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Ir I jiT S
I 1
< sVtw tt j
i < ir PLNBOOS
4r So She Took His Money and
I j Started for Berlin With
tr J Sister Helene
I1w < Fl
t i Ar If h
1 i I Loyed > Him He to SendHer
I f t I Back If She Didnt
1il Marie Verhoevancould not lore fooL
tor thl reason ho II In durance Vila
1 in Hoboken with her ister Helene
r jcwuJUnir Uw > action of the Grand Jury
Up fit this county
t4 Boo la on Inventor Hla drat name
< 111 AUK tut Ho lives at No K3 Veit
f tone Hundred and Twentythird street
tt1 t Book In Berlin yoara and y Sfi 5Kor
i jh and Mrfe wire little boy and girl
p XOftther About a rjOhebpn
ftf jto correspond with Marie He liked b < r
IIt letters and he photograph rle was
J te fcbarroed nrlth his account of New Tork
1 J An agreement was made that Marie
l should como ocrou the ocean to visit
fY JEooi It4 OCOUIdI learn to lore him
I i cr oho would wrd1 him Jnot hew
I to return to Germany
I l Up to tpoLitthL this jLrranie
jrnetit 1i Boo aereta with Marie
r ythattizerdicr
il f bDlLi tYork kA I
lLgu with her sister Helene They f s
r ItrW IoeJ de
I tall finelooking gina > ouns and viva
4i Boo clous They wTnt to live at the home oft
> Girls and Money Vanlih
Maria aaya that BOo placed KM In
i the raZe deposit vaults of the WeaL
I Side Bank on the day aha arrived And
f j iL pave hlirthiSkooCthobOxlIelr o
11k j naya the name
C t Ho told me declares I Ithat
ri If I lov l him net should the money
I i taJte out and back to Berln to
i i A Ye tenlay afternoon MnrlnAnd
Uelll11lwei1ttoiholo4e depoatt vault
> t < end the money took out Then ta
I t want to liobcn cxiKJiirtd ni tgc on
XiV6 Breifi Wt VoUaAiittd fo < layt nnd
I ii eccuredar9ora at No J10JlUtsr street
k tor tho nichL
I l y It appears that they did not consult
I f with Booa before taking hi step When
JDooa got home and found that Marie
c if ijioot Helene were onal1dllflen t the
li night lOOking for thtni llnrly today
i Q tile learned they were In Holxiken and
i bad engaged passage an the Tlrcmen I
t 11JilUtentng to Police Headquarters
w i jcomplained that Marie and Helene hid l
robbed him of KM
200 Found inoWcll Found 1
i IiIi Lieu Rr n of the Central Olllce was
r1H detailed to oto Hobokcti with Do oa
f 3tyan and Booa picked up Dutectlve
tttW > iffUin ID
S Kcc and arreited Merit and Helene
9 Jul as the ship was about to sail
n ii Boos admits that tit put the money In
IIr Jthc safe deposit vault Jn < l ctn Marln
i 1the key Hut he saja she was not t >
ifB tako the PX out unlesn h should die
Sha learned pretty quick already
iiF ieald Boot sadly as Recorder Staaton
Ii of Hoboken ordered the tlrlal locked
t Iupilnthe detention room to await the
fl rlLCtJOII or the Now York authorities
h WhentNtedIArChndtwo J103
it 1 1IItn herwell they werent In her
n 0
One Roart of Beef 25000 Poundu
rlant tntUli Citiohr IneUlng Company
t Ql Ninth street nnd OtrnrU uvruc A
U destroyfcd by lire yeatcrday 1olsnbOut
D CfOOOO Dter wel hlnc 5000 iioundt wno
destroyed The tire Is lIed to hAY
been caused by a spark from pAUllnJ
4 1 locomotive
Two Robbers Terrify Crew
and Passengers and Escape
< With Booty
J >
I ST PAUL Minn 8 tpt12 riltr L
Manaer rEIUoltJoT theGreat Xtfrf < rn
Express Company announced tbilay
that the Ort Northern Oriental Lim
ited train Net 1 which hsft8t T3ul
as v nTf 1IlCbel4usIt nu
muked men tbc or even mU aWetI
of Hereford Mont ely loday
Tho robbon crawled over the frndr J
at thin pUc and at the point of their
cum commnmlod the engineer to stop
the train rhy then ordered < the en
slnear to CO b kwlthihell1toUi1
expresi car and laitruol lnito tell
