii si
rubbed of her poekplbook conlalnini
tW an a bankbook Ipon the dlt > ov
I cry ot Br IPS tht woman followed
Thercti fniUh thlrlvl 1H > rart utd
nf No c Jnekton avenue tif lltoni
1 mm the ehurrti and arrordlnx lo tile
P DiM of tl Wt One hundredth
trot uilnn wiin Ihe Mmlth woman
WIC arrested afterivrfrd U money wilt
I tont In her ptateiton
A rllnx to the iolle Mrs M < < llnv
w > h u tin cJiur h aUjn and knelt In
tine if Ho I wwi In the r ar t 1 ut
iiffl Ur SnlUi IP nk a Vv tllrery
behind Jrs McOtnliy Th later i
she onihad > ltr prtyer discovered I
hit l kv containing two lit H a
H COSta lu ifl ni aiul a bankbuK
whim she bail laid ei Uc sat w e
As in belied Mr Medintty law
llrs Uiilin walking out ol Ile clioi
tfn fIIa Iteg In OH Hundred and
I lith t et and then M Amsterdam
I arenas Then Hi pollet ID I
I Inylth MW Un M llnlly was fcitgwlns
hiXawl napptd and whets IllS j1
up dandtd lisr Il paklbouk Ik
was mipir This 10 Could tr
I 14 lutl the tIJtwtlk and a crAWl
gatti rd Inviudlng Iif llvi hunt
and < 4inpMi uf the Watt uiu U1
4r tli it l Itattui Ttiiy arrested
Ur > HoUiii
Ai IK natlan house lisa p Mei ak r
tut tnv tutoJ th t no butt von
i veiled la itr aoilug lalrr Ih M
1411 fuuud tle bank U uk In iii
raws > uf No V l Wt Unt llundr
siid i et colt 1111 Mill It had I n
throws OKtY 65 CENTS LEFT
Carl KauUfmsn an age4 Iskr P i > o <
a job eummllled bind Iq luhsitng
KSS loday at til roomlnfhoust at No
W < Wsi Korlf tirth strr l I look
a rMHii thee ten day ags snd kist
I iBilriy u klnIf fur am ai rntt
in Ii ioekSa and this laftdlatlt tlr
Kmma jawaeo thInk It tad readied
Ihe HIUII uf lilt reauio
Kauffinan wial Ie MS paam b M
rlacX 151 nIght and sHifTed in ke >
hj I C lbs 4sor with papq Tti It
41U H 4 rubber lube fJ iaa Ji
tiItlb4 en lb iii p71r44 w Ire n4
ft iflC is tub in Kit mouth and lay down
t 1 I
Renounces Stars and Stripes
and Hen eforth Will Claim
Protection of the Dragoil
Xlis Howard Oould ne CVilnarln
Clmmons actresi han now other thlnc
to v e J hr bhl the Venatlonal s p
aiatlinandaUtaoM ull whlrti she hi
I broujrtil ngalrift her muttlminionalr <
I hunlMtid llr idler the eenlria and
once beautiful Illa Climnv lias re
nounced th land that gave her birth
In order tn bi mon In accord with hr
4dnesi hitcho nd
A telurnm from Chlcjuro tlh thf
dory of how and hy Sir Vimi 8un
Vue for UlAt It now Ella Climmonti
imm JnlmM the llmlteit rv m > any ol
Arl nIho hay expatriated them
pin In hn hew rol hc enjoys tin
I llmllrit felionahlp of rueh rlrti mn A
J J VanAlen and William Waldort
V tattr I that U any comfort to her
Yentrnlay Mi1 Vonc Pun who ttlll
Ius a Inc tttillntsr to her
lnnil om lIcT rellnqulthrd a1 her
right nt 1 nativeborn CallfornUn
Unheardof Proceeding
It t said that t reconU of all the
Chlnre buraut olthe Lnllnl Slate
are l0a < lnr In a crfje similar to that
I of the Jlrmer wxtety lender of 4n
rrnctee 1IfUr 4te will be tub
Jecl Ii the hew < n China whn she
choom tn visit that conU and when
MIP romen tacit lantn the will lkwl
I rib3et in the r auiton of the Im
i mlxratlon rtrlrtlon law Just AI I ate I
I neie a tlanteyed cooly Woman from
Canton Inrtead of a cultlcntiklred
nHlttiklnnnl CaucatUn
In explaining an action that It with j
Olt precedent In thU country chi I i
quoted a saying I
In becoming A Chinese nicroliant
many path are ct m to me which were
closet before I lave l > eoraf a mem
ber of tin taltorlni Ir called the
quont Tuen Ylfk Iii the dragon for
I me from now on instead of the HtaM I
and Btrlpei
Sir Wonf J 4n Yuei renunciation
I couU hardly cerve to more completely
eitrnnie her from Mr Howard bull
for betoeea the two iltlerj there ban
for yr ben not the ullchteit Inter
rnure Mr Howard flould Jiat iiJ
tlut lila believe Vjla It mime Mrs
Wonx Sun Yvo hni not wen backwarl
