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h ywf1 1y iti < > < fi sfB rV i
v S y r v = t
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toCnanifVIOlJwrv tail a victim to thcj
pas out of It Stfliiicfer Id
lpkcrsrucH ouU VO HUNS
Elflhth lining
DorMvalfsTiunt vrl lianJed lo Chanco
by Overall Jon rapped to rJelit Mr
cno oas Joniir xolo y conil Tinker
fumbled KchnBfere rap Jpn 4 joins tu
thlnJT Schncfer stole socond Craw
ford hunniertdn jlnKlu to wiitir poor
la Jon AiuTtichacfer Crnwfeird took
third on 8ahulto > t ir return of tio
Att1 CPbb buntfrj to Overfill who lrl M
ii to catcni Crawfpruvu thiitPmte Craw
J ft > rrfoubai safely to thirj and CVdjb
tok tV duOti tliot > li > Tttuwmah lol
cot nun
ny jlwVtEV
II lifted t fly to Crawford
trtJonos Bhtckordi struck
l fining v >
Schmidt < iafo on Everii fumble
JipJUary out K vr v to Chance Schmidt
iwcond Donovan i filed to
Joncs out Tfhker to
iSFWi oChah eunasiiIstdyvNOiKpNe <
gll Wl npelbaxYh10uu Schnefjr tbino snlan
ffii > Si vBltgIi slhjrhsili Shtckard istruck oil
S rav gBIaglO ittdlei > lv ndi Chnnce rwalkcd
sSi rBlnjrlelandChance mode a YdoublejjiNfAlj
e tOlehom1 but wtai declaredfoUt
03 Slelnfetat intorferrnce wltlf the
Sbrckard CoURhlln
Schmidt ifn iin
ViWud Bversheaiya bunVSchfiftq
tountM a yJfllllnsrihoibaJeg Efm
> hltiuySpltcheri Chance Jlne < l
brouxhtr Rwhester to i testify in >
fcJia tnSlrlalHhit Jtheientrleswere made
yiiKdyaniiyidvtbeWdefense may ob
taliiiaooUrt ofdtrttoSbrlnrithe prisoner
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J jenjminjv1 > eWoi Jti
IMfiSC iyVisie rdiirAt thocountyjjail
y phe THUlirfyy < f f > 5L
AU UooU nA I janliofitjjv iiSt
T nor V J
SSSSi j Brmssworkera i i MlIlln > r
1iKf i v
gjjjfi BailiSbpiriJtaktri
Cabinet iMiktSV 3b ifrlcii > wtKetil3
C mi jn
iCarpilntefs fivrfvi JBvPalnlwii > n
Ca fcl rjnHVj > 14 rtintWj >
fvJsVi iiii V < Piii i
JfJs tl rksu3 v i
Mftra r h
pwiimsJ > sii > i3l
J v p iirilcrs > i7vii i4 > v ifl
Bkirti nititli Yv j
PriMrClMkJi lij Bt Mtni > nj iVviV C
KtKtrteUns > > > ii V111
rsyivn 8 riftifriijfi r il iy
Farm iiJmfciiYiy STrln
tl FotilidUij iii > v jlV yafaitiwjrs iiVjii Ts
ljiiy JiViwhmtn i >
iriipre BelfV
itHarii Jany Unw other
> l
or am
Scsiifics Jthat He i
< Raperilfoacil
iCanliratfromiFittl Pisci
In prtyrncntfpi the Walinnd Cprtlandt
> a Wlielc Sr f UWi J5 T ro U a dlf
nsh he p r COOi How dp
to VliJoir thjLttiieVdeal p if < l
months of ptinnihictWfore It wa opa
sunwated iOt1 the la rera who
In arranginkltitl WM
h 1
wjte > j4pne wlth the
ce ds 1 ifc
JUr firmly jlrcrr Npnpr froujltl
pocket Tlic i he irrore IhsTl < r
rrceltlnK tie iohecU for
unA O vcr Ji B MiH1hsukni sjptr
unKl > cr
V A US Wldmer
iKIklin jlllHOt7riy cli
Tfi T5B5tSlVur uaci to Uie Miuo
txilltan SocurlUea Insider by Mr
Vridy Uirough personal checks
impirated to 10W33 4Ihe difference
tjiat and7 tho total pa inentla
mon > than PMOu and th excess wu
Mr UirtilyJ pruilu
MT7KradyJwTUicxcu d after he had
explained tho divvy ot the proceeds >
of tho deal He nan o kO bvanBvon
lneW lld reporier If he had anything
tu mid1 U Un tcntlniony liehAd givon
on tho stand 1
r think repllwl Mr Brady that
han juwwetvtl The Evening World
iltd Uafaot rlly today I
