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Lawyer Attacks Pinkcrtons in
Opening His Defense for I
J I the Accused Miner
I i > ar4t
Jn01r June 11A srf it crowd
atthnrnl today J the trial of Wtlltam
I > llnjnvrAVl 6 liter the pe + ch M
CUreWt IVrruK of trhlcmro outlining
L1 porjKXM nf the defense In oomUAt
Inc the eTVmoe put In t r tle Blake
Tae rmillllr of opMitnc tni Mton i
zit an rynd air narrow at once took
up hli rtUon dlrxxxlr In front of the
twrive iioleninvUajretl men In ttwi Jury
box and began In ths 4 tnellnw
r dranrl charartertaOa of hIm to alat
the Iheauy and jftifn of the defects to
b often for his client
Jlr Darruw retnlmtM thr Juror Ir
th Jnttvcth > n tlrri them by lho
Court that they were to keep their
mind entirely opn All to the iQlIt or
Icnocerwe of Ibo HecueU man until
all the rxtilnivt Trout both lira Liu
been lntn > Jurd
Ton hen a1Mlt1 to the th ry and
the fvlnc of lh StiiV Mr > sr
roll pr VI eeded llr lAIr run rr i
era a wlde cnfund lh hla 1111 w f
tbo Plate ads we nlll have to nnl
liln rel uy step
Itwo 4ofendaat toKe la eharicnt nom
anally with the murder or former < Vv I
Btounrnkxnc TTtor had to be weer
nominal oharcr but the Stile has told
you the rasa rIt upon a riant cun
plracy of 1Y1IJoII Ibo tkfendani BJUUES I
other In it ran
Th SIAle attorney has told roar
The murder of n jv ai unnh < r < vi
boiIt an lnrldentI iTber lae t I
ti e Wrttern Krderatlon of Minor trim
aji oncunlaatlon to commit murder tk
Control tKillttei to lira Inujc a
r olhtr ortmlijrJ think I
Part of bii It true part of It 10 not
flue It la tNe there U a tabor orcnu
IJc tton known aji the Vviltrn FMerw
Jon of illn r It la true HID Vcsvrn
JvOcralk > n of Mloera faro sent m m
tor Utwvijr U naj unfortunate b
moat pe + + plo have M raptor lawyer a
come tlmo or another
No Angela In Mines
rlt tins from tlnva to time taken a
bind In politic but we u no AC
w bane very oriptnlitlan wlucvi OJ
done fwd a tiling if we Old ni c r
partition Would be oat The Wee ern
ViW Uon of lInen did all It XHU o
paaa the eiclittvxir law in Coo vd
Utah and Montana It trlnl tj viet
frivndlr Uclttd States H > tuttoa 11
tried to elect Mr 1 law ley bu unf r
tubt y failed
Mr Harrow went on to ajr tljro na
no claim that the Western Federation
ot inner was an unlzatlon of
Anrtln do not work In 14 mines
fltcui the aticm r they ar ale
trim oiTTKra
They did It at Telluride th < < did li
at Crtpola Crok ant at many other
Wo will how that the Pinkerton
D totrr AxAoy bAa ten a chief f
tar In tt > U oaau from th very 1ln
ntnc They lure orcuitml umviMl
Into a band to prrtl calumny acalnn
C > Wejturn tVdrratlon of Mlnrra We
Yltl orbow th < Ll In one case vhivy a cat
All tMCau of dofeatlr maohinery
aUctem men were kftlSA It wu laid tu
he AVeateni Kcderallon dt Xlnera Tin
bumlrb of the MIMKIW Unlrervlt wax
bald to the Ixadera of the Weitem Tnl
raAlon of Itlnara Uverr llle 1tlmat
child < XTI WU of Oia Ml ls lvil i +
ten ra > T > Od In Ita afradilllnr clotlira
Mwrt 1 to t > nvr and laM at the door
d rh sutfn TederatJon of
He Names Orchard
Mr narrow turned ala attention to
th Minor i jnr1n Ila laid proba
bly many foollih arid lnt > rnto
tlJrxw crept In It but tin edltora load
no oollK oduUon and Moy er and
Pfttlbona paid little attention to It
Wto will red you nmll r from tho
liners J jLcaatib not Introduced Or Uc
ntata We will show Dint they dill not
advise vlolmr ant that thrv cnuneelll
a wlo admtnlitrntlon and cll wao t Ihe
Konomlo conitlUona temp raui > cT > n
Unulnff M > Harrow eM Thl brlnn
