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McGraws Men Bat Out 8 Hits with a
Total of 5 Runs in First Two
hill Fight and Triumph
The Br6oklyns beat out the Giank in the thirteenth inning by the
ecore of 8 to due to the Gianjjs leaving their feises uncovered
TheGiantsJallied a run in the thirteenth inning and the Brooklyn
eaniericrht backandi5coredtvorims winninirtheame
F1ft en thousand fa < who cam out
to see the Olants jperf rm for the xl
tIma > tnOrcoter Now York this ri on
wjrre trat d to oni > Ions ami prand
watfeft There was clean hitting by
both sides All pitchers looked alike
o both teams Jordan ripped art two
triplet adouble and a single out of flve
times at bat Drowne smashed out four
Jilts Mt4 Shthnon made three hits
Svery QUfnt but Dahlen had his batttnc
try about hlm
BelliWaa touched up foneJsht hlts ln
en iind half Innlnks and retlred In
fayor of IJcIutrre irhp ifmi alto
touohfti W > occasScoally McQtnnAr Teas
taJten out of tb boxjln the Ltenth In1
nlw i iUcr CiBt nahpm to U t for
Mm jfvarK rnl tooX ths saft and
rStTC i the yM on i lrtke In that In
ttejfcd vs
yaw ttrte J > n tn cond
about 3Ji6 p t 5na In th pork By
Krt m pi the s conj eitoe w lo
IUt Mv rt InoVli
V Ffrat InrtnQ
VEhannOT tlnglrt nri > n bunted
Boarfman sacrinced Cuey
to Jordan SlcOann
tio > u Ecy
f ffin at rij ufiK
w f r
i t X r f M f > X if 4 t ci mfi nil t llV At C
intiUv HVXit
< v0ali
rnc4 SUliirjr t JontanTT y
> l citcii o
Of a cloublr
aM tiurti nniktk
tMrd or Jordans slnclc
< i nUny the tajo Mft
cUlaiiiiytoMeaahm K0
haiinon tWitteil to left Browna
fftfdy tChattnan
singled hut
viunht nt tho plate on
to Bhnnnon Hlltcr
I > ovlln np < l McOann
McOlnnll to JJcl
4 l lnna j
feaarmihlt n liorot run fo center j
hUn W i retired by Jordan Dayta
SlM and1 took ttcond on McQm
Ut atfirst Alperman to Jordan
First Game
Shannon Jfi I
Brawn rf
Devlin 3Wv
Seymour cfT
Bowerrhan c 0
McOann 1b 0
Dahlen ts 0 6
Ooyte 2b 0
lytedlnnlty jv > l 1 o
Aroea p 0 00 0 0
Brcsnahan 0 0 0 o p
Totals 7 OpSs 3 0
RnlteiTrof > HeOlnnty i nth innln
Tiro out when flflmiln run was
H PJ > A B
Alp nnnn3b
Casey 3b o 2 > 3 3 0
Lewis <
Hummel ILCE jg o 0 a e 0
Eutch 1ft J 3 2 J C
UnUh < rf l a a 0 0
Mnloney ci 0 0 3 o 0
Klttcr c o 0 l l l
JBcigcn c ° 0 o 3 0 0
Bell p Tl o o I 1 o
Mclmyrc p4 < j 1 2 3 o
LURiey 6 6
TotaU s H ag 21 i
flatted fir MUcr tenth
mn JJrynumr nurch Siir cc iiu
IWJkiriiclulyrrer tin plrcj Johnston
and Cnrpenlctf AttemJfiivco cw
ST PAUL Minn S pt
tlrlko of bollcrmaUeris on the
Grcit > Votepi ari tJonlicrti
Northern Pacific ami tia Soq Uauroaug
Rrf cal < I today vA bollennikera
iT alileil In their flrht by thflr hcptj
4w In tho cs e of ta Great Meitcrii
tlw TnwhlnUts In tthe bljf iopa at
Oelwln wcnt out In nyrfcMhy Xhlr
tetn hundred mcn era out
The trlkerof tha IxJllermAker on the
ivorallroiilo followed a return of tha
railroads of a detnandfor 4S cents ah
tfcour east of the Missouri iRlver and
7H cents oer hour west ot tha Missouri
0000 P0
002 00
3TPS01T 0 0 0 00 0 0 1
1 0021 00
r JSfev 7 M
t < r f v > y r v
Vsv s
Giant Athlete Makes a New
Mark at the Travers
> Island Games
Sheppard and Bonhag Irish
American Scratch Men Meet
Defeat in Races >
Ralph Rosa the rlsnt athlete of the
Olympic Club of Ban Francisco
sinaghej nother worlds record at thti
sames cf the Xe York Alhletlc Club
