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JI IItJ Mil r
4 or r
F t C I
t r
May PepperVnndefbilt Says
Spirit Moved Wealthy Old
l Man
Didnt Know what Control
Did Till She Got Check
She Says
Supreme Court Ju uc Maddox or
Brooklyn rOt a bitch or rrmarUHile
cumnt today In defense of Preder
JcV Ward VamlcrblU the elderly brtdr
irroom of the wcllknowa medium
Max Sunnel Topper nsm Mlntrva
yard rttllt haf ptltlotifJ the Court to
nppolit a commlrlon to nmlnf Into
her f thee unit nlt n5 that he I
a rtctlm of iplrKiutllitlr iialludn
tonEicJudKe Abraham H Dullcj coumel
for Mr Pr nptr Vnnitrt ubmlttfl
A brier In dnti ot h < rcrl and her
iU > U > nd In which he llkrnrd hr to
Jesus Chrttt Gallllro llob rt Fulton
and Cop rnhus Uu1 to thl < gas
an anltinrll by the medium In nhlcn
ih dKribed her rncraneemrnti and
her lDmunlcation with the Indian
maiden nrighl Eye
She aiMrtetl that Indian iplrlti wer
thf meat mairnrtlr of all be routs of
the i > lrlt world and that they were
Itctrd l > 7 their Ilnwwraith to ro
on the Job when a mortal felt Inclined
to so Into a rsnce
Muugca Translated Enroirte I
bite did not explain whether the
Indiana talked In Choetan or EngI
Uh Bhr cot the mcuir In i nCltehi
howeer probably translated enroulr I
No mention wee mad of her former
Spirit friend the Hiianrha Rooster nor
of Dm husky ghost Thumlcrtcloud
In dirrndlnu the unjopuUrlty of rplr
ItualUm ex IuJKe DalUy who pas
tttitt the HUM sr CtJ crop of nhU
kera of any of Mra IVpperVaaider
1 kllta follower wrote In lila brief
nnbert Fulton started a itrnmor In
the North Hlver amid the leers of an
Ignorant crowd Coptrnlcua and Oall
leo were pfr ecutd bevauae they die
covered and reclaimed grist cltDtlOe
truths 3V Christ his apostles And
I disciples were derided and persecuted
beau Ibo y prattled and prnacfand
the aame doctrine and manl > tr l pow
Ira practUrd and preached by tin
Vtoott befor thouaaniU of people In
this city in New England and In the
Middle Nlstee
Bh II aSled In open court by un
who hare tone out
O1r1StD lawyer
and malign
ala of tM papers to sbuss
bar These men btlonit to lhttt re
whteh praclii obedlenie to 04 > d and
revtrrncr for alit law 1hy believe were
written with Ood flnier on table of I
lIon and given to loses Tiy Mlilh they
are ovenwd and make uorUlc and
tbelr prle S e They be
par tlth i to
liar the stories of fiam on and JonaJJ
and 0111 Samuel whore hand reeled
with the blood of Innocent r ji1o
Aaulls Other Doctrines I
s Beaus they practia and believe
there thlnw they are nut ilrrtdfd and
pr eculed 1 I thrlr faith evUtace of
VeNUM ChrUlMnj bellnrr In the
nlreulote Urth of Cm I it a n1 tbs
1J1lruUa Bona through blur and tiliol
towers long ajr li lllis ukvcna evl
pence If annla weaknerr sod lna tatyf
R hv Urn should a HplrltualJI he
considered Inline for btllrrlnc the sent
ililnii poi > bla now lead the Jut and
CrUtlan onu JIIIJ r
Pollo loi UU arcumrnt the mudlurai
Atlonie Jnirrtrd patmjce from UJII i
Hbl and rCttrnro le various lxlII
He then conlmflrd thai the oourta bays
heM that n hells In iplrltuallim i > not
cvld ni eiopt whore he reason hai