ua up In ttv t aid Uia troudlx In the
cotter 4 A10n a when Staunnb ra was
uovarour Tho Western K < ln > tum uf
ttnrt wa 0 aretllnr airing all right
Tli n omelhlne haprnat
DTBTKn HAT N V Jun ll lral
dent ltoor rfll toilay signed tin lrm
linn trtaty Tits convrntmn which
rtgnilalca oiiatoma mattura blween rhe
liiUNl hlntri and lAbia Domino wat
nfollaled Feb t Uat by ihs i > l iiii > o
taiitlaiiM of the two countrirt and nu
lUi o bUll appruvva by ihv i i UIeJ
HjuKs and the llatlvc tly a d lIh o
JJooi 1140
TIlt alcrvatur of Ih Praildtnt lo Hr
1 la Uiidfntooil In iIe the lad lep netoa
easy in putt tint Convention pi > 1
Th treaty wus rn lvot from Vtih
hllll11 today
nit a ro a 11 1 < i nf fifth beat in flaw
Tone nr art Ilia wek niiiiut talarday
J des n arras j lai enl pr ptuaj
tarn N an olttfvO tlllU +
IIIIUISI rr tut n f
T Mall fig Ibpfr Manual i i u
it X1 11 1 r l rr
With Reading It Leads the List
to Profit Level in Brisk
1 Buying Spell 1i I
Union 111 rino unit ItMdlnt mtidl the
b1 nbowlnc In the Mrlt Clock market i
tn day they iraillnic the IUt In an ml
ftMf thnt vfJiitMl 1 i point
Th other IMMM In 1I1noe were
Amlc niiitn Oojiflr Orrat Northern
and nll1 Siktft iMt 10 Trading was
pl1onnl1y dull
The molt Important mnvtnirnt of the
liar Murr U In the lut eye minute
of 1IlnelOl whn lane buying oritcm
were plneoii In the market on Read
Inll Union IHOtrlc the Illll stocks
llmk IiUnd sail other favortlo under
which iric4M rose iriarply Union Ia
dflc It Mid In IT and DlitllUn Hrcurlllpt
ImprnVKl 1 af Inltnl ltnwy Invest
meet preferred 1 and Kotuhfrn 1ntI1
Oreat Northern preferred and Colorado
A Southern tU preferred J And Jllnn
MlpnlU A fit Ixnill 4 14
Th market loffl it rone and active
Th total talei of ktnrk lodnr were
MOXW nhurw and of rnntU irMt J
Thr Clotlnu Unolntlonc
Te < Urr inpe I > M roln prlru and
a4 rInlrl of rUwt Mm patunlaya final
a otatwt ar + a fuva
lilt L < nag dnga
tma 1 > < ry k Q + i
A tr clswea mi iisr at M
An W tM htyl KT itft f H
IAoIwiI a If nan 1114 I1IH e tit l
1Y tea 3 n PI t4i JI lei pNtt i H
Mtap a14 era 119 + tr
A IMF dyer vr tJs It r llwS S
14 LM e p 1 vt i al Oh r N i
tm WiMen O JlU tl a4y I
An Wtsa a I II r r f
aa li Min M ash 4 I
JU Jut t e f M I w t N I
AV I K pi
U C lhl Ml 1 + I
lir ok Raf Than i t > J 1
tan Otarr tt MTart I I 1
trn IJclll Inky It1T 1011110 + I
e a otIfo1 Ls tt < JBS < >
1 k tit k + 1 Intl 4 I a oj i
fit 31k fit r 11fo 1ir islJ + L
I 1 I k 11 I pm Ito Iit II i r8 I
r nl eo ttlen to In t
e W 141 1IIU 111 + i
our = I I
i 1 f I t
k lit 1 41 G
u te Ilk tA 114 I
I 04 ife Its F 1 4 IH
1 J Ml IlloP Of 1J IU 1
I MM 3 Cre H 1 + A
BrM t > i i 11 1 + 4
ii lit nf yIIA i
Ortl Xlea a 1 I = tt
lit Nor nt I 134 1 i 1 1
Infr TIM IU 4 e4
Illl Ccmtnt I 7t 11 ii It I
l I MIII a Naaa III P 1511 I
1M K AT a II + y
Mu IMC 11 T r
N Y Alr < > r k 10 IW matt + 1y
N T rnlnl III tin III + V
N T C k Ml U is 111 ae I I
I note f > ai 13i lat III + 4
fin I t Wot iltS at
IIV Ilo4 lit + 1 i
1reaarl IItHI alS 3S ql
I IUJIMC fill r4 lot + I
lIel I fir 1 I > J
nSk iiUnJ MI I
11k IId v1 2 < 4 fir + t
I IllKk IlUlHl pf U
aItuouet laI pa4 + 4
uutri Ine
c 1 u
1 Ruth TW x illy ilia 1191 T i
R th liv I n I I +
H4Jth llv pf rota M t
glU A KK 91 P n 1114 nivj t + W t
St L a w 5c ft Ml
T fl i 1 AI w TL nln1O I
T nl a WiT N e Q I
iviii air H t if3 P1 to
In nr A harper at I I
i I n Par II it 1fI t t + + p t
I S Iiirl ropr f 17 l i
f = II t Co
r H c i r p 4 4 < l t 3
r n nar pf I fJ1f I
1 H ft f j5
t j M frl pr ITV r +
tabarf 11 1 Ii 4 r i