at Triers Island hls afternoon Ha
put the eljrhtpound shot 7 feet and 7
inches The formaawfeiord was held
by Martin Bherldan of Ihe Irlsh
Rose raslly won tho 10pound shot
event hurjlnc thr lead ball 9 feet 514
Inches within iin Inch o his worlds
mark madn at Jamestown > w Gil
more of the Olympla Club who had
n inndlcM > of S lnche1 wassec < jnd
with 43 fH ond is Inches H Meyer
of the JrhhAmfrtcan Athletic Club
naa thlnl with fi feet and 2 Inches
lit Uatl n Tlnch handicap
W > wenther conAlllona were Ideal for
record brenklnjr and n BTcat crowd
turned out In anticipation of good
sport There wa keen dlaappolntment
when Dan Kelly of Oregon failed to
appear for the 100yard dash O J
Men < SH jards captured the race In JO
cond4 froa J R Klfpatriek N YA
C TH yivr J3 cond and If O Wolf
5fi yards third
Mtlvln SJjiirtiard gf the IriihAmerl
ctn war euthjnth U5 < vi bBr J ev nt
ir t dJd n B ro to b In hl old form
iinlrtnl naJ fn tho rear Van Thunar
thi7C ivJer Athletic Club wlthia eoynr l
iuujj H jafflailiiL
Iff jara hlth hirdli TVvent wn
mrt Jntlwwurf rtl fw > t < J t j W the
I > tiiQW orftht Say forest
san of Iftfl pM t nv iub eaptur d
J wcnnd He was on acratch
C Tool o th3 XIV A C
Thi cluh r v race cloed to the
i i AVrinnd J Al Ai c wal won
n mn
5 second TJte Meam of th >
Tnr ntythfrd ttrtret Vj If > C A wai
iccond Snd the Xavicra third
jip ° J0fl > J A C with a
Inch sift took thf pole vault with
v rIleA F ° Paul1ni Wt
e ftnd
reonda D Frank sTA A
WM conil and E V
N V C m vnnls thirJ
n onhw of tC < I A A C
who wrrirh man In tho twomllo run
yards won In m 04i < A O Kntirhu
t AAwVicA ily y ri1s swan eucond and
JT O ndlnrs X V A C to jard
tnlrtl x
Sick Infants Cries Arouse
Silver Are Gone
Tho crying a sick hilrr
ds y frlelltened away the burglars who
were ransacklns the residence of Walter
Murphy nt Hokaway road and Fourth
tre ij Garden City U I
Mr Murphys pretentious threestory
JTfsldonco U right In the shadowof tho
Cathedral but the bold burglars has
teneJ by the cry managed to drive
nvnv tmheant with IICCC worth of solid
ShirifT G < SErsIcsva balisves that
Ujer vw > cr three In tiie Ran rf apd lhat
itliey had a woman icout to locate1 rood
lays rlpa for robblntr yesterday
afternoon Mary Wilson a maid In tho
Murphy household came suddenly cpon
a womnn Intently ocruilnlilnc UIB
iou The woman tall blonde very
ytlahly dressed irna eUrtled and
uked nervously If any ons lived thert
a r which h hurried ay ytnc
she rnia s rentlnc a 6nt
A min sorvant comlnf out of the
ouM1 today discovered a window op r
n tii porch and throe deooard
drawers alrewn around tho vard H
Investlgrateil atouslnc the houieholc
jid discovered ithat bufears had en
teredJthrousi the childrens pSnyroom
to t e dinning room whero they ihsil
leisurely tesled < the wre throwing aild
thspl t d rtuff and cam In i J th
wild silver In the thro Jrawcrs
WhoUtracks oathn liwn show tn >
useda bu ir > or wtfSn A P ce Vfhr
ja wa1 found flattened down i
feat from ith jlttftf shows iwhcre lhV
burclars lay1 wntchlnff until tht > isjt
llehtvmu exUnxuuhed In th hous
Tlitro wnr Be6nipertons in thVhous <
lost clrht Airs Murphy was asleep in
her room onvithe oond noor when th
tna bibjr awakened ih rr
Miss Hess Injured in Wreck
of His Auto WilPSue
Limped Into Wrong Court on
