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To Be a Model Husbanct
Just Ask Your Wife Says I
Winner of Blue Ribbon
Dr Palmer of Chicago the Lucky Man Lets
His Wife Talk Freely of His Many
11 Good Points and Modesty
v Admits Them
Ask your wife man ask your wife
Let your wife ldeshe probably knows best Give her a chance
let her do the talking for the family H will rove you trouble and please
Are you undecided about anything Well Just ask your wife
This U the recipe In n nutshell of Dr Albert E Palmer of Chicago
for becoming a husband par excellence BO that other women will un
nlmou ly envy your wife and other married men will Invidiously look
upon youfor your glorious distinction
Who Is this Dr Albert E Palmer A mollycoddle
In he a Nature KaTdrT
President Roosevelt hnnnt yet accused him of being one
Well why does ho hand out the dopewhy houfJJ he speak with
inch authority
Because he Is the winner of the blue ribbon at the Husband Show
given at the homo of Mrs James Sydney McCullough at Chicago He II
the Tllue Ribbon husband the heat ever He Is a man who embodies
theory with example lIe Is the personification of what he advlsaa In
the abstract He Is a shining example of what he says a husband should
he and It ho Isnt happy he has been afraid to say so
How doe t feel to be the but in
th ollvr he vaa aced today
Just Ask My Wife
The queillon obvlouvly erobarratiM
him Hi ooked furtively about lroV j
hb clisilc brow In momentary perplex
Itf and then thoughtfully replied
Well well 1 hanrtlv know You iee
I un 10 overcome by the eurprl er
er the honor of the thIng dont you
know that I havent had a chance T el i
to auk my wife Jim wait my good i
fellow until I iro and UIlc to herIt
her about It don t you know
Enter Mr Palmer better known aa i
Pauline Palmer the artIst who wai
at work In her itudio with palette and
bruih Her poIse waj perfect And ihe
mlled encouragingly though Inquiring
ly at hr huiband and hit Interrlawer
The point In which you ue to excel
all other huibandi ventured the ques
tioner emboldened by the fact that Dr
Palmer waa all there sine tb advent
of hla better half are truthfutneis
manner devotion and gallantry Now
whit are your eipectal qualification In
thee particular
Heally faltered the Doctor glanc
ing at hli wit for Invplratlon and ap
probation really dont you know I
OU 1tn tto lay anything about that
Ak her
1 lira Palmer b imel on her huband I
milled proudly at her huib nd deli
oat modesty and aaiurned reiponftlbll
Ity for the verity of aubiequent dtclara
What do you regard a the Incident
ef the Doctor life moat strongly brine
tac out hli truthfulneasT
Why Mr Palmer ald In benign
urprlie he la alwayi truthful arent
you dent
Modestly Admits It
An1 Dr Palmer modfitly admlttM
that he always tried to be It wa a
point In hi favor that like ome hu >
band In the tame position might hay
don he did not alfrt that ho wu
always truthful but Imply that he i
tried to be If he had ald that he
actually waa atway truthful It would
have created n doubt In the minds of
other but lea Impeccable men that he
wa fourriiulilnr hut to uy that ho
ajway trtej to be did not neceuarily
establish hli uper1ortty over other
men although lira Palmer may not
have looked at U that way
And ale purturJ h 1 a Che
terfield for manners and a veritable I
Itomeo for devotion arent you dear
Dr Palmar attain amlled and wa will
Ins to take lid Ifa wonl for It and let
It ro at that
Ii waa very plain that he wn of cur
piuilng gallantry and If the women
