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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, August 08, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 5

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= un n nu c = n nO
glli EP nN H IEg
JStaterr Islanders Have < New
Kick Agairist the Municip
C allly ItsBoats
l W5 Days They f Cpuid
i Caich a Wink BothCom
1 ti jug and Going
l 1 Th donn troilJn Stitfr Inlander hae
i v J > nothrr klqk to > rrKl > t tr The oJ cltr J
r bmtln > h1 noUt of ttvo jiour elcep
< I nyl lie hnn b < ordered to l p at
c < 1 1 >
j hpmejor on M Job hcrDiftet1 bceaun
i the lordly deckhamln of the municipal
fcrryboits have tnlxcd at acting ai
11nn Urm clock it the South Ferry
jOIn UontwtilIttlS
s f r back an 4hc olclosl Staten
IIii1J rcLl reTiiemier It Iu bcon the
dMtlrfta otintom to iltpon the fero
InatB Ther allnu olijtetion on the
nif lioati run by a prlval corjioratlon
Mn > of jm re iilar customer had
i tNlrIA oJhcIah upon which they
toctkf their dally unooze Direction
ItKe thlK ul Itohcrt Carroll wa
headlnc OUIotlhii S UdlFmIIp
V > ro ofjen Jifardr
i Toner wakr me up off Jlobblnsj
i Tt t HJ am InvlW to a reception at
XJnoleuaivllla tonicht and ntto
ahMI before the boat cet > toift
CtlCUV5 = rnOrt bl ea
W th municipality Jook theferrr
lIne the commuters were Jubilant TTio
Ia t ran more comfortablo and while
th 1fUf olthetrlP acroaathebLY
uorioht reduced the Staten 11 i
nnj Rapid Tran It system obllclnxlr I
1ngthencd the runnfnir time of th 1
tr lns M the tleeplnc period waa about
the mmr
Now comanOrdtT that pas erurrr
on thr Slatrn ilandt luaNinot
to bo allow 1 to ale p Deckhands ar
f commU Ion J to make perlodBcaJ trip
through the oabliu wwklpr up lumber
ing vcormnutrra or New orkeni who
hav ben enjoylnic th tr teilv a at
yappylnnd or > r landDeach
Tlfe xvu Tor < it iorlk r Ii that pick
rv > o < clii hav b n ro5 > hlnjr th l p 6 r I
On Lhl < polrvt thf commutBr dlaa ra
with Ihe p > crthMrun thtrry
boils They claim that the only cora
t > lalnt of anything boln < < loat came
ton nn Italian wjio fell utap aJifl
i raiipparale < l tromhJtrht J
1 t a8 JtXn Oulfaa z
i IV ain outrace thtLtwbtlf I
rjtcUkniM a rfdry < l ToUenvill com
muter today 1uaed to be ail to
lupA1lthertrom90uthFrTT to
t1LHiurelL1ii from 8tGxrcoto
Tottcnvllle and 1cvena Now Uu
unlrcpl Ret lao the train and the
mntitr 1 can C4w ralhomll be
j tnocn thn t1n1tl get my olothoa off and
Mi utix It become niceary to put
thrm on rain They ar broaklnt up
Tiis only reaian for It lathat the
jriimlcipal deckhands aro tooluTto
n 1 lp t V ndobith411Ae
iWhy Jn the old day they would wake
mp lOinellmc half > vay down the Bar
< > I could mv hwllo to my t1hn
> ttpuld bo bound to the theatreIn town
A f Htateti Islander are solnif lo mako
nlf iMite of Jhlilni tencnmpLJJtn
Mayor irtio wont itgrte to have borths
iiljide lip pT Ihr Sliten taVknd boat