New Crutches but Will
TryiAgain Monday
An application for a warrant for Dr
Julian P Thomai the > aeronaut and au
tomobllB tnthuaia t wa rn il < In We
Bid Police Court today by Ml
rrancea Hets of No Vwt One Hun
dred and ThtrJjflrat tr e
She was riding Jn a car < vdth Dr
Thomas and another younc jvoman lots
at nrhton rfato aryHn July when
there wai an nocldint In Jorome atv
nue near the entrance of voodlawn
Cemetery All three occupnnta of the
car were badly Injured
Miss H s rlRht leg rrru amputated
aMbo knr She wanln t Thomas ar
rested aji the preliminary utep In a ult
for danUKes rtie U prepared to file
CorrflB Into Court on Crutche
ill Ilets drwwsd In black nnd very
Pile appeared In court In person vtnlk
tnjeon a pair of jncwjrrutchcs 8tewas
attended by a younc woman who lt 6k Sr
like her slsicr Apparently ahe wtu ui
Ins the critiche for the first time as
she had to pe mpported as she madaiher
way painfully up theBJ eatUj cloe
of t < i re nilar sesalon of court
Mac itrate Cornell aw er from the
bench and called to her that the need
not ntor > the enclosure but might ti >
her business to the policeman at ho
fats iBho laid sh wanted either
w rr n or a summons preef y4 >
wirrint forDrJullanP Tnoma of
As oon n toe Maalurate heara net
he renifmKered the caJts H
her t BO to Morrt anli Police
Court a jh v accident Itappeaed io this
territory over nTilrii the Mmiirlrnte la
Uvit court hVus Juriniictlon
Ml Mc aid iie would go to the
MorrI anla court6h Hon < Viy
Dr Thomas ii cmioC the leading nuto
mobillsts oTTh < city and Kir the dis
tinction of maktnn the nrst amateur
aicenalon In Jff w vTork In his own bal
loon The accident in which ihe H s
trl flfured created i sensation
The doctors wife and little boy were
raTTiii country h ° m cff TEoiijplsiand1
when tt happened
Will Sue for 25000
Mtss ileia rayit that she and a Jtlrl
companion wer walkine on the street
pened alone In his car nnd Invited hem
to take a ride They upcd up to West
chesterand the accident haoDened on1
tho way bock Dr Thoinas received
Injuries that would have killed a man
of less sturdy ohyslauf >
t x
Miss Hfjjs determination lo enter
iltttQC darawrcl was mn le Jjublc a
fow days njo when h war rible to
move about for ih first tlnie since her
lor was amputated 5ne tilncci the
value of the lost inambir at J oan
When Dr ThomM waj a ked about
thf threatened spit he taldthe youni
woman b daOxCRU o of action
hlm < but mliiht hnvo a cnod ult
tha city jta the point where the
McntiKLUi ied nay inaTerjtiatetjrpuv
Tha suit will be of Intersil outslda
the prominence of Dr Thoma and
talapajtlcuUr feld i > t fo H wlllji
tabllsb In the courts tho liability of
automobile owners for accidents hap
ptnlnsr to truest Ttdtryla thetr ninr
Front of Cincinnati Dwelling
Falls Into Street Bury
ing Victims
CINCINNATI Sept H Two men and f
a woman were killed In ths collnpte of
the Dohan 6hos Companys fourstory
Inilldlnc on Central avenue near the
Sixth street market today The build
tag w i one of the oKle t In1 th retail
ectlan of thetclty ind was und r oln < j
repair s newfront b np added and j
other lmpi > > vementi nsdt
ShorOy before noon after a n
Inir nxuWe tho front of tho bulldinjc j
fri forwianl Into thft xtnper leaving
only t ff rcr section standout A jii tn
not Identified paMlncon tha tde > vall >
