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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, June 25, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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O f i V o i II II r7 4 r f C r3 f r 1 1 H i eg f r < n < tV1
r FT
lL e I
N1 Ji t u J Ift j
WithvTIiundrtIrnb tonlnlit mill WPdIPSIII > > rj W4IJtnndm mf B nUrftt unit WcsIirIP
II RESULTS EBTN ti Circulation Books OgeoJo 4J1 I SJJd J Circulation Hooks Open tow 1 I RESULTS EDTUi
I Lady inifrcd an AddcJ
I Starer Captures 112 Zephyr
r I Stakes
Malkct and Grapple Among I
the Other Winners at
I hcepshead ToDay
0f tn Th a > n1n Vr > J >
bun The 1Iunote of the dy w
on Lad > Winifred an atMed nlly In the
iounh race The odda aMwmM bet
open l nt J to 1 and the plunee of ner
tawner and frl nd cent th price reel
Ing 10 7 to S at the end Th flay won
I B iraoie race at the en lot a brutjlnic
I hnlah from Live WIr with Woodlane
L Klnt Jarnra allO an nd < le < l ore Ap
t t > red to be wlnnlnc when wwll Into
4 Xht atretch but the game ftlly eam
ailonc with a ronp of oUinra and won
t a otng away Klnr Jam tired and Wa
I Mowber at Ihe end Lady Wnlfred I
pwned bj Fredertek John
Th alght of a horse belnt killed on
the track almost In front of the grand
land ahocked thousands of ratreroera
Then ea m the big bon ambulance
flr irn by two Irch ron nit tart
lug of The fUbavquent race waa delayed
t > y the accident IWCUIC of the prtoIce
of the huK van on the track and the
operation attending the removal of the
f Th latter waa the wellknown alee
Iecher Paulakcr owned by II Ora
harrojind had fallen In the Meeplr
t chaa race won by Dlot Rhaw He
threw his rider Beamish who hlmtelf
unhurt roa and walked to the pad
I dock Paula ker ran awv and mad
two circuK of thn Infield and aa H
irroup of men eaayd to lId off the
anImAl Paulakr daatieil for the rail
iDCkwtna the main track and prunc d
yndlonft er It The anlimfa hind
ega itruck and he fell forward on hla
I Halket Got the First
Twelve tIwu arMl racegoera wera
t > rent today when the nor went Lathe
the pott in ho nrat rac wtitoh iw
CCtmbui InaUllvd faoflte over the flld
pf ten all of wnlch went aa originally
Warded Hut the favorite couUl < o ro
letter thun aevjnd Halkt < coming out
Pf the buiidi at the itroUh when the
iaTorH app > nd lu hae the reo won
bnd weanng down Nlmbun won A 111
race Hxcaian from Jack oyner
tiarna nu atrong at the rtnlah and
to < Ktt out Nmbua for the place The
rc wltneaxj the initial appearance
tot Jim OafTney at the poal Thla one h
I ut and WIfl perform Iltlor than h
I Id tod y
i Dick Shaw ShowedWay
Dick Haw tne Juinpe old not run
I out today GuardiAn made the early
Hunnlne on Bjffrage and tiring nick
I 6naw went to th front the awood
I Klme around nnnegan havlng held the
I 3umpr alternately m third and fc urtn
I i poliloni until then Dick Shaw at tne
3ar turn wax a dozen lengihi In front
the other bunched with Darren the
h avurit trailing Three lump from
ine last the favorite mad hb run but
d ck Bhaw wa too Mr away to be
overhauled and runnlnK through 10
th airetoh won by a couple of lengtna
from Oarrett The latiBr covered
ground rapidly In the lat quarter Sir
frrlllln flna M third
I Philander a Winner
Red Trur bad 11w elixir of life to
day and tried to nulfo a runaway nce
of this third event With iow iniirji
of ilrtiri rWllr the Dwyer bor
ruah d to the front and nM n hoi par <
to the atrotoh In lhe mean time W II
kcy med Into mc 1 puc < 0
IJhllander ranting up lied Kn mHl
a Philander paiaeti Carey and Had
