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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, June 17, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 6

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r 4
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t 4 i i r
a t THE EYENN C W O R L D M O N D A V JC W E > 1997
t SQtAD t IrWI wta pIUtIlC a
Htcun un the 1tIOt1 venue
trOftt of ti Ki Jin rtxth ttrtet
cr depot ithlcli ittrxtotf tttr Mcr t
Sundijr crowd per ww ta blew VorV
Comllt c LIr > c lTlP ulont II
II w UwInsA rare dataD < r nMr UN
bIIdIllC rtes vu bops rvt blast 1
there br Ihoutd lour too o o hi
to that Mill la rntltr w tit wool
blamed 1HItldinc t > urn < 4 than JtVr one i
ot yon ehapthutf art Meek I
The Momn bjithnd wllli a wratful I
look at lbw lottan7utonrr
T WM R rrUtMfuJI bM blue Atop
I Um 111Io ends area of the bulltSlU
wtu a wneMr 10 et fltne Tb
Mlbbffne ke wlq UlfII th adhunlnt
street In dpltee ftLe were epoch to
held their 11OIUIon because f tile great
crowd hilt prciMid thtn fonrird from
r b lnd Th rota of hITf rvf cot
coaW nat be tnevrd und the bal played
Iharoe with the NHKwt as well ai the
rubbe reek There were a unu of
loud pope u OIM > Ibis alsr uxihor
I bunt and treat icr > rni of water rose
In the Ur And caught the aitcendlnr
chidra TM nature como back tm
parUallr on the crowd ahd home tall
irearlnr wu heard > ae white etnw
data and scot ummer nuun nkr < > ron
verteC lnte black and muAcr wreck
iTten wu a llttt compennatlon In the
hneeq Re It hasped Ui rvol the IeutN
uwctI t ertlmRl oehieh n
1MTfL6 Ml t a man with a Bttta
AUTTLB miMiaelt aM a IIIItcIc
rid nxktte WM nee buit eaaa
on 11tOa ne bulthIM s 1 meet
evrybnty k > lot Med Into and lnr
lably rtled Ylet suicide the IhlM
i I
I Fw bted btlwhe 1011414 a kanaMsa
I U tackled Janitor tlkllr rh wee i
i tratrniliR tile ftne Mr public srheol
acroii Ua street with keen aprrkea
Him 01t Ml fl heft aU ue tttll i
I manat Mt notMnc replied MhIlr I
I m linrtm of thai ee wet a4 Im
slat to ur here and 4n what t nan i
i to live It an1 the PNPfltY In It I
Pent car Get ut iif set Im I
DeiMily role Commt > tlm r Ituiek I
and tin UUU mea wa tped
akntfiUir I
Tm Jack SheUr aattef of roWte
Srtiool Xo fc awl Jm irohir to atNk
Vert until the leer rlifl for Ia qufnrhel
Ita geld hy tk tjHrpavern of the rttv r
10 wath IW pro p TU The vsr Jn
wat h la to watch lekl Jack Me
tay l on I he Job
MK ftflltNt QM attn to die slat
THIC Xo Jt on the block btaeed
titled and L zIeurtoet Venuce
about 2M yard varTa flfflno went
la the mH > n > 4 i K Mil AKrm hoC
tnttnte of the ronrpany havlne ob
erred the pHI vuiiirn of nuke uxd
damn jlpilii InW rw kr They woo
d re4 w7 no nlAnii was sent in
Ne the oK tor add on of the
I nrmn Ttw unploy tried to ftht
tf lire Inatrad of fttn ituJlne Ir an
lanv VSlirn we pit vj work th
1 e < w had the building en the bum
Tho IV exllntuahtnK thlnin any be
all rllllI bU Uy h n CAlaue i
ol aiourtty The thin tj lo wm nre
Iute Anyivt U to Mn1 In an alarm
Let the eattnrulabteI tie called Into
play llrda
In he mAin we
reIIT pr1eI twe
T wretched For fua V half MI hour
1 utter the fir marts the canoeS I
purd their harlert but the oily re i