tn iTO lajmlne that filth twd I
spry > i to make Katlmrln i rje I and
re Ices of ai toe uatujal tic of
tiliw11 tiaimby iney beets d wits
use i4ure of each others Ive orlv
U but ha > MI
br IIII 4iWeDDirl 1llr
ureltiLjCQSd tnunr of Information
IIrIZ Klla figure In
i mre etther1nheLnejriila rSu
print ni < M nf Ih time 4
Had a White Husband
A fewvar < ago tCta nsa Lc trite ut
l aries Utrrcr vVrr ulie ui is rlrlint
HIJ tt1 proinlnwil men on is e 1acinc
l < 1 Their horn was a nlctum placa
of arttrrumireii and their frimln nere
tile must Rloloorillc toile lit Call
lurma lhi > r na a illyuife lon
1iervifier the wife h4CCtlii 1 rtmeit to
Cnthalliltm Hahilti her liwe > cite
ultntnl Ii tile rirklnr tsrert uf ha
h < inclim > dlnutnwn U u uh c alt
ole hlnr inlteiim In Ainerlra Aftr
tile tcn e rlhiiuakn uf 11 vear Q
currxl ahr wrote a Itier IT iirt Irmi
drrit itmi4velt In Mlilci hi nrotentel
h jie a oeiisiiecf rrfucef wan benr
rimlnated axjlntt lit th IteUCVo
a < iiorllleii
rile letter attractI a ITIMX I < erl nr at
trollan A few la > later the unitldH
ainilher enajIiwn hue wa inarnd ii
l hiive 111cc which are tint TPignI2p I
an leill III till JUnlr to Von r Sun
1 sIr a men ham Th cuum MHIII
i their imneymHHi In n lilit amunc lii <
Itl of tie waFted oily ii
tier n t Irvaanreil p p luii today
I U the thlik heavy Jd lcII uu
her It I wrl tlh mark rJ tier iMfid r
t rfur under thc flines law the brac
I let mean 1151 < te In the Ion rhl
11 of A C > ifHMw > iniiand Itlr Sir tfo
ask of I1il < nine Clilnoc lilraesd that
> h hit glvts mi a o If
hI 5 a > nnera
T < filell luint front ga nlf
ds I i tijtrli C riat3 1
Or fr f snijkn funny liii
A ward 1 TwI Hfll
rtity mH fm wW itmttl tor Htm
1 I II mf avajy
k lj
J 1
i jip vij 1
I 1MA 40 ml t l Pa1 4
1 01 Hm Wm mf Niw YM 1
tmtlttmHjr r a trWj auur fa
y tiamtfqg to UU m + 0 r
I I 1M a Q I I Y
N Il 1004 4In4pPMS
4 j J
St Petersburg Filled Witli
t Troops and Duma Is to
Be C Dissolved
fT rCJnlllno Jim 1M
I ennnd Hula Iarllament hte taO
II II Ire U Informed on lintlerAI
I authority will tIC dlitolved tonrhi br
i an Imprial dlrt which will he pro
mulgMd no aoon at Uio Iirer Ilnuse
i acts on Premier Stolyplns ultimatum
I The pof lhlllty of tIle Haute grueling
the Joverhmenti denund tor th ails
i pension of th fiftyfive Social l > m >
Icritic member who au charged Mtn
Imiwplrlngi aanlniK the prent regime
j I not jytyf considered by either aide
I Tho tlty baa attain assumed the np
i p < rranr Ottn armed camp The Guard
Itefitment hate left their mimmer
t snip al KrasnneHlo for til Peter
fcurv and lnv > ughoui last night de
tachments of Infantry and cavalry hay
been arrlvlnc her Tb garrison of 81
I Petersburg Is nnw double Il ordinarY
i strMicth the Uuard regiments haying
been riplaced by irelments of the line
I when the former bPAL Into ramp I
rnt induMrUt sections literally brll
ted aid IrCalPe Kvtry raIroad il
t im nan occutiled tda toy lOOm
PDI > of Infantry And to igjadrvni
ut cavalry and annured military trains
aere held In readina fn view of tht
rwibtt5tv of th outbreak of a railroad1
I strike and tile reserves of ai O reel I
mentf vrr connnsd to oarracks I
All rnllrosd iatUnui acne satoed br I
I secret pollc In order 10 pcqwont the
Democrat Drim
et ap < of he Social lmurtc
tla and revnliitionarv allat > axnc i
wlom n general xodus I eijrecied tu i
infill to 004 > 1arllainent a dli i
llBjoro the declnlon of the Oo ern
lelr dennnd the suspsnsloa uf the i
flftylve Soon J > tnio rillc roeiulxr
of fi house was mail ktlla in i
Ccntml Cuminltl of the ffoelal I > em
o rtle part In accordance Kith the
decision uf 1110 tongreis recent h4d
In Uoadon 10u1 a ptocUmatlcii pro
hlsitlps member of the party from
pmilfpatlng In highway ronDo rj now
a4 freqUent end the hocal rConl i
lion war orur l tn luke niaiur tu