Ne wa cam up rapidly frum Lu fi r
alao pawr K Caret y who quit irnmlrl
oaaly IiUamUr with Miller riding nn
fid nty won easily from Red Krur
teILh Had New thrd
Dolly tfpinfcitr ua tIe jrunuunccd
I favorite In the fifth race on the turf
I but Ihe Wllnon gelding ran a mlaerabl
ran and waa palpably abort Acrobat
1 art Ivlng mad thu running to the
t Iratcn where nranple ehallens and
I won cleverly Acrobat Wile Mally next
t twt Ja quln beating the iither for
third ptaa Dolly 8pankr was In Iho
ruck unable to ralao a 1111
A Drive for Cloleterta
CIoete on lurni li rurvd in IH the
contender In the laal wir in svh
tijm were flying like a flock of wl s
pigeon The Vlngut filly mail givd
al IttMtral nl > winning tn a drivn after
leading all the wey from Wootiwltcri
which heM Pallor Oll for r e tiiaie
Pint Game
i Cincinnati 0 U I o I 1 0 1 04
muburg 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 II
I hiLt tJlall and Hchltl Wlllla and
Second Game
Cincinnati 0 Ii 0 I 4 04
IMttvburar 1 00100 14
Uaitertectimllh Marun and Bofaley
PhlllpiH anj Gibson
lame CAlIrd In seventh Inning by
om on un utxount of rain
Iltfo lummy Btvaca pl M trs old
Of No a Weal JtIIrtllf atwrt wiu
pitnnl in runt if No 191 svat HtvMi
leinth lrel lol y when It dudgwl Ir
front ot an automaton runabout wnut
I 1InoekN1 him down and ran over hit
Tt > driver of the vu jumped down
flrked up th Injured child and iUrlrt
tar a nwplul
J a +
A m HniliiiLlliatliBii t
I J IUleT Itt BTVor ar OtIS nwlnm of lldJO tluw adJ J fix and a
sic > h5if fur1iB raturt > courw
I Mart fait Uon 1 IimiJi r Winner br e br lltno Ina II Orr
William < onl
rb4etsj 0 hfXn JJ > PIIIIII Oloi II lh
qI IJ1to I 1IOft t t
ar fl iJ n IT 4 II ii 21 M i
4 t1N IJ J I I 1 311 Iq f2 ie L
4il td4 111 40 1 JIou S i ° 15 j 3 2g
19 i i 1101 Ii T r Idlko J roi 4f 1111 I
11110 I oj 14 sIurnie I hI >
JI utln 11 1 44 44 f J Iorln is M 21 f
= It IR 1 Intfia in si i
ii rCtMlll I I 10 I IcJi C On t jj jj ftl 82
11010 2 In oft Ia
Kalltt m In hO tnteh ka rnol colt eel handled hl wrUht in nt
tets Heaatan la a swl lull an4 d14 with a nili In lh final turlon Slmbu flfA
I Jln3larfny wir to Improv T > riiij4r rana 1 air racy fr > 1 i m dl 101
j Nr aVKWCfi RA < ± Ea + illnr twutvetiaVt iTOi T l uxi tjjd iliorf rajriT
H tl about t1fflt i
I owMrwatlt iarrond xi r TtmUO 21 Wlnnr ch r br JtonulrAn
I ndz bart I o rr 1tn J0ClIP r = lr 1nl i EHi
1 iii I iiia IK I1 31 I l ran scan 7 3 I i
i ITPl u C i a t IitrhIi
12 S 12 r 6 a5
I tru Tretan e t 3 A Wn IIen I sO I t R
4D Lti t i I i 1441 Jlupt ri 48 I aK
w cJusrIan 41 1 I4i i c 16 It 21 p
e r
i 1 i1 0
I 1 I fa l = n
11 thn x
solaCer I f iii 20 40 4 9 1
It Or II i fltin4 Q1 ton JUfJJ 3j at
I rot time oe oft 500 rnsrbitiren KjIY
I > ik fh aw KI rnt run MH trtfi ant lumDlni In rnoj slit won Pestle rirrtl
n tI1 ridden eIe wMe on all tarn atvt cloi < l utrwnr alr laklna iha lumiM
Sir Trt tanj trp Ii P 1a JClCLSHi r < wn CM > outrun all tr war > > >
I 1Ulfit Tfi Handicap Ihru v arildi aixi upojIjJf jI > 4 cn ml
LIk 1
end a qu1r
i j Irt rued 00 liiiMt 1mM Wlnnr br r bv non Ilnith Pink Dom
I In UwnrJnel n Min
11ntSjlIrwwI J l kiLL tin J n 1I b 11 Ph
ZipIdMt I 4 3b 41 4L 1flIi ih 130A
4 t1 f Frti 101 2 1 II 14 10w I 70 3 i
n n 10
s bi IF f2 I i
49 144 New 2a a ii tie It 12 2 Ii
K W H 2aICY i tl f2 It zIj1 tnent 3 3
jj Rrtnier i 1 l1 ik i I1n41eII ill II 100 0 I vi Ii 1 1n It
I wt tiflP 32 ofl Ir euIO fipiToa hlvld z rtir A I Orb
al tor ef 11
Phlan4 lay In behind the iwr to thi itntch where Mlllrr cent him UD and