Jib rumored thJt an lUItldft Tim
> tnsny politician la behind the movement
c jo lt < p p Uft1IOn on the Stnlen Island
iUUi jfakc TIn Sullivan hn > prom
led him the billiard and poolroom
jirHlce He riKUren that If the
i n nJltacanLlcolt4ey will play
1 1
w <
XVIUluK lfiVurk Trii rleln
f AVIflioui tuui1ny Lut > or
r A cninmltlBa con7 > o cd of T Mtrro D I
Oiardlnn and V Dell Ouartda an
= J
JIn trtt19nrltummrs mClo
thu llalUn barbcra of Ifte city would
iKjJield next Sunday nfternoon In Ter
insce Hall No Z10 Ei4t Ono Hundred
nml Iourlli otroot Mr Muro apoko
Vc Hie forved to fiorJr fifteen K5firiT
< Iin Wo nlll not T s oppoecd ten
i 1r Ue do not wont totJ forced
M o eunn la oh mado
nrrann mrm > for the protnctlon of the
tmbHn bv strict hyvlcnlc hxw but It
hn mada no pnwblnnltortl1ebtlro
BAN F11ANCI8CO Augr lA carload
of llk valued at 134000 h been
nded from the Nippon Maru and In
order to better Iniure fta sate t y will ba
forwarded Eal onpauenrrtraln It
li thom valuable consignment of silk
received In thli port for tha laat four
4l J O m Mn
E Bill
M E nEM n
Representatives of Conductors
Firemen Telegraphers and
Jt Secretly Confer I
risllrond I < rILtlr ur
rh t iIIyi1mt xl irn t ilt
1 t t rn y p t rpr t 7btti
more thsinUWrnllroaJorklt have
b n i i i crt fjonat nmbrlflce i
6 l1n 1a > r tlarIlJr 0 making a
lIen d for ju l11e ll of the prej
ent ware schedule >
< I
Those rtf nreentej at dhe me < Unc ar
the conductor firemen brakem n
y rdmej fcwltchmeb and telegraphers
Tbr nclneer are not represented for
the reason IthH they ihsvs no requests
to mahe7iiley having come f an
agreement with the railroads fast win
t r when a meeting was held dlhe
Broadway Central Hotel I
The roaJs Involved In the pre nt axl
tallon the New York Central and
tilled line the Dennsylvanla the New
Vorlc New Haven and Hartford the
Central llallroad of New Jersey the
LaEl1endWewternt Buffalo
nr h trandPUbUrlr the Delaware
and Hudson the Baltimore and Ohio
the Boston and Albanr and the Cheaa
ooske and Ohio
Strike talk or radical meajmre have
no b en dominant at the present
meitlsir In fact rne demands that ar
to b < om3IlelhII monaretheort
that It I believed will be arrantad at
It I known however that the fire
men ar dlsiatlslled They claim they
I dletnt notneer3 profit by the mtlnc ot the
Flurlnlt a ettrem nr h3ad Wlth = tnt
worlcmen last winter elkhty rnlfroadj
Increu ert wancj by which 00000 men
i benerlted lo Ch extent of about 140009
000 a year
It ha > bHnbrourhutatilemul
I Inltthatthi rallroada have b n re
celvtruc larir return a for ahlpptnff The
I railroad officials point to the fact how
v r thnt all miierlaU ui d by rall
I roada are now much hlcti r ajxj that
proflU aie xetttnc d own to a nmntnr
wiL1aJSnutJUtAUC t AD Oi
imtI JorkO M nottho 9l
llerlia of GB MrklAOo baaline
ont1ik boOaWleflTdrtiorboya
quit irhon refuted the privlleea of fQ
Inr to th urfac tc nnMchdarto