are to judge hud hit upon the true
principle of liuHMiidly mii ilontv in
fact hli qunllflratloiK ate of iuch t
perpetual lnflexlhl nature that II were
folly to Iry to nnd Inltllllc of exotp
lionel dlitlnctlon
In the entry blank however thee
other qunlltlcalloni am let forth
Although twice married hll wife I the
nly woman he eye lovixl
He can button arkacllun hlrt wain
with focllliy mul rtte That I i when
they are hit wife of course
In Mi Imbltn lie u dUllluitlvlr do
lie rn ilw on hutton of all kind
which ave hi wife a great deal of
trouble unit whirl I a mallnoatlon
that would plea any woman
ye pay ibe mllllnn and inline with
Ht queillon and M8 often u he ha he
lie nver wan In Ennllih Whether
er not he Is a linguist U not dlrulced
He le a rood ludge of loatHe arid can 1
dlitlngulan point deiprlt from peeka
Inw insertion and can call chintz b i
It real name upon ilnlit I
Ke > In douhllu du lola nf oilier I
thnKJ but are not thfie enough
Mow many New York huiband could I
l4ke a ulu rlhunn on Uih urclna
Characteristics of
Blue Ribbon Husband
He Ii always truthful
It a ChcitirfiiM for manner
flu U a Romeo for devotion
He can button a baekaodon
alilrt waist with sees
1U can sew on a button
He 1 donvMtlo In hla habit
He never > WNIolII In English
He can distinguish point deeprlt
from peekaboo Inwttan and oall
chlntx by name on eight
He pay the milliner and modlrte
Although married twice hb wife
Ii the only woman he ever loved
iitoo RIVES
s I
Minister Shot Barker
by Viii
Retire for Harmonys
Sake It Is Said
Humor ha It that Rev John Keller
will sever next Sunday hli connection
with Trinity Episcopal Church Arling
ton N J
For peveraJ yean there hi been die
atlifortlort In the congregation and a 1
though th majorlly ha alwayi stood
IV Jletor Keller hero Ii oppottlon
enough to him It Ii ald lo ecu him
to resign In the lnteret of harmony
nr Mr Keller II the minister who
wa ho ceveTml yar ao by Thoroaa
Ilarker of Arlington alter Darker
wife had told bar hu bnd a uteri
which prompted the aaiaull
Darker wa oonvlcUd In the Hudson
County Court and nCltloed to five
yn In mate Prison but waa par
doned after having rved a portion
otlil term
Her Ur Keller could
not be ee o yesterday
terday and IlUhop Edwin a Un
head of the diocese uld nothing had
yet been aettled In regard to the maI
ler and that anything that la to be
Mid on the rumored resignation must
com from Hector Keller
Several member of the church us
ertK1 ho rumor Ic true
KIKU Germany June SS During
one At the few period of aunihlne that
Imvo broken Ilia put alx rainy dAY
Bmperor William itopped on obI way
to the Naval Academy lo watch com
girl playing tennis un the aeudai
He l > eojm Interested and asked If he
might loin In trie play Hla Majety
olioie a tanner pi47rd with her agalnit
two other KUli and was beaten
He lauKhod thanked hla partner and
want on
Late Reports Show That Thousands Have Been Injured
There ILls not been an explosion of dynamite but the theory
that All HMI Estate Investments ar the BEST has explrxJwl he
I yor 4 any pefrndventure of doubt
It is admitted that ALL Heal Hstatf makes n good investment if
VoiighUt the RIGHT PRICE hut dont forget tint Its the PRICE
that counts hence this reminder to look before you leap In jmr
chasing a hmiw lot farm or aarr tract In order thai you may not
only get the mnst desirable property Ut that vii may get II al the
5 T spp
If you invttt in Real Ettate before sflnrrnf thnash Site Bar
gain offers mad tccry day in The World Want Directory
