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+ pars Hunimastcr Seeks
Li 1 Beautiful Girl Who Fled
t j on Wedding Eve
ii R
ti1 i 7 i
KffeanskySays Hell Kill Hun
ffJi ts self if Search Is Not Soon
i < Successful
fIn search of the boautlM actress who
fled from him un thd eve beforo their
odd I nc day Count Ixio Nloholtjevltch
Kauuisky li horOthelO1atot an In
timate friend who ha a nao residence
nthewt tide ottonFo flften
yoam Ouunt Xs = arkys agents have
Talnly tried to nnd Vlum Ant novna
It1 do not find her I will kill nry
lf said Count nJkYllUt night
A highstrung man of superior mental
ity ho spoke with perfect calm HI
Cnd It Impossible to live longir without
her Iwlllapend ray last 1opeck to
ni her
inCZllr Official Family
Kazansky Is Inconlto here j He Is
thu Czars Maater of the Hunt on His
Russian Martys Siberian estates a
toaji of forty y mllnoCJcll oiAn
old family of distinguished position
of renned manner with the bet edu
cation ho upottks German and Trench
fluently And with tho aptitude for
Bgungos which all Russians poic
fae haa mastered r uglhhlllthetew
I week bo has bn In this country
Constantly imoHn cigarettes Count
KazAnaky said lait night
iy eyes have alwn > s had a hypno
tizing or rather a paralyzing effct OT
human beings and animals if 1 chcosc
t to exercise IL After 1 wa graduated
from the university In iloscow my
tathor chose for mo a bride Of an old
distinguished family 1 disliked her
but we were betrothed she died sud
> denly After awhjlleAlexandcr jIll
father of the present Cxar arranged a
< match for me He selected for me a
prJnccu ot A foreign tamil princely
but poor
1 Of course I dl < IMt l ehcrbul
bad to obey the Cur will Tho mar
riage naa to lx c elel > nfte < niVwur liyuae
4hurch on my fathers eatat 5Aa we
iTtood before tho plcst I ookod tp1Y
c bride All my abhorrence her must
Jiivo been exptnied In my ejes She
o hrleke and fell unconscious After
four days the Jrlncevi dlcdja postnior
< trm cmmlnatton proved she had suf
fered a stroke of apoplex
j Then Met Real Love
ttor some minutes Count ICazansky
remained FlienU Then conquering hM
unwillingness to proceed ho said
i I wtis convinced could trover love
nntllitho night I saw tho Waltz Vlera
Antonovna on the tao In NUhnl Xov
iorod I loved her I proposed inn r
rlage sho accepted inc My father
tnchvnled by her did not Abject
iiio wcddmu was lu bc cricfaTatrd on
our cnlates On the > Venlns beforo I
wai to be her husband we hiul a Ions
talk walking the ileldi in the moon
Jlgh There she confessed to mo thnt
till clcnpdm < II LI
party and would marry mo only when
promised d to kill the Czar during a
hunt or Join her hi u plot so tInt sho
could assassinate my sovereign
Torn by canlUctlng emotions I tem
porized hut lovlntr her 111 dtdas I
eIoI could nIt betray her
Next morning Il I1 o k1hen
thn vnddlntt CfJromoiiy was to begin
nd tho guesta Jiad lUuttnblid I missed
her hurrioil to her apartment The
door wax locked Vc broke It open
Bho wai gone Not a trace of her waa
left So mynlirloun wtn her dl app sir
pnce that following the deallm of thc
TV omen to whom I had been oftlanced
ylUlJlUl > eclpd Idlllnc her
Tf TTii < nv nrr it Ffontly
I was Imprlsonrd In n monastery In
Iber111oone baLmy arntly knew
Where I Will Hut five months ifter
her dUuppimrincu lIOl a brief letter
from i my Vpra potnarked In New
Tork the told ma pirn was In 1troo
country and would never return q
pray that jou will be happy without
m she wrote
