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Culprits Find Easy Loophole in the
Law Whrch Jnsists Tha1rAdtilt
Testimony Is NeMed to
Secure Conviction
Supt E Fellowes Jenkins of tfie Society for the Prevention of Cni
clty to Children presenjed to the justices in the Cort of SpedsT Ses
sions today evidence against the live men why Uere arrested during ht
past two weeks for mistreatment or
The victims of th prlonern were In
court The vitro little loir ranulni In
age from five to fourteen Jcars nil
pretty and nell helmed In their own
chlldlih way the children sonjo of
them top younR to understand Die ns
tma of an
the shocklnir dctalln of the uuaulta at
ttmpted upon them
One Man Discharged
Jn one ln tance olthoUfrti the torle
tit i v ral lltllo one aereed as to the
1 prt oner aotioql the Justlceii were
I forced to dUehar the culprit becnu
of the Jaiv which ay In m ny
> mnU thtvt the te tlraonj of children
mmt b corroborated by adult
Only thn ca e of three of thn nicil
rralimed were dl po ed of One Paul
J Bohmldt big burly bUckarr h
tra dentenced to the penllontlar for
year H w i convJeted ofjattanTpl
nc to uU an elo n > oarold girl In
th hilay of the tenement No I4TJ
n nd aenue on July TJm little
iflrl had been tent to buy a newspaper
when Bchmldt fell upon her TJie ullT
erf n broueht her Mint to her re ue
Schmidt ned He iraa captured nf
afneariy two blocki by
Attacked Two Glrl
Anton Levant fortnve year oU an
Austrian w contcted of attemptUic
to aiuMUlt two little Blrln whom he ud
hired Into hl room Both girls teiitl
d acalna I rant and he made
C = rrSiier
There was some urrrlso pJcceil In
AdrUlde Gilbert n tralntd
home l at > < l l
tre t J nttt < keU by Jn
JIUildred and Sixth strcpt fit da n to
day ImmedHt lFflfttr sfio IfiCJ left tSo
lx > d ldo of a pitltntt
Bhe RMS oltpKM almost Into lofcn
alblllty htr tcr n eiten by tho
tmrd flBlsradlier nMtllnnt and hsw
ilress torn but ic rnvtft hcrelf by her
quick nit Whon tiO mtn lid n is
mcrcome her I11 drew n hut tn and
rw tiii Kirrriri ari nt < l Ms
Then her iscrf nia l > roiic ft UIB pollcrr
Tli ma > kiied over lio H of tlia
raik iHillcts wMBtllnp li > tin hMil
uml crouch 1 ti di r JtHc bMnlics rdrfo
io os caiiBlU rflir a tnisrElf1 ntil li
ended only wjcn the Itillin had bt n
b tcn Into intoncloUMir > >
Jtlf Wllbrrl l cinnlpyed b
ceknga piac In tho Mcinorjul H6i
cer JJoipUal at One Hundred and Sixth
trcot and Central Pirh Went Sho w s
Ambltlpus to stildy at UiU hospital
ill Mllbcrt last nlcht took thu place
of anoticri trained tiurin In a h01 nl
One Hundred apd Ninth itreet ntid Con
WH Parc West Her relict eanie aboili
SJO ocioh tljJ > < > iorrlnK Snd JTto
JAr Wrtrd lip Central llatk VkMt toward
One Hundred and Sixth fr t nhleh
Bhe iJndcTTtie thadow pf the hot
pltal JipTil sho hopc o sot emn > > > >
ineiu uhcp a man ihrlcil froit a dark
CMJrner of a bulldlnjc across thi > street
i on Ono HUndred and Sixth atriet and
spoke to hotv Hho tried to rtll but the
man nan too iiulHifor Iior Ho seized
her b > the throat i though hv meint
in itranclo her
Oridiially htr tr illl Ipft her