tha expreu meMerurwr malt citric anil
iiasrs sa Eanto o = back Into t4W
AVWIe thU wa being done the rob
iber kept up continual ftulllad with
le ZUnsto tarrlty the puengeri
i xJrtn 4htl m u
After the easnge b1llalr man
and moil cleric had left thur CAT the
robbers went throUffi tboniJJtur
and robbed the uoalca quan
tity of registered malL Tnuu Uloy went
Into an cxpruM car whloh carried nn
osrfl wornUu boega and express
and whloh contained aV jrUir tliroujh
Alter tiploJlne thre chnrre the
lafo WTUI ctpcned and found to be empty
Tho robbers did not enter the regular
epre4CLt In whloh the neueucer
had boon riding
OnrfldlU Iac ttnVrtt tfa high
I warmon helped themtclvcu to She
TeKl l5r xl matIlndr1ttternrlnlr a
partlnir voUoy dUppear
In view of the fact that the Great
Northern Exproaj Ooxnnanv did not
Buffer any 1oaa i the Oreat Northern
tallway Company hAD teleKratiKM the
oJlorrtnjr offer olllran1lrd tlIIII
pointa In the West alonr Ita line
The Olt Northern Pathway Com
pany will pay the um of liWO for the
ntnH and conviction of eh of the
poraona entiuroj Ftb6 holdup of lu
train near llexlord Mont on the
moraine of Sept 12 1W7
S1JrnedtWJP WAnD
lOriml Manager
Pil BLxrrr Ark Sept 12WIth
thr3uryr1w uui name Aiexander7
Lou < Franklin a negro shot and killed
Deputy Constable C A JJutler lit Cor
neretone o terday The n UbMnc
hunted bRN6o and If apprehended i
wlirprobablyb ync1ied
Sunday d nun nami l Alexander hot I
and Wiled a negro andwa exonerated
und yesterdays klllln IB probably tho
result of that tra txly Itmua case
J3t rajjl0 Identity
C i
i SJiJLini
I lock t
I JU80ess
With to I op h on os
enough busy
lines are avoided
Tho postis small
Tho value Is groat
1B Dvy Slrwtt
II 1
II L I A44pWIr
II 1
h Ave and 20th St
I t = I
I t
ft rf1 Making of Childs Shoe
t J 1 Is as thoughtful a problem as any in the shoe
I f business if notthe hardest problem of all The childs
i foot is not arseltled form like an older persons but a
i changing shape from week to week 1
qt Whave jriven roore attention and spent more
lf time in perfecting shos for children than any house
i jfl the world
Our shoes for the young people are the best that
I are madein scien ific sliace in quality of construc
Jq tion materials and workmanship
High Cut Button nnd Lace Shoes in Patent Leather Tan
f E itr Rusiia Calf BlcV Kid and Gun MeUI Calf Prices
I from 2250 to 5500
Misses and Childrens Kid Button and Lace Shoes
iySius 6 to ioMSJ5JgOOtS2503t1d wOO
L f1 i r Si2esn 10 2 S200 t250 S300 and S350
Ladles 51 zeS2J to 6 S2CO 250 300 S3SO and S 00
1it The Junior Calf Schpol Shoe Low Heels
f t < Sizes 9 lo 2 SI25 SI505200 250 and 5300 I
i Jio lfr Young Men and Boya
II The Hnrvanl > Junior siztn 12 to 2nd 2 to 5 5200
iv The Armor Clod Lace sizes 11 to 2 anJ2Js to SHIo j
i Young M ns Boys and itt tsFlne Calf Lace and Bulton
t t i il Z n 5250 andSJOo I
I JI t p
I j I ii > < J ir < i I J > <
II IIIlj > < I i i I J h 1
r W 11
r <
1J I r 1
1 > 1 II 1 1 < Ii 1 i rj
li 1 1 p
Propeller Tangled in Anchor
Rope of Another Vessel
WhichDisables Her
1e blrtUE Alpine ntqTA C
Qolild MllclaS nirl9Mv und
ptlotnd tr It Qoultl is a Wt < < kDIth
SPInd ItOcl Lt the head ornn
1tilYa lihnli 1tte1 eiicwedah CAH 1
< r101 < tt hx jd Hhouih7
adly tittered forward
T be AJplnf ritutts 1Jf of the IXarem
JU vor wth a big birjfs in tfro1 iotlly
before noap orCOnr1 UunJf anii
TwcntyllflJi treil ih pautd oooio
the Covnnmcnt tug Hudson enlploytxl
M l tlikt olliitnth work of atopiu
uiftho ciinnnel
i HociLiifoof the iirirt rrnJ RIIJ cro
vddJrji the tln jDti WOe hold In poiltlun
UUtlxnuhou To propclur oitha Xl