you will pe apt to eel the conc laio of the Expiation
u reftrreJ to abate
iIt 1Jtf lrr W t r II I1 r17
Dwellers New Y ork Citys Skyline Who Enjoy
Field Sports and Cool Breezes High Up in Air
i j
zS I r
1 II
1 fi 10
0 tt
Police Would Like to Hear
From Man in Mouse
Colored SuiL
It the mn who wear a motnerol
ored linen ult and green collar and
CUtTa wlU call at the Weit Sixtyeighth
atreet Iatlon nd take away the ult
cue left there by W cabdriver last
nUM the t > ollc will bo obliged
TW Is the advertisement the police
are thinking of getting Into print They
wmnt an owner for a suit coe filed
witfc fragment of tale bread and
atairr chicken left there last night hy
Cabby Joe hATS He aay the grip waa
left In hU han 03i toy a man who had
beon dAlrlrvCabout IJI his rig all day
and taklnr light meal from the Inte
rior ot the wit cue Hay collected
no He said the lanxnint wm at much
for the distance he bad driven
Know at a Dank
It may be said here that while the
man In the inouatcolored garment Ii i
by no mean a stranger at the Corn
Exchange Hank at Iila4l on avenue and
I Sixtieth tret at the omc of Thomas
i Cook t Co Kit tourist agent at Ne I
e 0 Matllion avenue or at the llotel Al
bany at Ilroadwny and Joorilth atreet
he la to the police He walked Into
tIle Oxn Kiohnnire JUnk a wevk ago
and announced that he wa Henry
flherwood wtio owned a few mine and
a couple of goldbearing mountain In
Couth Arrtoa and he w > uld be much
obliged It he could have a million dol
lar In American money In exchange for
th earn amount In the currny of
New Oulna rlfnt away TJi cashier
saId he didnt think they had that much j
on hand at the moment but nktd tho
man In the rnou color 4 suit to call
baok next day I
Th milliondollar eajter a4 rt Was
very aonoylng but that he would drive I
I down to Cook office and exchange hU
money there
I lou et I have all I na at pres
ent he remarked IUI ho made lili exit
throwing a dazzling pile of twenty
dollar gold piece before the aalonlibed i
bank people lii gather these up one
by one and departed At Cook place
he repeated lbs performanc but tha
tourUt peopl changod a fw 0rpoilnd
Dank of Hngland note for him HI
next visit ao far aa It can be traced I
wa to the Hotel Albany where hi
ordered a ruinfungi of the beat qual
Aetenlthas Droadvvjy
flis l > arwiter coukln I produoa a fuss
funge w turning aherRood wandered
out to tie atenotTM r aod dtotated
two letter to Tbomaa Cook thanking
him for raIJng ihe note All lap and
down IlroauVway the man of myatery
has left a ItuU of iwonder Iliuhin Into
h penivn urns tx hu urder i or
lIJ4rtKIIjor look by the OoMn lo l 1
vent to the Hotel Jelc Central
Park Wt > t Vr such strange drink na
Alvywian aMn4rtie and New Ilorrno
< o kttci lie JMM < h 0 < > a constant caller
In Alain street tlilfit l itXr
Hiifnwmid left a bratd smooth swath
rf a under beiilnd tlrn vealvniair lifter
hr belied ltuira cub at the ourner of
yiIUeiMlA avenue rnd votrNe0n4
strait He drov to a dounplee1 In
cludlru a laundr where hi loft a
bundle of char land nut to W itywi
pn i u other place he Iwurhl over
UiuiK Iran tin dippers to red neckties
All theft lie iwlffd aaijt to the l4
Ito ihr It aiim Oonltd todny ibet
anything Ca known of lb eocentne
IX > SION June 36 A dupalch to a
n agv from OditM sea It II i
flul4l5iv5Y nor > e l IU4I tia > antren
et the ouUirn ifMiry Attrlrt ser
et ibrfu > > mofJ Tftth tie OdoM gar
llfWi Mivt e un hr d
IU t II WttXWMl lie aui er1n
UildHlI uf tlUOi5 oS Yrwi IIIU
I 4la oifllul4 s lust fiuw iA4J