Marvli KcudtUr Mr Ivlnis special
expert accountant followed Mr llrady1
on tho < tandi FTOtn Mr Scuddnr tesi
tlmopy tho conviction of many that H
Jl VrwlanU Is to be msde the scape
goat of the Metropolitan rottenness
nas strensthened In the books Mr
judder baa been iablckto get hold ot
here Is no concealment about Mr
Vrrflands transactions with the Met
i M ayS t J 1 1
> M drawn rrom1 UIB v
roixjlltttiu in addJtlohTwhls salary
tSStfa06 JHeihBaccounted fc vouch
m tia ht tgxj e iMt oC tlttnSf > t
th 7 beIiKmnVf5OIi = rJ < S06rTS rTtftT
der haji bcen > ablo tais ertain frovn the
book and docan > entjop n to ibis ln
the Central ffice
Office ajralnSrovcd hlsiwondertul mem
ory and kconncxa ofeyo todaywhen
tvro men were brought before him STJS
ith jecpraj n iurbng or two ln
lenitth The prisoners bad been Sithered
In on central principles
Owj of them had been reco ni d aT
whot Jaway back In ht
Is now thfrtrtwo wsji sent
Tr hton 8tat Jrlson for twelv
yrar Imvlrip been convlctud of assault
second prisoner there was doubt
wild his num wasUui but beyond
So dWbotivea Kear B < hoeiHck
liLm in bofori the Inm
ttieyldan riiut one
the man and said
herult 111 vni to lUbbargimtfrdht com
Tiiut alnTmc
Dont trlflevnJth mo irald the wjly
h ri lnnr tor Vv rut tvon H to
rlgm Your picture Is In the rillery
And whit i < more tlie llulo JliiKer on
your loft Iwihil is tlff ami you cnnt
prtioner attempt
HIe flnif r rfired
to HUt th four fouths Krabbed1 his
jgft ha dtni l U kl liji chu osjlilod dfirlt
liut that aint air hBsaid hoars ly
There Is a tattoo mark on vour rtirht
foroirm with thh Initials Vi J O
DliicoVerfcdi mourned rayiTlttklnr to
the I16or
It mai n > t iw w5jy < brine out the
bum and conliVtJUttr with th latest
ofOclal sptxlmwi of his nxip lio ud
mlttwl Ws Mntltri
Vtifn thfy brought him too hoJlooktM
tlmllly Hhoridan way and ivhl vered
> rVcni < V > rfult He aint seen me In
Vfivcai oil Mutt < ry strrit Tvordcr < > d
Tlu pollco Bay that It In pwwlble th t
iay nnil Cola mnv hv < j committed
at om Unns and
ivlU hold th m until th Plnkcrlons
and others look titm over
OtXOtKXATI Oct Sfivcral print
Inc uml publishlne firnu In CfjlcKO
wjtt nntJonal olllcera ot thp Unttcl
Tyiioihotao VrouKit action In tin
TJiincd fllAUfiCourLjtbdiy asklnit that
Iti InlurnAuonal rruiilni Urciwtn n
And A Hant Union of Amerlcn b <
oiijrtincd frojn violating an iixrirvmeni
of Jfimtary DO Ity durnniKilns ai
Socretnry and TrrAsUrer of the Metro
politan 8ocurIU rColrtp T5y tonte the
stand Ho testified to artou illsbiir e
I finals > y curt i4tacui
r iy nml fnvncJiliM account
ccount and construction account
Vreeland Said Pay 25000
Mr Sa Te Identified n ch k Iri wn
to the order of Thorns Qulnn proprie
tor of thft NVw lork Dally New re
cently defunct It w datod In August
lf v and was for C5CO Mr Sayre Ud
the payment was made br order of Mr
Por whirtT Mkod Mr
lr Vreeland hsjnt t61d mo In
ra Bnprn5 < <
ble to fpn er Jurtlco yilllam > ohn
fofW X > Mr 6ayra identifiedIt DC
Lancer Xlcoll explained that the check
was glvon tp Coh n tor a cllenti In pay
Tnonrtorstock J
Th nMn Ivlns took up two oheoks
dtmwn ajrulnat the property and frani
obis j account for rwOoOJeAChiipayalile
to J S rse < nt Cram Sir avlns wanted