i U n vrnhrown II often to Nova hr
ftae lexclmuny of many w Unn that I
tin rial old > rl < Uf rnom le prfe U7 i
competent to manage lilt affalri and
should not be restrained tram firing
tu many houses and reels of rut
mat a he desires t02 Mi rocdlumlnttc I
trifleDrlflht Eye Wrote Letters
Then hr w nli up with as arTldtni In
the boat ltU of lay IVpperVnnder <
bill lu wil li ht agatIS tlMl many of j
she lurcicllrrt wrtllrn to tier little
jfr yh lrt 1 suitor wars produerd while
Slid was in i4vnr Llllle Krlcht
Kxri write deem IJItU IJrirbi
Cyea lv wrote U > fr randrt rer1
arnry The UIPII Ira Iefiper knew
undyr bout the UtKr mill I jln tr
thi lihptk The nmdAvIt reutt
1tiIe deponent has for many rears
been lubjeet to entraneoment by fait
oul splrtte of departed persons and
when 10 fully entranced la utterly un
eonMlout of what abc dye and does
Not all plrlU of departM perinni
can approach and control her Una
ellknown fuel among piychlc that
Indian spirits art usually potiued of
strong ma tnetlo power and In the
spirit world are used molt frequently
for the purpose of entrancement nf
mortal by which means the itif < lluT a
mental faculties and phyilrnl orJranlu
Inn P cnntrolIter rnr1te itrongrr will
of the eontrolllnr fnHI
Subject to Her Control
I The medium li often made to articu
i late words and wtlie rntlca more or
lifi portxctly according to the com
I plrteneit ot the mnanuxnent by the
cumrolUnK spiral It U frequently qute
linro llhl < to utterly rte troy the ba iti
I and Individuality or the nuliJKHed tne
Blum KI that In usual ArllruUtlon and
iarmir ofwxrlilna wllUJj entirely
changel I
Vlw > lInl liak Tor year been subject
to the oontrolllnn poser of a pArtlslly
Indlin maiden named nrlchl bre by
whom she becomet At times deeply en
tranred And In IM > rnnduim she 1i
Informed and betler she hu written
many letter and mailed them sf which
deponent did not know Ihe ronlnl
and has Bald many Inn to numerous
1 persona of which Ie hid no Vnowl
Tile bride of Mr VrndrrWU rtctarei
ewm Information anl burr hot
I aa h ean ttlan and Tr ntfent lloni ar
m an 1r cr
Drlght Eyes a Winner
Then saw rwisirs that she his no
r < mtiatever of ihlove letter
J She wrot > to vtr VAndertiilt which his
I iJsujchtrr nrodtKed In court Kh < i has
cop > ni1 < xl wlt i Mr Ynihl < itli fr m
i abe M < l M nt T TMVtt Rrrf
TUf said Edwardi ard Vanderbilt
swear the medium tent deponent a
< Kk fr III l fetnelne hrr In n
i It to flAY the sIn < cptiin of brine
Ine a frUnd home with her from OUT
I many
I Mn VanderMIt mwrCa that he dlit
I ntH writ for In ch rk Hrtrtit Kye
wrote far It and told Mr Vanderbilt
about the Mend Mrs Pepper Intended
ij tHnic home with he end the zet
attendant coal SbSd not UM the
ck she pars but Imroedlstelv pent
lit back to her trance asking him
wlintver In the world Induced hltl to
send It
After taking up the pepere JuUr
Maddox reserved drclloo
The rotnslsiloTtm of Arenunt to
day IV out the cfiretpondtncj atkh
pasted between tiHr and JI nrr
Rruere Plrector of Wo Ilurrau of Mu
rJcipal Itesearch
The ltt r to Sir Bruerey tuned br