cat their luoch which Ovty hay ha
for 7OWIL Tb Tan roaltlns an effort
DOW to U4H wilI thicoiinj > anya oolr
HOWiJim IO I ltonmm
Here a Pntlentn Own Story
had tab reulo ij of
th Inaca an i
than I ana llveJ to
tell of a oorapUtc
ireeorery My for
mw docton ac
koow edae tbatU
outW1e caulad
1UUtlr Anrw <
Inc IDup to dl
1 by tbrte Nw York
docton I vent to
t t Dr Andcrtoa who
1 t examlned my lunrj
with hU XLUhl I
inlt i4u J2jtlrr
w In an jTMart
and danserou stat oftuborculo l
I ihad coughed UPIplnt ot blood at i a 1
time and otten coughed up bloodrmucutt
The nlllhtl weiU were olib4 Ibdto
eliacife mr brdclolhf during fiu night I
CMIli were oanrettlt a tboughiI
could never lire through another idar A
burning tenT iroulil foJloTb icoUlth
wni contlnuout day and keptmo awak
at nlcht I ra 10 reduced In jflecb and
strength Cist t ldoot iwslk n Mock
ltbout topping to get my breath
lb t1 lLMII Ln
cured I 1hCJLJiCmt < 1JclD e1nt1
mr Monnch 5 not bfn < Iitrd ray ilung or
ebeclttd thedlie or Ten relieved my
dreadful irmplonu and il w i rrowlnn
rs erery a y o1 decided lo tl7Vr
id Ocrmkld l o v
i N i tt h
rboU1tIri TI1e11t = < rht
the nxjthln medloited oily vapors Into
my lungs It immodlaulr TelleTed af
touCh A months treatment bitp4 < tno
Eroatlr arid after to months tm I
gnlnrd v ry rapMly and steadily Uy alchl
wIIIIcblllc fereriloppwl
Mr cough Kr l M and Uu and tbJLl I
no iTnqreboorrhig My app tlMrc
tum diaDdIFlaltdn neeh and itnmgth
After tha ncood month I started baclttnl
DI b W s rr 4 iliU r
and hare ralnM J5 ptundla welgtt
1 llrla4toellothnhoN wff r
tII cmo II n r n nIb 1
dl bow I completely cured uode
T rAndenaon < treatment aeren yeara ago
and bariv ronalaedpertocllrII rr
In ooII4tbll pjibllihed at my enrn
W 1IM1 I
Nainelfurnltbed IfdMlred for r er ei >
l1rAnderoonICcla perrwaal cotwulta
tltm xamluatlon wl tiouf chare at bU
offlc 50We t d tIiwYork petwwn
Kb and Cth ava < Hour 10 to4MondAr
w4n6adar and rrlday eTtnlnf till
oclock JBundayi l1to1 If unable to
tkrit for pan ol
t c f I
ii v i c f
r nrN2f 1 In aEsKffTf WRttmKRHN > 0 h viiMfiiiir < rrfcaiTTTuU 4
iuCRrcinuT ll
250 lllYool M xture SKIllTS FuZZPlaited With Fldj Warth 3 O at 1095 l da
AllJlEN STJlA W HATS Formerly M 15 and 2 Reduced Fridayt 65ci t
Pictur s ri tUfr S
AtllallRrzces M en S tllalt1J rl
1C buAd from IUI cJunu
ei half prlcw anrf4e There iltUHj Sill
f From filfi i
yreauciioriVa r
jar grgafr Coorcd and Black
extent Lots ot4 and 5 pictures
ire marked to 16i pictures thai F
formerly sold t S10 sfc nou
mirKcd at 3 and evci leas The S et t8c
averaRc rediijtlori 1I ithroueh Is Ul S
n e a r r t wotllrd I a ri o n eha I f tures i S235
jts tlie bj antuvil cleanup of fj eliBmiVVater JS 50 F I
p jet tires indt cove rsjnpi ony our
own stock laiut the stocks of some C n ir1 b o h < nhd S7SO l
big manufacturers The choice 3pIc9C WnteriCbUrBC c SSS
fr slrnpl eiiprjTiou j l