toiknow forwh t tintsJ nijnts recom
p n < Mr Cram
llovr do youVfknowT pressed Mr
IrtnMr Vreeland toldfme respondtdithc
Mr yre put In Mr Nlcoll dont
oiir bUltUniy t No 631 Drondwny
as a pracUcliit lawyof
Mr ayr did not rej > ly His
tlon was then 1ted t6 a chcclr for
tOOO dat6dAprl 1904 nnd paynblo
io Daniel K Cohalan The
he did not know why this check nas
drairn against the Investment account
Mr CohAttn Isalawjer
A check for Ciooq dated Jun 9 1M1
payablo to TflomaslF Hyan was shown
to tho witness He ald Itr Vrwland
tnMr Ttvan apmg dlHbur n
A heck for CXOOOT dtttU Aujr 7
payable to ihv Stundard Truot Coni
Mr Snjro was ktKl to explain H
EU4Tjchecl < JlL = rhe3atXa r i > naij
Uielr draft pi > aUo o bearer whlcn
Andwhat dld you do wlth the
draftri tn < iutr d tMrIvlnj
1C III St lMt1 < 1 i
1 snvc it tjMr > tin or his rep
D ntatl w replied Air Sajra
Wai It ever accounted for
1 donf Know Mr Kyun told uc he
oranted lo b reimbursed for some T x
endltures he had made I took Ills
wordS for It
Waa > Mr Ryan an ofllcer or director
of tho Metropolitan Securities Company
Mr Cravatli Interrupted to say that
U > esmon yhadrb n repaid Mr Ivlna
you reconcile the wHn e Lvtcmoit
Uiat this payment was to make Mr
It an a disbursement with our own
statement that the sum has been ro
ill explain Uiat later declared
Mr Cravath
This closed the hearing lor today It
will be rttnimed tomorrow Afternoon
Mr Brady gave his residence aa Al
bany N T and his iplao i f business
No M Will street Manhattan Uetei
tlfled that he had never been an officer
In either the Metropolitan Street Rail
way Company the Metropolitan Securi
ties Company or tho New York City
ton Wall Stro t ndiCortlan < lLStrjeJj
iFsrrlys Railway Company T k d Mrj
Were you teer an officer of tho
Wall and CortUndt Street Ferries Rail
lhave n mgrogrnrvdum here to liow
ptisldent ot that colnpany sam
tuesi jtilmbilru In nil pockeu
I am not sure thai 1ftrn correct
radr UnearJybald Hls florld
and high forehpaa ftuahed und
> lnbclniei
In evldenceth uchact rof thejconjpany
He hadf previously refusej to be sealed
and a hanlboU
Bta tB B stron nf
Rochesiw N Y was a lsltorat the
ir ikiii lir f Miit it fv ° t n0
stronK h4ni been a nuim cr of and
the namesake of the Armstrone Insui
nr Cnmmltteo The upStata visitor
after shaking Imnd with CulllUlluluiiur
Wlllcox and Mr Ivlna took a at at
the reporters tafel frrdACllnlnffa seat
llhln theralU
DtstrlctAttorneyJeromo lopklnrjfor
n rarly
val ir Jerome took a seatbeslde Mr
tholaree fleet of Jletropotuanoounsot
present iwhlch Included Do Loncoy
bush and former Assistant DlstrlctAt
torneyjJohn f Mclnt > r
Mr Ulns In op nln r announced that
he1 hu received fromJohn IJrMcDon
ald who built thesubwa the contract
tnsd oy h m with th InterMet people
for such future construction worn as
they mUfht require > th term At
this contract as Mr McDonald testified
vttr for Uv t ir
ireneral alarm ha been sent out bj
tKe poco tor Mrs Sarah J illuntcr
iflftyfUe years old of No IW Btaf
tr otFlu ilni who Is reported bylhcr
daughter Mre Svlte Kerr to Ti > mTdiTnE
aftef a dayis shopping tour In Man
She Is described by her daughter nSj
act 4 Jnchoi In helfrht wolghlni II