I UHAi OWJi > l tIa year Th UU
m II crtWuILu u
Ijflp TV y MU e y > lS lr hlr
lion BrIu llWS ald Wit UC4 btl
Fi W
On the Tops of Citys Tallest Buildings They
Have All the Comforts ofLife in the Suburbs
With a Grand View Flowering Gardens
and Room Even for Games of Baseball
By Alice P ohe
LL the comfort of home on top ot a twentyeight story nky craper
ALL bulldlnct
If you dont believe It fond admirer of condensed domestic life
In a Harlem apartment Just take a btrdWye view of New Yorks famous
sky line sometime on wash day
x I
There arc onty a very few people who are really leading the higher life
In New York today and they are to be found at the top ol the famous aky
scraper whOle skeleton frames tower far above the maddIng crowd Ig
noble strife H
Think of a happy home on top of the Produce Exchange Whoever
dreamed that far above the plungers In the wheat pit there Is a haven ot
domestic happiness with all the details of real home life that few apart
ment house dwellers can obtain r
And also think once more of an Ideal apartment on tap of the towering
Park Row Building and still another on the top story of the Empire
Building And If you had been out early yesterday morning you might have
seen a days wash floating In the breeze from the top of No CO Wall street
while a game of baseball wa going on In the back yard on top of the At
lantic Building
At Home on Twentyeighth Floor
Blxlyper cent of the big office buHd
Ing hr apartment for the uperin
tnd nt or Janitor on the top floor and
while the busy downtown world 1 ur
I through Wall and Nassau treHa
and lower Broadway up In the air In
these mart of finance little children
are playing and wives are carrying
on their dometlo care aa oblivious of
worry ac though they were In Arcadia
It r T Ie llacon superintendent of
the Park Row IhiUdlng and his wife
nd two smell children feel that they j
art hlgtitonod they certainly have the I
right The Dacon home Ia at the tsp I
of the lowering Park Row itrqclur on
the twentyfifth floor
When the express elevator whli up i
to the offlcee of the Interborough Rail
way Company you may are a nun
with a email boy and a baby who have
been out taking an airing Then are
two babies who live In a big sty
scraper and ibsy an cc health and
happy u any small children could be
The Bacon apartment are beautifully
fitted up with all the modern come
SIlences There la a small garden for
flower and the fresh air l > ar rood
a that of a mountain reort
There II nothing remarkable about
famllle living lo the bIggest office
buildings Mid Ur Kaoon although
people dont usually associate horn life
< with offlce work Our life up here
Is Jut the same as In a well regulated
i aparttnont house All good are ii
I livered by the trades p opl the gar
bage la taken down every day at t
oclock and burned and for the weekly
warding we have a special drying room I
I Th nurse take the children out van
day and I cant see how our life dif
fer In any way front that In a well
rrrvilated apartment home except that
we have perfect quiet and privacy
Priter Thin Apartment House Life I
Bven more hightoned than Ur Ilacon
and hi family are Frank Taylor and I
hIs wit who lead the higher life on
I top of the twentyelghlaiory bulldlqg
at No CO Wall street
After the elevator ihoota up to the
twentytilth floor you climb two more
flIghts of lain and then you reach
I one of the molt refreshing apota In
all Nw York Down tviow the af
talr of the frentlrd world go on and
rliraiori hurry scheming builne men