it a aa4 Io I
1 t
tit sw et
tl res 18 I 4
A reel a creel a hook
and line and dont n o
forget a box of
for a snack between =
tween bites A
golden ginger e
snap with a t = yit
t s5 =
spicy taste t
5tt 1 r
Follow the crowd into The WnlJ Vinl columns
I l 1
I New Potatoes w 7 lb basKet 15cw
i We have made a sweeping iut in the price of new potatoes at all t
the JAMBS BUTLER STORES for Monday Tuesday and WeJnes
day nf this week
You will find these new potatoes far ahead of the ordinary lots
n this market They are the Early Southern Rosefrom Eastern
t ir nb where they grow to perfection Our shippers are on the
lot and send us the pick of the new crop
You are sure of the quality sure pr the quantity and the price i
iway btlow the Invest nf the season
We have still a limited supply of the Green Mountain potatoes
from last years crop which are giving splendid satis
faction While they last we have cut the price on them 1 2 r
toa 7LD BASKET c
Iced Tea II you Jn want the hottest to be weather cool and there comfortable Is New Store at Hempstead L I
no beverage so soothing to the nerves We tike great plraiu e In announcing the opening of a newrelall branch
refreshing to tired muscles at at the corner of fLLI IN iNf > MAt STRUCT In this select residential
or so
suburb Ve hue aimed to male It complete In every detail Including a
frequent sips of properly prepare Iced ImH meat department so that the housekeepers of tltm lead may find here
tea Often It quenches thirst and re eventhing to ut and drink of the ery test A sordid InvlUllon is u
Coffee stores app < tltt In young nd pld a t no tended wishes known by JAMES Telephone BUTUR till at6 Inc Hempjteid to visit the new store and make your
other beverage can or will Every
housekeeper should have a supply of
I her favorite tea all ready made and bottled In the leechest
For the most delicious Infusion of Iced tei we confidently recommend Approved Specials
I BUTLERS CEYLON GOLDEN TIPS At 501 lb It Is the most economical
Housekeepers are s r outspoken and unanimous ii their approval d U
ical IS you jet the same strength by using half the quantity you would the quality and prices of these reClS which have recently been offered
n dst of other teas Steep for six minutes and then pour into another vessel from time to tl ne that we feel U to he a pleiJuriWe duty to our patrons
to continue the t re list for tbr dies longer vir
3 srI After It Is cool place In a bottle or Jar By keeplnr It In the Icebox tbr1e I
you hale supply II6e Iced tea always ready for use and In erring 15 New Laid Eggs for 25c
J you cm flavor with lemon orothervlie to suit Individual tastes
Coffee may be prepared and kepi In the lame manner and for the Iced Best Creamery Butter lb 25c
hereof lENT you will find nothinr so satisfying as BUTLERS OLD GOVERN Belle Brook Butter Print Pound u 27c
Full Cream N Y S Cheese lb 15c
Choicest Teas at 25c 35c and 50c a lb
Choicest Coffees at 13c 17c 20c 25c and SmoKed Shoulders a Ib lOc
For stamp collectors the following 30c aIb special offers this weeks Eagle Brand Bacon Swifts IJt I lb 18c
30 1OO j 20 SmoKed Beef Blue Ribbon Caron 12c
S A H Stamp S H Stamps 115 A h Stmp Essie Sugar Corn clotted 3 cans 25c
FREE FREE F RE b Essie Succotash C f holcest fit 3 Cans 25c
with hilt priuit with t Ib VEtfY BEST wlfi one pound
I Butlers Very Teas lib Very Old Govermt Farina Blue Ribbon Brand Carton jc
Best Tea for I Best Coffee for JavaCoffeefor
25c l SOC I 30c 6
I SH Stamps Free 1