plnq picked Uponot tie Jiudtonx an
iinor rowtJNIt from lu fmtenlnjk
and wntppod It uromid tIttt propollor
ehelt and the teerlj > ff Soar
lllot Oould found tli at he could not
doer the JpJD9 auid Kiiiiiaacr Uoald
UscOvridTr UiiiT aiue Tlaie that tho
tn1ne ireru out of cotnmliuton The
tide swuntr the Alpine toward the rock
in Little Hell OgLe
Alarm vrhlirUoi trom the Alpine
I brought the tulrOtui 0 II Bored und
two police IfinchM from the aUbeta
Uon of the Harbor S < juid t tha foot of
One I und eJ and TivcntysoconJ xtreet
to the rencuo But the tup TVTU too tar
on UlerokotobehAuINsotrTha Ota
SorrcJl with the nld of tne police man
aged torrl line aboard the scow and
torrbcr tothmudClataotOne Hun
tired and irtyttd trtl
SEATTLE Sept ttSlIcrtiAry Tttft
Tonnor Oor 3ohnJC Mco1i v Preil
dent of the Cbumior of Commerce
Senator Pllaa Congr Humphrey
Otii Clarence R BJwarl Ian1rormer
United BtiUM e nator John 1 > Wli > n
went dedl1yuterdaY4tI1Lcoll1
Congr man CtuhnuCn JolntJ the
party A reception and dinner KIH
elven nt Aberdeen by cStlxens Atthe I
Toting SfTiii puWknn Clufc
Holland House QueslsSce
Hairdressers and Gown
makers Make Records
Homebody threW a n h > ici wr
> onujKf an nwnlnir ixjtront otr I
th biliWlnff At No 25 JSrtii avenue
which te tta ly j ulr < J with Murcol 11
wuvo 11 tlM ijot n > Ctl 1n mUWUJiinenta
and iriCKl teVfwp
The anwslr idrU who out and MW fur
HonssyrTho nK > tii U on the ground l
lo > frah to Uw titwi1enlhet wf
tao fploco of atrlptxl otnvaj Harp tIP
lM pjirtro and tn au ndaats la MU
m Ht Iw
the flOJr ubSve e3e 0 madea tjulok exlf
IdUt tOt Weti xndwgYas aiio
WON tlf the ailon OLtJx MlsSiM > yiuill
Mid ilurlo ou Uitiv cond noor niaqp
corite sprint record
GUtalJi the Holland HotMe acron
Tiilrtooalh atrtt UocTted tOthd
wlodon and th do ratolch the
exoduV and theflre I X j
lI1iautI1KWIU bunting brUkly an < j i
flii ildoWaU wan Tilled wflh excited
women vh n Eibfard U oln or P
t ifvcantane J
With bluto H WM to IfU a a hold
on the doorj mt > on the Kround floor
and Hflhlnuelr to the awning Ho pat
ted the fire partly out with his h mli
then tonsil the burning frajnnfnU 10
thnideiaLi < WI Iff the crowd wax
ehering hlmli e Qn li onthe
doprJamb and drojnod H a tied burned
hlrlht tvuid R little and had bnilJod
hia aide a trine when he hit the aide
walk but Tit smiled Mid nothing was
the matter with him nnd went back to
tho hop where he work
The rtmnen arrived In i lcoup1eor
mlnuNOIMetbo awnlne ne coup
tie rrnco with hand grenade The dam
ae wai confined tO thUNDER nln
c j
yUNlCTB Swpt 11 The > CeapdlIfan
police today caused tl1e01 nrroit hereof
of Vlncenso Mocerlnl who It 1
charrrd on March 2 murdered ft man
named IMetro XJorollo In > w York
Durlnc the IntelVal Mocertnl Rio
PrUer claimed by the police com
mitted another mtmler or elll1actA
bngnndlge near Naples
1 n C Knctta Uptomt Price M k Down J f I
i7kItiJ Cttr c iO < 0 h
n 1 i
Store Closes Saturday at 600 RM
Friday and Saturday theFoloyingSpecfak of Unusuil Interest r 1
Womens Kid Glcfoes l
u I
English flpcar point bnckln tun brown beaver elate white I
gT cnnndnt1vybluyilue J1S9 f o4C
ornlo1 AV11 MrmPOTKTATKR rTOVKS 1huttnn
JcnGthlntlm white and btacltIue12 a ll l
Jrinth InJJin nnd white vnltio 325 c 235 I
Womens Hosiery 3 Underwear I
larly 20c n pair but owing to allKht Imperfections ISC 1
IMPORTED BLACK COTTON HOSE with mace split feet
valuo 35c i V 25C
nolIlontsVlmt1l11t1tmlcYl1k Iud = trn 1 i
value 35c < u 17C J
1JglL Neck wear = 1
CHILDRENS ALLSILK WINDSOR slnplaln Eolld colors fancy I
check and plaids nt embroidered designs value 2 c39c