ea > ll KJ Friar bad Kl UJ T of pe1 but tired 01 the end 10 11 NVwi ran a IfO won
ra e V 11 l arer ull Tb other outrun
TkjO POriiTH RACK Th 7uhrr f M l t > tIo ii ooi added fIr and a half
IrO furkmr PutMrtty eoart
Ktrt awod Won drlnjr Tlm101 1s Tri nM r ch f by rIudltran
Onrt Johnson
lnd jt 1WI ill U ju g pin Jock7r 1111111 CIM 11 Sn
II 1A4 i Iaifrwl II 11 tZ t t j7
4e Its IVIr l1 Ql 4S a s Itet I U t
111 Wqodlsn 11 jfi t I tnASo tI Ii ill I IA
g IW jam I ii4 t4 44 atke tI f
C W icr lb Cl i lirtIn S l I p
r H lrn t
e 1112 21c i 3 tiir 4 fI ti T l i
4a I T Itort y I I 10 Iii 10 10 i t I I 2ii 101 a 3 n
m iI l 1 1 1 Oh Li Mountain a i 12 I i
oir It
4 ariaoLrl 11w 44 t It oIir If a a
4TI JJltttJ L I tf Iri tii OnolO p 11 >
tIm 4 nl nIt 4 11I rretrhidii14uurt IIsrttor Hey lsney bAd
Ijdr Wnlfr Jun l itt to win afler maklnr all Iho r oe Uvt Wire ramt from
a lent war back and waa tehla > the Id r al the end tVtx 1anr hun talk
fry etoxav and onlr tired rUht > the nd Watrrcrnt quit KIn Jami ihoull hay DU
tyR eln w upIta4tkir lt ujpi a IMIJ 4L
TII l11TTtVtATheiSS Blllon < for thrxrrar oldi and uBiTrd it toil
IC en milt ami a litath on turf
Mart real n ally Tlml 4i SS Wlnnw > t r r rfrWnnt ihon Einbrae
I Intf c < tter WtIeL t4 L 1 Pin J 01111100 11 1111
4Mi drema via
oi I 1 I man 3 4
Itnli Arrabat fyi t4 ji I i i Oltor T II J 1
49 Jcaiutn 1i XII 1 3 i rlon 11
477 llararad I a e 3 b Inun so 10 rAI I
43u llmli U I 4 4 l arn 11 U
411 Tluii4n 116 lI4fb eItei r IJUn it 11 13 i i
iW Inn Hamilton t l I l u Z Ujlfto ri 1
471 C mr tlin r 18 J i O lunll to 10
I 01 1c 1 I r JL AUU IIIO
I rot llnw i i f off 4 m > fcralehrd Mary F Hallor Her
HrarriM cauaht AM In In ureten end laxlpc the lead won easily Th lathr
had al hi r04 hut llre4 toward tl end arquln outllll inth early MII mil
i at ill end and won au third JfVlJVH
an nroo Ihy Ji3Juln Hcanar could not rain a rallon
iuiirul and I1eiltIheed iiyJ and avIdtnUj lltet th um
TTlM SIXTH MA lc siiing for mate thfiu ffanioi1 and upirTrj llOuiadT 8 iTi
lU and a bill furlunr main nmr t
aiart m t W on e alIy TtmOoI 11 I 3 Wlnn r tht br Carlton Clalr II Ow
i trn K
I lnrttiBlrlj Wu III Tin ockwyi 5i nlllTl CJm Il 81
10101 I I J I NO 10
1u i
4W Wood th P 3 3 F II 5 2 A
4 I H Im iirl b I h iy 114 tucrm JO
4M < Cuttir liei t t 4 411 ifk 4 111 d
44 lA l l Karnia I > i 11 ft AII A C Vun t 19 6 TIII
lit < ilfn 1 9tl tl I 4 7 V lih i i J J
IHIIJU ts j T Y 10 nan efl 1 rs i 100 iS II
r f > lpcnt I ii t h 9 vL4 irrow eflHi it tJ JX In
11 IUII I 0 P 10 T n HiW VJ t 1
HiIIu IllS 1 II I 11 11 v Ourn W lS > 100
mi lima 4 J6 off toOL 1Il1Iltbo40llIamm Jersey lady nml turbary
nlI Jtnnl > 11
lolilri ran a ond race and tiLing the Ised riM wai newer In trno > wgnj
lIch AICaCI eOoo 10 Iii pace arii with a boollor tt rnlaht have PTOT tblsom
fuller Olrt 1Gw a < uiual In the early part dOP Irooc Cuiir cs coming Uuau Ion > iT
al the cad
TSt C IIIO The Kv < nlnr World
Jt Th nrnt race resulted aa follow
K1UST JtACE > Annfl May IS l y I 1
Alw ft to 1 for place J Bonje Iteg
J Time lia SS Tudor frAy Dolly
Chief Have Dutch Pet > Mm Bnillh
I George SWAin Tyrolean 7rouve r and I
II Jack Klrrhvtlle also ran
I 8KCOND HACBChullla J lo I I I
Banyali 1 J to 1 for place r Hand
Around I Time 101 Columbia LAd I
Dixie Hlmmel FAron DOr Mannle I
May Eleanor Fay and Hounding Klk
alao ran
THIKD KACatTht Waon City
fltakeTom D rtan ll lo ill 1 Hejiy
Iliiford I tiot plaiel J Telltlr 1
Time IM J5 Iran A CobleakiH
11 ia AJaor alio ran
poriiTH HACEiPoily Prim It to 1
1 Hob He K Itn IS to I pUrn > Mu ler I
1 Time 1W 14 Boon Bhlniile Murk