Golden Santos Coffee 2 Ibs 25ci a lb lace with all purchAses of 10 cents or more except CO n Groceries
Biscuit Dainties Choicest Wines and Liquors Housekeeper Tom Its Specials The Three
Frcth from tho
C SujnrConi Cars tor
National Biscuit Company At 79 James Butler Licensed Stores Can Succotash 25c
Saltines 1 A AlasKa
utter ThIn j Piece ftp Gordon Dry Qtn this week bottle 79c Salmon
Mntchory II ran rid AUtki
Johnnie Cake Alb Coates Plymouth Gin bottle 5c Salmonchoicest quilliy n
Golden Sugar Crimps Crisp I IOc Ulack Ie White Scotch Whiskey bottle 9fie 2 cms for 15CIUn 1 uC
Klngussle Scotch Whiskey bottle 850 Essie Salmon
Spanish Olives rOWerS Irish Whiskey bollle 100 Columbia hlthist quiljly KUer In Salmon 4b Of o ttt
Eulf tlrand dellclouiiy crisp and nu caps nth J2C
fine Ilivorcd Clarets Port and Sherry Imported Sardines
Mammoth Queens 1oorbotllt 25c J Ii IxlM Choice CalKonila from fancy quality Imported difnic
Lirgt Queens Club silt bOlt lie J U Choice California an selected vintages tall rat 25c hell French olive oil > m
StulleJ with pimtntoM bolllt 1 JC meltent table ems ctl c Ion tiottlt SQCi bottle call I OC
Uiby UllvcJi tmill bottle 8c ion 3C CnUIIln port Sprdat im r
pojhilon In bullies each
Richardson h Robbins J It Extra Choice California iom JI8jc and 75C r
iclecttd vlnUttti ration
CJIralda SherrSPfca I IIn Summer Drinks
Sherry r
Picnic Delicacies PSel half tllon boll I SOC n s
bollle 25c porHtloni in Cottle each 75C IJcUa finger Ale Corrys
R h It Potted Chicken can lie t2I ana C spukllnf and tile tscrnl the
R d It ollrJ Ham nn locK Francl co et Cloa Import best imported dol bat r
K R Polled Tonrucc IOctdSl Juilen bottle SOC Sauternes Id t Hi twine lUC
tarton ft luoticrs IV3 ImpoiUd
Barton tit Oueitlora Ini Siultrnci bolllu rich soc Irapo Jules risle brindi p1t seJ
Liberty Pickles 60c IrnndralbollluUthSOC75c from Cbiuliuqui Countys
ported Medacj UollU oat and untl
rnncord grivei runantrfd pure
Crup and appetitlnr gherkins and unftrmenlrd pint i
onions chow chow and mUcd in Rhino Wlnej C F bollle IKt plot boilj 1 OC
sweet Eccardis IC
or tour pickle liochhelmer bottle 75c
n t lleer ISvtrJCt1frileji
60 Hoot
iooz lOc i j la bottle 70c Lautenbdmer bottle brand mitt j giiionsuf refreih
I 25C
boltl bollU C California Whltu Wines J H Laubenhelmer bottle 45c J 11 I n c < Ihiril qu < nchirc n
Liberty Uellsh Tlemnf NlmteJner or Slultrile bottle 30 Jf U leUng lieallfulbe erari5 MM i UC
pquin app ti lngibotU I oC bottle 25e Saratoga Star Water = from ira
Ions ftmous Star Spring Ito
ltd with Iv nsturii tu pUic and
srarkUn i 11m lib t f r
Condensed MHK Guinness Stout I > OM UolChu Pint iw P L35 wilei bottle 1 OC
Fiitli from Iud III the firaout Bass Ale 150 Malt ILttrucI PeeiItssilgi414loud
I Otnott valty u SS 1 oxen Bottles pint alto tJ3I50 and Kicntlh bui sel IlIr wnvalel
i llmnd Hutler j 3 Cio 25c 00 Stamps Free with piion Hanoj ram WhisHcy 300 cents mg math ind rt nun 3 bait lot 25c
i Brwd liberty I 0 C n 28c 50 Sumps free with hU gaL HeRoinm WhisKey I 150 Lemons
or Lirgr brlitu Mtmm fruit
I 30 Stamps Free with bottle Monogram WhisKey 75c brltIu juujr
CuI Ii t < dun
I fiy the > walk J c a for
Brand t Can 1 C 30 tamp hee with cast of Latfer Uwr 24 bottles > 10 threediy dot 15c
II TITr i11r H T r n r T iI r T r II
r 1 1
rtf y nTT I 111r ItIiIICJ 1I1 tIT t iXIIf 111 i f 1 rtttf 1 r a 1
i 4
hidtTrtr rpalnAIN i i
n tOnncgirOn tern omta fit 9 mrtftf1te P1USinc1T
Mail and telephone orders
filled only as long as special Ms last
Vc reserve the right to limit purchases when deemed necessary