baok and forth but up here wlur
tile breezes blow In from the harbor
you find a iuinni r roof garden open
I ing rem a nIANom apartment that
makes cumnier ta > lde retreat louk
Uka noUy crowded control
If yuu were In an alrtblp yeti might i
see the Taylur UonJay waahV drying I
IIHI the WE broad roof porch any Man
day morning Her too are garden
wtu filled with flower while twu big
ADlror oat play around IB U > 4 un
Denizens of will rlmanthouea
with window openlDg ujwn bur
trc nr narrow count you wvuld
map ltb unl al IhC iplrniild
I pantirarna la be uu from llill Taylor
wlfl4OL All liie tsp wlUi S JiUM
IMTiUg In Ul vftllr a 1a IH < KI lUc
IbititiS > UU from OOIly lalaixl bi die
lant points of U JVUC shore ar
vltllol from Ibis ayrle of tne big lor HIv
And furtnm are there U AW Janitor
U bather tbe Trlara tsr Mr Tuyler >
lunllor liNt apciritaiknt In one nj
I I never dUI utwseer of a ull4luc uv s
utere < lil > ittul Uum thee Lite ftlr I
t the lIlt > at WaU stes highest build
ba4 P eltbtlta I l
7 lI
I I 1 1 1
of the financial world are working Out
but way up J7S trot above the trot
there la a rejular aummerreaort dome
tic horn
It I better than living In an atxirt
menthou aald Mr Taylor aa she
washed up the luncheon dlahe Tin
only trouble U that when we give our
addreee aa Wall strict the trade peo
ple want to overrhanre ua We have
our laundry done here and hang It out
n the porch As for the garbage thai
la burned In the fumiun downstaIrs
and la carried down every afternoon
Ice ie iuii > i sl In the building and Urn
milkman and all the otner tradesmen
come right up to us
Pint Child Born on Produce Ex
Over on the top stOry of the Produce
Kxohange Jtlin H Fedeler and ide
wife ana amall con live a life removed
from all the discomfort of the usual
axuuiiehtlioue routln
Alii young Muater Kelrlfr who camo
Into the wTlj atuit the 1 Toil ace Ex
change only teat November hu liii
illitlncllon of being the only baby ever
born In luoii UI exalted position
Mr r deler who la auperlntrndent of
the building ehowed the tmall roof
rirden with the family WSstl Jut he
log taken In with Considerable pride
Tasre Unt many a plc with a view
like Ibis he said pointing lo the bay
dotted wilts It Liberty Btatue anJ vea
aeli puffing Into the harbor Helow
far below waa Frauncri Tavern
Master Kedeler may one
wliere yowig
day look aM be Inspired fur study of
Amertoan Witory
Icid Olf
Piaoe to live < rn
It II a ne
Keleler and there II no i mnrton
When we
with apart < lIe IhtJuae life
Stilt came here Mrs Ylelr wre natu
rally loneaone but now she w Ildn1
ohaiige for the Onset home In New
York Th advantage of living here are
many In the fIrst place there U na
npArlintit uua goilp Ue are abjo
luely Independent Then we are
thin a Fifth avenue millionaire be
dud there are watchmen constantly
on the lookout
Can Play Ball In This Roof Garden
Acroo the way If an alr hlp could
have descended upon the roof the IIU
dent of the higher life might have seen
anuther family waih floating in the
Vree on lop of the tall Atlantic Hul d
ing fp here E P rWrell auperln
tnndenU and hia wife arid two mall
hay breathe the rarlfled New Tout
air In a home far above tild atreet
People dont know what comfort we
have because moat nf them dont
rmllie Hut there are really people
rtnilllnc down In the fInancial district
aid Mr Herrell My too youngtter
four and two years old rnvn a flue
a playgrnuril ai any suburban rnIJn
Why wr riiive a roof garden spec IIII
eiiuuch for a ram ol bill
No Prying People Her
