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Frantic Mother Tries in Vain toDrive
1 Miscreant Away From Her Three
YearOlgL Baby F h rJ1ir
suesAnother Assailant
f It was Statcn Islands turn tcxiay in the high fide of crimes against
1r i liwomen and children which has inundated the Greater Gty Jora month
From thanborotrgh t vvu hoi r ifying ctsss ofaiiackstj ponmere
ri ieZli if f r
babies were reported this afternoon
Y5ti child of IhrM was mistreated by a man who fought off the
I mother Later in the day a little girl six years old met a similar fate
Both < the assailants were Italians One WtSC captured after the father
C f
ofhis victim had pursued him with an axe The other escaped probably
for good as the police have only a scanty description of him
Attacks on women orijirls were reported from all Ihe other bor
oughs ofHjreater New York today In Brooklyn three such crimes
were attempted
< i
Mother Leads Women Who Beat
c Attacker of 3 Fear Oirf Babv 1
As a policeman Iatrolnun Daly 6
f Iiiiiw f t nriBiiKm < 8tnY h Island stn i
tlon is klad he happur < jd + upon a mob
f that was Industriously trylnir to kill nn
1tiJI DnitOcldort 8scon tthl
c hemoon A 11 fijh irTiOrrj lit
> f fa qnAI1oJnerprt of his post
tar the < Italian had Just committed u
orlmo aalnst a threeyearold sirl
bt rtllt caused tho murderous Intent
ci those who aouKht to > slay htm
Nloota Tola runs a oardti7e ROuso at
i Now Brlehton thtt IIIr a e9C
lulln laborers Thu men ore Irnorant
dirty and brutish They sleep In bunks
and I the floor One of chera did not
jjo to work today He spent yesterday
j ia r se aMA 1t1
him on the floor in a ntupor when the
sttATted but early this morning
t > This man ivhwse ruimo Is not known
to the booTVllnr house k rndla
not understandable to the police woke
r i iuir oc fT nooo TSe thrrr > tttTMd
i daughter of Tola was playlntr In the
L ball
1i FouQht Off the Mother
Mrs Tola working on the first floo
r hfl JIl grJ11 4 1rJ
l < StalraandCQund tbn chHc1lntpt
t grasp of the boarder The mother flew
t hlmUke a tlBress jioldlnz J ef
tl one In the tMpQCOnellthtsU
+ mendous hands he fought Off th moth
r with the other for a horrible In
ThGlihtledo of the house nnd
I across a vMnl lot The mother with
I tKe child In Ir arms fotlowjsK Toln
ii orld gM t IIS44i l i1cridlht
i J rll comprehended
Olcse at luuid wi nntlefli
plckeil It up and started In punrull d
th fUKltlvn As tin father rnn h <
rparnd Imprccatlorw and Irtmentatlons
Thos who heard him umlcrstoaU nnd
Jolhc 1lnihfMf
i i4ri k i ii4Jr ne4
T1l1 mcrtJ hTe p1i ThJ ia id lt
last cuuRht him atul laid him Ion with1
a blow ofthq K n U Was a KlancliiK
bm d lllfl fraf kllli c
iAtiMcrcYDl Mob
Then hthcr men Joined Tola They
acted Ilka manlncs TlleiluKlllvetay
on thu ground with his nrms wrapped
bOUt hU head Th fury of his asunlU
antsuwfta hltjnalviillon The blows thoy
lm dUlhllni were oountorsd by other
1 blows aimed at him the tiravy boots
that would have i ground his facu Into a
pulp struck other boots and Tola with
hlaxe could not swing It
Policeman Daly saw tha tumult and
I t lIIntoJilIel1lll1A man down and
c rtthout stopping to aak why waded in