1 formerly pr at 15 Hand fjiqredIie priced
Und anvJktridiofpicture you may and 16 up to 50
wjnt Irorri Jtie simplest Tprint to 15 3
fhtoil pa rriinRS nd of any class Olll inting M jj35
vbtii want sporilnK cirlcature
Jandjcaie marlricRcnrc still llfror
rellcl its And all at half prices 1000 Sujts In jchev
or lesi Heresahlnt fancy Special Prices
Reduced su iot Janc worsted cassi
Art otypca carbons Mram Prlte merc and flannel fpr
ana etc irjRSigilt An excellent colcetlon of
land ual rraiiicsJ25ccV 35c 19c frames In sizes 8 xi 0f
Etchlnjra c i I t and 1 Ox 2 I JxW Wxili and
f tames msttedv75c 98c 59c now1 of the
11 W W A s frames
X Morted pictures I Inch or l Inches
in K oak and wide Oopjl assottm nt Off
black f ra m es
soirne1 slightly 250 ahd3 Trou ciilors and lcsEn All are
rubbed S3 350 119 for 150 complete with Rla s a d backi
sers d it
Photograph of bos Specially priced
l mous pictures lOc 3c 1 and 150 white
17c UP TO 9c
Colored Print 35c lie jnd fjanpy Vests v C
I column of drtrriMratau
CoBtnurdJn Store M lo Floor
Sltrcl Cocptr Rtiri
SlcttU Cooper StoreTb1rti Floor Centtr ptrS ore Third FlojrCinitrl
Wx > ntens 5250 to 4 Oxfords at Kens
1 b
Sold Regularly lip to 3
f IY suit in our stock oriRin can save almost
ally marked nt prices up 10 half ihcj usual price
3 tomorrow Vat 159 if you buy your
Double B re a a t e i i bathlriR suit here tomor
row and you fct a rcitcr
erbocker trousers suif than other storessell
Double B roasted 3 to 16 even at pur regular price
Backet ISuita with iMcns Two ritcc Cotfon
short trousers Jersey Go h Bathinpr
RuaeianBlouae Suits < S jig r tjnely finished
I wi t h sa i Id r colia rs ancljncajy trimmed half
idful bloomer of flvegoodatyles everynef whichwe have fit JJuanej lecvcs usu
trouscrsf nlentlfulsupplandiniairsizes in i f3and EwTdths fllly sold at pslces up to
Clearane Nota pair InifieylpKWas rhadeytb sell for less than SI 75 tomorrp w
I 0 Boys SZSO Scattered 1
through the assbriment arc several hundred at > vV
palreKof shoes worth 4 and more I hcsc arc in sample > y
sizes only Boys Sizes of he A7r w
AH 0tir boys bloomer and knlck Styjes are the b estof the seasons best one last Is same sujts ut i < 3C I
crbocker trousers In fancy mix njustratcd abpye raient leather klbskin calfskin A
tures worsted cassirneresand and some white and gray < canvas 1 js TvvpPiece
cheviots sizes 3 to 16 years re Tiki your choicejafy j > v
made of ithe
iuced for clearance forrncrly Sigel Cooptr Stort Sccocd Flooi Rt r very finest
yarri perject fitiih
sold for Q5c and I3Sv np
belted made at any price
nibrrowiat y >
E < erigerators and EitcJi n Jfeeds Gloves iPairs o Regular 50c and75c 25c Sltitl CbJrtrSiofeThlrd
4n ih Mwni5ti Bsai
them all V
Combination Step Xridder nin Importer at a price that enables us to offer you to
Chsir iiatdwooa regular Jtefrigerators morrow orie of the hcst barcains of ihe reason in i e only a few ofn patterri arid a ewpf asize Icftijn