flATT1 K W 11111 Sept P Secretary
f War Tat t hn nnnnurt < J holtlMTO
rtorblt trip around tha world asS
f t1Qw
f fLe4c S ittlo Sept 1J due Yoke
i ama lts due Kobe Sept Z > duo
I Nacn akl < f4IUoBIIAnbaIOcl Ii
J luo HoniT Kontr OctII nrrlv Mttnlla
Oct 14 via MeCleltnn lAavo Manila
Nov < arrive Vladivostok > olrf
Icovo Vladlvostolc Xov 12 arrho Ir
k ltllli Nov JS arrlvo Mocon > itopp
Inif two days Nov i6 nrrlv Berlin
atosplntr two diyi Nov 3 Take
aimer nt Cherbourir about Dee 4 ar
rive New York about Deq 10
A Man May Have 100 H Affinities Idea of Only One Is Scientifically < Crude
Says Artist Earle Expert in an Interview 1JJith Nixola GreeleySmith
ff I I
Bearded Eccentric Wears the NptorJety He
Has Won with Careless Ease and
liven Seems to Like It
Says Miss Kuttner Has Explained tbeSil
u ftonM GompletetyrthanrHe
lJfY JV i rda GreeleySmtih
aA fFINLTY s aid Ferdinand
r J7 rf > 1 A Pin nt Earls lisfIOt a bad
f +
t l J ward The idea that there
Is tone person in the world with
t1J whom one feels entire and perfect
J sympathy is very beautiful very
a poetic But it is not sclentiflcI
dont believe In it notwithstanding
4 J aHtherot about affinities pre
p I natal romancesJ th thas been
l attributed to me In fact I think
y you believe more in affinities than
iti I do
J 4l
r I met Mr EJrle by appointment
inhisbrother Victors real estate
f otliCClt No 200 West Seventy
71J second street Having previously
C bv 4r c1swo Ivor written my vieWs about his conduct
mjo 7q yO in shipping his youngwifeh
France get iidYlrclthnrhn may wed with hlstentytw year oldaf
flnlty Julia Kuttner and having wrung a public answer from the bearded
eccentric to the criticism I felt some embarrassment at the Idea of meet
ing him
But Mr Earle nhjlnlic came In and shook hands quite as If wo met at a
lawn party or an afternoon tea seemed Jo much at home with the situation
wore his notoriety with such carclean ril elhl1t I settled down very com
fortnbly to have a chat with him entirely regardless of having called him
several very unpleasant names In print Just the day before
This young man who shipped his wife and child to Europe tho other
day apparently It ho were consigning an ordinary load of freight has not
nbl1d face at all Hlo features arc regular bin face Ions and of waxen
pallor His large pclcblue eyes smoothparted hair and long curly brown
beard give him a general resemblance tho Itinerant Messiahs that spring
up now and then mako a few converts and disappear
IrEarletstnUl1nd looseJointed ills manner deprecations fils I
conversation extremely elusive Just when you think you arc pinning him
down to some definite statement of what he believes In he > wriggles way i
MIssKuttnor he Bold baa explained the whole situation She Raid
more than I would ever dare to I did nqfclll her my ntllnlty orlgl I
imlly tiut the world lea good one and I believe she fulfils Its meaning 10
far as I am concerned I
I dont believe that n man has Just ono affinity There are doubtless
hundreds of women In tho world who would meet his needs Ono man de
mands mere beauty In bio affinity another requires simply that she be a
good housekeeper Another admires brains In women
Ando Z I Interrupted I suppose you prefer brains to good house
keeplng rnrJ 11 l1lIlimllbmdC l hnLLr = oF rl n J v 9lH1 1
affinity oUhehlhbrowctlmrlcty
lUke both ho replied There Is no rcaonwhtholUmc woman 1
shouldnt have both nor why a man shouldnt Men should be good house