and i > u was dra KCit iicro ho broaii
Irret and Into the dojr uy ot o now
1athpui Oiicu In tlw Uahou f tin
man bore her down Thou It nns lh t
Mlsli Wllbert drew tlio hatpin Sho
jabbed It Into tho < e of tho man Tlion
ah droyo he oipon deeper mid for
n Instant lie released hU hold on her
throat 8h wn iilnioul Incoiiilbls by
thli lime but ona t ot nlr
Iher courntw and rlrenRth icturncd
Again utie jnbbcd the shart point Into
th nun llesh and a h drew buck
f he oae a p rdns scream Thenext
InMnnl ihi on her f6 t hatlpln in
liandHnpftlii and t reaiytnir
Iollc niiiii Kenrnx nhd Dnrankcnt o
the o One 11 tun retell lu iralko
l Uon < hennl licr cries fluty Meon
th i rids ariV o Ufay sit coi to lw
flit fculiains tha m n ran out
alleged inisjfcatment of little girls
thecourt roon by1 tho < > e who hearrt the
oldence that txvanthad not l > n In
dicted for a morn rloU crime He
was plven a sentence of ilx roontha In
the Penitentiary y
An Italian shotnaker wn nccusrd of
irtns 1ltttcTnrlK inta titi bm4rnt
shop by offering them money for old
shoes The children told horrible tae i
but the Italian rontalnnd otxlurata
claiming the stdries nrre false His
cnc wu ndjaurrixl bccauti o the ab
sence ot the policeman who 1iad arrun
ed him
Case Abandoned
Th cnje aiaJnst another Italian nas
abandoned by the DlatrlctAtioriicy ana
Mr Jenkins because none of the chil
dren Understood the nature of an oath
and there na no corroborative proof
Tfte ca a of the other prUoncr as ad
Th re Is no doubt said Justice Itp
Kon U > t crloies amlnat cliflrtrenafe
Incrcaslncr Something should be done
o better safciruard t Ilttle on r
Hupt Jenkins whllo not admitting
uch crimes ere on the Incriase de
plored tho uttlon o ftlie City MiigU
tralca In not dlsposln ot many of the
CSseTlnTi Bnjm3rj manner
Tako tho P < ft that fellow who
had to be JInntuU bMuusu uf the
law ho wld llie City Magistrate
who held nim for trial knew well the
ijri4onci oUld hn to bo dlseharKeJ
jn thls court jet he holds him nnd
Mnd him here for deposition
It the Magistrate Sl committed
hlii tn tlm wortehmni ni ilUonl jrlv
Jtiiirsi Vith Hatpin Pats
Her Assailant to Flight
Thd gtrls screams nnd iho shots
aroufd the nelshbvirhood Men caine
paurlng from the spnrtmenthous and
r jr
Those men took h course folloned
oy Ihtf tjnUcojn n Kfnrni came U > Jn
tils man htdlrg imdrr norne jhrtibuwy
near Hie Hnrlem mere Ha ordered
tlf niiin o iinil up bis ImiiU when
lUddcnh he rac attacked with the fury
of 4 maniac DehiaiiKfnt came to
Kesrns f ltd rtnd the t l at the mm
down n Ith their nlghlsticks
At the Wot One Hundredth street
MIi Wlbert tdcntllleU tiij
mcnuc He caiil < he ha n fruit deiler
When Donrle nns unsigned In
Mi Sltlfl Court by Pollcemiu Kearnn
M Wllocrt failed to appear njaini
1i1m Kearins ssld xthat He bad gone
t to the addresses sli had glycn but
fcaid tliat ho was unaouoi
odly kl < ningiwav n oraltr I itou
1 nolorlijty Ho ordered the i
held an shurt HindatU rind mlnicto > i 1
Ivturns tp nnd the tiursa between to
Uriv diiiT tonjorroA wlieii tli ItaiUn
vU bo arralgtod
f Jimct AlUion titr4yonp years Od
a porirH n sal on nt No 305 RIvr