nnd 50call at each f IOC I
Miss sataFIGirtstSf4itSi j
SWISSES AND GIRLS SUITSof flnir rrualitrall TVOO criovlotr In bhlIt 7
brown black also fancy plaids choicest Fall models In somlntt
coat effects Jfull plaited skirts with folds nlzeu 12 to 1C These n
fiulta are handsomely tailored and are regularly worth 1250 995
GIrls4Dresses 2 95
I GIRLS REGULATION DRESSES at alJweof cheviots In nnvy and red I
trlrnnilngs of white braid with embroidered tinblom ou shield Skirts J
extra lull sizes 4 tpl JCMiLjBa most nraetlcnl school drpra f
Ie 1 fall wear andwe offer a regular 3100 nIuo nt 2
Childrens Misscsand School HatsLow Priced I
laELT HxliiIt 11i now alIaLhtltc1It1IrIt itiIora and shonfront t
modclsr trimmed with plaid and Btrlimd silk scarfs 138 I fl Q r
all colors and black values J17G and S250 i JO 9 8
KNf > PlfAHOtlTHATR or fflft fHf trlmmod wlthrlbhon h iiilf
nil colors value J125 Friday anti Saturday 4ir 9 c J
I 550 Boys School Suits 439 1
Two hundred lloys School Sulla thu piece KOOds of which vc bought I
during the dull season nnd m doto our order at n remarkably low
price Tho newest effects In fancy cheviots caaslmercB and worsteds
arc to bo round for boys 7 to If years oqnge Popular nnd servlcuablu
beltcd coat style with Knickerbocker trouBora Wo mako this i
alcuucr tor two uayu n t 439
Shore for Boys andGirls floor
MISSES I300TS lace or button or
line vlcl kldakin patent leather Sizes HVi Sizes SV4
tip hand welte teusonfiolelto 2 179 tp 11 159
holld oak 80ca lilzesV 1 to 5y 189
tITTLB MENS > ACB SlfQES of vlcl I kjd or box calf welt
Eewed Incii heel orthopedic toe cUeo 10 to I3ty 179
JIULDRENS SHOES lace or button tan or blnck kId hand
turned flexible sole wedge haute broad toes slkCs 5 to 8 98c
NFANTS SIZES no heels > i j t 79c
8Sc Black Elastic Belis 52c
LACK ELASTIC ItELTS with presstid steel buckle and largo cn
back buckle value SGci Friday niiillaturdny tiC
IF 2sth St + t West Between Seventh Lenox Aves
I t
OJ r t
d n
7 r
I Tvvo Sixth Blocks ivenu on A Q9N ell AJd illS Co0 22d Oth Streets 21st 6
rMablIted rorty Ycara
L Tremendous Bargains for a Busy Friday
I In tbe ireat 1 6 HomeCom 0 g 9 9 5ale
I The opportunity of years jto secure new Fall merchandise at lower prices than have ever been known for J
I similar grade goods Read every word of the splendid offerings printed below you will save money thereby
r I Great Sale of New Fall Dress Qoads ONcz1tAdams QUARANTEL C 1
Prices Average 14 to 12 Less Than Regular t
10000 Yards RcgularJOc to 69c Dress Qoods at THEJBOND THAT MAKESIT
4 > n1j MrJ J JiTT J t mt T v fabrics 1C All Wool Panamas 1411 l t f Jt LC
A splendid offering of such popular as AllWool Voiles
t All Vool Nuns Vdlings All Wtiol Albatross Gray Tailor Suitings Fancy Checks and Plaids in all
I colors Sbe pnerd Checks Tweeds and Mixtures fmiTrensTfvarieli to clioosefrom ArT xcepti6na1
opportunity to buy a nice dress or skirt for ftss than half Vo Mail Orders WE GUARANTEE the price of
I every irtlde we Veil to be is low
59c Jl25 Jfcw Fall Tailor Suitings oo M l not lower thin the price of
SlOOAlLWool Diagonal Cheviots
As an peninfpriceweqtiotey8cfor > OC thesimfqiitlltyQL goods at any
50 inches wide both plain and herringbone ef these 15 fabrics Included are the most nantd other retill store In New York
fects a most desirable and fashionable fabric for stylesliPekin Stripes Stock Checks HaHine WE ALSO GUARANTEE the jtjl
vilue condition ind wear of ecry
the Fall suit Combinations of brown
new Stripes Broadcloth Cheviot and Panama effects
article to be exactly as represented