Embroidered I White Goods
I Shirt Waist Fronts Imported mercerized madras 40lncli fine qual
ity lawn 40 inch white Persian lawn 45inch
Linens white mercerized bitlitet 3t1 inch finest quality r
I Pure nens i Buckley cambric Jtlnch white sheer nalnsoot
All handwork finest qualities of sheer and me 30 inch white Ln llsh IOHR cloths white wasp
dium weUhia Irish linen with hindiomc hind well piquest white Jailed miiilirrs 47Inch while I
cmbroldcrej design In white over 20 different violet batiste 30 Inch white Illy linen 32 inch
patterns to choose from In k ll over and Imported checked and ttrtpfd dimities 1Q
openwork embroidery wholestle prices 75e regularly 25c up to 35c a yard 18c
front 150 to 5250 ourprlceTueidsy Tuesday t
< M > ln Fleet Near > Mats floor Bur
Cigars i Writing Paper
This Is the well known IMbll Speakera gaodi Standard goods In one pound packates Includ
quality domestic char all frsn and perfect InK vellum linen and satin finishes a manufrc
goods mild or strong a bargain you pj 1 turefaenilre siocktour regular price t2Sc f
wont tee every week regular price 50 LLf a pound Tuesday envelopes to match 3c ii C
for Sit Tuesday a pack paper a pound us
Miln Floor Rear < Third Floor Ctntir
Visiting CardsI Business Cards s
This Is one of the best offers weve ever made 100 print d while you wilt excellent quality
one do en of finest handwritten vliitlnj cards stock printed In any of the new styles which you
all styles of writing 10 setct from writ may select bet possible wortmanshlpi I
len while you wait sold regularly at 25c 9e you cant duplicate this offer anywhere In SSC
Tuesday New York regular price 50c Tuesday
iThlra riocr C < attr iriilrd Floor C < atcr
Towels Womens Pumps
Odds and ends hemstitched huck towels with In the popular golden brown shade two eyelets
Jacquard borders which have slightly faded In Perfect fitting good looking stylish and conifoit
I bleaching heriimed unbleached Turkish 1bl the very shoes you see wqin Pf
loweln about 5000In all regularly I2 > ici 9 C today by bestdressea women rccu 5 265
Tuesday Urly J350J Tuesday W 0
Mla Near H or1 SctnJ Floor Rat
Initialed Back Combs Bath Rugs
Newes patterns en the market heavyandhlghlv In neat and pretty designs and choice colorings
polished hardly distlngulihable from tortoise shell of blue green and red < ood quilly and well I
have gilt imtlalsset with flncwhite rhIne Cf madei they ire washable til 5 ser c fl
stones pretty and attractive for evening SOC cubic klndj sire 3ox72i regular O 1 75
sear sold regularly 51 Tuesday vv price S250j Tuesday
Wars Floor ftvnti Fill Floor Front
r Colored Corset Covers Mattresses 1
Made of pink blue and black mull low round Our No2 combination mattresses covered wih
neck short sleeves Iace trimmed deal slips lor an excellent grade of ticking aide laD in J bwttim
sheer waists well made neatly finished i Cn are thickly padded with cotton well
I and stylUhi only 3 u a customer to 41rfC made durable mattresses told leg 4 25
morrow old regularly at 75ci Tuesday v v ularly II J57Sj Tuesday V
Second FUor Center Firth hoot
Matting Skirt Boxes Tapestry Couch Covers i I
tel made strong and serviceable skirt boxes Heavy tapestry coudi corers 00 inches wide 1
attractively coveted with a good quality matting fringed all around very Rood tjuilif aeveal at l
are useful In nuny ways other than for flO tractive designs In a Rood choice of fl f
holding sklrtsj have bamboo feel regularly W 2 color effects regularly rold at 2 D 1 50
275 Tucsdy Tuesday r t 7 f