llu < Hol > oken nni given a scntencn
Jot ninety ilu j > ln the ptnltentlary to
dny In Iho lleqorderr Court nt Ho
U > n on Hie charge of belnj a tlls
III rrilltj Allirtn
il sUlns nnii i < i
nnil ilcw Ide k tlio IUl < f diaiihttr
n tAOimiii ivifo lv nfc Mo 31 HlVtr
flrrM Tim tnot tr Imil tatiftd li
rrct n yns < liee i l li l d am
e j purtRi1 AllUon proustad tlmi ne
moatit U liaTjni but hl peu i dit uo
him my good
There T tihoiher
mnrnlnu of liie hldy of < Jn >
ivomnn found mMni
III front f No Jl Ui t Ktt tKi i itMt i
nlgit the bodv ia rtiit
U tf thai UC JJIII 7Hllef t tTit
AJW iJrttuiCliu Hint i ho u
1ic Hud t Nu Tl riSfl aj nttt
Circulation Books Open to All Circulation Books Opsa to AHP
ik t
Moore Gives Way to Chesbro
After Failing tp Hold
> Down Hits
0201 00 1 20 6
01 1 000 O00 2
Hahn rf
Jones cf 0
Ubill b 1 1 6 2 0
Donohuc Ib
Davis 93
Dougherty If 2 1 1 0 0
Rohc 3b
Suli an c 1 1 S 1 0
Smith p 0
Hoffman cf 0
Ktslcr if
Morarity 3b
Laporte H
Wiliam3 2BV
Ccnroy ss u 1 1 3 0
Rickey Ib 0 1 12 0 VI
Mooic p 0 J 0 7 0
Chesbro p 0 0 P 1 0
Orh 0
ToUIs 2 7 27 17 1
Kin for Moore In netenth Innlnjr
Balled for Chrsbru ninth InnliiK
Bise Hits Oft Moore SJ Chesbro 1
Drst Knit on Balls Off Smith I off
Moore < Che > bro 1
First B o on Kmj Chlcwo i
Left on BASIS Chlcico 9 HlKillnnd
Struck Oil By mTiTn J 6y Kfoorr TT
ThrceB e Hits Williams Hoffman
Doupheriy Conroy Hahn
TVOBA Q Hit JIortnrt >
Stolen Hose Oat Is
Pasted 1U1 Sullivan Demond
Wildlltch Moon
Umpire OlxiiiKhlln
v =
B el l lo Tflt Bf tnlnc World
VOnlC Aus 6 The crippled Hluh
Unders bejnn their fifth fame against
the champion White Sox fcellnR con
the tie nhlch stood tno to
When the contest oprnfd 6 0 pcrsonn
were In the stands lloore pitched for
New York and Frank Smith again took
First Inning
Hahn slntfed to left tnd took ec
ond on Jones acrincc Moore ti >
Hlokcy Moore thrfm out IsotSU Dono
hue wan out Morlarl tfijycko > NO
Hoffman jvr JkeU BfskfeJlklT J
Joni Mort rty n K thrown out bj
Oiln < Hoffman takln < wcond Luporte
Second InnlnQ
rJi > l n ilked and stole second
Dougherty wtlktd The Inst ball wan
wild and DiMs took third rtoho sm
Klcd jcorlne Duls nnd sending Dough
erlj to scsond Sullivan wn out on
bunted illIkes hmlth walked lulln
ihe bav > s Hahn forced SnilVh ConMV
tn Vllllams tid iJouKjierij stored
VIIllHms hit for tiircf liiscs Smltn
m do a nlo fflop nd threw nut Con
rnj WHIIinia scored on n pivil ball
Ilihil Under KlcV ji lotiit My
Smith tossed out Klrlnpiv ONE HUN
l Thfry Inning
singled but nan out stealing
sppqnil Klelnow lo Cdnroy Moort
got KioIef bounder nnd thiew out
Hoffrnnn nt the plutt1 MorlnrJtv
ctvickrd lo left for lv o tunes nd
i pler scored Davis threw out Li
portc ONH UON
Fourth Innlno
DoilKlK rl fin ulied a triple to l f t
nnd rcorp I on llohea flV to Lnprtcv
VilIlnni thixxv out SullUan Keeler
n > ONE
llll liii rollfil out to Inbfll Conroy
hll thi rliiLflcld fence for thre Ingf
Klck y rticK out Klclnaw Hied to
Islicll NP RUNfv
Fifth Inning
Hnlm copp I lo wntitmr Jones filed
to KcrSer Hlcl < i drop < l Mnrartn
Uiron and Inh < > l n ife nonoiue
nt rio HoTfiiiiin NO HTNS