Around the comer at No 42 limed
way Jam i P Mackty wiierlntarwliinl
ol lid tall Irtjlldlnir has a happy hum
on the twenlyieoond lloor
There U nothing lie thIs 111011
dent healthful lfe In NV York laid
Mr McKay The air ui > her U fine
Mid we ste not annoyed uv prying pea
lir MoKay xaa lived on top of No
41 nrcatlwav for Wire > ser He apJ
his wife hav a flue ttartmut of aevrn
room and Path aind tnelr flower gar
I den nil the rout 10 aJ aIwiys been a il
llThl to titter list lOuli see thai tAr
T tall Empire Itu kln > K has Hi lIttle
I dun tlc afferlng In the war of a haPpy
hofue toy for fay up un Ihll tap filer
live sIsln i 05 tlnlndont hli
wile and daugtitor T Cot i i > rt > n 11II1
is nne ir I nanueameel uf the bit
nttta bulldliri cud It has ti u wo Uwn
dry ra w in addition to a smelt root
Vheii you > a furolly wb belai
hung out on 1 cPw I urk C slip hoe a n
Marila Jut riiriMi < t < r list It beloizi
10 Ilie riCi loa > rs nf ilir tilt MT ha
> o Court lr < urrillnM ami > u It t >
purl hp lHlpr lltllirr
11O8TUN June X A r lut < on o
live 55111 a UMMiand euUe test If
the nMXioium lanai II uf iat wa an
rn uno4 by tue lloitofl tweuit4its
Ui Coetiitio lutlay Tttit mducilae
toll wake tie maxfwuin price wijl
real I iu in4 II It IU > fj lIrUa t
< IWJ4j 1 inat the ClIliP > iii a4 Ii
tit Uat two year inakWC a tMjil 101 <
ilucuou of twenty tau a U ou iui
t c > t
Miss Hollister Saves Two Boys
From Drowning When
Boat Upsets
It was because she lived In New Tork
and became an expert awlmmer at a
publk bath on the Eaat River that
llary HollUter II able today to qualify
aa an eligible candflfcti for a Carnegie
I heroine medal
Ulai Hollliter U now v milkmaid em
ployed on a farm near Dodd Like
N J but It U denied that herlbtlng
to much nt home In water had any
thing to do with her icourlng the Job at
the dairy However abs quit milking
her cow long enough to save two boys
from drowning yesterday and U herald
ed In the neighborhood today ua the
plukleit girl In the SIte
I Clarence Hubbard and Jame C Doug
has of Paterson were member of a
flfthlng party wdlch reached HuJd1
IAk yeiiterday While rowing up the
like toward a lonely pot young Hub
burd lot one of the oar
Daugla attempted to reach It and the
boat upeet Neither boy could swim
and tliny clung to the boat crying for
a litancc Mica Hollbiter who wa
milking nrr by heard their shout and
vetting her pall down rushed to the
She could see them floundering about
In the water some < lMne from shore
and finding another boat moored near
th bank jumped In and rowed out
crying encouragement to the boys
Hubbard was seized and pulled Into
I her boat by the muscular girl but
I Doiigla mat hi grip and went down
When he failed to reappear ills HolUi
ter told Hubbard ta keep hli eat and
diving Into ChI deep water she soon re
tppenroj with a tight grip on the boys
collar He tried to trlze hla reeuer
about the neck but rejlltlng the dan
ger of a draining clutch she fought
him off until otter a itruffrte abs sue
celled In reaching her boat with him In
tow Hubbard aaitited In Ruling him
In and then he rowed them both
The boy were M eihiutt that she
hid lo care for them until late In the
afternoon when ihe found time from
her dulls 10 drive them lo the nareal
railroad nation where they took a
train for Palenon
The part of the laic whet Mil Hol
Ier made her double rotcua It one of
tIle dscIet and being foil frum jprlnt
la very raid and djngerou 1 for a
S wlmmer
Us Schank Rebels at Last
mId on Her Charge Hus
band U Arrested