green plum navy royal gray wine etc etc All colors 44 to 54 inches wide either in our store or In our id
44Inch All Wool 49 All Wool German 43Inch All Wool Tertlsements WE STILL FURTHER GUARAtaEE
Panama Suitings c x Prunella Cloth C Nuns Veil1ngs 7C every purclus to be i satlsficiory
Black navy royal rejeUa myrtle to Inches wide rich satin finish It1t An Ideal fabric for evtnlnr dress tnnsiction to the purchaser as we
garnet wine tan gray etc Stylish x full line of all the wanted shades house gowns waists o childrerri do not consider the sale scojnplete
sad serviceable unusual value also black wear black and every desirable or de until our patron Is fully pleascd
JF AFTER BUYING you believe
I JJnusuaPVllffesjmrlBIackLjDrejjrj ajpjis Z flIjartofelttter sIrltoftIitsGttaranteetiaSbcen theletteror
275 DlackSpongcd and Spotproof 1 75 Black Broadcloth violated call on us Immediately to
Broadcloth high satin finish pJo o finish chiffon weight 54 Inch superior hieh 115 rectify the error or if for any Just
T reason whatsoever you conclude 4
150 Black Superior FrenchVoile 150 Black Imported AllWool YOU would rather have the cash
M Inch 07C Panama Suiting 52 inch 79c than the goods then eturn the
I C merchandise to us in the same con
125 Black Imported Satin finish V ° ° Black AllWool Trench Chili dition as whrn purchased and we
Prunella n inch 7C ton Voile 42 inch 9c will and cheerfully refund your money promptly
iOOBlaclcAll Wool Panama Cloth 89c Black AllWool Sponged Chcv It is of course understopdjhat
52 Inch lOt 50 Inch sanitary goods and goods made or
59c cut to order cannot exchanged
89c Black All Wool Canvas Cheviot 79 ck ooT or credited and that the prices on
50 Inch 47C Inch Panama contract goods are not subject to
C reduction
ovzLpmo oi
Womens Dressy Tall Soys 250 S
4 Shoes I
250 and 300 Values I School Suits
e 150 S
at h65 theP ir fe
ra 1200 pairs of asood S2SO fndS300 kidskin erbockers Doublebreasted Style with Knick t
Eight to Sixteen Years
p ar I pnieni coltskin Roots for women as we j i
7 L have ever offered inTiiebtittonandlaceT 7 x uit alc totout e
U C D and E widths sizes 23i to 7 owathb very small price The Suifs were
on sale tomorrow at J 4 care > 6i > made this season to sell for 250 qi
The clearance of a factory noted ror its fine I made The fabrics come in pretty mixtures are q
shoes for women really unusual purchase i I especially strong and wovoT through 1
not alone on account of the price but in the I t not printed like most suits at this price f
fact that six of the newest styles and ideas in I and they are made with particular care
Fall shoes are represented Bluchers with high The knickerbockers have patent waist
bands taped and
seams riveted
Lated Shoes kid or patent colt high or low special buttons at that cannot pull oft j 50
EaienLcolt andUMQfledJShJ2est I Boys 50c Blouses 25c
All at 1657 Many rJle makers brand I BoysjOceaprat25c
a and all carry both his and ouhwarrant I
Boys and Girls School Shoes 1 JOT EITBEB IH7rUJJro i
Thats the tory briefly told of the best values in School ien s 75c anibricand i fz MmJS
Shoes we have ever had to otter at tOO a pair Bring the boys j Cotton Night Shirts 4 45c
and girls in on Friday and Saturday and let us fix them out in ir s
good substantial footwear I Sale of faultless Night Robes with or without collar plain and
800 pilrs of the Boston Boy J200 Girls sturdy 175 Box Calf School neatly trimmed Cut extra long and roomy front sftialiy
School Shoe for bOys box alf Shoes solid oak extension soles loomed night shirt cloth Regular price 75c special at 45c
leathery oik iol d sho r xo
