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Failure to Settle AVhite Wings
Kr Strike Leaves streets
L Unswept
Wagons Used to Remove Ref
ise Are Left Idle in
the Barns
Th r 1Q1I tld to t no chang tbl
tnonirng In th trlk of the driver of
the ftrtfi cleaning wagon Stable D
of No UK Eat On Hundred and HI
t nth rtrwC which hou th marina
for a larie district ITU J moo the
report brtn that not on ot the atrlk
ter driver report for duty TT r
IU1I Kjrtytfro nwc who make thrtr
titadquufm her Tn tti Bronx few
Jf tte ttlldnr mn rrpcrtwl for duty
Frtm n orr the Ea t Bd came rt
L porti that the trevt are being left
f From the Urn of tile early cleanup
f Urt city r trday until today not
load of rfu ha Men tafcen to the
dump and aa a consequence dlMgr
t abl odor ar MinI watttd on the
I heatedalr of that part of the city E
II pecUllr bad la this In the ctlon coy
rd br thi wagon from Station 11 In
Eat rortr l nin lrr tth Hut
Hirer Tbr ar tlxty waxoni In thl
E stable and not a wheel turned on one
l t them tlila morning The men held a
meeting lat night ami talked over
plan without raclilnc s defInIte con
clusion other than to not rport for
t duty and to confer with other striker
before going back to work
Aa a result of this In the thickly
ttttled portion of the city covered from
this station Ihe sehea garbage and
ft rubUih i accumulating and under the
intent beat ut yeaterday Lest night
and today the garbage can began to
Ia redder their presence exceedingly die
k gtwabl todrller and frequenter
r F the affected dlitrtcta
r HoapJtaU Suffer
F Th iwteir WW future of the
trtk la that the hoipltala ar thick
ontllt aide and the odor ar
f bjtontog tu reoob throe irwiilutlona
oM the Maternity Hospital and baljy
hofjtxi on Ixxlrnrtcm arrnua al Flftr
firs tret and Fiftyfifth tftel there
all lie atacka of refu of all aorta
At each thee were a dox n can or
refuse and rubhWh wa piled up axml net
the walla of 1M r o4I < ltni All the other
fcevpUala puffer clrallar condition
Tne atzet cdmncra are al work plltnc
un the tIlvrobblal but It I rapidly
dTvtrkxitrd over the rurfaoo of ItHt
9 T + vtenftA lUnUn by wind and wajron
I lnc thor Ie no way of mnolrur It
Sectcnant PTiimpa of the Out nftr
Arat Street HtnUon hMI men on duty th
Eoalntnln order and protect city
StrftCIfanlnc CommtMloner Crartn
aid that the situation was irrrinrtiat
t serious Ha iai XV men are out and
the trMtplmntn ar SfO are on rUe
JYI heard rf rt from oRldali of
the fltrr > tCl nfn I > partment aM
the Commlxlonfr from men trtio have
talked wllh lOme of theto itrlkera In
I fact nrlth a rood lot of them Accord
Inc to these report a lot of the rocn
t dont actually know why they are
Crnrrti Paid h had not h nr1 of Ih
s I complaint about overtlm and fine
1 Tlv > Commljitlonfr said ho did not
care to tell what plan he Is roVlng
formfHnff the ltualK n H1d ho
would be able to get all the men h
L nc < 1 M If th striker did not go back
to iworlt lie will have cart and mel
t 1lrtr he I tare and they will bf ablo
to get all the garbage away even If be
f Wf Uirr ronllpu aa It Is
StrikeBreaker Attacked
i John Itellly who gave the address of
No CI Cilirln i street and II known