wa buta1 beJns dWrt Wjurt tW > n
rtMle ait oldrrly woman within thro
test of > vrtu uiUiM
innp ppaury a Jnlwrifr wo found <
Ucud Inthis ruins as was MrJ Harry
rTl < y wno llvcrt on th nerjnd floor
Ot the seven workmen In t s luitWiint
Sihf < s weie reported mlssHng but all
wsre labsr fcxiiid Unhurt A numt rtof
women In > wrrtnenU on tlio uppoiOJ
floors wr In iMrkitchens procainiB
Ifea mUday rs > nd to that factOwoa
their escape
The btuv Sixth street market was
thrown Into a p nlc when tho biiUdlnc
f ll but no one was Injured In tna
OlO M snrn F J1 nail
UUUS StAnHOAD > jt lmr8 P S0
of At ms Sept f 21 j
OOP riRST RACE All hUhw Uht htnillc tr IJ TO added lx furionft m ln
< < It II S <
i i in 41 R
8I fcl1 4 It
Slli JtJtlil ii > Durnir 1W S >
bfiU Dollv Sp nk r BDunn 10 78
suntlrn j 10 iftt 10 io 01 OnlyTV 100 200 100
Morft 3 TH SI Ift Hutilei Hi 100 100
ynnry Bird U It 11 > II ijlruiitll 10 II 10
l1R it ran rood ra mid clwlni ilrnnir oBth rill Just ool up liudiT rtn
fin rac on foucHt lh flnl i siwsir R 4tnr h d txlentjr of tp vd but Afl
If short Qmdrllln fin hlsrsc OM ln gin An tmitr
It i Irt DoN l TiAO3 JUn5Teapi Ta Weitb4ry stttplwhsst fourmarolai
yi7 JJMO ntfdiNl about t o ralUi snd htlf
Bisrt rim 4 0
IS11 Vt St Op nHI hClo Tl
P OBrien 05 TS
870i VtK WcCjinn I 4a gtone > J OJO
tal Hir et i a l in y SOp 0 5 12
STlfine 1S off S59 TAiM dstartTrs
Hrrtehil John M I1 Jimmy Lane Blnlitcr
ShVrff AVIIIIami fvoreJ by rl ht n MhtrqN > mLier th front t th it rt nd
tnkini ill the i ire won illy McKltirrfg isld l o fir out of It In bt rly P rt
1V clotwli tronV bur coulJ not eilcji tb nlnntr Mr McCsnn ss outrunsll tfai wsr
mynntt had i J hut nult
lM v lu < 17W iix furlonTi Futurity count
Htsrt < ir Won cttlly Ttrac iu ia
BTfT MetUck 120
O yxUllttt JtAOB tteAonuil
snit R fliiirtfr a >
2 Hilvldtrr
S72 D IIOt
tj r1 41 4avTr r i vu ITIIII
J l < 1 i 1 lltam a niy frjtn ji
ran a fro > Jiontst r Hi liy In axccntenrflns p iltian but wii
mitcfi forttie wlncr Iledwas In elofj autrttT st thc Urstcb Ilillat iras undtr
choVlnK pull for tnn mll t nd when Ilflfr t hjm < lo n h h < l nnthlnir Ift
MvMtfreurit on M rtll but quit
nlurKimi nACB HsnJlcJp forthrMycaroMt and utxi rd niuu cue nuie
JI1U snd thr litf nth
HirtirSxt Wnn iHlVinr Tlrnt J
llACli55 ClnKJ for thr rearo
Man r ested ns Thief Tried jo
Escape by Dashipg Into
a Swamp
1 PflScetnen J IH J Httshe and Hob
rl C e horn of the Tottenvllla sta
tlon were today detailed to look for
Joe Fort who < disappeared overnight
from hTs bonrdlnglioua at icrth Am
bov Ni J At iho same time dls p
perred MlO belonglns to Mrs Anala
Stephnano tlie landlady and two suits
of clothes belonEtiiR to her husbatd
Mrs Stephnano had warned tha Tot
tenvlllo police tbitJoc wa < ren hcaj
Injf for8tnten < Islnnd
The plainclothes menjmd Just made
a round of Italian bbirdinifhouiecs
j ijn th > Bpotted a nian vralklng aWni
deMrted ro ul cafrylne a bunjc They j
approached him and hiifurned aid ran j
Into a swanil Tne pjllcemen dsshed
af er hln >
ThoyJ wero quickly up to thtlr hips In
mud and lyMcr bttt after lounderlne
around tha police cilsht up ivlth Uirir
man who turned nnd dr a raior Ito
iva < dl anncd Arouml hh waist waa i
a mutln belt wid 1110 in It in ti
bundla was found one of th > mlsstnc
THHEHAN Persls Sept 14
Ed Dowjeh exOrund VUter and