AnthonY M alto ran I
JlrTH HACtSPanlque U lo l > I De
tUwik II to S for place t Paler Knlwht
i Tlm < l 4114 June Time Oration
Qladvi JlcponnrJl also ran
I Bnak wo d I i to for place X l > u 0
1 TlmO alI Takbu Hall rum IVcl
Toby MamaronMk ttolr e Cirnilno
Javelin Predtter UuMtta and IlltcatiU
also ran
The raiea today raultr4 AI roilooa
PUtUT RAlK Montwey II to U 1
ban McKenna even for place 2 Pen
iMon t Tlmel 5 44 Klanie I Hc
ond Joe Fuller neevu Macron
LIner Cllft The Halle of Hrlgnton and
lllumW alao ran
i HHTXIND HACliMaiiano 14 to 11 I
Ink Holiday t to I Mncei t Sam
larmr > Tlmi I3S KllinPrle Snow
drift and Ht Unoch alao ran Flying
Plover fall
TH11ID IIACliIIalUard < l la 61 I
Headier 11 te I for litJi Paeiotum J
TlineIil d4 Ooiair and Ivlnc rilla
worth alto ran
JoOI nTH IUCBHOU Weevil < 7 to II
I 1 It vnry If lo I for place i Dandy
tMWMw I Time 011 hiUiuu
I ilejdow fjreefl Arupt Out of Ihll
I MAI Ic o ran
lit lilwit lilaui rartlce f lb UunUu
HUaiiliual Ou will M tn iij 451 nnyioir
Jun u th Tti aiMiLitr RMnriMMk olil
less Nw Talk un TIHt laneaM July
I J1 gad Thurla at > 30 P M i fin Oilui
day and dUly U al thO r M 544
r It
ATONIA June ISTh races hire
today reaultrj aa follows
PIIIST PwCii Klve furlong Ora
doug Dam IS to A and I to 51 1 Mar
caret Uandolph 4 to i for place J
Evelyn 8 S Time IOCJi
HECOND KACE Bven furlonga
CamUle t to 1 and S to SI 1 Dr Bprulll
li to for place J Boncbrak r Time
THIItn ItACKOne mllOambler If
to 1 and 3 to Jj t Harpoon ill to 1 for
pUce t Wedgewood 2 TlmltS J5
rOUHTH JlACBFlve furlonsa
Tackle it to t and 1 to U I Jo Moaer
In 10 for place 3 It C Itann I
Tlnl101 1a
FtKTil ItACE Seven furlortKa UlUe
Turnr in tj I and > to iDi I ZIIIMI
dl ill la 3D fro place 2 HI over Hill 1
Tim lW
Pint Game
Wuhlnrton 000001 00 01
PhllaJelpiU 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 x3
Itallerlia hughes und Heyilon Wad
dell and HchrivX
I 8 cond ama tfl
Waaiilnclon < 5 0 t 0 0 0 0 J 04
Pblladef I I 0 0 0 0 0 0 a
ItatlerlearVrdlh and Warner Render
and oIIrHk
Klral UMIU >
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 I
81 lx > na I 0 2 0 0 6 1 0 04
Jttterlr Mullln and Hehmldl Ho well
and Bte heni
clinic p < > an < ri nn account of wat
Pr vldtnc v 6 0 0 I 0 0 A 0S
Toronto < 0 0 S 4 0 0 4
llatl ir Crsnln and Pelerion He
ierf r and Porrlian
llalllmur 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 I 0 S
JUiflalo a 0 o 0 I 2 0 4
HaturltalUrdj and learn KIn
g r ui4 Hn
f1fj tJt l t tJlfit 1
Hogg Pulls Out Victor
In Pltchcis Battle
< Against Pruitt and
Former Grlftlthite
IIJO 1 to T Bwnlnr W wVl I
I HOSTON June SThe easy manner In
which the Highlander aelkelt nwny i
with theaeooml came of yesterday illd i
not deter a good crowd from braving i
I the fierce heat of this afternoon tnj
watch another ennlrat Hoth t m J
ore In a bad way aa to pitcher at
th outaet today Inasmuch ac nrae j
llcally every box artltt was pulled Into
th going during the double aeanlon 1
yeaterday FIrst Innlnfj j
Jloffman out Ferrli to Lnrlaiib I
Keelrr went out In the anie order
BlberfeM alke Chu POMXfd I foul
to tnirUiili NO 1U1VS
William threw Sullivan nut at nl
Parent doubled lo fulhn n alton filed
to Wllllama Ilarrett file I to Conroy
NO nt NS
Second Inning
Iaporte WIN He mole econd
Wllllarn filed to Ferrl Conroy out I
Parent to ImcWb aporte raehlnl I
third tUrkey grounded to Cnllaul
NO lltNS
Knlcht > eat a Mow bounder nKlsub I
popped to fha e KnlKht wai caught
rNc at nut Orth to Thc Ferrla
It1 a
mllert on > lo < onroy NOHlNS
Third Inning I