keepers too lie added They should have some Idea about homemaking
atwe1Ltont C
mnali Wn Yntimt1k1 n fIIIl1mnttftIllBkcdh Fr 4ion JtIxu
you to believe thnt Miss KutUter Is any moro jour penrmnent amenity
than Mrs Earle wMZHowdoOl know you may not want her to give
you up a few years from now to another woman jut as Mra Enrle gives
you upwhJ11 And wirjHsthnt not progressive polygamy just as 1 said
the otherdrZ
Mr Earle looked grieved
0111101110 protested lam a monogamist But I behave persona
should know each other thoroughly before theymarry Mrs Earle was a
French woman and of course you know that means that I never saw her i
alone or had any knowledge ot her real thoughts and real temperament
until after vo were married
o Mrs Kftrlo Is o ffi110t W 1fl1tIrtln dm U i S1r JI1U tiL Orij
brains than I hac I never needed an encj clopacdla while she was In the
j house i hut n woman baa to bo more than an encyclopaedia to meet my
i Ideal 1 acr moro Bucccunful In meeting Mrs EaUojtideni I nm pretty
well Informed on tht matter and I dont think 8 oHr have any difficulty
t In securing her divorce In France Till ilie does 1 shall waJt patiently nnd
work hard at painting Then by the time she has obtained It my affairs
will have ceased to be a nine ila > s wonder to the public and Miss ruittner
and I will Uo married 0
Simple isnt Ito
0 c
Although Ferdinand Ilnrtcy Carlo
tho IIrt stwho llccnrdcd Mi wife < < o
f that lio might bu fr QlJwedJuHII
Kuttner his souls alllnity has writ
ten nzcUat VailJIi > rd 1rc li1cn tot
wlown of Monroe that lo la going
to return lohla home he has not put
In appearance thereIn
I In hU letter LO Mr Paddleford Earls
i W37 AS originally Intended to Illustrate 1 Ihrilllnfj story Jn
TaPl latterday romancebut as It so perfectly depicts the
IIl1JI enthusiastic nutiner In which Sunday World adver
users and Sunday World readers cTng to one l another It
Is prjnte4as a reminder of the thousands of Buyers and
Sellers j Landlords and Tenants 1 Workers and Employers
Teachers and Students EtC yesterdajs Sunday World Ad
vertlsenunis are bringing togtfher toJy
S etroltU ii JtOribc1 otialrBJtdr stedJ1Mt
ilk X JL tL Fl i > J5r slfi iJ J F1iJ l4
ft kiiy 4 S IJi tr2 iiJ1t 9 t H lfJ
ajdlr the town authorltle did not
Rive him protection from the villagers
nnd farmers that he would hire his
own protection and that If ha did this
some one would bo hurt
Should Harlo Ventura back to Monroe
hero his wife wits well liked and re
spected the chances are sonic one Till
bohurtlnd that this some ono
TV Ulbo lrlN < lrhla homalan
bucket of tnr n < Inrali ready for
quick useIl Is believed the people
would turn out the minuteIt was learn
cd Knrlo wan there again
CIL Kuttnr lies loft her retreat In
the Oraniro mountains and yesterday
rras InXwork with Barle Today
honrvcr it In raid ehci has gone loa
resort nhcro her mother Is stopping
I nnd that rTTo expocts to elay until Karlo
receives word that hit vvlfo has ae
cured II1dlvorco and cleared jim way
for hlj marriage to lib Atrinity <
Ministers Denoupce him
It wouldnt bo quite niifo for MUs
Kuttner to venture luck Into Monroe
jut lIthltlme Thn ministers of
1100 ron denounced Knrln from the pu I >
pit xiatcrday Tho mlnl ter Kite tha
tounnrcoplo dort seem to have one
jiartlclo of sympathy for Enrler ro
t dom of love Idea
IXNt > ONt Sept 9Ti nuhop of
Chlehoatsri tiC Hjtrtit Jlev iirn fbI
and WISberforoe D D died today at
brSdWlUo of Wight He was bom
In UWan4 wag itcn ot the l6t Illirht