Commissioners llmle And Stitch In
rorm Jlr Neuter of an Intentsin by
111 of llayor McClellnn tq o anM
Ibo onice of the Coaimli te itr to fuJ
Jll Its function In the mot effeotlr
rannner Tile appointment Our a lawyer
to the Comnilailon It noted as a move
In thai direction and the CormnUalon
era then Invite ttx cocfxratlon of the
II or ran of Municipal ntsearcb In un
dertiOtlnK a thurouch and nrhaustlv
ifcailnntlon and study of the falttory
or our orttr Itt present sctlrlllea
methods a work and < IfUIMttl
Jtr llnjflre In bill reply tayai
nw Ihuvu or Municipal te nr rch
welocmc nits OPJK > unity for OJopisiu
lion atth xjurvrfice xcwjoo It brll rva
that the oflVc Of ue CoT > uultl of
A1 nseuse veer ahb r uu
portunley tor vromotfaj the emdeni
vemmeat of thU olT tV 0 j 3aJ1 mane
rr njrn > < fnl to h nln MI ao1ve co
ivtutlon ir a study of you once al
I rnr t1 pnutbfe dM wjilo we
trust trUI be nmtlm In the ranting
n k
At the loveMUrallan today into Ihe
Jffnltw vf dl > i rTirnl under I 1 i > loIff
1rraidenl Ahmrn pie ComTitxInnvn
took trr the Tture i of Inounrbni
Irrotal ti 111 Eynn NnrtJ I
Dill and I were tMrripl I hit alter
nooo Tour rJni Kw WIUWIl
Tn above ulrcrnm which was n
colvnl today t > jr Ai < J fmin IIn l Mri
UavhooJ JUCnmllfM ol UHi pllus flU
the I1ral tnihiAuon tney nad that their
I111hltr Attu adaw 111harwlkr r
woiitotii young wnlp and xhllIor
IH O1e ltfltcueevr IIeaa rtiw ned
UlotJ nlli Ulluur K Mllfi of White
The couple < arttl jftMy after
n < WIn en WH Vra talc her i rents 1 < J
all the hilts AI Canty Uixml Ac rU
Ins to lal rmnion rrctvnt hero to Uy
they only c > > < as fir ILl the Utll
Church AMI t I low C ier alter they
were marrlpj at I oelocV
The bride who U a jrtj brunette ti
Jtwt ninrtren Lean < rf e att tlin
Clooti It1 t fnton Tttpy have ttten
Xepln companj ior Mal year
Ami rhu reason f their Ho miitit II la
hllfArJ was htraui fiolr port > U aaU
thy were Inn 5 > unr Itt wed
abet helve HMJ forgiven and are no
I on their honvmnmi which why T t rp nt
nt Nlirn a PaHi
The special excellence of the
1 Waters Pianos is their sweet
tone Many things are impor
tant in the construction of a
good p nobutthe tone Is
most important of all Do noL
buy any piano until you have j
heard the sweet tone of the
Waters and tested Its fine I
I singing quality j
r 17L I I
Send postal for dialogue j
I with reduced prices and terms i
I on our new
i 3Year System f
giving you three yeArs time j
i on a piano without interest
Stool cover tuning and de
j livery free
f Horace Waters Co I
I Three Stores t I
I 134 Fifth Av near 18th St1
jl27W42dSU nearBway T
Harlem Broach Open Evenings
254 W125thSt nr8LhAv
f 11
C a ut X < T d
Our Great
Alteration Sale Continues
Values Unprecedented
AU our neat and hlnhcul clan Suits
Treoees VHjBtn Couu Skirts Ac will bo
I offered nt prices fur below unythjno hereto
fore known In our CI118 of buslnus
Thrifty buyers will find this n moist excotv
tJonnl opportunity to supply their needs with
the hlflhcBt rjrctde of merchnndlne nt most
urpri8lnq prjceu
I We Mention Special for Tuesday
TAFFETA SILK SUITS la the new ump8t