Pruitt knocked Hogga liner down and
Loett It to Inglaub ILirfman wan hit
by a pitched Iwll He Mole unrond
KIr alngled Hoffman taking thnl
ICrchar stole aeo nd Kltxrfeld alrwled
arlnl Hoffmin and Keler Klberfert
trid 10 rch ercond When the bail
5 5 returned to the Plate t witch 1
leeler and wa out Hulllvanto Iruitt I
to Ferris CSiaa < out Irulit to Uns
laub TWO niNB
Crlger popped to William Irulit
alngled fiulllvnn ancrlncwl Ilk lo
fhafe In running to aefond Pruitt
overran and wna out Chasm to Will
lam NO KUN8
Fourth Inning
Laporte filed to Barrett William
fanned Conroy filed out to Barrett
Paren tiled to Conroy Congallon
kalkl Itarrutt out Utporte to Chiae
ContTlion reaching aerond Knight
filed to William a NO RiP
Fifth Inning
Illckey beat an Inrkld nIt Hogs hit
In fruit of the plate and Crlger tireiv
to Parent nailing Rickey Parent threw
to Unglaub doubling Boar at that
Hofmiarr bUnted safely Keeler walked
KlberWd fOorJ Keeler whea he hit to
Ferrla NO IttNS
UngWtib walked ferris forced Ing
sub iibrfrld to Wllllim Crlger was
hit bv nn ln hoot PrUlll fnreed ricer
William to Glherfeld Sullivan nlt
to Hoffman NO UN
Sixth Inning
Chill oJt Knight to Irfblaub JA
Porte flied lo EMlivan Parent threw
oji Wllltun NO IlfNS
Elberfeld jurcled Parent grounder
Congaltnn hunted nafelv narrelt sac
rlflced to Chaae Knight out Elber
rlnet Cu JCnhrh 011
felfl to Chise Parent acorlne Unl
Uub fanned ONK PfX
Seventh Inning
Conroy aigled Illc e > out Ferris to
Ungtaub HOKK untied and Conroy
UnIllub Hoffman finclod hder n led
to Condition Elberfeld filed lo Bulll
nn ONE IttN
Ferrla fanned Crlger fouled to
Chaae Hoey batted for Pruitt and sin
gled between first and second Bulllvun
flied to Keeler NO RUB
Eighth Inning
Tannehlll began pitching for Boron
Chaae alngled Laporle lined to Kerrlt
and the Utter threw to Inglaub doub
ling C1ioa Wllllanka singled and Cun
roy forced him Parent to Ferris NO
parent popped to Itlckey Oongalton
alnilrd to left Jlarretl out I iporte to
Chtae Knight walked tnirtauti flied
to Wckey NO HtNH I
Ninth Inning
Illokm foukd to Crltfrr Iou fUel to
I airwtt Hoffman fanned NO HUNS
Ferris pIflglai tiger also singled
Tannehill hit by pltohed ball 8u llvan I
I lorwl Ferris flogg lo Ulckey Parent
tingled And Crimea scored Klborftxt
wai put off the field for kicking Con
ro taking hla place and M rlarlvy went I
to left Canstalton forced T nnhlll
Hole to Icky Ilnrrett forcej Con I
gslton C nroy to Wllllama ONF nUN
Old Wound Cause Buicld
CATO N V June 2Slytisuw f
Hunter S ni rcnant In business In 111
via alnce lIe committed suicide > es i
I Ira > s3 hanjjlng Mr hunter y ui a I
etran of the civil war end hart ufl
fered since then from a wound received
I In = the battle of Oettyabur
To let the rot and f cert it Ion you
nerd will depend much more upon I
I WHERE YOU GO than upon ho
I much money you jpcnd Dcnt tush
i off blindly to the dm Smlde or
Mountain Resort you may hut
about but look over the lone JUt
of fOrt description prlnldt In
t The World tudiy fur that mitter
I Tie WnUfri ti 31 tl SAnqf
jI R4M r A Lmai Wf111 fu
Tktu tW HtnU TUMI Trm t4 5
tf ii f
002000100 3
000001001 2
Hoffman d I 2 I 0 0
Keeler I I I 0 0
Elberdd I 0 I I 2 I
Marlai If 0 0 0 0 0
Chime Ii M 0 I 0 I 0
Lpcre 3b 0 0 0 2 0 t
WllalT 2b 0 I I 2 0
Ccnroy I t I I 1 0
Rlhy 6 1 04
0 1 0 3 0
Totals J 0 27 I I
I 1 ro A I
Sullivan c 0 0 2 I 0
Parent n I 2 I 4 0
l ConKlon I 0 2 1 0 0
I Brret If 0 0 3 0 0
Knight 3t 0 I 0 I 0
Ungiaublb O 0 12 0
Ferns 2b 0 I 5 4 o
C c r c 1 I 3 I 0
hut 1 3 1 0 J 0 I
Tannehil p 0 0 0 0 0
Hoy 0 I 0 0 0 I