Moorf > ai cnlled out yn strl < < t < Jlnff
man tyHked but w out ntcHlInir scc
nn Hulllvnn lo lt ti < ilt Itohc threw niit
Keller NOMtUNS
Sixth Inning
Moore nnd Itlckpy of Onli
Do > IBH < > rtv wnt nut tlf Mnio iV
Hohf SlnElfd HullHnn nlngld Kmlth
walked tlllin lh bano Conroy lliri >
put ai if NO 15LWS
Moflillty fllfll to lone Iiporln
ouled to liic AVlllhius singled hut
mH fottod on ConroVi grounder
Ialt to iBbcll NO RtfNS
Ssvcnth Inning
JoiiO sllialtsl lbf wnlked Dono
huon bunt forcid Junes Moor lo Mo
rllTlty Joti runnrrn ntliMticed on R
ni il l ii ivhtaH tnirk the umplr
i > A iilnslriji storing Jsbcll i nd iid
anjjlnjr DonoliUn to third Moon veil
liurt > trtjS tap and thr w l > onohuo
outnt tht nlalr Vlirnmi throw our
Itoie ONn RUN
DanMiU Rot UUclii roller nnd
to pd It to ilnlth irtio coAer d tho biff
KltVnow foiilfil lo ttMie ilooro eln
atftt JIifTnun l elril Orti rin for
MtKiif lbctl not Knrlor > boiinilMa ii
lnuiihfl 6 tondfpc > ln Hoiimaiu NO
Sharp EaseRunning by ha
PiratesWins Second Battle
in OoublerHeader
Second Game
q o o o o o o o
3 3 0 1 10 8
Seven Innings by agreement
R fTpO A E
Alperman 2b 0 1 I 0 0
Casey 3b o 1 0 1 0
Batch 3b 0 0 0 0 0
Lumey rf o
Lewis v
Jordan Ib o 0
Maloney cK 0 ft i o D
Burch II
Hitter ct
aeiiprMVi 0 tt tr 5 O
Totals o 3 18 7 2
Anderson rf
Leach cf 1 i o 0
ClarkerfV 3T2 0 OJ 0
Wagner s
Abbattlchio b 2 3 0 3 0
Nealon Ib 0 2 12 0 1
Sbeehan 3b 0 0 1 l o
Willw p
Total 8 11 21 11 1
Firm Hnse on UillsOft 1111 2
First Hasp on Errors Pltlsbur 1
Lfft on Uimes Hrookbn 2 Pitts
Htruck Out Hy IJolI 5 Willis S
ThreeHiiio Hits dunce
Hit Alperman
ftftftlchlo Nealon
Special toTtif Kitnine Wnrl J >
Auff JS Brooklyn 1llt tcn on the
doublehcftder lodny wfrji tin Pirated
Donotans team won tho first simr by
the brllllint work nthe box of Mc
Intjre well supported itcalnst Phil
lpt > In thJ second nurp bane runnliic
In tho ilrst Innlns EI > II PlttsburK a
load Jlrooklyn coifin iibt l ind a mn
Alperman pill Will to Neulon Ca y
In Ud Lumley hit to Nenlon who
threw loiv to Wsnncr trjlns to pel
Casey anil tx > ti were imfo Icwi
Cflioy V1HU to SJieehin lor
Andcnoti < HU Casey < Jnnlan l < ich
malkrd ami stole second Clnrkc struck
out 1moh xtre ttilril Vjncr wnlkid
Ixach ond Wcner Nttrtrd n double
Hnl batii > corin < on l nlno tulil
throw to RlUrr AtXjj1 sfnsltrl Xealon
Sl tjnfe Skte Js s i L J Wit
iu7r u on u ilotSSI KlLJI VI i > KConiiir
Shcihin oiit Li vlii to Jonl lit TIllltb
Second Inning
Molonry out VUllii to Ncilon Burch
Continued on Second Pace
000000000 < 1S4
Toronto 0 0 0 3 1200 2 liO
Dnnnlstcr ntl Dornn Applem1 nd
fiecond dime
o oooooooofl
0 OJfl 4 0 0
itiiy JlusJiea in
AVhtf r
Klril came postpone
First Game
loston 1 V w V V 5 o
Inclnnatl 00 0 o i j 1 j i
iioston ooiooo o t
Olnclnnntt 0 C p 0 0 0
damn cillcd In sevnth Innlnu b
Cleveland v OCllftotOOO 3
ln 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 4
CJurXson and Chrkc 1
and Powers
fit Louts < ft n o i o o o 65
HoMon ft It 0 t 1 n 0 0 0 1
e IlnTtctl Powell nnd Hpfcncer QUirj
am Sliin
jxistponMl o ngcount of ralli
walked Smith sacrificed Chosbro to