to the polfe me Mlrky aicDtnltU
and atlrhi 8rrlaty a < idr kf unknown
< are arrrlr tiy th police of the Mid
i lon Alrret Rlatlon this morning far
alliutni e4ult upon Daniel Connor of
ftotV Willow itrreu 11 prtmnrr crc
flld U be crlker and they atta < 4 < l
Connor who Ie a Hrlkobreaki
WhlI the latter wa driving hoe
IUohe l tn a tirrl < t iranlrur wagon at
Vadlaon and M rlc ttrrrtn
s Zl
r lilttura E hogan a pretty tlrl lIob
JfwM linmc li at 1II1J1I4 I 1
1 le a prisoner toda In the Court of
i JLp14Ia2 liulona and WR ab ut to IaNd i
110 a haloj < of llttt wn 4 > a drlectin
hurried Into rAurt and utet hr
fa n a Mi0nd thug of ullllr Woaey
from her emI4r
1 Tb e oUl XulLatet wa thai of a itho
> 4rii fl In Jet1 amiiuF Mirr the girl
wa enpiugI fr C rtiort Uiq Th
thkwWl e4pe4 Tier of ktwtbir w
from the caah drawer Trr nrw one
rtun frucji CVtartr li Dimui nuwaur
Atf a Mat o veoie re iur ni cu
tot 114I hoo fimlh Mid ttoo girl Mil
U llAtile nlacc cW o hrr In hU piaor
Jtrrcr RtttliK out IK ball li Ur
i 11 I6 trr frin ll ife
IIM pr 11 prlaoner miUM JwrreIy at
the Court and ahouk litr pqmp4r
nrCtillv Jv but ht m ia e IIIrrJ
aiil Ihe ttof iak ti to the TRi lUr
t Court ti titf Ma traM Wa r UN the
fioih cHira
3 Thee ab wa held la llu lull tur
fufthar uamllWllloD
In Qt
Tou fl tt rour mitli In proper htp
at 7u1t r O Kijv to the
tIIo lVa
ateIpJ a waiter to
< L f < p t f ilrr t 1 IfII tr tt
I rffE EVENIf G WO R I > D WE > D N IDS D A T JtrfTK 2O 9Orr
Little Girl Who Left
Her Home Mysteriously
I w
XcaCZq 1
No Trace to Be Had of Ruth
Mann Who Disappeared
Little nuth Mann eleven year eld
hai dltappraied She lived at Xo HZ
WUI One Hundred and Forty lith
trerL Her mother Mrs iliJnA Mann
baa appealed to the police to help find
Ituth attenda public school and 7e
terday was in her claa In the forenoon
but did not appear for the afternoon
atailon Nor did aha go to her born
which I i > only a few doors awuy lira
Mann became alarmed at the ahvenc
of the child and began a search aJOUt
the nrifbborhood She went to thJ
chool vrhfre Ml itary Eduteln
nuth1 Iracher told her the child hail
not been there mince the lunch boo
lira Mann think her daughter was
I lurrd awav but ens remember that
Ruth complained yesterday morning ot
i a peculiar awimmlnx rmMttan In ber
head 1 cannot me well ei MJ
t and my fyn feel jueerljr My head
leetna to oe swImming all the tlrne
The lltdo clrl aib Nurln lyot brexk
hat and laid she felt lichtty bur
aa ehe lf < for schooL
I Until liu two llti brother Dewey
alx nail old and Allyn rlrbt who any
cnylna Imoat conitmtly for her return
Mr And Mrs Mann are almost dli
traded They vUfted all their relative
but found no Ira of the Utile one
il1 n1 11111 3Iau Trp
rrllrr i
The oOlee of Jamei J Smith rat t 1
tale broker at No 3 Ra t Forty Cee r
ont Mrert wai robbed lest evening
Thlevu fntired through the transom 1
tod cimplctelr raniackvd the plao
Drake and drawer wets pried 0pftI i
and look broken oft Rome new > O i
wrltrrn wore tWIfn and a erg num
ber of iamu < Th tbleve were nJt
able to open < be ate 10 no vmUr > l
tuultir wan itolan No other OJQC4
tn the buildlnc was cmtrA and the
polio bei1ve thi thieve wtrv oJ