pounds with Wu tyea rcRular teethj
and poiweslng a dark complexion She
woru > nhen Ust s < n a black jacket
white wulst a black stmw hat black
lacod chocs and block stockings She1
itlsfc woro gqldrlrmnxd cUcl j
TUKNTON X Jr Oct 8 Suit was
brouiftit todny In tho Court ot Chan
cery BKiiinst the Lhlsh Valley Tlall
rond to rctlli I ho nurstlon of tho own
crhlp of certain Viiidn Thn landn
which are n Jersey CltV were orlK
Jhally uiwd fr canal jiurposos but ttfe
cunal liitn been itbtndonrd and the
Btate claims ownership by virtue of a
clnuve In the epotital charter granted
lh cqmp < iy Several tnllllons of dol
jors aro invblvoO
T T t
1 mi llllnJ nitlln or
to > H rt l
ihifii Skins
iiven him io jvbrosnito iils eontmol yi
t U
ci lino cojnpiJnJes1 In the Inter
iittt inVerser wa rrcpoirted lil tpdJiyy at
Ills coUnlrvrKorCTT lMt Anrhlle 1 nar
Orewster X Y Tho Investigation Into
the T Mefropollton before th Public
SinIce Commtslon has reached the
tag vhere tha rpaponstbllltv Is to ba
iplacod forithe drai lnlcof mdneya from
the tresiury of iHat cOmpiny
Two liems > neof P5CnXi for specta1
notary and tuadry expet e and th
other of JfiO000 drawa In Bi heM of
havahcejiincoveredln the hi > aring
Both of these withdrawals from the
funds of the Metropolltan werejnjujn
at 1hndlrBCUOn or PrftaldentrHerbert
IH Vrceland aad O Kd by Mr
Vrcelond Mr Vreoland gut the money
and paid It out and he alono ka > > Ai to
Upon Mr Vreelands resignation last
drew toMtrouOltt nfmploye ii at Car
nexle Hall His > pooch waa dven out
hours before by the press reprMonta
tlvo of Thoraai F Ityan After this
fnrewoll anpearance MnVreeland went
The Metropolitan 4Clty Railway p opl
who felt si > cur a few days ajto In the
protection of the United States Circuit
nrilnto 4ustlc < f lJtinchard part of
the Supreme Court to r tfac the steps
token laat J iday jghon AtioiUfty Oen
eral Jackson apyiieu to JuUce > b afiury
for < ho appointment of a receiver for
the two companies andt Samuel Uqter
myer special counsel for the cnrppra
Itlon withdrew leaving the field to Mr
No decision has bean handed down by
Justice Secbury but this afternoon
James L Qunckenbu h chief of counsel
for the Metropolitan and City Railway
Companies appeared bfvforo Justice
Blanchard to plead for nvvorder dlrect
Ins the AttorncyO neraJ tshow why
the default of Friday h < < lld not b
opened and t > e companies vail owed to
opposetho appolntreent ot ircelrer1
and It will be argued befor Juodee
MoCMl o
The JUKgl n ln > traction stock got a
rutlS ilicfoli
lila u
OXelUf wedr the company foridsjiuif
tort kll It ng his i n eph w Anelo Martsho1
lt ha bceni the custom for
to preipar1tlie
th hlklier courts uuu s caer
wh h iiIr Klri sley attom y loriltho
obmp r tnsde his l puatoroary motion
jutttl > r G ffrpBP d J
MIi canriht grrantrtho motion for your
ny UJn
d It Insolvent lr iwlll lallowjyou
until tomorrow ItnantiTiKt ihowevornto
1 o
awarde l andthelcosts
But your iHonoriOJOtesle J i
iwhenVAorhail rccovcrod i
dcnco bcforedtheiCoiirtlpiBhowithat w
are Insolvent n4VsTour iHonor ithere
fowLKinnot take cogtiUance loflt
vjtjjiJai matter of Bcomnioniknowledjre
business otatheiroAdiiaTK5jthatflsO uf
ii bon rd sea pw
rit < j sale comnir