Ulckey lliliii Jrlpled to loft scorlni
Sullivan Joues tiled 10 Kcelcr and
Hahn scorM Islxll Illcd lo Jloffman
H i V Doujrhrrty IfiVII thr w out
nillatRs NO HUNS
Ninth Inning
Omohuc rjllcd out o Conro Da
flUd tn Iforrmnn UousJirrty Ilftcii ito
Conroy a out nonptiuf to
i litter enittln the bT I
lised to i IrJH Kl > now Ionril ni ky >
Jtohe 10 Isbellf TIWm batld tor
Umpire Kleins DecisionsjXre
Hissed by Chicago
RpaclsJ to Tht Cvonln World
CHIGAOO1 Ati C With to day game
ho Cubs in < Olnnts brought ihl Inter
estlng series tho econTl of the jcnr In
thl rltv to a close Tho contest wan
not on thcislnte for officially thU was
a da > of reft for Iwth clubs There
n a game postponed on th first trip
nf the Oothamlirs to lhl clt > June 7
ihnt wan eft for final adjudication
li looked Jlk rain again but threat
Ynlng vTntluV liad no deterrqnt
on th roofn Chlcngo fnnn love
Vorks scrappy W > H nnd tho oratory
Ot jcsterdavs BHUIO brought the bunch
out mronfft
Flrrt Inning
Shannon Hntd thn flfSt ball pitched
to HliKle llrowne out Tinker to Hon
anlvUovlIn lllul to dhccXnrd NO
HlaKle Iint a slow ITOUnder tiheck
rd mcrlllceJt Tn > lor to noncrnmn
Schultf out Dahion to Uoworinon
Honard out Doylo to IlowennaJi NO
Second Inning
Htnnjt hll by pitched Tall As lire
nahan struck out HrinK tried to ateiit
oiid ni out Kllng to livers Jloner
min out Howard to Hrown NO
KclnWdt filed to Dahlen Tinker
singled Bvi rs singled Kline hit to
Ta > lor Ahnthrcw wild to third < nnd
Tinker and I crn nfored KHng going
to > econd Ilrown fned to fllmng
fclnElfllled lo Strang TWC nXW3 >
Thlfd Inning
nihlen fnnnif Doylr bent tnw
onf 1 < > Tlnk r Tnjfor forctd Dpyl
Tinker to nviis Shannon filed to
out Taylor to Donermiui
died to Browne Howard filed
JO imunnluur NO n > NSi
Bro n lined to fiheskard Oevlm
fltirrt to fircr BtrinR fanned iu
Stranir wni put out of thojramo for
kicking at Klcm nnd Shay relieved him
Stelnfeldt rlnxlo l nnd Mole second
Tfnknr out Ta > lor 10 Bowerman fitcln
foldt Roins lo thlnl Kle ma di clslonr
lonltod so hnd lh t nt n Chlcnico rootem
I Itifd him Kvtrs hll to Dahlen who
VhrnWto Brosnahm lo cutdi Stelnfcldt
butafateinpasUiiiiiacfcaortiiinisssKyss ilti
to Povlln nnd Stelnfeldt ivas run down
IJotlin to Br na < nn to D vln to
Titlor Brown Illcd to Shannon NO
fth Innlna
mRrpgniilva oflt Kvggg tn T ft ynfft
Bononnnn Kronndod out to Howard
DMilrn fittilprt to llownnl VO HUNS
SlnRlu unlkcd ShuckHril Jiftcrinced
TAJ lor to HtiVKrnian Sehult filed to
Hlninnon Ilonard struck out NO
Sixth Inning
llnw rrd jJnnTnoir nrnr
loKhwikaJ S
rnfeldt fljd to Shannon
Klnilrd tivora oitt Doyle to UowtrmnJ
KllnK out Dalilfn to Bo vcrman NO
Seventh Inning
Brow nn slnKlfd Devlin out Brown
to Hnnnrd Htuy out Uxera to Ilo
anl Dronnc tnkinc third Bronnlian
fllcJ tn Siannnn Hlage out
TaaTtMoT pBowarina aa f3nc afTrn
Tvlkcd And WAS out atcallnsr Brrani
hnn j 0ojlf NO UPN8
Eighth InnJnn
Bononnan fnnnid Dihlcn niert to
Slash Lo > > struck out NO flUNS
Hotuilto md to JftoinaH liewitxl
Illtil t Divlilon Stclnftjldt to Shan
non NO
> o > mour l > KttlnK tor Ti > l < r out
jv r tr > Howard fihncnon < crntchfd