ofTluet as they began their work
Spectators at Recent Car Barn Fins
Noticed Durability of
I White the Uadta av nun cur burn
CM biasing on tkiMtar Jun U M
I niiful clock on tt > icisi aml DOn
tmued to do lie duty Lminr tonjrxHn
of Are kMtnvl bent on llo < n < the hand
and artiree from Its honeel tea flbuw
on of pray 1ra m the flremuesta h M
tell upon it When firM cam anil
only a blackened ruin was Wft vle
I the Mr bant tied Uiui Uw clock was
elI at work Horn wr Dd rd M this
wuidftrful cloak but toul uf the thai
Mucti W K vtewwl the ruin did rxrt
wuudw at all for lite nuUood uti Um
clock the DMn of MiAwrl UruUir
Thoe me 11M Wti t1 1I1tI kAvw
IbM lAudlt LIfoJ rt at l 5J
D dii dd ua 1A4II6I
Jut nun the Iprns4td i r article
aeastad vtlh UM hues r tb Kllool
year for ra4iMtio gIRI well ii
fM mwlaU tJ reward bItg q44illgeaI
iPIE and far clan riof t il1
l e
eTl thlnn ate on hut JaInt
list of f iUUIe Ma4 of ttiMir ftra
m > d In the r4iUJiy factor on the
lu BittrfytM tulld cold rU Hnr and
tju pfui Wf ull4 ukl and itrlln
tlr r priprlwly taaiiMlUd with the
cUU aoMM Lambert llnx kav bu
a aar far many yeers The Irm
vpr4ht raitiiuil hd lPodrsl Iriou
ar a I well Uoowa t ttehjn and
puiilt U ntliiur In lisp tbu 1Ia
wJws4 CO 4u IM Lsfboia atu fur
owi eeriIJWI Iailaob II
4oi IA rlnfit ejid uacr r4uaep
UIM Ttv MU U puw In tIe n14I
Of IU Uiirty 1nM rear of lAMItwm It
Minril utrtof1rtoCEr
I toil t h 1Wf1o lA
at 0 a euen uf awRaiiw dIM
C Urcr now lluui it WM Ui
= il 1 M fjUJ V1 13i iJW
v Lf
Leaders Lose Gains During
Selling Spell and Fail
to Recover
Blocka mad grin on a hrtik de
I maad tn the euly market todAy Tha
advances avua4 a point th sdrj
enc Northern Padflc Am 1d
Copper Sm Hlttg tit Paul Oraat Jv r
thtrn Union PactOc and teL
I thru no a reaction In IluI afternoon
in match Cat majority of IO laar lot
I tlxdr gain th rnerkt oiosDf with
prIces mixed and trading active
The Total tale of < ocfc today sor
U7DMO i > rer and ot bond aUfl <
The Cloiluaj Quotation
Todays bljhut lowet aa4 closIng trite
am nt data ef wocu from twtrrdr
flbAJ quotuo urn M CoUawi
hIgh Low Cbs Cn is
Allla Ck IUH lu > i 10 T
AI Cn pf van 2w a n r 1 >
Ae4 iofltr JS aU Wi >
Am Car m 4l 1H lis W
AJ C J > Y Jot hOi V i Mn T >
AIU CwtUMl 111 tin 41V 1V T V
Am 1400 W M 14
Am iiavajuf llxS liK lii < S
Am a jTit pl U4v iw luux +
Am m far lor If ar < i ITV f i
Am buir Ja tAM 162 f I
Am iwi Co pf mite vin sL t i >
Am WoeL Co i 6 = x u r 1
rtut 4i wk O pt VI M < n Kl T 1
AuuUku MUUIO 14 MV Mk W
A T k a r vov Ss bait
A T a a X yt M > J M
un1 A Ufcw vH Mt wV n
I un iupi Jrfcu 0 n Mn MM i
CMII Lwtu r = 13 I ill
i Cut Ifcu UlTt ITUn lTUja + U
UMJL > oftt MX M 1 uti
WttM U isSi 11 llltk JUt
c u 0 bi r 1f644 121 Clh n
U I a VV 11 JU 141 t
ol Jral Jt mIoI w W
Cl BoUiB i pf GJ1d M I
I4l 1S4 UII lbi4 IWis + 1
Uum hL Co 17 Ja It I
Wen iTya LC 12 02 11 1
IWi Ffu4is 10li1iJ7I01T
use It 111 Ii wS u 214
IHL bc 41r1j w Loll IJoJ +
rue IIA J
krw iii jI 5 Tj 1i
El 54 ns a1i
tie nIceties Sd e j4 1
c ii NW i > r ui 1e I +
tnier Ul ITU I 10 tlo
111 CMUlILl 1 to 21 3i + a
luir l > v Ul4 Li ItI 3
i Inr 1lDp It Ii 21
lowi nhjl 111 If 17
lftiS dfl4 III lili1i nit +