Forclen Sinister < f r irsla who w i
Norvvalk Meets
Death Under Car of Con
necticuts Military Chief
Mnrlln Klloar Street CommJ floner of
th city of Norffuik W B klliej by ni
automoMl owneiLJby Br G i rrtldieJ1
Iio t jnd piyratrt by Itussell rroat
Jr todayTplIr kfhogc was on u
street car ttnd evidently hid not no >
tlceJ the momQJ > < i which was fo
lOjWlnB nprsfnsslde throuth West ave
y fofgMthe car ilsckened spcci
he Jumped offdlrectly In front nt th
The automobile struck Mr KrSIosc
and h was drarse < l lUnder the ychlrK
so tliat two whee on the eft sldt
passed over lits hod1 causing Imme
dlate death
The acotdcrt V s at onc rnoriM
Jn Mrdlca Bxamlner Huntinxtun w is
Uialc J1Ar of thrt case J jter Dr
IHiiulnston v < is taktn by Major Cba
illsi toitho hflrne of a n Froit wntref
a conference WJrt Jieia
The P d of the ut6mobte at the
tin o t f ocHent It 1 mated wai
about Ihe satu as t1lit or tha troKcj
car which w < is prectdlnc It throufth iht
iMr Knllocr vras about vtxty years ot
BB and leaves a widow anJ one sor
nnd two Uauuhtorj one of the last
u rted Aflnir MM IUward J Thomari
Gen Fro t commands th ibrlfrade ot
th Connr > llcvitt fttl < ml Ouard
BOISE Idaho Sept 14QeorrfB A
lUt n charff l wllh copjpllotty In
th iliouncnberc murdartwM taken to
the hosplwl ytaterdny in a critical con
dltlotvandan oprfnxtlon > probbly witlvb
l bs no furthor
Ballot Heavily Played Public Favorite J
Defeat at H anas of Fleet
v Three Yea01d
Joe Yeager Makes Another Successful Parley j
a rT3 Wits BbbkmakeTs al SlrelriffJj i
iams Added Starter First in the
Westbury Steeplechaser
+ 4
Special to TlieEvenlnjr World
SHEEPSHEABAY TfM > GK Sept 14 John E Madden arid h
Thomas R Hitchcock cleaned upjs2jj5o in purses today not
to mention what tiieyand their friends won in bets onMeelick
Meelick Tvon theGreiEasternHandicap afterbelngbacked from
S to l tpGto 1 at post time while Salvldere won4he Annual Champion
Stake openin at 3 to 1 and going to 2 To J due to the fpraof moneyt
sent info thejrintrbyBob Rose and Joe Yeaeer
WhQleCjty xcited
Chase for Gold Dropped
Out of Sky
Thousand upon thousands psthered
nt the varlous World stations In Man
hattan Ilronxi llrooklrnln Coroy
thin itfterhoon af I Jone3In tho
to captiira tho one hUrilreil toy
balloons each at which carried an oMer
on the create4t newspaper for a J10
note Tlifl prUiT wcrg slven In coni
mcnioratlon of the lOXCMth nAvcrtJsp
mont jirlnied by The World lnce Jan
1 IWTj
At fxactly 1 oclock tho balloons were
liberated from the dome of the Pulltxor
TPaliiUflsr Thol yoyu offlces In llrobklyn
uptown Uanlia tan tho Ilroat itjid
TlarToml They wero also soni
Cnncj Island Madlion Square
Cofcmbun Circle tho EducntlonnI iVlll
from the cornet of Broadway and
Tho strong wind caught the balloons
anJ ftni tHcm scarinif ttr3Ugtf 8pa <
wltii thronir In pursuit Two released
from Tho > Vorldjj Jirookljn omce anJ
at Coney Isand didnt no any higher
ilmti fifty feet andAcre the Jlrst rap
T1e ono ibViitl fron the
office got tnnsla3ln the mt of
pitvrto wlren nnil clcstrla caUlija at John1
oi > tttul > VnMiitrton lr as u tew
tloort from The Vord offii arl
IhiM rniUiJ u Ihirty MlifcllmKnC con
tca Jtr ttie cjptro oi njoney
Kcr n iln Jt loolt < il nM If avory PI
uf th tftp > unfl n jcmblcd vnrnod
Sai thftt particular bwJ < wn but theyi