Total 2 0 J7 1 0
Utc1 for Irl Inenth Inl
Base HllaOfl Pruitt 7 off Tanne
First Dose on llalla Off lIege 1 off
111r of
Prultt 4
tTr i llaae on Error Boiton Ito
I Left on Ilaaea HlEhtanden t Don1
I ton 4
I Struck OutHr Hogg t by Trulll 1
to Tannehill 1
Twntlina lilt Parent
Stolen Itaa a Ltporte Hoffman
Keeler Iorm
Dousle Plufa Crlger Parent and
I 1nirlauli Kerra in1 Inglaub
Tannehill Hit ly Pitcherilorratan Crlger
Iniplrr Mr Sheridan
Showed Anger at Connors Af
ter His Dispute With
HandBook Men
John Connor a young colored man
who la rmpli el In the winter season a
uaher at the Emplra Theatre was i
ehuaed by a mob In Hroadway lair this I
afternoon I
Connor aay that after Consulting a
racing bulletin he made a wager with a I
handbook man near Broadway and
Thlrtyalmh shred 11 bet on the
fourth race and hi hone won but when
he demanded his winning from the al
leged handbook man he awa told to
Ot out you black liar1
Tie alleged bookmaker accompanied I
hi command with a iwat In Connor
face Then he disappeared In LIII crowd I
while the colored man followed up
Droadwny The crowd grew till fully
Jfl men women and boyi knowlrvj
I nothing of what had occurred cnmxsl
Counor 1 finally ao4pei liy nil i
I nlng Into the Empire Theatre
NOI a policeman appeared although I
a hundred throila tare yelling Po
I lice until efrtr It wa 1 over
Connor came out of his refug hi 1
t covered with biO and tOad Ivla
Game C
At Newark Atlantic League t i
Sixth Oak Grove 41 Redco
Filth Servile 72 Dew ofDz
w T
Second Game
202130000 8I
000000200 2
kit I 1 E
Thoru cl 2 I 1 a 0
KnabeJb 0 0 3 4 0
Titus ti I 0 5 0 0
Mge I I 3 2 00
Grant 3b I 0 3 I I
CounneyJ I 0 7 0 0
Doonss 2 2 3 2 0
Doolnc 0 2 3 0 I
Spak 1 0 Ot 0 0 0
Total 8 8 27 7 2
fllOOhV I
Alrrman 2b 0 0 2 4 0
Caeyb 0 t 2 3 0
Lul 0 2 3 0 1
Uath I 0 2 3 0 0
Hurnmei lb 0 Q 7 uo I
Meloneycf 1 I 0 0 1
LcwIis 1 I 2 j 2
8el gee c 0 I 8 I 0
I Hcnlcp 0 0 0 3 0
3ationp 0 I 0 I 0
Jordan 0 0 0 0 0
TOla 2 8 27 1 5
laU fo 5cnlon ninth inning
I 111st HIKon HenUr 1 Scanlon J
Klr t I ie on lUllaOff Hpark 1
off hanky I HJiuiIon J
Firm llaae on Errora PhllHdHnhla I
4 lirookln 1 I
Idl on Maaea Philadelphia I Urook
Ilrn t
I trUck Outfly Bpark by Henley
i 2 Bcanlon i
Home ltuu1oa4n
TwoIlnae IUU Muger IXwIln MalOney
1 8toln lii Mcgee Courtnny
1 Ttiorno Grant noon Titj
i Passed lieiIDerrn
mplrRI nnd Krn iie
I = =
Quakers Turn Tables and Do
the Batting in Latter
nwat te T Xrnirig World
June dIIaying had no trouble In cap
turing the first givmw of todaY double
header from the Phllllea llanager Ion i
ovana huatler went at the vlaltnr for I
the second game determined to admin
later another defeat I
When tha bell rang for play there
about C11 router In Ihe stand
rabut 100 I
First Inning I
Thomaa was deadheaded lo Drat
Knab rtnced Alperman to Hummel I
Tltua fouled to Hergen Jlajrre alnll >
acorlng Thorns llagr stoic second
and took tWrd on Henley rud throw i
Grant walked Mace aoorjl on Ixswrva
lumtle of Cat throw kant getUng I
JUI1e Courtney walked and loleoM j
ond Grant waa taught at the plate I
nun to Alprjnn lo Oey to Her I
Kn nWto
Anpemun filed 10 Tllua Casey did
AIIrman Iuinl y was called out on
strikil NO 111N8 I
Second Inning I
oolln alruck out Doom all failed I
lo connect 8prk out henley to Ali
nnct Sprk
i rnin to HummeJ NO lnlr
Hatch Inll Hummela bunt foul
Continued on Second Page
000101 002
10304200 B
0000002 02
2000110 4
10001 2 4
1220310 9
Newark 10 Easton 14
at 201 Matador
awn out pi Prines loulic
100002020 5
000000000 0
Bridwell 1 I I 2 J 0
Tenney Ib 0 0 1 I 0
Sweeney 3h 0 0 I 2 0