Iii i IEhffi 3H W4 St +
I U M a NM Utft WJ Jlt w 2
i MAr Ca rt t 1ft eit +
Jtpheb p4 din IY + Mt + t
> I nn > tua JUo In JOlO +
M K a T 3111 Mi an
Mo K T or 01 IW St +
M Miru Tt i tOLO + S
Sit U4 01 ilj + i5 I
en LA4 at leit esi Let
Nrui t Watt TI 7C1 TI + i
I Mwlk AM ln 5 + I
X r onll wic 144 II r
x r mm WIIo 112 J I
Xonam MUko 3h 1W4 aJ +
OMaH a WM M ai 301 +
idrf bifti 34h 34t = I
fEt rr ir
Jtw4 Miest 3 t a + I
kj 11101 4I II II i
eMle 10414 I lSj
Kii Otesi tr JII + U
IVei 11100I p1 d2t hISs IIV
r 1M Si4 r
im ean4 t 4 tI i +
II waa Ml j Ii + t
K uih lse rei ioi 71114
1Lh pl 144 4 till + I
1 Ii fly ti I
mth fLy pf l i ilia M + ii
mIeiyJtitf ffI
iu I Li I al 7i F ii 1114 t
fl I H W pi l ti e
1s M II > V f i i + I
1uM1 WCIj F
T I I i W Jt 41 S + 1
T lu flJ H T IMt wi I +
1 I u 1scr 1 IMto J 1
r > ic pf ti6 III Of +
It C I lIpo II tl I
f < I Ii fw1 Iri I
UalI I i I i
jy J H ht rl 13 aT ot l t i
i birif iE4 W
r i
V H 1v5i1 1 14 nit 14
f I OiI t Isili ses eti
V Car I 2t I
teaI 91p i4i tail e
W ehW i J t t
w ijT TW ft Te a
Wti aMe I 3 14 + I
4 A4ses oetl
TUnuift J OOrlwU New Atul > a > >
tur lo JAROU Arrirn fr ea H rup
Trmirum J lllrwn Amtrtoan XinU
vador hI Jupao > rriin d bert twin Ku
tayt toiUjr oti UM sltt4nir Oc < uik
Ur yvrlm wto IUM bM1 atlloo
1 UAp1L4st rc ntly WU pprclAltd
f 1ft43 MI I V I1N
AIf t
D PeorjrOllver Mangled Under
UpsetRacing Car Three
Guests Injured
Motor Leaped Into Air While
Speeding on Road Near
New Haven
RpMial Tri Onnint tVnrld
Lt vOllvr a Tal tudnt and a on
of tI < late J a Ollvar the mulUmlll
lonalr atM magnate of PltUburg Waa
kllUd W Btrothw Jam ot fled
Dank N L and J C OoUton of hal
time alao TaJ atudont wen url
oualy but and E Hvidscn f com
rjMacenaent aruxt of be trio tra In
jured hi aa automobile accident on the
outskirts of this cIty early today
Th young men > wr returning from a
I uborban rort tn young OUwr auto
mobll Running I1I4 pd the car
I jumped from a bride and turned over
landing towld down
Ottrr waa crushed to death under tM
havx maohln lib itudeot oompan
lone wr protected In a measure by the
high aide ot The Umneau and Ur Hnd
eon handed clar of the wreck
Oliver an engaging young man with
unllmlud money at bia commend wa
one ot the mot popular and prominent
ooially of the upper claamn He wa
a Mnlor In the Bhfflld BcUnlinc
School aa U Cciaton Jam la a Junior
In the am ichol
Taunt Oliver father dId a year and
a half C C Qicrsa T Ollvr proprietor t
Cf the Ptttaburr OaittTtme and
ChronlcltTelerraph DC this ctty U his
uncl H wna tw ntyon years old
J C Coliton U the son of Capt
Frederick 1 CoUlon oi the banking
hou of Wilson CoUton A Co et
Owner Back Broken
W Btrothir Junta it U a son of TV
Btrotber JOB a New Tork banker
who pindo hli stammers at IUvrJd
Drive near ltd Bnk Ite I twenty
been tudnt al
one year old and has a >
TaM for the put three year
Oliver died from a brokn back The
bride from which the mchlne jumped
Is In Centrerllle In Ui adjoining otwn
of Hamden ely lour m1ea from
the college
The party was comlnt Into the city
about the break of day and the ma
chlncnpparently kidded off the end of
the bride which spans a mall stream
that rive powr to th New Haven