I etdl In Yeti ln lnn waa a pari
Mrou that ntnde the nremtn t7 aw
tulip hot Ihinii The pure waj IB
erlye4 whe B lie Rre ha4 mint Its
ewe WAy and that a Ca nren btlnr
stew wea wearnte4 Twelve tueujtu
were aireeted oa the itrvotur from the I
rail said of + ladJ n avenue each one
wtahtac fhrouxh a u > MiJttory win
dow and all illiKed as n sly a the
H veutb NAIMrLo pa ede I
r M bV wd If tlut Ktclttyflrtri
HI trvt wall tt l ratn to nap
Mid MulMhit Inpeetor loOn
he warn tefallt tctgllnt by ram
Ilalener lnf7llr to abowr the Ate
ne ran to WJTH the < wri ftt two pr
trlwe lad eat avtlheok and Uddrr rain
pantie wtr at iiyrk Ran tor yNi
lives lie yettsd Tb mcmUnhM bark
They vrvr nvrtnc u the entire aid of
ifefl VullJtnj ImnM a vee and fl la
tke treat In a IM nut Kith a rraak
thai wait heart thrmiKlinlt Tnrktlt
unlv < nr man wu pnebtly hurt It wa
a entgtdv nr r ll her all the nth + lc
1 + err tnt xal ouhiat ol
much bhKrr sal l tvoe 1 traa
t tipity n n r hJ her tha
MIT U ftI < waa < rC > r I wonder
whAt a I t ii i i t > n < 1 tf I Mai
pAhl am iiol t hln iM ft nre pop
Tj I > e b d a a rtwnnt
T pun rrnoe Twhsn
I rr r B I
w GladPheet
Jjvl Corn Remedy I I
h 1nUa r ad fit jri
illfl ttA IH CHIOCS F1 R
tj iiifi < i r miAMI tRUTMlIT
MAIffAra HIH illlfOliMT I
Complol Treatment
r nc a r 1 v inj t e
r 1St
tbet t P Ltr IOC
head mnr btkuu
wi ery Veka
Saloon Until Ycstenh Had Never
Closed Their Di > ors in Ste
jenevirve q
STr iJTNM lt E M Ju 1 t
Tht lalxrot tier jrcattrdtv oet4 hh
1 d mu end far tht Strut lime In lit f
I er the town wee Or Til Bettor
we laN Mk the edetee at the prse I
I uttttfir xttefHff
Ate n1t w1a feuId1 In Ital
and aliKNi let teun4lne drinVn tare I
bur never > i elead I
The Word pnntfd more Vacation
r i xr than anv othe I
New Yufk newsfiptr Remember thi
M z beck < > r a month off
Store I
This Wonderful
Electric Hair Brush
Bought 1000 to Sri at 1
Greatly Reduced Prices j
These rushes promote tat clrculitlo
In the IC1p because the m5 continuous
r current of electricity furnlihfj by Ihe
brushes Infuses new life and viper Into the
hi r rootL Vhet these halt roots Ut
et vr > ptr y and regularly fed with nourlshinf
feat all your hi r trmrWej will CUlt
y i Tvi s Push uill potltlvely prevent MH ff
Anlr mdrtj7 l and sonleri of hir and
sLp Money back after 30 days tl 1 if not jitufJdorT
Special Prices for ToMorrow I
59c 110 140 i 210
A olnr1s with each Bruth to tut Its power No i were Brash but
rd turt Brut
Iri I fit 4 I rz Start Closes at 530 P M elk lJtJl1rm
HERE isnt a woman within twenty miles of New York City who wouldnt feel I
THERE if she failed to learn about tomorrows Annual Event at Wanamakers I
in time to share the good fortune So here is the story that will make Tuesday June 18th I
a day long to be pleasantly remembered by several thousand women and one of
the great merchandise days of the year for this store
Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fine New I
Lingerie Dresses Shirt Waist s + r
At 4 5 and 7 Regularly 6 to 20
= We took the cream of the ontiro surplus product of one of the best makers of vromons washable dresses in America I
i Wo had our pick at practically our own prices So we took only the highgrade suits and drosses Tho bargain was so t