Beaumont el 0 I 3 0 0
Bale r I 2 1 00
Burke 1C J 0 1 0 0
Rltchey 2b 2 1 1 5 1
Neeclham 0 I 2 2 0
Lindaman p 0 3 I I 0
Total M 5 JO 271 14 1
I 11 A E
Shannon If 0 1 1 0 0 I
Browne 0 I I 0 O
Devlin 3b 0 2 I 2 1
Seymojr 0 0 3 0 0
Harmllan Ib 0 t 10 0
Dahlen sa 0 0 1 I I
Corcoran 2b f J S 3 0
Bowerman CM 0 0 5 1 o
McGlnnlty p M 0 0 0 3 0
Stag 0 n 0 0 0
Totala 0 7 27 10 2
Halted for Ilow rman ninth Inning
Flr t Tlie on flxlieOff Undnman I
I McTJInnlty 2
Klr < llaae on Brrora HoJton 2
Glanta 1
Left on Diie BoMun 1 Clients G
Struck Out Iff Ilndnrnnn 1 br Mo
I Olnnlty r
1 Hemp Ituna Httchey
Tw Uul Hit Illtihey
Stolen Itteewithannon Corcoran
Hit hv Pitcher Seymour IClntly
tmplro Klein
Second Game at New Haven
a Walkaway for Old
Eli Team
Harvard 1 0 I 0 0 0 0 0
yala I I S 0 1 0 0 I
Yale Harvard
T Jones C Leonard 3b
ICIIffarJ cf rtli lb
Klnnn Ib felr r > e
UuafltnK Ib fex4r It
famp 2b OiU Jb
ifadden jt n rn rf
Wllltama aj ftimona 0e
Church rf JUrUord I
JIe er P Harver ft
I rmplre Mr Smith
JI In The rnll n1
June X Pandjmonlum reigned an Tale
Yield this afternoon when the Yal
alumni In vnrlrguled < > lumta pi
raded on the field In adntnoe of te
annual YaleHarvard game Th grand
land bleachers were thronged ant
hundred sat on the eraaa cnelralliiK
the nld Yale confident of victory
uver r ittlme riinl amltil Ide
K ine with ton mkjlj while a
aprlnkllnic of ci1mji routers ketrt their
paxce in antloipatlm Meyer and Jon4
oncllo in the iiotnt for Yale und
Hartforil and CUirl were the liar
yard battery
First Inning
Leonard out p uher U first Jrj
gut flral on bail anti ibM siai I
aided Ir1 a wild 1111 Currier tot
nl on Ktnneya ruuiit Hugo o I
Inl to tll Dexter oj 1111 10 I
Cushing JirUge scored Mn the VUI
loCal out Kinney to CfKhljig ONK
Jane mngltd aiij stale second CUt
feed filed to t > ill Jon at ihlru
on Hortford wit throw to aooml and
Juord wW pJUb Wnney till a
horn run to right field CiuUng got
a baa on bal Camp hit te hot
and on a double play rettrej the itla
Stmoru KONB to UcCill ta Ilrlgg TWO
5 cond Inning
Dana hit a twoMgt4 to Uft Held I
unions struck o DIUMI WI4 oau lxt at
chlni by Jon o an allony > lcl IIM
Hartford out Williams to Ouhln < NU
Madden got a baan on ball Madden
took second on a wild pi ton William
hit a fly to left field which l utlv turn
tiled II r0fld laronil Churoh bit
a liner through Hartfonl wttlnb Mcfall
In fumbled souring Madden and Will
lama Ilrnnan replaced HartOld
Irnnn rflc
Meyer lacrlrkVd Jonea bit to MoCall
who fumbled and tic reached first Clif
ford hit to centre field for two base
for ni ftiurrh Jon < reth4 ihlicl
Klnny Mngled orln5 June Kin
ney alol sen4 tuhing fouled out
to Crier Camp Wl safely to left field
l atortng Illfforl Madden bit to elton
Continued on 0oot 1a
j 1 f
J p l 1
Iron ivan McGinnity 1
Outpitclicd by Lin I
daman in Game ot
Heavy Slugging Alton t
on One Side J
POI OnorjfDS June tTbe no
Inn battere lit McOlnnlt tit will thti 81
allernoon anil defealwl the Giants by
a tton oct 100 In I dull listless 1Jm
Not nre ciiukl the a0 J spectator b
aroused tu excitement
milmil n did excellent work In the
box for Itocton
Iilit5I to ism Bienlnr World >
POLO tirrorxns June i Thn
thousand tano brnxnl the Inlenae beat
tn tfe the Glanta again battle with
Iknton and they were rewarded TrtUj
an ercllltHT contest t
MuGlnnltj pllohed for the Glanta sAl
< va oppoaed by ilmlimnn Seymijur
nan recovered from his Charley hom
and reaunuU his place In centre
First Inning
Bridwcll was KIn a pass t first
Tenucy houted a high ny lo Shannon