AUmlmr Lust her busbenil compelled
her to aecc ai MISS aa U rt umli
thirds to Kill bar If the refilled Ira
f llarrr aVrimak a comely uio < UI ui
I thirty and av > > ritr of I tare little chili
Area last 01411 PlatrtNI a oliarge al
aikauVt a Jiul him lit i arreelw
I tiuU lurkt I up U > thi Uaai Vlfiv ui
HUitt Htatloa
f I maul in i C i IItV irlrl lo yrnn
I u > tii Euotl witii Mri rt hank w
t rlulb 1 ar ii j leptsod m
r I IUwl forvnl in 1dY Mh gi I
lur ItiMHtoiitl I ljl in i 1 lb a r
truer ct ia i til iliiti hfl tuu
I kt iruuMt > f inS tham
tPtiO k I Uilil > n > r ifdii old J
i Is lu l to II ie Hit < > ifle TV
1 It 8ii h It KJ ttt Uaal llaly4xr
htT l1te p fUKtr LIel to
Ih UJllI1tcIa S h wt 1I1611L
I jj
Minnetonka Delayed at Har
bor Entrance for Third
Prize Horses and Whole Menagerie
nagerie of Other Animals
on the Ship
CllJlI IxxyUnd of the Atlantic
Traniport liner > Ilnnetonka wJilch ar
rived today from London Vwentytour
hour late la of the impression that he
It under the tnflueno of a hoodoo For
three conieoutive trip Tie ha encoun
tered dens fog at the entrance of Maw
Tork harbor and each time ha been
compelled to coma to anchor three
mile east of the Bandy Hook Light
ship to await fair weather
The Mlnnatonka wo lighted off
Sandy Hook at 10 oclock yesterday I
morning Rather than take chanoe
with the tortuous channel In the pre
vailing thick weather Capt Layland
determined to wait for the foe to lift
and he waa not able to get under way
until daylight today Three trip Co
at the harbor entrano In a fog the
Mlnoetonka narrowly escaped being
run down by the White Star liner Cel
Uo and was actually bumped by the Cu
narder Etrurla This time Capt Lay
land played ate
There Was a mall panger Ut on
the Mlnnetonka but she carried a big
cargo of valuable animal On board
were the first American horse to re
turn from the treat London Hone
I BhowBritish
British Prize Brought Back
Among then were three prize winner
owned by Paul Jon of Ixmlivllle
Ky one of which Poetry In Motion
won a blue ribbon In the Ladles Sad
dle Hors claaa Adam Deck II P
of London Ontario had nine of his
horiri returning to Canada from their
London triumph
The tar of hla consignment wa the
chestnut gelding Kakabeka which put
It all over the KngUiu addle hone
That a wan U not a e xotn < < bird
waa made plain by a pair called Joe
and Jennie particularly One specimen
on their way to a menagerie In the
WeaL floUt were out of aorta all tho
way aCrOSS the lady swan particularly
I o Her sol amuemnt wa beating
hex husband who took all that waa
coming to him with alrao human
The pet of the hlp was a big collie
called The Captain on hi way to De
troit alone Uob Armstrong head
haeoter of the Mlnnetonka had charge
of him during tile voyage and took him
for a conilltutlonal every day All the
women and children tried to make It
pleaiknt for The Captain but he was
thoroughly aeatlck and aa miserable
and downcast a dog a ever carried bll
tall at halfmail
Captain Not Seafarer
Not until yesterday when the land
brerars from Jersey wept over the hlp
did the captain perk up Ill joy at
getting ashore wa plainly expreied
The moit dUtlnguUhrd passengers
were Former United States tiuprcme
Court Justice Drown and Kate Neater
ton the humorist Justice Drown has
been abroad almoat a ealevr lnc
hi retirement from the bench
I have talked to many diplomat of
vartoui nation In my travel In ald
and all of thorn hot keen lntere
in I lio relation between the Inlod
State and Japan Vnllc City regard I
the minor disagreements that have ul