good that the maker wanted to trade back afterward offered us a handsome chock to release him of the sale
But Wanamakor merchandising is for the benefit of the public and when wo got something specially fine it goes to
our customersthe whole of it and as good as we can make il 1
Tomorrow morninglAio dresses will be roady The finest and choicest offering of the kind that we have over made
The quantity is a littler mora than half what wo had a year ago they wont go so far but everybody will get better values
right down to the last suit in tho collection
Tho pictures suggest tho beautiful stylesmodels of which
wo have largo quantities but there are A niTNDRED AND r +
r Something to exactly suit every woman who comes I t
y rr1 There nr < Lingerie Drosses Princess Dresses Tnllorod ShirtWaist Suits Lt
OvorWaist Dresses and Dutch neck Hcvlas Sleeves nro long short or three
i quarter length Materials arc mostly imported and include plain white and s
e handembroidered linens blun and tun lin > iiH fancy chariot and madras dotted
and figured lawns black lawns silk madras Persian lawn dotted Swiss muslins
r3 brocades chambrayn and percale
It ia just as though wo started out at tho beginning of the Reason to get t
41i tho mnartoHt brains In the business to design beautiful dresses and select mo t I P
I effective fabric and then let you cOllie and select from all at an average of half
their real worth
t 4 All are splcspannew Knch dress in its own box to go to you In perfect j
This IH a better and liner offering than the one we made when you took 1 1
IJ ii t almost flvo thousand Bulla in it single day So this lot may bo exhausted
i beforo tho day 18 over vast an it IB I
Never wan finer sel ction among tho most effective dresses and suits for
I Summer wear Never wero better values offered anywhere And look how
little the prices nro
4 11 6 to 8 Suits and Dresses at 4
1 950 to 11 Suits andDresses at 5
1 ijt 12 to 20 Suits and Dresses at 7
1 All beautifully made carefully flnUhod in ovpry way desirable drfiws Ho tf i
reds early tomorrow It still pay ou to oim n liuiulreil nilln to buy several of t
I t there icii iirknblri IrcssM ntr anniniikcrti unnnrrow Your good foitunn H
e onH Will greater if you liavo little distance to c inic Never have you bran 4
a btttor fPpultl for the trip Not on Hole today I < 1 v wllin the dourn open y
tomorrow 714 1 tM OM Iturdlay
i r17
x i
I a
fI l
ITA Formerly I lJr a4IJay t Fottrth Ave <
A T Ste artfCur JOHN XAAMAKE L iigMb to fenjjt Street
A 0 aw i err atu w ak a j i I qrw ewirUwr iit 4P I
ToMorrow 10 A M
tlet5 U5 br
ni el r to 1 P M
1 Fancy Long
10 bbls only for this sale I
I at this special price Not y
more than 12 pounds to a T
cutOl11er No
i Mall Orders 25c
Filled 6 Ibs
A o ToMorrow 10 A M
to 1 P M
Red ripe Southern pAcked
fruit Not m re than 6
cane to n customer No
Mall 0 f J e r s
1I cans Filled lor 3 Inrce 2 tTp
Any Mans Suit in StocK at
Sweeping clearance of everything that remains in stocK
tomorrow Blue Suits I Fancy uits BlacK Suits every 10
Kind of Suit that you could possibly imagine is represent
ed in this marvellous S10 offering The losses are tre