F WJttthU t OI11h > soattered the mur <
J I m
I d rou > ti ObHti ernbbed tjie man oii 1
I tho sround llftedhlm up and started
Iitlehhnto the c IlIrtol Maxtstrate
1 Mnmh a short distance away 1
f Momentarily the appearance of the
111n th shntia OII > pollcwnan In
tin ffvm r n1r UHK ffplrlt r fif thfi mpb
l IItlt haN d ncaln Auirmentwl lii
numbtr ch r wero many women In It
1 C Continued on Socond Pace
Ailmltr < l Thai Ilr Holilnit J Jt i
llKiimitn of 4L3OOOO
Au nst Dcflim tNO 10J Claj are JI
nuo Ilronx pleaded Kullty to larceny
Intha second deirree before J lids
Yl WKKU > r mc < M l a M AAla C WKUIAWrl a usHniM MM
WSHtniannfn rtp General 9
to < lay i
He waa employed for many years i
conndentlal man fop J B Bauman
furniture dealers at No Ill Sixth ave
nuennd they say he r stolelnajl about
WOO i He sAys blithe cot away wi 1
about J300CO This he Is supposed to
havy spent in riotous living In the Ten
1 derloln and orsOmftllnethefOUe
looked for a woman who was supposed
t6 1li 1 rlr6fltcdBWr Ts rffT = = = t
lie Blff and lwo Children nnrt
iiI co I neu p for snonce on Thuri >
ST PAUU Minn i Au c SJttdir < Asn
dovcnteTx In the United States Circuit
R IJi J IIJ l1 f tA QItItT it
tralnlliR order prohlblUnjr thil8r
tury of Htute ofiArkansas frim forfnit
IHK the rlKht of the i ChCII Otlclc Isl
nnd nml Pacific Railroad to do business
In that Hmtc 1
Tha complaint t lIspreenltdfotli
Court by Attorney JIJeHs JDt Llttle
t tU 7rU 41j Q I1 r ull1
a suit In tho State court airulnit the
IIj Inland road1 and tK railroad hsd
W u r tlm Fadaral ci tlJj
dlrY of tate thereupon hegar
forfolturo proceedlnKs and they were
stopped by tho Injunction Issued hero
today The Injunction will hold mat
ters In Hbayanceuntll thai authority of
I thu Secretary of State can be deter
mliieJi Hearing Will be had at Llttla
Hack Oct 2
TWlOXTO Ontario Aiig rS In In
tornstionat crlckrt fat c11 b irun h r todk
ths A nfrir ni llIoJos J1S ruw or
1 7 t tapJ rw
fjfw MorH lined Jojjflo Kllngfor Tayi oUt at first
Hied to Devlin NoTDns I
At S trf WQ PjiUa8jpWi > f Bi S toSls 2
J1 At ItaMo Bl Scondj i3e Boc est6v6j Toronto 5i
JL jLfejtgljgQ gd janiergiiffafo feJontrea I
TTTvi < w Kpwiiir ff
> J >
zit C i t
1 ID
i it I 1
H m H f i iiini rtnrisi
1 Circulation Books4 1 ell toAlL J c J Circttlatitm JBooks Open ioAMP 1
c = 7 c
c 2 0 O 00 S I I I BY P I I 1 I I JC 1 c j
l 0 = < i > < D
I D 1 It 1 E < 1 A
t I r i i < > yv J > 1i i < i n I i to
I MiDItA 1911RIH I 0 11 fIUII 1111IilS
1 w + w Aft i = > 01 i I i EB J i m II 1 1 fFJ j N i n T i je 0
II El m
Two Twirlers Driven from
Box in Sluggingfest on
the Hilltop
1i1 v itiI ojIifiBi
YOHK AUK B By icrrlnc hltllnjr In the
early innings of today sume ttie
IIIi ihuvJtTv def atr < tthi champion
Whlet < x iiy a roart ltfw4 Tkif
dcfeat knocked Chicago out of first
plac and by dklni < a doublc hrider
from Wiurtiinirtin Dctrolt l agixln In
the lend
JPattejspn L White S r Jbqth
knockii out of ttto Iwx mid Wafsh
Twho follonTdftjrtslJlttilo b < rttei < Hostr
pitched a ffOoJ steidy caniel t There
n n linS 1i 4Q llri
Conroy a i1L a throw to 1p rlediUtfoll
Up Jinhn WIUUunsUirew out > Dono
hue xo JttPc
Hoffman Jiifa clran twobnuifer to