I styles Shut Will Suits Etom lc stripes S
rid solid etlott and blackwlm be oScttA 25
M ihe one price to elate r
Fcrmtt Piicn 4000 4500 and 5000
Prcodway Seventeenth and Eighteenth Street
= = = =
I 12 West biipSborn Through to
23d Street 22d Street
A Revelation SaleP
White Lingerie Princess Dresses
Value 75 laffw
2000 to 3000 20CO to 3000
J Special for Tuesday
3 Au elaborate shoving of these dainty drcsea u exclusive modclMo 1 clioosc from
flit the finest glitercst Materials prolixly rimmcd 1vLth lateen and embroidery
s s s J
H i j 11 r I imuj
> h P
I j 1If
V I Jll IffUi j r W 1 > tMI I 11
Glh Ave and 18th St IMrdFlcor Salesroom
ShoemaKers Clearing House
I ToMorrow Tuesday
Clearing the Stock of
Emerson Shoe Co Lynn Mass
pairs of Shoes
500 0
and Oxfords
At 34 ol r Value
r Ties
Vici Kid Uppers Exten
sion soles jf JBVf
vorth 12 > 65e
gsc sizes 2i to
Ti Childrens Shoes Oc
Jl Tan Red and Black Vici Kid 59
> < iA sires 2 to 4 and lS to 8
59c Misses Kid Shoes Vici M Dc
Sius t ti to 2
From Emerson Shoe Co Lynn Mass
Fonr Jots of Monimd Oxford Ties Clltfou
Ties and Pump like ou > i Patent Calfskin 1 29
and Gun Metal Calfskin all ulxea worth
fZSO at
Oxford 3 jA Gibson
I Ties 49 S Tics J
Worth Worth
250 at 5250 at
L29 129
Boys Shoes Juliets
BoX Calf VIcl Kid hind
< honed
Solid Soles Leather 98c
stus 98c ce y
9 to
nsitble teethes soot
Worth SUO 04 Patent lips plain tots ill sties
Haar 1tCaThar1 G
I Broadway at Thirteenth St
I Tuesday again is
Values from 5 to 1250 at
I 2 i 3 4
Tuesdays arc significant here Weve elected
that day for our great weekly skirt salts The
movement is of deep Importance as it marks
the greatest distribution of highgrade tailored
skirts ever fostered These events arc planned
on n broad liberal scalethe basis is EXTRA
VALUES No limitations are imposed upon
your choice No matter how your taste in
clines it is sure to be reflected in these assort
ments plain colors in white black blue
brown gray tan stripes checks plaids in all
fabrics and models
l1il n GIThar QJ jI
i Diamond Corset Shields
t 1 Prcvht Steels cr Penes from
o Breaking Through Under
the Arras
iiu hi over toe lop of the cot ut undo the inns A jJ atulutrly pre
Vent the broking liiroik of Ibe Ort steel rrnttl the tear > of teller
clotho or > liu in4 pruUct tilt eautt iiamtl rtr ittiin I vtt tomfprt
jrU eeettre Iri lir p nlY < They innko ycnir 1 orcli wo rtwcjni > onz
DI OHD CJR3ET SHIELD CO MAY J65 1Nil f3d Street Ke You
Tht Sunday Worlds Want Directory makes more
offcrj of poiJUons than gny outer two msdlunu In the universe I
i i I
d lW r < HI ff 1 f
a e aUifana er H
MCT htCA C roufTAlrr
tic coeinecto i wlrn ornea Ttxte lu WZHII17r lhxaltmrr
rtl i
These arc not odd lots imperfect J
goods or one or two of a kind but frcih new and treason I
able floods The test taken right rr ins our own stocks
purchased frcm overstocked r annactiircra wholesaler1 nn l importer
Mail ani tccphonc order filled only as long as special lots last We
reserve the rght to limit purchases when deemed necessary
I i
Typewriter Ribbon and
Combination oUerpdajte of 500 sheets of