prevent acts of f < rorlnn and biican
dar and > n nlsiolvr the righting ur
e nliAtlons of tue party
Srlkrs In ta factor1 and pnrraps
Srkr onllltl na In struts are nlell
Palest but the number of tie trcoic I i
ID grjt 10 make an armed outbreak I
reawmsJile v
WltiJ al e exception of ti ctnclal
1tUc1i4 inil Ncvo Vremya Ihe ne i I
luI unanlinouHy critlcl tea Ojvrj
mints action and ace In 111 demAnd I
for the auvnslon nf the Ho < lall > r < no I
er Uc mnv > brs nly a pre ext snl no
I a rr l reason for u devolution of
I Parliament
Tie Parlan ejley T mmltl e ho
i lul ben examining tk Indictine of
I Uir flftylv Hx lal Um oiali tnin
bVr iiI decided that I Is ImpostlM
In rleit all the evidence tnIsy and
I wlil ail the loll lo give I until Mitt
dav lo rtittI
I Jrwmlftr Jr VliiV tllWuua on I >
poffpnnemetit It nit vt mnntfit h it Ii
man refiilt In drftrlng ttie > naSa Until
nut week I
Says Hes Tim Woodruffs < i
BrotherinLiw on Wild
Night Off L
Ot r s
Jfilrr V MortlMn eaya hf Ii a
brothrlnlaw of Timothy I r
id hi idir1a aiiiviim M No 31
Blxht hsanie lirviklyn rn the blolJ
of the dup HI Ycnkir
t Jo tT he rt n wlM rifit la YopVrri
wlh la An awful pine t have a
wild nlrtt In by the Timj t Whnr
ho nun no man know but ht mad
I HIPP on th rout I Mi condition
when Ysnkr flrt wok up to the ffc
that lie wise In town h any criterion
Woke tip Ii good All Yoni wan
nrlip hrn Jester nmterlalltrd nt
lllrhland avnu and hIlghtan1p1aes
o fl valM and fiixhlntiabl sttsn J
KMrnt thrnoAt hrnrrt rumbVi f
touniiB 1 rrar then JUtlDCUiahwl
a orr vjarulMInc these ode
rn lick any mn o mv size 1
Th resident turned ovr to pa to I
It Riln but they could not deep 1
Th rnlc continued to nimbi jeir
Will rvlilftitl peitish b < vauae no mm 6j
of hU tlir appeared to do bttt Th a J
the resident hd him vociferate that f 1
lie rould Ian nut the whole nuxhoor
hood nol only b > could but he would
lie wandered up and don HUhltnd
plaCe maklnc a notr like a ferryboat
In a Ing until the mlle tumminnt by
Irltphont arrlrd Jester Indltnatlon
when they to > ird him Into th patrol
wantU to
xaiton > as houndiea He
know If tbey klffw WIHTTie trap
Urn waa Tim Woodruffs br therl
ieicrttip who lie was and Tin
would break rah from the May
or iluwn II nnnmitwd that Tim to
II Inn to Ix the nkt Hipubllcin CAt
illdMr for iceiresideaI and that
anybody that UU Imnd on him ie
Irl 01101 t > anbJMt to the dlpl
ure of Mr Hoofvll Nv rthrlia
dealer wmt the way all JutI ft
naofJT it later lie wa forcibly UD I
I All the mon > he had trS8 15 TCP It
iutoIxT vrlnolt hIm after hi Slid
made a few polltonl PKII In JI u
and b rmild not Ke aronr < d H tlnvt
In rIr hefre lltr Jnd < lOill rtllr I
ln < II < m rnli e Hulon VIe his
apt won 1 wait tnt to hla lxiivy
In HrnoUIrn ar1 dealer mv not liArs I
to v nil liunday behind pruon bar
Ira C Ilarnet a produce broker who
ran down nsd srlouily injured Carl
llnich a Janitor of No 2ft Second av
anile latt plglit In lilt automobile at
Kiflh 1 venu and One Hundred and Six
teenth alrret aas arraigned todav ia
Die Harlem Polle Court bef r Mci
irl Hlelnhari
llamet itemed tust he had b n rare
lets ur 4as oemending and lalnJ
i R UrMch i af ipsrislhie for tne an
i > ilrnl henine IK got In tli nay of
i te mschln
lUtne ana VH In II tio hat for fur
nT examination on Jun
jjEE1 Jfl J
H Even though the appetite
has been indulged repletion
1 you may still enjoy Nabisco
I Sugar Wafers their fragile
i goodness never loses its charm
to allure the feast to a delight
ful close
Dessert confections to be
j served with al desserts and
I beverages
I In ten cent tins
also Is tweatyIv test tins
u 0 H
I 1
E Pluribus Unum I
I Genuine I i
i 0 Iod
i i h Always Good WhUklllt
a4aa awaWI
UKRNt Wit If i
SOLA r t l U t t
l 4

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