11ev Samuel WUbtxZor cs hopor
t 07 1 r r P i
rfllJti < Ii i
x 4 > w
Jv si
M mT M JijV x v i > Klvi
j L v i1
1 I
k 0 41
I o Ito
I W jfeS
I jfeSj G 1i
j r trt
to t
i ii
< A
i II 4
Ico i
I I 1
I 4 j I L0C7 f a
Ly r
45 I
r S r
ct t j 4 I j
Fl B
Y g d7 hA i >
OFF FK l U n
Bellowed Like Bulls and
Spouted Blood 50 Feet
in the Air
Wo read In the llttrary news that W
I Clark Husiell the writer of sen stor
ies has I kento rhyme In order to
make hi word painting moro effective
But there laaUlI poetry In pro In
happenings even In the vicinity of
Now York as witness what the Even
Ing Work got from Sayvllle LI to
day descriptive of a right between two
ItwuottIlre Island yesterday n af
f ternoon and was witnessed by numer
ous persons who wcro llnl sailboats
trolllnir for bluctllhOur dorrespon
dent say s
I1W miU8 non1 etitt lllKntitklJ
battleship eAch striving ortIJ r mas
tery of Uio MI
Hnblnowltr chief of the pneumatic
tube staff of The
< 0 Evening World pro
nounce this the finest plee of no o
poetry ho ever saw Tho Idea of cum
paring whale to a battleihlp npj sil
to him a particularly plcjsmc
I They pouted blood nfty fe < t In tho
Here the correspondent begins loo
Into detail With a master hand fie
laps on the next dash of color
Got wise to the crimson foam I See It
churn and swish and bofll Continuing
correspondent avers
They bellowed like mad bulls and
the jrounds were heard a mllo away
When this passage wai shown to Mr
Churls Harvey the pmlnen nnounc < r
at prize tights blcjole rucon und oiir
athletic pvents ho went Into ecracl
Ha unhetntallnBlv proclnlmej it thu
mont remarkable sll y > of HtcrntuHcrfr
world has seen since Old Cap Cohier
died jjjuubtcnjturjnen i
1h iI < morreMWft 1 <
battlA T
lteiewe < vo evlilthco orrnrn literary
kllli HucV i 7 irTrnj WrOrt wtramfo4
would posseis nlltrd with nn i adher
ence to facts characteristic the eon 1
nolcntlous rILVIUWnotlcj
tint the corf jsiK > nuenJ started off uy 1
fUlni thAt the tvhnies foiiffht like two
Th i wInth > > p Is not only synairono
but Inrmonlous
There Is only one criticism to be nd
and Te correspomlent felled to
ntmounco whlc > whale got tht declton i
lo lblv this pu OKe expalni the over
night r
Tho frichtnnM apectators iufv
quickly irtiorewnnl for safety
Ilia presumed ti < > wl 1I11 were 1Ilht
Inr over n lady whnlo ainnty but the
correipondont forgot to mention this
Expected Her in he Holidays and
May Make Her Home in
This Country 1
The Dusheis Marlborough will t
In New Yo klIOIIo time In the holiday
according to Oliver H Belmont her
stepfather He cald jcstjrdny at Del
court Newport that ho expected her
at that tlmu but couH uat sa y posi
tively whether frnot she vvoUkl re
turn to Knjland
This latheVKfaoclety has looked
oralncatho Duke and Duchosa u
Itarlborouch i parted last e ar It was
predicted then that ho would return
IOtI11a country sooner or later and
n ° ke tier huroiJl fen nxeka aso
she reported In the foreign cables
us occttptM wirn nor many cliarttles
In whtcn slo Vlej with QUoon Alexan
dra of whom she U a gent favarlte
810 i wlllmsike her home lnN wYone
WhIie fln Aincrtca to ie ncub
1 77ir J i
tI StCii
r I i
Contractor Declares Hed
Rather Die Than Face Chil
dren He Made Motherless
nNEQbArIi Sept 1Martin J
Smltha welltodo contractor who
shot and killed hla wife at hb home In
Jaksoz avonjliJ here yesterday and then
tired two btlifets Into his own body re
covered consciousness today for thu
first tlmo since tho shooting lie de