the Anter Into th bay at full
tide The barge lost her hatches and
tilled and sunk
Sho twm r arjyn jof tho Enter
prlsd lner driftrd sliorp iind th
tidmer Connecticut of the Ncplun
Inc icama In with hfr mil andi llsht
> nrW nniKl fnpl AVTlltlnir r
pcrrtcd that when h ns off O > ter
Jily he heard cri s for h < lp and
aUnched a boat Nothing was dls
co > v Tc < l however although tho captain
jjlovri that tliory were men In the
1 6p clsl to Ti INenlnK Wolj
nojlt hore aro archlnp tpOay for
luue OToolo who was a servant In the
lirime of S < unu l jChaVe In Fisher avo
HUO tor ono inontji and who dis p
p oiod yost rtlayt ulniultaneously with
JlfM worth of Jewelry and cJoUilng I
Is said thai Uio domestic weiuso fa
us to fflwvr Mrs ChiiMs new tSKtovn
whan slto went a ayi
Mr and Mrs Chnse went to Man
and iWhll < > thov woro ab en
Iloe tlio police MV ernUioriH up all o
iMrs Chnsoa vauxtblo dro ixM an
Jvtvritry anV ipnftlnff the plunder In
miltcas dl K > panr d Mrsj ChJiM upo
Jht rwtorn louwl that th house hai
ibueii ransnckwj from ceHar to roof H
Is laid that BOM was reUoed from th
EdfordtlUfonn tory1onlya1montha i
Tugs Fail to Budge Dattlcshjp
After Strandfng
M Jtcgrtayj o tiimtegrtii joint Slii
rpr f Uli t UKsj edJf ophouri s to Hba i
heri Ibuf f ile li and jtliir Lluirtio nT is
he tide jell > ank inpidl into tf
The s aRjfiter hoipeyer w i foundl
p be fist airpund1 d cpuid not De
mttjli j ifSSi WMjjnjp whpliyirB
icSJ fiji L
er IwiiJiiiuUlyJ
and n d lT ulckTiiim5riloT ftSS iy i l
w env i work f rwlnf b 1 a
be un 1
nu found toi
fl fit further aid Wai s ntnf roin ftt
lonally un
iepartur >
An offlcUJ Inquiry a to th o u of
th sKraodlai of OJi VM 1 will of
courSi iip
of U accident waa sent to
W hln toa Sbiortly ster the warsblp
arwiided V V
th T V lr lnla
nlril EvanssflMt on lts Oons voyatre
US tprm
morsitan Ion
Tfollown > at I th i ni yliiil I ifl jrufM
th iSst iday i ir ifiitftion in itanV
fz ViS <
< vvvfJivry vvjjViVT7r2573
lii iu u > U
> 1lia r
it iTii1M > f
In Kv e Tesil 4BSg
AH jaa j j n
in i i
T BrookfyittH
vi J145
iii u iiiViiVi v S
Va > vJfi1 i Jl Ti 1B Viiv ii30Jl
4yiiisl2iHji2 2oja > i ivviiiv oif
1I t
5 iitlVtt JiivJviisiii4
jX wJ virtvsSp4 a vr Vvivisi
° i jJAJAfetriffiS5r =
iaj M Touii iiis4533
D trleUin ilJtr wDU tsHilH SUM
ii rv iv St > Mts > S2 vvrivjse5o
jv5MKT J87aL
i 4 103 j Total fpr bonbujcn
J aUh i8tonVr
iijiv l t > >
Is Ine
iiij wiSfes tiii Jr vijji
HollyhocR Girl
Good Chance for the
Sheriff Place
CharlM F Murphy talked to all the
Tftmm iny leaders who ar In his conr
iJJdenoe at Tammany Hall today and
i a ttmliMhe data was mud ui > for the
iCQnYentlonto upprovg X lthgrMurphv
nor his advisees would ssTy tHat can
ihad been saUoted As a niatter
definitely madii
A Tammany alate l navet comnl i
untl Ju t btrforcthe convent ohrand
PP1BllmM It lifohanged ttrlilla tha coij
ventlorn It In jjrojfrcAi There arc so
man oandMates for the Judchlpi
ihaLthe lucky mtn vlli probably not
Tcriow thty ha < y tieon s51ijiccd until
shortly T > if ore Qiey arc put In nomlna
Tho Executive ComraUlcce of Tam
many Hall will moot tomorrow atter
ck7 aldlc
r upon
b submitted to the convention
J CongtfrnlnK rfuiloirlemt < i ttio Ilc
Mr Murphy safd he was not bothered