lefU J 6o1 4Taliunli advaticInK
Hoffman to thlrrl llortarty dropped a
ssfo Texivs bMtRuer Into left and Huff
man scored but Keeler wks forced out
Jones to Lnboli LtLporte singled and
Qloriarty score WjHlajns snuudted Ii
thrwbaRBer to lft held fence and
OrteooTtdi This waSjalwut all for
t1 fI ldjr8 f I n 11
outoc cii ebJx and Whlt > took hls
place Conroy flleU to Jfahn who throw
Vlllliuns out at the Piatlhnhe tried
to score TH1REB RUS
+ S n < InnJnfl
HORC threw out Davis llohe nled to
Conroy Doughertys fly was taken by
Hoffman after a sprint NO t tiN s
TUckey tore iO fil three biB rr Klci
now walked Host struck out Joff
f ji i1tItJ Fj iI I I1 f f Pi tf
lnT IClelnow to third Hoftman stole
second Keeler beat another bunt
scorlne Klelnow Hoffman taklnif third
Moriurlty atncIdJaendlnlr Hoffman
hontu and KoUr to third Laportn
popped to Donohnc On an attempted
double steal Keoler wurunlowni
White to llohe to Hulllvaa to Itoh
1 Third Innlno
lsb < Jl slnitled McFurland batted for
auuvnIUQwIkN WhtwrrjI j
kcorlns l o ll and j sendlny JlcKnrund
to second Hahns ta plo Moriarty
forced iloFarland Jons iwprvd aQ
Conroy Donahue hit a JrIurun to
centra scoriniC White and lLilm rtljoail
ok him Davis poppod 1to Conroy
MoFarland b fan i catchlnc for Chi
iiKMlhUol throw out Williams Con
1oh I t a threobaKltur to riKht Hlokey
tilwi lro l Ull1 w Iii
9 1tj t
Kled Walsh to kwhrfjjn pToeiIn the
box HOKpi rlnnled scorlnrHIckiiy but
Klliv3w tlni rtt Affttiln i TH gbfrty o
nohe Hoftman ajratn slnjrled ilcKar
land threw out Kooler TWO tlUNS
Fourth Inning
naheWas hit jy ni > ltbhcd oUiWIU
lsn s tookD ltr CtWPOPjI ft
par IbILU JlohefttooK > POTK3 Ifbnll
struck tnlok Irot MohVtrlnnUi
ilorlarty jlncicd bdi was force IPUt
by IvnportoK ctvvjk L vVTnlsh W DayU
Wllllama hll Itito u doiiVlo play ilbell
lo Davis to Donoliue NO liRmS
Fifth Inning
WnlsK fliJ to Xlickoy Hoffman fum
bled Halms irnutacutter > and the IniH
Iollfldtorthreo bases Jone ifned out
to Hoffman Qlomlarty threnr out Don
ohue XO RUNEJ j
Oonroy wroundrJ out toJirt > ll Davis
threw OUIlUok nJaehlJY shiKlftl
but IIAoutlll second Dousbirty to
Sixth Innlno
Davisiwatktd < but was ikiublail up
IthI I 01ont10IIt < erVcruck Conroy
to Williams to Laporto Poueiiurty
imlked He was ronxd 001 lobells
grounder Conroy to WJlllain ND
HOKB i struck out Waluh threw opt
Hoffman JtuterwentOIIt the same
< Seventh Inning >
MdFaTnllI laefwl Wol Jiftruok out
CaportO llyppedConrorJI throw aao
tlM UIa uitlUt whfu l1 trlwl to1
take iwoond KceHers throw ito Canroyl
uUInd him ifaPurlcnO took KUnl on
the pUy Jonca flU > d to ConrO NO
nUNS i
Morlorty madA Situ third Ml a rinirlo
but trs duubled plwhon Laporta
amnjfhod n linertoHt h who ehol tho
boUlto Dmiohue William Jed
Occnroy Hied to Hahn XqHUN i J
r Elfihth Innjnfl
HCBW throw oat Dorrahuo
i < uuJ I aporto disposed erf Daris Itolio
etnidf out 8fpnUN3 <
Kfcbey CvTuce oat Klelmmr
i i if4 0 mi f
lit jie vi > lii Lj lj iiirl bfiJ
r iJI 1ijt 4 1 O II
0040 0000 0 4
3 32000 00 8
i K IP iK
itt 3b K lbv j t t H 0 0
Dougherty If 0 0
ilsbell 2b l El o
Sullivan c 0 02
McFnilnnd c 0
Wtl it
Patterson p 0 0 >
White p i
Walsh p 0 0 y
> Totals i 4 524 17
Hoffman cf sf f 2 HJ 2 PQA 4 Oil U