nufeUly roll liaolt nril cJiwrtsl wisuii tho
lKor a of tuo yiJiit < 191 th < pole nrose
above fchc heads of the crOMJ
Th raCt fa very clojc both ronK
ntf pofld tltne to tfia eoat vrjktw MM
tho Jingling biUtopn Onit ses d tii
balloon and cnifihe It while tho otlior
cramped the t > < lpllar order Tlf
they 0tr cd to dlvlda the reward ttlld
hurried to tho Pulluw BulKlln
they received Hin ca s Thoy
ot JSo
on Wnrtilnptpn trfrft
Atblr c Vlim
A lr1I r elttuiifm diTyelbSM In front
of Hlfitbtnbords Illel West Ulc h i
tr cf nntliHurf avpntir Csi y Inland
v fan Ine Ijslooni frTi Itofrnted In the
urwncr pt iifrvirtv tiiHHiwH Ono b
cntn j pMnwiircl In tho wtr ntl vj
iapturedT Willie itro vn an athl iu
nnd > niplijtc of Iho JJostock anlinnl
The chaso after the others wns lust
Ci cjccltlnjf
An explosion of Hynamllo In a bumlle
ofsratn Injured nu men and wrecked
a thrcalUns machine on the farm pf
Peter lat r bn InvastUation devflop < d
VV liai at stlck oc dynttmlta had
LCTO tri lateral UUndlci of
Sxlvtdere won Uk the food three
ypjirold iladden hs claimed htm to bo
He was under a strong1 pull by J5
L i until tha tnfh tmr T m
rcccHed when lie catiu through on tho
rrl mil fan with ten thine to spare
Ballot the public favoriteJgd nlltlM
way only to top at the criii il mo
cnf Montcomery c lns strohs at
tho end was up lir tme to Bt seconU
The public went to HSIIoi nd at U
to 19 the books took In thouiwnd
IluniUcs aie > > cnmo In on STh1d r and
thn bookmakers broke cv n on tha re
sult >
About ZflWp spectators were at tha
track and witnessed a Hne afternoon
was sold today to tho Kurllnicamo rfi
jstjrbe owned by C E Durnell
CJ Fred IJurlew bought Klne Co TO
Kins Sol
Plunfie on Far West
The nenzatlon of the oppnlne event
was ths kllllnE majlo bv thn Schwart
britijcrs on thtlr BOCK horse Far West
1U van oua4 favorite with Cresjlna at
ofxnlnr but BO much Schwartx
jlhtt ll was Sl9f > > Uiat at thq clo
Jler waiith < early auWmakcr but he hid
Hlioujrh In the strttsh nnd the favorite
MU ridden hr Mllltr catne on and won
lrlv < v fromAltudA who beat Quail
rillo for thq Place SndJor wasa
horse today
P oltt to > Jiy before th
race to J B IcJcricr Tor SS000 was
froml thu Sttqolechate Mr
Shefltt Wjfitamwhich won
neway TJmionaUucscuthU
Sff 2utL ° m J ci > which
killed off the other They never could
gtt nearSheriff Williams ami hewon
ln n mtld drtvo from MeKlttrtdBe an
even money choice Mr MeCann an
otjur added started b at out Requast
for he show money
Jlccll k Won lie ITnnillcap
John Irl > lniljfn > KtmI < v U Mfillr
won tnji ijnrut Jiastrni iUnUrap nn >
wi not Backed to nn > sreat extent
Jli jt of the bk criwd liera od > y
vtjtnteiJ the Kitfn entry nftsr Stamina
nns srrrtteliisil pa ViiRBr am the
nunsers wont IQ Flr rtahc
icIi wjs n cornier lively psiy
J with Firestone nml ulli Powell
Ijc It out for the in ThVi
V i en coU sot It by A noil
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Klnck hud null to finish In th order
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Pum Tatt
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Time 11
Toronto i
14 The raceu today remitted toh
FIRST RACRatafllsy Kay f to J >
wont Coonny K 4 101 pla er
Merry inland thirds Tlmft
KrcscaH > Tctah Inspector Pui
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