line quality typewriter paper bond or linen finish
worth 70c and a tynewiitcr ribbon for Hemin
ton Underwood Smith Premier or
Oliver uuchtnei worth 50ci bolh piper Ssc
end tlbccn Tuesday
ibird flew Ctirl
Crochet Center Pieces
Just 30 In this lot all line hindcrochet
center piece ham ma Hind cokern many dll
Icrcni dUI nll they run Irom 28 to 3ti Inches
iquate made to refill lor 250 It Qj A f
5450 each our regular r5260 are D 1 ZLH
Mu to 5Z4 Tuesday O XCf
iMjin floor Bar
Dress Trimmings
A line lot or black and line colored miumln
In various dealcni and al1 a they sell regularly
U SOcto 375 a yard dlvldea Into four
los and priced lor Tuesday at a yarJ 25C
l5c 7Jc 50c and
Mila > Ucr 111 Eirtrc Ceniirl
Trimming Braids
Plan and lancy Ilk libr braldit a great variety
laud all good quslit Iheie i a tavint t f a ball or
more on etcry yara you bu usually + iId f
at the to POC a yarn Tuesday these 1 ll C
IWO prcoi Se and
IMsio Floor ivtk Snu4 CnterJ
r Imitation Madras
Only about lOOO yards at tomoirows price
we coula sell three thoutind yards U we hid lj
for window curtain and drapery jtod
yarelY of colors regular price I5e a yard Sc
iTbrJ For From
Folding GoCarts
Convenient venkles for baby outing during
the warm flay thar are now here correctly
mtde easy to carry up md dgwn nal L
durable and safer regular price 55 Tues 3
i ay
loud Moor hear
Womens Stocks
Odds and ends of alik and wasiaoie stock that
we hare ten using for tls pla kllh ly toiled end
mussed tut a little soap and water will put
them In good condition tcgulxrly up 10 sc
25cj Tuesday
Mil MwCew41
r Mens Handkerchiefs
6uO bozen tine intoned pure ilncn htndter
cnielu large die and libel lit m
sntchtd > our choice of ij nd g Of
1lrci hem rClulf price i6ceaci 1211
TueiJiy >
Mill Floor C url
r Stamped Corset Covers
SOU In ail made 01 the ilium o allt > o > sneer
white naln oon wlta stamped de Uns for line
trench end eyelet embroUeiy siyllth
ands ervueable iooin regular pries due late
each TUIdlj
Mill Iwlnry
Bust Forms
flea ersey co err d piplcr miche forms hote
vliOLO heir own drcnnUIJPllbould
bewlthcutone itzrs 321042 eicellent 35c
value sold teruuriy ti SOt Tuesday
MAIn 17var last Snub Grur
Skirt Markers
Just the tnrK iui dieatntukcrs and omen who
do thrrlln leWn1 biii device arnicas g pj
urine the Url that has yet nleu17 C
rented rcRul jnce 2Sti Tuesday ° >
Mau how Ism 301 Caterl
Cushion Slips
About 00 nude of elf ticmR ultli tinted
del gns std motioei many dil ernt
Tuc nubici our icpulir price 25c each 15 C
Mil lw Kir
Womens Gloves
Tbete a e 2 lu p linear bucc J lie mJ silk
lin bated Kloesj buck white gns sty
rnude and Ian all p net oIoa Irili 35 C
and clur ugjlar JrC SO liesdav f
M I Ii Gtl la
Silk Net Mesh Gloves
lour choice o d I BHue mJ na 2 clasps
ill new 10 and In pe fel aiJilKiii
educed lor um jr + tt on > rejulj 3 0 C
pilcei iOc and 76ci TiicJJ v
Ma a t he CCM r
i Table Eamask
Abmi IJs 0rrd CO iitat > wiue rI achedi
domnle a akc cr nil d mx ii unaile
for tlulun uaf hm t of I yards t1 a 16 C
eunutnelpregularh 251141 Tuttfla
Maya I hit Crd
Childrens Washable r