1 rir f r 2 0 0r 0
jLaporte jiloriarity Ib 3b 1 3 l 10
rwl ll t o
Conroy l ss 1 1 0 5 0
Rickey U 2 2 20 0
klclnowc 1 2 < 0 0
Hofigp > t
1 i i
Totals 8 17 37 10 1
I Bane Hllr Off > Patterson 6 ott
Wh1te7lrylh C c
First Base on HallsiOff 7hlt > 2J air
Hogff t 7
FtI Jr9 1iCb
J fl un Ilasoi Chicago i lIrn
ridelll4 S
Struck OutBy Whitest by Walsn
ibJloII3 v
Home Run Donahue
TDreeRisa IIItwnUatnHlekeY
anAConroy i
TwoBse eHltHcrrmAn
Stolen Base Hoffman
Doubly PlnyjCtnror and Ijiporrfr
l1hn and Sullivan Isbell Dxvl aW
Dhnohuet Rohc and < nohue
Isssed BillKlelnow
HIth > Pitcher Roh
iJilnrrtt 1IffHr if7 = i
I r ihmllf II1 JtnIfP b
rtrlklriirout 11IoKIfcN911Ulf
Ninth Inning
DouRlierty fouled to KWnow 1t
inlcdto Hon IIrl Oonroy threw
MteFnrland NO RUNS V ut
tl IEIt us 71
II I ch Ju gnmt lt4n yrb f revffi th el
oklmllLnand11a ttS
lqfl rAJWA HiNGT N
First Onnir
> jtrolt i ii
wtJ fl 00 0 O 2 I
11 t C r1 f rI 11 1 J YnO e NJIA m
IBmlthnndl H > lon d
5rcund Cnnt 1
Detroit 1 o2tjio 6 0 3i
Washlnsrton 0 0 0 J 0 0 0 o 0
nt H a I OnortilIn 6 l Tni ii
lthl1lIIIa dl1 c
Inl ftaiuc
Cleveland 00 0 00 1005
Phlladnphla 0 0 0 09 4 0 21
nllltorrjeolJO nd qlUk 11al l al14
8 < onrf Oamr
cevelnnlll 0 0 OOI
Ii1JndoJnhll11 0 l o llrx12
Battefjes tiernhiirdt and Clarke I
Bnrtley and Iowors k >
at iouis oooooo 020000r 1
Boston1 J990OO0 0910 01 3
Batteries Dlncn and Bp ncr Prultt
and Cricur I
First Oarna v
llochester 0 0 io 0000 0 0
Toronto 21 1 10 01 is
Uattories Jncobion and Carrigah
Pappalau and Doran j
v Ftrnt Onme
Buffalo O IOOj 0 IOl 1 14
MontreAlO01oiOLo OOIJ
Bsyterlr Kluienger and IfnAlllttar
Iterbvt and lILfklj
J rsy CHyl 1 00 1 o i1 00 3
Irovidsnoo 010010101 o t14
Batterl Uakfl and Cutler Hack mill
> etereqn < > > f i jJ h j J rvjii i
d i iihi rJi JilIiWY i 11
Mathewson Shay and Dahlen Set
Down After Row With Umpire
Then McGann Spikes Himself
and the Team Is inBadly
im I W a
CAGO 111 Atsr 6T t ipr tb r
Jow d up the crowd thai hnd
on taie todays battl 1 lwccn the
Oubs sml aUntc Che fourtil ot thin
juries nlirlt UirMtpnuJ to i > rliT pro
o f Jlnjrs A heavy thunderrtwnn
awept was floodwl ch cKylxsittJKiitrniwl but the rrpimd i
wonhaU the worst eieartxl aiwny
McGrtws fCi pj j < rtil > t iHUi fnrrd
h fJ 7 ti ff N t VjnCi
t > rUrMnoth rtJtt s than h r In faot
by flay donu nu better nUlh city
tiil eanojj than haIthe U Loujn
ttTnlinala taHnnidflni In th < i lt < rU i
who novor > ave won name up to datt f
McOraw w hlmnelf once morn to
dnv Tlie icrsppj llHIij jiiannfrer wnn
tlrchlJm theneldlntMtln f innlnir
h Umplrr Klfii fur rjt < litlfiir a r de i
cl loit tthy jIliti In wHroirtHeCub
reared nin iJcOViw walked In front
of Klerni and uied viit lanRUa e ki
Intrliu flat under the offleUV tio e
Idem pullod hlai watcli a iOj
it rN1cth flM IoWl y u t r
I1TIIt ttmhlo llurIh1rwrmri6ttm
i impir Chrlntj t1 iisoVi and flhay
ntio vfftr on r ttic llnojj < lh rlp sd
iorn r llrkeand KJem sent thanv oft
t < M rHW 9 > nfjtfum tomine and at
Ic IHtM r < in twntf Held
The otber two alio rsatdawn and th
INo J11 ltto21 ippiy Intorcstrd In
a jrjjnte of crupi pnoe more Kloln
ntoooed ttha name and > a tat thoy
were ple roer the Held before the piny