mendous but they were accepted by the manufacturers
who sold to us at unprecedented rductions Also at 10 any Rain
Coat in the House or any Top Coat now in stock
1 m crud RibL DtnJ6rSru Reading I aJnrrn parlor
Fowtr Islvrh 1 LamfSr Rocltr
imp k 1 t AU saga taC
Odd ad n1 f e r e a t q tla P 4rrseoat n4 SOItah 4 a m a hr Ila P r
oe Imps I I ueella I1Ib It I A prlo rued bet ts r la en t I t th4 parlor I
IIIllh tbr Doat loos i II 0 r with o dufl 100 are b k 1
taltbt not be w wl a sand 1It w r 39 e I b a
aR cilia In Itf lash Iwtre aspen lump nest end land a W < ed spec
nary 010 ill ql colon and 1tls ted r Ie tnrb 10 th e terb I t I c 44tetI a
w t hive al It ii It h tultr rte Ile Tel tllt aelln
0 i9C
ron 9
nvla bte1o aid 1 J wont And tat
wu wAle k S Ht I4 Iekp q
a 10 Dai peke 1Ir Lmp AI Ih1
rare Yo
la Boraltar tneh a I I e pm la
124cY121c 998 98c iU a 69c 198
nMreet 1 17flhYlaei
I Nh 1r rvlalnllnrr CUtnI ruKmeW
I Ti1ncoff tifr omm s W I Womtn J Chldrl
om en S
CouCh Bids Sur jumpr A Jrona
r ktnn prn jronl
It crown lane Sub
S 11 t I
1Sear1 fraaM U1ts
U1 11 to k ti1 S
1YaA oi Chlldnn Whit
aI of toIb P tace ca
l itaeay tya f tlillt Tdn
I lomD rd A I I a epabr Mark Antolnetl Slllrt 1 l1St um par lulu U Aprons pUUr
st 1 Natlaal n rr In urun htur and I
f a to r I a 101 th a Uttnt Suits nkd talord of sheer 0 r Y Itrtpa Hlmlll4 wltb
Jk r trteul J lthlakandwblt
ple upport na Ianrd of tuck lad j
wte Las extra fronts o mbrotdry
ed by ItII All and 11t wub 11111 errellt
I ut and attire orttM Iqs t 11
stock collars
rich rompll I n air l elr fine plaits whin
wits 2 matlrq tartO and
Yell ehr 9r I C 10
w ant 2 bb pItLed ties halted skllts siltS Jl eha lesuallf u tIC1or
ten erred tq skirl I rlRlmI 7 full AJII 11ft
fOOd yuht n w III I bias to 44 Excertl6nl1 values 16 le U IU s I rte Ue
ursd 4nm matrlaI 14 raluw
498 11475 198 666 39c
11at It + ereg d nr lKoaA hoops
p Vth J1r l need irerA 1r1
tV I
tV1 1 W1omfn t 7omrna Kimonos alII
Wardroba RornSirs mono Fa6rtes
COat SfartJ A bau111Y1 If
Golden wk nn Crp KmOI otmut > chit
t III blahlr pol hl 1aea paatau a n 4 1fITC eaan aa
diKU etbie
In all tolara wllh
N u T ntu or
tbed 3 test 1 soot mleturN In ro to Tan tat Iho dIMr
r ovvt taaued II r 1 ftel
e a
area II SOin aid
larba end
tint S h I r r d lIh 11014 oR
It ulmnuo2 e f
T fat d Lthn uLei Ii I d a mj cad 01 wbltt frendln
b I C b Ipd ru Ia pon plattd tlrl yak 11I1 trim ail IDo sew tate
patllt tcWtl else CtI at e 1rtmmt04 WItIlJltqed lU4 5 a mall o4aNnele a4 art n
n u CIF 1I1t1 mo2 with dap Jorqr40hrte
prettily cured cash al foot < hek
lees All Ilte h dots drur
ulr tai le 10 10 III
lops al
b1 cotota
IT t I web for rrlten bordn
eludes 11eular p 1 I C I
975 498 189 r 39c 75cu25c j
cntlb a1f1 Awad floor inrad almwr t Aroud Ttoert ae4 TiI NIO loot
r Jt + r t w r f
Fruits Meats and Wines
Ri6t Florida r + Fresh Caught Perries n 1TIi Wines WIthuul find III Liquors bfrtrndtu le1L3
p ntajijSlfi I 1 we oil a 01 JIa tnT rut lids AM
1i r
lbs foi nc ailKRN B1VEK
100 tray luit rc dreA Umll on b3ta to < Arc those fren tli
from nortda aztr Lin rualomr at TO Mount Orol lurN
fancy rIp juicy Irult rIECiIj Or < HNA1U MITION Its AIwS Oeod sMtlll1 itch n
of l e 4lAHt 1oo lOc DNd T1u1 WJiirt fat 7wir al Ilea