mony of allowed 111 treaimrnt of patient
nt the JfUlp Hotpftal for the Insane at
Trenton nan brought out nt todays j
Xfon of th Homo InvcjilKatlnt Com
jnUtrt Thrt njlne who sujKpllcd Tho
Information was ihn Ttt John Hny or
Ncaunlc whwijfmti thu f omcla
ar lhi funCMl of JiHin Orty a n
nt the hojplul and that vfbfn th o
ta oprtiod A thf Knu the T ady
cot ore with H oIM nheot
hen thl aa reinovnl It
that the fnco hud been budly cut nnd
bruised The only clothes wi
MlvnoirV U rr AUS AuRu rvon
ahrlfr who Is supposed to n o beeti
u liader of tho faiif of burjclar
which made Iti
headiiuirtcrs nt hU
> iote Uv 1reuport pleaded Bullty beforn
bounty JudRo Jaclaon totliy i < tjiree
fndjctment two for Jiurclary In tho
lirond desrfe e ond offcnsic and
fo liurBlar In ihe third dejrrre second one
offtns > > v
Yon Jahrjc pleaded not irullty y > ter
day but chntiBcd hi pli today be
caUfe Supreme Court Ju tlc Oleksy Tin
Brooklyn had refuted to ertnt a chinKa
vtnu for th trt 4 1
Irfft on li < i CJInnts J chcflKO 3
smVk Out By Tjyrnr i by Jron S
Stolen lUso btclnfeldt
Double PlajtH KIIng and Kters
IUt by PttcJii1 Stransr
trooiiv Kmsllu and Kcm
CoroniT Acts on Conflicting
Slorics ToKl of Valuables of
Albert Lilflefield
AInAXV Aug 6 Albert
Pnildcnt of ho J UUrn l < l Mnnufac
turlnir Company of PawliiKkcl llr I
dl l suddenly 01 a ipaln which nrrhrd
here from Haran lMf turlj today
Jjimr 1 rlnniRm who laltl h >
n nur p nnd imployed by Sir Llttlcfleld
o Coroner hchuuo Flnnfgnn > held
hy him relative to JIrf Ilttlertclds
An ln > estlg tlon Is b lng
TOUT tuun riAcn TRACKont
AiiC t Tas n toJiy rfJUlted
KiimT pAfi > TAunt n to > nio
mtromii i5 In J f3i place 2 Nt1 H
ch J TlmelM4S Ultf IJKhl r
Jiinno Arwawr Puiiity Hru
loonsoR Theolftcls Dutirro
ran ND IlACT Croxlon 5 to 1 > >
Plover oven tot Jiliitfc 1 s m
3 Tin 5 niii fll A L > e
tiid Mnll IWx also r < u
THHD RACI MI Mawonl lo U
al Tlin > l 01 M Shirley It
Toitnnnletta WImiclka M
FOlHTll HACK Charle Thompson
I to1 I Ulit Not n lo I for plact
> MaWbon 3 Tlmol I 15 Hnrinnkls
VKr KlilRhl Jtftelle KnclolUHi nl o
FIFTH HAOB > n Vcars II It to
n 1 JlsVer U lo 1 for place 2 Marlinno
a rm4 n i s wwidiug nlng rMMi
i en t Annlo Mark Cirxmcl Conllo
on llrtr > McrlliiBO Hncot TJa
> K enui i o ran
SIXTH HACKOrlBiidot 5 to I
I atlli J to 1 for plnc 1 Tan oft >
i Tlne I01W TomMAbit UMirlne
rctio Kill HmiiU nnd Kni nl o i n
rSUNhl RAOBCnttleM 1 to I J
inn < 5 to 1 tor plftco i Obown 3
it keroltcnJIIc Uullv
H U Jar
UIM tlxhhrft
trlncr Sllxcr
V tin w EVA Ci r AJon o and Don
JTonJia l o rft
EasilyWins the Mohawk Eyehf From
Ingham ands Heavy Plunge
j Forces the Price Down r
to 11 to 10
Spooner at 1 to 5 Easily Captures the First
Event andf Rye Beats Rifleman in tie
1 Handicap Penarris Fin
Special to Tho EvonlnR World
SARATOGA RACE TitACK N Y Aug 6 Boots Diimeirarid
bis connections made the first cleanup of the Spa season in the Mohawk
seUiiig raceTlvlieTTTemacro suddenly laiiieto liferand woirinadriva
by three lengths Temaceo opened at 8 to 5 in the market but when
the Durnell money made isappearance the price went dovoi to 11 to 10