at all Ho expressed the opinion that
t noU d bo a food tlitng because It
wouliT simplify th election
How about the candidate for Bher
the reply
pretty certain now tfiat non of
lio Tammany leaders thus fsr men
JondIoc Shftrlrt > 1U bcccmsld < r l It
vas offer < xl to IJIt Tom Foley but
sould not acccptTjTo aecJarcd
lon of hl friend Patrick J Conwny
Conway has the assurance of the sup
nf 111 T Tim Hulllran al o
mle s somethinK non not on the cartlj
ireoksilooie Conway will land the place 1
le U not so sura of It however and is I
wirkJwr1 burd amomr his thousands of i
friend In Hie Tammany organization t
all of which he Is Identmcd
One Saptaint Who Has
Js Up Against
Ice Department lomc rs nhom hthas
tern unable to find arfy charKcn ajcalnit
y nights bestefetlf Pom
han sixty lieutenants captain and pa1
H tf
quarter b fore th f urt Board of 8ur
rconsKand submit to i > hvale l eyajnlna
Anm n
were ilwiued tOjdij re Capt John Wle
Capt BUI of theM4cdoucal
formerly Inspectors Both are civil war
veterans They were dlithlalcd from
the Departrnfat for physical dltablllty
reinstated by tliu courts F A Few days
ajto following a p rsonnl vh lt to tho
West Thirtieth street station CommJs
iloner BIneham transferred all thu
ltutnai > t nd iwrtfeintiJ out of the
praclnct an d replaced lbom with Wi
Those wwho may be dropped aro al
with the number of earc rvciir
Capt llodKlnsi whols a heavy man
mUnard as nails went throuiha nhy
rrsTlme and1 pAescds with flylnR colars
e alio passed he physical examlnh
lon lyliena candidate for an Inspector
shlp He has only three months morn
n sureao earn the rlxht to retirement
vh alfipa
r i Hbr 7 i
to Th Evinlns World
Ohio Oct SiC
T whorls dylnff lnTlli5 Stnta
jp th f KelHy tKa ch plaln of the
h Catholic falchisoroo months aco but
cllnedlo mO i > t < > apUsm then tkyaiuna
nl toy told hor Uiat f alw
Joln dfUw > ohurflh h would Jvave to at
tendi onlc atn th Catholic chapel
She baa alw y hrunk from appearing
Thotfafct Uwit i h WAlvos hor objcc
tlonn ow rN > uld ire > fm to show that she
that h r days aro nucnbereii
Rail success comes to
the man or woman who
stands squ r ly on two
ect wlth mind andbody
In polw anditierves that
dont fall wheninwsded
If you eat GrapeNuts
madeifrom thelleld grains
whlchicontaln the natural
phoapbate ofipotash iplao
dthare by Nature for re
building brain and nerve
cells youre bouridHohave
finger and nerve
Theres a jReaion
Rand The Road to VVell
vllle ln > pkgs Its a llt
a rlgbt llvlsif
A i
Wilh a Lamberl Snydcr Vibrator
There is gorilybitfiiljeisfr GoniSestlpn There lj only one ur ClrcuUHlon1
Woman and Child
Corel Dlictici
I5COO HcallhQl > nc
Vibrations the MinUtc aU Suflerlnr
Every Home Should
50000 Iniuielln
Have Our Vlbralur
Ibis coiutryfiloM
self HJfeel IiCure
jTrlal Atoncy
iWhen you hlirt yourself you tnstlnctlvely rub the P ° <
iead c > ie yoMrutiyourtimplir lVhyJJeeaujrJ
tursa own remedy and rubbing I Natures cFudc way of
bration andntartlng the blood gotng
Our Vlfarstqr thrills nsw life and energy Into ypu and doublet > our
aower andplea ure In living ltaWes back even to the a ged T Bom
seXestrmuch of the vigor and HealthJoy of youth
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