1 lluilral12
t l11plQI
Shannon pipped to Howard Brown
niedttu Sciiultf Dmlln l rlncled Ktrfuic
got a boCi on ball lrejinali n
Or t h dlhlt to Tinker Illllns the
MM i itcGann forced J11Jnl al
Tinker omt 5ckar
6Inllt walked So dld
Setiulte WM lfi by n pitched ball
JlowfanJ hit to nwlo threw to
Ure nah n to catcli HlnRlw but Klwm
called 1ilm nafe They made un nwrul
roar and It did look us ICha4olll
At thii point the demonntratlon beifan
1h anJei1lri J 1 mtm llfiJ tdQI I
Hi StoOarm rinX ir lllo l to Dnhleti
Ever ittyrtar corlns Bhockard and
BcJiUlte Moran fouled to jBresnihun
Second Inning
IXxhlfn nifd to Shecknnl Doyle nlel
to Tinker Amr pot 11 bnne 0 nball1
Stinnnon forced Amr i Tinker > to
F rO1tlnffl 1 F7
Taylor w1uiIaCe Jon Doylo flimbU
Amf trl d to nip Taylor loft n tbtrt
1h 1 J vIld arid pull e McOnnn oft the
i > tMiaplJco4hIm
ll ind was forced to rMlrel r mtNf
e nowentvan replnclnr him Bn
II llrr l to Dahlen nml Taylor ia
rtoutolod at ftrat DiUilon to IIfI
3heckar < J out Amen w Bowerman NO
1 Third Innlnfli
Hrownn fllWt to Si cJuirrt Devlin ort
1111110 Honanl Htrantr CIIedto
5 ifi Cf imJN fl
r 9OZ1i II lt I > Uileii to < tu
tltunurd cIOIQllner to Bluuinon
TPtnrt3iltstiUi3X t + K0HtNtJ
Fourth nnlno
IDrewwhan ahiirtwl Uowenrtui fowled
to > Bvom Da1ln doubled to loft
Do iellldfI fB ulcard nn < t Bresmhfin
vomi nfter th oat < ht Anton fanned
Tlnk r doubled to loft and corod < on
tt wllil pilch when life hll went lno
tho crowd DaWcn tartcd a howl P n
1h1 dcI lonJllndhGAJo9rdll out
of thu laIlltL Btranf wa iutln at
short and VlltixJ w ntto centro Kvern
uti Ptraij to Itow nnai t Mnran our
Devlin to BoirorroAjf Taylor fanned
FHth Inning
8 Shannon flttd to fflUKlc Urowne out
Taylor Howard Devlin filed to Tink
er NO UUNW r
RIII Iallltlwt Bhfckurd forced 8a
I I > ovlln to HtratiK Bchulte riled to
I Devlin Bhockftril Vole econd How
Iafll hlllo Devlin who touched Bheck
ard Kbtnir to Hhlnl NO RUNS
I Sixth Inning
fitnintt out Taylor to j Howunl Ilron
nahan WH Taylor to HoKurd Hotver
IItrl ln lm > vlWIll a fantiftl NO nUNS
fllolnfeldt doubled to 11CtTlnkr
sacrificed Ame to nowennartj Evern
hlttc noUn ttd lnteldt1IUYllut at
the plate Hor n out Dtvlln lo Bower
Seventh Inning
Doylo irot a IONS on bnl and Amc
ranncd Shannon forceil DoIn Taylor
to Tinker Ilron i aliiKiod to renire
TXiVlIn foroed Urowne Tinker to L Jonra J
T yoroul Doylo to Uowermati
Hlattle tingled Shocknrd ulncled
tkihulta out A HIM to Bowennan HOK
unl funned NO HUNS n
I EI t Inning
lUt i ul inI I4 0 rtn Ani th t i
Horf rmvn tripled scbrln BIn ni ami
nro nnhAn YJlWe outiTayor to
110wMN 1111 111 nc lICOrln
t4Ial to CcnuKo >
t i7iJ j k l
c1 N WY rk
81lfle cC ShaMoli Il
Sht ka r Dn r
80hItH6ir1 mvlln Iii
1 o1 rulb 8Iruntct
lelritdt 3b lINIIullhanfe
Tlnku II lcOIIIn to
D Io ah 1iilL
Olarn oy II
TaylorI Ullp
111111 IClenlndJlI1aU
stole second ahannon out Btelnteiat
ito Howard THREE RUNS
Stelnfgldt out Htronic to Bowertuan
Tinker JtnICkOIt Everm out 00nK
to llowerman NO RUNS
FELLE r wfMA j
Mil iH tR tnll R cm 1
Tli fyas31 ihjAt r tiy I
Chase and Almosi
Mobbed J
Afttr cha e of five blocks tollce
man Wllltam l1Ithothfl Bout
Thlrtynfth street station cipturrd