and in many books even
FIRST RACE Spooner 1 to 5
and out 1 Apple Toddy 3 to 1 for
place 2 Mznhelmcr 3
SECOND RACE tally S to 1 and
2 to 1 1 Teletcopo 12 to 1 for
place 2 Stnndover 3
THIRD RACE Explosion 9 to 20
apd 1 to 5 1 Mli Delaney 12 to 1
for place 2f Boema 3
FOURTH RACE Tamacto11to
10 and 2 IB 5 1 Inflham 4 to 5
for ptece 2 The Wrestler 3
F IFTH RACE Rye 7 to 10 and 1
to 3 1 Rlflcmnn S to 2 for place 2
Penarris 3
SIXTH RACE OnnoiicTivr 6 to f
anil 2 to 1 1 Easton 2 tc 1 for
nlacc 2 Tro 3
ps Inlo Crescent Athlete
and Calls Him Hog
at PostOffice
cloty fjr tlio yuuprcJtsloii of Vice unr
ro Iy escaped bclim pummtllitl In th
1oHOrrko liulhlliiK loii > becniixn he
culled n man > vliu bumped Into him n
bis hoff1 Thti man who oitemlol 1
jla to hao been ono of thu best
athletes of tho Crescent Athletic Club
Hu said uftonwtrdi NothlnR but th
old mnns jt r prisvintud me from
iturili ninalmaoit uf
Tlui slor > a told by onlookers Is to
Ihe eff t that Uomstock was coming
out of the Ii itOtltc < building In hU
lianln ul1 R letter wplch he was read
i ing IntmilyT und tut ho Mas nbout to
pnss throuffh thu door Into Hrondway
in cnwjjnurcd thy athlete and n
friend wlio wan with him and them
wn a collision which ruffled th lc s
hunter and turning lo the younger
mini ho aldf
youre n HOB Why dont you look
wlicri jau ro joins Vou aw tuo
here nid you dcllboratcly bumped Ihtu
iHQVou t re u hog thats nhat you
You have nerVo to call an body i
boi replied the Crescent man apiuir
uiiiy not rocoimlilnir Oomstock ilour
< r aplHuranco stumps > ou ai the real
Vltls ropiv causftd tin old man to
Jit Into a raKO and hn ralie < r lili liana
as If to strike the youni folltnv hut
mmv < l tniuncil tj try and pusrh him
tulde to Kf t past But li mlRht HU
ell Imvo trleil to move n stone wall
11 tobkcd thotiKh tlltiro would bn a
tUht but the jounKer man ktpt two
and did not i min to strike Comstock
nho hnd by this tlm bcpsmc furlou
and tire ttned lo tune him locked up
but left thn hulldlnir without carrjlnjc
ijmplojw In tho PostOfflce later if Id
ho youni mi > n lint tlje old qraiik
w Anthony Comstook
Vllbur Larlcmorc ho was kppolntrd
R referen by th JMllc of the Appfl
ijlr Division of th flunreina UoUrt in
Inquire Into olnrc pf unprofc loni
h a Uwjer bj Mrs
Voolw > v n UtntMyu nibmltlril
upon today Tlife ftori nndij him
RiitHy of unpiofcinlimol conduct In iho
case cited and rooommends that the
lawyer to disciplined by thi Court
It TMII Dublins rtdo won for Tcmacco
Mine Ixhlnd the pact until tho stretch
xrns reacted hi came with great stride
and passed the others a If they wef
stundfnjr Tho Wrestler led all tho way
rlsht Into Ihe stretch where lie sur
rendered the lead to Inshom The Jen
nlnts goldlnif atemed a sure winner
Vere until th i favorite ranged along
side and bolne a cue of Dugan arralntt
Henry the race wmi pracilcnlly over
ficorKe Vlieeiocjc lost n bundlo on
Inftiam Three favorite had acorcd
ut > to tho runnlnsr ot IhU event
Thn choicest bit of nnwn ot theR o
ond day at tho Spa was John E Mau
U ns nnnouncometit of tho sale of his
BfpSrHtaTBTiOortwoycarold Uncleta