lJBl oath IllUrr rOUTRKIIOLSK 1IT1ASU lb OIIi Cdl11Y all1e
Frnll Gras i IH Oi Un la llfi tdt n1 n N e piulr plan
run raJ aiicaKX II rrNwnClO wit1HNET
IANCV micA Hri 1Si4
IIA 11 II M lull quart bat
Ioc 1k lour 110 hAI
Butttr ijrflH or orMiNr aIn ib ml IL 1IU tom tna trvl Ion II ilh srut Mb
Willow Yarn mad Crtnnrf 1rtltK IO1N CIIOIH Ib Ut JAnou1lJ1 Th ld rentllUltNll W ftumnrr lMt
Oruhultr laln4Ib tn I Ib 26Grift nOQITTirs b IBa URANIIT zP ASDII
60 ItUIIIIIIII atp K Ib oe The Rapt Itummtr rt + n Pur < nw Urrt pl
prlnl Not TMllvrell TO HOU > II lrTiAK Ib IbC ads + P CW UI4TII tort
Notions and Small Wares
Mail Orders Filled Even on This Exceptionally Strong
List of Merchandise On Sale Tuesday and Wednesday
psln rior
DnuHi HinniJJS pars rulnxxtk
All sha4ee to mulsh
JoIoC tea to NKTB in < e
TIfJ3 30 usher c X ort In IAC L 4 and i retf
lc value aalr Price Uia heir > o Ylu air 1 altrlr tae r Uue role prlo
II I p sit 9c puce each c a pair UC II
MriTTV insuona
and rylebl tf I
ralue sale Drina IC
Q donR C
shunt and durable W
ice Jfc v aur 19c
IAHO IlN UHrC 11 >
LAlOIC a ulbe safe 4
IMu a ube yC
QIIOK q IITN to elAn
int all hind f whit
thOU er cane tuck
life vAlue Mil pets y
L tMlllU f C
A Hell SIplunrla
unA fur flll fool n e d
Uh a 0 crHtAR tUrcr
II T he 110
fc lair C
for 1111 fbe 1rIb
fore II iV1lt nUll 1 4C
value ml nttc fa e
BATIIINfl CAP lie to
Saab li t ยต I IfIC JOe
IIIX J1H lloi A HH >
OI4SU 1fC q 1110 1
44110 prlo bottle c
AO YAh I fO 91
tiAt rxn 4A
y Inuht 1p
t 1Yp1 r 1 7fl
fciiurlrotoi of eryiUl
bat pin dlrvat from
Euroir t Inch tilt
lvM uill and man
uihr shapes to elect
rrvil 1c w I1
IL II al Mire 4C
WOlltss OH JIIiWBa
with 1 > > Irwh heavy T ia
Wet ana DltkH inrnroinm
lie lute ate price 7
t pair fC
Kill le valura a + 1 O
I rjee eh AC
UBM BIAHTir lX > Oil
WHU lu iIte All wInn Ie
1tilgolt or wlU U la iu >
Ynbur raid i al iirtao K 4c
All alts Walk or
a hlli Jtr Valuta 19
Ml pilot a Iwtr C
I1HAII llaek mid rolur
valor I 1 Prl > y
a pltp 1C
Sk C VolUM Ml 1tiC
11r11 aplltle f
A IAnor AftS OfT
HUNT or 11iA111
lltTTONB suitable tor
i ilrt or hlrt waist In
all ilif I9 vilui
Ale price 1U8l
ioitii for J 7 > C
value 1 prk o
ilu L hW1 K O lliIUNK
NBBOlKBTln lU lies fns
any machine le
vaiu Cale price a O
l > p r 2c
AND Aillirn
HAlA lINe In uthree
wiurni Ire value it
ulll price a dun 7e
II WIG MAPIfmij 011
a 01 bclllt arrAnled not
10 tun rc v1
UII MI put a n
bottle Ltc
jlK ka TI rfuv tAnCItI
HAVI x < v ii
u fI eale Nlel19c
B v ir If juuqt
nr nlokH III plate 2c
9oa lc oira 0
Y 8f 100M Of nPlI
r litain nltQb11
tYt B L4lnch
wldt 10 Woou
tprt tw IU
rr Ir r z
p < r 11
ATL I 1Ao ritONr
Mill foUr heavy ones
Inch lisle elastic Itrl r e
tliclied bsutltullr
nnlih d Jc yaiuw
let prlrr a
pair 190
a large head Co S
valu pile prk t
I don for 3L
markln all kind at qm
afrcloililnn all Inter be
tiiluti iU prep j 11
fnen tt uO
IIUAII In a nuinl > r of
rlly dMiiin tOe to Uc
value eau prict JL J
Pled 4 0
LACK Jog value o
Ills pace a piilr tJO
1r 10 ii o o K H r
AND BVK8 pk < < 0 40
Acr 1tJ l pountB
OO IIJI iiriT 1
Al111 NIIIK 11 > LQ r
ire worn a great e1
h rlmmrr e
RmItlel f MI 15
I t rrl

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