prfcc SIU H > y No 622 29 Inwfdcv l f In They are the very kind of goods you want fo wear th se particular Bracies lrjthar r as n we haVe
Clolhcd Dr > r and Shelf 5SKSJf5 050 right now and just the qualities arid shades in crcatest taken off a jiood slice of their reRular ririces as an
wbea1 riot n uit cun be used fayor Inducement fp you to buy them now before other goods
as sliclfi very substantial and In beifm to come inf
No 624 34 In wide
strong larjc enough to hold ° Two Clasn and Two Button Styles ot Milanese are al liichGrade dualities
inR of six persons f > a350 i hey in tasteful designs and
Aisle and in an c cellcnt assortment6f colprincs
iStnnda spjcfal at aVvV Kon62G deep 50 In yvurthoiceof Black White SlatetBtown HeRSilnrly 4750 10V6 SUe x 120 Reduced 3500 to
fiF < iiilrig Iron Board on i Green Mode or Champagne fSPP 00x138 37 50
SUindai < V > n ivx 3iK in wide 21 in 4S40 83 x 150 25Q
ReversibleSlceveBoard I Ao weep 8 In MJhl Sift P silnjperfect condition fresh and new yell made 5450 00x120 2750
J > Vr at w r JLaJtJV id lttlngyuui habJe
Genuine Strnnakya Snuce Pans No 458 25 in wide In ahdttcaUy flniihcy They are the regular SOtf Special in SmallSize
with cojrr lqt rcfiular deep 50 lhf ijt anu 75c Eradcsand you can buy any number chclce Rugs
prlce85 > ilipcl l at > > v aU Attractive ssorhii > colorunjs aVid desiKrisj teuu
Kitchen Cupboard with UrlySS50 and S375 size 36 x 63 tbmorr6wiv
door cauea lop G fu in No 434E 29 In wide I X in I5tll Cocpir Srort Milo Floor FroolJ iS tl Coop r Sor Vllih Floor Front
42 in
high 2 ft 10 in widei m e deep
of hardwood in golden oak finish
roomi exceptionally SK in deep 48 in hlgli at y JLT jav V1 5
Mgtiredm iT J i Uf tT Coortr Storf liinmtn Mail iand telephone order promptly filled fho io 4tiOD
and Iiijiiors Fresh Metits Fresh Fish Fresh Fruits andY Dnylight Bak ry
ll ntip U erjir
htricJ VFt cletq > o ch
from 4fy 10 I Ibih iirttt ri o < l FineChlck n lUllbJlS tikil Y egetables FR ANiK U N VCIIOfn Wf I DAY On
L and > vellkno brands all priced lowenithan F rcr CblhooVSllnion Sietksl n Finer Lone Iiljnd poiiloeii will cook nHEAD jirtc lo U QC
pure fn NATIVE RIB ROAST kolc 1 1 iSp laa jr Loot ir n b rilui Fliaf JLi t od raelll bbl 03c FHESH POLfN J CAKE riltln citron
you artacctisurnec to paying Itv economy to make CulioLhllbtridt quillin Ib V L6 on I teih Mick buheltlplbttIOi ptcklilbi tlilnor liD > cikckeJj > lb > 1 Kn
purchases here CANAtlA MU rrONcnelci 1 O Iw Stltcied lioi on Cod Fl h Siok Ib NcifIi6bi Dselsij Bund APrli > i Vii V
yoiir l
f Loog HtiochSti tiat Kt Hunch C rrn t o THREELAYbR CAKESJll VrUilis
LEoSiOF FANCT SiKlNG Lon Lr nh llu nr XlrjnU W terct U f OC Including chccoht
Pure Blackberry Brandy 175 LAMUlbi > 4 Boi on rrktt Cod F > is rTew Sjrlni Onion oranic
50cPure PLATE OR
jT250 and GOBNBU < A hltcOnloni U low or miplcicicn iO 3UeiiSvV 1