Dresses Ij
Made of gingham inJchambfayi plain colors and 1 1
dainychclspretty nd
pfctiv andattrattiresyyiesineluetnq 1
hleh and low neck also long and three rkT
quarter IIleens all effectively iflmmed 37 C I
sires loS years reZlllarlv 4Hc Tuesday t I I +
Sewed Flcor Ctmir t
KTC Have You 1
You can buy KTC bete and ft Isnt
caebur Krouse nettrury t
to wink either Youll like
It In the See Grocery our special Store display 9e for 3 25c
iSlttfl CUrt Stuff rtrh lcOl
Sewing Machines
TIle famous Vjctury Drophead machines so
well known for their ticcllcncc guaranteed lot 6
years handsomely finished anJ
have all ittachtnentii recflltr 12 25
price 51275 Tuesday
< 1 bird lloor Ctmtrl
Lawn Kimono Gowns
OF good quality lawn tree variety ol prcttr
clear washable patterns several very Rood slei
WTIC gathered it back others the plat
kimono and tome have large sailor col 69C
lara regularly BBci Tuw3ay
Second Floss Ccnltr
Visiting Cards and Case
One dozen ul the lined hsnd rten visitUK
cards and a handsome silvcr41 minuet card ca < e
with customers name band enrAved
all thereon fnq regular price 4Sc Tuaiisy 25C
rttrd Floor Ccuur
c +
A lot of 2000 bleached sheets for single beds
and 3000 bleached T2x9D sheen with
ram In center This Is an exceptional f r
value lute told regularly up lo 45c 33 C i
each Tuesday M I
Miia Floor kurt
Bed Spreads
Thrro arc colt 300 In this 1111 white crochet
aitelllei dosing for U site bedsteads
no stares or tllllnc soft finish limit of 2 n
Tuesday lo a fUID ltrl regularly t5 eacL 60 C x
iAUI Hear lIt
Leather Bags
About 150 trade of gen ire gait leather club
and hlgl cut shapes sizes 15 tu IM
Inche i well rite 1r styllih and durt
day till regularly S2 BJ tJ Sr our
t h
iMin Fho ioeer
Summer Blankets
3000 pairs thrice ol white an i cray fine
fleece cotton blanket iof sin I bed
steals or co s your choir of pink mJ A pr
blue borders leg tlariy up u uric a Q 7c
pain Tuesday
T irj Tee lieu
Business Cards
boo cztra sire caits ol superior ualitv pr nted
In any of the nw sltletyou select work Q g
done while vou wall snJ in tba best p isslble u > 1
manner regular price 150 JuisJsy
itbra Jlr Cuuri
Evaporated Milk
The celebrated Id brand of evapoaicd milk
It Is reiulatlv sold ai 5c a can Tuesday r1
we will sell It InJ scat
to one purchaser i at a tan
tfr1a h + °
An ex cpr ovally gon trunk very icnlceablr
well nu iicnv CQ etc f Iro > bound hard
wcoj slut Irrn botiuni deep setup iraji 3
regular pets 51 2O lueiJiy
dhro ttotr KMI
Kimo o Sacques
Made o uoa valu > Un in pr ty patterns
wiu Joke hack Irons inj border t A
Tuesday Irllllllllltj r wh e hW11 2pt JHC
JJaIIf1ocotC e 1
Silk or Leather Belts 1
1h v err a out 2 DO 01 tcd in MJ nJ 1
color ruit choice ot i > k sod 1lhtr
CharLon1 laluei regular pi e ZIICI 1 0 S
Tuesday J
< Mi e r i ri J
Childrens Undermuslins
uujJ u usim tliatkir i s 1 hse iJ
ia > iImly ml hcdi ail In hewi and t ci i
day 1I0t 2 10 10 par i is u arl 13 Tus SC J
rd Ct I <
12 Ihk for us 111a lreH Trading Stampt We Give Horn EF t
Whdul tr lYY iiNfl + ar

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