Web CompAny Aa the machine took
IU alibi Into the air It turned over and
UrVled juat at the etc of the water
tbV cruahlnc weight comlntr upon OU
r who waa driving U li apparent
that Oliver waa ImUuiUy killed
The other In the party ourht help
from nearby IOUMI and Dr IAtcb of
the ittllaca gave surgical ai UUnc
and kwra Jon HuiUon and Col
ton Wars carded Into Xw Haven tor
hoipltajl Jtr tmeat
S In a Racing Car
Tn audomoUU wa of the rrd11ol
type and waa under Connecticut
rnitry IrJMr Ottv rji name li U not
known GIbe r Ib ape of the
maobio wae np at the tlnM but tb
Approaoh on both ilde arc ilcijbt
and on a level Th roadway on hi
brtdc wfalcti l of a single truai
pattern Ia partly taken up by the
Ut car iraoKa Tb opposition U
that the automobtU ran onto the
bridge at a hicta speed and ttiat thl
In trying to kp otar of OM car
track ewrsred jUst a trifle and the
wtiMU eJd4 at the end sent th
maobtn Imo the air aa that U no
ueatrail wbr > the trestle ork drop
to > foundation pinnlnjr
Wr Cobton woe to have rvoelvrd hi
dacr t til WooUy hail xeroiM
but waunafc to atteod and this after
noon It WM stated that t6 wa autfertn
a rr4ape from aback and tAd taken to
his Ud
Mr HudMon w5 forrorrly a Tile al
though nX a tn luU
Electric Cab and Motor Car Crash
on Fifth Avenue Mrs Marv
helm Bdng injured
In a cuShion beln an 1501fl0 cab
and an auUMnoUl on Klfth Mue to
day oa of en occupant of the auto
otVMl painful InJurUa The cab In
d1rce at Joaeoh ilurpliy wa utnc
north between Twnty ea i d and
Twmixhlrd trta When It uHlde4
with an WJto driven by Michael hey
of No M Wt ntynfUi Street
Mr Man itanhelni nf Ha < U W <
Hnd uv nu who wu In UM auio wa4
thrown out and waa alnfulty Injured
i4uUt UK left hip sod lee JPIrbow
evr rafuMil modlo aid and went
tioro lu the motor Mr
Cotton waa Irrrcutar In tb eatly roar
kt tu Uy the near mjnth 000nig
nnrm M while th late poiltlimi b MMI i
IrimumcMi by fanW wwuiiw
rnvu rwul ttv IWuUi wen loww Tlw
1MIvta o < > Wi MxUllon In N Ab and
butIi amtlna Wet curwrf < tnrol CS on
9t Ita rarlr l nor taXor
The prJu f > rio M were JIM r UK
to lUl i AuuL W TV to UM H ituv
bq U44 IP 1ItII Octitr 11 U lo UM
< 4uvsnlr llU PwMMiAxrr lit uillM
January 1104 t till Kl > ru nr Ii w
bid Manm it 74 lo 117
Thi olu lnr pri 44 own Jun lUll
to 1111 July UTI 10 ILH AututL
IN to 1171 fhplfAMr lltt to ll 14 i
Oatotoer It4 lo U1001 Novamb U4J
to IIM L Jannnry 11li to jf tt Vktry
ib Jllfi lf fu Z4 o U J
Contractor Who Talked of the
Rosenheimcr Murder in
Hands of Police
But Declares Judge Ward
Who Informed on Him Is
Unjustly Pursuing Him
JcMph Murray the contractor of
Wakefleld whose name was furnlKfted
lo the polio by The Brvnlnc World
lat Satunlxr as that of a man who
might be able to solve the Hoerrhener
murder mystery U under arrt II
wa tak n Into custody at his horn at
midnight Ir Capt Sam Price the head
of the Brons 3 Uc < lre Bureau ChIef
of Pollee Marku of Pelham end two
The policemen went from the Dronx
D tctlvo Bureau ITe dquartra to
lVakfletd In a big automobile Hurray
wna hurried to Capt Price offlc and
uptlon < l at length From there he
wai taken to Pollc Madquartr H
was placed on the Dartlllon record of