clared that ho bail been drunk when ho
killed his wife thai ho had loved her
better than am body pn earth and that
hh wants > toll 11mtlmliiifl ueuu
He Is ntlll at tho Nassau Hospital here
with Sheriff Glldersteeve watching at
his bsdsltle
I drank too much Saturday Smith
ii1 i rttm i7t 1 At =
day mo nine I lnto nod drank some
mere 1 Went home and naked my wHo
to forgive mo ami when Elrj rifuaod I
shot her As she lay on the Hood did
I UM > I her und then shot mjsqlf I
want to did now 1 nm xvjrrlod moJl hy
tho thought that I must noon niut my
two little children thftt 1 mide mutlier
losa while lWfUl drunk 11 < 1 Mm
wife and It I had been sJJlwrwwuld itdt
have harmed her In nnv way It was
tho whiskey thin < ild It
kS Ion
HOT SPRINGS Ark Sept l V2ffle
on his way JIi bo marrlvJ EdivarU
Harnoa jcstcrdiy vv aj klUtd by light
nlns vvhllo riding In a VIIonA oaf
rldlni with him was knocked uiiconcon
noloun and tho hornen were kHIM
Wrdillntc Kucsta hud iissiinbltil In an
ticipation 0rtllnmtIII18r of Jtirnes
TrtTil wiien jT fatlca tn nriponT riley
rOuntlW > dead body whllo KOlnK toward
Ws l
= >
Twelve Year Old Blanche
Kohler Disappeared on Wuy
to Visit Mother
nlanche XohlerI tWelve years old llv
iziir with her aunt Sir Catherine Koh
her tNI XO Ei s t Twentytlttlt strcot
haj bun mixiJnBl since KrlJuy He
caUse > of ft strane experience of tho
child n fortnlKlit ufeo ilrs Kohler tctr
her nleeji Is belnt held a prUoner bIl
man i
WSwccks aso tho girl nas ozed
so bohlhL h f mi by anJn who
took her aboardaT1i1TiCai l1 +
See car him they reached One
UU I 1redl1ndFOnijUJnd Ilret anSI
Amsterdam noiiUf sho broke away
from Wm and sprang off Uie car She
l iH JI hoI hJ1
On a ddnntonii car
e ulrl iett tho House on iTiaay last
leaving u note to ner aunt HhO wan ub
sot iayintr that stab was KUlnn to nee
her mother who lives at Xooo Hunt
Komerj stre < k JMo mother FJJS her
diuitnter did not visit hsr thit day and
mat sne has newri noyiltis olwr
Capt McUerinotl and the poltco of the
tast rncjitysecond Wtreat btatlon are
Inn to had tOo girt
rij ciAiun wit Sopt l11sstng
thit ound like tt tuvflfry of IonlIl1
lIiInmlwhlcli tanbe heard u block
ayrhnx aroused soma of the excltulvi
and nflslocraUc rorlilonta and jl prottat
which Is uxpucitd to lead to the prciiiii
tAtion of onlinanco making It tllcB l
jo kiss in public has been mnilc to the
City Council
It la claimed by those who object to
For the strongthat they
14 may A keep their strength
For the weakthat they
inay regain their strength I I
For the young that they 8
may grow in strength r i
j tjJneed scLft
1 the most nutritious food made
from wheat
Clean crisp and fresh I
ffl I moisture and i
5 a c dust proof packages
i 11 J i
< 4
the public osculation f iat spooning cou
ltes whrt tukr nightly ntrolls under tho
JnH And Jilt on Kjm of the front utopsi
of lioniM malto the nlrht rr ound vvltli
td rir < i ious ifforts tliIlchtljlheI
Kuat < if other rcsldantsiuut pi llosbr
j 1
Rosenthal Doesnt Remember j e
Leaving Baltimore Store and
Wakes Central Pa1
If Kmll no nlhal of Baltimore kpt
JiJs Jiromls to 3In < lsUnte Corrigan In iY
the flsht Court ho Is on hIV a > na 11i
inhlAglfjajmdcilarfn today n Y
Isei ntKht a prosperouslooking
4r ° Lrinl1 wlthn itmod expraitiori
wl lki lto > the rinal Police SjtatlOX vr1
Vitlp klrWJopknU tnt
tho nlghtr ha a kPdLlcuU FJannerr J
And yiiu iad better take cafe of this
he added producing Inr i revolver
mIlO mixed up I tint Isnow what I oj 1