Hermnn Ollllor twentyfour years old
of Nu a 4 Dowery4 aflor Miller had
knOOJc ol lowtlnd l lt h
1trt a dressmaker In hfJr home1 on the
first floor erf No = tiEMtFoltfeli
utreet this noon
Mlilor told Jlagldtratf Dreen J ter ln
Ynrkrlllf Ooiirt thnt ti sA tn
drinking heavily ever slnrj thn Con y
Island fire He hxul bptrremployed as
n waiter in Stwpltcha Park nnd had
last all he 1H
Without knowlnj an of 17 p e
t H1 I0 tffitl
t rooma totuy and Jcmand t
money When rIIk attempted to run
from Mm be knookH hor down anil
toreI pooketbooli from her It con
ttUiifd only W cents but he made off
with it JOw Plckert following scream
Irnrll th top > of her vole i
IU ihflJ overhauled Miller after a
lively chAihir wjiich hundnxls I1 l
and had to SRYO litm from a < M < itlnir it
ttrehanili pltiuJod n guilty < rf ih anj tnai RtinvrcroVdrriri for trla1
lIrof to Tht Brrnltic WorM
l lf IcnatZ
Grnl > 5ro twcntv tvn years 0I11oc
1urwl1I1i IJro INIhc
> tta hem itr
Oay wfillo hO nanceir n < l a number of
o i > panloni looked on h < lple s < to sav
him OraWixre was ooU lnlnIM
urf I atOhllkjut Pavtllon wh < n hwas
i tl cr1m
LOI11 a Mtr tnlJri
tJte rescue of tho drowning mnnTand
wwuhl have pulled him snhore but
Ora cry fastened to hilltwitha
drowning mans frrlp ajid SwgUc wai
forwl If Ikhrn luo < i In order to
m < his own lift
A tMOltK AUKt rLfurlnll1 r
ittr ricoit Insnnh which has caUied
her to tx u irlo conllnml in an asylum I
Mr h ChristlrieNenadiil ngnd t > Ventysix
XIll the wife of Josnph 1 = IIi 1
today wtrunftled her two unall cliildrdn
VlHry a md two year mid Yaronalov i
uKeo a yiIir ard three monthsl TJio
woman Is under arrest
CJame ppirtjw iel on account of wet
Ti > e Ixnly of Archie I i y a ooivtniotor
and builder TVA found today on Uio
trull an Rxhrvlor Hilt nt hsd blown
the paC hii hfltul orrv1UIar1n
which wan lylnir t M We th < body i nO
i > nd t > n In poor 11t1Jth
0 i
halC ite olUoralord LeI pt > s
lati n torbIItor1O rUrln l V
l gjd li il
V 1 t r I i
Defeat ofWhitney Entry Favorite iajj J j
the Flash andDandelion in the t
Handicap Was Fortunate foi < 1 flI
the Bookmakers f
J + > ft
LargeJ > 6wd Out to Witness the Opening 1
at the Spa and Good Sport < J
J Found in aCard of < i
t t
Six Races
to The Evcninc l
SARATOGAxRACE TRACK N V i4 The two staled >
events of Saratogas opening day he Flask for hyovgar ld and tha
10OOpSaraipga Handicap proved fortunemakersforthe bookmaker Vsl
t1ft events the favorites were soundly beaten and they carried ii fjji
about S2QPOOO of the public moneV <
The Whitney pair which held tiin
pojt of honor In tho rlnc market In tbo
riiuh never ot near the front nhllo
Fair i PHy Jim Oaflnny nnd Blr f
wum finishing and Dandelion ik J I
tJiH ev n motwy by the publlo Jn tira
toraa Quality Bow th mllltonalrta
and aoctvty kind and < Ul1JIillnlahed
f r11 1n1 J Ca t1i1
epalr McCortcr and Runnlnc
Water which flnfihodln a 1e handt
JtlPrt V
iilon y flowrd Into the boolun kim
tnpt an Dandelion and after the nice
loud w ui the denunciation of Iiafko
ride Tho loaen aW tho Jockey
couldnt have ridden a 1II0Iiiin
judged race had 14tin t4diholi1i
beaten Iladtke rail Dandelion Into tho