th Police Department exhibited to all
the Central Office mn and then bur
ned back to th Bronx to be arralrned
In the MorrUanla Pone Court
Vh n Murray waa arraigned In the <
Policy Court Capt Price said he bad
JO complaint to make against oe pri
BT 55 Ihe case was on for the West
ohMter authorities Maclatrat Wahls
then fo0nally turned Murrav orrr to
the custody Of Chief of Police iUrk
who took him to PoUxim It U xp ot
Kl tat other arrt > rta wtll folenr
ifurrar U th man who The Bvenlnr
World learned told popU In Veatoha
t er that he had hoards that Mr RDn
lelnver waa to be klllal twentyfour
loura before tbe murder wi committed
U wa questioned at ImrtU teat Bat
briar nUrht but hU arreat was not de
lermlnrd upon until yestcrdar v nrre
irhen Chief of Police James J lone
ol Little Kalli X T called oa Capt
rlo with a letter of IntrotJuctlon from
a jra W Ward County Jude and
SUm of Herhlmer County
1 Introducing Little Pails Chief
Jud e Ward wo the man who work
04 pp the evidence tn tie Case of Chea
ter OIUrtt who kilted Grace Drown
na ir pa Dror cutlnr attorney of llerid
met County at the time and conducted
the procuration In the iMnaatlanal trial
The letter ta as follow
Ltttl Fall N T Jim 5
To the Irotecuttec Offlcen of the
town of Plnam 1
In relation to the death of Jullai T
Qentlemen Thl will Introduce to
you the bearer Jam J Lone Chlet
of Polite of Little Fall whom w
ar r iJlnc to you aa a bearer of Im
portant Information which judging
from the newspaper reports you
oucht to have In the tibov matter I
assure you we are not led In this
action because of any pabUvhcd offer
of reward but I t1 that 1t1IIIch a
crime bed occurred In our community
we should thank you for uch Infor
mation as llr Long hats
Th name of the party mentioned
In the Tiewjpasxr U umetnt to rod
vine rne from my acquaintance with
him and h1a mod of life that If this
party was In the vicinity hi either
took part In the commlatlon of the
crime or arrand to aVe It don I
know Itbla man whose name the
Chief of Police will disclose t you
to be a profMlonal thief and bur
liar hiding eii operation under the
guise of a Uflllmat bualnea
II usually haa with or about him
two or thtes ttronj men or bur
clara to carry out the job he
pUtu although be doe not be altata
to taU part la thilr execution him >
from my knowledr of and izperl L
enee of this man I am so pertain I
that the crime wa bu Work that It
it had happn In toll county In
toy Urn ai trictAtlorny I
attould hay arrested him at ones
County JUde and tturrosala
Adm Blng Jailed for Gambling
Murray Ud not team U b e mucu I
a jflata4 over his ant JIe saId b
lived In Ultt Yells and that he Served
thr month In Ihc Albany Jail for
uarnbllnc eijat yurt age
Tbl is all splir work on the part
of Ward be declared Tbe only
time I we a nr In Jail waa on tbe oc
c alon when 1 waa sent up for cam
bUWhn I lived In Kerklmar County I
was politically GppoH4 to Ward Jr
bcam my bitter eruray Th mere
mention of my name In thli tas hu
caused him to tak adVantage of a
chance to besmIrch me U order to vn
up some old scores
Vi at started lower today on tIlt
cable but later ralllad on rpori nf