dnenp jr sacrificed McOlnnlty to 1tAfl
nlfan Beaumont singled And DrldwaU
topped at third tea smashed a ho
111 Into r ° Kht acndlni JUeauroont t
thirst and coring Ilrldwell Ilurka
struck out ONi PUN t
Shannon mahr l a hot single r
Tenney Browne foul < vd to Tn f
Devlin sent a fly to Ikaumont SA
lon stoic second ttltchey fumbled they
nioura grounder and Shannon tried to
core on the play but Iltlrriey threw I
3w ener who whipped It U > Ncedhara 1
and Spike wMscaUBht a fool rom the
plate NO RUNS
Second Inning
IVvrlln throw lOUt Itltrhey and NN4 II
both POPPed a fly to Devlin Llndamaa
eat mil it low hit but < warn forced out
al jiecond on llrtdweU irrounder Dab
lea to Corcoran NO IUN8
BrUlneUthri out Hnnnlfan Dmrilrn
enl a fly lo Ha4e Corcorin elngled
over iecond nitohoy toned out noTirr
nan who liri hi Mngtmnli on ready
for li < poaltlon NO RINB
Third Inning 4 j
Corcoran rpude il fat play retlr1n
Tenney ot tircI flweeney sent a foul 4
nv lo Hannlfnn w1in throw out
IIl8umnnt 10 Rt3
Ltndemfln pot McOlnnltva mull and
retired him lleauinont was waiting for
Stmnnona flv Browne Wihlerl5i
eedham to
stealIng Needham
and wta OIl
Itltcbfy NO ntNS i
Fourth Inning
did the strikeout act nurtrt
nied to Hej moor Dahlm got itherS
fly vn fiiCK
11etn fly f11 Mt with three no
linn pire after II seymour sacrificed r
In1e tn Tnney 1lIn no nut
Ialllllr Nhltm 110 Son hanoi
IfrlIn wj
hn naw passed 10 first
Irnrter Dahlena Texas Iuar co
Fifth Inning
seedham tiled lo Hannlfan 1IDfla
man arSil l lo Ml IIrtoJ111 emil
advanced IJndiiman a boa IJnJamin
Kiuf caught narpns al eecnnl McOln
oily to Cor xr n Devlvln fumbled TI
ny bouwlw and both he IIInl UrUIIoU
were aJ MoOlnnlty stopped JheJnla
hut crook and threw him out NO
Tvnnet got Corror na P op ity
niteh y throw out Bowermart teGIJ1
ruty nitS 10IIumcm NO HI NB
Sixth Inning
neaumout JIM to Hhannoa JIale1 un
sled Hurke again struck out nilcheya
crack to right crnlr netted him a horn
run and soured Betas ahid of him
Nllflbam truck out Ttto HUNS
Urly thre out Btunon T nnr
ml Uro nea bounder back of flrat and
bTat him to the bag UrVln < Ilfd
geymoiir was hit In the btrUas and
walk l Brtrtw ll rral Hannlfaoa fly
ASeventh Inning
LlndslI Ineol i eptrs t1dwr11
made K neat aac tte > fTtyu ijo
Hannifan Tnne iUkd lwecaj
tiled out to Drown 100 znour ma le A
ermt th of auraurua fly NO
BrI1I threS Out pI1n Cllrto
ran ameU1 to IT B mA llQt
Is shirt 11 I Wtv I
hit on Hi f M I
bliinne i > i > 1 T > Irm 11 Vt11
bin LlnTU a i t In llno to alt v
hi tbron f > aiM 1
Ellhth Inning
flue out Corrrai to MnnrUfan
nehln unbled Hutl < > runJ t at4
he was safe Rtlley miU ciotki
Ruah to left for tn 1ii n and flsjJc i
a Wn < d to third Xeedhkia Igfd
aoirlnK Burke and till hey WtuJmltl
struck nlt prdwell nied to COlOGra
T O RiNg
Bronne was called out on irlca
fIII was lIlt ifn It Tnnrs
Tnnv retired flvymour uruicalned NO
Ninth Inning
Tennry wilkej pwemev fouled te
lUnnlfln rWauinnnt ant a fly lo HJJ
flour Corromn mil Hannlfln dlinfaed
of Bale NO ItlNJ PC i
Tin > retired 8evrnour unIIN Tm I
nr DahUil filed out to Brke Cer
roran alngted Htrang batted for Ilawirj
man ioreoran slot sctnt mmnf
out to Teniwy unaaIIf4 NO ttUMBj I
Action of Congress in Condemning
Piiunce MlnUlcrs Follcy >
Causes DLssatisfaton
OAHAPAJ Venfiuala June Jt
WllUVialadl Island of lurar > a Jui
LTM CaAUWt xetgaed today nwnj
la the action of Cong In eondemA
Ililt the poJW 0 Uw Mlnuier Jt
YlaIlCt The tinJa of U > d rlmnt4
at transaCting Ui 0 vi > un4l Ioi
IpA l 7JI
i iiiUfii

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