and 50c bottle gallon IIEEI cnaice utlV AOC qutrn
c a per irES tn nrnsh > Xl < iith OC Nsw Ne YtlloVOalo Red Onlonlt < > i delii ced ANGEL FOOD CAKUS told <
UBCAGUE iCOGtACboiiliiii til CO IMPORTED iv gl American VVines FUTivSPARE RIB5 h lce 7 Krw fvtv Idlo IIIooJ nietJ Tu rnl pt I o orHorei lumhlcS cilis ciic IPJIIC iicrf cikci yr tJ
ilur CU J ptkltdlb i I ALMOND OR RASlBERRlf f
p 0 miiyCVbfrn hhnl
PERFECtlOM CbckTAlLS Wrii ill burieriVil r Siwt rin c e C t O CHICKENSiMlicieU llle4tfort Ud Irtin Ib A 0 < t Salad pressing Bolon > lud Leitucc eicb COFrEB RINGS Uch
virlcijot toitl lneori
i >
is qii T f JERSBYjnHOILEHSf la r O j Founnln tffjJrirlcilfi Irttli Mir Op JELLY KOLLS ne c li or
VERMOUTH e oicni domtiifci tmciriliZlai niel til M lre lluriun ircth ledilb j osnilio 3 totilt J5c botii V ORANGE MARMAIADEihe eel iponit ckei rich
I OWFflrj S u rneii C4ic 12 H R brllCd nEEUlNUT bria It J < C MAIL0 CAKES pier c V ehrrr
viiAvt iviftTv1ii5 Y
qH rn
1 jc
LAND OlWbU boiile lU5t J PorlunMcjo Oil Frltri rturtundjrj Q SOUPS founno MULLIGATAWNrrvt PATNA RICE Jiiri l nr full inin h PULE CIDER VlNiU > K l ilo cikcs Scotch currint ne or
ultrl s > i OU Friiri Hlc llai c e IZqutni v iMOCK TUKiLE MULLIGATAWNr 0 > l it tle Importfd ron PATMA Ofn hcI4dloC ut J5ci lull qt bolill
REGAL BRAND OLj TOM OR Cirei md Rhine Wlne p r < IUa 7 < p 10 lb U4c i lb j < Mci 3 Ibi J GQTTAOE BRUAD dinner fcrd rr
Jl25 U a4 l fi ° Y brtidor Ncv EnjUnd itrlt brsdj gj
DRY OlNboliUH r Pori Shtrir S ct Citi > bti Anttlki nd DesertxFruits
STAR COGNAC URXNiJW 25 u c tl verr choice wln Rorn Kinks
CbF rr nUu Coi elll thrill J105JI4J t inJ 9r p founnln ix r quilt ril riipberrlci CO r F cuh lOc Kr 1
ROXUUROHE K lil2 jcri C The H O Coajlr h JS cd 3 Uin oi illccJ uince > > llc J citron or iirfi > > it > i > vij > i
ldr lloiVr lSO lull airt RIIINEind MOSELLE llctd l < rilil roris dat tch or i >
CAllTOL IRrETiJjijeiUolaiJiVilo ehiBa qer i PrtnkfcriJM ILicnlt 0 tokitti 10 c n pjrchitcr orieJ tllii tit 32
MONT1CELLO J3SU iu1 aiiatl RTEil V Cue Cue i Gat > Bird and Dalds Bacon
JJirlun I f att cel triKJ WESTPHALIA tIVj
JPjBtiitr Fop s >
Maracaibo Goffec AYaUorf Teas dry < V r cured vif BJJ del e > f
v 78S BOS I Aconjlliti iicrlticn ol loodVjia 4J JUvor ret price 22ci tpieUi Frj l7gi I
CABINET Tortier IOSO OiO tlnctnd lUppilci or ct nfpl > cju fc Iluiur hint u cocl letvrli 0111
Iniilccimcr 793 b tdl poullrjllibelc bfrciiea B Fourth or HOWUEHBD 10 Ibu 5100 ortrMim buulii n cirtont lOcI Qr >
ErdtnirTrcfpchto V7S 1 lloor a Ib Si 1C u > 4i rtloo
Unun btritr 1073 74
I Dublin iStoui PELUTlER Carets and Sauternt f A
Ctti Gin
U qtt 24 pt
S > lntJnll a ttii rrJ73J
FREDEliiC tUpEV c6lMPOKTr I1jrn cini < 7a l lS
Chileiu Moglia
cxctllenci Stunrot vii > 030 7SO
Dn latUvor ouol I Hi u 151 uuro11 t 4 i sN o u o JBGREENI1in PRBSIDBHT
M > 5amjjs We
1 i V XV

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