tnuxed 10 nnirh uitmllnn lately un
trivial all are of the opinion that oon
er or later we will have to go lo war
with the MJkadoi people I
I His 365th Day in the Tombs
Finds Him Railing at
His Lawyers
Harry K Thaw was In anything but
a pleAnant stat of mind today when
he woke In fata cell In the Tomb Th
Ito rattier jOt on hIS nerve lie
cent for np Hy Warden Henley knme
dla > ly after brekft and lilieS him to
ummon Attorney OlUllly and irh
body tOIl
the the lawyef arrived Thaw de
tnamled that they get him admitted to
lull wlkboul delay
Kvery une u aMrtlag for Burape
i he soniplalive4 and Im cocip t4 up
rTi re Ita Ixreii ft tleya slflQ I landd
In this pta
The Iwyrs toW him MM IAIeJ bail
iMMuty BU Ir ttery effort to pi htm liii
liWrly OIl hall ThAw Ueolared H ooulJ
I funiUh any cim the HIM oUght ask
Kerlng II cam lrnx > aktoU lo r u u
WIIM htm the stlulite35 ef4 him II
tMj nut itUMIed duwn by the lime hu
wife < tfle I pay her daIy call Injl
stilt oo iipl lneil blllerly of the IqJ e
he sali was being 4t IL lit
5 L
A Sensible Act
Grapc Nuts
the iroJ nodtithln cod In
Trial fte I
There a Rca on
Vacation S
< >
Whether your feet turn
toward seashore or moun
tains we have the right
Coward Shoe Tor every oc
Russet glazed kid calf
patent leather and canvas
in styles and sizes for men
women and children
J1 t
268274 Greenwich St N Y 1
Ouavuan nrniir1
Math Orders fBW Send See Catsiees
Summer Wciht 1
Made lo vcHtr meaMire In iIi4
Ule t detlrni at lower price i
than you wonlil be a ke t t par
for readytowear upparel sad
for M than yon could make
them at hiuriie
Orrr 1IH llixtel to Chess From
Ve carry a large rartiy of stylIsh
maura AM ot the latest summer
wtlnht rbleo in the try nwen plain
and fancy cool shad a well a > 1
darker color and black j
Thl PI J
ThIs S rW irjcp
Kill IIklrt 1 include lbs i
Ilk cut 4 tnat4rtal and
m adtoYoUr Irtraml
ur d four
td 111114
In 08 IwMI j
TJ LAP1 UlU HTllUtrr N Y
= 4j
Open Every Evening I
Until 9 oclock
We Allow rrtlibt and R K Pare
I I r Mill be allvoed en pr
I J0 o lallon of ibis Uirrtlte
I A J tnlit an nr artlele cur
thl weei
rt 5 trr sosh w
ArIesl Vain hU
7 IIm cir nell tar Oe1
3 urnild hUll New jOP ue
U at wtjI1 Smiled Fr r
I Grand Rnplds Furniture I
tAIlltTN llltitEitt 1UUIf
ICTt liEs IIEilllG ie
OOPoIt1IIIStI rout 1I0CsrKrIrlsn
75 Wrtk 750 cows ISO Week
100 1000 to zeo
I 150 ISCO 225 It
I J200 It 2000 to 250
300 3000 350 II
Acrouuli iw to KIUIKK U r > eclal
Our t rutsu Appl Al le NewYerk I
Ilal e br w Jmrj 171tILataI
I ph II h I 1 f I
I4IM423 3 W
JfJf 1
We UM k I i II Army Duck
irunk and inildw pnot < 110 are
load of galtanhied Iron Peek fittings
r plIlld brii atllH t up
SlisitOC Vbistl itch
h 11
eanlId Sterllmg WiaeiS flrian75
nel iT
Imp 11
alili 0
111 tIiibt Wrl I a 00 QtO
I Sunrh Itlbt
nngIe tt 10 16
fleyal ilirin t
11 in 01 t
O t J
C st
JtadwaS ltam itsUel akA tA WaIST
14a1 I 111 dpal05
I 1 tpl
w 1 utla lMn j
4k 1114
r0USfl 5 > lOlIt5lbSS5 er Ila
bairn Tn PIUle i I II all macreel paIns
Onlul CUrr > ta Cholwa MprboJ
atflio4l a tu U uastiaaitt 4 I
Raisa C iai II C hail Iaoiblsr O
1St 41jiiij4
I I 1
Ms n 101 ti f i ii i iuraiea efIbhlady
I j r I1 J a o oueib aid b41eis
II flu < U lioii i i ad1 aa4 Han fct
cattle I S S Uil eeeS Ui Ib4
rU IC > H caMe iIad adl a ail
inDWATa rjuJi n quL4 Mr o
41 1 I > > 11 PII e Ct
hAl v HKAi > BKiinr iaia I
I > MV4tr 0 5 111 IMK T
Soo Tliure and Fri PApr
I JIlt Ill Mftttnct whit y
WUul Vanl will go and
I get I 1

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