heivlly reinforced t seimj nd
slr heelsr sizes 8 to 11 K 12 to
9 bicVr to 3 fully 2A to warranted 5tti special at 5 J O 2 D and E widths special at 100 I Thousands of new fresh bright patterns made in the popular
Misses and Girls patent colt leather Misses and Girls Dongola Kid I tto inch Four In Hrtds and the tihIl5 tied Bahving1r
dull calf top button andIace Bales patent tip button and lace extension I Ties Regular pnceSOc special at
School Shoes oat soles le3thdr sole leather backstay too and
4ratl afr
cording to size C D and E and tlV5 to 2 very special j HCILDINO
9 to 11 UV4 to 2 spechl at lJU at 100 I
I IX JEJTJSTgg VUILDINOJ At Less Than Cost of Material by the Yard
Friday Bargains in Hosiery 1000 dozen Pillow Cases made of an extra strong A
i For Mcn 1A I QW1A1 Cl1il reIi qtiJity Pillow bie2Ciledcotton size 45x38 alue2o sale price J + C
made of I Hemstitched Plllow Pillow CSSM made of
Womens SOc Silk Lisle Hose 25c good quality bleached I Dues mideof i fine standard bIedieti cot
W Rlrrbestqutttr I w gll HtsieHoserbesHiiiporltt rHSc ton ilz j
kind ingrain dye white tipped heels and toes a grade never
sold at less han Soc per pair special for Friday only 25 C Sheets Unusual Values
1 These sheets are made with flat centre seam nicely finished
W menls 35c Hose 21c 11cns SOc Socks 35c
s Double Bed Size Sheets Linen Finished Dleiched Double Bed Size Sheets
Five pairsfor 100 3 pairs for SlOO nude of extra heavy Cotton Sheets for sin made Of splendid qualty
Womens best Imported Mico yarn Mens finest Imported lisle thread bleached cotton A a sle or threequar j bleached sheeting en
fast blick cotton Hose with and silk mixed fancy Half Hose each C ter bed each OjC each O7C
unbleached soltJj 35i kInd 21 Sample pairs of the best SOc 35c
at K rife C kind specUI at 33C
Mens 25c Socks 19c Boys 25c to 35c Hose I9c T IH JiDiUS B VIJOlfiO OV r
Six pairs for 100 Three pairs for SOc
AUns beit imported Mico cojton Boys Indestructible fast bladk heavy Mefis Tall Suits to Order
Socks fist bUck with un ribbed School Stockings full
bleiched soles medium weight regular made feet sizes 6t0 Vq
t 9c J298
9 c Special at
25c kind at IC tO Inch value 25c to 35CI at
I 3 Men Should Take Advantage of This
iN A1tS ninzpiKO ONLT I Special Offering and Get Measured Now
Art Embroidery Department we r haveever Thfs is the made best Notwithstanding proposition in the mens tremendous oordcr increase Suits thaf in 9
> II Magaharaa I the cost of woollens the fabrics we are putting into these Suits arc
the expert Japanese embroidery tcjcher will be here tomorrow better than ever and the tailoring issuperior in every way
Friday to give lessons in all kinds of hand embroidery i Any size any regular style You can select from a hundred
j All lovers of fancy work knowjlie reputation of tilts clever i materials in a matchless range of Fall patterns as well as plain
little artist and will be pleased to avail themselves of this fine op i black and blue Made to your order many style sack < r i Q Q <
portunity for instruction I or cutaway special at < > 298
We are showing a Beautiful new line of all the latest fancies II ir p3
in Centrepieces Sofa Pillows Bureau Sets etc lobe embroidered I Mens 150 and 2QO Fall Hats 4100
and made up 1 I Twentyfive dozen splendid fell HatsMn derbies ait soft fells in
Our lin of fancy trimmed Pin Cushions andBureau Sets was all the wanted colors and black These are the 150
never quite so pretty as his season All prices from Soc to lOfj and JS200 kinjjsf special at L 00
1 l

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