too much rain In the Boutliw and
cool weather la tlie Northwest
Corn wa > steady and old al an ad
tint Torka opening price were
Wh atH elltember 10011 July WI4
December IOJ
Chicago opening price were Wheat
Aeptemb frI 12 to MH D rmtM > r
H Ij July 1164 to Illl Cornl
camber 13 lIaL U 11 July MM j
tiplmb r a to KHt
Nol i potnt purpU nor a
cratnJIIIIC call1111c 1 lust s mild
luallu Ibalhu Velure
In dii funit DC a very pod
chwugw Cute IlIdrtl1Q
alii IIdub
U m l al your dniffitt o4
10 cnii tDr wjnpl paciig w
1 I
Entire Block Swept and Vis
itors to Exposition Lose
Their Valuables
onFOLJC YL Jun 26An eaU
Mock ot the Tin beach section home
dlttHly adjoining the Jamestown BE
position Oroundij wa aweot by bra
early toda the arcs burned blai
ot1 the position around on the
west exteodtitK to kh Pto Beaoh Ho
tel ana from the oar track runnlnc
from the Exposition Oruundi west to
the original pin Uaaeh cUr to the
waur on lb north
The big Arcade Hotel the DtrrkeWy
I Hotel OutsIde Ian IVwhatan UolA
CxroUn Hotel rrat other smaller
hotel and a Jare part of UM out
aid warpath destroyed
The loi may run up to tM000 par
tially Insured
A negro not Identified ujra burtMd to i
death In a aback 80 farina known no
other live war bet
I Numtxr or vlMlore to tha Jaro to > wn
Kar front vorlou clUe WWM guest at
the diRer nt hot datro7 tkand man
of thorn ar reported to hAl t their
Ae mot of the xructur In the
burad area wrr of wood thi blue
wua axcopdonally fierce and for Ji time
It wee feared that it might prftul to
he Exposition ground
111e ire aloe Wsj bounded by Vi
i r Un V ilar > buul avoaUMi and One
Him < Ir d and Kfoani Street and > > n e
Hundred and ThirU strata IncludVW
KtI > o Hlon avmue Tit district U ins
tnollateiy on etv ouaid vt the IIftlltr1
ZvnCe of the LLxpoiUun OrounOi eZ >
Icmllng to a octet n8ZT the Wrxi iWori
Hotel and north to Hampton Roodi
from t he trolley track whloii run
from the Exposition froc at Marylaod
avenue to I originaL Ptn I3ach plot
at the mouth of the IRtKUMtrt IUVr
The Inildc Im and the Kentucky
Rtat Bulldttwr on the western sIde of
Ihe ErrxMlUon Grouoda aa we1 ai IDe
Negro lioiiiilnr dial aosaisrtea thereto
were thnoJtUoed for a time owtac 10
the wind but the fir reuchod nothlnsr
inside the Grounds
Tbs Arcad Ilojal Pine Hampton
Tloadi WaMMneton lions butlde Inn
iawtia Carolina and UerkoJ r Ho
the largwvt bulldmar
ills war mane 1
Between forty and fifty structures
were consumed and robtbl 1000 eo
> are homi
Th blaae ortrlnttfd In the Berfceivy
ITotel on On Hundred ADd Second
atreeL The causal not kn < 7wn
Stirrup Also Accused by Grand
Jury oo Information from
Alleged Confession
for forgery and con
piracy were found today tor I1e Grand
Jury agajtut George R Bchrugham and
charles Bttrrup Ito two omctalfl of the
International Poltey Holder CommIt
who Were oa trial and held before
Magistrate blouse om time ago for
forging the Malt of policy bold r to
Proxle Another official of the Policy Holder
namd Carrlogton who wa
Conunlttff arrested lIh Sohruftiam and Ktlrrup
tumrd rr Stair vld nc alnt his
companions and It wa Mid In the DU
trlctAltornev omc that his trtlmony
before the Oral Sin bad ben Urf ly