mlsht do with It
r WUifi the matter with yourWIll
th offlclnt query t
I dont know wna the An war
that whats ptrzilngrno Tou PCe
few minutes ago I suddenly cam Jt
myself out there What place la thliP
I asked lnmtln
Central Park hn cnnwered J
Central Park where I asked
irT Now York > said
Well I cant exaotly lock you UO
for that said the lUutenant
i Yea hut hold on ftll ltho visitor
thlitilsihe tolntYou coo my nam
U Emil llosonthal and lam a liquor
d l lcrntNo til Pratt atre tUaltl
n1orcIJrrhc lost Uilni 1 remember
wIIIIIvu In my < oUstoreLdont
roiilemlwr when that was or what I
hnvo bion doing lm scared and JC
wouldnt feel wife anywhere but In a
Ttxollce stntlon tonight It might happen v
9 tiri
Pu > cntha was turned over 10tO >
rinllr < luIInndllkn to the SIght sa
court There MaKlitrnte Corrigan dls JIiI
charged him in 111 promise tonoL kill T
himself ROsenthal mid ho would kIlFfI
rIght back to Baltimore
= = A I
THE Shewing Gum forHE7flTjf I E7 1
GumLax Is more than a chewing gum Its a tonic laxative
Simply chew Ik Just like other chewing gums but unlike
them theres some good comes from It It relieves constipa 0
tion tikes that dark brown tzste out of your mouth re
stores proper Intestinal action Carry GumLax with you
Chew a piece alter meals It will relieve that distressed feeK
itig anl carry you thrtTugh the rest of the day CF
I < I
The Laxative Chewing Gum Cures Constipation
For lao by Cnvcll Misscy Company Heceman 4 Company
I Win t Rfat > 1I A Company JlIlUh ll sonIC lsh Pharmacy
WaiterS RdtCYflt1 tuo trioumnd other druaclits in Now York City 4
1 II ycor druoalst docs not soil OlMlX sena us 10 cents and we will mall you a box
GUMLAX MFG COMPANV 29 Broadway Now6l City
j T
A Real Fire Sale I
Our entire new stOCk was recently damaned very allohily by water
used In putting out a fire above us Furniture practically unin
jured but prlcct have tumoled
rIP tI1 dO nl d EU ni1PI D
= 1UJJ JUI UJtV jIJ = Jr JlUJk
Includlnu Colonial MahogsnyflClrcasslon Walnut tiBlrchtMapi iJ I
4C also a larga nosrtnient yof BRASS BEDSTEADS at extra 2 li
ordinarily low figures
I Li1e2imeEurn1trg
bf >
j Cur Grand Rapids products arc not built to break and sell more J
Wo do not sell one season quality Wo nell the kind that laits I
I for years and always looks high class 1
At Absurdly Low Prices tJ
We shall dispose of the entire stool at once to make room for new wi
ycods Everything reduced In price i
Come Examine Save Money
j The btkt opportunity of thc ccaon too d good furniture at smjjlj
cost 1
Established 1852
13610140 West 23d Street i f
Jt 1 J = r L X I
J1 > = C110N 9
5I rsGI6 OOPS m
I i LJiT oIpQUnHtfUTs = O I1mtOm J
HpHE Wolfncr Is the best plnno in the world sold ato
I j WE know nod we want YOU oknowlr Best In
I tone touch construction and finish It will stand the
closest invcstlcation by piano experts It made especially 1
for us and is guaranteed by us and manufacturer i
ioI The
O J 0 t o
r Woilner < Piano i
L1 v Jl J1 it UJi J
o or O > OI
250 f < W
Come Intndrrt this plano yoursclf Question us
about anypotnryou Qlsh The morn iou know about > lrf f
he better for us tg iiAi r 11
No Money nla Week
i 5r
No Interest no exrllcharccsofnnYklmfQcHyercdl
free Protection cover and revolving stool free i
iN vSlttfl Coopir Ztts FUik Plow OnttrJ r t1fj
Seo our regular advertisement cjujpggg 8 4 1
J j L T
iIt HlfJH I UfBtHr fI i < I j1
of 0 c i j

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