ground wltlutiuidlnci all kioda of ohaJ
longot wttii thlrr ultthttai th
stretch turn tho Ult iuo khcn ruuJ
nothlnr left r
lUlhu and lieron tho NwwoaatU
1triro xi ij ntlributlfiu o < M
oeth m hook up at the finish to
beAtK each roUlT4i CHI irt rws < iymv
Gay Crowd ttj1e Truck
You httVo neentiio hor rawarouad
Slie pih > ad beautffUl course you
iiavc i vonl ndlost bat to tin accom
icuci you hnvo Inhaled th tra7lUlel
which the urroundlnK of JJalmont
I arkIlCfordRnd you havo vatched
your horse KOlnir into th l 11ln
Grave end broad sttetcliM blitilt
a dollttr to 11 peanut that you mtvar
iiuw anythliu In a racing WAV to com
Al TiWtljltlierboanlle Ui BiBp <
rllchJ plallt i 1
Thlsl ro lllplture truck ana
wlUI1it1 t br t J > < tfh weather
wan perfoctlon A dellffhtfully cool
ntzeblovIrtUIII irrarKl tand
andlho sun > Ddt dUtrtbule
rays 10 mr tOcat1ftitl1nIIUjt dlcom j
fortiJUlio301 ver tlitntc was Jovely
BubllraK The truck wnfl HxhtnlnK
Cut1W IHo Bnin fthl Infllsld WAS
I hort und Kreenau thn omerald liar
Atxvut fifteen ithoiwand w ore at the
track for tli tJda port 11 WILlI
K Wdt NtSOO IItap1I1WA
Womwn K yly ittlrcj ana for th mo t
tirt pretty occupied thr crand stand
while the mll portlpn apresd them
olv i i1erlnllJfn brtwean the pad
dock and clubhouse J
II Miller Won tho First
I un r rU over the first winner of
I lhi > meetlnc e < Wn < f To < n MoOrnth
tw t wm4 11 x tt OUI I I
Ct n tI 1fJliJiaIii
tho str toh turn where Jncoblto Ofl ntI l
lo hftvn anoush Dinrun howftver km t
Orwn Seal tor t IIPIC money i Tins
latt r W M lone ahot and ran a pood 1
faAt nice flVio time of1 tho r IiLaw m
f Steeplechase a Beauty
Tho UOW Bartttn a Ht plechaji < wua
n pretty race The bottinfrliiff reflccttil
a ulrlslun of ntntlmept bctwven Tlilatlo
dale and El Cuchllld Thnlattorojiamil
In Uio favorite position but ricedmJ to
2 to 1 ThltlMatc I 12 to Iwao
well played while 8k Volma drandpa
and ircKlttredso I911I1hJa scatterlne
1rhtIUodllII 1 dnJlLhe rcay ffi
llIIUI1UyIIQlI with St Volma and El
Cuohlllo In atteniloncu ami the othors
truntclout Clnindp cam to crlcf it
tho Liverpool the fourth Jump > from tho
ltllrt A hnlt mile fnn homo El Cu
chlllo pIUIIOIISI V ui WentUIlo
ThlotUjlalo and ao JhlmTh Colt
Jump < r how ViT wvui 1101 bentnn y u
i He catn oipiln unU both olwred tho
1uLJump toKPthtT
0nIIIILOllt It was a drive to tle wire
and not until fifty yard from the nnl H
dhIEI CunhlUu K t his notu In fnlnU
Poiiotw I roilc him f tr ull Mrns wOllh
and yrnnt past the JlulsM a htftd tn thn
i ood jn nt of the mo t t x ltlnfr sttepjo
ohas tlnhs Mn In many a day
One Ungth Ruined a Klfllptj
TJii SulUvanFarTfllJohniwn clique
MIIwllhln a Jcncth of m Wnc > a vxM
oldfa hloned tdlllnc on JYntik FBrrulls
Golden Ourier colt J IniOiUftHY lIthel
KWO riiult Stakes loroulltn The
till wasnt g nernl but1 fow M ttl
wise buys including tKtI SJifrto < k
had It and went to U rood acnwa tho
board 11
You could toll th moniy w down
thrt e y Jank Murtlu KOt away from
the pool JIu wan two Icnuthu lu frooU
In the nMIIIIXleeltnMd h ldtfU
atountrihtI1I IQthltult Mx
tMlnUIpoloIJIJIi Play who had
been sooond ail the way moved up l
Murtln tried honl toku p Jim Oaffney