responsible for th fluijinc ot the Indict
Chart Weiss a young man was ar
ralJla1 toiUy Oil we i itfi of clcu
log to auppwri ills Util uf MVeo month
t daclared silo luft him a nxmtn alter
they ware marrld and he produced a
photograph on the back of jrhleh was
the Wtvild
a vr > from popular oiijr
You Car If I Should LeaVe ouT The
wife Bcknwwlertired lObe put It there And
the Mncltrate dlcharrnl Weiss
Student Scores Twice In Fine Arts
at Commencement Other New
Yorkers Win Prizes
tpeli > 14 tie Zntnc WoclS
HO8TON June M Amorc the Ana
honor granted to Harrard mlori to
oay Lawrance Grant Wrilt ton ot the
lal Stanford AVtilte who wai kiil3
by hurry Trvawe and want Im
wets tWloe honored In An art
H nran Ha4 lorn Jru of New Tonic
WtKIH Ulaai L > ay rx > em made uoh a
ntlon won honor In CnjfUh liter
Uure end nhllo oi hr Seth Thomas
OOftO W httlory
Ttryiin iSMy
fTTot tPe pitIledltle rrO
rtrltlon llryan Mill aNIa to be beta
DC r UIIIlj py
Gotham Well hi seems dtrmlnd
ii krin a certain clue of people out of
IIrI11ul put lr word I Tou dont earl J
Vhom P yt
rLnt tn Tt TWmn < > niti
Roll or Glide Slip or Slide
but get to the
I grocers quickly
for a golden
I package of
The hppicart
I e Ginger Snaps
ever known In
I Gingervflie
Lord Eli Taylor 1I
Wash Goods Dept
Special Offering
for Thursday and Friday
j 10000 yards Best Quality
Printed Batiste
largJfeSvariety of very desirable designs and
colorings in polka dots rings small figures
w floral designs and solid colors Special
at IDC yd
Special Sale of
White and Colored Wash Goods
in Dress Lengths and Remnants
at greatly reduced prices
to close out
L 1
Broadway abth St 5th Ave igth St
C i
S S flWSflW rWr r Wa
The Biggest Kind of a Change
that Ever Happened to Any Magazine
Has Happened This Month to
TMT8CIMJ JMKMT for July 1 1bd III Avg fw aop9f II a1
with Itm ow cover anti Urn etew aJa f ndwa AM f M M uetH mm ta mm Ml
LUJllTMTDt61n the 0 Sm au LLJPVttN uaal bell p a
40 hi I n w an vsevhay sny V iaes Msf aslJo sa
lNdMm l tttf other MM tnma of tlettott l 00 paa 1
Tenywn ao I crMtd I new type ot culntb ALL FICTION mapalllt How I am craiUr aAMbw
dlilinct rpttn t ALUILLUSTRATHD mitaale6 Tbh Ie Iki ap t perlUNKOft n OOfInatlooa1 taai4
with lu imaiterlnf lit lUumadoai and III riwin AClion and it eanrIg 01 Pe anIeIMJ 4oe toll
enough of any cm thIng to malt It utllrkf tJr ALLlJCTION ma tAd leII ALL1uUmAIU
raaguln 1U J tot tUf M a al uttagtluia ack lW and maudlli We I aacI
The Only Way to Know a Thing Is to Try It I
the lwoecios sztqesla Id Is bc4eww is II ve44 th oat eig mew Lwawyr J
iyesJiIte4d1fanei1ottrerreVeaJIcf Ihlat ItrstcawIawnsyml4 estoi4ntuii I
seeni w97 IMa of the 4i4aspa ttWt ibis hiat Masteu 1 ee ej jejs 1t
bies a Iicajt pvk 54 WOfk cat Nw the fl1e I wt seae irbi sItes JrtA Ii k iii
to U nIT04 Vvt dii ealy wiy to haw a tWat oM le Iirt t
Two Magazines for a QaarterBsy Money
Tko iriM 4 fcU g0 irt m + iiMi 1 t w > 4re nmt wjy Jh Iz ttweJe
ad caha1t HaNot a4moisa Jth wgn + tM t Mth wv iWm > j
Jiai tI Jrma4 1ehH otnd4 VMX MAP JrOOJC Jt frpara sai h g 1
A J J <
qwhrt IjatEIO driw c
Now Romdy on mil NClWs1ilaiHl
S AM rt

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