Him Hlldreth for JMOOO nnd th provlso
that Hlldreth will add I10CM to this If
Ihe colt wln tiie rich Special next Sat
urday Unclo Iris nhawn hlmsrff to bo
ono pf tlm rUirn of the dcaaon He ha
jilx rnce > tlth ridiculous ense nnd
ctainrerf prfth CottTr iJ
lowIng their flat rtght some ten > enr
ngo nt ilorrls Park but patched up
Iholf disagreement itqniftlme later only
In rrnifeil thf 1n > pd of frlftulahlp Ith n
disil todny The fact that
chnncrt ItTlhn Apodal
Spoonsr Wins Easily
Tn crowd attenuHig tho second
lavj racys najupto jrjterdays und a
urJ Tn tTTT irenlnK anBT tKr iraTl
Hpooncr ncrvcd tin to tl m aji a t o n
nln favor Mllfernnip Sroonrr nrnt
lust lojrd wtl the Held until tho
stretch ttlrn won reached Hero no
nmu nwny nnd i > on In n gnllop from
Ajrplo Today who I t all tha ay until
bpopa r collared him Marthotmer ran
well up all thu way and yra thlnl
yrstotle op nhom thfr < > nas a stronsr
Plnrp nnd how pUy fell t iho hcitf
Of ftc istrlch nnd tire his Jockey
Morris NVIthpr vvns hurt Jorl Jahn
ffwa7iTrWl8Un4pJy iilflf
ttng n Ixtwnth of n mllo
Fv rlte Was Beaten
The lsf men arid nci > Iy eie
fo VOT n ay off In thf womrnc
H sHIIng xent At Ihe mnrkcri ml
ng p > < Tjbodv rt d Tady Vera and
the low of money soon sent her nlco
from s down to 3 12 to 1 Jacqii In
opcnlnj fKjorlli remlfd unlit tho t
nifimt wli n thpi renturlw bpsan tft
show nnd Ills pHc went down ton
W hen It came to rnrlng neither Lady
nttpniteil h ri t KmU Around
stretch turn Tclejcopn looked all orr
wner nlll lally m > ttliifrup on
rvll caught him nnd won hv
d Standoxer plnyeil judlcloiiaU ro
how was third Tho ring cleaned up
tin this race
Favorjte Won Easily
Kxploilon opened a 1 lo S fatorlle In
Ihn betting on the third at whlnh prlcf
sho was unpl > ibjc Jtl Popular
opening at M to 1 was forced down to
Ue at theCIo blltId the race b
rewarded h r backer lby running ab
nolutPly lust Kunloslon won as sh
lifted with Miss D lani > y In thfl plaeo
In fronj ofIloema itlss Popujnrs pnr
fonuancn m dfi hc > very unpopular 1th
th < t crqnd that follow fd the money of
UchUnxtrln Charlie Cash Mike Toil
hiy and 1Jddlu McDonald Tills ns
onc lnslanjo when tho wlso boya got
only th shells
Handicap Easy for Rye
Tom Vfelch predlclrd Int night m
dinner In Harr > Sti > Mnxn CubHou <
riolatirnnt that In nould nln tllleo
rnccn toliny nnd he did Ito inadr Ihn
Jhlrd one well rlddfn MlUert llyo
ajLr > aimlR tho bestt Hr i imn arontja
thi fleld nt Ojn sttelf turn nd plqknd
UP the leailKri eailly Udllj aitchlnir
Ilin ninn and KPInK IlVI Penar
rli rime fntl nt tin iuil nnJTiffl third
Rye a bapkul nx If Ilitiiiilil njt Io
t 7 IiT 10
Jrjr tWaUi for Sinfotd
Oen J o1in SsnWrd l < colors In
ront foi the first time Uil season In
th < > finul rvonriif tn MaV mnoiacra
ind Illlfr cnrrlcl thop nnd won a
inimpiMtliMt tin ft ry tram
l i ton with Tl ihrlil Unuilon Ught
> m rll nhv < to Mlu at W H Pr
In nr I > i 1iwiJ ui > dingpniusly at
l flr Hli turn Jiil dropocJbii In
ttq tun liomi Tllf Vliline entry rnn
btay before Uiu race and circuited rt < i s

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