In front but could not nnd In tlio Jrtri
I ta thl5w1roi Falr Play draw awayto
lnby ashort lenetb TJfrrnt nntJ
d U j I I 2
it 1
to 5 and 7 to 10 1 Jacoislte 3 to
5 for place 2 Green Seal 3
SECOND RACE ElCuchlllo 3 to
1 and even 1 Thtstledale even for
place 2 St Volma t Jt
THIRD RACE folr Play 5 to 1
and itOj 5 1 Jtm Oaffney to1 + 1j
for place 2 Sir Clcgesi3 Jifi l
FOURTH RACE McCnrter gtJli
6 and 9 to 20 1Runnfng Water 8
ito 20 for plaoo 2 Dandelion 3
t i i
FIFTH JAOerTom Dotem6 < oiB
nnd 2 to B X WoHonSld Bito B foil
piece 2 AfSmo S
SIXTH RACE Mmt L 6 to 1 i I r
tM 11u i HSV = MC ttJif J es rt <
nd 2 to 1 f Rod Bonnet 9 to ID
for place 2 I < Wi
in mrc zth l dde f
sta beI Ih Il = p
1141I t4rthliVblb1ta
Qood Thing Waa Wall Pteyod
Tom DotiLriWUJ Ui jxiod tbitur i
the flftb rac iTh wS aWOIItiirn
I trick and It becked to tbilltml ii
t rr 3 omDel ttiwJmjyn
ttitart < tOjU t etrotoh < turn ha stood S
Uioothers onth Ir hruds CJoldBn Wej
and JTurielda trlfd la stay with lilni
for awhile but l lntYhen th >
stretch turn w s reaclud th y if eu
In and Tom Dolan Just jtafloped Ui
rMtjOf the rout Workinild cio II
raH enou t > to Klltthc phxoo aad LKmA
wno lldnt seem lo have a partlclB oin i
nrwcti tLIIh oarly runnlntr OoMft
tro strsilch and sot third
The rarr tII1i connections i finally pat 0 I
on overwlth Atmee > C In th i 1
ltXo b og dJj i Tit
11 s Uolia wellrilannod double UUteB 7
The othir was Jim OafTn y who Taa
second In th Flash Qtakes Oors < i
Wh olook WOA small fortun on UG >
result Ho dropped centuries on Aimed
C at nearly every book tccltlnK 7 toi
for moil of the1 monT L Martin was hi
front In tho flrit slfte nth unit < there
after mnd fVory P < Mt a winning on
HllWetlitr wns faVdrite but he had1
litUdSP d2ltcCu pyttlpf arhrtJtf > tT
MUlir wa orf none tyo Wolf with Red r
llonnt but shtt ciinic with rlii L trWM
JUUs1 httitlMn C d
JlItn tip nrat LOC tliiflari 1Jad
younfr rlllfhlwni rnn J rIUtAIhi f
mC lie Is alii ti > lx tha best colt fn ci
the X w Ainstrrdnin swrtsnnnfibaro >
Hnrlnir Cli rl Pt1 fl
f f
AUK 6 lollowlns crw thn results In
thn > hCS JaS
rtVCr TrBCXIfsi 5 to 1 1
Awmvwni 6 to 5 for pl < w 3 Irfttlt
C rHu 3 Timo llf 3S KlXslno Dal
clnr i Autumn Kinir Lucy C rr OlRdyl
JlcCiinnoll i Ury OustW Austin A lion
J u Ntfiln alw ran
SBCftNO IlACnWVVhlsk nr < Kmi 4 hS
1 Wild Cherry r3 to 1 for plao V
iUrKiH 3 Tirnr OE4 M l
Cuicowllla rismy Ammiattm Lodj
Ilnndsel Culture Slljilms nnd Kitty
Smith lw > mnr
TIIIHD HACK l U rura41w S u 6 > Jl
1 Cuanla 0 fa 1 for place A Ballo J
T7iCifiy7 > rttui > lx > f luiwiiinifv > i
J > i6p M Elfunor > tj Uttln VVIliU
tiini nitl < i
JOUItTH IlACE Krontcnac avwnlA
Hen fltilln TJS to 1 for pUcr J CharlH 1
Kftatman 3 nniclK L5 LlKht WBO 4
Uiurr HunwrUt ll ddle oin Boy Bail
He Pr m Alw run j
lIKTU UAC15 fidP U t V ° 1 VIi
JJ lltn n < < 2 to t for pine J Oa i
Orovo 3 TiriTo lH 15
r B rrnnn Mfmcrp Hub n
tlljrto JMUxnt and ConC
widcratloi al run
SIXTH lUCBWoolstono < to 1
3 to 1 for pluoo J Doubt S
An tOr Dow
Sett Ucmlt r and Mns Of tin
01 lUrtlnfe
Kottrid 3 TlmoWOJ
I > ami Trimmer Cyclop Appl rT
Btucklook Mulling Liur4A aad
If 1

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