Third Floor IrDl ITlllrd fleer Irnl
I r Riveted Trunks Novent Petticoats r
These trunks arc unusually strong and veil made The skirts thai at ray fit and nver Rip S
riveted throughout cloth lined two trays heavy ± made w ih eraey lopandeliillc w1111 > and e al
malleable Iron clumps Excelsior > a I lea 111 deep moire and lalccn loan es
lock two sole leather straps regu 5050 llht wJshl cool and comfortAble reeu 1
larly t845 Tuesday Early 3 SO and 3j Tuesday a
T ird lUor Rir ScoedFo Clot
I WomensKimonoGowns Printed Foulards
Made of good quality wn11 pre tr cliirwuh Heres one uf the best opportunities cs of t e sea t
able patterns with the double yoke back and front son to get material for your Summer tress this s
and with border trimmings well made an odd lot that we reduce for lomorrow f
I Ted Ie garments regularly 75ci L9e only day regular price lOc a yard Tues I rf
< S < tonJ rOI Cable < Mala flcor I run i
Wash Fabrics Childrens Dresses 1
Shirt waist lengths In white and navy grounds Pretty colored dresses made of gingham and
dots checks plaids nngti excellent chance to chambrayi plain colors and checks 1I ct41 vey i
get inough material for a supply of shirt pretty styles in both Mgh and low neck
wasts for Summer regular price 18c a Be effects neatly and tastefully trimmed 39 C
yam Tuesday sizes to 5years icjua I 4VcTucsJ
Mils Floor rrjak > < Si cad Fior Ccmir I
7 English Biscuits Biner t InS
fc Calmer Hath Oliver or I
de hunlley
Made by
Iv delicious sold These are Imported > lemiih a em w li nieal
Arctic wafers 25e coven they all have novel Ce n < a ions 1
regularly tt 35c ar can limn of two C sadder German motto ana there I a 19C 1
tchascrTuesdayat i
to a purchaser
tans pu iFounli FUxMl good varletyi regular price 2t c lues ay
Iftlf fl I fll
New Potatoes Dinner Sets 1
of la and save on
pouoes money
Gel your Made of fine porcelain complete sav ce of six
these arc all extra selected f j
the price penon i bhc or green II ral rrav i
stock clean dry and fresh from the car 31C 359
drrc HOC a peck Tuesday decor llloP1 every piece giaranired
den regular price Ifurtt t I I per < ecti regular price H2ai Tuesday
IH rd river f ron
Triumph Gas Mantles Enameled Bedsteads
H ghly incinsescenl and durable very thing Made with oiicltuli a uig post lies v II ng 1
you want fur I goof bright light and for r ds brass top rails and vaie all site best 0 +
economizing got Void regularly at lOci 5c bcditesd offered m Nsw Y k at us foimr ij 5
uesday I r pace sold regularly al SOSO Tu slay
rttirdFiortrori I m orl
Art Squares Andersons Ginghams
Granite designs In the popular sue 0x12 best You ant duplicate Ih + iuali y in Now IUM I 1
of at lomotruw a price we o ter you all the hoi ctt
collection new
quality a choice designs In piks b ues and black and ft
patterns regular pnce and ittractlv < 50 Tuesday colorings 3 35 white day regular pfce 2Sc a yarJi Tue QQ
r P lib Flog I r l Mix toq IM r
Sewing Machines Goldman Tuckers
These are the well known Victory Drop Head These tuuiets ors automaile and can i > e ud on K ±
Sewing Maeliiuei built for good work durability any machine and for any wauriali deiuuniiaiioa
and accuracyi guaranteed for five
finished will be given at sot time In our S wng ff 4
yrari 1I1t handsomely ularprice1276rc 11 e fit Machine Department regular S tuck 9OC f w
Tuesday rTuesdayl6r
Titrl Flwr Cialtr ltisataa MIt nNnrut allJ tear csNr T
4s for 1S 8 II GrIt TrIt i t t5tanfprJVe Give Jhem t
I I 1

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